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Angel Misery: Chapter Ten

“Spooky Scary… Skeletons?”

“Halloween is coming up, what should we do for it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Halloween, that’s the holiday that involves candy and attempting to scare each other, isn’t that correct?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, but that would be way too boring right? You must know at least of an actual haunted house. Since you’re a heavenly being and all.” Maria Said to Aiden.

“That’s the issue isn’t it. Since I am a Heavenly Being, there isn’t anything that I would consider haunted, or scary.” Aiden responded to Maria. “But I can ask one of the heavenly beings about a location that would give you the scare you are looking for.” Aiden said to Maria.

“If it’s actually scary, and I mean absolutely terrifying, then I will leave it up to you Corporal.” Maria said as if she was giving Aiden a mission.

Aiden and Maria were in her room, Maria was sitting in front of her Homework that she had just finished and Aiden was standing beside her.

“What are you afraid of?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Oh you would like to know, wouldn’t you?” Maria said, with a smirk on her face.

“Yes, I would. That’s why I asked.” Aiden responded.

“Just make it feel like Halloween. It doesn’t need to have things I’m scared of.” Maria responded to Aiden with her finger pointed directly at him.

“Okay, I understand. Just make it very Halloween, so if that’s the case, then I will have to learn a bit more about the holiday.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, exactly! It’s not like a ‘make your fears come true’ holiday, it’s a creepy, spooky holiday.” Maria said to Aiden with her arms crossed and a look of intellectual arrogance. “So nothing like heights and loneliness. Not saying that I am afraid of either.” Maria continued to say to Aiden.

“So creepy and spooky. Then I will ask someone about such a location.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Is it time for me to go to the Heavenly Realm?!” Maria asked with excitement.

“No, not yet. Plus, the Heavenly Realm is the opposite of what you describe Halloween as.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aw, okay. I’ll keep being patient, but it’s been nearly half a year of waiting.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’ll be worth it when I finally bring you.” Aiden responded to Maria. He then walked into the Heavenly Realm.

In the Heavenly Realm

“Now which of the districts would be most in tune with death and monsters.” Aiden thought to himself.

“In Mr. Yukimura’s class we just began learning about the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt, so I could try that district.” Aiden said moving there.

Within the district there was an individual who was weighing golden pebbles against a frayed golden thread. 

Aiden walked up to him.

“Greeting Anpu.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Anubis got up from his seat and greeted Aiden.

“How do you do, Great Aspect of the Almighty, Aiden.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“”What were you busy doing just now?” Aiden asked Anubis.

“Originally I was weighing the hearts of mankind back in my day, but the result was always the same. So I wanted to entertain myself by weighing the hearts of the other gods.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Interesting, what were the results?” Aiden asked Anubis.

“Practically the same as with Humans.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Figured as much. But anyways, Anpu. I am here to ask you if there is a location that you would recommend that is a terrifying experience for someone.” Aiden asked.

“This someone is a mortal I presume.” Anubis asked Aiden to clarify.

“That is correct.” Aiden responded.

Anubis walked back over to his scales.

“Humans are terrified of death, though death, once you understand it, is nothing more than the halting of thought. What they are truly terrified of is not living. But I won’t get into philosophy. I am sure you are simply hoping for a location that would frighten their spirit.” Anubis said bending down to the red stones of the mortals.

“Yes, someplace that is ‘spooky’. Emphasis on Spooky.” Aiden said to Anubis.

“There is a location on Earth, which is inhabited by a woman that refused to die and feed off the souls of those she encases in the Earth. She is powered by the gods in the Mesopatamian District. The beings she encases can’t be released while she is still around and roam the place of her residence. So I think that would be a grand location for you to explore. The ones who worship her call her ‘Fair Mother’.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Interesting, an entity like that shouldn’t be on Earth, so I will remove them or seal them into a priest during my activities.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Aiden gestures for Anubis to hand over the location of this ‘Fair Mother’.

Aiden then begins to walk away.

“Aiden, if I may. Can I ask you for something?” Anubis asked Aiden.

“Sure, what is it you are requesting?” Aiden responds.

“May I weigh your heart?” Anubis asked Aiden.

“I don’t have one. However, since you have done me a favour with the knowledge you’ve given me, I shall provide you with a stand in.” Aiden said creating a fire orb that was to represent what his heart would look like.

“It’s not red, nor gold. This is truly an unknown sight for me.” Anubis said handling the object.

He placed it on the scale with the frayed thread.

The thread tilted the scales down lifting the object. Anubis nodded his head. Then he began to think to himself.

Anubis removed the thread from the other side and the scale still tilted with nothing on the other side. Anubis got up and handed the object back to Aiden.

“I understand why we the gods are not on the same plane as the aspects of the Almighty.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“I am glad you’ve gotten a revelation.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Aiden then opened the Realm back to Earth.

Aiden was high in the air and searched for the location of this ‘Fair Mother’.

Aiden went down to the Mansion.

He found it to be in disrepair and was filled with hatred and pain.

Aiden walked in.

The spirits of those who were asking for death were everywhere in the mansion pleading for salvation from the ‘Fair Mother’.

They saw Aiden and were terrified at his presence and quickly moved to the next room.

Aiden saw a few dozen people walking around the mansion who were completely alive and Human. They were in the rooms reading old books.

“Okay, this place seems to match the ‘spooky’ situation that fits with Halloween.” Aiden thought to himself before returning to Maria.

In Maria’s room.

“So? Did you find a location?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I think I did. It has undead spirits, creepy guys walking around, a graveyard, it’s large and dark.” Aiden described to Maria.

“Oh that is spooky! Good job Corporal.” Maria said to Aiden.

“We can have a late night exploration of the location.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yeah, let me ask my mom to sleep over at Angel’s House tomorrow then.” Maria said before heading downstairs.

“Mom!” Maria said to her mom.

“What is it, hunnie?” Maria’s mom responded as she was sitting in the living room.

“Can I sleep over Angel’s House for Halloween tomorrow?” Maria asked her mom.

“You don’t want to give out Halloween Candy with me and your sister?” Maria’s mom asked.

“No, that sounds really boring.” Maria responded.

“But you used to love seeing the kids with their cute costumes.” Maria’s mom said.

“No, I like to see cool costumes, not cute ones.” Maria responded.

“Well your grades have been really good, and you’ve been doing your chores all on your own. SO you have my permission to sleep over at Angel’s house tomorrow.” Maria’s mom said to Maria.

Maria pumped her fist in celebration. “Yes! Thank you mom!” Maria said before going back up the stairs.

“We are in the clear!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then it is set, tomorrow night we will go to the location, hopefully it does scare you.” Aiden said to Maria.

The next day came and they were in school.

The Prep Students were talking to one another.

“Hey Angeal! We are hosting a Halloween Party at my house, do you want to come?” Joshua asked Aiden.

“No.” Aiden responded to Joshua.

“Aw, why not. It’ll be lots of fun, we are going to have candy, scary movies, a haunted house and everything.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“I have plans today.” Aiden responded.

“Plans? Well that sucks, guess we should have asked you earlier.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“Yes.” Aiden responded.

“So what are those plans?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“I am going to a ‘spooky’ mansion.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“With Maria I am guessing.” Silvia responded to Aiden pretty much already knowing the answer.

“That is correct.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“I wish I could go too.” Silvia said to Aiden with a slightly disappointed look.

“But you are going to be at my party, remember?” Joshua said to Silvia.

“You already know who to clear that with.” Aiden said to Silvia. “You should enjoy the party with your other friends.” Aiden continued to say.

“Sure.” Silvia said facing back forward in her desk.

“We should try to convince Angeal to hang out with us if we want Silvia to be happy at the party.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“I don’t know how to get Angeal to come. There’s nothing that gets between him and Maria.” Joshua responded.

“How about we just invite Maria too.” Rebecca said.

“There’s no chance in that happening.” Silvia said to the two, turning her head to their conversation. “By how it sounds it seems that Maria was given permission to stay out late with Angeal. Who would want to give up on that?” Silvia said to them.

“This is true.” Rebecca agreed with Silvia.

“Man! That blows. How about we Teepee his house then.” Joshua said. “Afterall it is ‘trick or treat’.” Joshua said quietly.

“I’m not participating.” Silvia said to Joshua.

“Yeah, I think I am out too.” Rebecca added.

Joshua looked over at Isaac.

“You can count me in.” Isaac said, looking at Joshua.

Joshua gave Isaac an agreeable grin.

“Well you two have fun then. I will be sticking with Silvia.” Rebecca said.

The school day continued. Silvia walked with Aiden to the next class.

“So how long are you both going to be out together?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“The entire night.” Aiden responded.

“The whole night? Are you two together now?” Silvia asked.

“No.” Aiden responded.

Silvia’s Heart then calmed back down.

“They are probably going to be together at his place the entire night. I am sure that visiting them would be no problem. Under the guise of getting candy of course.” Silvia thought to herself.

They both continued on with their classes.

Soon school ended. Aiden and Maria were in the pickup area of the school.

“We will head out immediately when we get home.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s way too bright to do that, that’s not the Halloween spirit!” Maria responded to Aiden. “Don’t you know all the creepy stuff happens in the dark?” Maria informed Aiden.

“Why in the dark? The brightness of the area shouldn’t have any impact on anything.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It does, it impacts the feeling. Watching a scary movie in a bright room means nothing, but if it’s dark then it’s a completely different experience.” Maria described to Aiden.

“So you aren’t in favour of starting immediately?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course not, in the meantime we can watch scary movies!” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria’s mom came and picked up Allison and her.

“I’ll see you when I get back, my mom will drop me off there, since Allison will expose the fact that Angel isn’t in school.” Maria said to Aiden as she went to the car.

They drove off and Aiden went to the back of the school to meet Maria at the Headquarters.

When Maria was dropped off Aiden took the form of Angel and greeted Maria’s mom.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Li.” Aiden said to Maria’s mom.

“Hello Angel! How are you doing?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I’m doing fine.” Aiden responded.

“That’s good. I hope you two have fun tonight. Don’t stay up too late, and don’t watch too many scary movies.” Maria’s mom said to the two girls.

“Come on Mom, we know how to take care of ourselves.” Maria responded to her mother.

“See you tomorrow Sweetie.” Maria’s mom said before she drove off.

Maria was now with Aiden.

“Now it’s time to get scared!” Maria said running to the intelligence room to watch Horror movies.

The Golems which still looked like robots were walking around the house with no destination.

Maria sat down at one of the computers but she didn’t seem pleased. Aiden walked up behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asked.

“This doesn’t have the scary feeling I want. It’s too formal looking.” Maria said, moving the chair.

“What would change that feeling?” Aiden asked.

“Make me a couch or a bean bag chair!” Maria commanded Aiden.

“You want that in this room?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria looked around.

“Eh, I guess not, let’s change the living room into a creepy room.” Maria said to Aiden as she rushed out. Dashing passes some of the other golems.

“It’s perfect!” Maria said, as she entered the Eastern Living room.

Aiden entered the room and began constructing the room to fit Maria’s vision.

She then sat down on the sofa and turned on a movie. “Saturday the Eleventh.”

Aiden sat down next to Maria.

The movie started and the room was dark. Maria then looked up at Aiden.

“Ahem, are you forgetting something?” Maria said, looking up at Aiden with a grimace.

Aiden looked at Maria confused.

Maria then held out her hand.

“Oh, yes.” Aiden thought to himself as he created a bag of popcorn for her.

Maria excitedly grabbed the bag and started eating.

They were now fully into the movie. Maria had her eye hooked on the horror film. Aiden watched as if nothing was happening. The effects of the movie were completely unrealistic to him.

The monster in the movie started breaking down the door of the house. It used an extremely long knife and chased after the lead actress.

Maria had a bit of her eyes covered.

Then there was a knock on the door. It startled Maria.

“What! Who’s that!” Maria said, panicking a little.

“It was just a knock on the door.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, go and check it out.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up to answer the door. Maria looked around in the dark room.

“On second thought, let me go with you. Just so that you don’t get scared.” Maria said to Aiden.

They both opened the front door.

There was a girl standing at the door wearing a domino mask, dressed up as a princess.

“What are you doing here?” Maria asked the girl at the door, not sure who she was.

“It’s Halloween, why wouldn’t I be here?” The girl responded.

“Wait, I know that voice! Silvia!” Maria said to her.

Silvia then removed the mask.

“Hello you two.” Silvia said to Maria and Aiden.

“Why’d you come all this way?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Just getting some candy.” Silvia responded.

“You’re not here for Candy.” Maria said to Silvia with a complete lack of emotion.

“You’re right.” Silvia said walking into the house.

“Hey, me and Angeal are trying to go out somewhere. You can’t just come in here.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I want to go too.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Well too bad.” Maria responded. “Actually, since we are going to a real haunted house, we all can go together and I can ditch her there. Where she is going to be trapped.” Maria thought to herself.

“Come on Maria, you can’t just keep Angeal to yourself, you two aren’t even going steady.” Silvia responded to Maria. “He can have more friends.” 

Maria then showed a smirk on her face. “You are right Silvia, you can come along with us.” Maria said with a smile.

Aiden looked down at Maria.

“She can?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yep, she definitely can.” Maria said with confidence.

“That makes me happy.” Silvia said with a smile like she just got her way. “We can have Charles take us all there.”

“Nope, we are going to have one of the robots take us.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Your robots can drive?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“I suppose they can now.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, then we will do that.” Silvia said to the two. Then Charles walked up.

“I’m sorry, but I must accompany Silvia if you are planning on traveling.” Charles said to the group.

“Then you can follow behind their vehicle.” Silvia said to Charles.

“Of course.” Charles said, stepping back.

“Well that’s that.” Silvia said to the two.

“Cool.” Maria looked up at the sky and the sun was just about going down. “Eh, it’s still a bit early but since we are driving we can head out now.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then gestured for Maria to come over to the side.

“Are you okay with letting Silvia fly with us?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No way, Silvia will never know that you are a heavenly being. We are going to ride in a car.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I really wish you would have discussed that with me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You’ll figure it out Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria returned to Silvia. Aiden created the same black vehicle and had it come out from the back of the house. It was being driven by one of the robots.

It stopped in front of the house.

“Wow, that was fast.” Silvia said, looking at the car.

“Of course it is!” Maria said, jumping into the front seat of the car.

Silvia then entered the vehicle and Aiden followed after her.

Silvia and Aiden were sitting together in the backseat. Maria looked at the two of them and saw that Silvia was sitting a bit close to Aiden.

“Better yet. Silvia you can take the front seat.” Maria said, getting out of the car.

“No, I am okay back here.” Silvia responded.

“Come on, the front seat is the best seat.” Maria said to Silvia.

“That’s why I think you should have it.” Silvia responded.

“You’re our guest, you can take it.” Maria insisted.

“I’ve been here more than 5 times, I don’t think I am that much of a guest.” Silvia said, continuing to sit.

“I’ll just sit in the front seat.” Aiden said to the two.

“No!” Maria said with disdain and Silvia said with worry.

“Fine.” Aiden said, sitting back down.

Maria then sat on the right side of Aiden and Silvia sat on the left. Aiden was in the middle seat, looking much too large for it.

They both got close to Aiden.

The Golem then began to drive and Charles followed behind them.

Along the drive the 3 were conversing.

“These vehicles will never get to their destination in a timely manner.” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden then created a dense fog. That made it hard to see outside.

The windows in Aiden’s car were too dark to see out of. But Charles saw the fog completely block his view.

He drove closer to Aiden’s vehicle to make sure he could see the back lights.

Aiden brought the vehicles into the air and gave Charles the sensation that they were driving.

Soon they were all brought back down on the road that led to the mansion and Aiden cleared the fog.

Charles had his phone out prepared to call Silvia. But once the fog cleared and he saw the other vehicle he placed his phone back down.

The vehicles drove up to the mansion.

Aiden’s vehicle stopped and Charles stopped behind them.

“Oh, we are here already?” Silvia said, trying to look out the window.

Maria opened the door and left. She looked up at the house.

“Cool! Now this place is creepy. It’s giving me goosebumps and everything.” Maria said aloud.

Charles was checking his phone for GPS but there was no signal.

“Shall I accompany you Silvia?” Charles asked Silvia. He too felt goosebumps and was worried that since there was no signal he couldn’t contact her.

“No, I am okay. Angeal will be with me, so I am perfectly safe.” Silvia responded.

“There’s no need for you to worry. If it gets bad the robot will rush in there and get us.” Aiden said to calm Charles’ mind. Charles nodded.

“Well, let’s waste no more time. Let’s go in.” Maria said as she began to head to the entrance.

Silvia and Aiden followed.

The closer they got the more dreadful it felt. Maria started slowing down and eventually grabbed Aiden’s arm.

Aiden opened the door and the party went in.

The feeling of dread disappeared, and the interior was musky, but not immediately scary looking.

Maria let go of Aiden.

“Ha, was that it?” Maria said being cocky.

The three went through the mansion looking for anything weird.

“This place doesn’t seem haunted.” Silvia said as she too was now just walking.

The room got cold and a skeleton apparition walked in front of them and into the next room.

“That’s cool I guess, but not scary.” Maria said, still moving forward.

There were sounds coming from all around the house but the two girls were still standing strong.

They were looking around the house as if they were having a tour. There was then a scream of agony. It traveled through the entire house.

The two girls were initially startled but it didn’t affect them much.

“Eh, they can do better.” Maria said.

“I agree. This place isn’t as scary as I imagined it would have been when Angeal said you two were going. I thought you were difficult to scare, Maria.” Silvia said.

Maria laughed. “First time you have been correct, Silvia. Since I have not been scared yet.” Maria responded.

“You two are probably fearless because I am accompanying you.” Aiden said to the pair.

“Nah, I think I could make it to the back of this house no problem.” Maria said with confidence.

“I agree, though you are a great person to have when things are scary. This place just isn’t.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Well this just won’t do.” Aiden thought to himself. 

The floor fell out from beneath them all and they fell down a slide. The slide separated them from each other, dropping them off in different rooms.

As they slid the girls yelled out.

Silvia was now alone in part of the house that was made of concrete. Maria was alone in another part of wood. And Aiden was outside at the side of the house where there was a garden.

“Hello… Angeal…” Silvia said as she walked slowly with her hands together.

“That wasn’t funny…” Silvia continued to speak as she moved through the room.

“Angeal… where are you?” Silvia tried to find them. “Maria? Are you there?”

Silvia walked and saw stained walls, and it was cold in the room.

She crossed her arms to stay warm.

“Ouch, that hurt!” Maria said to herself as she got up from the ground. “Ha ha, Aiden. You are so funny. You think separating me would make me scared. As if.” Maria said confidently.

“Come on out Aiden.” Maria said. But there was no answer.

“Aiden…” Maria said but more softly.

Maria looked around to see if he would show up.

“Aiden. This is starting to not be funny.” Maria said as she too walked slowly.

Aiden was outside and he found mounds in the ground.

“Interesting sight. These are humans.” Aiden thought to himself.

A fog then appeared around him. And a body began to form in the smoke. It had fiery red eyes and outstretched arms.

Aiden watched as this being was forming itself.

“The Punishment for Sin is Death, Child of Man.” The ‘Fair Mother’ said, forming herself completely.

She had tethered wings, and a dark robe. She looked like she was well into her hundreds. She spoke with a voice that seemed to be formed by the air and not by her mouth.

Hands from the ground began to reach up to grab Aiden. But as they touched him they burned.

The ‘Fair Mother’ looked at Aiden.

“A sinless child?” The ‘Fair Mother’ questioned Aiden.

“No, you just have no authority over me.” Aiden responded.

“I have been granted authority over all things by the Creator. You have committed the sin of lying.” The ‘Fair Mother’ said as she once again commanded her Spirits to grab Aiden. And again they burned when they tried.

The ‘Fair Mother’ then vanished from the area. Taking the fog with her.

“She can’t even recognize a Heavenly Being.” Aiden thought to himself.

He looked down at the ground and saw that there were bodies within it. Some of the bodies had yet to be absorbed.

Aiden brought them up from the ground. It was two women who were still holding unto one another.

Aiden gestured his hand over them to wake them up, removing the hold the ‘Fair Mother’ had on them.

The woman wearing blue began to cough. The younger one wearing green then followed.

Aiden then extended his hand to help them up.

The woman wearing blue looked up and backed away quickly from Aiden.

“Who are you! Don’t hurt me!” She yelled at Aiden.

“Sure, I can understand that reaction.” Aiden responded. The woman wearing green looked at Aiden.

“You aren’t here to hurt us right?” She asked Aiden.

“No, and I’m also not here to judge you. I’ll protect you both until you can leave.” Aiden said to them.

The woman wearing green grabbed Aiden’s hand and he helped her up.

“Thank you, my name is May.” May said to Aiden, having stood completely up. May then looked back. “And she is my new friend Susan.” May pointed at her.

Susan grabbed her head. “Ah, what happened. Weren’t we just surrounded by monsters?” Susan asked.

“You have been freed from their grip.” Aiden said to them.

“Oh, okay. Well then we will get going. I don’t want to interrupt you.” Susan said to Aiden.

“It’s no issue.” Aiden responded. But Susan and May then ran into the house in search of another exit.

“They are truly in a hurry. No matter. Let me check up on Maria and Silvia.” Aiden thought to himself.

Silvia continued her journey through the house, she found a cell inside the place. She looked inside of the room and saw two holes in the walls. The room smelled like urine.

“Angeal?” Silvia called into the room.

She then hurt a bang behind her and she jumped up. She quickly tried to see where that sound came from. 

Footsteps then were coming from around the corner. Silvia turned her attention to see who it was.

A cold breeze knocked her into the room and shut the door.

A large man walked by. And he opened the closed door to check.

Silvia heard his breathing and knew that it was not Angeal or Maria, so she hid behind the half wall.

The man looked inside and saw that the two girls that were in there had escaped. He then started to run down the hallway in search of them.

As the footsteps got quieter and quieter Silvia regained her breath. Her heart rate was through the roof.

“That was scary…” Silvia thought to herself as she went to open the door. 

She tried to open it, but it was locked from the outside.

Silvia wanted to say help, but she didn’t want the man to find her.

She sat against the door.

“I’m scared.” Silvia thought to herself.

Maria walked around the wooden rooms. She continued to call out Aiden’s name.

Maria then started to smell something that was rancid.

She entered a room that had a locker in it and a chair that seemed to be stained red.

“This place is gross.” Maria thought to herself as she looked on the tray.

The tools on the tray were crusted with brown dust.

“Cool.” Maria thought to herself.

“Hurry and leave!” A voice called out in the room. It became cold and there was no one around.

Maria felt like her soul jumped out of her body.

She had goosebumps all over her arms.

Maria ran out of the room, not looking back. Maria panicked.

“Aiden! Silvia!” Maria yelled out.

Susan heard Maria’s yell.

“Sounds like someone is in trouble.” Susan said to May. Susan then grabbed May’s hand and ran in the direction of Maria’s voice.

“Go back and help her.” A voice said into May’s ear.

May let go and looked around for the voice.

“She is in the cells, help her!” the voice said again to May.

Susan turned back but then the room sealed itself, splitting the pair.

Susan hit her fist against the wall. “I can’t worry about that now, there’s someone in trouble.” Susan thought to herself as she then ran to look for Maria.

May was on the other side of the wall.

“Susan?” May asked. But there was no response.

The cold air then brushed against May.

“Okay, I’ll go back to the cells.” May thought as she ran to where Silvia was located.

Aiden grinned to himself.

“Good work, undead spirits. Keep guiding them and I will ensure that the ‘Fair Mother’ doesn’t get a hold of you.” Aiden said to the spirits that were guiding the girls in the building.

“I hope this is scary enough for them.” Aiden thought to himself.


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