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Angel Misery: Chapter One

One Wish to change everything.

Maria (12, Lonely, Friendly) sits on a bench at a Playground. She was waiting to see if the group of girls who were usually there at around this time would show up again. Maria looked around to see if they had shown up every so often.

“They are usually here by now, where are they this time?” Maria thought to herself.

The other girls approached and they spotted Maria sitting at the Playground.

“Ah, it’s that girl from school.” Ashley said as all of them hid behind the bush as to not be seen.

“Oh the tomboy?” Vanessa asked.

“Yes, the tomboy. She’s like super annoying.” Ashley said to the other two.

“You talked to her before?” Sarah asked.

“No, but look at her, doesn’t she look annoying?” Ashley said.

“Let’s just play somewhere else, like at the arcade.” Vanessa said.

“That’ll probably be the next place she would try to go, how about to the mall.” Ashley said.

“Did you get permission from your mom? We should probably tell her.” Sarah asked.

“Yea, let’s do that.” Ashley said as the girls ran off.

Maria then heard the girls running away.

“Aw, I guess they didn’t want to hang out with me…” Maria thought to herself feeling a bit sad. “Oh well, no reason to waste being at the playground.” Maria said as she hopped up and began to use the monkey bars.

(In the Heavenly Realm)

Aiden (Unknown Age, Heavenly Being, Obedient, Reactive) walks above a bright white room in the Heavenly realm. 

“Off to another mission, Aiden?” Micheal says to him.

“I am, I have been summoned by the almighty for an important task.” Aiden responded.

“All tasks from the almighty are important, we just don’t know in what ways.” Micheal said as he continued on.

Aiden stepped to the foot of the throne.

The figure sitting on the throne was a giant of a being whose face looked like that of the cosmos.

“Welcome Aiden, I see that you are well.” The Almighty said to Aiden.

“I am thanks to your eternal grace and incomprehensible power.” Aiden responded.

The Almighty then created a scroll for Aiden.

“Deliver this to the Priest of York, the one who has sealed the Demon Zebal.” The Almighty said, sending it to Aiden.

“I humbly accept this mission.” Aiden said as he received the scroll. 

“This will be the start of a new adventure for you Aiden. Handle it well.” The Almighty said, creating a realm for Aiden to walk through.

Aiden departed and was transported to Earth.

“Okay, the Priest of York is located there.” Aiden then took off in that direction full speed.

The scroll that was attached to Aiden’s belt began to slip slowly until it fell off and began to fall towards the ground.

Maria was playing on the playground when suddenly the scroll which had fallen from Aiden’s belt hit her head and knocked her off the playground and onto the ground.

“Geez, what was that?” Maria said, rubbing her head.

Maria then climbed back up and saw it was a scroll which seemed to have been woven from gold.

Maria looked up at the sky. “Where did this come from? Did it fall out of a plane?” Maria thought.

She then attempted to try and open it, but the seal used on it was made from a medal that had hardened along the crease. 

“Come on, open up!” Maria tried to open it harder.

Aiden continued to fly through the air. 

“Wait, I don’t see the location of the Priest of York anymore.” Aiden thought to himself.

He then reached for the scroll, but he felt nothing there. Aiden then quickly stopped.

“Wait! What happened!? Where’s the scroll!?” Aiden scrambled to look for it.

“Where did I drop it!? This is bad!” Aiden thought to himself. “Now I am going to be late with the delivery, then the Almighty is going to punish me and…” Aiden was thinking when he suddenly spotted the shine from the scroll reflecting the sun.

“There it is!” Aiden then quickly flew to the location.

Maria continued to pull on the seal. “Come on you dumb scroll, open up!” Maria thought as she continued to pull.

Aiden then appeared in front of Maria.

“Could you please not do that.” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria noticed Aiden standing tall above her. She stood silently looking at him. Her mouth had opened up slightly with amazement.

“Wow.” Maria thought.

“Ah, excuse me, did you hear what I asked?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Wait, what?” Maria responded.

“Could you please hand me that item in your hand?” Aiden asked.

“No way, I found it fair and square, plus it hit me pretty hard on my head. It still hurts.” Maria responded.

“Please can I have it, I will grant you anything you wish if you give it back to me. Also I apologize for letting it hit your head.” Aiden said as he gestured his hand over Maria’s head and healed her.

“I can wish for anything?” Maria asked.

“Yes, any one wish.” Aiden said. “Good things she’s only Human, what’s the worst she could wish for.” Aiden thought to himself.

“Hmm, if I could have anything what would it be?” Maria said quietly to herself.

“Can you please hand me the scroll first then I will return to you to grant your wish.” Aiden asked.

“How do I know you just won’t leave and not grant me a wish?” Maria asked.

“You have my word as a heavenly being.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I guess.” Maria said as she handed the scroll back to Aiden. “You better not be lying to me, or else I will tell the gods.” Maria said.

“Sure, you can do that.” Aiden said as he took off into the sky and went directly to hand the scroll to the Priest of York.

Maria sat on the playground trying to think of her wish.

“Any wish. I guess I could wish for a cell phone? Or I could wish for a Game Console.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then hopped over to the swings.

“Maybe I should wish to have bugs in those girls’ food for ditching me today.” Maria continued. “Nah, that would be a wasted wish, I could do that to myself.”

Maria then looked around at the playground and felt utterly alone.

“That Heavenly Being Guy sure did create some entertainment, now without him here it feels even more lonely.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then had an excited smile on her face.

“I think I know what I want to wish for.” Maria said.

With the Priest of York

“Thank you Aiden, it is always a pleasure to be of service to the Almighty.” The Priest said.

“It was no problem. Your long life has made you wise among all humans.” Aiden responded. “Now I shall return to the Heavenly Realm.” Aiden said before flying off.

Aiden then began to fly to the Heavens.

“Wait, almost forgot, I need to grant that little girl a wish.” Aiden stopped and then headed back towards Maria.

Maria was still on the swings when Aiden returned.

“You actually did come back! That was fast!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Of course I would, I said that you could have a wish, and now I am here to grant it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, I got the perfect wish, are you ready?” Maria said to Aiden.

“I have never not been ready.” Aiden said preparing to create anything Maria wished.

“I wish for you to be my Best Friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden was confused. “Wait, what?” He asked.

“I said I wished for you to be my Best Friend? Is that not possible?” Maria asked.

“I mean, wouldn’t you prefer me to make you into a billionaire, or create a mountain of chocolate or whatever Humans like?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’ve never had a real best friend… plus you said that you would grant me anything. If you don’t then you are lying to me.” Maria said, nearly disappointed.

“Yes, I can grant that to you, but I am just asking if you could reconsider.” Aiden said.

“Nope, that’s my wish. I wish for you to be my best friend. That’s it.” Maria said with her arms crossed.

“Sure, I am now your best friend. But I need to return to the Heavenly Realm to report on my mission, so I can’t hang out with you quite yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s okay, I already know that you will return. Best Friends can depend on each other after all.” Maria smiled.

Aiden hesitantly smiled back. He then flew off to the Heavenly Realm.

He returned to the room of the Heavenly Throne. “I have returned.” Aiden said to the Almighty.

“Amazing work Aiden, I am very pleased.” the Almighty said.

“I am honoured that you are pleased with my success.” Aiden responded.

“Seems that you have also made a new best friend while down on Earth. I am quite pleased with that too.” the Almighty laughed.

“But I am of service to you my Lord, surely I can not slack on my duties up here to fulfill the friendship down there.” Aiden said to the Almighty.

“No need to worry Aiden.” the Almighty said.

Aiden let out a sigh of relief.

“I will not assign any more tasks to you. Enjoy your friendship with the Human.” the Almighty said.

“Wait what?” Aiden was shocked. “No please, I want to be of service-” Aiden was saying before he was transported back to Earth.

“Great…” Aiden thought to himself. He then went to fly back down to Maria.

Aiden saw her playing in some dirt. He stepped up behind her.

“I’m back, little girl.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria turned around. “Hey Best Friend!” Maria said, hugging Aiden’s legs.

She then stopped.

“It’s going to be awkward calling you Best Friend. What is your name?” Maria asked.

“It’s Aiden.” Aiden responded.

“Well Aiden, I am Maria!” Maria said with a big smile. “So where do you live?” Maria asked.

“I live in Heav-” He then stopped. “I live with you now I guess.” Aiden said.

“Oh you live with me, do I need to make room for you on the floor in my room?” Maria asked.

“There’s no need, I don’t sleep.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Come on, don’t look so down. We are best friends after all.” Maria said still with her smile.

“So how old are you?” Maria gestured for Aiden to push her on the swings.

“Interesting question, I’m not actually sure. I was created 23 Complete Cycles ago, but I’ve been to the past, and to the future, and the time that I experience is different from yours… so I’m not all that sure.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So 23 Complete Cycles, what is that in years?” Maria asked.

“It doesn’t convert like that.”Aiden responded quickly to Maria.

“But if it did, how many years would that be?” Maria asked again.

“Persistent aren’t you?” Aiden said to Maria. “Well if we must convert it, if I never traveled through time and space, and if the way I experienced time was the exact same as yours I would say that I am…” Aiden was calculating.

Maria waited for his answer.

“That would make me a little under 12 Years old.” Aiden said.

“12 Years old! Really! But you look way older than that, you look like my teacher’s age!” Maria said.

“No, I look appropriate for my age.” Aiden responded.

“You are the same age as me and we don’t look close to the same age!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well then you just look extremely young, like a baby.” Aiden responded back to Maria.

Maria then laughed. Aiden looked at her confused.

“Why are you laughing?” Aiden asked.

“This is the first time where an insult actually felt fun. I’ve never had someone I could jest with.” Maria said with a smile.

“I suppose.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Come on, let’s go to the park!” Maria said as she hopped off the swing and Aiden was still behind it. “Hurry up!” Maria called out.

Aiden then transported next to Maria.

“Cool, can you do that to me?” Maria asked.

“I would prefer not to.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s all good, besides, I’m sure you don’t even know where the park is. So I’ll lead the way.” Maria said as she carried Aiden’s hand.

They both were now at an intersection. They were waiting at a crosswalk. A small child walked up to them.

“Wow, you are really really tall!” The little kid said, staring up at Aiden.

“Hey! Don’t you get any bright ideas, he is my best friend not yours!” Maria said to the little kid.

“He wasn’t trying to be my friend, he was only making an observation.” Aiden said to Maria.

The walk light showed and they began crossing.

The driver in the truck had become distracted and continued to plow through the crosswalk. The Vehicle was about to hit Aiden and Maria.

Aiden quickly traveled and moved Maria out of the way of the truck. The Truck continued to barrel on through.

Aiden held Maria in his arms watching the vehicle continue.

“He needs to pay attention to the road, if I wasn’t here that could have ended badly for you.” Aiden said.

Maria had an enormous smile on her face. “That was so cool!” Maria said in Aiden’s arms. She then tried to get back on the ground. “Let’s do that again!” Maria said.

Aiden kept a hold of her. “Let’s not do it again, too many instances like that could start taking a toll on your body.” Aiden said. “Plus you shouldn’t be in the street if you don’t have to.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad, just one more time. I want to feel like a daredevil!” Maria said to Aiden.

“I thought you were going to show me to the park.” Aiden said.

“Oh yea, that is what we were doing.” Maria said, hopping out of Aiden’s arms. “Okay, to the park we go!” Maria said, leading the way.

Maria and Aiden walked to the park and saw a bunch of dogs walking around. Maria then ran off to pet on.

“Could I please pet your dog!” Maria asked a lady who was walking her Golden Retriever.

“Sure, go for it, he doesn’t bite.” The Lady said.

Maria then pet the dog as Aiden approached behind her. The dog then began to wag his tail even faster.

“Oh, it looks like Sully really likes you.” The lady said to Aiden.

“Is that right?” Aiden said, looking down at the dog.

“You can pet him if you’d like too.” The lady said to Aiden.

“I’m fine thankyou.” Aiden responded.

Sally then went over to try and jump on Aiden.

“Woah, he’s excited.” The Lady said, trying to control her dog.

The other dogs in the area also tried to go over to where Aiden was.

“Wow, you’re like a dog magnet.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I think this is because of you, why wouldn’t a best friend want their other best friend to get more joy from petting dogs.” Aiden said.

“So is this like automatic because you want me to enjoy myself more?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It’s not on purpose.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aw! You really are the best best friend there is.” Maria said to Aiden as some of the dogs got off of their leash and came storming at Maria and Aiden.

The crowd of dog owners were trying to control their pets.

Maria was swarmed underneath being licked by dogs and feeling their furriness.

Eventually Maria had her fill and the dog owners were able to control their pets.

“That was so fun! Except now I’m covered in dog drool.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t see how any part of that was fun.” Aiden responded.

“You just need to embrace that it was happening then you would start enjoying yourself. Come on, I wanted to show you the main reason I wanted to come to the park.” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand.

Maria brought Aiden to a giant fountain that was surrounded by a 50 square meter artificial pond.

Maria then stepped into the pond.

“What are you doing?” Aiden asked her.

“Don’t worry, I see other kids do this all the time with their friends.” Maria said, fully stepping in. “Come on Aiden, join me here.” Maria said.

“I’d prefer it if I didn’t.” Aiden responded.

“Come on Aiden, don’t have me be all by myself in here. It feels sad when you are playing by yourself…” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden rolled his head. “Sure, if it’ll make you feel less lonely.” Aiden then floated up and placed himself into the pond.

“Are you happy now?” Aiden asked.

Maria then splashed water on Aiden. Aiden just let the water phase through him.

“Hey, that’s not fair.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“You are actually intending on hitting me with water?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, it’s supposed to be fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“How is that fun?” Aiden asked.

“It just is, everyone else laughs when they do it with their friends, so I wanted to do it too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Are you trying to make up for lost time Maria?” Aiden asked her.

“No, I’m just playing.” Maria said.

Maria then stopped trying to splash Aiden and stepped out of the pond.

She then started walking off on her own.

Aiden watched as she left. “What does she want?” Aiden thought eventually stepping out to follow Maria.

Maria continued to walk with her head down as Aiden continued to follow her.

“Where are we going now?” Aiden asked, but Maria didn’t answer.

“I guess walking like this is better than just having to talk the whole time.” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden continued to follow Maria.

“Why are you still following me?” Maria said to Aiden.

“Because I’m your best friend right?” Aiden responded.

“Are you though? You don’t seem to be enjoying your time with me at all.” Marian said to Aiden. “You can just go wherever you are from, it’s obvious you don’t want to be with me.” Maria said, continuing on her own.

Aiden stood there watching her go.

He turned around and opened a route to the heavenly realm. And stepped inside.

Maria looked back and watched Aiden step in. “You are such a liar.” She thought to herself as she went back to the playground.

Aiden was walking around up in the Heavenly Realm.

“Hey Aiden, why the sad face!” Raphael asked Aiden.

Aiden walked side by side with Raphael. “I don’t know, I was with this human girl who wanted me to be her best friend, but all the stuff she was doing was just dull. Anyway she told me to just return and here I am. I thought being free would make me feel better but now I just feel guilty.” Aiden said to Raphael.

“A human’s best friend? That is a strange deal, how’d you end up in that situation?” Raphael laughed.

“I’m not going to tell you, it’s way too embarrassing.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, you can’t say something like that and not tell.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“Okay, I sort of dropped a scroll and she retrieved it, and to get it back I said I would grant her anything.” Aiden said to Raphael. 

“And she pulled a fast one on you and asked for you to be her best friend right?” Raphael laughed.

“Yeah that’s right.” Aiden responded.

“She must have like zero friends then, who’d want to be best friends with a complete stranger, let alone someone of a different species.” Raphael jokes.

“So you think she made that wish only because she was lonely?” Aiden asked Raphael.

“That or she wanted to torture you, but since she allowed you to return home, i think it’s the former.” Raphael said to Aiden. “But anyways she let you go, so there’s no reason to even think about it anymore.”

“I suppose so.” Aiden responded.

“But that doesn’t seem to have satisfied you right?” Raphael asked.

“No it doesn’t, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, let’s go over what happened then, I’ll work through it with you my old friend.” Raphael said to Aiden. “What’s the first thing you all did?”

“First I pushed her on the swing and we got to know a little about each other.” Aiden said.

“Okay, and the second.” Raphael said.

“Then we went to the park, along the way she almost died but I saved her.” Aiden responded.

“Neat, okay, anything else?” Raphael asked.

“Then we went to the park where a bunch of dogs tackled us, probably because of my Heavenly nature.” Aiden said. “Then we went to a pnd and she started throwing water at me and said that it was supposed to be fun.” Aiden finished.

“Guessing that none of those were your ideas right?” Raphael said.

“Not a single one.” Aiden responded.

“See there is your problem, you didn’t interact with her like a friend, nor did you suggest anything like a friend would. Looks like you were being a terrible friend in general, let alone a best one.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“I never wanted to be her best friend.” Aiden responded.

“You were the one who granted the wish. I’m just saying, if you tell someone that you’d give them anything you should follow through. It’s just the right thing to do.” Raphael said to Aiden. “But who am I, I’m just a Warrior, you are the one who actually gets to interact with Humans.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“So you think that I should go back down there?” Aiden asked Raphael.

“I’m not saying you should do anything. You do whatever you have to do. I just know seeing you with a sad face is a downer.” Raphael gestured for Aiden to put a smile on his face.

Raphael then left, leaving Aiden alone.

Maria returned to the playground and saw that Ashley, Sarah and Venessa were there.

“Oh they are back!” Maria thought to herself as she started jogging towards the girls.

“Hey guys! I was waiting for you all to come earlier!” Maria said with a smile.

“Gross you smell like dog spit.” Ashley said to Maria.

“Right, when I went to the park a bunch of dogs jumped on me and-…” Maria then paused a bit. “Jumped on me and licked all over me.” Maria said with a fake laugh.

“Sounds like fun.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“It was fun! We should all go there and pet the dogs!” Maria suggested.

“Oh yea? We should, how about we race there.” Vanessa said.

“Really?” Maria asked.

“Yes really.” Vanessa responded. “I will even call it.”

“Okay.” Maria said as she went to the sidewalk. The other girl sooned followed after.

“Ready.” Vanessa said as all the girls lined up.

“On your marks, get set!” Vanessa said and Maria was ready to sprint full speed.

“Go!” Vanessa yelled out and Maria then ran forward.

“Haha, looks like I am going to beat you all there!” Maria said as she continued to run.

She eventually started to get tired and looked behind her.

She saw that the other girls had run the other way leaving Maria to race by herself leaving her alone.

Maria stopped running and her face was extremely sad. “Oh well… maybe they were busy.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then walked up to a hill and began to cry to herself. She covered her face so that no one could see her.

Maria then heard the grass move next to her as it sounded like someone was taking a seat next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, it’s reserved for a real friend.” Maria said with tears in her eyes.

Aiden then sat down on the spot.

Aiden then looked out from on top of the hill.

Maria looked at Aiden then looked out from the top of the hill too.

They both sat there silently. Aiden then exhaled.

“I’m sorry for being such a bad friend to you earlier. I know that I was supposed to be your best friend just because of a wish…” Aiden then paused. “But how about I actually be your real friend.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You really mean it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Well as long as you treat me like a friend I don’t see why not.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I wished for you to be my best friend so you aren’t going to get out of that, but being my real friend is also good too.” Maria said looking back at Aiden.

“So do you forgive me for not treating you as a friend?” Aiden said.

“Eh, I’m not sure. How you made me feel earlier really did make me feel terrible, then those other girls acted like they wanted to be my friend too, so it’s going to take a lot for me to forgive you.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I understand.” Aiden responded.

Maria then looked at Aiden. “But there is something you could do that’ll make me forgive you even faster.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What is it?” Aiden asked.

Maria pointed at the air.

Aiden and Maria were high above the city in the air with Maria flying on his back.

“Wow! We are so high up! Is this what it’s like to be a bird!” Maria yelled out.

“Be careful up there.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then stood up on Aiden’s back. “I wonder how it feels to skydive.” Maria said as she jumped off Aiden’s back.

Aiden then quickly flew down to catch her.

“What are you doing, you could have died!” Aiden said to Maria as he brought her back into the air.

“You wouldn’t let your best friend die now would you?” Maria said to Aiden.

“So guess that means you’ve forgiven me?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, I’ve forgiven you. This is the most fun I’ve ever had.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Great. Well that feels good.” Aiden said as he continued to carry Maria through the air.

Some time passed.

“Guess it’s time for us to go home!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay, where’s that?” Aiden asked her.

Maria looked down at the city.

“I can’t really tell from up here, let’s go lower.” Maria asked and Aiden brought her down to about 100 Meters.

“Oh there’s the park! We can land there and I will know the way back.” Maria said, pointing Aiden in the right direction.

Aiden and Maria landed next to the park and began walking back from there.

Maria walked in front of Aiden as he watched her back.

As they approached home Maria saw Ashley, Vanessa and Sarah.

“Oh look Aiden, there are the girls who pretended to be my friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay.” Aiden responded looking at the girls, while Maria was hiding a little.

“Can you create a ball of stinky dog drool above their head and have it drop on them?” Maria asked.

“That’s rather mean isn’t it?” Aiden asked.

“An enemy of mine is an enemy of your best friend.” Maria said.

“Sure, I can do that.” Aiden responded as he created a ball of dog drool over the girls’ heads and dropped it on them.

Maria then gave a devilish smile. “Haha, revenge is sweet!” Maria said.

“Ew gross what is this?!” Ashley said feeling the dog drool on her face.

“It stinks, this isn’t water!” Sarah said.

“It’s spit!” Ashley said feeling how sticky it was.

“Ah! I got some in my mouth!” Vanessa said as they started crying.

“Come on Aiden, let’s get back to my house!” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand.

Aiden looked back at the girls. “What did I get myself into?” Aiden thought to himself. He then looked at Maria. “Well as long as she is happy, I guess it’s okay.” Aiden continued to think. “Plus they all feel gross together, not alone.”

They approached the front door.

“I don’t think I should walk through the front door while visible.” Aiden said as he turned invisible.

“Wait, I can’t see you. Aiden?” Maria asked.

“I’m still next to you. Just take us to your room and I’ll reappear.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, as long as you don;t use your powers to leave me.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria held firm to Aiden’s hand and knocked on the door.

Maria’s sister answered the door.

“You’re finally back, you must have had fun because you are back much later than usual.” Maria’s sister said letting Maria walk through.

“Gross, you stink.” Maria’s sister said to her.

“Allison, don’t be mean.” Maria’s mom said to Maria’s sister.

“Hurry and take a bath sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Maria’s mom said to Maria.

“Okay Mom, I’ll be quick!” Maria responded.

Allison looked at Maria’s hand and saw that she was holding something.

“Are you pretending to hold your invisible friend’s hand?” Allison asked Maria.

“I don’t have an invisible friend.” Maria said.

“Then what are you doing with your hand?” Allison asked.

“Oh this haha, it’s nothing.” Maria said as she began to climb the stairs more quickly to head into the shower.

Maria then quickly closed the door to her room.

“Okay that was close wasn’t it Adien?” Maria asked him.

Aiden then reappeared.

“Not really, even if she tried to grab my hand she would have just passed through.” Aiden responded.

“You sit in here, I am going to take a quick shower, then we can go downstairs to eat.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t eat, so there’s no reason for me to go.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well then just stand behind me then as I eat.” Maria said to Aiden as she went out and shut her door.

“Well I guess this is life now. This must be the new adventure the almighty was talking about.” Aiden thought to himself.

“Ah, the water is cold! Allison, did you use all the hot water!” Maria yelled downstairs.

“Sure did, you should have come back earlier!” Allison yelled back upstairs.

“Aiden, can you please make the water hot!” Maria asked.

Aiden then made the water in the boiler hot.

“What is Aiden? Your invisible friend?” Allison called up.

“It’s nothing!” Maria yelled back down.

Aiden nodded his head, having resolved the guilty feeling in his chest.

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