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Angel Misery 2: Chapter Three


The first month of freshman year had passed and it was now the time for homecoming and class elections. The forerunners for class president were Zofia Johns, Tammy Crabtree, and Ventus Marcos. For treasurer were Gary Khan and Rebecca Burns. And for Public Relations were Maria Li, Johnnie O’Conner and Joyce Smith.

The overall physical performance in marksmanship and physical fitness had risen sharply due to the guidance that Ventus made sure each student had. He truly wanted to make sure that everyone was enjoying their time at the school.

Maria, Silvia and Aiden sat at their table during lunch.

“So how high do you think my chances of getting elected for Public Relations are?” Maria asked Aiden and Silvia.

“Well you are running against Joyce, and she has a better eye for spin and opportunities. So I would say that you probably have a 20% chance of getting elected.” Silvia said to Maria as she ate her Sushi.

“20%?! No way, so you are saying that Joyce has an 80% chance of getting it? But there’s only like 22 people in our class. So that means you think I’ll just receive only Angeal’s, Yours, someone else’s and my own votes?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Oh, on second thought, maybe you have a 12% chance of winning.” Silvia joked with Maria.

“That’s probably not entirely inaccurate, the other two you are running against have done much more in the way of trying to get elected. We hardly spend time with anyone outside of school.” Aiden said to Maria.

Rebecca then came to their table. “Hello guys! Some of the seniors in the World Economic Leaders club invited me to a homecoming party they are having in one of their off campus houses. They said that I could invite anyone I wanted. So I figured that us girls can all go together.” Rebecca said to Maria and Silvia.

“A party? Off campus? That sounds like fun!” Maria responded.

“Is it safe? How well do you know these guys?” Silvia asked.

“Well they are in the same club as me, and I talk to them a lot. They help me out with learning about the current state of International Business Relations. So they are super friendly.” Rebecca responded.

Maria then looked at Aiden. “I guess since she’s only inviting the girls, that means you have to hang out with Ventus alone during homecoming.” Maria laughed at Aiden.

“That’s unfortunate.” Aiden responded.

“That doesn’t sound bad to me. Ventus seems like a cool guy, definitely a motivated person. I’m sure you’d warm up to him if you gave him a chance.” Rebecca said to Aiden. It was no secret that out of all the students that Aiden is the least friendly person.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Aiden responded.

“But anyways, we can all meet up at the dorm entrance and walk there together! It’s going to be fun.” Rebecca said to Maria and Silvia.

Maria stuck out her thumb. “It sure will be.” Maria responded.

“I guess I can take a short reprieve from studying for one night.” Silvia agreed.

Rebecca then left to invite the other girls in the class.

“Looks like we have plans now for homecoming weekend, what are you going to do when we are both gone?” Maria looked at Aiden with a cocky smile.

“I suppose I can just stand outside of the house and wait for you all to get finished.” Aiden responded.

“You really don’t have anything to do when Maria isn’t there? She’s really messing up your life.” Silvia noted to Aiden.

Maria then pointed at Silvia. “First off, no I am not. And second off, you can’t just stand outside staring at someone’s house. That’s weird. Just sit in the dorms and play games with the boys. Maybe you all should get together and throw your own party.” Maria said.

“Who would organize that?” Aiden responded to Maria.

They all then saw Ventus walking around the dinning hall. He had a smile on his face and laughed at each table he went to. Nodding his head after each conversation.

He came to Aiden, Maria and Silvia’s table.

“How’s lunch treating you guys? Are your taste buds in the mood for something that isn’t here?” Ventus asked them.

“No, we are good.” Silvia responded to Ventus trying to get him to hurry on and move.

“That’s great to hear. Well anyways. I’m sure Rebecca had already come to your table and invited you to that Upperclassmen Party. But if you aren’t going, I am going to host a party in the dorms for whoever is left. Come by if you want.” Ventus said to them with a smile on his face.

Maria and Silvia looked at Aiden.

“Sure. I don’t have anything else to do.” Aiden responded.

“Awesome, well now it just got even better!” Ventus responded, nodding his head. “If you want me to get anything just let me know.” Ventus said to Aiden before leaving the table.

“Look at that Angeal, now you have plans for this weekend.” Maria teased Aiden.

“It seems that way.” Aiden responded.

In the second half of the school day the students of the school all met up at the Stadium. Cannons were shot off and the Military performed their Silent Drill. Then fighter jets flew overhead with the flags colours, and then with the school colours.

Each of the flag bearers of each class had to march on the field and present the pieces of the school’s motto.

Ventus spoke first with the Freshmen’s Flag. “We Carve the path towards the future with innovation and commitment.”

Jordan spoke next, holding the Sophomore’s Flag. “We provide an example for the Generation after us, and the realization of the dreams of those who came before.”

Kyle spoke next, holding the Junior’s Flag. “We train our minds, bodies and spirits to tackle any of our Global Issues, and conquer them without a second thought.”

Then finally George spoke, holding the Senior’s Flag. “In time ours will be etched into the annals of History. As were the names of our forebears, for we are the Students of The International Innovators and Developers High School for Global Leaders.”

Another round of cannons were shot off and the performances for each club were underway.

The AI and Robotics Development Institute presented their new project, an AI that was able to maneuver around an obstacle course without being given prior input. It was able to process the data from it’s input sensors in real time, and was able to make decisions based on it.

The Robot finished the course then waved up at the students in the stands.

Maria cheered because she helped build pieces of it. Though she didn’t help much when it came to writing it’s programs. Aiden helped a lot with that part.

“This is already way better than the performances from Middle School.” Maria said to Aiden.

“A lot can be done when everyone has a single goal and a lot of money.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Next year, I am going to be the one down there showing off our robot!” Maria said to Aiden pointing down at the Juniors and Seniors of the AI and Robotics Development Institute.

“That’s definitely an obtainable goal given the speed of your current progress.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I can probably do it without much help from you.” Maria laughed.

“That may be a stretch.” Aiden joked with Maria.

Eventually the Homecoming Celebration ended and the Students were allowed to return to their dorms. 

Maria excitedly jumped around having left over excitement from the Homecoming performances.

“You seem to be a much more hyper ball of energy tonight.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria swung around the light poles on campus.

“How can you not be excited about that. This school is so awesome!” Maria said to Aiden. She then stopped. “Though we do get a lot of homework and readings to do. And that’s not even thinking about all the running.” Maria said to herself.

“The homework is hardly an issue, you just copy off of mine.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s true, but it still takes time to copy all the answers.” Maria laughed as she then swung around the poles again.

Aiden and Maria entered Room 808. Silvia had already finished her homework and was practicing her violin. She watched as Maria came in with a ton of energy.

“Well I guess that’s the end of my practice.” Silvia said, putting down her violin.

“You should have stayed outside more, it feels so nice!” Maria said to Silvia.

“No thankyou. We are going to be outside all night tomorrow. So I’d rather be inside today.” Silvia responded to Maria.

Aiden then sat down on the floor on Maria’s side.

“So Angeal, how are you feeling about this school? We aren’t the top of the class anymore.” Silvia asked Aiden.

“The grading criteria of this school is strange. So even if I knew everything there was to know, I likely still would not be at the top of the class.” Aiden responded.

“You guys are too focused on grades. Remember what Miss Creed said. In the real world, there isn’t grades, only decisions.” Maria imitated Miss Creed.

“Wow, look at Maria being the ideal Student.” Silvia joked with Maria.

Maria grabbed her pillow and threw it at Silvia. Silvia blocked it with an overhead block, like the ones they learned in Martial Arts class.

“My reflexes are too fast for that to work now.” Silvia smirked at Maria.

“Well maybe I should use a bullet next time.” Maria returned a smirk.

“That’s crossing the line a bit.” Silvia said to Maria.

“I’m only joking ha.” Maria responded.

The group hung out in Room 808 before Silvia finally kicked Aiden out of the room. Aiden then returned to Room 888 where he found Ventus sitting. 

Ventus looked up and saw Aiden. “Welcome back Roomie. Done having fun with your old classmates?” Ventus asked Aiden.

“Yes, they are getting ready for bed.” Aiden said before he sat at his desk.

Ventus then looked at Aiden. “I know you are curious about what I look at when I stare at this wall.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“That may have crossed my mind a few times.” Aiden responded.

“Well, I’m not actually looking at the wall. It’s just a place that is void of information so it’s an ideal place for me to get a clear picture of what I actually see.” Ventus explained to Aiden.

“What do you see when you look there?” Aiden asked.

Ventus then thought a bit. “Ah, it’s like a transparent overlay of stuff. It changes a lot, so I really either have to focus on it, or be in the zone.” Ventus responded.

“Sounds like daydreaming.” Aiden said to Ventus with his typical serious tone.

“Well I know what daydreaming feels like, this is different. But I don’t need to explain it further. There’s nothing I can say that would clarify it.” Ventus laughed rubbing his neck as he spoke with Aiden.

“Then we can leave it at that. I already got a satisfying enough answer.” Aiden responded.

“I wish you could see what I could see. Then this would be a lot easier.” Ventus said to Aiden.

Aiden then thought to himself. “I can see what you see, it’s just that what your mind is doing is structured in a way that makes no sense.” Aiden thought when looking at Ventus.

“Well, I am going to go to sleep. Got a lot of planning to do tomorrow for the dorm party!” Ventus said laying down.

Aiden laid down but remained awake. 

The next morning Ventus woke up early and headed outside to get decorations. He seemed to be in high spirits.

Aiden got out of bed and waited outside of Room 808.

Maria came out and opened the door for Aiden. “How was your sleep! Are you excited for tonight’s party?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, not in particular.” Aiden responded.

“I guess that’s because you will just be partying in the dorms.” Maria reminded Aiden.

The group wasted time just to get the day over with. Ventus, Keith, and Steve were helping Aiden put up the decorations for the dorm party.

“Yeah, make sure that the punch bowl is in the center of the table, we wouldn’t want it to tilt because of its unbalanced center of gravity from resonance.” Keith said to Steve.

“It’s a punch bowl, the resonance needed to cause it to spill would require everyone in the building to move at the same frequency. That’s just not likely.” Steve responded.

“Wow, even a simple thing like putting up drinks causes everyone here to think about science.” Maria said as she and Aiden returned to the elevator.

“Oh wait, I need to go upstairs too!” Ventus said, jumping on the elevator with them.

They all stood in it.

“Just about an hour left before everything gets started.” Ventus smiled at Aiden and Maria.

“Glad you are hosting something like this for the guys. Angeal doesn’t know what to do when I’m not around.” Maria joked with Ventus.

“I can tell.” Ventus grinned. “You guys are like the bestest of best friends.” Ventus said to Maria.

“Look! Someone finally notices. See, I knew that you had a keen eye.” Maria responded to Ventus.

“I’d have to be blind not to see it.” Ventus then laughed. The elevator reached the 8th Floor and the group left.

“See you guys later.” Ventus said going to Room 862.

Maria grabbed a bunch of her clothes and asked Aiden which one she would look the best in. Aiden had no strong opinion about any of it.

“I could just be invisible with you while you are out at the party. I can’t see myself enjoying being around humans.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That kinda breaks our agreement of independence. I have to get to know people. How am I ever going to develop any social skills if you are always around. I feel like I don’t notice social cues as well as everyone else.” Maria said to Aiden while holding up a black skirt.

“You might get cold wearing that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Not if I wear leggings.” Maria responded.

“Sure, I suppose that would resolve it.” Aiden said to Maria.

Some time passed and Silvia returned from the Spa.

“Well time for me to get dressed. So that means you have to leave Angeal.” Silvia said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up and left room 808.

Aiden stood outside the door. He watched as the boys continued to use the elevators bringing items downstairs.

The freshmen girls then started to make their way downstairs.

Soon Maria and Silvia came out to join them. Aiden went on the elevator to go downstairs with them.

“I bet you would be more comfortable if you were a girl.” Tammy said to Aiden.

“That probably would have been a wise decision.” Aiden responded.

“Yeah, we should have gotten Angel to get accepted into this school.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Whose Angel?” Silvia asked.

“She’s… ah…” Maria tried to think. “She’s Angeal’s Sister that lives in Europe.” Maria said.

“Angeal has a sister? I did not know that.” Silvia responded.

The girls then left the elevator.

“That was a terrible lie.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I panicked.” Maria responded.

The girls then all grouped together and headed out to go to the off campus houses.

“Remember guys, if you need any of us to go there just call us, and we will show up immediately.” Ventus said to Rebecca.

“We are going to be there as a group, so there shouldn’t be any issues.” Rebecca responded as they left.

“Oh, what was that? Does someone have a crush on Rebecca?” Antonio joked with Ventus.

“Ha, no. I just want to make sure they are safe is all.” Ventus smiled, feeling embarrassed.

“I think Zofia or Joyce would be a better match for you, Ventus.” Richard joked as well.

The guys were starting to joke with one another as Aiden already felt bored.

Then they turned on some music.

“Okay guys! Let’s get rocking!” David yelled out, pouring a cup of punch into his mouth.

The girls made it into the large Mansion.

Johnnie, Zofia, Luetta, Tammy, Joyce, Rebecca, Joanne, Maria, and Silvia stayed together initially at the party.

They all went to the punch bowl and tried to get comfortable with being at the party.

A Junior by the name of Donald Hughey came up to Luetta.

“Hey, so where are you from?” Donald asked Luetta.

She was initially surprised by his showing up out of nowhere. “I’m from Indiana.” Luetta responded.

“Indiana, so you are from a midwest suburb huh, I heard you guys get crazy there. I myself am from Washington. So if you want to look at some tall trees, I got you.” Donald tried to joke with Luetta.

“Yeah, I guess that’s what people say about it…” Luetta responded feeling a bit nervous.

“Come on, enjoy yourselves girls. You guys are freshmen right? It’s time to meet some of the guys.” Donald said to the girls who were still hanging around the punch bowl.

“See if they’d be down for some truth or dare.” Another Junior named Lenard Johnson asked Donald.

“Yeah, are you guys into truth or dare?” Donald asked.

Silvia shook her head. She had no interest in participating in the game. 

“You aren’t going to have us do anything gross right?” Maria asked Donald.

“What’s the point of truth or dare if all we’re going to do is safe stuff.” Donald responded. The two Juniors went to one of the bedrooms to play.

“Is this really how a highschool party is?” Joyce asked.

“I’ll find the guys from my Institute. They are really nice.” Rebecca said, looking around for them.

Silvia looked at Maria. “Feeling bored without Angeal?” Silvia asked.

“No, I’m just not used to this yet.” Maria responded by unfolding her arms.

Several guys from the World Economic Leaders Institute came up to the girls.

“How are you girls liking the party?” Ricky asked the group.

“What are we supposed to do?” Zofia asked.

“Well it’s a party, you just talk to people and see if you have anything in common.” Ricky responded.

“I’ll start first, my name is William Davis, and I’m into Building Radio Transmitters during my down time.” William said.

“Oh, like for Planes?” Joyce asked.

“Yeah, exactly!” William responded with enthusiasm. 

The two then started speaking to one another more in depth on the topic.

“Is there anything to do other than just talk?” Maria asked.

“Like what? We have plenty of activities here.” Ricky responded.

“Like video games or something?” Maria asked.

“Oh, I actually develop games as my hobby.” Brent responded to Maria.

“You do!? That’s so cool!” Maria said with excitement.

“Yeah, I think they are pretty good, you’ve probably played a few of my games if you are into the gaming scene.” Brent said to Maria. “I made Western Warriors RPG, Soul Reapers, Radioactive Chicken…” Brent was saying before Maria interrupted.

“You made Soul Reapers!? That’s like one of my favourite games.” Maria responded.

“Yeah, I actually made the entire thing in that room.” Brent pointed to a room in the back. “Do you want to see?” Brent asked Maria.

“That would be so cool!” Maria responded. Brent then led Maria to his developers room.

The walls of the room had sound dampeners. He had several high performance computers, and it was filled with consoles and TVs.

Maria looked around the room in awe.

Back in the dorms.

The boys were playing DDR. They were taking turns competing to see who could get the high scores.

Ventus went to Aiden who looked like he was bored in the back.

“Why aren’t you joining the fun? Missing your best friend?” Ventus asked Aiden.

“No, I just don’t find enjoyment in any of this stuff.” Aiden responded.

“What do you enjoy doing?” Ventus asked.

“That’s an interesting question. I don’t actually know myself. I suppose making stuff for Maria.” Aiden responded as he thought about the question for a short while.

“You make stuff? That’s pretty neat. Have I seen anything you made?” Ventus asked Aiden, as he drank a bit more fruit punch.

The guys then cheered loudly as Gary just broke Jerry’s High Score.

“I bet you’d be amazing at that!” Ventus said to Aiden.

“I’d probably get a perfect score.” Aiden responded as if that was a matter of fact.

Ventus then laughed. Aiden looked over at Ventus then smirked. 

“How about we go one round against each other. I think I’m pretty good too.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“I suppose one round against you wouldn’t hurt.” Aiden said, starting to walk to the DDR Machine.

Ventus then paused suddenly. He started staring at the wall, and became furious. The entire atmosphere of the party changed as Ventus went from being a host to seeming like he wanted to kill someone.

Ventus then ran out of the dorms at a full sprint.

The guys at the party were confused about what just happened.

“Well that was scary.” Paul remarked. “Maybe he’s bipolar?” Paul attempted to try and guess why Ventus would suddenly act like that unprovoked.

The guys then brought out a few laser guns.

“Hey, how about we see how good our aim is after a month?” Keith said, holding a blue laser gun.

David handed the guys some vests, and they were separated out into teams. David went to Aiden and gestured, trying to give him a Blue vest.

Aiden took it to David’s surprise.

“Awesome, now let’s say that outside the dorms are off limits, other than that it’s where you want.” Keith said, turning down the lights.

On the Red Team were Richard, Abraham, David, Antonio, Paul and Gary. On the Blue Team were Jerry, John, Keith, Steve, Steven, and Aiden.

David looked around at his team. “How come all the short guys are on my team.” He asked.

“Shut up, you’re only 160 centimeters.” Paul responded.

“I’m 162 centimeters, thank you very much.” David responded to Paul.

“No, we are the same height, that makes you 160.” Paul reaffirmed.

“Okay, let’s start. The team with the most points in 15 minutes wins.” Keith said getting a quick shot on Gary.

Aiden then walked over to a pillar in the room and shot people from there.

Back at the Senior’s Homecoming Party.

Maria was looking at the consoles on the walls. “I’ve never seen this one before, where’s it from?” Maria asked, pointing at a power glove.

“Oh yeah, that’s from like the 80s, my dad got it when he went to Japan for work. It didn’t sell well. But he got one before it was discontinued. That’s the first edition, so it’s pretty rare.” Brent gloated about the item.

Maria then looked around. Brent stared at Maria as she was looking at the stuff. She started feeling weird having him stare at her.

“So, do you want to play one of these retro games?” He asked Maria.

Maria wanted to break the awkward feeling, so she accepted.

They both then sat on his bed and he handed her a controller. “This is Legend of Hector, you just have to rescue the Prison at Level 9.” Brent said to Maria.

Maria started moving the joystick and tried to get the character to attack.

“Oh, let me help you out.” Brent said, holding Maria’s hands on the controller.

Maria pulled away her hands. “No thank you. I can figure it out.” Maria responded.

They then sat in silence for a second.

“Has a guy never touched you before?” Brent asked Maria.

Maria was creeped out. “What kind of question is that?” Maria responded quickly.

“Well you pulled away when I was just trying to be nice. It seems like we had good chemistry.” Brent said to Maria.

“All I wanted to do was look at how you made games, there was no chemistry.” Maria responded.

“Come on, there had to be a little chemistry there. Why else would you come to a guy’s room alone? I can show you.” Brent said to Maria trying to hold her hand.

Maria put down the controller. “You know what, I’m uncomfortable. I’m going to leave.” Maria responded by standing up.

Brent grabbed Maria’s hand. “Why are you being such a tease, you obviously knew what you wanted when you came in here. If you leave now it’s going to be embarrassing for me.” Brent said to Maria.

“Let go of me right now.” Maria said, trying to stay calm.

“No, I just want to show you a good time. Why are you making me out to be the bad guy?” Brent responded.

“I said let go!” Maria yelled out. Brent then tried to pull Maria down.

She punched him in the face and tried to run out the room, but it seemed to have been blocked from the outside. She started kicking it.

“Get off the door!” Maria yelled out.

“You freaking prude, I wanted to make this a happy moment, but you’re making it difficult.” Brent said, grabbing Maria again.

She tried hitting him again, but Seniors are more trained in martial arts then freshmen, so he was able to catch it. He used his superior weight to throw Maria.

Because the room was designed to be soundproof for recording, no one was able to hear Maria yell out.

Brent laid on top of Maria and tried to kiss her.

“Just calm down.” Brent said.

“No! I don’t want my first time to be with you!” Maria yelled at him.

Then there was banging happening outside.

Ventus ran into the Off Campus House. He pointed at Silvia. “You find the rest of the girls and group up together at the front.” Ventus commanded Silvia with anger in his eyes.

Silvia was frightened by Ventus’ appearance and immediately went to get the other girls.

Ventus then punched the guys who were blocking the door to the room Maria and Brent were in. He dislocated one of the guy’s jaw and shoved the other to the ground. He then kicked in the door and immediately tackled Brent.

Ventus rolled on the ground with him as he continued to punch him in the face. The other guys then started to rush into the room. 

Maria quickly ran out and joined with the other girls at the party. She was distraught and ran out of the house. The other girls followed behind.

“What about Ventus?” Silvia asked.

But no one responded. They were focused on getting back to the dorms.

The guys in the dorms were busy playing laser tag when the girls returned in exhaustion.

“What happened?” Keith asked.

“I don’t know, Ventus just ran in there and just started fighting.” Zofia said, trying to catch her breath.

“Knew he was a little crazy, no one is happy all the time.” Paul responded.

Aiden then went to Maria. “Do you know what happened?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Let’s not talk about it right now.” Maria responded to Aiden.

Sirens from the campus police were heard from outside.

“Wow, looks like he really ruined it over there.” Paul added.

Maria then decided to go up the elevator without saying a word.

Aiden then quickly followed behind her.

“Well, if you guys still want to party we have a few more vests, and plenty of punch.” Keith said, trying to get the girls to join in.

“Sure.” Joyce said, grabbing a gun and vest. The other girls then also grabbed a few.

Maria laid in her bed. “Something wrong?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’m tired. I just want to go to sleep.” Maria responded.

“Are you upset that Ventus ruined your Homecoming party?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Shut Up! Just leave!” Maria yelled out at Aiden.

Aiden was silent for a moment. “My apologies.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You don’t even know what you are supposed to be apologizing for. Just leave, I want to go to sleep.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then left the room.

Aiden went into Room 888 and stood at his desk. He looked at the wall that Ventus usually stared at.

“There’s nothing there.” Aiden thought to himself.

A few hours passed and the freshman started making their way back to the rooms and to bed.

Silvia sat down waiting downstairs for Ventus to return but he never did.

Silvia woke up at 3am, she noticed that she fell asleep on one of the couches in the recreation area. All the other students had already gone to sleep. The only person awake was the Dorm’s Night Watch.

“Did Ventus return?” Silvia asked, feeling a bit groggy.

“No, no one entered the building after you all returned.” He said to Silvia.

“Okay.” Silvia responded as she then also went to bed. She entered the pitched black room where Maria was already asleep. Silvia then changed into her sleeping clothes and also passed out.

The weekend was uneventful after that. Silvia tried to figure out what happened. And Aiden walked silently because Maria did not want to talk to him.

Aiden was also curious as to what happened because Ventus never returned to the room.

There was gossip happening downstairs.

“Did you guys hear? Ventus beat like 7 guys half to death.” Richard said to the other freshmen sitting in the recreation room.

“Why’d he do that?” Steve asked.

Tammy had a feeling about what happened that night and started to feel upset with the thought that her club partners at the institute tried to assist in getting one of them taken advantage of.

“He probably had a good reason.” Tammy responded.

“There’s no good reason to beat people half to death.” Jerry responded.

“Just use your brains a little, sheesh.” Tammy responded with some anger.

After Maria heard the news she wanted to go to the Campus Police Station.

Aiden decided to go with Maria there. Once they arrived.

“Is Ventus Marcos here?” Maria asked.

“Are you filing a charge on him too?” The police officer asked.

“No, I just want to talk to him.” Maria responded.

“He’s being expelled. He can’t have any visitors.” The police officer responded.

“Expelled! But he didn’t do anything wrong!” Maria yelled out.

“Don’t you know that he was involved in several assault cases.” The Police Officer said to Maria. “Against Seniors nonetheless.” The Police Officer added.

“He had a good reason, I was there.” Maria responded.

“Then file a statement and we will look into it.” The Police Officer said to Maria, handing her the paper.

Maria angrily grabbed it.

“What reason did he have to beat those people?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Well since you can’t figure it out. That night one of those disgusting guys tried to have his way with me, and his friends locked the door from the outside. But Ventus broke in and started fighting, letting me out.” Maria said to Aiden with an attitude that she had to explain it to him.

“Oh, so that’s what happened.” Aiden responded.

“Is that all you can say about it?” Maria asked.

“Well you aren’t hurt, and with your statement the situation should be resolved.” Aiden said to Maria.

“After I turn this in, you get me in to talk to Ventus.” Maria commanded Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden responded.

Maria handed in her statement and the Police Officer read it. “And all of this is factual and the truth?” The Police Officer asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly how it went down.” Maria responded.

“Then we will add this to the case.” The Police Officer said.

Maria and Aiden then walked outside.

They both walked to the back of the building into the otherside of the wall that Ventus was being held in.

Aiden carved a hole into the cell, so that Maria could talk with Ventus.

Ventus sat on the bench in the cell with his head in his hands.

“Hey.” Maria whispered trying to get Ventus’ attention.

He looked over to where the sound was. He noticed the hole and moved over to it.

“Is that you Maria?” Ventus asked.

“Yeah, it’s me!” Maria responded.

“That’s great, I’m happy you made it out safely. I’m also happy that I made it in time. I really had to sprint the fastest I could to make it there before something much worse happened.” Ventus said to Maria.

“How’d you know that I was in trouble?” Maria asked.

“I see things, and the events that I saw if I didn’t act were unspeakable. It made me furious. So I had to make sure it didn’t happen.” Ventus responded.

The Police Officer then started walking over to the holding cell that Ventus was in.

“We have to talk about that later. We are going to make sure you don’t get expelled.” Maria said to Ventus.

“I know you will.” Ventus responded. Aiden then sealed the wall.

“We need to figure out when the trial is supposed to happen.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That shouldn’t be too difficult. We can just ask the Officer.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Yeah, let’s see!” Maria then ran back to the entrance of the building. She placed both of her hands on the desk.

“So when is his trial supposed to be!?” Maria asked the Police Officer.

“A trial? I’m pretty sure the dean already decided on the situation. I already said that I would add your statement to the case. All you can do now is wait.” The Police Officer said to Maria.

“So that’s really it? I can’t help anymore?” Maria asks.

“No, once you submit your statement that is all that could be done. The case might reopen before his punishment is finalized, or it may not. That depends on the Dean.” The Police Officer responded to Maria.

With Maria’s hands tied she spent that day trying to think about how she could help Ventus out.

The next school day started. And as announced it was time for the class elections.

On the ballots Ventus’ name was removed from the Class President spot. Maria held up a pencil and looked for his name.

Maria went up to Miss Creed.

“Why isn’t Ventus’ name on the Ballots?” Maria asked.

“Students of Negative Behaviour are ineligible to run for Class Office.” Miss Creed said to Maria.

“But his case isn’t finished. It’s unfair to remove him before it’s resolved.” Maria said loudly to Miss Creed.

“At the incident several Seniors were nearly beaten to death, and all of their stories paint the same picture. It was resolved before it was even opened.” Miss Creed said to Maria.

“But-” Maria started saying before Miss Creed interrupted her.

“Nothing you could say will get his name back on the Ballots, just vote on those which are present.” Miss Creed said, pointing to Maria’s seat.

Maria reluctantly sat down and filled out the ballot.

She selected Gary Khan for Treasurer, and herself for Public Relations. Maria wrote Ventus’ name for President despite there being no place for it.

Aiden voted for Zofia Johns, Rebecca Burns and Maria Li. And Silvia left the spot for President Blank and voted for Gary Khan, and Joyce Smith.

When all ballots were in, the votes were tallied.

For the Freshmen Class President was Zofia Johns. For Vice President was the Runner Up, Tammy Crabtree. For Treasurer was Gary Khan, and for Public Relations Joyce Smith.

“That election was stupid.” Maria remarked. “Everyone knows who the real President was supposed to be. They all should be more upset.” Maria thought to herself.

But despite this the vote stood and the direction of the Freshmen year was decided.

Zofia Johns came up to the front of the class to make her acceptance speech.

“Good morning my fellow classmate, it is I, your new Class President, Zofia Johns. Thank you all for electing me to this executive office. I will meet all of your expectations of me, and will lead our class to a bright future. Of course I will need your continued support to ensure this is the best year possible. I look forward to working with our new Treasure, Gary Khan, our new Public Relations Chair, Joyce Smith and my Vice President Tammy Crabtree. I promise that I will behave in a manner befitting of this office.” Zofia said, finishing off her speech.

The class then clapped as Zofia took her seat.

“After class today all those who have been elected are to meet me at my office.” Miss Creed told the students.

Miss Creed then started the material for the day.

Silvia looked around and noticed that Ventus was still not in class.

“I guess he’s really gone.” Silvia thought to herself.

Maria sat in her chair upset at the results, and at the speech that Zofia gave. She felt like she would have given a much better one.

A few more days passed and still Ventus was not in class. However, there was a knock on the classroom door. Summoning Maria, Silvia and Rebecca to the dean’s office.

The girls looked at each other and received permission to leave class.

They were escorted to the Dean’s Office.

“Have a seat, you three.” The Dean said to the girls.

They all sat down.

He had papers on his desk. He then placed his hands on his chin, with his fingers interlaced.

“You three have submitted Police Reports which run counter to the current narrative dealing with your classmate Ventus Marcos. Are you willing to be a witness in his case if I reopened it?” The Dean asked.

The three looked at one another. They would have to be present in front of faculty members, and the Upperclassmen involved.  Their faces would be in the light for all to see. This freshman year really took a negative turn.


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