Angel Misery: Chapter Five

It’s your Birthday Maria!

Maria gets up early in the morning. She looks around and doesn’t see Aiden in the room.

“Hey, where’d you go?” Maria says looking around her room.

She looks out her window and sees Aiden standing next to the tree they usually fly from. 

She hops up. “No way!” Maria screams as she rushes outside. The commotion wakes up Allison.

Maria runs to Aiden and sees him standing next to a Go Kart.

“No way! No way! No Way!” Maria excitedly says.

“I figured since it’s your birthday that I would create something you’d like.” Aiden says to Maria.

“How’d you know it was my birthday?” Maria says feeling the Kart.

“It’s almost like you’ve forgotten that every other sentence for the past week you said wasn’t about your birthday.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“I am beyond surprised, this is the first time you’ve done something for me without me asking!” Maria said, looking up at Aiden.

“I also have something else planned for you too.” Aiden said to Maria, hinting at something fun later on.

“Well you can’t hint at something like that without telling me!” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’s worth the wait, don’t worry.” Aiden responded.

Maria’s new Go Kart was Green with black trims. It had a black seat and very powerful looking wheels. On the seat was written “Maria ‘The General’ Li”.

“This is perfect! How about we take it for a quick drive?!” Maria asked Aiden.

“You don’t know how to drive do you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ve played a ton of Go Kart games, besides why would you give it to me if you didn’t want me to drive it?” Maria asked Aiden with her usual devilish smile.

Allison came outside and Aiden went invisible. Allison saw Maria standing next to a Go Kart holding a Green Helmet.

Allison walked closer and saw Maria’s name on the seat.

“So where’d you get this from?” Allison asked Maria.

“A friend?” Allison looked at Maria with disbelief. “Now why would a friend give you an entire Go Kart?”

“In case you’ve forgotten, today is my Birthday.” Maria said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh yeah, I guess that is correct.” Allison says to Maria as she walks around the vehicle looking closely at it. “So which friend was it?” Allison questions Maria.

“If you must know, I got it from my Best Friend Angeal from school.” Maria said to Allison.

“Angeal? So you have a boyfriend now?” Allison questioned with minor disbelief.

“Angeal? My boyfriend? No way. He’s my best friend.” Maria said, a bit embarrassed.

“Right. So where is he now?” Allison asked, looking around for any sign of a friend.

“He came by early in the morning, dropped off and left.” Maria said with confidence.

“All that in a matter of minutes? Likely story.” Allison said, walking back to the house still looking around.

“Dang, guess I won’t be able to ride around just yet. Allison is going to keep staring at me for a while.” Maria said to the Invisible Aiden.

“Just take it to the backyard for now. You’ll get your chance later.” Aiden said as he helped Maria move the Go Kart making it look as though Maria was pushing it alone.

Maria returned into the House.

“Hey Sport, Happy Birthday!” Maria’s dad said to her as she walked back in. He was in the kitchen getting himself some coffee. “Anywhere you want to go today?” Maria’s dad asked with a big smile on his face.

“Not really, I am okay!” Maria said going back up to her room.

The dad looked disappointed. “Aww she’s usually more excited when I offer to take her out. My little girl must be growing up.” The dad said with a soft tone.

“That’s not it dad, she is busy trying to go to her ‘boyfriend’.” Allison said to her father.

“A ‘boyfriend’, whoa it’s way too early for that. She just started doing better in school, we can’t have some guy messing up her future.” Her dad said as he then went to go to Maria’s room.

“So how about we go out in an hour?” Maria was saying to Aiden.

Her dad then knocked on her door.

“Sport? I’m coming in.” Her dad said as he started opening the door.

Aiden vanished again.

“Yes dad?” Maria said to her father as she was placing stuff into her backpack.

“Oh, what are you packing stuff up for?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I’m going to go for a ride.” Maria responded.

“With… with a friend?” Maria’s dad cautiously asked.

“Yes, with my best friend!” Maria responded with excitement.

“I heard from Allison that you had a ‘boyfriend’.” Maria’s dad asked Maria.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” Maria responded quickly to her father.

“So who is this friend you are going out for a ride with?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Oh… I can’t tell him it’s a boy or else he’s going to freak out… I will say it’s my friend named…” Maria was trying to come up with a story for her father. “I’m going out riding with my friend “Angel’.” Maria said to her Father.

“Angel? As in a girl named Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes, as in a girl named Angel.” Maria said with a forced smile.

“Okay, well. About the boyfriend thing. I know you are a teenager now, but please wait until you are older, at least until you’re 16.” Maria’s dad said.

“Sure thing daddy o.” Maria responded.

“Offer is still open if you want to go and grab some breakfast with your favourite papa.” Maria’s dad said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Jeez, I just want to ride my Go Kart.” Maria thought to herself. “Okay dad! Let’s get some waffles!” Maria said with a smile.

“Birthday Waffles it is!” Maria’s dad said leaving the door open and going downstairs.

“Looks like I have to go out with my dad.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You named me ‘Angel’?” Aiden said with disbelief.

“I was under pressure.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“You could have chosen nearly anything else, like Heather, Kathy, Taylor, but you went for Angel, that’s practically admitting to Allison that Angel is a fake person.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s fine.” Maria smiled. “You wouldn’t happen to be able to transform your body right?” Maria asked with a sneaky look.

“Sure I can… “ Aiden said with hesitation.

“Then this will work out perfectly. Especially for the inevitable Birthday Party I am going to have later. You are going to come as Angel and then all the suspicions that my dad and Allison have will disappear.” Maria said before laughing about her genius plan.

“And as always the heavy lifting of the plan is my job.” Aiden said under his breath.

Maria went downstairs to the car where her dad was waiting to take her for breakfast.

Aiden then went to follow the vehicle before seeing Allison walk to the backyard to investigate Maria’s Go Kart.

Allison gripped the bars of the vehicle.

“This isn’t cheap at all.” Allison said tapping on the metal.

Allison looked at the lettering on the seat. “It’s been stitched on too.” Allison was trying to get a bit of the fabric off but nothing peeled.

“Yep, definitely more than a friend. I’ve seen enough shows to know that a guy would not buy such an expensive gift for no reason.” Allison said quietly, continuing to look at the Go Kart.

Allison looked underneath the vehicle looking for the gas tank.

“What does it run on?” Allison was confused as she continued looking.

“I guess I’ll leave her be.” Aiden then left off.

Aiden went through the house and saw Maria’s mother starting to put up Birthday Decorations.

It was images of video game characters and balloons with her favourite TV show up. It looked like quite the amount of work to do while everyone else was gone.

Aiden saw a bunch of the balloons in the back that needed to be blown up. He inflated them and went off.

Maria’s mom just finished putting up the streamers and was dreading needing to blow up over a few dozen balloons.

She went to the backroom and saw that a good portion of them were filled with air.

Maria’s mom picked them up. “Thank you for helping Allison.” Maria’s mom said. Allison was in her room by this time and was listening to Music on the radio barely hearing her mom.

Aiden met up with Maria and her dad at the Pancake Diner.

“So, how does it feel being a teenager now?” Maria’s dad said with a smile on his face.

Maria thought about it a little with her mouth filled with waffles and syrup on her cheek.

“Not any different I guess.” Maria says with her mouth still full.

“I remember when I turned 13, it was exciting. My father used to tell me that’s when I would start becoming a man.” Maria’s dad laughed to himself.

“Sure dad.” Maria said still with her mouth full.

Aiden sat next to Maria completely invisible still.

“Yeah, becoming a teenager wasn’t all fun and games, that’s when I had to start doing serious jobs like cleaning the gutters and clearing the back shed, washing the driveway.” Maria’s dad continued to talk about what it was like when he became a teenager.

“But that was like a hundred years ago, right. You wouldn’t have me doing that right?” Maria asked her dad.

“Not unless you want to, since I know that you enjoy doing typical ‘boy’ activities. Which is why.” Maria’s dad was saying before he brought out a baseball bat.

“Tada!” Maria’s dad says as he handed her the present. It was still wrapped but it was obvious what it was.

Maria looked at it.

“A baseball bat?” Maria smiled hesitantly.

“Yes, I figured we could hit a few good ones while we were out. Have a father daughter chit chat.” Maria’s dad said, swinging an invisible bat.

“Gee, thanks dad. I love it.” Maria said with a lack of enthusiasm.

“So after you are done eating, let’s head to the park to kill some time before running back home.” Maria’s dad suggested. 

“Can’t wait.” Maria said sarcastically. “All I want to do is drive my Go Kart.” Maria thought to herself.

“A baseball bat? Why would he give her that? Maria doesn’t like ‘ball’ sports.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria ate her fill and slumped in her seat.

“Wow, that was good. Almost reminds me of the waffles in Brussels.” Maria said aloud.

“Waffles from Brussels? When did you have those?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Oh, ahh…” Maria then went into quick thinking. “My friend Angel brought some to me during school. Yeah, that’s what happened.” Maria responded.

“Hey, I have an idea, how about we invite your friend Angel over to your birthd-” Maria’s dad stopped himself from telling Maria about the Surprise Party. “Bring your friend over to have fun with on your birthday.”

“Oh, no. She is way too busy. She wouldn’t come to my birthday haha.” Maria responded.

“Nonsense, let me talk to her mom and then we can go and pick her up. What’s her parent’s number?” Maria’s dad asked, pulling out his flip phone.

“Oh, her parent’s number?” Maria hesitated.

Maria’s dad was ready to press the numbers.

“On second thought, how about we start hitting the baseball dad.” Maria said, getting out of her seat.

“Ah, sure.” Maria’s dad responded by putting away his cell phone.

They both got into the car and her dad started driving to the park.

“I didn’t expect that you’d be so eager to play baseball, I was thinking to myself, ‘what would be the perfect gift for my oldest daughter.’. I knew you didn’t like dolls or makeup, so I couldn’t look in the girl’s aisle.” Maria’s dad kept on talking as Aiden sat next to Maria.

Aiden tapped on Maria’s shoulder to let her know that he was in the car with her.

Maria nudged Aiden. “What took you so long, you could have helped me.” Maria slightly whispered to Aiden.

“Help with what, it was valuable time with your dad.” Aiden responded.

“I want to hurry up and drive the kart.” Maria said a little louder.

“What was that Sport?” Maria’s dad asked her.

“Oh, I said this gift is a work of art.” Maria responded.

“That is correct, I remember when I got my first baseball bat…” Maria’s dad continued to talk and Maria ignored him.

“You should just enjoy the day, afterall your family wants to spend time with you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You think you are being funny Aiden, well guess what.” Maria said with a devilish smile.

“Hey dad.” Maria said with a voice like she just figured out something.

“What is it?” Maria’s dad responded.

“I think I remember Angel’s Parent’s number.” Maria said.

“Oh really, well let me call them right up.” Maria’s dad pulled out his cell phone.

“The number is 555-666-7777.” Maria told her dad.

“You couldn’t remember that?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It just slipped my mind.” Maria responded. “Aiden you had better answer.” Maria whispered to him.

Aiden then rushed over to the heavenly realm and brought Hera out to Earth.

“Wow Aiden, what’s the urgency?” Hera said as she was now in the middle of a residential area.

They both then heard a ringing. Then answered it.

“This is the mortal girl’s father. Say that I am busy or something.” Aiden requested of Hera.

“Hello, Hera Queen of the Hellen Region of the Gods speaking.” Hera answered.

“Hello, this is Maria’s dad, one of Angel’s friends.” Maria’s dad said.

“Well hello there, what do I owe for the purpose of this conversation?” Hera responded.

“We wanted to see if Angel would like to play some baseball with us at the park today.” Maria’s dad asked.

Aiden was shaking his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Angeal- I mean Angel is working on her summer assignment.” Hera said.

Aiden nodded his head with satisfaction.

“That’s too bad, because today is Maria’s Birthday and it would mean the world if her friend could be there.” Maria’s dad responded.

“It’s your daughter’s birthday, well isn’t that something to be celebrated. Of course Angel could be there with her.” Hera said, delighted.

Aiden was shocked.

“We will be at the park in Redwood, do you want me to pick her up, or are you dropping her off.” Maria’s dad asked.

“She will meet you all there.” Hera said.

“Sounds good, thankyou!” Maria’s dad responded.

“Take care now, bye bye.” Hera concluded her call with Maria’s dad.

“What was that, Hera?” Aiden said to her with bewilderment.

“At first I was on board with this plan of yours, but then he said it was her birthday. You know mortals only get like a hundred of those before they die.” Hera responded.

“Sure, I guess.” Aiden responded. “Well I’ll take you back to the Heavenly Realm then.” Aiden said as he opened up a route back.

“If you don’t mind, could you drop me off at the Zoo of Olympus. I wish to gaze upon the Peacock.” Hera said as Aiden changed the destination.

“There you are.” Aiden said, letting Hera walk back into the Heavenly Realm. 

Aiden changed himself to look like a little girl from one of the tween TV shows that Allison would watch.

“That should do it for appearance.” Aiden said as he flew over to the park.

Maria and her dad arrived at the park and her dad pulled out a bag of baseballs and 2 baseball gloves.

Maria dragged her baseball bat along the ground.

“Is it too heavy for you Maria?” Maria’s dad asked following behind her.

“No it’s good, I’m just roughing it up so I can hit the ball better.” Maria responded.

They both got to the baseball field.

Maria’s dad pitched to her. “Here it comes, Sport!” He called out, tossing it underhand.

Maria hit the ball resulting in a grounder.

“Nice hit.” Maria’s  dad said. He then tossed another.

“Okay, here I come.” Aiden said as he approached from behind the trees.

Maria hit another ball and sent it high into the skies.

The ball landed next to Aiden.

Maria looked over, squinting her eyes. “Is that Alexis Texas?”. Maria thought to herself.

Maria’s dad turned around seeing that Maria was looking at someone.

“Are you Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes, I am.” Aiden responded.

Maria rolled her eyes, unbelieving that Aiden made himself look like a well known celebrity.

“Well then come on over and grab a glove. We were just warming up!” Maria’s dad called out.

Aiden ran over to Maria.

“Why did you pick such a famous person to look like!” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“I just chose to look like a common looking girl. I see this girl’s face everywhere so most girls must look like her.” Aiden said to Maria.

“The reason you see her everywhere is because she is super famous.” Maria smacked her own face. “Well at least change your hair colour, make it grey like your normal look.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden made his hair grey.

“Did you want a turn at bat, Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“No, I’ll start by catching first.” Aiden said going to the out field.

“Here comes another one, Sport.” Maria’s dad tossed a ball to Maria.

Maria hit the ball and sent it flying. Aiden then ran towards the ball and caught it.

“Wow you are athletic, didn’t expect you had that speed Angel.” Maria’s dad said to Aiden.

“Yea Angel, didn’t expect that you would run like you were in the Olympics!” Maria called out.

“I’ll slow it down a bit!” Aiden called out with a hint of laughter.

Maria continued to hit balls and Aiden would miss some on purpose. They hit balls back and forth for about an hour.

“Okay, I think it’s time for us to head back.” Maria’s dad said with a bit of sweat on him trying to keep up with the two athletic girls.

Maria’s dad grabbed the baseball bat, the ball bag and the gloves and headed to the car.

“So Aiden, are you going to stay like this from now on.” Maria poked Aiden’s cheek.

“Of course not, this limits my abilities and visibility much too severely.” Aiden responded.

“But look, I can poke your cheek whenever I want.” Maria continued to poke with her teasing smile.

Maria’s dad looked back proud that Maria has such a close friend.

“It must be some kind of miracle that Maria actually made a friend with a girl her age, and not even a boyish looking girl either.” Maria’s dad was thinking. “Wait… could they be attracted to each other… no it’s way too early for that.” Maria’s dad’s face kept on changing from happy to concerned repeatedly along the walk back.

“So it’s almost time for me to ride the Kart around!” Maria said to Aiden.

“No, your mom was setting up decorations back at the house. So I guess the celebrations are going to continue.” Aiden responded.

“Sheesh, a surprise party. What am I, nine?” Maria said with disappointment.

“A surprise party?” Aiden asked.

“It’s a kind of party where people set up the party without you knowing, then when you step through the door they yell ‘surprise!’. It’s a whole thing.” Maria responded.

“Then I guess I ruined it by telling you.” Aiden said.

“I will act like I am surprised because that’s what adults like. I pretty much would have guessed anyway.” Maria said as they both sat in the car and Maria’s dad placed the equipment in the trunk.

Maria’s dad then began to drive. Maria and Aiden continued to talk to each other in the back seat.

“So girls, how’d you two become friends?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I was in the playground and one of her books hit me, from there we just started talking.” Maria said to her dad.

“Wow, that was rather honest of you.” Aiden thought to himself.

“A book? You must really like reading if you had a book at the playground.” Maria’s dad joked with Aiden.

 “Yes, it’s one of my favourite things to do.” Aiden responded.

“Angel is also really good at singing.” Maria said to her dad.

“Oh is that right? I would be happy to hear you sing later.” Maria’s dad responded.

“What on Earth was that?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’m just kidding with you.” Maria laughed at Aiden.

“So what school do you go to Angel? Do you go to the same Middle School as Maria?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes she does, she is the top student!” Maria said.

“The top student, I thought that was some kid named Angeal, maybe I got it wrong.” Maria’s dad responded.

“Oh no, you are right, it was Angeal. He’s smart too. Angel was in the top 10, but not the top 5.” Maria corrected her statement.

“Aw that’s too bad, Maria was in the top 5, you two should study together come the next school year.” Maria’s dad said.

“Yes, she can definitely learn a thing or two from my good study habits.” Maria  said jokingly.

They all eventually got to the house.

“Here we are. Make yourself at home Angel.” Maria’s dad said as they both left the car.

Maria went to open the door.

“Surprise!” Maria’s Mom, her dad and Allison yelled.

Balloons lined the floor and decorations were put all around the house.

“Wow, I’m so surprised!” Maria acted as if she was surprised.

Maria’s mom brought out the cake. Her dad lit up the candles reading “13”.

“Okay let’s sing.” Maria’s dad said as they started singing.

Allison seemed extremely unamused but she did it anyway.

Maria nudged Aiden to also sing.

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Maria! Happy Birthday to you!” Everyone sang.

“Okay, make a wish sweetie.” Maria’s mom said.

“Hmm, I actually don’t know what to wish for. Ever since Aiden came into my life things have been getting better. Maybe I will just wish this would continue.” Maria thought to herself before blowing out the candles.

The family clapped their hands and turned on the lights.

“So what did you wish for?” Allison asked Maria.

“If I tell you it won’t come true.” Maria said.

“I bet you wished for another Go Kart like the one in the backyard.” Allison said.

“There’s a Go Kart in the back?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yeah, Maria said she got it from her friend Angeal.” Allison told her dad.

“Oh Angel, you already bought a gift for Maria?” Maria’s dad said.

“She sure did.” Maria wrapped one arm around Aiden’s shoulder.

“No, I said Angeal, not Angel.” Allison said to her dad.

“I made the same mistake too, Sugar Bear. Angel and Angeal sound very similar.” Maria’s dad said to Allison.

“No, I am not mistaken.” Allison was trying to tell her dad.

“That’s right Maria’s dad. I did get Maria a Go Kart for her birthday. Had it delivered her and everything today.” Aiden responded.

“Aw, such a sweet girl.” Maria’s mom said.

Allison looked at Aiden.

“Wait, haven’t I seen you somewhere?” Allison asked Aiden.

“No you haven’t Allison, I know she looks like Alexis Texas, but they are different people. Look, Angel’s hair colour is silver and Alexis Texas hair is Brunette.” Maria said to Allison.

“When I first saw Angel I thought her hair was Brunette too, but it was just the sun.” Maria’s dad said.

“Come on, let’s eat some cake and icecream before it melts.” Maria’s mom said.

Allison, Maria and Aiden were all sitting around the table. Maria’s parents were talking to one another.

“So Angel, where’d you get the Go Kart from, it looked really expensive.” Allison asked Aiden.

“I made it myself, with some help.” Aiden responded to Allison.

“Made it yourself? Your family must be pretty wealthy to be able to freely work with materials like that.” Allison said.

“I can say that we don’t have to worry about money if that’s what you are asking.” Aiden responded.

“So are you sure you are not a Celebrity? Because that sounds like you are and you already look like Alexis Texas.” Allison asked.

“I don’t think so, a lot of people know me from where I’m from, but not around here.” Aiden responded to Allison.

Allison then went upstairs to grab a magazine.

“See Aiden, because you chose to look like the most recognizable person on Earth, Allison now thinks that you are her.” Maria said to Aiden.

“All you had to do was not create a person named Angel.” Aiden responded.

“There would have been zero issues if you didn’t look like that!” Maria pointed at Aiden.

Allison came down with the magazine.

“See, you two look like twins. Same nose, mouth, eyes, face structure.” Allison then patted Aiden’s chest. “Same chest size too.” 

“We got presents for you!” Maria’s dad said as both the parents brought out a total of 4 gifts.

Maria then opened the first one from her mom.

“A fighting game! This is awesome!” Maria said excitedly about the gift.

“Don’t play it too much during the school year, but for now you can enjoy it over the Summer.” Maria’s mom said.

Maria nodded her head.

“My turn.” Maria’s dad handed Maria another gift. She opened it up.

“Oh, it’s a remote control car.” Maria was surprised because it was a gift she actually liked from her dad.

Maria gave her dad a thumbs up.

Maria’s mom handed the gift to Allison to hand it to Maria.

Maria opened the gift from Allison. It was a makeup kit.

“Ah… why’d you give me this?” Maria asked Allison.

“It’s so you could look nice for your boyfriend that I know you have.” Allison said with a bored expression.

“Sure you do. Guess I will save it.” Maria joked with Allison.

“And the final gift is from your grandparent!” Maria’s dad said handing Maria the gift.

Maria opened it and it was a red dragon made of porcelain. 

“Oh this is cool.” Maria looked at the treasure.

“They want you to place it in your room to protect you from evil spirits during your teenage years.” Maria’s dad said.

Maria then waved it in Aiden’s direction.

“You’re in the clear now Angel.” Maria joked.

“Thankyou for the gifts, they are all so good.” Maria said, hugging her parents.

“Okay, well let’s eat up, then clean up.” Maria’s mom said to the girls.

“Do you want me to call your mom, Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“No, it’s fine. She gave me something to let her know when it’s time to go.” Aiden said to Maria’s dad.

“Perfect.” Maria’s dad gestured an ‘OK’ sign. “Now time to check out this Go Kart in the back.” Maria’s dad said heading to the back door.

Maria looked at all of her stuff. Sitting quietly.

“Are you happy?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy. These are all pretty good gifts.” Maria said. “Except for the makeup of course.” Maria laughed.

“So what was your wish?” Aiden asked.

“I can’t tell you, or else it won’t come true.” Maria said to Aiden.

“The purpose of that practice is to get your desire to be heard by the heavens right? So why not just say it directly to them.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria stood up with her finger on her lip to keep it silent. “Nah hah. You’re not going to have me tell you.” Maria said with a cute smile. “Though it is still such a shame that I didn’t get to drive my Go Kart yet.” Maria said.

Aiden then grabbed Maria’s hand. “Come on, since we can get away with it right now.” Aiden and Maria went out the door together.

“Make sure you come back before dinner!” Maria’s mom said as the two girls went out.

Maria’s dad came back inside the house. “That is one fancy machine she got back there. It might even have more power than my car.” Maria’s dad said.

Aiden grabbed the Go Kart and brought Maria, and the vehicle to a dried lake bed. Aiden created a course for Maria to ride within.

He placed the vehicle on the ground.

“Okay, now you can drive it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Really? I can drive anywhere here?” Maria asked.

“I made it for you, so of course you can. Though I would prefer you learn how to drive first, but of course that’s not the kind of person you are.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria jumped into the Go Kart.

“This is freaking amazing!” Maria yelled out. She turned on the vehicle and started pressing the pedals. First it jolted her forward but soon she was able to get a feel for it. “Now what will you do if I crash?” 

“Same thing I always do, make sure you don’t get hurt.” Aiden replied with a smile.

Maria then put the pedal to the metal and took off at full speed in the Go Kart. She yelled with excitement.

Aiden followed above her so that she could enjoy her birthday with no fear. “Hope you enjoy today. After all, it is your birthday Maria.” Aiden thought to himself.

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