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The Great Cataran Zuiming War – People of Xi – Year 612

Excerpt from the “Library of Earthly Knowledge” Writings of Mandan:

Wild be the Humans of the Western Lands, they attack us with old weapons that should be considered obsolete. They have existed for thousands and thousands of years and yet barely created weapons beyond a metal bow and arrow. I have invented technology beyond their wildest imaginations; it is a shame that in our time I don’t have proper opponents to test them on.

Envious be the Human who see the ease in which I do battle. Envious are they that gaze upon my weapons. I can fire 1000 rounds of metal shards at my enemies every single second. My sensors in the distance makes it so that I don’t even need to aim. Bandoga* and Siberan* can continue to attack us but it would be wise for them to understand the might of Xi.

I utilized the coil’s unique property to store energy rapidly when I set them off. Loading up these coils is as easy as pedaling my feet for a few moments. In exchange for a few moments of work I received an Earth Shaking Explosive. That decision is easy to make every day.

I love a good war, I love a challenging war. I wish I was born years ago when those nations were more equal, but now war is simple. War is boring. War is dull. They die, I live.

Future Generation may no longer know War. Eventually we the People of Xi would be beyond all of our neighbors. Who would we fight then?

*Bandoga and Siberan are nations lived in by the Cataran Zuiming Species. A Species of Human who are the direct ancestor to the Ren Xi Species.

The love of War and Technology of our Ancient People is why the Earth is punishing us. We must give ourselves to the Great Mother Earth to atone for our arrogance. We have taken advantage of the Gifts she has given us and only use them to kill each other. Curse and shame on Mandan for his evil creations.

Arianda, First Order Priestess of Eac (Year 4880)

It’s incredible how advanced they really thought they were and the hope they had for the future of our species. Yes Mandan, we still fight wars, but now the Cataran Zuiming are extinct and so is your species. But that still doesn’t prevent us from fighting against one another. War will never end. You would be proud.

Yangurad, Vanguard Captain in the Shaole Empire (Year 36243)

It is hard to imagine this period of time. I am so far removed from it that is might as well be a legend. The technology that was praised back then would be comparable to a child’s toy. Ancient History truly amazes me. The Works found within the Library of Earthly knowledge are a treasure. This was written nearly 77000 Years ago, in the place I live today. History is truly alive.

Ora, Historian in the Pinxisha Domain (Year 77342)

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