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Settling the Song Down – Song Tribe – Year 88230

Excerpt from the Old Tales of Song:

The Senyan Empire offered our people a better life, higher standard of living and safe lands full of abundant meals; but all this at the cost of our traditions, our culture, our way of life. Is it really responsible of us, the older generation, to sacrifice the livelihood of the future generation just to keep tradition? Joining the Senyan Empire would be of great importance for our people, especially since the Jin to our South has been building up great power. Sooner or later we will no longer be able to travel around the region in isolation like our ancestors did many ages ago. Maybe it is time for us to settle down and join with the rest of the World and join an Empire.

The Senyan Empire too could decide to wipe us out in a night if they truely desired to do so. We have a relation to them by our share species. If we were say a Ren Shaole or a Ren Xi, I doubt we would be so easily welcomed into the Empire. Our Traditions can live on in our writings and stories.

An Old Tale I learned as a Young Child was the Story of the Hunter and the Tree.

There was a great and powerful hunter whom never missed his shoots. All Creatures of the World were ripe for his selection. After ages of Hunting the Hunter settled down to look upon his trophies, but recognized that he was running out of room for his prizes. Thus he walked out and cut down a tree to extend his Habitat. He placed his trophies in that new extension and was proud.

More time past and the Hunter had amassed an even greater collection of prizes and over the ages he cut more trees down to make space.

Soon there were less creatures around. And he needed to go further to search for his game. He returned home with his prize and cut down another tree to make room for his accomplishments. Soon there was one tree left, and no animals.

The Hunter began to starve and laid against the single tree. The Hunter thought aloud.

“These Animals have learned to avoid me, Hunting can no longer provide for me, the prizes of my home truly can’t feed me.”

The Tree knocked the hunter over and spoke aloud saying. “The Animals didn’t run from you in fear, most animals never encounter you. You are able to kill one Large Game a day by Hunting, but by cutting down my brethren you were able to kill Thousands in a minute. You cleared us to make way for your trophies when we provided you with the food to survive. And now we both shall die from your short sighted actions.”

The Tree then withered away, and the Hunter sat underneath looking upon his trophies and parishes soon after.

So with this future Generations I will say. Understand the results of your actions. I understand that our Culture and Traditions are important to me, but I also understand that there is a much bigger picture. My Children, who will be of the Senyan Empire, know that we were proud Nomads in our past, and let the World know that the Song People can also be create Empire Citizens.

The Song Nomad made a Wise choice in joining the Senyan Empire when they did. The Jin People quickly expanded up North and would have easily eliminated their Entire civilization. But even now as the Pet Trade is occurring the Song are still able to maintain their rich cultural identity. I am sometimes envious of the Song People, they truly were the last of the Nomadic People.

-Urigan Fui, Human Coalition Organizer in the Senyan Empire (Year 94680)

So many legends and tales from the People of Song. Countless were likely lost in recent years as everyone became obsessed with Ren Nao Culture. Its a shame really, they should have kept their beautiful and unique lifestyle and die as legends. Now they are mere shadows of what they were.

-Pimarkus Utanis, Grand Witch Descendant in the Nation of Fan (Year 96900)

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