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Angel Misery- Chapter Two

Sign up for School Aiden!

Maria’s alarm clock rang but she was ignoring it.

“What is the reason for this if she’s just going to ignore it?” Aiden thought to himself watching Maria remain asleep.

“Aiden, can you turn that off for me? I’m so sleepy.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What’s the point of having it, why’d you set it?” Aiden asked as he turned it off.

“I set it up so that I could get ready for school…” Maria said drifting back to sleep.

“School? Isn’t that kind of important?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Maria get your butt up, Spring Break is over!” Maria’s mom yelled up stairs.

Maria then sat up from her bed. “Oh yeah, that’s why.” Maria said extremely drowsy.

Maria gave a loud yawn.

“Aiden, can you make me not sleepy or something…” Maria asked Aiden.

They have been together for a few days now and now had a decent level of comfortability with one another.

Aiden sent energy through her body waking her up.

“Ah! Now that’s better, time for me to brush my teeth!” Maria said, rushing into the bathroom right before Allison could get in.

While Maria brushed her teeth Aiden would go through and straighten up her room.

“Organization is definitely not her strong suit.” Aiden thought to himself.

He then saw her backpack in the back of the room, it being completely empty.

“Don’t you usually need to bring stuff to school?” Aiden thought to himself, bringing out the backpack.

Aiden continued to clean up the room.

Maria then barged into the room.

“All done Aiden!” Maria said as she came in and shut the door.

I have to hurry and get my uniform on. Maria said as she dug through her closet making a mess of the room again.

“Can you try to be a little cleaner, I just got done organizing your stuff from when you woke up.” Aiden said, picking up the clothes.

“You wouldn’t have to do it so often if you weren’t always trying to clean.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You know what they say, cleanliness is next to divinliness.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’m already next to a divine being literally, so I don’t see any point to it.” Maria said as she found her uniform. “There you are!” Maria called out as she then began to change from her uniform. Aiden turned around.

“What is school usually like?” Aiden asked Maria as she was getting dressed.

“It’s mostly boring, with adults just talking all day until we can go back home.” Maria said.

“Is that really it? There’s no learning involved?” Aiden asked.

“I mean sure, there’s supposed to be learning, but I never actually understand half the time. Check in the back of my sock dresser, you will see all my report cards.” Maria said, putting on her skirt.

Aiden pulled the report cards out the back.

“What do all these D’s mean?” Aiden asked.

“That means I am passing.” Maria said jokingly.

“Guess that is a good thing.” Aiden said, putting the report cards back in their place.

“So are you going to be going to school too Aiden?” Maria asked.

“I will be sitting in class invisible with you, if that’s what you mean.” Aiden responded.

“No, that is not what I mean, I don’t want to sit alone during lunch time looking like I am talking to myself. You need to find a way to go to school with me.” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand to have him turn around.

“Okay then I will figure out how I can get enrolled into school. But I am going to have to leave your side for a bit.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure, as long as you are there with me in school then having you gone for a few hours is no big deal.” Maria said to Aiden as she walked downstairs.

“Wow, in a few short days her willingness to allow me to leave has drastically improved.” Aiden thought to himself.

As Maria and Allison were being driven to school Aiden opened a route to the Heavenly Realm.

In the Heavenly Realm

Aiden walked to the Mission’s Square. And found the Info Master Coeus.

“Hello Coeus.” Aiden said to the Attendant.

“Well if it isn’t Aiden. You don’t come here often, is there something you are looking for?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“I’m currently on Earth right now for the long haul and need to know how I could attend school there.” Aiden said to Coeus.

“Okay, that’s not too hard. Let me see what I got for you.” Coeus went into the scrolls and placed his hands into the pages.

Aiden watched as Coeus did his work.

“So it’s at Sequoia State Junior High right?” Coeus asked.

“I’m not sure.” Aiden responded.

“That was a rhetorical question, of course I know. I am the Keeper of Godly Knowledge afterall.” Coeus said as he handed Aiden the page.

“We have a student by the name of Angeal Heavens enrolled in the school already, you can take on that mantle.” Coeus said to Aiden.

“Is that all? I don’t have to do anything else, just show up as Angeal?” Aiden asked.

“Well you will also need to have your parents say that you will be attending in person classes again since Angeal was excused for having a medical condition.” Coeus stood Aiden.

“Parents, okay. I’ll get one of the other Heavenly Beings to be parents for me, that shouldn’t be too hard. And what is this medical condition?” Aiden asked.

“That you grew really tall really quickly.” Coeus said.

“Well I guess that will help me explain why I am taller than everyone else.” Aiden said. “Thanks for the knowledge Coeus.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you Aiden?” Coeus asked, handing Aiden the documents he needed.

“No, I am good, I just have to look for some parents.” Aiden said as he then walked off.

Aiden walked through the Heavenly Realm and found Hera.

“Hello Hera, I am glad I stumbled across you.” Aiden said, approaching her.

“Oh Aiden, what brings you to my side of the Heavenly Realm, did you finally start feeling attraction to one of these beautiful goddesses around?” Hera asked Aiden.

“No, it’s not that. However, I do have a request.” Aiden said to Hera.

“A request? Well now isn’t this rare. What would someone of your status need from me? All I am is a matchmaker and punisher of infidelity.” Hera said to Aiden showing her powerful Golden Chains.

“I would like it if you could pose as my mother, I am trying to attend a school on Earth. Or you could send down one of your Fairies to pose as my mother, I would just prefer not to act as my own mother.” Aiden requested.

“This is entertaining. How could I pass up an opportunity to go to Earth?” Hera then laughed. “After all, the last time I was there I was trying to kill an individual I shall not name.” 

“Hopefully you don’t try to do that this time.”Aiden said to Hera.

“Don’t worry about it Aiden, I won’t jeopardize your mission.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Okay, then I’ll call you up when I find someone to be my Father.” Aiden said to Hera as he went off to look for a Father.

Aiden found Horus looking bored watching the cloud move across the sky.

“Are you busy Horus?” Aiden asked Horus.

“No, I am just dying of boredom.” Horus said to Aiden.

“You can’t die, so that’s not true.” Aiden said to Horus.

“It’s just an expression. So what brings you around these parts Aiden. Aren’t you higher beings busy ruling the Universe or something?” Horus said to Aiden.

“Not quite. I was just wondering if you could pose as my Father for today?” Aiden asked Horus.

“Your Father? If I am doing that I could be your grandfather too.” Horus said jokingly to Aiden.

“Sure, I guess. But it’s just for me to go to school. Like I said to Hera I don’t really want to pose as my own parents.” Aiden said to Horus.

“I was able to, someone of your power should be able to do it easily.” Horus said to Aiden showing his muscles.

“Like I said, I don’t really want to.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, I’ll do that for you. I am bored anyways.” Horus said as Aiden went to grab Hera.

Horus’ eyes then opened wide. “Wait, did he say Hera!”

At the School

Horus, Hera and Aiden all are sitting in the Principal’s office.

“So Angeal is returning to classes today?” The Principal asked.

“Yes he is, we are no longer worried about his health.” Horus said then Hera kicked his leg as the Principal gave him a confused look.

“What I mean by that is that, we aren’t worried about him becoming hospitalized any longer due to his growth. He has stopped growing for the meantime.” Horus corrected himself.

“I see, well Angeal does seem to be a rather tall child.” The Principal said, looking at Aiden.

“Isn’t he, he is such a strong and handsome boy, unlike the bastard child Herakles.” Hera said with some discontent in her voice.

Aiden looked over at Hera with confusion.

“Right. Well if you two don’t mind, may I ask Angeal some questions about his confidence in his education while he was away?” The Principal asked.

“Ask away, and make sure you ask him tough questions, my boy can handle it!” Horus said to the Principal.

“So Angeal do you feel comfortable around other students, you know they may mess with you for your height, and since it’s near the end of the school year you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Like a sore thumb, what kind of school are you running here?” Hera asked the Principal.

“It’s just an expression hun, what the Principal is saying is that Angeal here is going to be the center of attention, as he should be.” Horus said.

“Yes, I am okay with that.” Aiden responded.

“Is there something I can do to ease your transition to in person learning, afterall your marks on the standardized tests are perfect, so I would hate it if this transition caused those to fall.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Well I have a friend that goes to this school, her name is Maria Li, if you don’t mind could I be placed in the same classes as her?” Aiden said to the Principal.

The Principal then looked in his system.

“Are you sure her name is Maria Li? This student doesn’t seem to match your intellectual accomplishments, she’s not in the honours classes.” The Principal said.

“That’s okay.” Aiden said to the Principal.

“Our son has an amazing friendship with that girl, if anything he would be able to bring up her grades.” Hera said to the Principal.

“Yea, no need to worry. My son would never allow his test scores to fall. He is amazing in everything he does!” Horus said to the Principal.

“I am glad to see one of our students having such supportive parents.” The Principal said to both Hera and Horus.

“Okay, you are now enrolled in in person classes. They are currently on 3rd Bell. Get a hall slip from the front desk and you can either head there now or at the start of 4th Bell.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Thank You sir.” Aiden said to the Principal as he got up. Hera and Horus also got up.

“It was nice meeting you two! I look forward to the next meeting!” The Principal said as the three left the room. “Wow, they were like gods, I don’t know how I held up so well.” The principal thought as he relaxed his body.

Aiden picked up the slip.

“Thank you two for posing as my parents, looks like I’m successfully enrolled in in-person classes.” Aiden said to the two.

“I would have preferred if you got me a different husband, but I guess Horus wasn’t the worst choice you could have made. Two for the Price of one.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Thanks I guess?” Horus said to Hera as they both walked into the pathway to the Heavenly Realm.

“If you need anything else Aiden I am alway free, this was a relief from my boredom.” Horus said to Aiden.

“If it comes to that then sure.” Aiden said to the two before they vanished.

Aiden then walked through the halls looking for the class Maria was located in.

Aiden became invisible looking for the rooms.

“These classes look boring just like Maria said.” Aiden thought to himself.

He eventually found the one that Maria was located in. She was off drawing in her notebook not paying attention to the teacher at all.

“Well at least she is present I guess.” Aiden thought as he then went to the front door of the room and knocked on it.

“Oh that must be the new student.” The Teacher said.

Ms.Swartz opened the door and saw Aiden standing there in the school uniform.

“Wow, you are tall.” Ms.Swartz said, looking up at Aiden.

“I get that a lot.” Aiden responded.

“Class, say hello to Mr. Angeal Heavens. He will be part of our class for the rest of the year starting today.” Ms.Swartz said.

“Nice to meet you all.” Aiden said to the class. Maria was not paying attention; she was in her own world.

“Now if you may choose a seat Angeal.” Ms.Swartz said to Aiden.

Aiden then walked over to the desks.

“Wow, he looks pretty cool.” A student said as Aiden walked by him.

“Wonder what he does for fun.” Another said, whispering.

Aiden sat down next to Maria.

“Why’d he sit next to her?” Another classmate said. “I feel bad for him.”

“Okay, let’s get back to our lesson.” Ms.Swartz said as she continued with her lesson for the last few minutes of class.

Aiden looked over at Maria. “Is she really not going to notice I am here?” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria continued to draw in her notebook. She was drawing a dragon that was shooting fire balls at a group of Heros.

Aiden then turned his focus to the lesson at hand.

Some time passed and it was near the end of the period.

“Okay, I want you to do the Assignment Section of Lesson 15 in your Books for homework. I will be collecting your pages at the beginning of class tomorrow. Show your work.” Ms.Swartz said as the bell rang.

Maria grabbed her empty back then went to the door.

Aiden then walked behind her and tapped on her shoulder.

Maria looked back at if someone just insulted her.

She then looked up and saw it was Aiden.

“Oh Aiden! You’re actually a student! When did you get here!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I got into class like 15 minutes ago.” Aiden responded.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Maria said.

“You seemed so engrossed with what you were doing, so I figured I would leave you alone.” Aiden responded.

“Engrossed? What does that mean?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It means taking all of your attention I guess in this context.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, so you were watching me draw, did you like it!?” Maria asked.

“It wasn’t bad.” Aiden said.

“The new guy is talking to that weird girl, we should warn him.” One of the boys whispered to each other as they were walking through the halls.

“Nah, I think it would be funny if he starts hating her.” His friend said.

“They are so annoying, I bet they are just jealous of my team beating theirs in the gym.” Maria said.

“What happens in the gym?” Aiden asked.

“It’s the class where we get to play games.” Maria responded.

“That doesn’t sound like learning.” Aiden said as he and Maria walked to their next class.

“I guess it’s to teach us good health stuff. But we are kids, so we don’t have to worry about getting fat. And especially for you, you’re a heavenly being, can you guys even get fat?” Maria asked Aiden.

“There are some fat Heavenly Beings, but it’s not due to gluttony, they just like to look that way.” Aiden said to Maria.

The students filled the halls of the school trying to make their way to the next class. Aiden stood over them.

Maria was being squeezed between all the backpacks.

“Aiden, can you do something about this?” Maria asked, trying to make room for herself.

“Is it always like this?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, everyone just crowds at the end of class.” Maria said, pushing past other students. “Lift me up onto your neck!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden lifted Maria up and placed her on his shoulders.

“This is way better!” Maria said.

“Don’t do that.” A Security said to Aiden. Aiden turned around to look at him.

“Don’t do what! Is there a rule against carrying other students?” Maria said to the Security.

“It’s dangerous, you could fall and bust your head open.” The Security said.

“No need to worry about that, Aiden would never let me fall.” Maria said with a smile.

“Put her down or else I am going to give you both detention.” The Security said.

“Detention? Your school locks people up?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No detention is just a place after school where you sit around and fall asleep.” Maria responded.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Aiden responded.

“My mom would be furious if I ended up in detention, so you can put me down.” Maria said to Aiden as he brought her back to the ground.

“Now you hurry and get to class, and don’t do that again.” The Security said to Aiden.

“I understand.” Aiden responded as he and Maria continued to push their way through the crowd.

Eventually Maria and Aiden made it to their next class.

“Come on Aiden, sit next to me.” Maria said, bringing Aiden to the back of the class.

They both then sat down and Maria brought back out her notebook and handed Aiden a page.

“There now I can see how well you can draw.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Is this an art class?” Aiden asked.

“No, it’s English.” Maria responded.

“Do you just draw in every class?” Aiden asked.

“I pay attention sometimes, I just want to see what you draw like.” Maria said.

“Okay, what do you want me to draw?” Aiden asked Maria as he created a pen to draw with.

“Woah.” Maria was amazed by Aiden creating a pen.

“Wow, are you amazed? You’ve seen me create even larger stuff.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yea, but all of that stuff was natural, a pen is made by a company. I didn’t know that you could do that.” Maria said.

“I can create anything.” Aiden said to Maria. “Now what is it you’d like me to draw?” Aiden asked.

“Can you draw a dragon?” Maria asked.

“What kind of Dragon?” Aiden asked.

“Have you ever seen a real Dragon?” Maria asked.

“There are no real Dragons like the picture that you drew, but there are real creatures that have the word ‘Dragon’ in their name.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The late bell then rang and class started.

“Good Morning, I hope you all read ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ over Spring Break.” The Teacher asked.

“Crap, I completely forgot about that!” Maria said to Aiden.

The English teacher looked over at Maria and saw Aiden.

“Oh, you are already here Mr. Heavens.” The English Teacher said.

“I am Ms.Ruth, your English Teacher for the rest of the Semester. Would you mind introducing yourself to the class?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

Aiden then stood up.

“Good Morning class, my name is Angeal Heavens.” Aiden said and then just stood there.

“Do you have any favourite books, or hobbies?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“My favourite books? Hmm I suppose that would have to be the Scrolls of the Heavenly Bodies written by Apollo. He has quite the way with words.” Aiden said in response.

“I’ve never heard of that book. It would be a joy if you could bring that in.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden.

“I’ll ask him if he could hand me a copy.” Aiden responded.

“Oh you know the Author personally?” Ms.Ruth asked.

“Yes, he works alongside my ‘Mother’.” Aiden said.

“Aiden you don’t have to keep going.” Maria said to Aiden trying to pull him down to his seat.

“That is interesting. Yes please do that I would be interested to read it.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden. “You can take a seat now.” 

Aiden then sat back down.

“What was all of that about, you could have said a simple book like…” Maria was trying to think of a name for a book. “Well, anything else.” 

“Was there a problem. She asked me a question and I answered it.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, now you could have given the entire class a new reading assignment!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Ms.Ruth wouldn’t do that. I’ll just bring her a copy and that;’’ be the end of that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure.” Maria said, sitting against the back of her chair.

Ms.Ruth then went around handing out a pop quiz on the reading.

She placed the paper on Maria’s desk.

“Whaa?! A pop quiz?” Maria said.

“Did you do the reading, Mr.Heavens?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“It’s okay, I’ll do fine.” Aiden responded.

Ms.Ruth then placed the test on Aiden’s desk.

Maria laid her head on top of the desk with dread.

“Okay, you all have 15 minutes to finish the desk. Bring it up to my desk when you are done.” Ms.Ruth said as she then sat down and started to read another book.

The entire class flipped over the quiz and began answering the questions.

“Question 1, ‘Who is chosen to play the lion in the craftsmen’s play?’” Maria read. “I have no idea…” Maria slammed her head on the quiz then looked over at Aiden seeing him answering the questions.

“‘What part of her appearance does Hermia believe Helena has exploited to win Lysander’s love?’ well that obviously her height.” Aiden thought to himself as he answered the questions.

“Hey Aiden, are you just guessing?” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“No, I read the book.” Aiden responded.

“When did you do that, you were with me all Spring Break.” Maria whispered.

“I read it when Ms.Ruth said she hoped we did the reading over Spring Break.” Aiden responded. And then he finished the quiz.

“Hey let me see your answers.” Maria said, trying to look over.

“That doesn’t seem to be allowed. This is to test your knowledge.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, you’re my best friend, you can’t just let me fail.” Maria said, trying to look at Aiden’s quiz.

Aiden duplicated a copy of his quiz and made it appear on Maria’s desk. Then he got up and handed in his quiz.

“Thanks buddy.” Maria said, whispering loudly to Aiden as he walked up.

Maria then copied the answers.

“Wow Mr.Heavens, you are the first one to hand up the test. Do you enjoy the book?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“I found the abilities that the Fairies used to create the romantic drama in the book to be the most entertaining part of the novel. I would have preferred a more in depth analysis of the Amazon Culture but with the vast array of characters and motivations I understood that going too deeply into their histories would have taken away from the stories main themes and the comedic tones associated with them.” Aiden responded.

“Most students would simply chalk up this book as another of Shakespeare’s plays and find it a bother to read. I am glad that you actually took the time to analyse how you felt about the book.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden.

“Reading is the physical manifestation of the thoughts of the Author, allowing us the readers to peer into the thoughts of someone that has long passed, it’s almost like a time machine.” Aiden said to the Teacher.

 “I am even more interested in this book that you were talking about at the start of class Mr.Heavens. It must be quite the read if you called it your favourite.” Ms.Ruth responded.

“I’ll bring it in tomorrow.” Aiden responded.

“What is it that your mother does? That causes her to interact with authors?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“She ensures the health of children and punishes those that cause issues in relationships.” Aiden said to Ms.Ruth.

“So she is a social worker?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“No, she is a goddess.” Aiden responded.

“Aww, so cute that you think of your mom as a goddess.” Ms.Ruth responded. “Okay take your seat Mr.Heavens.”

Aiden then walked back to his seat.

“Thanks for distracting her Aiden.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I wasn’t distracting her, she was just talking.” Aiden responded.

Maria continued to copy the answers. When the teacher looked up to check the students each time her gaze almost saw Maria cheating her attention was pulled over to Aiden who was sitting at his desk drawing the picture Maria asked for.

The other students started bringing up their quizzes.

Aiden looked over at Maria.

He noticed that she had finished copying but wasn’t bringing up the quiz.

After the amount of students who were bringing up the quizzes had decreased Maria then got up to turn hers in. She then came back and sat down.

“Why’d you wait so long to turn your quiz in?” Aiden asked her.

“Because it would be weird if I turned it in early. It would be obvious that I cheated.” Maria said.

“You must be experienced in this cheating technique then.” Aiden responded.

“Don’t put it like that, you make me sound like a bad student.” Maria said laughing.

Eventually the normal class had started and Maria and Aiden continued to draw throughout the class.

Maria then grabbed Aiden’s paper.

“Incredible! How are you so good at drawing! It looks like a real dragon!” Maria said, looking at Aiden’s art.

“How can it look like a real dragon if real dragons don’t exist?” Aiden said to Maria.

“You know what I mean, it looks like a real image. Like someone took a black and white picture.” Maria responded.

Maria handed Aiden another piece of blank paper.

“Here, now draw me!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, I can do that.” Aiden said as he began to draw Maria.

“Open up your vocabulary books to  today’s word list.” Ms.Ruth said as the class continued on until it was lunch time.

Aiden and Maria left the classroom heading towards the cafeteria.

“Where are we going now?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s time to eat lunch!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Are you planning to grab lunch at school?” Aiden noticed that Maria wasn’t carrying a bag of food with her.

“Nope.” Maria said as she jumped in front of Aiden. “How about you take me somewhere to grab lunch, then we can eat it at school.” Maria said.

“Take you somewhere? Any place you have in mind? Somewhere is a rather vague term.” Aiden said to Maria.

“How about you take me to ‘Regards’ to get a Philly Cheese Steak!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay, where’s that?” Aiden asked her.

“It’s in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania obviously.” Maria said to Aiden.

“How is that obvious?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Come on, I know you can do it, we will be there and back before anyone notices.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You do know that Philadelphia is all the way on the other side of the country. Flying at a safe travel speed for you will still take us about an hour to get there. The next bell is in 40 Minutes.” Aiden said.

“An hour, we can’t fly any faster?” Maria said, saddened.

“I can fly faster, but for you, your skin would come right off at that speed.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay.” Maria said with a sad tone.

Aiden looked down at her being sad. “Fine.” Aiden created a glass ball for Maria. “Hope in there and I’ll drag you along. I will accelerate slowly but eventually we will be traveling many times the speed of sound. We should be able to get there and back in 30 minutes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Incredible! I knew you would come up with something!” Maria said, running towards the ball.

“Did you though?” Aiden said as he then lifted it into the air and they took off towards the restaurant.

In the cafeteria the table that Maria usually sits alone at remained empty. The other students looked at it.

“Did that girl finally decide to stop coming to lunch? We must have made her feel pretty bad about ditching her at the playground.” Ashley said, looking at the table.

“Are you feeling bad about it?” Vanessa asked Ashley.

“No, I’m just guessing. I would never feel bad for that tomboy.” Ashley said as she ate her salad.

Maria and Aiden both came into the cafeteria and sat at the table. Maria was talking to him with a huge smile on her face.

“Speak of the devil right?” Sarah said.

“Who’s that guy she’s with, he can’t be a student right?” Ashley said.

“I heard some other students talk about a new student who came today, that must be the guy.” Sarah said to the two.

“Why is he friends with her? He must not know what kind of girl she is.” Ashley said.

“I’m sure he would stop being friends with her once she starts digging around in dirt, or work herself sweaty, there’s no need for us to ruin her temporary friendship.” Vanessa said.

“Yeah you’re right, she can ruin it herself.” Ashley said as they all continued to eat.

Maria was eating dropping pieces of food on the wrapping the cheesesteak came in.

“This is so good Aiden, you should try it.” Maria said, trying to get Aiden to take a bite.

“I would prefer not to.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria looked at the cheesesteak. “Is it because I bit it?” Maria asked with her mouth full.

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t eat food.” Aiden responded.

“Oh yea, I guess every time it was meal time you just sat upstairs in my room.” Maria said. “So how do you even stay alive?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Since I am a Heavenly Being I can’t die, so having to maintain living is not something I need to do.” Aiden responded.

“But you could eat if you wanted to.” Maria asked.

“Sure, I could eat if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, it’s delicious!” Maria said, trying to bring the cheesesteak to his mouth.

“See look, she’s already about to ruin it.” Vanessa said, as they looked at Maria.

Aiden then took a bite from it.

“They seem pretty close though…” Ashley thought to herself.

“So what did you think!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It makes me want to vomit.” Aiden responded as he vaporized it from his body.

“Your tastebuds must be busted.” Maria said to Aiden as she continued eating. “Crap we forgot to get drinks!” Maria said, noticing she had nothing to wash down the steak with.

“What do you want?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just some Orange Soda.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up to grab a soda from the vending machines. Then he sat right back down next to Maria.

Maria looked at Aiden with confusion.

“Why didn’t you just create it?” Maria asked.

“Because everyone in this cafeteria is looking at us.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then looked around and saw the many eyes of the room. She then gave them a big smile. The other students then turned back around to mind their own business.

“I super don’t care about what they think anymore.” Maria said as she then gulped down a large portion of the soda.

“I’m glad to see that.” Aiden said to Maria.

The rest of the school day continued on. Aiden introduced himself to the other classmates as they went through History Class after lunch, followed by Psychology and Algebra.

The Last bell rang.

“Finally Monday is over, we can finally go back home!” Maria said.

“That was it?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Was that it?! That was almost torture, luckily you were there to keep me distracted because if you were I could have died!” Maria said, walking into the pickup area.

“So we are just heading back home? The other students seem like they are going to more classes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because they are like in clubs, sports and junk.” Maria responded.

“Why aren’t you in any?” Aiden asked.

“My grades are too low. And besides, I don’t want to be in a club anyways.” Maria responded. “I’ll meet you back at my house then? Unless you want to hover over the car.”

“I’ll go to the Heavenly Realm to get that book for Ms.Ruth.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You’re actually getting the book, I thought you made it up just to get the question over with.” Maria said.

“No, it’s a real book, and since I said I’ll give it to her then I better get to that.” Aiden said as he was about to walk through the gateway.

“Can I go to the Heavenly Realm?” Maria asked.

“Someday maybe? But not now.” Aiden said.

“Then someday I will go!” Maria said with a smile. She then ran off to go to her mom’s car.

“Why did I say that?” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden walked around in the Heavenly Realm and looked for Apollo in the District of Hellen.

“How’d school go Aiden?” Hera asked him.

“It went fine, it was quite easy to say the least.” Aiden responded to Hera. “Is Apollo close by? I want to ask if I could allow a Human to read his book.” Aiden said to Hera.

“Already sharing the knowledge of the gods to the Humans, this is definitely a new regime in the heavenly realm. He should be in the garden shooting apples or something.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Thank you.” Aiden said to Hera. He then went in that direction.

“He found Apollo sitting under a tree reciting poetry.

“Apollo.” Aiden said standing in front of him.

“Aiden, the son of the Almighty, what do I owe the honour?” Apollo said to Aiden.

“May I allow a book of yours to be read by a mortal woman?” Aiden asked Apollo.

“A mortal woman? Are you trying to woo her with the arts of the gods Aiden? I didn’t know that you were that kind of fellow.” Apollo responded to Aiden.

“It’s your Scrolls on the Heavenly Bodies. I said it was one of my favourite books and offered to let her read it. It’s for a teacher of mine.” Aiden said to Apollo.

“One of your favourites? You compliment me with that statement. Of course you can allow this mortal to read my writings. But beware, she may not be the same after reading such a heavenly script.” Apollo said, handing Aiden a signed copy. “This one is for your personal collection Aiden. You can lend it to her.”

“Thank you Apollo. I will now be out of your way.” Aiden said as he opened a gateway back to Earth.

“Such Power those beings have. To be able to freely travel to and fro between Realms.” Apollo said as he continued to recite.

Aiden emerged at the home of Maria.

“Now go and start on your homework ladies before you even think about going outside!” Maria’s mom said to both Allison and Maria.

Aiden was standing in Maria’s room back in his usual attire.

Maria bursted into her room. “Ha, I knew you would already be here!” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“It was not a hard thing to surmise.” Aiden responded.

“Stop using words I don’t know.” Maria said, kicking off her clothes.

“So are we going to get started with our homework like your mom asked?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ll just say I did it at school, then we can go have some fun outside.” Maria said, putting on her outdoor outfit.

“I think you should at least try to do a bit of it before going outside, the principal said that you were nearly failing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“But I’m not failing, so it’s all good.” Maria responded.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria was nearly out of her room’s door. She then stopped.

“Ah, sheesh. Okay I’ll do a little of my homework.” Maria said as she opened up her backpack and pulled out the Physics Homework.

She laid on the carpet and Aiden sat next to her pulling out his homework too.

Maria got to the first question and had no clue of the answer.

“Okay, I tried. Let’s go outside.” Maria said as she got up and went out the door.

“Well at least she attempted.” Aiden thought as he followed Maria outside.

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