Angel Misery: Chapter Thirteen

“You actually Volunteer?”

Maria, Allison and Aiden who was behind Maria but invisible were watching Television. It was the holiday season and the typical seasonal shows were on rerun. Then it went to commercials.

“I am going to get some more hot chocolate.” Allison said as she got up and headed towards the kitchen.

On the screen were smiling faces and people behind giant pots of food.

“Support the local soup kitchen this holiday season. Because the best gift you can give is your time.” The commercial said as it continued to show people volunteering.

“This show better hurry up.” Maria said impatiently watching the commercial.

“Is what being shown on the screen unaffecting you?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria looked back at Aiden. “It’s not that I am unaffected, I mean, what could I really do right?” Maria responded to Aiden as she turned back around.

Allison then quickly rushed into the living room. She jumped back on the couch and under the covers.

“It is cold!” Allison said, covering her body.

“Is the Hot Chocolate done?” Maria asked Allison.

“It’s in the microwave, and I don’t know why you are asking, I didn’t make you one.” Allusion said to Maria.

“Wow, you were just in there, it would have taken less than a few seconds.” Maria said to Allison.

“Well if you think it’s so quick, you can go in there and make some now.” Allison said to Maria.

Maria got up and went into the kitchen.

“Could you bring mine out while you are in there?” Allison asked Maria.

“Whatever.” Maria responded.

Aiden and Maria were in the kitchen and Maria grabbed a scoop of Hot Chocolate Powder from the container.

“Actually, can you make something extra special, like some super double chocolate cocoa powder?” Maria asked Aiden.

“How special are you thinking?” Aiden asked.

“Like super pure cocoa, the best chocolate out there!” Maria responded with her hand raised high.

“I don’t think you are going to like pure cocoa.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I bet I would.” Maria responded.

“Actually, I can guarantee that you aren’t going to like it.” Aiden continued.

“Can you just make it?” Maria asked.

Aiden then created pure cocoa powder for Maria. He handed it to her.

Maria dipped a finger in the powder and licked it. Her face puckered from the bitterness of the confection. 

“Well?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria was trying to hide the expression on her face. “This is delicious. See… I told you I would like it.” Maria responded feeling more of the urge to spit it out.

“I’m literally not going to think any less of you if you spit it out.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria went over to the sink and washed it out of her mouth.

“What on Earth was that! That’s not chocolate!” Maria said to Aiden. “Are you trying to play tricks?” 

Maria continued to wash her mouth out.

“No, that was genuine cocoa. The chocolate that you both are drinking is practically sugar.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, I prefer the sugar over that. That was horrible!” Maria responded.

Maria then went to make her own cup of Hot Chocolate with the prior Powder.

“I have to get you back for that, I can still taste it.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“You asked me to do it.” Aiden responded.

Maria took Allison’s cup out of the microwave and put her own in. Maria took a small sip out of Allison’s cup to wash the taste out of her mouth.

Aiden and Maria eventually left the kitchen with two cups.

Maria handed Allison her cup.

“Oh you actually did it, thanks.” Allison said to Maria.

“Might as well, right?” Maria responded as she took her seat.

The show had begun and they continued to watch it.

After that ended Maria went upstairs to her room. Maria then layed on her bed.

“It gets dark so fast! The winter is always so boring!” Maria said to Aiden.

“The shows said it was the most wonderful time of year though.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because they have snow. It doesn’t snow in Sequoia.” Maria responded.

“Snow makes all the difference?” Aiden asked.

“I would imagine, because all those kids laugh when they are playing in it. Building snowmen, and snow forts, snowball fights, igloos, and a whole bunch of other stuff.” Maria responded.

Maria then sat up from her bed.

“I just thought of something!” Maria exclaimed.

Aiden who was standing in front of Maria looked down at her.

“Aiden! Can you change the weather to make it snow here! That would be awesome!” Maria asked Aiden.

“For it to snow, I would have to bring the temperature down below 0 degrees celsius. Then create precipitation. The sudden change of weather could catch people unprepared and could cause widespread chaos.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So are you able to?” Maria asked again.

Aiden then looked down at Maria with a stunned look.

“Yes, I can do that.” Aiden said to Maria with hardly a surprise.

“Then let’s do it! I want to play in some snow!” Maria said to Aiden. “Do you see the smile that your best friend has on her face with all of the excitement!?” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then created the conditions needed for it to snow.

A chilled breeze went across the area bringing an immediate chill. The temperature went from being in the mid teens to being below 0.

The first bits of snow then began to fall from the sky and Maria looked at it.

“Look at that, it’s actually coming down.” Maria said. “So how long until I can build a snow fort?” Maria asked.

“It’ll probably take about 6 hours of snowfall at this rate for it to get to that point.” Aiden responded.

Maria then jumped out of bed and grabbed her sleeping clothes.

“Then I am going to wash up and go to sleep so that time passes faster!” Maria said to Aiden as she went into the bathroom.

“Mom! Look, it’s snowing!” Allison said downstairs.

Maria’s mom let out a frustrated grunt.

Some time passed and Maria looked out the window as she was in bed.

Aiden stood the entire night as he usually did.

The next morning, Maria got up and immediately went to head outside. The snow has gotten to 30 centimeters high.

Maria went out the door and saw that the road was completely covered in snow and that the entire area was white.

“This is awesome!” Maria said, looking out.

The cold then came and hit her.

Maria felt her bones chill and she stepped back inside.

She rubbed her arms. Aiden then came up next to her.

“Something wrong?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s freezing out there!” Maria said to Aiden.

“What did you expect? It’s snowing.” Aiden responded.

“I don’t know, the kids in the movies don’t look like they are freezing.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I’m guessing they are probably used to it, since it snows naturally there.” Aiden responded.

Maria then spread out her arms.

Aiden looked at Maria.

“You know what to do.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then pointed at Maria and created her thicker winter wear.

Maria then went back outside and into the snow.

“Now this is way better. Come on Aiden.” Maria said to Aiden as she ran through it.

Aiden walked outside to follow Maria into the deep snow.

Maria grabbed a bunch of snow and tried to form it into a ball, but it turned out to just look like a lump of ice.

“Aww, this doesn’t look like a snowball at all, what did I do?” Maria got rid of it and formed another ball, but it was lumpy.

“What are you trying to do?” Aiden asked Maria.

“You can’t tell, I’m trying to make snowballs so I can hit you with them.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“Then you should not squeeze it so tightly, it’s not like wet sand.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Then wouldn’t it just fall apart if I threw it?” Maria asked.

“No, it shouldn’t. Just give it a try.” Aiden said to Maria. Aiden grabbed a bit of snow and showed Maria how it was done.

Maria grabbed a bit more snow and patted it to make sure it had a good form.

“Like this?” Maria asked, showing Aiden her ball.

“It appears well formed to me.” Aiden responded.

Maria then threw the snowball at Aiden. Aiden moved out of the way and the snowball hit the ground behind him.

“Not fair! Why did you move!?” Maria said to Aiden. She grabbed another pile of snow.

Maria then looked up at Aiden as she was making another snowball. “Well? Why aren’t you making more, this is a snowball fight after all.” 

Aiden bent down and grabbed more snow and began to form them into snowballs.

Maria was trying to increase her ammunition numbers, but at each critical point Aiden hit her with a ball knocking her over.

“Just you wait Aiden, when I get done I am going to destroy you!” Maria said quickly getting back up.

“That’s if I give you any reprieve.” Aiden responded by throwing another snowball at Maria.

Maria was knocked over again. She then grabbed a bunch of snow and just threw the mass at Aiden. The pile of snow spread in the wind as a flurry.

“It won’t go anywhere if you don’t form it.” Aiden responded. He then threw another snowball at Maria.

Maria then quickly made badly formed snow balls and threw them at Aiden.

“Ha! Take these!” Maria yelled as she threw a dozen snowballs in rapid succession. Aiden dodged each as they were coming. Aiden then vanished.

“Hey! What are you doing outside!?” Allison said to Maria from the front door.

“I’m playing in the snow, what does it look like?” Maria responded.

“Isn’t it cold?” Allison asked.

“It is if you’re not moving around.” Maria said to Allison as she threw a snowball at the door.

Allison closed the door a little to keep it from hitting her.

“Don’t do that!” Allison said to Maria.

Maria was forming another snowball.

Allison then shut the door.

Aiden reappeared. 

“I look lonely playing out here by myself, turn into Angel so it doesn’t look weird.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Angel is out on a study abroad, did you forget about that?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yea. Well I’ll just say that you came back for the holiday season, that’s super believable.” Maria said to Aiden.

“If you say so.” Aiden responded. He then transformed into Angel, and made snowtracks that led up to Maria’s house.

“What’s all that for?” Maria asked.

“When you walk in snow it leaves tracks, it would be weird if ‘Angel’ was here but there were no tracks.” Aiden responded.

Maria then threw a snowball at Aiden. Aiden leaned forward to get out of the way of the snowball.

“Oh, give me a few minutes, I am going to build a snow fort, then we can have a real battle.” Maria said to Aiden as she was moving piles of snow together to make a way.

Aiden walked over to watch Maria work.

“What are you doing, you can’t be just watching me build my defenses. Go and make yours.” Maria said to Aiden as she tried to cover his eyes.

“I would already know, I’m just observing your process. Give you suggestions.” Aiden responded.

“I think I am the general here, I know how to build an effective base.” Maria responded with a devilish smile.

Aiden walked back to the other side of the yard and began construction on his base.

Maria was watching Aiden build every so often to take some ideas from him.

“Oh, a mout, that’s a great idea.” Maria thought to herself.

Aiden waited for Maria to finish her construction. He threw a few snowballs overhead to land on Maria.

“Doesn’t seem effective yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because it’s not done!” Maria called out.

A short amount of time passed, and Maria was nearing the end of her construction. Allison opened the front door again to see what Maria was doing.

“You must be really bored to be playing in this cold snow all by yourself.” Allison remarked.

“Well for your information I am not playing by myself. Don’t you see that completely separate fort over there?” Maria said, pointing at Aiden’s fort.

Allison looked at it and back at Maria.

“That doesn’t convince me of anything.” Allison said.

“Angel, come on out of your fort, we can propose the snowball battle until after Allison realizes she is wrong.” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden lowered the ice bridge to his fort to reveal himself to Allison.

Allison gained a large smile on her face.

“What! You are back! Already!? What were your travels like!” Allison excitedly asked.

“Ahh…” Aiden began saying slowly.

“No time for explanations. Now you know that Angel is here and that I’m not playing alone so you can leave now.” Maria said to Allison.

“Wait a second, I’m going to get on my coat and stuff.” Allison said going back into the house.

“No!” Maria responded but Allison was already too far in the house to actually hear her. “Great, now she is going to ruin the fun.” Maria said.

“Snowball fights seem to be more fun when there are more people playing.” Aiden responded.

Maria thought to herself for a short instant.

“Oh! Actually, this will give me a chance to hit Alison without getting in trouble.” Maria said, rubbing her hands together alongside snickering.

“So are we going to wait or should we start now?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria grabbed a handful of snow and made a snowball out of it and threw it at Aiden trying to get a sneak attack. “We are starting now!” 

Aiden went behind the walls of his fort and dodged the snowball.

He threw snowballs from the small opening of his fort into the open space above Maria’s fort to get direct hits in her fort.

Maria pressed herself against the walls of her fort.

“Are you scared of a bit of snow!? Come on and show your face!” Maria called out trying to stay out of the impact zone of the snowballs.

“That’s your job to hit me, not my job to get in the position to be hit.” Aiden responded. He then released a giant rolling ball of snow to crush into Maria’s fort.

The snowball grew as it continued its motion and crashed into Maria’s fort opening a large hole. Aiden then started sending snowballs into the gap. Putting Maria into a corner.

Aiden launched snowballs at the corner where he figured Maria would be. She was now being rained down on my continuous snowballs.

“Okay, okay. You win that round.” Maria said aloud trying to stop the snow from smacking the top of her head.

The snowballs stopped and Aiden looked from atop his fort.

“Now we switch sides.” Maria smiled looking up at Aiden.

“How’s that fair?” Aiden asked Maria.

“War isn’t fair Corporal, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.” Maria said walking to the otherside of the yard.

Allsion then came out in a coat.

“I’m ready to join you guys.” Allison said to the pair.

“You don’t have gloves on.” Aiden said to Allison.

“I couldn’t find any.” Allison responded.

Aiden then went into his pockets and pulled out another pair. He handed it to Allsion.

“There, the snow is cold. So you should wear these.” Aiden said.

“Wow, thanks.” Allison responded.

“Okay, now that that’s done. Allison, you are on Angel’s side.” Maria said to her.

“What are we doing?” Allison asked.

“We are hitting each other with snowballs.” Maria responded.

“How is that fun?” Allison responded.

“Don’t be such a party pooper. Are you going to play or not?” Maria asked Allsion.

Allison looked at Angel. “Of course I’m going to play.” Allison responded.

Maria then hit Allison in the chest with a snowball.

“Ha! That’s one hit for my team!” Maria proclaimed.

“We need to get behind cover of Maria’s going to keep hitting us.” Aiden said to Allison as they both went behind the snow fort walls.

Aiden showed Allison how to make snowballs as Maria was using Aiden’s snowball creator made out of ice in the fort.

Allison handed Aiden snowballs as he threw them directly into the gaps of the fort he built.

Both sides were gaining a large number of hits. Maria was able to hit Allison in the face a few times. And Allison did the same back to Maria.

In the end Maria did come out on top. Having hit Allison more times than Aiden hit Maria.

“Haha, looks like I am the winner!” Maria proclaimed.

“We are actually tied so far.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, that counted as double because it was a 2v1.” Maria responded.

“But we didn’t even get to use Angel’s obviously superior fort, so that should even it out.” Allison added.

“Her fort is not obviously superior to mine!” Maria called out loudly to Allison.

Allison pointed at the large hole.

“Yours has a huge hole in it. It’s not even close.” Allison responded.

“Girls I made some hot chocolate in here, it’s really cold outside so make sure you are staying warm.” Maria’s mom called outside.

Maria’s mom then noticed Angel.

“Oh! Angel! I didn’t know you were here, let me make you a cup as well.” Maria’s mom said.

“Thankyou Miss Li.” Aiden responded.

“We will settle it by who can get to the house faster!” Maria said to Allison.

Maria then started running and Allison chased after her but fell in the slippery snow.

“Haha! I win! That means I won the entire thing losers!” Maria said as she went into the house.

Aiden walked past Allison as she got back up.

“Are you cold?” Aiden asked Allison.

“Nah, I am okay. Especially thanks to the gloves you gave me.” Allison responded.

“No problem.” Aiden responded as he entered the house followed by Allison.

When all of them were inside drinking a cup of hot chocolate they saw on the news the devastation that was caused by the freakish blizzard.

“People are unable to get to shelters, and we are lacking in volunteers today at the soup kitchen…” The people on the television were saying.

“Doesn’t look like everyone is enjoying the snow.” Allison said, sipping from her mug.

“They’d complain even if there wasn’t snow.” Maria responded.

“You don’t feel bad about it?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Why would I?” Maria responded.

Aiden raised one eyebrow.

“Oh yeah! Eh, I guess maybe a little.” Maria said, continuing to drink her hot chocolate.

“Guess that’s better than nothing.” Aiden said.

Some more time passed and Maria was ready to head back outside.

“This time I want to build a snowman!” Maria said, going out the door.

Allison stayed seated inside.

“What? You’re not coming?” Maria asked Allison.

“I think I had enough of the cold today. I’m going to keep watching TV.” Allison said.

“That’s your lost, it’s not like it snows here.” Maria said going outside.

Aiden followed behind Maria outside.

Maria then made a snowball and rolled it across the ground making it grow bigger.

“This is so cool how snow just does this.” Maria said to Aiden.

“After this I think we ought to go to the soup kitchen and just volunteer a little.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aww, really. But the snow…” Maria responded.

“That’s exactly the reason.” Aiden said.

Maria then looked at Aiden with a sad face.

“We will get the full Holiday experience if we do go.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria rolled her head on her shoulders.

“Ahh! I guess.” Maria said, moaning. “Let’s just head there now so we can come back quickly for more fun.” Allison said, pointing at Aiden.

“Any particular one in mind?” Aiden asked Maria.

“This is your idea, you decide.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then the one from the commercial then.” Aiden said as Maria went into her clear ball.

Maria looked down at the snow covered city.

“Wow, this is amazing, it’s like a white ocean down there.” Maria exclaimed.

“I should clear it all by tomorrow so that it doesn’t do too much damage.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Damage? What damage? Snow is fun!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Snow is heavy, so it’s probably causing some roofs to collapse. It’s cold so that is a risk of hypothermia. It gets in the way so emergency services won’t operate optimally.” Aiden was listing the effects to Maria.

“That’s not really our problem though, that’s what adults are supposed to be figuring out. We are still just kids.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I suppose you are correct.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Of course I am. That’s why I am the General.” Maria responded.

Aiden and Maria landed in front of the soup kitchen. They both went to the volunteer sign-in station.

“Hello you two, are you here to volunteer?” The woman at the station asked.

“Yes we are! We are here to help everyone out the best way possible!” Maria responded.

“I love the excitement.” The woman said to Maria. “Now is this for school? Like a scholarship?” The woman asked.

“A scholarship?” Maria was curious.

“No, this isn’t for a scholarship, we are just doing it just to do it.” Aiden responded.

“No problem!” The woman said, handing Maria and Aiden the form. 

Maria and Aiden were signing their names in.

“Hey Angeal!” Kathrine said from near the back of the building.

“Whose that?” Maria asked.

“That’s Katherine, she is in the honours classes. She sits in the front row during my first bell.” Aiden responded. He then waved at Katherine.

Katherine then ran over to Aiden and Maria.

“I see Maria is here too. I didn’t take Maria for the volunteer type.” Katherine said.

“I guess you honour kids don’t know everything then, do you?” Maria responded.

“Maybe not me, but Angeal here definitely does. Isn’t that right Angeal?” Katherine asked Aiden.

“I know a lot of things but not everything.” Aiden responded.

“You don’t need to be humble.” Katherine said.

“Seems like you both already have a friend here. I will let Katherine show you around. She’s been volunteering for a while.” The woman said to Maria and Aiden.

“Follow me.” Katherine said as Aiden and Maria followed behind her.

“So what happens here?” Maria asked, looking around the building.

“Well some volunteers go out and pick up food from grocery stores, and they bring it here. Then from there some of us prepare the meals and give it to those who come for a meal.” Katherine said to Maria.

“She said you volunteer here all the time. Is it for that scholarship thing that the woman was talking about?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, I just volunteer with my parents. Been doing it for as long as I can remember, especially during this time of year.” Katherine responded.

“Any cool stories?” Maria excitedly asked.

“Eh, a lot of sad stories. A bunch of these guys just had very bad luck. Like one guy here got kicked out of his parents place when he was our age, and has been living like that for the past 6 years. Didn’t even finish highschool because he didn’t have enough energy to walk most days.” Katherine responded.

“That’s terrible.” Aiden said to Katherine.

“Isn’t it. It’s like the government doesn’t even care. They rather these guys hide and die.” Katherine continued. “Good thing there are places that actually care about people.” Katherine remarked.

“So did you not get to play in the snow today?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, we’ve been really busy here.” Katherine responded.

“That’s not cool. You are a kid, we should be outside playing, not dealing with this stuff.” Maria said to Katherine.

“So it is true, you are like a tomboy.” Katherine laughed.

“What? Are you going to make fun of me?” Maria said.

“No, I just hear a lot about you because you hang out with Angeal all the time. And I couldn’t imagine that he would have a friend like you, but here you are. It’s an interesting pairing.” Katherine said.

Maria grabbed Aiden’s arm. “What are you saying about us?” Maria asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to take Angeal from you. I have to focus on Government stuff.” Katherine said to Maria.

Katherine showed Maria and Aiden the bread room.

“Here we basically open up the bags of bread and separate them into pairs so that the people in the front can give each person two slices.” Katherine said to Maria and Aiden.

Maria looked at the room full of bags.

“Wait, we have to do all of these?” Maria asked.

“This isn’t even bad. The trucks weren’t able to make it here yet, so this is honestly about a quarter of what’s usually here.” Katherine responded.

“Do you do all of this on your own?” Aiden asked.

“No, but since you two are here, the others decided to help in the front.” Katherine said to Aiden.

They all then began to separate the slices into pairs.

“So Maria, what brings you in for volunteering today? I bet Angeal was the one that suggested it.” Katherine asked Maria.

“Exactly, we were having a great time playing with snowballs earlier today. But I guess all that fun needed to be evened out with duty or something.” Maria responded.

Aiden continued to separate the slices at record speed.

“I can see where he is coming from. That’ll keep the gross feeling of guilt from occurring in your stomach.” Katherine said to Maria.

“You mean like hunger?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, like that feeling you get when you get something that someone else didn’t, even though you didn’t do anything different than they did.” Katherine responded.

Maria shook her head.

“You’ve never felt guilty?” Katherine asked Maria.

“I’m sure I have before, but I can’t think of an example from the top of my head.” Maria responded.

“That’s interesting. I literally always have this feeling. I even feel bad when I say something that is just slightly mean. I think about it all night.” Katherine said to Maria.

“It’s probably because you volunteer so much.” Maria responded.

“I don’t think so, volunteering is what helps it disappear.” Katherine said to Maria.

“I know what you mean, I feel guilty sometimes too.” Aiden said to Katherine. 

“The perfect Angeal feels guilty sometimes? What could possibly have caused that?” Katherine asked Aiden.

“I get the feeling when I am being a bad friend. And the best way for me to resolve it is to confront it head on.” Aiden responded.

“Were you ever a bad friend to Maria?” Katherine asked.

“In like the very very beginning, but since then Angeal has been the best friend anyone could ever wish for.” Maria said to Katherine.

“That’s neat. Maybe I need to make friends. Like one’s around my age. I know a few people out there that are older, but no one I can hang out with.” Katherine responded.

“After we do this, we can play in the snow with you for a bit.” Maria said to Katherine.

“That’s for the invite, but there is so much to be done here. I can’t possibly join you guys.” Katherine said.

Katherine’s dad was overhearing their conversation.

“Nonsense. You help out so much. We can survive a day without you.” Katherine’s dad said to her.

“Hey Papa!” Katherine responded. Katherine then gestured at Maria and Aiden. “Papa, this is Maria and Angeal. They are both from my school.” 

“School friends eh. So Maria and Angeal, thank you for volunteering today… wait a second. Kat, is this the Angeal who placed top in your class?” Katherine’s dad asked her.

“Yes he is.” Katherine responded.

“Heard a lot about you kid. You have set quite the bar for my little genius.” Katherine’s dad said.

“Please don’t embarrass me.” Katherine said.

“I make no promises.” Katherine’s dad responded, with a jolly sounding laugh. “But anyway, there’s space in the back of the building. You all can take a good few hour break to play in the snow.” He said to the kids.

“But there’s so many people out there.” Katherine said to her dad.

“You all did a really superb job back here. Hardly could believe it’s just the 3 of you. So take a break. Everything isn’t going to collapse. Be a kid for a bit.” Katherine’s dad said.

Katherine, Aiden and Maria went outside.

Katherine stood still looking at the snow. “Well now what?” Katherine asked.

“Well you take a bit of snow like this and pack it like this and you make a ball.” Maria explained to Katherine.

Katherine then grabbed some snow and made a snowball.

“That’s good enough, now drop it one the ground.” Maria said to Katherine.

Katherine then let it go. “Is that supposed to be fun?” Katherine asked.

“Well not yet, I mean you could have thrown it. It doesn’t hurt. But right now we are making a snowman.” Maria said to Kathrine.

“Oh really? Like in the movies?” Katherine asked.

“Yes, like the ones with the 3 body parts.” Maria responded.

“But we don’t have rocks or a carrot, or any clothing.” Katherine said to Maria, following what Maria was doing.

“Angeal got that covered.” Maria said. Aiden then showed Katherine the scarf, hat, carrot, and rocks.

“Always prepared, I shouldn’t have expected less from Angeal.” Katherine said.

“So you are making the middle part, I am making the head and Angeal is making the base.” Maria said.

“I see.” Katherine said as she was rolling up her part.

Aiden was focusing on the base as Katherine and Maria took short breaks to throw snowballs at each other.

Once Aiden finished the base the two girls rolled their parts over to him.

He picked up Katherine’s part and placed it on his piece.

Maria and Katherine then worked together to lift the head of the snow man onto the body.

“Now we can decorate it.” Maria said with a smile.

Aiden was designing the smile, Maria wrapped the scarf around the neck and Katherine worked on the nose and eyes.

Once they finished putting it together they all looked at it.

“Wow, this looks exactly like those in the movies.” Katherine said looking at the well shaped snowman.

“Hmm, yeah, but it’s not quite perfect yet.” Maria said, looking closely at the snowman. Maria then ran off to a tree. She pulled down some sticks.

“Oh you’re right. Snowmen do have arms.” Katherine said watching Maria come back with the sticks.

“Ah, I was going to give it horns. But sure. We can use these as arms too.” Maria said, shoving the sticks into its body.

“There, now it’s perfect!” Maria exclaimed.

The snowman had two horns, a top hat, a scarf and a carrot nose. It was about 1.5 meters tall, and had a devilish look on its face with a smile.

Katherine’s dad came out to look at their creation.

“Now this is a work of art, come together so I can take a picture.” Katherine’s dad asked them.

Maria, Katherine and Aiden got close to the snowman. Katherine’s dad took a few pictures as the group did funny photos, serious photos and normal photos. Aiden in all of them had the same expression.

Some time passed and after spending the rest of the time making snow angels and igloos Aiden and Maria felt it was time to go.

“Okay, Katherine, we need to go back in time for our meal at home. It was fun hanging out.” Maria said to Katherine.

“I had fun too. You both should visit here more so we could do more fun stuff together.” Katherine said to Maria and Aiden.

“Or we could just do fun stuff without volunteering first.” Maria responded.

“Well, I’m still going to volunteer. So afterwards I guess I will do fun stuff.” Katherine said.

“That’s all up to you. We will see you at school then.” Maria said as they both walked away.

Katherine waved as the pair went around the corner.

“That wasn’t as bad as it could have been.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Seems like your ‘luck’ is truly unparalleled.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Jealous?” Maria said with a smile.

Maria and Aiden left the area and returned home. That night Aiden melted the snow and returned the temperature of the area to its typical seasonal temperatures.

The Great Snowfall of 2008 seems like it was only just a dream.

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