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The Final Frontier remains too Far – People of Xi – Year 40358

Excerpt from Professor Iur’s Journal of the Old Pixisha Records:

Never in my existence have I encountered a more repugnant sect of individuals as those that inhabit the region of the Zuidan Nation. Those vile, revolting, savaged beings have no qualms with annihilating any iota of Scientific Advancements. Our pristine vessel of Human achievement was manufactured for the good of all of the species of Earth, yet those brutes destroy it with technology I doubt that are fully capable of understanding. The Quagmire we find ourselves in is rather daunting, for you see we desire to reach the apex of all knowledge by exploring the far reaches of space. However, due to them having a despot as a leader and their rather substantial enmity towards us there is no scheme that would grant us armistice for us to consummate our ambitions.

Our apparatus was to inaugurate a multi dimensional network that would encompass the planet in a constant signal of deep electromagnetic waves, that would be decoded, from when the Universe first emitted the first readable signals of light. Not only would this have contributed tremendously to scientific development, but with the knowledge of how the early universe formed we could have developed technologies that would have benefited society.

Those appalling imbeciles, I am deeply disheartened over the apparent fact that I share a planet with them. Surely, in the future the Ren Xi would figure a way to extinguish all idiocy, if that means an elimination of an entire species of Human, so be it…

I don’t actually mean that. I am just rather miffed that years and years of research and development was incinerated in an instant. For future generations who eventually would see what I wrote let me write the equations required for its development.

A(subT) representing the distortion of time respective of the standard observer on the surface of the planet due to the gravitational impact. V(subG) representing the distortion of time respective of the standard observer on the surface of the planet due to velocity. U(superscriptL) for the curvature of the apparatus and its light absorbing unit…

Hopefully this finds you all when the era of peace is among our world. Until then I am going to wallow in my own self pity.

Could you actually imagine how our world would have been like if they actually succeeded in their mission? I doubt there would be any Ren Neo on Earth for the Ren Xi would have had a substantial jump in technological advancements and explored the Southern Regions of our World. Sadly though that is just wishful thinking, the world was in constant war, even up to the present day with the Shao Empire.

Professor Bur Ita, Scientist for the Institute of Space Exploration in the Pinxisha Domain (Year 83930)

Ancient history, the Ren Xi could have covered their device in a stealth shielding knowing that the Zuidan Nation was actively destroying what they suspected was recon units. They were too naive for their own good, what’s the use of science if it can’t be used for war. The Zuidan Nation contributed more scientific advancement in the ancient world than the Old People of Xi, Le Nation, and Dorac Nation combined. If the Xi People were successful I figure they would have sent our world into a global disaster.

Lower Officer Anmidaus Ramulo, Military Soldier for the Neopolis Union (Year 90102)

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