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Angel Misery: Episode Seven

We are going to the Olympics!

Maria, her Parents, Allison and Aiden, who was of course not visible, all sat on the living room couch to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

“Why are we watching this dear?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I got a message yesterday from one of my coworkers who said the Opening Ceremony was a sight to see. So I wanted to get us all to experience it.” Maria’s dad responded.

Maria looked on the TV watching the cameras fly over the Bird’s Nest stadium.

“There sure are a lot of people there.” Maria said. The TV showed a dark arena. Then the music began to play.

“Didn’t know music was a big part of the Olympics.” Allison said, watching the conductor wearing his white attire.

“This is the Opening Ceremony, they are going to put on a display for everyone present.” Maria’s dad responded.

The music then stopped playing. 

“Was that it?” Maria asked.

It stayed quiet for about a minute. Then fireworks began to shoot off from the side of the arena. Then these cubes began to light up.

“I guess that’s cool.” Maria thought to herself. Then it was revealed that the cubes were actually drums and each pixel was a person.

Then the countdown began going from 60.

“This is quite the opener.” Aiden thought to himself seeing what mass human cooperation looked like when it was for a peaceful performance.

When it hit zero the entire stadium lit up with fireworks shooting from the top. Maria gained a giant smile on her face from seeing the amount of explosions present.

After the fireworks and the drummers were done there were people flying through the air. With the Olympic symbol underneath them.

“So now they have a giant screen on the ground?” Maria thought as she continued watching. Then the screen started to come up from the ground where it was shown that it was never a TV at all but instead tiny bits of light connected by string.

The Olympic symbol looked like it was floating mid air in the middle of the stadium.

A little girl started singing who looked like Allison if she was several years younger. A bunch of children who were wearing different kinds of clothing walked through the arena with the Giant Flag.

“Hey Allison, look. It’s you.” Maria said to Allison as the little girl was singing.

Allison looked at Maria who had her mouth covered trying to hide her teasing smile.

“She doesn’t look like me.” Allison said, taking out her pigtails.

“Don’t make fun of your sister, Maria.” Maria’s mom said putting the pigtails back into Allison’s hair.

“I didn’t make fun of her, I just said she looked like the little girl who was singing.” Maria said, turning back to watch the TV.

A scroll was being created on a screen at the stadium. There was someone who was crushing ink so that they could draw an image. 

Maria pointed at the scroll then looked at where Aiden would be if he was visible.

Allison noticed Maria looking up at nothing.

Aiden tapped Maria’s shoulder to tell her that he noticed.

People then started dancing on the scroll and writing on it. This took everyone in the room by surprise.

After the painting was done the page was lifted into the air just like the Olympic symbol was earlier. Then a great number of people began marching into the area. They each wore clothing similar to the game that Maria plays in her free time.

The group of people were around where the scroll was when it began to separate. In the center were Chinese Characters. Then the characters began to move like it was water.

“Now that’s cool.” Maria said, watching closely. 

The people around were chanting and the blocks continued to move like water forming different characters. It all looked so mesmerizing to Maria.

The blocks then turned pink with flowers. Then the characters flipped up and it was revealed it was all being controlled by people inside of each individual block.

“Incredible!” Maria’s father said watching the people waving. Him being a technical person believed that it was all being controlled by a robot. “There is no way anything can top that performance.” Maria’s dad said, sitting back down.

A throne appeared on TV. There were people playing with puppets.

The drawing eventually came back showing a beautiful woman wearing green. She was dancing on top of it. It looked like it was being carried by many people.

“That is a nice shade of green.” Maria said, looking at what they were wearing.

“Your favourite color is green right? Do you want an outfit like that, Sweetie?” Maria’s mom asked her.

“No, no.” Maria said quickly. “I just think the colour looks nice. I don’t want an outfit like that!” Maria said, waving her hands trying to make a point that she really didn’t want the outfit.

A bunch of people wearing blue came out holding pieces of an image that formed a ship.

“This is a lot.” Maria’s dad said watching on. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It seemed like there were a million people involved in the performance.

Following them individuals wearing Beijing Opera makeup came into focus and gentle music began playing after the roaring war sounds had ended. They began singing in a high pitch.

“Is that what they are supposed to sound like?” Maria asked.

“My Grandmother was a fan of this kind of performance. That’s how it’s supposed to look. I’m sure of it.” Maria’s dad said.

Many people appeared again. All of them dressed in various dynastic period women’s attire. Giant Red pillars came from the floor and each had a guy on top of them holding an instrument. Then the fireworks exploded again.

Maria watched the TV then it became dark.

“I guess it’s finished now. That was pretty awesome!” Maria said.

“That was. I didn’t expect there to be so much.” Maria’s dad responded.

Then another performance started.

“It’s not over yet.” Maria’s mom said as she was focused on the screen. A Father daughter pair were on the piano wearing blue. “Aww, Hun. Look, that’s so cute.” Maria’s mom said to Maria’s dad. As the pair reminded her of when Maria and her dad were younger.

He had a melancholic look on his face. “If only they were so young still.” Maria’s dad looked at both of his daughters watching the TV. 

“There you are Maria.” Allison said to Maria pointing at the little girl on the piano.

People wearing lights surrounded the pair playing piano and moved synchronized with each other. Eventually they all moved from atop the scroll and circled the pair on the piano. They created a dove with their bodies and it waved off and on.

The scroll was showing images of what looked to be the modern day. The images were of children and elders all with smiles on their faces.

The scroll eventually disappeared and the people wearing the light dispersed from one another. Away from the pair on the piano. It then went dark again but with no fireworks this time. Except there was a martial artist who appeared in the center looking as though they were performing magic.

“Well that’s weird.” Allison said as the screen showed a bunch of elementary school children sitting in the middle of the arena seemingly answering questions for their teacher. The students continued to sit there despite being surrounded by what looked like 10 Thousand martial artists.

The image and the scroll returned and the children were now painting it.

“The kids are boring, but the fighters are super cool!” Maria said watching the martial artist kick and twist.

The kids and the martial artist cheered as they left the area. The picture that was created during the performance was lifted into the air and went out with them. Then astronauts descended onto the center of the arena. 

“What is even happening?” Aiden thought to himself as the astronauts went back into the air and the stage opened up revealing a blue ball with people on it. The people on the ball were running and flipping along it’s exterior.

Then the final event started with two singers. One was a male and the other female. Both had extremely gentle voices. The arena’s screens matched the feeling of the music.

During the song the arena lit up revealing many people holding umbrellas with the faces of children from all around the world. The fireworks then shot all around the city.

People wearing different attires then began to dance, seemingly as a cultural celebration of the nation. The dancing wasn’t organized, it just looked as though they were having fun.

The athletes then began marching and waving their hands.

“Well what did you girls think?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It looked like it took a lot of effort, is that how it always is?” Allison asked her dad.

“Ah, no, this is the first time I’ve seen such a massive performance, especially for the olympics. Now the Superbowl does get pretty close.” Maria’s dad laughed.

“I thought it was awesome! I want to go there! There were so many fireworks and people, and music!” Maria said excitedly to her dad.

“You want to be in the Olympics or you want to be one of those performers?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I just want to be there!” Maria responded.

“To China? That’s way too far away, by the time we get there the Olympics will be long over.” Maria’s dad responded.

“Aw boo, so the Olympics is the only time that happens? It’s not like that all the time there?” Maria asked.

“That’s correct, imagine performing like that everyday. Takes a lot of money and the GDP-” He then stopped himself. “It’s just a celebration, so this will probably be the only time we get to see something like that.” Maria’s dad finished.

The Athletes were waving their hands as they walked. They were all from different countries.

“Glad I got to see that, I will start getting lunch ready.” Maria’s mom said as she got up from the couch.

Maria’s dad continued to sit and watch the athletes. Allison continued to watch the TV too. Though because the performance was done she was rather bored.

Maria ran up to her room.

Aiden was upstairs waiting for her.

Maria had an enormous smile on her face. She then began to talk but Aiden interrupted her.

“I already know what you are about to ask, and the answer is not yet. It is 2am over there.” Aiden told Maria.

“2am? It’s morning there? Then is the Olympics over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, I’m pretty sure it will last at least a week.” Aiden said to Maria.

“A week? So we can go there and watch some more, right?” Maria asked Aiden.

“We can but it’s pretty far away. To get you there safely, would take about 3 Hours.” Aiden said to Maria.

“3 Hours, so that means it’ll take 6 Hours just to get there and back, which means that I won’t get to go there at all since mom always wants me back for lunch and dinner.” Maria said to Aiden while she was thinking. Her face was becoming upset.

“How about you say that you are staying over Angel’s house?” Aiden suggested.

Maria was surprised. “Are you willing to become ‘Angel’ just so I get to travel to watch the Olympics?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, that’s feasibly the only way you can go there without getting in trouble.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You just keep going up in the best friend meter, Aiden!” Maria said with excitement.

“So after lunch we can go outside, then you can return and say that you were invited to a sleepover by Angel.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You are about to earn yourself a promotion Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden with her thumb up. “So what happens if my dad decides he wants to drop me off, do you have a house located around here?” Maria asked.

“I am not sure. I will have to ask another of the heavenly beings about it. It’s very likely that they do have a location.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So that means you are going to the Heavenly Realm!?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am going to do when you are eating lunch.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Aww, so I still can’t go with you?” Maria asked.

“No, not this time.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Remember, you said that you will take me there one day!” Maria said to Aiden with her arms crossed.

“I haven’t forgotten.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“As long as you haven’t forgotten.” Maria said as she went downstairs. “I am going to try and hurry up and eat lunch, so that we can get this plan started.” Maria said to Aiden.

Allison and her dad were still watching the athletes march with their flags. The announcer was saying the name of each country and the competitors were waving and taking pictures with their cameras.

Maria sat in the kitchen. “So what are we eating mom?” Maria said, trying to see what her mom was preparing.

“I got a bit inspired from today’s opening ceremony, so I thought I should make some stir fry.” Maria’s mom said.

“Stir fry? That sounds like it’s going to take forever.” Maria said with her head on the table.

“It doesn’t take long at all. You can watch me make it.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria got up from the table and got next to her mom.

“So we have carrots, broccoli, green peppers, yellow peppers, chilli peppers, and potatoes as our plant ingredients. I am using soy sauce, vinegar, duck oil and oyster sauce as the liquids, and chicken as the protein.” Maria’s mom said, showing Maria the ingredients.

“Okay, and how do you make the chicken crispy?” Maria asked, looking around for the flour.

Aiden opened a route to the Heavenly Realm.

He went to see Coeus.

“Ah Aiden, it’s been a while.” Coeus said to Aiden who was approaching him.

“How long has it been for you?” Aiden asked Coeus.

“Since the last time you came, I suppose I’ve been reset a few thousand times. So a few thousand years I suppose.” Coeus said to Aiden.

“A lot sure does happen here.” Aiden said, making small talk with Coeus.

“So what can I do for you?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“Do we have a residence in the area where the school I am currently enrolled in is located.” Aiden asked Coeus.

“A residence, let me check this really quickly. I do need some details. Is it just a location you wish to house other Heavenly Beings or are we talking about a location for mortals.” Coeus asked.

“A location that mortals could see.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, let me check really quickly.” Coeus placed his hand into a scroll. “So the Church in that area has a Property that is meant for the Spirits of the Most High. That is currently our property, though it does seem that there are a few squatters within it.” Coeus told Aiden. “Though there are a few further from the area that are much better kept.” Coeus told Aiden.

“The condition of the Property is of no issue for me. As long as I am not invading the homes of someone else, then it is good. I will deal with the squatters.” Aiden responded.

Coeus handed Aiden the Deed. “This is the paper you will need to abide by their laws. Should I inform Hera and Horus of this new location?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“There’s no need, though they will reside there at some point. I just don’t need them there now since it is only a front.” Aiden told Coeus.

“Understood.” Coeus responded.

Aiden then left out of the heavenly realm with the deed.

“The location of this place isn’t so far off.” Aiden said as he walked in that direction. 

Aiden stood in front of the property. The location looked as though it had been abandoned. It was extremely large and must have been home to a wealthy politician in the past.

Aiden walked into the place. His glow as he walked in immediately made the animals inside leave.

He heard what sounded like a larger animal quickly back up.

“It’s a ghost!” A person who had been living in the location screamed out.

Aiden walked over to the man.

“Don’t be afraid of me. What are you doing here?” Aiden asked the man.

“I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.” The man said to Aiden pleading for his life.

Aiden noticed that the man was excessively skinny and had bruises on his arms.

“Leave this place and go to the Pier, there you will see a man wearing A white hat with a red stripe along the top. They will be wearing brown pants and large black fishing boots. Ask to assist him on his fishing expedition. From there you will be a crew mate. I’ve made it so that you will not experience withdrawal.” Aiden said to the man.

The man immediately got up and ran in the direction of the pier.

“Well that’s done with, let me fix this place up a bit.” Aiden thought to himself. And started reconstructing the building.

Maria was cooking the stir fry with her mom. Her mom was moving the vegetables in the large pan with the potatoes.

“Okay Maria, now pour the chicken in.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria grabbed the plate of chicken and placed the pieces inside. The chicken pieces sizzled from the contact with the oil.

Maria’s mom quickly mixed the chicken in with the vegetables at extremely high heat. She made sure that the chicken was cooked through and immediately added the green peppers and yellow peppers to it.

They heated up just a little and Maria’s mom turned off the heat.

“Maria, place some bowls of rice on the table.” Maria’s mom asked as she went down to fill some bowls with rice.

Lunch was then prepared.

Maria sat at the table and began to eat it while it was warm. Allison then sat down and Maria’s mom joined them.

Maria’s dad was still watching the Olympic Teams walk unto the stadium.

Maria ate her lunch, she was waiting for Aiden to return.

“I’m surprised you were able to watch that entire Opening Ceremony without talking to your invisible friend.” Allison said to Maria.

“Whatever that’s supposed to mean.” Maria responded.

“Though I did notice that you looked behind yourself a few times, what was that about?” Allison asked Maria.

“I heard a noise back there and went to see, that’s it.” Maria responded by eating a bit more rice.

“So you don’t have telepathy communication you do with it?” Allison asked.

“No, I don’t and that is 100% the truth.” Maria responded.

“Okay, then maybe it was just noises then.” Allison said with suspicion.

Aiden then returned and tapped Maria on her back.

Maria then shoved the rest of the rice in her bowl into her mouth.

“Okay mom, I am going outside!” Maria said as she headed to the door.

“You don’t want to watch the rest of this with me?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I’ll catch it some other time. I’m heading to the Park.” Maria said as she went out the door.

“Be back before Dinner.” Maria’s mom said to her. Maria was already out of the door.

“So how did it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It went fine, I was able to get a place and we are pretty much set.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Oh! Can I see how it looks!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, there’s no harm in that, you were going to see it anyways.” Aiden said to Maria as they both went in the direction of the house. It was up a hill past a community that had a gate around it.

“I feel like I’ve been in this area before.” Maria said as her and Aiden continued their walk.

They were in an area that had a large front yard, there was no driveway. Though it did have a stone path which Aiden repaired. The Building was white with a red roof and an open courtyard in the middle of it.

“This place is massive!” Maria said, looking at the tall building.

“I found several old beds inside, it looked like it was abandoned after an incident happened. The Church must have taken it as a historical monument, but eventually forgot about it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So this place could be haunted!” Maria said with a smile on her face.

“Would that even matter?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I guess it wouldn’t, ghosts would never come out to speak to me if you are around.” Maria said to Aiden. “So can we go inside?” Maria asked.

“Yes, the entire thing has been remade including the insides. You can go through it if you’d like.  Maybe there’s something in there that I overlooked.” Aiden said to Maria as she ran across the giant front yard.

Maria stepped in. The ceiling of the foyer was extremely high making Maria feel tiny inside. There was zero furniture but the place was extremely clean. The wooden floors were dust free. Maria felt like she could hear her own heartbeat inside.

“It’s a bit empty…” Maria said standing in the hall. Her echo then returned to her. “Creepy.” She whispered.

“The place had practically collapsed when I first got here, but now I say that it’s a livable location for people.” Aiden said, walking up next to Maria.

“You are going to need furniture here.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why would I need that. No one will be staying here.” Aiden responded.

“Because this will be our HeadQuarters, you can’t make me feel creeped out in my own home base.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Our Headquarters? But your room did just fine for that.” Aiden responded.

“Allison keeps getting more and more suspicious, plus I need more alone time. That’s not going to happen if at any point my dad decides to burst in.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’s not much of an alone time if I am there either.” Aiden added.

“You are super different.” Maria said, pointing up at Aiden. “So what will you do if my dad decides he wants to look inside before he lets me sleep over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Would he?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just saying it’s a possibility, since this place is massive from the outside. Anyone would want to look inside.” Maria said to Aiden as she spread out her arms to accentuate the space.

“So furniture and people?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, and we can also change the colour of the walls to be green with lizards on them.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t think that’ll do, an adult would not paint the living room walls green with lizards. They may find that to be too embarrassing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yeah, this place is supposed to be your parents house, not just our Headquarters. Okay, then let’s find a room to build the HQ in.” Maria said, running through the empty house.

Maria went to survey the house. She found a ball room which was again void of any furniture.

Maria looked around, nodding her head.

“Okay, I think this room will do just fine for our HQ.” Maria looks turning back towards Aiden.

“What should go into an HQ?” Aiden asked Maria. “Should it be the same items that are located in a military base?” Aiden tried to clarify to Maria.

“That would be awesome to have. You mean like one of those big computers that you always see at those space launch things right?” Maria asked Aiden.”

“I was thinking of a giant table in the middle with a TV in the front, but those rooms would be appropriate for an HQ as well.” Aiden responded to Maria.

She then looked around and nodded her head once more.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of having one of those rooms with a giant computer, and a ton of seats each with a computer in front of them. With a glass barrier at the top so I can stand and look at everyone below me at work.” Maria described to Aiden.

“Sounds more like an evil base than a headquarters.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Guess it would be boring if there were no one working on the computers if we have that many.” Maria said quietly to herself.

“So you don’t want that many computers here?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, I didn’t say that. Instead I want golems to be working on the computers all day everyday!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Doing what?” Aiden responded.

“Doing whatever people do on those computers, I don’t know. They could play minesweeper, or something.” Maria responded with no clear direction. “So do you think you can make that?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course I can, like I always say, there’s nothing I can’t create.” Aiden said as he waved his hand and the room became populated with a staircase which opened up to several seats like a movie theatre each with a computer in front of them. 

Aiden then created slender stone golems wearing lab coats to walk to each computer.

“Okay, now it’s looking a bit better, but it’s missing something.” Maria said watching the golems go to their places.

Maria then looked to the front of the room.

“Oh, I know! I need a giant screen in the front of the room that has an image of the Earth just rotating slowly.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because it’s cool.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“I mean, why an image of the Earth, wouldn’t you prefer to have it on a channel you enjoy?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No way, then it wouldn’t be a real HQ.” Maria responded to Aiden.

Aiden then created the giant screen and it had a video feed of the Earth rotating.

“There, now this place is perfect. Let’s go through the rest of the house!” Maria said, running up the newly created stairs and into the next room.

Maria spent most of the afternoon doing this and they returned home.

Maria entered the front door and went to her dad, who at this point was in his study typing a product analysis document.

“Hey dad!” Maria said to her father.

“What’s it Sport?” Maria’s dad responded.

“Angel invited me to have a sleepover at her place for a few days, can I go?” Maria aske with her sweet voice.

“Your friend Angel, the one from your birthday party?” Maria’s dad asked, half focused.

“Yes, that’s her.” Maria responded.

“Sure you can go, just ask your mom too.” Maria’s dad said as he turned his focus back to the computer. “If she says no, then that’s a no from me too, got it.” Maria’s dad said to Maria.

“Thank you dad!” Maria said leaving the room.

Maria went to her mom who was finishing up dinner.

“Mom, can I sleep over Angel’s house for a few days?” Maria asked her mom.

“A few days? I’m not so sure about that. I’ll need to talk to her mom about that.” Maria’s mom said, looking at Maria.

“Her mom said it was okay.” Maria responded.

“I’m sure she did, but I still will need to talk to her mom about it. After dinner I will give her a call.” Maria’s mom said.

Maria then left the kitchen and up to her room.

“Looks like you are going to have to get your mom to talk to my mom before your plan works out.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well that wouldn’t be hard. Once you have permission we will head over the pacific to the games.” Aiden said to Maria.

After dinner Aiden got Hera on the phone with Maria’s mother.

“Hello, you are speaking to Hera, the Queen of the region of Helen in the Heavenly realm.” Hera answered.

This caught Maria’s mom off guard, but she continued.

“Yes, this is Maria’s mother, Angel’s friend’s mom.” Maria’s mom said to Hera.

“Oh yes, the precious birthday girl.” Hera responded.

“My daughter said that you allowed her to stay over your place for a few days for a sleepover, is that right?” Maria’s mom asked.

“Yes, that is perfectly fine.” Hera responded.

“If you could, can you give me the address of where you stay? Maria’s mom asked.

Hera looked at Aiden. “Where is this place?” Hera asked.

“It’s in Forest Hills. 787 Jolten Court” Aiden said to Hera quietly.

“787 Jolten Court in Forest Hills.” Hera responded to Maria’s mom.

Maria’s mom wrote the address on a sticky note. “Forest Hills, that’s a pretty fancy area.” Maria’s mom was surprised at the location. “Okay, let me tell you about some of Maria’s eating habits.” Maria’s mom then started to explain to Hera what Maria’s tastes were like.

“I understand. I am delighted to have her stay over for these next few days. You can call back soon if you have any more worries.” Hera said to Maria’s mom.

“Thank you, it was a pleasure speaking with you.” Maria’s mom replied.

“Same here, take care. Bye bye.” Hera said to Maria’s mom before ending the call.

“So Aiden, what are you two planning to do over the next few days? Is it a Romantic Outing with the girl?” Hera asked Aiden.

“No, we are going to watch the Olympics.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“The Olympics? As in the Olympic Games?” Hera said to Aiden, stunned.

“You know about them?” Aiden asked Hera.

“Know about them? I’m practically the originator with my cheating husband.” Hera said to Aiden. “I can’t believe they have lasted so long. What Year is it here?” Hera asked.

“It’s 316,165,926.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“So they have been going strong for nearly 4000 Years.” Hera was impressed with the mortals’ ability to continue tradition.

“I am pretty sure this is the new version since they called these the 29th Olympic Games.” Aiden said.

“Only 29? Well that’s disappointing. Well then I won’t ask to join you two’s outing.” Hera said to Aiden.

Aiden opened a route for Hera to return.

“If you need anything else I am always free to interact with you.” Hera said, walking into the Heavenly Realm.

The Night had come and Maria was sleeping in her bed excited to travel across the world to experience the festivities.

Then it was the morning. Maria quickly ate breakfast.

“Okay mom, I’m ready to be dropped off!” Maria said to her mom, just barely finish eating.

“Okay, we will go after I clean up.” Maria’s mom responded.

“You seem really excited to hang out at Alexis Texas’ house. What do you plan on doing?” Allison asked Maria.

“Again, her name is Angel, not Alexis Texas. And secondly we are just going to play games and watch movies, nothing too crazy.” Maria responded to Allison.

“I don’t believe that. You are probably trying to get into an episode.” Allison accused Maria.

Aiden had prepared the house to look like it was being lived in.

After some time Maria and her mom were at the front gate of the house. Aiden had reconstructed the stone driveway to be a concrete driveway to allow her mom’s car to drive up to the home.

Aiden came out as Angel and walked up to the car. Maria hopped out of the vehicle.

“If you need anything, call me.” Maria’s mom said to her.

“Okay mom.” Maria said, walking to the front door.

Aiden bowed to Maria’s mom and they both entered the house.

Maria’s mom then drove away.

Maria looked out the window to make sure they were in the clear.

“Okay, looks like it’s time to go!” Maria said with excitement overflowing.

The golems seem disappointed that they didn’t get to perform for Maria’s mom, since she never entered.

Aiden and Maria then went to the front of the yard and Maria went into her clear ball.

“Okay, this is going to take about 3 Hours. If you feel tired I can always land you somewhere. It’s going to get a bit cold outside, so I am going to keep you warm.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Why is it going to get cold?” Maria asked.

“Because we will have to travel North first and then back south, trust me, it’s the fastest way.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, whatever you say then.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria and Aiden then began their journey over the pacific. Along the way Maria asked for a few items to entertain herself with. Got to see how vast the pacific was. Witnessed giant fishing ships in the North. And Shadows of Monsters in the deep as viewed from above.

The two landed just outside the Stadium.

“Whoa! There are so many people here!” Maria said seeing the entire outside of the stadium fully populated by visitors.

Maria then went to enter the stadium then Aiden felt a distortion happen. He saw that Maria was being targeted by an event that would cause her heart to stop.

Aiden jumped in the direction and cancelled it.

Time was seemingly frozen and Aiden looked around for the cause of it.

Another one was aimed at Maria and Aiden went to cancel it again.

Aiden felt a tingling feeling in his hand. It was a sensation all too unknown to him.

A being then showed themselves to Aiden.

“This is interesting, why are you stopping me?” The being asked.

“Why are you trying to attack her?” Aiden asked.

“I am just trying to preserve this memory as it is supposed to correctly happen, she will disturb it if she goes on as her current path dictates.” The being said to Aiden.

“Who are you to decide that? The Almighty gave no order for her removal.” Aiden said to the being with a bit of anger.

“The Almighty? So what are you then?” The being asked.

“I am Aiden, an Aspect of the Almighty. I am a Heavenly Being, and current Best Friend of that girl you tried to attack.” Aiden said to the being.

“Oh really? I am an Aspect of the Winds, Vanoe. So I guess this would make us like Brothers.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“The Aspect of the Winds? There are no such entities.” Aiden said to Vanoe.

“The Aspect of the Winds won’t be present on this world for more than a decade. You could say that I am from a time unknown to you. But as an Aspect of the Almighty, I won’t bother you any further. Call it Brotherly love.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“What do you mean by Brother?” Aiden asked Vanoe.

“The Winds and the Almighty are Biological Brothers. They are two of 3 siblings along with the Guides. But seeing that you don’t know that means the event hasn’t happened yet. With our interaction here, the two are probably speaking with one another. So as I said, I will not bother with you any further Aiden.” Vanoe said before vanishing.

Time then resumed and Maria was still on her way into the stadium.

Aiden looked at his own hand remembering the sensation of pain. He now had questions that he wanted answered. But for now he had to ensure that Maria gets to enjoy her time safely.

“Hey Aiden look! They are selling food on the corner like a hotdog stand!” Maria said, pointing at the vendor.

“Did you want something?” Aiden asked.

“I want to try everything here.” Maria said to Aiden with a giant smile on her face.

Maria and Aiden in the following days watched the competitors win gold, silver and bronze metals. They cheered and broke records. The atmosphere was energizing.

“Aiden, can you get me down there to compete?” Maria asked Aiden.

Aiden then thought to himself. “If she continues her current path she will alter this memory, which Vanoe was against, if I allow her to compete then she will be in danger.” Aiden thought to himself. “Let’s just enjoy the Olympics for what they are.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah poop, I guess that’s okay too.” Maria said as the two went to the back and got more food.

Maria enjoyed her time spending the entire day being able to talk with Aiden under the russ of being at a sleepover.

The Olympic Games were life changing for both Maria and, surprisingly, for Aiden.


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