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An appeal to Create Continen

Continen: A Nation that is centered around the value and importance of self identity and unifying history among those who are of Ancestry from separate continents.

A.) A Mixed Person (or a person of mixed ancestry) **** A Person who has ancestry dating back to 2000 years ago which consist of individuals from two or more different Continental haplogroups.

We live in a world of ever increasing globalization, and because of this globalization a group of people have emerged that does not have unity to those who share their similar characteristics of Race, mixed cultures, and identity. In the past it was easy to marginalize this group by telling them to accept the identity of the country of birth, but as history has shown us is that minorities within a nation is always at risk for nationalism. Nationalism anywhere is a danger to this new group because there is no place for which they can go and be recognized as not being a minority, and to add to this, because of the continued marginalization of identity they don’t even have the unity that is found among other ethnic minorities. There needs to be a unifying region for which they can recognize, it is the right as a group. This group does not need a place of origin for their existence in itself is because of the departure from location of origin, however what they do need is a place of identity. A place to develop a culture, and a name. We don’t need a Continen just because they don’t feel part of the Society, we need a Continen because there needs to be a unifying identity for the emerging group that is not just naming prior identities which they are not part of just by being a mixture of another. Mixed Individuals do not need to continue to call themselves mixed, mixed is a process, a past tense verb, not a noun. They are people, we need there to be a name. Mixed Individuals are not repressed anywhere for the most part, the only repressing factor is the attack on all sides for microaggression, lack of name, and the seemingly forced acceptance of identity that does not completely describe your ethnic background, but also the fact that it does completely belong to them, however their existence is a symbol of culture dilution. Mixed people are not a dilution, not a verb, not anything that is other than a person. Give them something to unify under, that is affected by those who live in the existence, not what outsiders believe it should be. Other individuals can place themselves to being African, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Pacific Islanders, Meso Americans, Native Americans, Northern Eurasian, however saying that for a mixed individual is a complete neglect of what a mixed person is. For a mixed person is not the two or more of those being unified as one, no a mixed person is those two (or more) plus its very own identity for the sheer fact that it is up to them to find a way to unify it themselves for it is not escapable, like any other racial identity.

 The arguments against this from those who are not within this group is that everyone eventually will be mixed so there is no need for an identity, just accept the culture that you adopted, everyone is mixed, it’s important to keep that history of your blood, as it is. First I would like to address the statement that everyone is mixed, plainly I will say no. The only reason people say they are mixed is because the nations developed their borders that eventually separated the groups that were one only about 5000 years ago, but also continuing on this, if individuals were mixed why is it so easy for them to disregard their other Continental Identity. If someone says they are Asian, why don’t they also say that they are African, is it the fact that they have the ability to just say one of these, without needing to say Earth; and this in itself is a problem because mixed individuals are still in need to identify themselves with a combination of two, rather than just theirs. Even if the words to describe people was just Eastern and Western, though this is a good way to exclude even more people other than mixed, if you are still able to just say one then that isn’t a mixed. Having to say mixed is just to say something that does not have a name. As long as there exist a word that could describe your ethnic background use that word, I’m sure mixed individuals would love to say their version, that is not a verb.

Remembering the history of your blood has the issue of dilution. After about 4 generations individuals seemingly need to stop calling themselves that identity, even though they are still as much that identity as someone who through all 4 generations has just been mixing with those in their hometown. At what point does a person become not something as not being able to represent their actions as representing the group. Here is an example: An individual has an African ancestor, but the rest of his ancestors for the past 4 generations have just been Asian, when that person is observed to have the facial structure of an Asian person can he then say that it is an African Feature. If dilution did not exist in the International definitions then he would still be 100% African, and 100% Asian, and his traits can be said to be from wherever he is, therefore he can say all of his traits are representations of Africa. However this is not the case because his features would begin to become a higher chance of belonging to Asia because of the continued insertion of that feature. Because of this over time he becomes less and less able to represent Africa by his very being. Therefore it brings up my next example: An individual has Ancestor for the past 4 generations whom have never had children with their race, therefore by the time he is born he has no ability to say he represents any of them by the definition of the prior example, he has become raceless, rather than just being Continen. In a perfect world we could say that it doesn’t matter, but tracking your ethnic backgrounds let you know what diseases, and reasons your body acts the way it does, are caused by. Dilution is what causes individuals to no longer say that they are mixed, without dilution then we would all look like the original Humans. 

Accepting the culture you like does not help in representation, against genocide, ethnic susceptibility or anything that doesn’t just change with time. Culture is attached to age, era and region not race, confusing culture to represent oneself has does not help in your representation in a nation that is made up of different peoples that share similar cultures. If you can be identified as different than having the same culture as everyone else does not help your protection in corrupt laws. That possibility will always exist, saying that it won’t does not help the world. Being visually different for a mixed person is everywhere, the minority no matter where they go, even if the culture is exactly like the majority. Mixed race people can’t even unify together for protection in a group because of the thinking that that group is not needed. Your mom is from Africa and your dad is from the Middle East. then a countries from those regions go to war, you are now in a situation, not due to your morality of having to choose a side and being wrong, but due to your racial distribution. 


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