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General World History [1000 N.Year Increments]

General World History:

Year 0: 

  1. Within the Cataran Zuiming Species (Which resemble Homo Sapiens of Southern Earth)  there was a mutation within the population along the Sea of Xi South of the Eastern Ocean Coastline. This Mutation allowed a new structure to develop within the brain to interpret information directly from the Photon receptors of the Skin. Giving this population the ability to interpret the world with their typical senses then having it checked over by this new structure. The result of this allowed this population to deconstruct Physical processes of the World and take advantage of solutions that either would have been hidden to the Cataran Zuiming or overlooked. This Population slowly became the Xi People as this dominant trait spread among the population in the area.

Year 1000:

  1. The Xi People slowly began to diverge from the Cataran Zuiming being unable to reproduce with the neighboring population, and having no desire to do so any matter. The Xi People built a Military structure within this region and the neighboring Cataren Zuiming population attempted an assault against them using Metal Weapons with Sharp tips and vehicles which were pulled by faster creatures. 
  2. The Xi People repealed these attacks by utilizing automatic Projectile Weapons which fired at the detection of motion using coils in the ground build from the same metals which were tuned to activate when weight is pressed on them. These weapons annihilated would be invaders.

Year 2000:

  1. The Xi People population now had reached in the millions and with the support of the soil and the favourable ocean in the area they were able to maintain themselves without disturbing the Cataran Zuiming Population outside the Xi People border.
  2. The Xi People used the coils and discovered that the magnetite when passing over them was able to generate heat. Thus they used this and surrounded the system in water. Then years afterward they discovered that they could also connect this wire to acidic liquids and ionize this liquid to be used to transport this power to another location without needing to bring the coil along with them. They build cities they lit up in the night by using this heated metal. They converted the steam energy from the heat coils surrounded by water to create more power within the batteries they developed.
  3. The invention of the Terrain Buster was widely used to level the ground around the Xi Population region. The leveled ground was used to build irrigation. The population now had the reserves to expand North and Eastward. 

Year 3000:

  1. The Cataran Zuiming were pushed out from the region and an alliance of them again attempted an attack on the Xi People but the Cataran Zuiming had no really improved since the last encounter and the Xi People used huge metallic vehicles to ram through their military and spread the area in hot steam burning the Cataran Zuiming. The clothing that the Cataran Zuiming allowed the heat to continue to burn into their skin increasing the duration of damage on their population.
  2. Horrors of wars against the Xi People kept the Cataran Zuiming from attempting to attack and they deserted the region moving into modern day the Jieruresi Republic.
  3. The Xi Population attempted to travel Eastward into the Sea of Xi but the expedition was unsuccessful and that population was lost. The explorers that returned reported that there were no lands to the East. 
  4. The Xi Population calculated that the World had to be more than 66,000km around. Therefore if there was no land to the East all the land must be to the West. Thus began the Xi Population Expansion.

Year 4000:

  1. The Xi Population during the expansion had developed 3 Distinct Cultures. The Eac Culture to the North, the Xi Culture which remained in the homeland and the Zuzu Culture to the South which expanded towards the Central Mountains. As they expanded the population of Cataran Zuiming which relied on the water source from the Sea of Xi had been pushed away and died off as they were pushed into the Giant Desert. 
  2. As the Populations expanded they leveled the ground and filled the area with Canals which brought water inward from the Sea.
  3. The Eac Culture developed a religion which felt that the crushing of the land damaged the Earth and would bring doom to the Xi Population as a whole in the common years. This Apocalyptic Culture actively destroyed inventions developed among the Xi People. The era of the Eac trials had begun which would span 1000 Years of repressing knowledge and destroying terrain altering machines.
  4. The Zuzu Culture moved further South to escape prosecution from the Eac Culture, this escaped prohibited the development of technology halting progress among the Zuzu Culture which also practiced a style of loving the Earth but did not believe that the World was actually alive and had ill intentions for the Xi Population.

Year 5000:

  1. The Eac Culture had the Library of Earthly Knowledge which was filled with information taken from the Xi and Zuzu Culture. This was the largest collection of information during that time.
  2. The Cataran Zuiming had developed weapons which now could launch stones from further distances and faster firing weapons and came to attack the Xi People once again.
  3. The Eac Culture found this has the sign of the end and embraced the invaders allowing them to decimate the Xi People population with the large stones. The Zuzu Culture hid within the Mountains where the weapons would not be able to reach them. And that population became isolated from the rest of the Xi People for nearly 5000 Years.
  4. The Xi Culture fought hard and constantly against the Cataran Zuiming losing a great number of their population and developed gliding vehicles which were used to evacuate the stronghold that were being attacked by the Cataran Zuiming.

Year 6000:

  1. The Xi People had lost much of the territory that they had gained during the Era of Exploration and the technology they used to develop into the great kingdom they were before were now in the hands of the Cataran Zuiming which used it to hold the Xi People against the Ocean.
  2. The Eac Culture were not wiped out by the Cataran Zuiming attacks and they Culture developed to cut itself off from the Xi Culture which actively fought against the Cataran Zuiming.

Year 7000:

  1. The gliding vehicles had developed to the point among the Xi Culture to carry exploding projectiles which were dropped down on the Cataran Zuiming. The Cataran Zuiming attempted to destroy these vehicles out of the air using their Catapults. These wars allowed the Xi People to regain lost territories as the Cataran Zuiming were again pushed into the desert and no longer had the populations to push against the Xi People.
  2. The Xi People attempted to rebuild their lost empire but some information was completely lost among the territory thus the XI Culture attempted to enter the Eac Cultural region and they were repealed.
  3. Lord Ecanatin of the Xi Culture ordered the release of the information and the Eac Lord Eolan denied the request.
  4. The Xi Culture began a battle against the Eac Culture and when the Eac Culture began to lose the battles under the son of Lord Eolan, Lord Eolan II destroyed the Library of Earthly Knowledge. 
  5. Lord Ecanatin, disgusted by this action, built a wall between the Xi Culture and the Eac Culture and the two populations become isolated from each other.

Year 8000:

  1. Expeditions by the Xi Culture Westward continued to decimate the Cataran Zuiming population using technology that was much less than the ones used nearly 7000 Years ago. But it was sufficient enough to destroy the Cataran Zuiming, but not enough for them to develop settlements in the area.
  2. The Eac Culture took advantage of the Xi Culture constant fighting and Gained much of the territory close to the Sea of Xi as the Xi Culture were now in the West.
  3. The Zuzu Culture built structures along the Central Mountains but their populations stayed low people they were not adapt to life within the mountains quite yet.

Year 9000:

  1. The Eac, Xi and Zuzu Culture slowly developed different Phenotypes from one another from the variety of regions that they now existed in. The Eac Culture became the Eac People, the Xi Culture became the Xi People Proper and the Zuzu Culture became the Zuzu People.
  2. With no interest in the Southern Mountains the Zuzu People were able to expand in the area but at such a slow technological improvement rate the Population didn’t dominate the mountainous terrain.
  3. The separate populations spent the next 1000 Years building their cities and had domestic disputes to handle within their own populations. The Eac People dealt with the development of separate beliefs and their inquisition had become once again among their population.
  4. The Xi People dealt with the pollution and unhealthy living style among their population. A social order also slowly develops between the citizens in the Xi People. 
  5. The Zuzu People found it difficult to survive and developed their culture of Peace and Patience. They no longer expanded deeper into the mountains and were content with the lifestyle that had developed over the centuries.

Year 10,000:

  1. The Earth began to heat up and the animal life began to die off rapidly in the region. This new heat allowed the mutation of diseases and the release of ancient diseases. These diseases decimated the Cataran Zuiming population in the West. 
  2. The Xi People encountered the diseases and because of their adaptation from the Cataran Zuiming their body was able to identify the disease and develop antibodies at a much faster rate and through more of the population to allow the Xi, Eac and Zuzu population from being affected by the Great Dying.
  3. The Heating of the Earth created larger tropical storms which ravaged the Eastern Coast of the continent. Forcing populations to move into the now empty Western Regions.

Year 11,000:

  1. Xi People moved into the West rapidly and were unopposed because what remained of the Cataran Zuiming were so sparse that they were out competed for resources and died off from starvation.
  2. The Zuzu People in the mountains were not affected by the tropical storms to the extent of the Eac and Xi People. Thus remained in their locations without moving West.
  3. The Eac People moved further North as the Xi People filled the location void that remained. Buried scripts from 5000 Years ago were discovered but were nearly unreadable from that era.

Year 12,000:

  1. The Eac People offered Hidden Knowledge to the Northern Xi People for territories in the West which were owned by the Xi People by this point. This knowledge was the language that was passed down through their priest class from the times of the Unified Xi People when the Eac People were just the Eac Culture.
  2. With the knowledge given to them by the Eac People the Xi People deciphered the old knowledge and discovered how to create the terrain flattening vehicles and from this technology the Xi People rapidly expanded West eclipsing al expansion in the prior Eras for the Cataran Zuiming were extinct. 
  3. The increase in resources from the Abandoned Cataran Zuiming civilization and the natural resources from the Western Area that the Cataran Zuiming did not know how to use made the populations in went North Extremely wealthy.

Year 13,000:

  1. Kingdoms began to develop from the Xi People beginning with the Sha People who were a Northern Kingdom next to the Eac People.
  2. The Xi People moved down into the mountains but left the Zuzu people alone in their region as the Xi People continued to explore the Western Mountains looking for an Opening into the Southern Portion of the Earth south of the Central Mountains.
  3. Wired Communication was developed allowing the Populations to communicate with one another without needing to travel by foot from one region to another. However with this development some cultures refused to travel into areas that lacked communication.

Year 14,000:

  1. The Zuiperi Culture along the Central Mountains branched off and formed the Zuiperi Kingdom. They expanded West along the Mountains and Slightly North West into the Great Desert.
  2. The Dorac Culture expanded the Quickest into the West for their Culture was based on Exploration and innovation. However such a  rapidly expanding culture didn’t allow their population to have the density that the other Cultures had. However by 14,500 the Dorac Culture had formed the Dorac Kingdom.
  3. The Sha People had built technological outposts along the Northern Border of the Xi People’s territory. The Dorac Kingdom took these outposts and moved the Sha people back Eastward for the Sha were losing their adaptations for the Desert Environment.
  4. The Sha People began to operate at Night as the other Kingdoms productivity was at a significantly lesser degree.

Year 15,000:

  1. The Wired Communication Network allowed the Xi People to develop technology which allowed them to cook better meals slowly improving their health.
  2. The Zuiperi Kingdom continued to travel West but the Xi Expansion into the Mountains removed a part of the Zuiperi Kingdom territory that was connected with the Zuzu people. The Zuiperi Kingdom moved much of their population into the Western Portion that contained the Desert Grasslands.
  3. The Eac People were now surrounded by the Sha Kingdom. 

Year 16,000:

  1. The Sha Kingdom Separated between its two Cultures. The Sha Formal and the Shaole People. The Shaole peoples lived in the Northernmost portion of the Ren Xi territories. However because of the separation the Sha Kingdom forced the Shaole People to be the ones to Operate at Night as the Main Sha Kingdom fought against the Dorac Kingdom in the East.
  2. The Sha Kingdom repaired relations with the Xi People and the Health Development was expanded to their peoples. The Dorac did not partake in this unity for they were an enemy of the Sha Kingdom.
  3. The Zuiperi Kingdom was too far now from the Xi People to be able to partake in this advance. While the other Kingdoms also wanted to uphold the traditional values. Excluding the Shaole People which had no knowledge of this event. 

Year 17,000:

  1. The Phenotypes of the Populations began to diverge from one another but not to the extent of the previous adaptation for the Environmental Pressures would not match with the World Heating until the World rapidly cooled in the next coming millenniums. 
  2. The Southern Xi Population which were the ones to receive the most progress from the increase in Health moved deep into the Mountains and maintained a lifestyle there.

Year 18,000:

  1. The Dorac Kingdom pushed hard against the Zuiperi Kingdom and the Sha Kingdom for their Eastern Territories were being encroached on by the Xi People. The Dorac fought a great war against the Zuiperi Kingdom which lasted through Generations of Populations between the two. 
  2. The Wars altered the environment of the area causing great death in the region which was nearly on the level of the Great Dying. The groups remained out of the area despite having the technology to make the area inhabitable.
  3. The Southern Xi People began to explore the Eastern Mountains more in depth which were owned by the Zuzu People.

Year 19,000:

  1. The Wars with the Dorac Kingdom forced a rapid exodus from the region by the Zuiperi Empire. The Zuiperi Empire traveled along the Central Mountains for the Dorac Kingdom lacked the Equipment and the adaptability to survive there. 
  2. With the New Power for the take over of a large amount of Land from the Zuiperi Empire and the Sha Kingdom the Dorac Kingdom celebrated by installing a Democratic Government to signal that the voices of Each citizen were an important element to victory over the two and Dorac became the Dorac Republic.

Year 20,000

  1. The isolated Zuiperi Empire slowly became Genetically distinct from their neighbors and more easily was able to survive in the region without dying from exposure in the newly explored areas and foods.
  2. The Xi and Sha People became artificially distinct from guided health which changed their physically and genetic attributions. One keynote was the higher resistance against pathogens. But their reproduction maturity increased to the highest among the rest of the Peoples.
  3. The Shaole People after 1000s of Years of a nocturnal lifestyle made it so that those who were more capable were the ones that could continue Northward and the ones who couldn’t had to explore back to either the Eac People or Sha.

Year 21,000:

  1. The Western Xi People developed a Desert Grassland culture called the Zyac Culture. The Southern Xi People which lived in the Mountains developed the Mons Culture and pushed the Zuzu people out of the Mountain regions to be along the coast.
  2. The push from the Zyac Culture against the Zuiperi Empire forced the two groups to become so hostile to one another that neither group interbreed with one another. The Genetic Split caused the Zuiperi People to become a Subspecies of Ren Xi Prime called Ren Zuiperi. 

Year 22,000:

  1. The Dorac Nation after being pushed Northward by the Zyac Culture pressed against the Sha Kingdom forcing the Shaole People Northward.
  2. The Night Lifestyle made the Shaole People into the Subspecies of Ren Xi Prime called the Ren Shaole. The Ren Shaole people continue North into the deeper Desert Regions of the continent. 
  3. The Xi People developed Giant Structures in their Region which overlooked hundreds of Kilometers of land. These structures were made from a carbon structure developed by the Xi People. Their weapons now finally surpassed those of the first Xi People. And Steam no longer was their Energy Source they switched to using the temperature Gradient of the Sea of Xi and in the West the low cloud cover to use Energy Generated from the capture of their Stars Energy.

Year 23,000:

  1. The Zyac Culture separated from the Xi People and became the Zyac Nation and they began to explore deeper into the Northern Regions as they shared an alliance in the Mountains with the Mons People in the South.
  2. The Lost of the Land in the West from the succeeding of the Zyac Nation from the Xi People made the Xi lose a valuable mineral source in the region which was the magnesium deposit in the Mountains. 
  3. The Zuiperi people discovered stones in the West in the far Central Mountains which when heated released an immense amount of Power. The Zuiperi packaged these stones into staffs and used them as weapons to ward off the Zyac Nation expansion Westward.
  4. The Zyac Nation kept their distance from the Zuiperi Empire and switched their focus into the desert where the Dorac Nation was.

Year 24,000:

  1. The Eac People were crushed against the coastline and were dominated by the Sha Kingdom. The Eac religious ceremonies were not protecting them from the invaders and the Nation resigned themselves once again to believe that it was the end of the World again.
  2. The Xi People launched Flying crafts into the air and they were immediately destroyed by the neighboring regions which took these flying crafts as attack vehicles. The Xi People could only design vehicles which traveled short range from one location to the other.
  3. The Zyac Nation began to also expand Eastward into the Xi People territory taking more of the lands they owned. The Xi People and the Zyac Nation were in a conflict with one another which halted development in the most fertile region of the world.

Year 25,000:

  1. The Ren Shaole of the Shaole Empire separated decisively against the Sha Kingdom in the South. The two nations allowed one another to continue on their own without intervention from one another.
  2. The Dorac People noticed this agreement between the two nations and attempted to take land from the Sha but the Sha had developed a strong Western Border against the Dorac Nation. Thus Dorac Nation fought a casualty heavy war against the Sha.

Year 26,000:

  1. The Zyac Nation and the Xi People were granted a reprieve when the World began to cool down rapidly and both nations pulled back their fighting. The Cooperation slowly began to reform between the two National Entities.
  2. The Zuiperi Empire hardly noticed the change in the environment for they were exploring new regions and did not have anything to compare the climate to in these new found areas.
  3. The temperature dropping was excellent for the Shaole Empire for the Temperature during the day now matched the Temperature they had been used to for the pass few thousand years. The Ren Shaole dominated in this new climate and rapidly expanded North.

Year 27,000:

  1. The Colder Time ended the tropical storms that dominated the Wet Season of the Xi People allowing them to explore in the Sea of Xi. The Xi People sent explorers further Eastward to find land in the Ocean so that they could have resources to develop for at the moment the Xi People were locked in the middle of the other nations.
  2. The Explorer continued Eastward and discovered no lands in the water. Eventually they did not return, having perished at Sea.

Year 28,000:

  1. The Nations by this time had stopped their expansion as the temperature had fluctuated wildly. This era was the build up era for the Nations. Their Capital Cities and armies had grown to a size where the smallest of them matched the Original XI People’s Accomplishment.
  2. The Xi People set their sights to travel up into Space.
  3. The Xi People sent the first Man-made object out of the atmosphere and it sent back down a blurry image of the planet.
  4. This information was spread among all the other nations and they were finally able to see the planet from Space and found that they all lived on the only land mass on the planet. But the territory they were fighting each other for was a tiny portion of what existed. Thus the nations no longer fought each other for about a thousand years in unity against the extreme cooling and the image.

Year 29,000:

  1. Flying vehicles over each other’s territories still were prohibited. And the peoples in these nations traveled by ground and along the artificial canals which connected the Nations together. 
  2. The Southern Portion of the Zyac Nation began to form their own Mountain Culture which was a mix of the Mons People and the Zyac Culture. This Culture became the Capi Culture. The Capi Culture pushed for the Zyac Nation to push the Region Northward against the Xi People to grant them more land. The Zyac Nation disagreed with this plea and offered for them to move up North in the Zyac Territory. 
  3. The Capi Culture began to form their own Military of the people in the region.

Year 30,000:

  1. Internal Conflicts plagued the Nations at the Time for they were all closed off to one another and with the growing populations the resources didn’t match their needs. These issues began to threaten the Existence of the Zuiperi Empire.
  2. The Xi, Sha, Mons and Zyac People continued to diverge from the Eac, Dorac and Zuzu People. They’re reproduction didn’t match the latter populations but their durability exceeded them in nearly every way granting them territory that the Eac, Dorac and Zuzu people would have struggled in.

Year 31,000:

  1. The Capi Culture separated from the Zyac People and aggressively pushed against the Xi People territory. The Capi Kingdom also pushed the Mons People Southward further into the Mountains.
  2. The separation of the Capi from Zyat granted a branch of the Zuiperi Empire to drive directly into the Zyac Nation Territory. The branch that dominated against the Zyac Nation was named the Zuidan Kingdom within the Zuiperi Empire.
  3. The Zuidan Kingdom didn’t approve of the Zuiperi Leadership allowing the lands of the Old Zuiperi to be taken by the Zyat and Dorac People. Thus the Zuidan Kingdom attacked the Zuiperi Empire and drove them Eastward to the other side of the Continent.
  4. The Zuidan Kingdom was unstoppable in this era for their military was able to recoup their losses much faster than the Xi, Dorac and Zyac People. The weaponry of the Zuidan also were much stronger and was able to fire at a much faster rate. The Zuidan Kingdom quickly became the largest Nation of the time.

Year 32,000:

  1. The Zuiperi Empire had now been pressed against the Western Ocean for more than 500 Years and had developed to become Seafaring. This allowed the Zuiperi Empire to expand below the central mountains along the coastline and Northward until the Temperature became too cold for their ships to operate properly.
  2. The Shaole Empire had now expanded to the Great North where the land had now become Green and filled with forests. Along the West were the lands that the Population was used to and the East along the sea were the forest. The Empire began to develop distinct cultures within their borders.

Year 33,000:

  1. The Zuidan Kingdom had removed so much territory from the Dorac that they became nothing more than a City State. 
  2. The danger of the Zuidan Empire continuing Eastward forced the Sha Nation to remove the Eac Nation from their Old Territory. The Eac People were under International Protection for their Ancient Practices as well as the Zuzu people, however the encroaching Zuidan Kingdom had made International agreements pointless. 
  3. The Culture of the Far Northern Portion of the Zuiperi Empire became the Nation of Sanglanro which no longer were a mountain people. As were the other members of the Zuiperi Empire.

Year 34,000:

  1. The domination of the Zuidan Empire created a sect within the Zuiperi Empire which separated and became the Ussan Nation which actively fought against the Zuidan. The Ussan Nation focused only against the Zuidan Empire.
  2. The Shaole Empire had divided among the East and West. The West remained the Shaole Empire as the East became the Shijiro Kingdom.
  3. The Shijiro Kingdom rapidly sailed along the Eastern Ocean into the North Part of the Continent being the first to reach the Northern Tip of the Continent.

Year 35,000:

  1. The Capi Kingdom’s Iso Culture had separated into the Io Nation which refused to attack the Mons Nation any further. The Capi Kingdom did not oppose the creation of the Io Nation, that area of the Nation had been stripped of much of the resources that once was present there.
  2. The Shijiro Kingdom had become split between the Lords of the lands and these lands became the Tumi Kingdom which became a Lake Culture, the Ya Kingdom situated on the furthest North Tip of the Continent, the Yugan Kingdom on the Eastern Portion of the Northern Lake, the Sugan Kingdom which controlled the River Deltas of the area and the Vindan Kingdom which were direct Northern Neighbors with the Shijiro Kingdom. Their only difference being the one who controlled what resources.
  3. The Ussan Nation had been pushed Eastward however they prevented the Zuidan from continuing past that point.
  4. The Zuidan completely separated the Zyac Nation from the Dorac. Though Zyac and Dorac lacked comradery between each other they were more genetically similar to one another than they were to the Zuidan. This separation nearly sealed the deal for the Dorac as their peoples population was nearing its end.

Year 36,000:

  1. The Shaole Empire began to move South-West into the desert as the Kingdoms in the North had become their expansions South into the Shaole territory. A group of highly disciplined individuals in the Shaole Empire pushed back hard against the expanding Kingdoms of the North.
  2. The Io Nation pressed against the Zuzu people claiming their Western Territory.
  3. The Southernmost portion of the Zuiperi Empire expanded Eastward in this wide grassland and became a nomadic group called the Song Tribe.

Year 37,000:

  1. The communication network had developed between the Nations which were part of the former Zuiperi Empire Proper. This communication spreaded the use of the stones to create a variety of weapons and power dynamics of the Leadership of the Nations. 
  2. Individuals traveled throughout the Ren Zuiperi Nations learning “Magic Styles” from each of the cultures. The Adventurers Age had become in the Western Region and there was relative Peace among the nations. The Ren Zuiperi weren’t advancing technologically but “Magically” with a focus on Chemistry and use of these Stone structural properties.
  3. The Warlike Culture of Northern Shaole became the Dodaran Nation which was ruled by a strong general. The Dodaran Nation destroyed their way to the Modern Day Lake Wyan, and completely controlled the region.

Year 38,000:

  1. From the Southern Moving Tumi Kingdom which avoided entering Dodaran Territories formed the Tim people which called upon their ancestors for protection against the Eastern threat and the Mar People which created deep structures to bring water deep within Modern Day Marian South.
  2. The Shaole Empire and the Shijiro Nation had formed an alliance to repeal the Sha from expanding North. The Sha had demonstrated that under threat from the Zuidan they would be willing to destroy even protected peoples such as the Eac Nation.
  3. The Doda Culture separated from the Zuiperi Empire for the Leadership of the Zuiperi Empire did not match with the needs of the Doda Culture. The separation was peaceful and the Doda people educated the travelers in the region in the Water Arts that had been passed down through their line.

Year 39,000:

  1. The cooling period of the Earth was coming to a close and the countries began to return to a stable climate. The damage that had been done by the Ancient Dorac fighting against the Zuiperi Kingdom had repaired itself and the land was now no longer a danger to live in.
  2. The Shaole People moved South into the region unimpeded. However, the Nature on how to control this land became a hot issue for the people of the Empire. The Shaole People developed the Shao East of the West and the Le Culture of the East.

Year 40,000:

  1. The Xi People launched another device into Space but the more Powerful Zuidan Nation destroyed the device in suspicion that it was going to be used for surveillance on the Ren Zuiperi who were dominating the region.
  2. The Xi People no longer were developing towards Space travel and instead focused on Biological Manipulation as they created a database of the Peoples of the Continent. This revealed that the Oldest Genome which suffered the least amount of change existed among the Zuzu and the Eac People. This created a division where the Xi People believed that allowing the Zuzu and Eac People to breed within their populations would make them a dumber nation as a whole thus Zuzu was pushed into a tiny portion of their Territory. These regions basically starved the two populations to nothing.

Year 41,000:

  1. The Eac People sacrificed their population for their apocalyptic end and the existence of the Eac People was no more.
  2. The Shao Culture became the Shao Empire and the Le Culture became the Le Nation. The Le Nation captured the Southern Lands from the Shijiro Kingdom. The warlike nature of the Le Nation thrilled the Dodaran Nation which also began their expansion.
  3. The Zuidan were now up against the Le Nation and were for the first time evenly matched in military might.

Year 42,000

  1. The Mons people expanded North putting an end to the starving Zuzu People. Their existence had ended. 
  2. Following the destruction of the Zuzu a portion of the Io Nation were angered by the occurrence and attacked the Mons people. 
  3. The Portion created a civil war between the groups within the Io Nation and the result caused the nation which was being supported by the Capi Nation to become the Tokiyok Nation and the unsupported Nation which attacked the Mons became the Cryat Kingdom.
  4. The expanding Zuidan Nation felt that the Dorac Nation no longer needed to exist and they fulfilled their revenge against the Dorac People and eliminated their people. The Dorac People no longer existed.

Year 43,000:

  1. The Mar People had become absorbed within the expanding Tim Tribe and they became the Tim Nation. The Nation was unified to create a stronger military against the Dodaran Nation in the South but this did nearly nothing as the Dordaran took over the territory that belonged to the Mar People. The Mar People that escaped towards the Ocean to the West were met by the Sanglanro people and were eliminated from existence. 
  2. The Shao Empire had nearly complete control of the Central Desert. The distracted Zuidan Nation had to focus on their North East border against the Le Nation thus the Shao Empire easily conquered this region.
  3. The Zuidan Empire created a mock stronghold in the area to prevent the Shao Empire from continuing South unimpeded. The people who were sent to this area basically became a sacrifice to prevent Shao Expansion. 
  4. These people separated from the Zuidan no longer content with being the sacrifice for the people of the Zuidan Culture and they formed the Wuan Kingdom.

Year 44,000:

  1. The Central Mountains had caused a significant division among the peoples in the Zuiperi Empire to have a distinct Peri Culture of the Mountains and the Zui Culture of the Grasslands. 
  2. Peri Culture and Zui Culture decided peacefully that they should form the Peri and Zui Kingdoms around their peoples.
  3. The Tokiyok People expanded past the mountains and entered the Southern Portion of the continent and expanded quickly in the new region. The Cryat people attempted to match their speed so that the Tokiyok could not expand Eastward and Surround their Nation. Though the Tokiyok Nation had shown to be Peaceful.
  4. The Ya Kingdom of the Northernmost Nation removed the Yugan Kingdom from the Lake and completely controlled the territory. The portion of the Ya Kingdom which did not support this expansion was controlled by the Hiran Family and became the Hiran Kingdom.

Year 45,000:

  1. The Doda Nation having increased their population along the coast needed more territory to assist in their population growth thus they expanded Eastward into the Desert Grasslands where the Ussan Nation was located.
  2. The Ussan Nation ceded the land to the Doda so that they could act as a buffer between them and the Shao Empire if Shao made it that far South. 
  3. The Wuan People expanded West and North in direct confrontation with the Shao Empire. The Wuan People were only able to expand West for the Shao Empire halted all progress to the North.

Year 46,000:

  1. The Yugan began to move into the Sugan Kingdom territory. This was in direct response to the Vindan Kingdom becoming more militarized in actions against the Dordaron Nation.
  2. Remaining People who had not become Ren Zuiperi or Ren Shaole slowly began to develop adaptations which allowed them to survived pushed up against the mountains and the coastline.
  3. This adaptation was exceptionally high among the Zyac Nation.
  4. The Dordaran Nation had now enveloped the Shijiro Empire within their borders. And installed a vessel Government replacing the Shijiro Empire with the Shijiro Nation.

Year 47,000:

  1. The Zuidan was no longer making progress traveling Eastward as the remaining people of the Xi Group had developed the ability to avoid and attack the Zuidan Nation quickly. With the attacks coming from the North from the Le and specifically from the Shao Empire the Zuidan Nation no longer pursued expansion East.
  2. With these freedoms the Xi People were able to invest in their biological research and send vaccinations through the populations giving them more of an advantage against pathogens specifically those found within the Sea of Xi and the Eastern Ocean.
  3. The Ussan Nation expanded Southward towards the Mountains as the Shao Empire threat slowly encroached on Ren Zuiperi land.
  4. The Sanglanro State avoided conflict with the Shao Empire by remaining almost in the Western Ocean.

Year 48,000:

  1. No progress was being made from one group over another. The Nations had seemed to reach a point of equilibrium. The Xi Peoples continued to undergo rapid adaptation until they became a Subspecies called the Ren Xi Third or Ren Xi Proper as they are the last ancestors with the genome that nearly matched the original Genome from the Species that branches from the Cataran Zuiming.
  2. The Zyac People underwent a different adaptation path.

Year 49,000:

  1. The Dordaran after eras of War had Three Great Generals which were given lands to have control of. These lands developed the Cultures of Do, Da, and Ran. The Ran Culture had a direct connection to the Ocean and developed to become an Ocean Faring Militarized force. They were able to maintain control from both the Sugan Nation in the North and revolts from the rebels in the Puppet Government of the Shijiro Nation.
  2. The Song Tribe Entered into the North Portion of Modern Day Ryam. This area was flush with Grassland wildlife that were unique in this area which allowed them to be traded up through the Ren Zuiperi Nations.

Year 50,000:

  1. Within the Ren Zuiperi Nations the “Magic” they had been developing was becoming dangerous and caused mental alterations in targeted individuals. One malevolent individual could have the ability to alter entire regions in this period.

Year 51,000:

  1. The Shijiro Nation Rebels rebelled against the ruling Dordaran Empire and defeated the Northern Kingdom within it. The Shijiro Nation Rebels which belonged to the Mardenian Culture renamed the country to Mardenia. 
  2. The Failure of the Dordaran Emperor to prevent such a lost caused the cultures within the Empire to break into their Kingdoms under Do, Da and Ran. 
  3. The breakdown of the Dordaran Empire allowed the Shao Empire to conquer the Northern Lands they had lost when the Dordaran was one entity.
  4. The Pin Culture who had now become the majority within the Xi People separated from the Nation due to the ancestral lands of the Ren Xi being taken by the Ren Zuiperi Nations. This New Nation became the Pin Republic ruled by elected representatives from the Military class.

Year 52,000:

  1. The Ren Xi Nations had undergone enough adaptations to be considered a distinct breed from the Older Ren Xi Second Species of the past. Thus they were considered Ren Xi Third or Ren Xi Proper. The Zyac Nation was still considered Ren Xi Second.
  2. The Hiran Kingdom began their expansion outward removing territory from the Ya and Tumi Kingdoms.

Year 53,000:

  1. The Shao Empire destroyed the Wuan after centuries of wars with one another. The Wuan People were eliminated from existence and a few remerged back into the Zuidan Population from which they were still closely related to.
  2. Zuidan had become significantly weaker from the lost of their buffer from the Shao Empire and this granted an opportunity for the newly found Pin Republic to take the lands away from the Zuidan Nation and regain the resource rich Western Territory.
  3. The Destruction of the Wuan opened up the Mountains for the Pin Republic to expand into the Mountains. This pushed the Zyac Nation further into the Mountains nearly into the other side of the range.

Year 54,000:

  1. The Ussan Nation noticed the expansion of the Ren Xi and Ren Shaole Species and began to move their people Southward South of the Central Mountains.
  2. The running Ussan People were given lands by the Peri, Zui Nations to given them free access.
  3. The Tokiyok Nation over the decades developed a division among its East-West Regions. The Eastern Portion shared more culture with the Cryat Nation than they did with the Western Portion despite the peoples being quite similar in genetic composition. This division started the Tokiyok Conflicts.

Year 55,000:

  1. Being pushed so high into the mountains, the Zyac Nation had developed an adaptation that allowed them to survive more easily within the Mountains and their structure also allowed them to grip along the sheer cliffs and adapt to the range of temperatures along the elevations. The Zyac Nation had become a subspecies of the Ren Xi Second called the Ren Neo.
  2. The Pushed Nation shed their name they got from their alliances with the Ren Xi Nations and became the Jin Nation. The Jin Nation created Strong Holds within the mountains and cities.
  3. The Tokiyok Conflict boiled over and the Nation separated between its borders and the Toki Culture was formed in the West and the Yok Culture in the East which later became Nations of those names.

Year 56,000:

  1. The Southern Pin Republic had a distinct culture from the Central and Northern Pin People thus the Pin Republic gave the two Cultures lands in the South these were the Xyat Tribe Lands and the Calo Tribe Lands.
  2. The Mons Nation began their expansion into the Western Portion of the Mountains separating the Capi Nation from the newly formed Toki and Yok Nations.

Year 57,000:

  1. The Southern Ussan People took lands from the Nomadic Song Tribe and restricted the Song movements to along the coast and in the South. 
  2. The Pin Republic began expanding North against the Ren Shaole Nations of Le and the Shao Empire. The Sha Nation moved to the Coast to allow the Pin Republic to destroy their rivals in the North. Which with superior technological advances were able to push against them.
  3. The Sha were given lands in the North and expanded into them.
  4. This domination in the region formed the first non-Cultural Nation called the Pinxisha Domain which was a Nation made of the Pin People, Xi People and Shao People.

Year 58,000:

  1. The Pinxisha Domain developed their Nation and built great transportation pathways which led directly from the Sea of Xi to the center of the continent. This boosted development and troop movement in the region protecting all peoples within the Pinxisha from outside invaders particularly their rivals within the Shao Empire, the weakened Zuidan Nation and the Le Kingdom.
  2. The Sanglanro Kingdom divided between their Coastline and Lake populations and formed the two Nations of Sanglan and Ro. The Ro Nation had peaceful interactions with the Tim Kingdom.

Year 59,000:

  1. The Mons Nation had also pushed their Nation from the Eastern Ocean into the center of the Central Mountains. This alarmed the Capi Nation which was being pushed out of the Mountains by this expansion and their ancestral home.
  2. The expansion of Mons caused the Cryat Population to begin to move South into the unexplored non-developed region of the continent.
  3. All Land areas North of the Central Mountains on the main continent had been touched by the descendants of the Ren Xi Prime Species.

Year 60,000:

  1. The Mardenia Nation began to expand South towards the Ran Kingdom.
  2. The Jin had sent surveyors deep into the South portion of the Main Continent and discovered a vast region of forests and rivers. The Animal life in the area seems to have a form of gigantism which made them extremely dangerous for those within the Ren Xi Prime Ancestry.

Year 61,000:

  1. Jin expanded rapidly into the unexplored region clearing the land of hazards for the population and keeping specimens of the species within labs that they quickly built in the area. 
  2. The Jin Population came across the Song Nomads which they had no idea were living in the Southern Portion of the Continent. This knowledge had to be investigated. The Song Nomads were weary to interact with the Jin Nation thus the Population moved their Nomadic Movements South.
  3. The leaving of the Song Nomads was quickly filled by the Ussan People who resided in the East.
  4. The weakened Yugan Kingdom in the North had a family division after control of the River Delta was passed down to the Younger Sister. The Younger Matriach formed the Yu Nation and the Main Domain remained in the Gan Kingdom.

Year 62,000:

  1. The discovery of this New Group of Humans interested the Jin People and they expanded West and interacted with the Ren Zuiperi Nations of Doda, Peri, Zui, and Ussan. A cultural exchange took place among the groups.
  2. The exchange did not interest those in the Southern Portion of the Jin particularly those who formed the Masi Culture. In response the Leadership within Jin decided it was in the Best interest of their quickly expanding Nation to form and International Coalition called the Neopolis Union.
  3. The Doda Nation destroyed the Western Portion of Ussan to gain access to the Central Mountains separating the Ussan Nation into a Northern and Southern Portion.
  4. The Jin Region found this interaction unexceptable and filled the region that had been destroyed by the Ussan and removed the Doda People from the Mountains however this did not repair the division among the Ussan Nation.

Year 63,000:

  1. The Mardenia Nation Surrounded the Ran Kingdom and the Two Nations formed the Mardenian Empire. Which Turned it focus for the North.
  2. Jin had pushed out all peoples from the Central Mountains and the Xyat Nation and Calo Nations Voluntarily moved from the area to avoid destruction.
  3. The Xyat Nation wanted support from the Pinxisha Domain but it was only in exchange for Xyat to join the Union which the Xyat People did not want to do for they felt it would eliminate their autonomy as Mountain People.
  4. The Toki Nation attacked the Jin and they were met with strong resistance from the Neopolis Union. Toki was being attacked from all areas of their Southern Border.
  5. The Toki Nation formed the Tokiyok Federation with the Yok Nation but this did nothing to prevent them from being driven towards the coastline.
  6. The Tokiyok Federation was disbanded.

Year 64,000:

  1. The Masi and Jin Culture eventually gave rise to the Maca, and Pigan Cultures.
  2. The Maca and Pigan Culture expanded much further South until they reached the Rivers of Urio. This River Spanned from the East Ocean nearly to the Southern West Ocean. The Neopolis Union began a massive building project which was to connect the South East Ocean to the South West Ocean.
  3. The separated Ussan Population in the South had been influenced so much by the Jin they became the distinct Culture of Senyan. The Senyan were permitted to expand into the former lands of the Song Tribe for the Jin People couldn’t tell the difference between the two Peoples.

Year 65,000:

  1. Along the Urion Rivers the Neopolis Allowed the creation of the Usera Nation to control the East Portion of the Structure. The Xitri Nation to Control the Transit of the Structure and the Ari Nation to Control the outlet.
  2. A Portion of the Pigan Nation requested liberation from the Pigan territory to strictly have Domain over the Lake. This agreement was quickly accepted for their Cultural Practices were extremely Lake Centric as opposed to Pigan which were grassland people. 
  3. The Doda Nation forced the Northern Ussan People to move Westward and press into the Ren Shaole Nation territories where the Shao Empire allowed them to reside.

Year 67,000:

  1. The Ro Nation expanded deeper into the Tumi Kingdom. This expansion caused the Hiran Kingdom, Tumi Kingdom and the Tim Kingdom to form the Old Wyan Empire. This allowed a unified pressure against the Ro Nation preventing them from expanding further into the region.
  2. There was a crisis among the once Powerful Zuidan Nation and the Pinxisha took many of their people within their borders to prevent their death by the hands of the Ussan Nation.
  3. The Ari Culture entered an age of rapid development from the increased trade revenue from the Urio Structure. The region of Ari became a hub of information and merchandise between the Pinxisha Domain, Neopolis Union and the newly formed Xibao Federation made from Peri, Zui, Senyan and Song.

Year 68,000:

  1. The Usera Culture which interacted with the Pinxisha Domain most adopted a Culture that was distinct from the Usera Nation and was permitted to create the Bilm Nation from the merchandising people in the North.
  2. This decision did not sit well with the Usera Nation for that took away a giant portion of the Nation’s revenue.
  3. The two sister peoples the Gan and Yu of the Ren Shaole Nations formed the Yugan Union that had previously existed and they expanded in the North removing territory from the Sugon Kingdom and the Ya Kingdom.

Year 69,000:

  1. The Shao Empire had dominated the region so thoroughly that they have had their own distinct Culture even from the other Ren Shaole Nations. Over the centuries the Eastern Portion of the Shao Empire slowly began to match the Cultures of the East with the Do, Da, and Le People.
  2. The Culture of these desert people became the Huo Culture which separated from the Shao Empire within the Desert Portion of the Empire. In a single motion the Shao Empire had lost half of their Legendary Territory.

Year 70,000:

  1. The separation of the Shao Empire Opened up the area to be surveyed by the Doda Nation and the Ussan Nation. 
  2. The Sanglan Nation did not join the Union offered to them by the Doda Nation. And Ussan refused unification with the people that split them apart from the Senyan Culture those centuries ago.

Year 71,000:

  1. The Shao Empire quickly made it known that they were not weak and destroyed most of the Doda territory. And The Shao Empire gained access to the Western Ocean.
  2. The Neopolis Union Noticed all the Wars that were taking place in the North Portion of the Continent and in response agreed with the Xibao Federation and moved all members of the Neopolis Union further South all the way to the Southern Ocean and lands which were completely unexplored.
  3. The Neopolis Nations agreed to this agreement and filled the territories around and South of the Urio Structure.
  4. The Xibao Federation filled this territory and the Senyan Culture had an ample amount of territory to develop. The abandoned cities of the Neopolis Union allowed the Xibao Federation to become a powerful force in the Ren Zuiperi Nations.
  5. The huge amount of Open lands also spawned Powerful Warriors and Witches which controlled their own domain separate of National Control.
  6. The Emptied Land allowed the Xyat Nation to regain their lost territory in the mountains.

Year 72,000:

  1. The Zuidan People were formally a part of the Pinxisha Domain and were given full protection against the Ussan Nation.
  2. The Huo Nation which separated from the Shao Empire was met with rebellion on its Eastern Territories. The People in that area disagreed with the separation from the Shao Empire and reclaimed the Culture that had existed in the past. The Mini Culture and the Fu Culture of the South East.
  3. The Fu People attacked the Le Nation and pushed them against the coast with the assistance of the Mini People who pushed the Da Nation to the East.

Year 73,000:

  1. The Ro Nation had laid dormant as the Old Wyan Empire were enjoying the benefits of the Lake. This the Dea People of the Ro Nation attacked the Wyan Empire.
  2. The Wyan Empire which had enjoyed peace with the Sanglan and Ro people over the centuries were caught off guard and their Southern Territory was destroyed and capture by the Dea People of Ro.
  3. The Wyan Empire accused the Ro Nation of the devious war but the Ro Nation separated from the Dea People placing all blame with them. The Dea people took this opportunity to become their own separate Kingdom.
  4. The Bilm Nation within the Neopolis requested access to the Southern Lakes. The Maca Nation was extremely divided on this issue. The Maca had just moved into that part of the region and it wasn’t just for the Neopolis Union to allow a group of people land that had been claimed by an already existing group. The division and the population was caused by these viewpoints.
  5. The groups formally separated from the entity of Maca and became the Fan, Mali, Hyra and Uga People.
  6. The Fan Culture which was concentrated around the Lake were most adaments about not allowing the Bilm to have full control of the Lakes.

Year 74,000:

  1. The Xyat Nation with the new territory and increased cooperation with the Northern Nations formed a Wealthy Class which interacted with the Xibao Federation often. The interest of those in the West had been ignored long enough and they separated and became the Hyat Nation. The Hyat Nation quickly moved into the land that the Jin left behind.
  2. The Northern Part of the Shao Empire was friendly with the Sanglan Nation and had a deep cultural exchange with the Culture. This Culture became the Shang Culture. They remained in the Shao Empire for now. Until the Shao would exert control over the Sanglan Nation.
  3. The Yasin Kingdom of the Ren Shaole Nations had experienced relative calmness while the Nations in the South fought against the Shao Empire and the Wyan Empire had begun dealing with the Dea Nation. However the Mardenian Empire needed more water resources for their people in the West thus they captured the Eastern Portion of Lake Wyan from the Yasin Kingdom.
  4. The expanding Mardenian Empire forced the Sugan Kingdom to also press North.

Year 75,000:

  1. When the Neopolis Union moved to the South a group brought with them the Culture of the Ren Xi group called the Cryat. This Culture took the name Cryat was well and formed the Cryat Culture of the Ren Neo, North of the Mali People.
  2. The Capi Nation had seen that the Xyat People didn’t have much claim in the Central Mountains that fought small battles claiming the land from the Xyat Nation. The Capi Nation had full control of the Central Region of the Central Mountains.
  3. The Previously friendly Nation of Xyat had been routed South and thus a militaristic Neighbor was now present next to Ussan. The Enti People arose from the Ussan and fought against the Capi preventing them from taking over more of the Mountains.
  4. The Capi Nation attempted to travel North but the Pinxisha Domain ended the expansion with a decisive victory over Capi. The Calo Nation moved into the territory that had been destroyed in the war.

Year 76,000:

  1. The Cryat People of the Ren Xi moved quickly Southward towards the empty lands where the Maca People once were present.
  2. The Southern Cryat People of the Ren Xi went from celebrating a coastal lifestyle to being a forest race and slowly became the Saya and Hio People.
  3. The Capi Nation had become weakened to the point where the Mons Nation was able to reclaim the lands in the Eastern Mountains from the Capi Nation. The Capi Nation was pushed to the East and the Mons Population populated the Mons Nation’s Western Border.

Year 77,000:

  1. The Pinxisha Domain Super Power was now able to develop outward into Space and were able to launch rockets into Space without fear of it being destroyed by the Shao Empire which had been focused on their Western Border.
  2. The Neopolis Union joined in this Space exploration race with both SuperPowers releasing giant weapons into Space.
  3. The Shao Empire saw news of this event occurring with them trying to claim territory in Space. The Shao Empire built a Star Weapon which was not meant for exploration but rather for the blocking of returning signals from the Space devices.
  4. This act of aggression caused the Pinxisha Domain to destroy every vehicle that left the atmosphere of the world including those from the Neopolis Union.
  5. The Space age ended when all of the Super Power restricted air travel within any of their dominant regions from the other Subspecies. The Neopolis Union in the South, The Shao Empire of the West and the Pinxisha Domain in the East. The North were still kingdoms trapped in the Post Feudal Age which could not form cooperation with one another for trade.

Year 78,000:

  1. The Ari Culture from the North Moved into the location where the Southern Ari Culture previously was. The Southern Ari traveled across the gulf and settled in the land of present day Western Arikargo. The new settlers eventually became the Seafaring superpower of the Arika People. And the ones that remained on the peninsula became the Joi Culture.
  2. The Pinxisha Domain began their seafaring expeditions to the deepest part of the World in the far East. This era became dominated by pirates at Sea. The Pirate were stealing information and data rather than wealth because it wasn’t a merchant vessel sailing out to the Sea.
  3. Some sought fame to sail completely around the World. Those who attempted typically got trapped in the middle of the Ocean or were destroyed by Sea Creatures in the deep warm waters of the East.

Year 79,000:

  1. The Shao had dominated the southern lands of the Sanglan Nation and the friendly Northern Section of the Shao Empire separated and became the Shang State.
  2. The Mini Nation were not keen on this separation from the Shao Nation and attacked the Shang State. 
  3. Though the Sanglan Nation had agreed to assist the Shang State they were not present in the battles. The Mini Nation had support from the Fu Nation and was able to quickly shrink the size of the Shang State to be pressed against the Sanglan Nation.
  4. The Huo Nation remained out of the conflict for they had already met the force of the Mini Nation.

Year 80,000:

  1. The Usera of the Neopolis Union moved a part of their population into the lands next to Urza. Due to this land being uninhabited they moved in unimpeded.
  2. This Millennium had been peaceful compared to the others in ages past. 

Year 81,000:

  1. The Bilm People of the Neopolis Union had completed their move to the Southern Lakes.
  2. The Jin and Pigan People formed the Northern Border for the Ren Neo descendents towards the Ren Zuiperi and Ren Shaole.
  3. The people who lived at the crossroads between the Shang State, Tim Kingdom and Do Nation developed a distinct Culture from all 3 and became the Antur People of Modern Day Marian South. The Antur People claimed the territory from the lands where they lived. The Passive Shang State, Powerless Tim and Weakened Do Nation couldn’t do much about this.
  4. The Mini Nation supported the creation of the Antur State and they formed the Miniantur Empire in the Central Desert which alarmed others in the region for they represented the Old Shao Empire in Spirit.
  5. The Desert Now had the SuperPower of the Shao Empire and the Superpower of the Miniantur Empire. The Miniantur Empire immediately took the Northern Lands of Shang and Huo to apply pressure against the Sanglan Nation along the coast which the Shang State were friendly.

Year 82,000:

  1. The Pinxisha Domain with its enormous size had begun extending West and the Ussan Nation, Enti Nation and Doda Nation squeezed tightly against the Western Ocean.
  2. The Pinxisha Domain had entered the Central Mountains and collected an enormous amount of resources from that location. These stone workers slowly became the Nitur People of the Pinxisha Domain.
  3. The force of the Miniantur Empire forced the warring nation of the Dea Nation to travel further North and take territory from the Wyan Empire.

Year 83,000:

  1. Within the Miniantur Empire there was a cultural split between the Deep Desert People and the Grassland People of the East. The Eastern People became the Su People of the Miniantur Empire.
  2. The Su quickly exercised their power and decimated the population of the Da and Le People.
  3. The Uga of the Neopolis Union moved back Northward and met with the expanding Saya Nation. They remained in their territories and did not battle in this millennium. 
  4. The Eastern Portion of the Pinxisha Domain continued to waste resources fighting against the Shao Empire in pointless battles. The Pinxisha Domain restricted their actions and thus this region separated themselves from the Domain and became the separate Stan Nation.

Year 84,000:

  1. The Shao Empire expanded South along the coast and came into contact with the routed Ussan Nation, Enti People, Hiro and the Doda Nation. The Shao Empire quickly began taking control of this region and due to Stan being a seperate nation now the Pinxisha was unable to assist these people.
  2. The advanced technology of the Xyat prevented the Enti and Ussan from being able to take lands from the Xyat and this they were pressed into an area too small for their population and suffered extremely high population decreases.
  3. The Xyat expanded in the area due to the weakness of their Southern Neighbors. 

Year 85,000:

  1. The Senyan which has lived continuously in the region unaffected have now developed a Southern Lake Culture and the Northern Forest Cultures. The Lake Cultures became the Zhu and the Ti People. These formed the Senyan Empire of the Ren Zuiperi Nations.
  2. The Neopolis Union had completely filled the designated areas of the Southern part of the continent with cities and now completely controlled the region completely under the power of one entity.
  3. The Fu though supportive of the Miniantur Empire had not joined them. This was due to their proximity to the Panxisha Union in its Southern Border. The Miniatur Empire ordered that the Fu Nation move East to allow a direct connection between the Miniantur Empire and the Pinxisha Union.

Year 86,000:

  1. The Nitur Population of the Pinxisha Union forced the Calo People from their region under threat of elimination and the Calo People travelled East and engaged in battles against the Mons Nation.
  2. The Calo Nation were able to score victory after victory against the Mons Population and the Mons were once again forced to live against the coastline of the Sea of Xi.
  3. The vanishing of the Mons People allowed the Xyat Southern Population to express their mountain culture called the Dior and Hyat.

Year 87,000:

  1. The Yok Nation which quickly filled the empty region left behind by the Neopolis Union quickly developed into the Naga People who formed the Naga Kingdom in the South of the Yok Nation.
  2. The People of Southern Sanglan had become battle hardened against the Shao Empire for eons and had become adept at weapons which did exceptional damage which prevented the Shao Empire from controlling the Western Coastline.
  3. The Southern Sanglan People separated from the powerless Nation of Sanglan and created the Lan State.

Year 88,000:

  1. The Senyan Empire began dominating the Ren Xi States of Dior and Hyat forcing both Nations against the Yok and Naga.
  2. The Song Tribe abandoned their Nomadic Lifestyle and joined the Senyan Empire. 
  3. The Jin of the Neopolis Union were okay with the Song being Nomadic but this change in life style became a threat against the Jin. 
  4. The Jin expanded into the Southern Portion of the Song Portion of the Senyan Empire.

Year 89,000:

  1. The Senyan Empire Expressed their position as the SuperPower for the Ren Zuiperi People.
  2. The Four way Super Power stability had the world in an uneasy position with tiny battles between the civilizations but no decisive battles.

Year 90,000:

  1. The Ren Zuiperi SuperPower included the Senyan Empire. The Ren Shaole SuperPowers were the Shao Empire and the Miniatur Empire, the Ren Xi SuperPower was the Pinxisha Domain, and the Ren Neo SuperPower was the Neopolis Union.
  2. All these SuperPowers prevented the other from being able to extend their travel range outside of their borders. The Senyan Empire expressed their desire to regain the Zuidan Population from within the Pinxisha Domain.

Year 91,000:

  1. The Miniantur Empire attacked the Northern Portion of the Pinxisha Domain and the result completely destroyed the lifestyles of both Nations. 
  2. The Pinxisha Domain destroyed the Southern Border of the Miniantur Empire and continued North into their territory to destroy their main capital cities.
  3. The Shao Empire that had been influenced by the Ussan became the Yadan State which succeeded from the Shao Empire and the one influenced by the Lan People became the Uragur State.
  4. The Shao Assisted the nearly destroyed Nation of the Miniantur Empire and pushed against the Pinxisha Domain.
  5. The battle between the Pinxisha Domain and the Ren Shaole Nations embodiended the Southern Ren Xi Nation which Dyat, Xyat, Hyat and Dior formed called the Qyat Coalition. The Qyat Coalition destroyed much of the territory owned by the Senyan Empire.
  6. The Neopolis Union avoided conflict and began to explore the Islands in the South and discovered another continent in the deep South of the Planet.

Year 92,000:

  1. The explorers of the Southern Island from the Neopolis Union became the isolated Tato Population. This Population was encountered by enormous creatures which decimated their populations. Despite the advanced technology they were continuously destroyed.
  2. The explorers which went into the New Southern Continent encountered the Lumos and were quickly devoured and decimated. The population of the Gandaron were slowly wiped out.
  3. The returning Zuidan Population towards the Senyan Empire had split from those who wanted to remain in the Pinxisha Domain. The part that wanted to stay became the Zhao People.
  4. The Dea People began to destroy the Wyan Empire forcing them to split and travel East.
  5. The Lost of Power from the Miniatur Empire destruction allowed the Da, De, Do and Ran people to form the Jie People just North of the Fu Population which was still friendly with the Miniatur Empire.

Year 93,000:

  1. The Pinxisha Domain had lost a great amount of power against the Miniatur Empire, and the final end of the ancient coalition came when the Senyan Empire destroyed and separated the population of the Pinxisha Union.
  2. The Pinxisha Union collapsed and separated into their separate Peoples.
  3. The Miniatur Empire collapsed and was absorbed into the Shao Empire.
  4. The Qi Empire formed from the mixing of the Lan and Sanglan People in the central region.
  5. The Dea had separated into the Vlagoran and Kinyan People. The Kinyan People destroyed a huge number of territories belonging to the Mardendian Nation.
  6. The Neopolis Union had lost an entire population of people from their decision to explore the Southern Lands causing the rift to develop within the Ren Neo.
  7. The Nations within the Neopolis Union began to act on their own without approval from the Coalition.

Year 94,000:

  1. The Ea State completely cut Northward, destroying all territories belonging to Ren Xi. The Ea had become the first formal Ren Neo Nation to interact with the Ren Shaole Nation.
  2. The Ea State offered protection against the Ren Xi in exchange the Ren Shaole would transport some of their population to the South for these people were never seen in person by the Ren Neo. This was an easy exchange. The Fu Nation took people from the Jie and from the Tan and transported them to the Ea.
  3. The Jin Population became extremely interested in these pet people and became a huge market for the Ea State and Urion State.
  4. The Eastern Ren Neo Population were interested in the Ren Zuiperi Population and the Urion State, Piari and Fan State became a hub for the exchange of Humans into the Southern Portion of the Main Continent.
  5. The Pinitursha Coalition was formed to protect their People from the Pet Trade.

Year 95,000:

  1. The Human Trade had brought a huge number of various population throughout the World. This also funded economies greatly with the addition of increased revolts among the pet population.
  2. The Shao Empire collapse when it couldn’t compete against the Nations that were involved in the trade and became replace by various Empire as the Qi Empire, Sanglanro Empire, Suminiatini Empire, became dominant Powers in the region.
  3. The Capi and Calo States had combined to become the Capicalo Empire which had full control of the central Mountains.
  4. The Useless Neopolis Union had dissolved leaving the Ren Neo Nations in the State they already were in but now in constant competition against one another particularly in technological development.

Year 96,000:

  1. The Pet Population had grouped up together despite them being of different breeds and embraced their existence as a lost population which despised the territories their ancestors came from.
  2. The Vlagoran People and the Dea People forced the Ya Kingdom to travel South away from the Ocean as the region fell under control of the Ren Zuiperi Queens completely.
  3. The Resi State had formed in response to the Mardenian State being routed by the Kinyan Dynasty of the Kinyan Empire. 
  4. The Jieru State formed as the combination of the remains from the Jie and Tan People from the Pet People era.

Year 97,000:

  1. The Urio Union formed from the Urion State, Pigan State, Fan State and Ala State which were all involved directly with the Pet Trade. The Urio Union built a high wall to separate the Ren Neo Population from the “Lesser Humans” of the North. This wall is represented on the present day Urio flag.
  2. The Bilm People were given control of the Bilm Lake by the Urio Union. The other nations of the Ren Neo were unable to oppose this decision.
  3. The Joi State received a mass number of Ren Shaole and Ren Zuiperi from the North which were migranting out of the nations involved in the Pet Trade for they were facing discrimination in those territories.
  4. A deep freeze encroached in the Northern Nations forcing the prior Enemies of the Ya, Vlagoran, Kinyan, Dea and Wyan to form into one nation called the Oure Nation. With its creation resources were able to be grown and shipped allowing the populations to survive through the cold centuries.

Year 98,000:

  1. The exceptionally Powerful Ren Neo People caused the Northern Portion of the Continent to form the Northern Unified Alliance with the inclusion of the Oure Nation, Marian Major Empire which was formed by the Qi Empire, Sanglanro Empire, Suminiatini Empire, Unisus which was the Jieru Empire.
  2. In response the Pinitursha and Capicalo Empire formed their Central coalition. 
  3. These coalitions were of no difference when it came to the increasing environmental fluctuations of the time.

Year 99,000:

  1. The Northern Unified Alliance Collapsed due to slow actions against attacks from the Central Coalition and Pollution issues.
  2. The Northen Unified Alliance separated into Oure, Reinon, Antur, Shang, Mini, Ru, Tan, Shao, Sushang, Sanglanqi, and Huo.
  3. Shao State began to unify its former Old Empire under the banner of the Suminiatini Empire. 
  4. The Suminatini Empire began to take territories that never belonged to the Old Shao thus the Reinon State began to unify the remaining Nation under the banner of the Jieruresi Republic. The Two were engaged in a prolonged War.
  5. The Oure State broke down and became Vlagora and Kima.

Year 100,000:

  1. The Urizu Nation created an advanced AI within their borders to assist them in the discovery of the Universe to its deepest level without the need to leave it. 
  2. This AI disappeared and a New Population of Human arrived in the Urizu territory. The Advanced Nation of the Ren Neo attempted to control this tiny population but this new Population decimated all the actions that were done against them. This new population became a hazard for the Ren Neo and they Ren Neo completely cleared the Southern tip of the Continent.
  3. The Nations underneath the now Unified Jieruresi republic formed the Pinitur Federation for unified National Support of all the cultures within it.
  4. Along the Mountains the Capicalo Nation completely formed and exerted control over all of the central mountains.
  5. The Joao State and Xibao State remained separate from the Unions of the North for they were in a location that was not of vital importance.
  6. The new Humans were so substantially different from all the other populations that they formed a new Species called the Ren Nao. 


  1. The Ren Nao formed after exploration managed to conquer and circumnavigate the Planet being the first Humans to do so. 
  2. The Ren Nao separated into the Bo People, the Kai People, the Rai People and Xi People of the Ren Nao.
  3. The Bo People conquered Vlagora.
  4. An experiment of the Xi People created an Immortality among all populations on the Planet. This immortality was used differently among each population.
  5. The Rai People conquered part of Arikargo with no deaths.
  6. The Kai People conquered all of Urizu.
  7. Marian split into Marian North and Marian South.
  8. The People of Xi of the Ren Nao traveled into Space and despite attacks of the Pinitur Federation they were successful and established a colony and called it Spark.

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