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Angel Misery 2: Episode One

New Dorms and Roommates

Maria’s latest Birthday party was held at a skating rink. Her invited guests were Leanne, Angel, and of course her family which organized it. Now they were gathered around to see Maria unwrap her gifts.

“Oh wow, these are some big boxes this year!” Maria said, looking at the three large boxes in front of her. There was one wrapped with red wrapping paper and had golden Chinese characters on it.

“You should probably open grandma’s and grandpa’s presents first.” Allison said to Maria.

Maria looked back at her. “I was going to do that anyway.” Maria said to Allison, grabbing the gift.

Leanna got closer to see what was in the box.

Maria started pulling items out of it. She first pulled out an advanced graphing calculator, then she pulled out a backpack that was filled with rulers, erasers, calligraphy pens, fine paper and other stationary items. Then at the bottom of the box was a red bracelet with gold bells on it. There was a note attached to it.

“Congratulations Ma Rui, we heard the news about you getting into the Top School in the World. We are proud of you! Happy Birthday Sweetie!” The note read.

“Oh, so all of this is for school.” Maria looked at the items feeling a bit disappointed.

Maria’s dad took a picture of Maria as she was looking at the gifts. He looked at the picture he took and Maria looked annoyed.

“Come on Sport. This is going to your grandparents, give them a big smile!” Maria’s dad said as he went to take another picture.

Maria looked at the camera and gave a fake smile.

Maria’s dad looked at the image again. “I guess that’s good enough.” He said, as he then went to take more pictures.

Leanne then pushed her present closer to Maria. “Open mine next!” Leanne said to Maria.

Maria grabbed Leanne’s box and inside was an MP3 player. And it had a ton of songs programmed into it that Leanne liked to listen to.

“Oh wow! You took all that time to put music on this!?” Maria asked Leanne.

“Yep! Now when you go to your new school you will have a mixtape that can keep you company. Oh and a few of my personal songs are on there… you could delete those if you find them annoying.” Leanne said to Maria.

“Guess I will have to listen to it first.” Maria joked with Leanne. “I’m just kidding.” Maria laughed.

And now the final large gift on the table. It was the box that was marked from Angel.

Aiden stood close to the table as Maria’s dad wanted him to do as Maria opened his gift.

Inside was a personal drone with a camera attached to it and a miniature screen. Leanne got close to the box too, wondering what it was.

Maria lifted it up.

“Cool! It’s like a mini helicopter!” Maria said looking at the gift.

Leanne grabbed the controller from the box. “Look Maria, you can control it with this!” Leanne said to Maria showing off the remote.

Maria grabbed the remote and tried to get it to move. But nothing was happening.

“You need to turn on both the drone and the remote for it to start.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria flipped over the drone and found the on switch. She then powered up the drone. It made a loud buzzing sound as it was the propellers were getting up to speed.

The skating rink people looked over at the table to see what was happening.

The drone then went into the air. Maria’s dad took pictures of it since it was the first time anyone has seen a drone.

As the drone was moving around hectically the party members ducked for their safety.

Maria started laughing as she started targeting Allison with the drone.

Before it could hit Allison, Maria’s dad grabbed it.

“Okay Champ, that’s enough fun with that. You can play with it more later.” Maria’s dad smiled, feeling a bit exhausted.

Maria hugged both Leanne and Aiden, who was Angel at the time, for their gifts.

The family then sang Happy Birthday and Maria stood in front of her candles.

She closed her eyes. “I wish, that this year is even more eventful than last!” Maria thought to herself as she blew out her candles.

Everyone cheered and celebrated Maria’s Birthday.

A few weeks have passed since then. Maria, and Aiden received letters of confirmed pickup for their requested departure date and had prepared for their trip to Pasadena, California, for their new Dorms.

Maria waited in front of her home as her family stood in front of the house seeing Maria off. 

A bus came and it was a fancy, black coloured box with tinted windows. It had a place underneath for your luggage. Inside there was a bathroom, and TVs attached to the seats.

Maria started walking to the bus dragging her luggage behind her. The Bus driver assisted with putting the items underneath.

Maria then looked back at her family. They were waving to her. Maria started to feel emotional, but didn’t want to show them her tears, so she smiled and waved one more time before getting on the bus quickly.

“Bye Bye Sweetie! Hope you have a great time!” Maria’s mom said.

“Way to go Sport! You are going to do great, show them what the Li family can do!” Maria’s dad yelled out.

“Bye Maria! Bring back something cool!” Allison said as the bus started leaving.

Maria watched as she was getting further and further from her house. She sat back on her seat in the empty bus.

She exhaled, and turned on the TV in front of her.

The Bus then picked up Silvia next.

Silvia’s family waved Goodbye to her, and Charles helped put Silvia’s luggage under the bus with the driver. Silvia didn’t get as emotional as Maria did, but it was obvious that she was trying to remain composed.

Silvia got on the bus and said Maria. She looked around for Aiden.

“Is Aiden in the bathroom, or hasn’t been picked up yet?” Silvia asked Maria.

Maria was focused on the Movie. “He hasn’t been picked up yet. So you don’t have to keep looking.” Maria responded to Silvia.

Silvia sat in her seat and took out a book to read.

Maria looked over. “You know you can use these screens to watch a movie. You will get to read books when we get to the school.” Maria said to Silvia, showing her the screen.

“Obviously I know that, but unlike you, I actually find reading books entertaining.” Silvia responded.

“Okay.” Maria said, nearly mocking Silvia. Maria went back to watching her movie.

The bus then went to Aiden’s house. Aiden didn’t bring any luggage, and there was no one to say goodbye to him when he left.

Aiden simply got on the bus and sat next to Maria.

“Finally they picked you up!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Yes, I suppose because I live the furthest away from the metropolitan area.

“Hello Angeal!” Silvia said standing up to talk to Aiden.

“Hello Silvia.” Aiden responded.

Silvia sat down next in the seat across the aisle from Aiden. Maria looked over at Silvia with a grimace.

“Hey Angeal, we should switch seats. I have already got to look out the window enough.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Oh, sure.” Aiden responded.

“Wait, if you want to look out the windows you can just go to another seat. That way Maria doesn’t have to give up hers.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“That is indeed correct as well.” Aiden responded.

“But you are already here, so no reason to do all of that.” Maria said, hopping over Aiden’s legs and sitting on his lap to make him scoot over.

Aiden then went to the window seat. Maria then looked at Silvia and laughed.

Silvia brought her book back up to her face and continued to read. “So annoying.” Silvia thought to herself.

The bus ride took a few hours. The group approached a large greenery covered campus. It had a large white building in the center and several spots for airplanes and helicopters to land. The school was surrounded by a large gate and outside of the gates were several mansions.

Maria got on Aiden to look out the window at the sight.

“Wow! This is awesome!” Maria said, looking at all the gadgets that were being tested by the upperclassmen.

“This school must have quite the budget.” Aiden said, looking at all the state of the art equipment on campus. Several of the students around were as tall if not taller than Aiden. He no longer seemed out of place.

The bus then stopped in front of a modern dorm. 

Then a school administrator got on the bus.

“Welcome to The International Innovators and Developers High School for Global Leaders’ Campus, or as we say here, Indiglobe. I will be your guide Sherry Alimos.” Sherry said with excitement.

Maria got excited seeing Sherry introduce them to the area.

“Now we should have Maria Li, Silvia Reiners and Angeal Heavens, correct?” Sherry asked.

“That’s right!” Maria responded.

“That’s great to hear. Okay, let’s get you all off of this cramped bus and into the sunlight!” Sherry said getting off of the bus. Maria, Silvia and Aiden followed behind.

There were a few other students who were already waiting. Some turned to look at the group.

Some groups had already begun to form. A group was knee deep in a discussion about what could be the source of mass for elementary particles, while others talked about the use of Stem Cells for the growth of Human Organs.

Aiden, Maria and Silvia just stood watching.

“Hey hey! My name is Ventus! What are your names?” Ventus, a tall student with relatively wild hair, and dark eyes asked the group.

Maria turned around to look at him. She then looked up. “Wow, you are tall. Are you the same age as us?” Maria asked Ventus.

“I was born on June 10th. So I just turned 12.” Ventus said to the group.

“Wow, so you are almost 2 years younger than me!” Maria responded. “Well, my name is Maria. I am the General, and this is my Loyal Corporal Angeal.” Maria said, introducing herself and Aiden.

“Cool, so you’re already a General?! That’s impressive. It usually takes people several decades to get to that rank. Which branch of service are you in?” Ventus asked.

“She’s lying, she’s not a General. Even you could tell that, right?” Silvia said to Ventus.

“I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, after all, look at the school you are in.” Ventus said to Silvia. “So what’s your name?” Ventus asked Silvia.

“My name is Silvia Reiners.” Silvia responded.

“Silvia? Oh that’s cool. Your name is forest in Latin, mine is the wind. So maybe that means we are a good match friendship wise.” Ventus said to Silvia.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Silvia responded.

“I am a General!” Maria said to Silvia.

“Are you really still on about that?” Silvia said to Maria.

Ventus then started talking to Aiden. “Seems like you got your hands full.” Ventus joked with Aiden.

“I hardly notice.” Aiden responded.

Ventus then looked in Aiden’s eyes. Ventus then gained a small smirk on his face. “I’m sure you don’t, everything probably comes easy to you eh?” Ventus said to Aiden, as he hit him on his shoulder as if they were friends.

Aiden looked at where Ventus touched and seemed to have gotten slightly annoyed.

“Okay everyone, follow me, as I give you a tour of campus!” Sherry said as the freshmen got up and followed her.

Maria, Aiden and Silvia all walked together as they looked around at the campus.

“Can you believe it Aiden, we are actually here!” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“Yes, who would have thought that you went from having nearly a failing GPA to this.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“Hey! I wasn’t that bad!” Maria said, punching Aiden’s arm.

“Are you usually left out of conversations?” Ventus asked Silvia.

Silvia looked up at Ventus then turned away. “I choose not to participate in most of their conversations.” Silvia responded.

“I understand that. But you know, it’s nice to have something familiar when you are exploring a new area.” Ventus said to Silvia.

“Then where are your friends? Do you not have any?” Silvia said to Ventus with a rather hostile tone. But Ventus ignored how it came off.

“I came here alone, I introduced myself to everyone here. They seem to take to me well. But I don’t want to disturb people already in conversations.” Ventus said to Silvia walking next to her.

“Then could you not disturb me either, thanks.” Silvia said to Ventus. Ventus then tilted his head as if he was wearing a hat. 

“Sure thing, I won’t bother you.” Ventus then moved away from Silvia with a disappointed look on his face.

Maria looked back and saw Ventus’ face. “Hey Aiden, what do you think of that Ventus guy?” Maria asked him.

“He’s young, and very excited. Could be at times annoying.” Aiden responded.

“You found him annoying? That’s like the first time I heard you describe someone like that!” Maria was surprised that Aiden actually had an opinion about someone.

“I’m not quite sure, I just know I’d rather not spend too much time with him.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, okay. Then I guess I won’t offer him the rank of a Private then.” Maria said to Aiden.

They all continued to walk and be shown around.

Sherry brought everyone back to the dorms.”Okay, all of your items have been taken up to your new rooms! And you can find out where those are and your roommates on the panel over there!” Sherry pointed to a glass covered box by the elevators.

“I already had a place picked out, I don’t need a dorm room.” A student by the name of Richard said to Sherry.

“All Freshmen have to live in the dorms. Once you become upperclassmen then you can live off campus.” Sherry responded.

“I’ll just have to get my dad to say something about that then.” Richard said, taking out his cell phone.

Maria went over to the list of roommates.

“Maria Li and Silvia Reiners, Room 808.” The line said.

Maria then went to Sherry. “Can I change my roommate? I already decided that I wanted to stay with Angeal Heavens.” Maria asked Sherry.

“Girls and Boys cannot stay in the same dorm room. That’s not to say you can’t visit, you just can’t sleep in the same rooms.” Sherry responded. “And no, you can’t change your roommates. You will get to do that your sophomore year.” 

Maria rolled her eyes. “Out of everyone here, it had to be Silvia.” Maria complained.

“I’m not excited about that either.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Really Father! You can’t let them do that!” Richard said loudly on the phone. He then hung up.

“Well?” Sherry asked.

“I am protesting!” Richard said, crossing his arms. “Who is with me!?” Richard yelled out.

The other students just looked at him. Ventus then touched Richard on the shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s just for one year.” Ventus said. Richard then calmed down.

Richard exhaled. “I guess it is only a year. Let me check who I’m rooming with.” Richard said, going to the box.

The other students were impressed with Ventus. “Thanks, Ventus Marcos, wasn’t it?” Sherry asked.

“Yes it is!” Ventus smiled.

Aiden looked at the panel. “Angeal Heavens and Ventus Marcos, Room 888.” The panel said.

Aiden looked over at Ventus. Ventus noticed Aiden looking at him and waved. Then he gave Aiden a thumbs up. Aiden seemed annoyed.

“Seems like both of us got people we didn’t want.” Maria said to Aiden.

Ventus walked over to the two. “So what’s the name Aiden supposed to be, is that a nickname? Can I call you Aiden?” Ventus said to them.

“How’d you know I call him that?” Maria asked Ventus.

“I heard you saying it when we were taking the tour around campus. At first I was confused because I thought your name was Angeal, but then I assumed it was a nickname.” Ventus smiled at them.

“Well don’t call me that.” Aiden said to Ventus.

Maria was shocked once again. “Aiden, why are you acting like this?” Maria asked with confusion. “Do you really not want him to use that name?” Maria added.

“Of course not.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, then I’ll just call you Angeal. I’ll see you up in our room.” Ventus said walking away and to the elevators.

“Now that he is gone, you can make him forget your name.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then looked over at Ventus and went to erase that memory. Aiden then looked down back at Maria.

“Okay, it’s done.” Aiden responded.

Ventus looked back and smirked at Aiden. Then he went into the elevator.

“Okay! Let’s go check out our rooms!” Maria said to Aiden as she rushed over.

Maria and Aiden entered room 808, where Silvia began to unpack her stuff.

“Hey! I wanted the left side!” Maria yelled out.

“Too bad, you came too slow. So it’s mine.” Silvia responded, continuing to take her stuff out.

Maria then threw her stuff out of her bag and onto the floor. It spread everywhere in the room. 

“What are you doing?” Silvia asked Maria. Some of Maria’s items landed on Silvia’s side of the room.

“What do you think I’m doing, I’m unpacking!” Maria responded, taking out more items. “Corporal, assist me with this.” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden walked over and began to fold Maria’s clothes.

“We aren’t in middle school anymore, you can’t just make him do everything for you. This is a fresh start.

“As you can see, Angeal has no problems with it. So you stay on your side with your books, and I’ll stay on my side with Angeal.” Maria said to Silvia.

Silvia, annoyed, took her favourite books out of her bag and placed them on the shelves. She then started playing classical music as she was unpacking.

“Nope! None of that.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I’m on my side of the room. So what’s your problem?” Silvia asked Maria.

“My problem is that your noise is leaking to my side of the room!” Maria responded.

“It’s not noise, it’s music. But I’m not surprised that you don’t recognize it.” Silvia said to Maria as she continued to put things away.

There was a knock on their door.

“Yeah?” Maria called out.

“A group of us are going to eat at the dining hall, I wanted to see if you guys wanted to come?” Ventus asked at the door.

“Nah, I’m good.” Maria responded.

“And what about you?” Ventus asked Silvia.

Silvia looked over at Maria and Aiden. “I’m okay, I have a lot to unpack.” Silvia responded to Ventus.

“Okay, well if you change your mind, that’s where we will be.” Ventus said, closing their door.

“”Are you staying here on purpose just so I can’t claim stuff?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Exactly, I knew that’s what you were thinking. I can skip a meal or two just to make sure you don’t get your way.” Silvia responded to Maria.

Aiden had finished putting away Maria’s clothes and started on making her bed.

Later on that night.

“It’s getting late, Angeal. You should probably return to your room.” Silvia said to Aiden. Silvia was on her bed reading a book. She wanted to take a shower but didn’t want Aiden there to see her change.

“It’s not that late. We just need one more round of cards.” Maria said playing mother may I with Aiden.

“I want to get changed. I can’t if he is in the room.” Silvia said to Maria.

“What? Is there something wrong with your body?” Maria asked.

“He is a guy, guys aren’t supposed to be with girls as they change!” Silvia said to Maria, scolding her.

Maria looked up at Aiden.

“Oh, it never bothered me.” Maria responded.

Aiden then got up. “I’ll just go. It’s obvious she would be uncomfortable.” Aiden said, going to the door.

Maria then pointed at Aiden. “Okay Corporal. Get up bright and Early. We have surveying to do!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Aye Aye.” Aiden responded by shutting the door. Aiden walked down the hall to the male side of the building.

He stood in front of room 888 and entered.

Ventus was sitting on his bed looking up at the ceiling. Aiden walked in and just went over to his side.

Their room was devoid of any decoration. Both Ventus and Aiden brought nothing with them to the school.

Aiden sat on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

They both were silent for a long time just looking up.

“What are you looking at?” Aiden asked.

“It would seem weird if I told you.” Ventus responded, but in a more melancholic mood.

“I doubt it would be something I don’t know about.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Eh, it probably is. But I’m done.” Ventus said, turning his attention at Aiden. He then put on his smile.

Aiden then looked over at Ventus.

“Seems like we somehow became roommates, pretty lucky eh?” Ventus smiled talking to Aiden.

“If this is considered Lucky, then I’d rather rely on ability.” Aiden responded.

“You must be very confident in your abilities, yeah? Considering you did get into this school and all.” Ventus asked Aiden.

“It wasn’t difficult.” Aiden responded, turning away from Ventus.

“So what did you do to get noticed?” Ventus asked Aiden.

“I made a high capacity storage harddrive that can store more than a terabyte of data.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Wow, over a terabyte. That’s impressive. That type of thing doesn’t start getting mass produced until around 2015.” Ventus responded.

Aiden was confused. “Is that a guess?” Aiden asked Ventus.

“Eh, who knows.” Ventus responded. Ventus then went to change the subject. “I think I know something that you don’t know I know.” Ventus said joking with Aiden.

“And what could that be?” Aiden asked Ventus.

“Well if I told you then you would know that I know.” Ventus joked again. “That’s a pretty fun friend group you have there. You seem to be the only one who actually has the capacity to survive here.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“What makes you say that?” Aiden asked.

“That’s a secret of mine.” Ventus smiled. “But I don’t want any of you guys leaving, so I am going to help out as much as I can.” Ventus said to Aiden. He sent out his hand for Aiden to agree.

“That’s not needed.” Aiden responded.

“Wow, you are really confident.” Ventus said, taking back his hand.

“Well, I can do anything.” Aiden said to Ventus in a serious manner.

Ventus then laid down on his bed. Then he turned around to go to sleep. “Well not anything.” Ventus placed the covers over his body. “Eh, Aiden.” Ventus said dozing off.

Aiden looked over at Ventus, wondering how he still knew his name.

Aiden stayed away as he usually did.

The next day came bright and early. Aiden left the room to meet up with Maria.

Some of the other students had gotten up for an early morning jog.

“Wow, these kids sure are motivated.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What would we expect, this is the top school in the world afterall.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So, how did it feel sleeping away from me? Were you crying of loneliness?” Maria laughed joking with Aiden.

 “Not in the slightest.” Aiden responded.

“How was your roommate? Was he surprised that you never went to sleep?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It didn’t seem like he cared. He went to sleep rather quickly.” Aiden said to Maria. Maria nodded her head.

“Does he have anything weird in the room?” Maria asked Aiden, curious to see what other people’s rooms were like.

“Ventus didn’t bring anything with him here. So our room is empty.” Aiden explained to Maria.

“Empty? He did the same thing you did? How does he have fun? He seems like such an entertaining person, it’s hard to think that he doesn’t have anything.” Maria noticed that the campus had an artificial river running through it.

“When I entered he was just looking at the ceiling, there was nothing there.” Aiden told Maria.

“Maybe he was gazing into another world, ha!” Maria laughed, making fun of the fact that Aiden couldn’t see what he saw.

“I doubt that.”  Aiden responded.

“Are you curious to know what he is doing now? He could be on your side of the room just smelling it or something.” Maria tried to creep Aiden out.

“No, I’m not curious.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, it’s a new person. You aren’t even a little curious?” Maria tried to get Aiden to budge.

“It seems like you want to know, so I can check for you.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Yeah, do recon!” Maria excitedly said. Aiden then went invisible and flew to the room.

Ventus was sitting on his bed. He was looking at the wall. Ventus then turned towards the window quickly. He looked at where Aiden was and squinted his eyes.

Aiden was confident that Ventus couldn’t see him. Ventus continued to look at the window until Aiden left.

Aiden came back to Maria.

“Well?” Maria asked.

“He was just sitting, staring at the wall, then he started staring out the window.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh! So he saw you?” Maria asked.

“Of course not.” Aiden responded.

“I don’t know. It seems like he did.” Maria joked.

Aiden then thought to himself. Then he started talking to Maria. “Right before he went to sleep he mumbled my name.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s weird. Why would he do that?” Maria said feeling creeped out.

“I don’t mean that he mumbled ‘Angeal’, he mumbled ‘Aiden’.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria’s face was surprised. “Oh! Wow! I thought you cleared his memory.” Maria asked.

“I did clear it, he should not have known my name.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, he probably overheard us talking again, like he did last time.” Maria said to Aiden.

The two walked some more around campus. When they were returning a batch of students were at the front. Silvia was off to the side.

“Hey roomie! Do you want to jump in a game of kickball for a little exercise before breakfast!” Ventus asked Aiden.

“Kickball!? I haven’t played that in years!” Maria excitedly responded.

“Then come on and join, so far it’s 8 vs 8.” Ventus said to Maria.

“Then yeah, let me get in.” Maria said to Ventus. “Corporal, you are joining too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That makes 9 vs 9. I think we can start.” A student named Keith said as the group started walking. Silvia followed behind.

“You’re actually going to play?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Ventus caught me as I was looking for you guys. He said that you would join the game, so I decided to just wait.” Silvia responded.

“Ah, so you just wanted to hang out with us. Looks like you can’t get us out of your head!” Maria laughed at Silvia.

“You’re so annoying.” Silvia responded.

The group approached the field and it looked like it was being used by a group of sophomores.

“Darn it, it seems like we were a little too late.” Keith said kicking the dirt.

“So what now? Do we just want to search for another field?” Joyce asked the group.

Maria then looked up at Aiden. “Get them off of the field, Aiden.” Maria said.

“I suppose I can just cause some water to soak them then they would leave the field.” Aiden responded.

“Sure, do that.” Maria responded.

Ventus had already begun walking back. “It’s no problem. They agreed to go ahead and eat breakfast and then have the field after us for the rest of the day.” Ventus said to the group.

“Cool, looks like we are still good to go!” Keith said, running out to the field.

The sophomores left the field, and the freshmen went on.

“How’d he do that?” Maria asked.

“He might just be exceptionally good at Politics. I didn’t ask him yesterday.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Okay, let’s pick the team leaders. How about the two tallest guys in class!?” Keith asked the group.

The freshmen looked around and agreed that would be the most fair method to select, since no one knows each other’s physical abilities yet.

So Aiden and Ventus stepped forward to the front.

Keith had a coin in his hand he was going to flip. “Okay, call it in the air Angeal.” Keith said as he flipped the coin.

The coin was in the air and Aiden calculated what it was going to land on.

“Heads.” Aiden said.

A subtle wind then came and blew the coin off its rotation. Now it was going to land on tails. The coin landed on the ground with tails.

“So that means Ventus can decide to pick first or second.” Keith gestured to Ventus.

“I’ll pick first.” Ventus grinned at Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden responded.

Ventus looked at everyone in the freshmen class.

“Aiden is going to select Maria first, maybe I should select her just to take away that option.” Ventus thought to himself.

Ventus then clamped his hands together. “I pick Maria Li.” Ventus said, pointing at Maria.

Maria lifted up both of her hands to decline. “Oh, I wanted to be on Angeal’s team.” Maria responded to Ventus.

“Surely one game on different teams isn’t going to put too much of a strain on your rock solid relationship, don’t you think?” Ventus asked Maria.

“There’s nothing Ventus can say that would get Maria to go to his team.” Aiden thought to himself.

“That’s true, but…” Maria was responding before Ventus interjected.

“If you really don’t want to join my team then I can select anyone else, just wanted to give you this opportunity to see what you are all about, General.” Ventus said to Maria.

Maria then smirked. “You’re right. A General should demonstrate their capabilities even without their subordinates.” Maria said with a giant grin on her face looking at Aiden.

Aiden watched Maria go to Ventus’ side. “He’s good.” Aiden thought to himself. “However, he is still Human, so this game is already a win for my side.” Aiden thought as he looked at the others he could choose from.

Aiden calculated the strength of the remaining players and selected them accordingly. Ventus selected seemingly at random.

Aiden’s team consisted of: Jerry Terrell, John Lynn, Zofia Johns, David Shannon, Antonio Moore, Paul Nettleton, Joyce Smith, Gary Khan, and himself.

Ventus’ team consisted of: Luetta Todd, Tammy Crabtree, Keith Johnson, Steve Martinez, Steven Milligan, Joanne Coyce, Maria Li, Silvia Reiner, and himself.

“That looks good. Since I got to pick first, you guys get to kick first. Good luck.” Ventus said to Aiden.

Aiden then went to the in field.

Ventus’ Team huddled together to discuss a game plan.

“They have Angeal on their team, so he is going to be their best player. We just needs to make sure we focus on him.” Maria said to Ventus.

“I agree, we all went to the same middle school. Angeal is physically impressive.” Silvia added.

“That’s good to know. If that’s the case then when he’s up I will get closer to the plate.” Ventus said to the group.

“How’s that going to work?” Maria asked.

“Trust me, it will.” Ventus smiled.

“I think you might be underestimating Angeal.” Maria responded.

“I would never underestimate anyone.” Ventus said. “As for the line up. Luetta, as an aspiring Mechanic I would like you to be our first pitcher.” Luette nodded her head. Ventus looked over at Tammy. “Tammy the politician, you can be a shortstop. That’ll require quick and calculated decision making in uncertain situations. That’s perfect for you.” Ventus said to her.

Ventus placed his team out this way for the rest of them. Maria was placed in the outfield due to her fast acceleration and stamina. And Silvia was placed on second base, a location that usually would be run past quickly, but when the bases are loaded is a vital point to prevent scores.

Aiden allowed his team to step up to the plate whenever they were comfortable.

Luetta had the bright red ball in her hand. She set up to begin to roll it. Gary Khan was the first one to kick.

Luetta rolled the ball and Gary Khan missed the first kick. “That’s strike one.” Luetta said, taunting Gary.

“I’m just rusty.” Gary responded.

Luetta then rolled the ball again. And again Gary missed. “That’s strike two!” Luetta called out. Gary then started to get frustrated.

“Come on, just calculate where it’s going to be.” Gary thought to himself.

“Now he should be the most concentrated on trying to kick the ball. So if I make it bouncy then he won’t notice it and kick it at its earliest point, which would send the ball high into the air, allowing plenty of time for someone in the outfield to get under and grab it.” Luetta thought to herself holding the ball.

Luetta then rolled the ball with a lot of bounce.

Gary did not stop the ball and ask for a reroll, he instead kicked it as hard as he could as predicted. The ball went high into the air and Gary began to run to first.

Keith slowly went underneath the ball and caught it. “He’s out!” Keith called out.

Gary got off first and walked back to the infield.

Aiden’s team were able to kick two grounders, loading up first and second base. Now Aiden, who set himself as fourth, was up to kick.

“I’ll just send it near the foul line, nothing too impressive, but enough to get second base to score.” Aiden thought to himself.

Ventus got up close to Aiden, barely five meters from him.

“Well, now launching it high isn’t going to be an option. He will catch it before it even gets out of height range. So I better go for a grounder… though he is close enough to just pick it up and tag me out, then could throw the ball at second and get them out.” Aiden was thinking to himself.

Ventus stared down Aiden. “So roomie, what is going to be your next move?” Ventus asked.

“You do know if I kick it hard you could get hurt.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“You are confident in your abilities, aren’t you?” Ventus smirked at Aiden.

Luetta rolled the ball at Aiden. Aiden decided to kick it as hard as he could without bursting the ball. This way it may move past Ventus before he notices.

Aiden kicked the ball and it was a direct hit. The ball was sent forward at incredible speed. 

“Wow, that’s fast.” Ventus thought to himself seeing Aiden kick the ball. But he placed himself in the direct path and let the ball hit his chest. The ball popped into the air and Silvia ran forward to catch it.

Silvia caught the ball and Aiden was out.

She looked at Aiden confused. “I guess that’s three outs.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Seems that it is.” Aiden smirked. This was an expression that Silvia did not recognize from Aiden.

Ventus got up with a big red mark on his chest. “Okay Team, now it’s our turn!” The teams switched sides.

“That was a good kick.” Ventus gave Aiden a thumbs up. 

“Wow Aiden! How did you get out!? It’s like he knew exactly what you were going to do.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You’re right. And that’s not the first time it seemed like that.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The Freshmen continued to play their games. Maria got to kick the ball a few times and run through the bases cheering when she crossed home.

Silvia despite her minimal physical skill was able to score, and get the feeling of a successful sporting event.

Each time Aiden or Ventus were up to kick the other would meet them head on to prevent any scoring or play making.

“Score’s 8 to 9 Angeal, if I can get this kick pass you seem like we will win.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“Well that’s unfortunate for you because I am going to catch the ball and that will be 3 outs and the end of the game.” Aiden responded to Ventus.

“That’s not what I see.” Ventus responded again with a smirk.

David Shannon rolled the ball. Aiden watched closely to analyze where Ventus’ foot made contact with the ball.

The ball rolled towards Ventus and Ventus stepped directly down on the ball stopping it completely at home. Then he started running.

This caught Aiden by surprise because the ball didn’t go anywhere. Aiden quickly grabbed the ball and threw it over to first, but by then Ventus had already made his way there. And because the ball was no longer at home, the person on third started running. The person with the ball on first threw the ball to David. David caught and ran to tag out third, but they already crossed.

“Go, go!” Ventus yelled out to Maria who was on second base. She ran to third. David threw the ball over to second base to tag Maria, but she kept on running. Gary threw the ball at Maria, but Maria tripped and the ball went over her head. She got up and continued to run.

Ventus continued to run past second as Aiden’s team were scrabbling to decide who to tag out.

“Throw me the ball.” Aiden said to Antonio. Antonio threw Aiden the ball and Aiden ran after Ventus. Aiden started catching up to Ventus.

Aiden threw the ball quickly at Ventus before he could reach third, knocking him out.

“Got you. That’s three.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Yeah, seems like you did, but Maria already crossed home.” Ventus smirked. Aiden looked over at the infield. The team was cheering.

“So the score is 10 to 9, We win.” Ventus said getting up from the ground.

“Seems that you did.” Aiden responded.

Maria ran at Aiden. “You see that! I made the final score and won the game despite you being on the other team, Angeal!” Maria said to Aiden.

“You sure did, good job.” Aiden responded.

“That was a great game everyone, let’s go and get some breakfast!” Ventus said to the freshmen.

They all dusted themselves off to go to the meal hall.

Maria, Silvia and Aiden decided that they were going to participate with the group for breakfast.

Ventus walked past Aiden. “So Aiden, how’d you like that?” Ventus quietly said to Aiden.

Aiden watched as Ventus walked past him. He analyzed Ventus to see if he noticed anything. “How does he know?” Aiden thought to himself.

The Freshmen class enjoyed themselves before it was time for classes to begin. They introduced themselves to everyone around and were able to learn about each other’s hobbies.

Aiden for the first time ever was left confused on who the person was that continues to annoy Aiden at every opportunity. What does he know that Aiden doesn’t know he knows?


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