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Advanced Explorers enter the Wilderness – The Jin – Year 60988

Excerpt from Ramadeus Ordo, Regional Explorer, in the Ancient Ren Neo Library of Neopolis Union:

They were not kidding about the size of these beast in the South. The Seflon and Credantan in this area are many magnitudes larger than their Northern Cousins. The Seflons here have a deeper and richer colour to their fur, its as if its used for parading rather than for protection from the elements. Their arms are curved inward towards their center of mass and their legs are heavy set as if they were the trunks of Bitali Caranagala. The Seflons travel in packs and I can see them hunt for what looks to be Jaocans, but even those dwarfs the ones in the North. We must bring these creatures back up North to the City of Constanroma, this would be amazing for our studies into the diversification of life unaided by human intervention.

This region is plentiful in large lush forests. There is small lakes and river in every direction my eyes can see from atop this cliff. The gorgeous view that I am right now experiencing truly makes me appreciate the virgin land that exist on our beautiful planet.

We must for the future generation preserve a least large swaths of this land, so that they too can experience what I am experiencing. Since I am also certain that me and my coworkers are the first Humans in this region I shall give it a name.

From here on out this region shall be known as Riama, since I was the one to discover it. I will leave the naming of everything else to the scientist who came along this journey with me. They aren’t even taking in the splendor before them. These scientist are collecting soil samples and shoving them into their bags in troves.

Its nearly time for lunch, I’m sure that these fine individuals on this journey with me would not care to try their luck at hunting some legendary game. I am growing rather tired of their processed meals that were stored in these vacuumed bags. They taste of dried grass and water. I am willing to try some of the plant matter along the river.

*Later that day

I took a group of 3 other explorers with me. My friend Tinitus and two of the scientist. The scientist were interested in collecting samples from closer to the water line. Tinitus and I caught a massive water creature. However, we did not eat it, uncertain if it was of a chemical composition poisonous to us. So we would have to go back there later after the samples have been analyzed.

I am going to lead this crew deeper into the wilderness. We have grown too comfortable atop this cliff. My desire for adventure can not be satiated with only a dip of my toes into this unexplored land.


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