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Angel Misery: Chapter Fifteen

“Lover’s Journey”

It was now that time of year. Of chocolates and romance. The students in the school were well aware of this, nervous feelings filled the halls.

Aiden and Silvia were walking through the hall to their 4th Bell class.

While walking down the halls Silvia bumped into a girl who wore thick circular classes and seemed extremely timid and clumsy. She fell and dropped a book she was reading.

The book had a black cover and hands holding an apple.

“How did you not see me?” Silvia said to the girl.

“I’m sor…sorry.” The girl stuttered trying to apologise to Silvia.

She stood up and adjusted her glasses. Aiden picked up her book for her.

“Here you go Kayla.” Aiden said, handing her the book.

Kayla looked up at Aiden. “You… you know my name?” Kayla asked Aiden.

“He knows everyone’s name, don’t start thinking you are special.” Silvia said to Kayla.

Aiden and Silvia then continued their walk. Kayla watched as Aiden moved. To her Aiden moved gracefully and angelically from that moment on. She began to blush thinking about him.

In 4th Bell, Kayla was in Modern Literature with Miss Williamson.

Kayla was zoning off in class as she was writing her name and Angeal in a heart within her notebook. She let out a sigh of happiness each time she completed a heart.

“That was wonderful. It’s just like in ‘Parthenon’ when Helen drops her handkerchief on the floor and her soulmate picks it up for her, starting their passionate adventure into destiny.” Kayla thought to herself.

“Or in ‘The Revelation of Emily’ where the dark Prince Valentino reached up in the library shelves to hand the Duke’s daughter Emily the Book on Vampires.” Kayla became red again thinking about all the stories where the soulmate of the protagonist met each other through a single interaction of handing an item to her.

Lunch time came. Maria and Aiden were sitting at their usual table.

Kayla watched them both from the edge of the door. She held a napkin in her hand.

“Okay I am going to walk next to their table and drop my napkin next to Angeal. He will pick it up, and our eyes will meet.” Kayla thought to herself trying to prepare for the moment.

Other students were walking by her and they saw that her glasses were fogging up from her heavy breathing.

“You really have to give this a try, Aiden! It has a super creamy texture in the middle.” Maria said to Aiden trying to give him a spoonful of Shepard’s Pie.

“Please no, that looks revolting.” Aiden responded to Maria moving his face away from the spoon.

Maria continued to try and give it to him.

Kayla walked up to their table extremely nervously. “Okay, don’t fall. Just drop the napkin and turn towards him. It’s just that easy.” Kayla thought to herself.

Kayla dropped her napkin and it landed on the table.

Maria picked it up. “Hey you can’t just be dropping stuff on our table!” Maria said, turning around quickly to throw it at Kayla. But Kayla was turning around to make eye contact with who she figured was Aiden.

The spoon that Maria was holding went into the mouth of Kayla.

Maria and Kayla looked at one another. Maria is still holding the napkin in her hand in a throwing position.

They both stared at each other mortified about what happened.

Kayla experiences an indirect kiss with Maria.

Kayla pulled away quickly and ran off. Maria looked at her now empty spoon in disgust.

“Dang, if she wanted some she could have just asked.” Maria said, dropping both the spoon and the napkin on the table.

“I don’t think that was her goal. She likely just accidentally dropped her napkin. She dropped her book earlier today too.” Aiden told Maria.

“Clumsy people are the worst.” Maria responded. “Can you create a new spoon for me, this one has been… def.. Dah.”  Maria was trying to remember the vocabulary word for something that has been dirtied.

“Defiled?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, defiled.” Maria quickly agreed and Aiden created her a new spoon.

Kayla was in the girl’s bathroom washing her mouth out with water. 

“No, that never happened. Gross!” Kayla thought, trying to wash Maria’s saliva from her mouth.

Ashley, Vanessa and Sarah walked into the bathroom seeing Kayla talking to herself.

“Ah, are you good?” Sarah asked Kayla with a cautious tone. Kayla looked up. Her clothes were soaked with water and streams were still coming from her mouth. Her glasses had droplets all over them.

“Of course, heh.” Kayla said, trying to look put together in front of the glamour trio.

“Right…. Well we are going to go to the other bathroom, you take your time in here.” Ashley said, slowly closing the door.

Kayla was now embarrassed that they saw her like that.

“My life is ruined.” Kayla thought to herself.

Aiden and Maria at sixth bell Health class. Kayla was in that class with them.

Kayla looked over at Aiden who was sitting next to Maria and Ashley.

“My Prince is being held hostage by those two she devils. All they probably talk about is other boys and gross stuff. They obviously do not recognize the value of being able to sit next to Angeal.” Kayla thought to herself.

As Kayla continued to think about the things that Maria and Ashley do to Aiden she began to sweat with anger.

Soon it was becoming noticeable.

“Oh no, I can’t have him glance over and see me like this!” Kayla thought to herself as she stood up to grab a napkin to wipe her forehead.

“These here are my kidney stones that I kept to show the class, they come through the urinary tract-” Mr. Bowman was saying before Kayla accidentally hit her knee on the table causing the display skeleton to knock the kidney stones from his hand.

The stones flew and landed in Kayla’s hair.

She felt them land and went to reach up. She had one of the kidney stones in her hands and freaked out.

“Don’t move, let me get them out for you!” Mr. Bowman said, trying to calm Kayla down.

“Gross, gross!” Kayla called out shaking her head trying to get them out as quickly as possible. The other students were being hit by the stones they flew from her head.

“No, my stones!” Mr. Bowman said watching his kidney stones be scrambled around the room.

Kayla sat on the floor exasperated.

She then looked over at Aiden. He was staring directly at her as well as all the other students.

She became completely red and ran out of the class.

“Wow, she is not having a good day.” Maria said, watching the door close.

“I saw her in the bathroom earlier during lunch, she must have been taking a bath in the sink or something.” Ashley said to Maria.

“Probably after she ate my lunch. Hoping to clear all evidence of her crime by washing it away.” Maria responded.

Aiden returned his attention to Mr. Bowman who was trying to collect his stones from around the class. Aiden was pretty much unaffected.

Kayla sat in the bathroom with her feet up on the toilet seat.

“My life is beyond ruined. I’m going to have to change schools, I’m going to need to change my name, my personality, my parents…” Kayla thought frantically to herself.

Kayla then thought about Maria, Ashley and Silvia. She thought about how Aiden would be crying out for help from them and how she was the only one who could save him. Aiden remembering her name was proof that he wanted her to save him.

“I can’t leave. Not without my soulmate.” Kayla was emboldened.

A few girls walked into the bathroom and Kayla lifted her feet back onto the toilet seat.

The end of the day came. Maria and Aiden went out to the front where Aiden dropped Maria off so she could go back home with her mom.

Kayla watched Aiden as he returned back to the school.

Aiden made his way to the back of the school.

“That girl is still following me.” Aiden thought to himself.

Kayla was moving from bush to bush trying to look out for any other girls trying to meet up with Aiden.

Kayla then turned around.

“After what happened today I shouldn’t be trying to save him now. He will probably think I am disgusting.” Kayla thought to herself.

“But if I don’t save him now then he will be trapped between those witches for another day.” Kayla continued to try to prime herself to confront Aiden.

Aiden looked over at her.

“Okay, she turned around. It’s time to vanish.” Aiden thought to himself as he became invisible and flew off.

“That’s right Kayla, this isn’t about you, it’s about him!” She thought as she came out from behind the push.

She looked around but Aiden was gone.

“Ah… where’d he go.” Kayla looked around searching for Aiden.

In the end she did not find him and she went home.

Kayla got home, her clothes smelt like cut grass and sweat.

“Gross, why do you smell like that!” Kayla’s older brother said to her.

“Don’t talk to me, I had a terrible day.” Kayla responded.

“I’d imagine.” Kayla’s brother said while continuing to play computer games.

Kayla was in her bathroom. She looked in the mirror and lifted a part of her extremely long hair. “Maybe if I cut it then I will seem more attractive.” Kayla thought to herself imagining Aiden seeing her in the halls and leaving Silvia to walk with her.

“That would be amazing.” She continued to think.

She then found a bit of her mom’s makeup. She held it up to her skin. This might work too. “I will try and look like Christine from ‘Armour Farewell’.” Kayla thought to herself about a book she recently finished.

Kayla tried to cut her hair to style it. A large clump of it came down and landed in the sink. She looked up at the mirror and it was cut extremely poorly and much too short.

Kayla’s eyes widened.

She then freaked out. “No!” Kayla yelled at the mirror. “I need to fix this.” Kayla thought, cutting some from the other side of her head.

Another clump fell into the sink, and now both sides were still uneven.

After some time of trying to fix her hair she came to her brother.

He looked over at her and fell out of his chair like he saw a monster. “Jeez Louise, what on Earth happened to your hair!” He said to her,

“I can’t cut my own hair, can you fix this, big bro?” Kayla asked him.

He got up and stood over her. “It’s going to take a lot, but it’s not impossible.” He smiled at her.

He began cutting her hair.

Some time passed. “Okay, we are all set!” he said to Kayla.

He showed Kayla the mirror. She grabbed it and touched her hair. She had a large frown on her face.

“I look like a boy now…” She said looking at herself.

“Honestly I would say this is an improvement.” Kayla’s brother said, nodding his head.

“Why’d you cut it so short?!” She yelled at him.

“You already cut it that short, I was making it even. Now you have a pixie cut. Those are in now.” Kayla’s brother responded, trying to justify the style.

“Now Angeal will never love me.” Kayla thought to herself. She imagined herself confessing to Aiden. “Gross, I would never date a boy.” the imaginary Aiden said to Kayla.

“I have to put on mom’s makeup to look like a girl again.” Kayla said going back into the bathroom.

“Wow, not even a thank you?” Kayla’s brother was trying to say before she ran into the bathroom.

He continued playing his game. Kayla spent more time in the bathroom. She put on eyeliner, blush, foundation, lipstick and the works.

She came back out, and stood over her brother.

“Well?” She asked him.

He looked up at her. And fell out of his chair again.

“Why do you keep doing this to me!?” He said to her, Kayla stood over him with too much makeup on her face. It pretty much looked like she went to a carnival and got her face painted.

“What? Isn’t this what boys like?” Kayla asked him.

“Not that much, even if we did notice it. You look like a dang clown.” He said to Kayla.

“You are the worst.” Kayla said to him as he couldn’t stop laughing. Kayla went into her room and looked up how to get a guy’s attention.

“Step 1: Smile. Guys like girls who look open and friendly. A girl with a frown is a sign of her not wanting to conversate or engage with people.”

“Step 2: Don’t hide. You may think you are catching glances from around the corner or in bushes but the guy noticed you and probably thinks you are stalking him. A straightforward approach will always perform better than hiding.”

“Step 3: Ask for his help. Step 4: Talk about his hobbies. Step 5: Look him in the eyes. Step 6: Say thank you. Step 7: Laugh at his jokes. Step 8: Wear something to grab his attention. Step 9: Share your interest. And Step 10: Be genuine.” The articles which were the ‘10 simple steps to get any man to notice you’ read.

“No wonder I wasn’t winning.” Kayla thought to herself reading the article. She practiced her laugh for tomorrow.

The next day she saw Aiden and Silvia walking through the halls again.

She wore a hat to cover her short hair but had items all over it. “Okay, no hiding today! Wearing something to grab his attention. Say thank you. I got it.” Kayla said to herself before jumping out in front of Aiden and Silvia.

“G… Good… Morning…. Ang… Angeal.” She stuttered, feeling shy being in front of Aiden.

“Good morning.” Aiden responded.

“What do you want?” Silvia said to Kayla.

“Haha, yo… you are so… funny…” Kayla responded to Aiden nervously.

“I didn’t say anything funny.” Aiden said to Kayla.

Kayla gave Aiden a large smile.

“So… I like to… to… to… read. What….” Kayla was saying slowly.

“Okay, she is being weird. Let’s keep going to class or we will be late, Angeal.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden said as the two continued.

Kayla watched the two leave. She took off her hat and threw it on the ground. “Darn that Silvia! I was doing so well then she had to come in and ruin it.” Kayla angrily thought to herself.

Alvin then came from around the corner.

“Ouch, thine performance truly gave mine eye’s difficulties to witness.” Alvin said to Kayla.

“You were watching me?” Kayla asked Alvin.

“Twas I who sought attention from thee. Yet thine gaze was grasped by a condor.” Alvin responded to Kayla.

“Oh, you are imitating the speaking style of Harold Wolfgang, the 15th Century Poet.” Kayla said to Alvin, picking back up her hat.

“Thou i seeketh thine attention, I offer thee assistance in thine predicament. Thus I shall teach thee the art of theatre. So that ye may speaketh with the confidence of royalty.” Alvin said to Kayla.

“So, if I let you teach me how to act, what is it that you want?” Kayla asked Alvin.

“None that which you do not already possess. I seek only an outing with thee tis weekend.” Alvin said to Kayla.

“Like a date?” Kayla asked.

“Precisely.” Alvin responded.

“I knew I was beautiful. So it is the influence of those witches that is stealing the attention of Angeal from me.” Kayla thought to herself.

“No, I am good. I can’t betray my soulmate by two timing him.” Kayla said to Alvin.

Kayla then went off to her class.

Alvin stood in the hall and recited a poem to himself. “The nicest guys will surely weep, for the price of love is truly steep. Once their hearts are broken and beat. To us their hearts we shall keep.” 

Lunch time had come and Kayla felt it was a good time to try and eat with Aiden.

She went into the cafeteria. Maria’s and Aiden’s seats were empty because they were out as usual grabbing something from outside to eat.

Kayla sat waiting.

“What is that girl doing?” Joshua asked, looking over at Maria’s table.

The rest of the prep students looked over.

“What is she doing? Is she new friends with Maria?” Rebecca asked.

“She seems rather possessed.” Issac added.

Silvia looked over. “Ugh, it’s that same girl from the morning. Kayla is her name. Angeal helped her pick up some books and now she is completely obsessed with him it seems.” Silvia responded.

“Maria is not going to be happy to see her sitting at their table, what do you think she’s going to do?” Rebecca asked Silvia.

“If I were to guess, she would probably just threaten her. Probably nothing violent though. Maria is a paper tiger.” Silvia said going back to eating her lunch.

“Well look who just now showed up.” Joshua said watching Aiden and Maria enter the room.

Maria looked at her table, then looked around the room, then looked at the time.

“Hmm, I could be wrong but it seems like someone is trying to claim our spot!” Maria said to Aiden.

“It does appear that way.” Aiden responded.

“Interesting. Someone has the nerve to actually come into the territory of the General. Aiden!” Maria said to him.

“Yes?” Aiden responded.

“I need a megaphone.” Maria said with one of her hands open to receive it and another holding onto a bag of chili dogs.

“What are you planning to do with it?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’m going to declare war.” Maria responded.

Kayla caught sight of Maria and Aiden standing at the door. She then got up with a smile. “Okay, remember to smile, guys like a smile.” Kayla thought to herself.

Kayla imagined that she was walking confidently with a beautiful smile, but in reality she was stumbling and her smile twitched.

Maria held the megaphone in her hand as Kayla got closer. Maria then lifted it up.

“Hello… Ang… Angeal…” Kayla said as she got closer.

“What do you think you were doing sitting at our table!” Maria said into the Megaphone directly in Kayla’s face.

The entire cafeteria heard it and looked over.

Now Kayla had every eye in the cafeteria staring at her while she was trying to talk to Aiden.

She looked around at all the eyes on her. The room looked dark and everyone seemed to be laughing at her in her mind.

“She can’t do it, she’s not confident enough. Angeal won’t like a loser like her.” She thought they were saying while staring at her.

Kayla swallowed and tried to speak with Aiden. “So… so what… are your… your… hobbies?” Kayla said, struggling to get the words out.

Maria looked at Kayla confused, then she looked up at Aiden.

“You two are friends?” Maria asked.

The entire cafeteria looked up at Aiden.

The pressure of all the eyes on her, and the question that Maria asked Aiden began to make Kayla feel nauseous.

She then began to barf from the pressure and had to run out of the cafeteria to run to the bathroom.

Kayla stormed out before Aiden could give an answer.

Maria looked at Kayla running. “Well I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Weird girl huh?” Maria said to Aiden.

Kayla was in the bathroom again. She was bent over the toilet breathing heavily into it. “Wow, that was intense. Never have I had that much confidence. I bet I looked amazing out there.” Kayla thought to herself.

A group of girls walked into the bathroom.

“I could have sworn that the girl who almost got destroyed by the tomboy ran into this bathroom.” One of them said, as they looked around.

Kayla lifted up her feet onto the stall.

The girls looked underneath all of the doors.

“Doesn’t seem like anyone is in here.” They said, ending the search.

“Dang it, we need to catch her to see what her reaction was.” Another said as they ran out of that bathroom.

Kayla stood on the stall.

“Looks like I already have fans and paparazzi.” Kayla thought to herself. “I’m going to have to keep me and Angeal’s relationship low key.”

Maria and Aiden sat at their table.

Leanne came to their table.

“Hey Maria, hey Angeal.” Leanne said to the two.

Maria turned around and smiled at Leanne. “Hey Leanne! Out of the theatre room today?” Maria asked Leanne.

“I heard your voice from all the way in the theatre rooms so I came in here to see how you did that.” Leanne said to Maria.

Maria handed Leanne the megaphone.

“I used this.” Maria responded.

“Oh wow, this is fancy.” Leanne said, observing the megaphone. 

“Yeah it is. Angeal made it for me.” Maria said to Leanne as she pointed at Aiden.

“You are so talented!” Leanne said to him.

“Thanks.” Aiden responded.

“So, can I use it?” Leanne asked Maria.

“Use it for what?” Maria responded. She was curious as to what Leanne wanted to announce.

“Well, I got the part of Juliet for this month’s theatre performance. And we are performing it tomorrow, so I would like to announce that to everyone in the cafeteria.” Leanne said to Maria.

“Check you out. You are doing this as your regular self and not as a character.” Maria complimented Leanne.

“Yeah, but can you and Aiden still help me out if no one seems interested.” Leanne asked Maria.

Maria gave Leanne a thumbs up. Leanne looked over at Aiden. He too gave Leanne a thumbs up.

Leanne then spoke into the Megaphone.

“Good day everyone, I have an announcement to make. Tomorrow we are performing Romeo and Juliet for our February Performance. You can pre order your tickets at the Theatre rooms for $10, or buy your tickets on the day of the performance for $12.” Leanne said into the Megaphone.

The students in the cafeteria then turned back around as if no announcement had been made.

Maria looked around. She then grabbed the megaphone from Leanne.

“It’s going to be amazing! Leanne is super talented and you don’t want to miss it!” Maria said into the megaphone and again no one looked.

“Well hopefully that will sell maybe 10 more tickets, so that’s good enough.” Leanne said to Maria.

“No it’s not, we aren’t going to stop until everyone rushes to get one.” Maria said to Leanne with determination.

“How?” Leanne asked.

Maria then looked around. Then she noticed that some of the students were showing images from their phones.

Maria then looked up at Aiden. She then handed him the megaphone.

“Say that you will give them your phone number if they go to the performance.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t have a phone.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I know that, but they don’t. That will definitely drive up the sales.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You can’t just have him give away his phone number, that’s really personal. I don’t want you to have to do that.” Leanne said to Maria.

“How about just giving away Goodie bags.” Silvia said, walking up to the table.

“Oh wow, who asked you to come.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I was just seeing you struggle, and thought I could offer some assistance. Plus I was curious to see who this Leanne girl was.” Silvia said, turning to Leanne.

Silvia looked up and down at Leanne. 

“What about me?” Leanne said with a standoffish disposition.

“Cute, but that’s all you seem to have.” Silvia said to Leanne. She then turned to Aiden. “If they are promised something like chocolates they would definitely come, especially since it’s on lover’s day.” Silvia said.

Maria crossed her arms.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But I don’t want to admit it.” Maria responded.

Silvia gestured for the megaphone.

Aiden Handed it to her.

“If you come to the performance and show us that you bought a ticket today, Angeal and I will give you a goodie bag filled with chocolates to give to the one you love on Lover’s Day.” Silvia said in the Megaphone.

“Angeal and you? Who said you got to decide that?!” Maria said angrily to Silvia.

A lot of the students got up and began to head over to the theatre rooms.

“Wow, looks like everyone else better hurry up before the tickets sell out.” Silvia said to get the others to get up.

The cafeteria was now only 10% full.

Silvia then handed the megaphone over to Maria.

Leanne nodded her head. “Wow, that was impressive.” Leanne said to Silvia.

“”Your move.” Silvia said to Maria. Silvia walked away back to her table.

Maria clinched her fist. “You think you are so smart.” Maria mocked.

“Well thank you for both of your help, I will put on an extra special performance so as to not waste this chance. And soon I will have taken over the school.” Leanne said to Maria with excitement.

“No problem. We will be watching.” Maria said to Leanne.

Kayla finally got out of the bathroom and saw that a bunch of students walked past her.

She then went back into the wall where the door met the hall. She lowered her hat and covered her face.

“Wow, I have this many fans. I better be careful in public now. I could be swamped with requests from autographs and dates.” Kayla thought to herself. “My smile must have been too powerful, I have to check if Angeal is okay.” Kayla tried to make her way to the cafeteria but the amount of students slowed her down.

The bell then rang.

Later on in the day it was the 6th Bell Health Class with Mr. Bowman.

Kayla continued to cover her face with the hat. She peeked ever so often to look at Aiden. She tried to flash a smile at Aiden.

Maria caught sight of her doing it.

“Aiden, that weird girl keeps looking over at you. She has that look of a crazy person.” Maria whispered to him.

“I don’t know what she wants either.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Did you take something from her?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Quite the opposite, I actually returned something to her.” Aiden responded, trying to explain to Maria what happened.

“Super creepy. Just don’t look at her, maybe if we ignore her she will stop staring.” Maria said to Aiden.

Kayla noticed them both look straight forward.

“That witch, she cast a spell on him to prevent him from receiving my charm. My soulmate is still trapped. Don’t worry, I will save you my love.” Kayla thought to herself.

The end of the day came around and Kayla immediately left to try and catch Aiden before he disappeared from Maria.

Aiden dropped Maria off in her mother’s car and he went to the back of the school. Kayla followed him.

Aiden noticed her stalking him. “Hmm, she wasn’t in the cafeteria when we made that series of announcements. Maybe she is wondering what it was all about.” Aiden thought to himself. 

Aiden turned around and looked at Kayla. He then waved at her.

Kayla was stunned. She hid behind the bushes.

“He waved at me! Is this really happening!?” Kayla’s heart beat heavy. She then looked over the bush again and saw Aiden walking towards her.

Kayla looked up at Aiden.

“He… hello… Angeal….” Kayla stuttered.

“Excuse me Kayla, did you hear about the performance of Romeo and Juliet that’s happening tomorrow? If not, I think you should go. I will even give you a gift bag with chocolate.” Aiden said to Kayla.

“A… A… chocolate…. For me…. On lover’s day…?” Kayla’s brain nearly exploded from her imagination.

“Yes, chocolates, but only if you come to the performance.” Aiden said to Kayla.

“So… is… this… this… like a… date.” Kayla asked Aiden.

“Not really. I mean it is a date to go out somewhere, but it’s not like those restaurant dates.” Aiden responded.

“Oh… yea. Guess we… can go… to a restaurant on… or… our…. Second date.” Kayla stammered.

“So you will be there?” Aiden asked.

Kayla nodded her head quickly.

“See you there.” Aiden said walking off. Kayla’s legs buckled.

“I got asked out on a date! From Angeal! My heart! And it’s on lover’s day, with chocolate!” Kayla thought to herself.

Aiden went invisible and flew away. “Okay, that’s another person who will be going to see Leanne.” Aiden thought to himself.

Kayla got home and immediately went into her room. She squeezed her pillows between her legs and crushed one in her arms.

“It’s really happening! I knew it was true love! Just like those novels! A handsome guy picks up a book and hands it over to their soulmate. Then he invites her out on a date to get away from his captors.” Kayla squealed to herself.

Kayla’s brother knocked on her door. “Can you keep it down, in there, I am trying to focus.” He said to her from the other side of the door.

Kayla continued to squeal.

“Geez.” Kayla’s brother said walking away from the door.

“First we are going to hold hands, and then we will get close and then…” Kayla was imagining Aiden getting close to her. She fell back on her bed.

“Then we will kiss! Do I even know how to kiss someone!” Kayla thought to herself.

She ran to her mirror and brought it off the wall. She then looked at it and began to bring it close.

“Ew, it’s not the same.” Kayla thought to herself, looking at herself in the mirror.

Kayla drew a picture of Aiden, using a reference from her last year’s yearbook. Then stuck it on the mirror. 

Kayla then rubbed the image’s cheek.

“You are perfect, my love.” Kayla said as if she was Aiden.

“Oh you compliment me too much.” Kayla giggled to herself.

She then brought the mirror closer to her face. “Oh, not yet. I am not ready.” She said to the mirror with a drawing of Aiden on it.

She then brought the mirror to her lips and kissed it.

After spending a few moments making out with the image.

“Wow, you are truly the most amazing person to ever have lived ever Kayla.” Kayla said, pretending to be Aiden.

“You are too my dear.” Kayla responded to the mirror.

Kayla took the drawing of Aiden and placed it on her pillow.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Angeal, we haven’t spoken our vows.” Kayla said to the pillow with Aiden’s face on it.

“I can’t control myself with you!” Kayla pretended that Aiden said.

She then began to make out with the image.

The next day came and it was the time of the performance.

Kayla looked through her closet looking for her fanciest attire.

“I could wear what I wore to my cousin’s wedding, but then the paparazzi would notice me and try to take images of me non stop.” Kayla thought to herself.

She continued to try on outfits.

Aiden and Maria were in Maria’s room.

“Silvia is heading to the HQ.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Wow, she doesn’t waste any time.” Maria said to Aiden as she rushed out of the door.

Aiden then lifted her up and they both went to meet Silvia there.

Silvia rang the doorbell.

Maria then opened it. “Surprise!” Maria said to Silvia.

“Do you not live at your house?” Silvia asked Maria.

“You wish I did.” Maria jokingly said to Silvia. Silvia then entered the mansion.

“Anyway, which room is Angeal in?” Silvia asked Maria.

“In the big living room.” Maria responded.

“Pretty sure it’s actually called the ballroom.” Silvia corrected Maria. The golem took Silvia’s coat from her and put it away. “Okay, then I am heading there.” Silvia said, trying to ignore Maria.

“Seems like we got 4 hours before the performance, were you trying to spend 4 whole hours alone with Angeal. What were you planning?” Maria laughed.

“We have a lot of chocolates to pack, the tickets sold out, meaning 1000 students will be showing up.” Silvia explained.

“Sounds like you are going to need my help anyways.” Maria jested.

Silvia just continued to walk. She saw Aiden seated in front of piles of chocolate boxes.

“Wow, where’s you get all of these from?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“He knows people.” Maria responded.

“So we have 20 boxes, which each can fit 50 bags. Each bag will weigh about 100 grams. So that means we will be transporting a little over 100kg of chocolate to this performance.” Aiden said as he walked up to the two girls.

“Hmm, we may have underestimated how much work this would be.” Maria said, looking at all the treats.

“Let’s just get to it.” Silvia said as she began to place chocolate into the bags Aiden left out.

“So Maria, is honours getting the best of you?” Silvia asked Maria.

“As if, if anything, it is too easy.” Maria responded.

“Pretty soon Highschool placement exams are coming up. Thought about where you are trying to go?” Silvia asked the both of them.

“No idea.” Maria responded.

At the auditorium. Hundreds of students lined up outside.

Aiden and Silvia were handing out bags of chocolate to the students. Aiden smiled as he handed them out and Silvia thanked them for coming.

“The King and Queen of the school really gave us a gift! This is amazing!” Some students said after receiving their gift bag.

“You mean the King and the Court Jester, because I am obviously the Queen.” Maria said to them with her fist balled up.

“Of course.” They said lowering their heads.

“I’m going to find us a seat.” Silvia said, noticing that the line was beginning to thin out.

“You better find three of them. If you only find two I am taking it.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Whatever.” Silvia responded to Maria.

Maria then walked in to follow Silvia to make sure that she actually found 3 seats.

Kayla came in wearing her wedding attire. She was a bit late having spent too much time on her appearance.

Kayla saw Aiden sitting at the table alone. He had a few more bags of chocolate around him.

Kayla touched her heart. “My Prince waited on me. I am sorry my love.” Kayla thought to herself.

Aiden noticed Kayla coming in.

“Thank you for coming in.” Aiden said to Kayla.

“Of…. of course…” Kayla stuttered. “I… I… I am happy… to be…. On this… date.” Kayla said slowly.

Aiden handed Kayla the bag of chocolates.

“For me… oh, you shouldn’t have…” Kayla said, taking one of the chocolates out of the bag. She then ate it. “It’s so sweet… just like… you… “ She stuttered a little.

“Oh, sure. Well you had better hurry in there or else you will miss the beginning.” Aiden said to Kayla.

“Ladies first… you are such… a gentleman.” Kayla said, doing a creepy smile.

“We found a few seats Angeal, come on!” Maria came out calling for Aiden.

Kayla looked at Maria. Maria looked at Kayla.

“Whose wedding are you going to?” Maria asked Kayla.

Kayla then ducked her head and went into the theatre.

“Don’t worry my love, I will save you completely next time. I will face that witch.” Kayla thought to herself entering. “This chocolate is a sign of our love.” 

Maria dragged Aiden into the theatre and they all sat near the front to watch Leanne perform.

Kayla watched Aiden throughout the entire performance. She still believed that the chocolates were a sign of his love and not just something to bring in guests.

The play was a big success and Leanne was happy to see so many people watch her perform. Maria applauded loudly as all those in attendance chanted encore.

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