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Ziu Empire Poems: Pet People- The Pet and the STray – Year 94700

Poem of a Pet: 

    by Yugyat (Year 94780)

The ones with no Families roam the streets and they call to me as a Ren Shaole. I’m not like you strays. 

You’re filthy, unreliable and uneducated yet you want me to side with you? Do I look like a fool?

My family cares for me day and night, and you want me to exchange that to eat garbage? Must be hard to be undesired.

I would not give up my life for your pretend freedom. I have too much self respect to live in squabble. 

You all hold unto the traditions of our ancestors, why not just return North and leave us who are loved with our families.

My love for them is deeper than lovers. They’ll care for me to every call I make for them. I suffer no ill days. I am truly thankful for my family.

You strays call me a pet. This may be true, but being a pet is the highest position in society, yet you all are slaves calling me to join you.

Stay away from me you filthy animals. You are not like me.

***Poems from this age were done in mirror style where the first and last line have the same meaning but in a varied perspective, as well as the second line and the second to last, third line and third to last and so on. This style was common in the Ziu Empire 6000 N.Years ago.***

The Stray:

    by Syrat (Year 94820)

It was torture watching the children leave and explore outside as I was trapped indoors. Why would I be happy in prison?

You say you love me and will do all you can to make me happy. I want my freedom.

You barely look any different than I do but somehow I am the pet. There’s no reason why I should stay.

I left because I am my own person who should be able to do anything I desire. The authorities will chase me, but I am too nimble.

Though my life is difficult and I am hungry, I can go wherever I want and thus I am happy.

There are those who are like me who are trapped indoors. Hold on until I rescue you. Then you will feel true joy.


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