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Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter One

Achieving Godhood

“My friends, I could not have asked for better comrades. I hope in the afterlife we can go to that extravagant dinner we all wanted after this war.” Rudolph said to his companions.

“Whichever of us gets there first, be sure to reserve the table.” Another of his companions said as the rest laughed.

The explosions outside roared as bombs exploded above. The enemy forces were marching towards the trenches they were hiding in.

“I hope the secretary isn’t a pain, but just in case I’ll try to die last.” Another of Rudolph’s friends said as he readied his gun.

The rest of the friends prepared their weapons.

Rudolph took a deep breath. “See you all later.” Rudolph said as he rushed out of the trench and began to make his last stand.

Time seemed to have gone in slow motion. Bullets flew and a few ripped through his arms.

Rudolph stood strong as he continued to push. His friends around him made a valiant effort to push back the enemy. Then the infamous feeling of oil fell onto them like drops of rain. 

Then the flame of a flamethrower could be seen emerging. The fires of wars enveloped Rudolph.

Rudolph felt pain across his body as he body began to bubble. His vision began to fade.

“So this is death…” Rudolph thought before finally collapsing.

Rudolph then appeared in a bright white room. The room was completely empty and endless.

“Seems that you failed to achieve a Godhead in this life, but at least this gave us some more valuable data.” A figure appeared looking directly at Rudolph.

“Is this Heaven?” Rudolph asked.

“Looks like you still don’t realize.” The figure walked over to Rudolph and flicked their finger on his forehead shedding his body away. Then Aquar reappeared from the White Shard.

She felt her body.

“Wait, what? Wasn’t I just…” Aquar was saying, being completely confused as to what she had experienced.

“You didn’t achieve a Godhead in that life, Aquar.” Ventusr said to her.

Aquar then seemed to finally return back to reality. “Oh yeah! Dang it, really?! So even after all of that, I still failed?” Aquar asked, feeling completely disappointed at her failure.

“Our Data shows that to achieve a Godhead you must go through a certain number of Tribulations. I have yet to completely compile a direct list of them, but I do have a general outline.” Axil said, reading the data from Aquar’s most recent life.

“It could just be that she isn’t capable enough to do so. Unlike Ventusr, Aquar hasn’t quite reached the realms of Yottajoule Energy output.” Platinum added.

“No! I can achieve it, send me back in.” Aquar said to the Researchers of Spark.

“That’s yet another lifetime you will have to go through, Aquar. You seemed rather traumatized when you returned from your first one.” Diamonda said to Aquar.

“Has anyone other than those in Olimako succeeded in creating a Godhead?” Ventusr asked Axil.

“This is still early development. We now are able to pull people out of that ‘Universe’ on demand. We could benefit from introducing guides, if you are willing to take on that role, Ventusr.” Axil suggested.

“I’m guessing a guide is someone who could remain conscious during the entry.” Ventusr figured.

“Correct, the first layer of the Light Shard entry should allow those with a Singular Godhead to remain aware of their Capabilities. And since you achieved two, you shouldn’t have any issue maintaining yourself.” Axil said to Ventusr.

“You understand what that means, Ventusr. You would be an absolute Deity within the Shard. So maybe, if you don’t want to become overwhelmed, you should create Worker Deities to lighten your load, at least for the duration of Aquar’s life.” Platinum said to Ventusr.

“Oh! I’m going to go back? Like now, now?” Aquar asked.

“You did say to send you back in.” Platinum responded to Aquar.

“Then let me prepare myself a bit.” Aquar said, flexing her field.

“You won’t be aware of yourself going in, you don’t need to prepare.” Platinum said.

“I know, I’ve already been through it. I felt like I was alive for like a hundred complete cycles.” Aquar responded.

“You were alive for 102.2 Complete Cycles during your latest life.” Diamonda said.

“Whoa, that is forever.” Aquar remarked.

The Researchers of Spark got ready the Device to send both Ventusr and Aquar into the ‘Universe’.

“I’ll be with you this time, Aquar. You won’t recognize me, but I will recognize you. I will try to make sure you achieve a Godhead. Though, by the time we enter, all that I am telling you would be meaningless.” Ventusr said to Aquar as their fields were being absorbed.

“I’m sure I’ll feel you somewhere.” Aquar said. They both then vanished into the White Shard.

Ventusr then quickly re-emerged from the Shard.

“Ah… what happened?” Ventusr asked Axil.

They all looked at the data coming from the Light Shard.

“Well this is interesting.” Axil said quietly. “It seems that you still exist within the Light Shard. So, I can assume that there was no more room for another you to exist in that reality.” Axil noted.

“So two Omnipotent beings can not exist in the same reality.” Ventusr added.

“Logically that would make sense, because if the two beings were to conflict then because they are unable to overpower each other would result in them being impotent to one another, which is counter to omnipotence. Thus, it could not exist.” Platinum said making sense of the situation.

“Are you still connected with yourself within the Light Shard?” Axil asked Ventusr.

“I am well aware of what actions I would take.” Ventusr responded.

“So it’s like an extension of your field?” Axil asked.

“It’s more like, when I was separated from myself back during the Battle against the Former Team Shadow. I am aware of it existing, but it’s not really attached to me, but I do feel a sort of tension… so I would like to explore that.” Ventusr responded to Axil.

“A tension? Explain.” Axil said to Ventusr.

“I feel this knot that seems to be connected to the Light Shard. My theory right now is that it is a connector for my Godheads. So if I can learn to control this knot, I could probably consciously control all my Godheads.” Ventusr said to the group.

“Interesting. Are you sure that will be the result?” Axil questioned Ventusr.

Omne then appeared in the room.

Axil and Ventusr were surprised to see their Oldest Sibling in the room. No one has seen Omne in about 4 Complete Cycles.

“Omne? Why have you returned?” Ventusr asked.

“Is there something wrong? Honestly, if you can’t handle it, there is no hope in us being able to.” Axil said to Omne.

“I am just excited to see you both going down this path. You are about to step into my realm of existence. So I figured I may give you a small push in the correct direction.” Omne said, before walking over to Ventusr.

“That knot that you are feeling is what I call a ‘Reality Bond’, it’s what locks you into one existence at a time. To unravel this knot you would need the force of about 100,000 Godheads. Which I would admit is quite the undertaking even for you.” Omne said to Ventusr.

“Did you accomplish that feat?” Axil asked Omne. “What happens afterward?”

“I have.” Omne said, walking over to Axil’s device. “For starters, that paradoxical recoil that happens when two Godheads exist in the same existence would no longer be an issue, because when two omnipotent beings combat one another the one that prevails is the one with another Godhead connected to it. Your Reality Bond disconnects the Godheads by the bends and twists within it.”

Omne then looked at the Light Shard.

“You don’t mind?” Omne gestured towards the Shard as they looked at Axil.

“Go right ahead.” Axil responded.

Omne picked up the Light Shard. “So you created a rip. And the rest of the device anchors those that enter it to this Existence. Pretty impressive considering the amount of times you existed.” Omne said to Axil.

“You must be on a level that I can’t even imagine now, right?” Ventusr asked Omne. Ventusr was curious about the levels of capability that could be achieved. “Are you working on achieving an even greater Ability? Can you tell me about it?” Ventusr excitedly asked.

“There’s no need.” Omne said, placing the Light Shard back in its place. “And about achieving a Godhead using your method.” Omne started to say.

Omne gestured and a Reality appeared in front of them.

“A singular Godhead is the most simple of feats, as the Energy Levels that the Ren Nao took pride in before is a given and could hardly be considered a feat in itself. To Achieve a Godhead you must go through the 3 Successes. Success of Tragedy, Success of Pain and Success of Accomplishment.” Omne began to explain.

“So with the method that I had to go through when I was trapped in the rif that was created by the time sword, why was I able to achieve a Godhead that way?” Ventusr asked.

“While you were trapped in that Existence you lived several billion Complete Cycles. The Achievement of gaining Consciousness from Non-existence is the very essence of Godhead. So achieving it while already existing is significantly easier, though it would require that your existence transcends that Reality.” Omne explained to Ventusr.

The others who were around did not know what Omne was talking about. They had yet to achieve any Godheads and thus didn’t even have the prerequisite to understand what it meant to transcend Reality.

Omne looked over at them.

“Think of it as a drawing becoming a person through their own power. Or any 2D item becoming a 3D object.” Omne explained it in simpler terms.

The rest of them gestured in agreement.

“Any matter, I think that is enough of a hint for you two to figure out the rest, at least for this Stage.” Omne said before Vanishing once again.

“Came in an instant and left in an instant, as expected of Omne.” Axil remarked.

“Let me try and return to the Light Shard. I’m going to update the information that I, within the Shard, has.” Ventusr said to Axil.

“Be my guest.” Axil said to Ventusr.

Ventusr entered the Shard then instantly was removed from it as if they had never left.

“Figured as much, but now that’s left is to see how Aquar does in their task.” Ventusr said, looking over at the data coming from the Light Shard.

Aquar was born as a Peasant Girl in a Small Village along a small river. She was given the name Li Mai. Her Mother was very sick after giving birth to her, and her Father spent every moment of the day trying to care for the Mother.

Li Mai was a silent infant. Her cries from the very start fell on deaf ears. So the point of crying was not recognized by her. Li Mai was left alone in a cold room most nights as her mother was unable to hold her child without coughing and disturbing her rest.

The Small Village made their living from selling Fish and livestock to the local market in the larger town to the South of the River. There were no paved roads, and still was very much surrounded by forest and wild beasts within them.

At the Tender age of 3, Li Mai’s Mother could not hold out anymore and passed away in her sleep. 

Li Mai’s Father soon after the death of her mother brought her to a Neighboring Home and left her and the medicine that he had gotten for Li Mai’s mother behind there. He walked off into the distance never to be seen from again.

Li Mai was a pathetically skinny toddler. She was no good at farm work nor house work.

The family within the home was not kind to Li Mai because of her uselessness.

“You can’t cook, nor clean, nor farm. And I doubt your body would even be good enough to sell.” The Father within this new household said. He was aggravated that his family was left with such a useless child.

“That medicine your father gave us could hardly be considered enough to take care of you. But who on Earth would buy such a pathetic child.” The Father continued to berate Li Mai.

Li Mai’s life only got worse when the Mother of the Neighbor’s home gave birth to a healthy son. Despite only being 4, Li Mai had to care for the child. She rocked the kid to sleep each night, and carried him around on her back when the Family went out to sell goods.

Li Mai dreaded going into Town. The people within would look upon her dirty face, skinny figure and tangled hair as if she was a stain on society. The Father who watched Li Mai would take every chance he could get to try and sell Li Mai.

“If you pay me, then I would be willing to take that girl in.” Was the general feeling that was given by the prospective buyers.

“All you’ll ever do is lose me money, I should have never agreed to take you in.” The Father said to Li Mai.

When Li Mai became 6 she hadn’t grown much bigger. The son was now walking and was eager to help in the garden by pulling vegetables out of the ground and throwing seeds at the chickens.

Li Mai spent most of her days in the corner of the room, silent. Her arms were nearly always bent in front of her as if she was trying to keep her chest warm. Her hair had become a singular mass, and her eyes were sunken. She ate food once a week, and even then she could hardly stomach it.

The Father looked over at Li Mai. “Come on, girl, let me take you somewhere.” He said to Li Mai as he picked her up.

Li Mai had a strange feeling of comfort from being picked up. She felt his warmth on her. Her body was weightless and she tried to cry tears of joy but nothing came out of her weak body.

After several kilometers into the forest he placed her down.

“Now you sit there and do yourself a favour and just pass on.” He said to Li Mai. The ground was cold and wet from the water in the river. She tried to get up to walk behind the father but she was too weak to pull herself out of the mud.

Li Mai began to shiver as it started to rain. She wanted to scream for help but her lungs and voice were so weak that she could not.

A small amount of time passed and a few stray dogs came across Li Mai. One came up to her and began sniffing her to check if she was dead or not.

When it was confirmed that Li Mai wasn’t dead it bit her clothes trying to get to her arm.

Li Mai tried to pull her arm away from it. Despite her being so weak that she couldn’t even pull herself out of mud she still wanted to live.

The other dogs then began to approach Li Mai to begin ripping her apart.

Because of how small she was, the dogs could hardly find enough room for them each to bite down on her. Once one got a grip of her arm it began to try and pull it apart from her.

The pain she felt was excruciating, but still she wanted to live.

“Help…” Li Mai said with the softest of whimpers.

Then in the distance an even larger Beast approached the ravaging dogs.

When it got close enough Li Mai was able to see that it was a Large Tiger. It let out a threatening growl. The Stray dogs left Li Mai’s body and ran off.

It slowly walked up to Li Mai. He paced around Li Mai. Then stopped behind her.

The Tiger bit down and grabbed the back of Li Mai’s shirt. It pulled her out of the mud and carried her to a tree. There was an opening within this old plant and the Tiger Placed Li Mai in it.

Li Mai was still shivering within the tree as she watched this TIger leave her there. She looked around at her surroundings. This part of the forest was dense. The rain as it fell on the leaves above made a rhythmic sound.

Li Mai wanted to sleep, but she knew that if she closed her eyes she would likely not wake back up. She forced herself to remain awake.

The Tiger then returned and within its mouth was a basket. The basket was filled with fruits from other parts of the forest. The Tiger dropped the basket in front of Li Mai and pushed it towards her.

Li Mai looked at the basket, then up at the Tiger.

It gestured for Li Mai to eat. Li Mai slowly crawled to the fruit and began to eat. The Tiger then turned around to the entrance of the hollowed tree and blocked the hole with its body.

The heat coming from the Tiger’s body was trapped within the opening. The warmth heated Li Mai’s body up as she stopped shivering. She continued to eat the fruit. It had been days since she last ate.

Li Mai had never eaten fresh fruit, her meals were mainly dry moldy rice, or slop that remained from dinner.

After eating Li Mai went over to the Tiger and leaned her head on its body. She finally went to sleep.

Several days had passed and the Tiger allowed Li Mai to exit the Tree.

It gestured for Li Mai to ride on its back. Li Mai grabbed onto the Tiger and mounted it. The Tiger then went over to the back of the tree and grabbed some meat that it had recently hunted. It was a large wild boar.

Li Mai looked at the Tiger’s massive body. Its shoulders were bigger than her entire body. Its head was large and it had piercing yellow eyes. The fur along its body was vibrant with its black stripes across its orange canvas.

The Tiger brought Li Mai to a flame. The camp seems to have been abandoned. The Tiger then dropped the meat in front of the flame. It then looked up at Li Mai.

Li Mai pointed at the boar, then at the flame then at her mouth. The Tiger nodded. Li Mai got off the Tiger’s back and to the boar.

She tried to pull off a piece of the boar but she was unable to. The Tiger bent down and ripped a piece off for Li Mai rather easily and dropped it in front of her.

Li Mai grabbed the piece of meat and placed it in the fire.

The meat popped and cooked while within the flame. Its skin began to blacken. 

The Tiger then knocked the meat out of the fire and onto the ground. It gestured for Li Mai to eat it. It seemed to have known that humans could not eat black meat.

Li Mai walked over and ripped pieces of the now cooked boar with her hand and began to put the parts in her mouth.

The taste of meat was new to Li Mai. She did not enjoy the taste, but it felt like something her body yearned for. She continued to eat it. The Tiger then began to eat the rest of the boar behind her.

Several years passed and Li Mai was now 10 Years Old. She had spent a majority of her life now in the Forest with her Companion she named Baohu.

Li Mai had grown significantly since being abandoned in the forest. She was still mute and her understanding of Baohu was much greater than her understanding of Humans. She assisted Baohu in hunts and eventually learned how to create fire of her own.

She wore the coat that she found in one of the camps that were abandoned during her youth. The coat was large on her body but provided her with enough comfort to sleep anywhere in the forest.

After another night of cooking a meal, she once again laid next to Baohu.

Early the next morning she heard rustling in the forest. She looked over at Baohu who seemed to have noticed as well.

She climbed up the tree to see where the sound was coming from.

A group of Humans were walking around in this part of the forest. They carried sharp weapons, and a flame with them.

Li Mai returned down from the tree and let Baohu know that they must leave. Baohu and Li Mai ran in the opposite direction of the Humans.

One of the Humans in the distance spotted Li Mai. “There it goes! It’s chasing after a girl!” One of the hunters called out.

The group of men then pursued after Baohu and Li Mai.

Li Mai noticed this and smacked Baohu’s back for them to run away faster.

Baohu then sprinted faster away from Li Mai and Li Mai jumped up into the trees and started to run along the canopy.

Then men below continued to pursue Li Mai as they lost sight of Baohu.

“Come down! You are going to fall!” The men below said.

Li Mai had been running along the tops of the trees for several minutes and the men below just continued to pursue her.

“That can’t be a human.” One of the men said watching Li Mai full effortly above. “Shoot it down.” 

Two of the men then started shooting arrows at Li Mai. One of the arrows barely missed but it stunned Li Mai. She lost her balance and fell out of the tree.

Her body crashed on several branches as she fell and eventually hit the soft forest floor.

The men then swarmed around Li Mai and grabbed her.

“Guess I was wrong, she is human.” The man who ordered her to be shot down said.

Li Mai then bore her teeth at the men. She tried to wrestle out of their grip.

“Calm down, you are safe now.” The man said to Li Mai.

Li Mai tried to speak but words were not forming correctly out of her mouth. It came out as indistinguishable noise. Li Mai was in great distress, the more she wrestled to get away from them the tighter they grip.

“She is insane. Someone, tie her up.” The man commanded.

They began to tie the rope tightly around Li Mai’s arms and legs.

The memories of returning to Human Society floated back into Li Mai’s mind and she began to cry.

“Okay, let’s bring her back to town. Someone has to know who she is.” The man said.

Li Mai continued to try and struggle to get out. Then one of the men smacked her. “Calm down!” He scolded her.

Baohu heard this smack and immediately ran to the Hunters.

Baohu let out a roar that could be heard for kilometers. The men saw this enormous beast. The men were frightened and they began to shake in fear.

Baohu then slowly approached them and they moved slowly away. Baohu then gets to Li Mai and picks her up off the ground. Baohu moved slowly so as to not show them that it was going to attack them.

Baohu then tore apart the rope that was tied tightly around Li Mai’s hands.

The men around saw Baohu’s claw. “It’s going to attack her!” One of them yelled out.

They then shoot several arrows into Baohu’s body.

The arrows were nearly about to hit Li Mai. Baohu moved in between the path of Li Mai and the arrows and continued to take the hits.

Li Mai hit Baohu’s body with tears streaming down her eyes. Baohu kept their gaze on Li Mai, until they eventually glazed over.

Li Mai yelled out, finally about to be heard.

The men stopped shooting after hearing Li Mai’s scream.

Li Mai cried aloud as she witnessed the only person who cared about her die. She yelled out loud again.

“Someone check on that girl.” The man said.

One of the guys came over to check on Li Mai. She grabbed one of the arrows and jammed it into his leg. 

The rest of the men then lifted their bows up towards Li Mai. 

The tears in her eyes and fiery anger on her face were evident. Both parties looked at one another. The men looked fearful seeing this young child, and Li Mai wanted them all dead. She looked back at Baohu’s body.

Baohu had protected her to keep her alive, if she attacked them now she would die too. So she decided to hold her anger.

The men seemed to have gotten the picture that she and the Tiger were likely close. 

“Okay, we will leave you be.” The man said as he backed up away from Li Mai.

She still had a fiery rage in her eyes watching the men leave. She only wished that she could have ended their lives as well.

Eventually the forest was silent once more. Li Mai laid on the body of Baohu.

Night began to approach and Li Mai continued to lay on Baohu. Then there was a faint glow in the distance.

The Spirit of Baohu was visible to Li Mai. It walked over to her and gestured for her to use its body.

Li Mai shook her head. If she tore Baohu’s body apart then it would become too real.

Baohu with its spirit made an incision on its body. Then their Spirit began to transform the corpse. Li Mai shook her head faster and faster as the Spirit of Baohu vanished.

“Please, no.” Li Mai whimpered out.

Baohu’s body then became a coat for Li Mai. 

Li Mai grabbed the coat and cried out once more.

She dropped her old coat and placed Baohu on her back. Just like they did for her throughout the years.

The coat had places for her to slide her hands in, and Baohu’s claws were connected to the sleeve for her to use as her protection. The coat was heavy, and firm. The hood of the coat was in the shape of Baohu’s head, and when she placed it over her eyes she could see the world as they did.

After Li Mai fully wore the coat, Baohu’s Spirit then appeared in the distance with a figure patting their back.

Both Baohu and the Figure then walked away into the Great Beyond. Li Mai chased after them but they were much too far away. They both then vanished into the night sky.

Li Mai looked up at the stars, and one of them, shown brightly above.

One final tear fell down Li Mai’s face. She then wiped it and continued on to a new journey.

During the next few years Li Mai strengthened her body and used the gift that Baohu gave her to augment her techniques. Her heart was filled with desire for revenge.

Soon another group of Humans walked through the Forest. 

Li Mai watched these Humans walk through the Forest, and kept an eye to make sure that they did not damage the land. These Humans were geared in War Clothing and Leather. On their hips were short swords.

To the South, Li Mai heard another set of Humans making their way through the Forest. She climbed her way to this under group, and they wore a different set of clothing and armour.

She looked back and forth at both groups and figured that they were likely enemies of one another scouting for land to expand into. Li Mai made noise to catch the attention of the scouts from the North.

They immediately looked in the direction of the noise and made their way to investigate it.

Li Mai then went to the other group and did the same to guide both groups to one another. The Warriors slowly made their way to each other and Li Mai watched them high above the canopy.

Once they spotted one another, they paused and realized the mission of each other. If they were to let the other group’s scout return the position of their units would be compromised, so they began to engage one another.

The sounds of their swords hitting one another sent a sharp piercing noise through the forest that Li Mai did not enjoy. Their fighting seemed slow and weak in her eyes. She was accustomed to the strength of wild beasts, these warriors seemed sloppy.

Her curiosity created a desire in her to see how they would compare against her.

The groups eventually wore themselves out, many of them suffered wounds but nothing was life threatening on its own. The risk of death came from infection. They were all incredibly sloppy.

Li Mai jumped down from the top of the trees and pursued those who were trying to escape the forest.

When she appeared in front of the Warriors she looked like a standing Tiger. She had her head covered with the hood of her coat. 

“Get out of our way!” They yelled out. Unsure whether what was standing in front of them was a human or a strange beast.

Li Mai wanted to kill them so badly. 

The men branded their swords at her. “Get out of the way!” They yelled again.

Li Mai then swiped the trees next to her with a forceful growl. She couldn’t stand the fact that she was unable to make herself kill these men like how those Humans killed Baohu.

She jumped up into the trees and left them alone.

Later that day she repeatedly swiped the trees with her claws. She was furious that all she thought about was revenge, but when the time came to do it, she couldn’t.

More people then started to come into the Forest. It seemed that the Humans around found interest in the position. All Li Mai could do was watch them expand into her territory. The warriors set up camps and cleared the trees around.

Some months later the advancing camp were having a buffet. They filled the forest with their noisy cheering and the air was filled with smoke. Li Mai watched their camp from high in the trees.

Li Mai tried to practice human language but she was unable to put a string of words together. She decided to hop down from the Trees and enter the camp.

She snuck her way through and looked around to see what these Humans had hidden in their tents. Many tents were filled with Humans sleeping, and others with men relieving themselves with their imaginations.

She walked her way into the largest tent of the camp. With her sharp claws she easily opened her way into the large tent. There were over a dozen men inside the tent discussing something that Li Mai did not understand.

As she got closer she heard someone behind her. She moved out of the way of their blade and extended her claw to their neck.

Both of them were barely out of range of one another.

“You have keen senses, who hired you?” The Guard asked Li Mai.

She then swiped his sword out of the way and attacked him with her tiger arms. She pushed him out of the tent.

He used his sword to defend against her strikes, he seemed very adept in fighting. However, Li Mai’s wild style was too unpredictable for him and she easily had the advantage in the fight.

The commotion they created caused others to start surrounding her.

He tried to turn the tides of the fight by going on the offensive. Li Mai’s style focused strictly on offense for Tigers don’t ever need to defend. So despite him increasing the speed of his attacks, Li Mai simply increased hers.

Soon Li Mai knocked the sword out of his hand and tore into his arm. She then smacked him several meters to the side with her large Tiger Claws. She then ran after him but then more of the Guards jumped out to attack her.

Li Mai was now in a battle against 4 Guards each attacking her with their Swords. She had her hood up and Time seemed to slow time and she was still able to maintain the advantage against them.

As she knocked one down another would get up to continue the attack.

“We can’t beat her. All we can do is try and wear her out.” The Guard from before said to the ones who were waiting to jump into the fight.

Li Mai was initially filled with hatred when the fight began but as the fight continued her filling was soon replaced with Adrenaline and Serotonin. She enjoyed the feeling of fighting.

She seemed limitless in the amount of people she could injured and take down. Soon they realized that the more people they sent to wear her down the more men they would lose in their campaign.

“Back away from her!” The Guard yelled out.

The men then backed away from Li Mai. She looked around, unsatisfied that they stopped suddenly.

“Where did you come from?” The Guard asked.

Li Mai did not answer.

“Can you understand me?” He asked another question.

She could understand him, but her comprehension was low. Li Mai nodded to him.

“Are you part of the Xiong Military?” He asked Li Mai.

Li Mai stood, she did not understand the last part of his sentence. She then tried to speak.

“Le-leave…” Li Mai barely was able to say.

“Leave? Why?” The guard asked.

Li Mai again struggled to say Leave. Even speaking words hurt her throat.

The Commander of the Camp then emerged from the Large Tent.

“What are you all doing, capture that intruder.” He commanded them.

Li Mai recognized the Commander as one of the men in the group that killed Baohu. She lunged at him. The guard then jumped out and knocked Li Mai away from her path.

The Commander looked at Li Mai.

“Wait… I think I know you.” The Commander said, looking at Li Mai.

Li Mai then began to get back up but the men of the camp began to pile on top of her, immobilizing her. The Commander then walked up to Li Mai and got a good look at her face.

“Ah, you are that girl that the Tiger was Protecting. I always wondered what happened to you after that. Duke Wu Teng would be pleased to meet your acquaintance.” The Commander said to Li Mai. He gestured for her to be taken away.

A neck brace that was typically used on animals was placed around Li Mai’s neck. Once it was on the end of the brace was attached to a tree in the distance. Li Mai was tied up like a dog.

Once they released her Li Mai tried to attack the guards around. They backed up quickly and saw that she pulled a bit of the tree out of the ground.

They pulled out their weapons and had them pointed at her. The tree itself was risky to try and enforce because whoever went to it would inevitably be attacked by Li Mai.

The Guard then ordered that Li Mai be captured and thrown in a Tiger’s cage. The other guards tossed a net above her and pulled the bottom of it trapping her within. She tried to move but was still tied up to the tree.

They then dragged her into the cage, locked it and closed her within.

Li Mai attempted to pull apart the bars but she could only make so much progress. “You keep watch over her, if she tries to escape, handle it.” The Guard said to the night watch.

That night Li Mai watched the men closely. She did not blink, watching for an instant that would allow her to escape. The light coming from the fire made her eyes glow which frightened the night watch.

Because they never got close to her, she never had the chance to make any decisive moves.

The morning broke and Li Mai was pulled by cart towards the Larger Towns. As she was being pulled the people around town stared at this Beast Girl. Li Mai saw those same eyes of pity and disgust she remembered as a kid and growled at the bystanders.

The journey to the capital took about 2 weeks. She was fed nothing but grains along the journey. However she only ate her feed at night.

They soon arrived at the Capital and Li Mai was brought to the Palace and into the Throne Room. She was kept in her cage as two Eunuchs observed her.

“She’s a feral creature isn’t she?” The Taller Eunuch said.

“Indeed, despicably feral.” The Shorter Eunuch responded.

The Eunuch then ordered a servant girl to bring a bucket of water. Once the Tall Eunuch received the water they threw it on Li Mai.

“That has done not a thing.” The Tall Eunuch said.

“Not a thing indeed.” the Shorter one responded.

“Starve the Beast, once weakness has taken, a proper presentation shall be approved.” The Tall Eunuch said.

“Deprivation of Vital Nutrients, yes, truly.” The Shorter Eunuch said as the servant girls then dragged the cage into the Servant Chambers.

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do.” The Young Servant Girl said to Li Mai. Li Mai did not understand her. What she saw was pity in her eyes. Once again aggravating Li Mai.

Li Mai was then locked in a room for several days in complete darkness. She was given no food and no drink. There was no place for her to relieve herself. 

This complete silence made Li Mai forget about everyone outside. She took this time to simply wait.

During this Period of waiting Li Mai felt a reconnection with Baohu. Li Mai breathed in slowly and breathed out slowly. She traveled within her memories. She refelt the many emotions and events that brought her here.

The further she got back in her memories the closer she felt that there was something blocking her from going back beyond her earliest recollections. Li Mai continued to meditate in silence. She continued this way for the entire duration of her captivity.

The doors of the room opened up and the servants brought Li Mai out. She became alert once more and was ready to take any moment she could.

The Eunuchs walked up to the cage and saw that Li Mai was still as alert and full of vitality.

“Pity this one.” The Tall Eunuch said.

“Pity, Pity.” The Shorter Eunuch responded.

“Lock her up once more, double the time.” The Taller Eunuch said.

“Double time, total time, 3 times.” The Shorter Eunuch said.

The Servant Girls then locked Li Mai in the room once more. Li Mai was back in darkness. She sat down and calmed her mind once again.

“This… something…” Li Mai was thinking, she was trying to listen to a voice in the far reaches of her mind. “I am… who.” Li Mai continued to listen.

“Li Mai.” Li Mai replied to the voice. 

“No, that’s… wrong?” The voice in her head said. “Why?” It continued.

Li Mai wasn’t sure if the voice she was hearing was her own or coming from someone else. It seemed like her own voice but it also felt higher.

The voice disappeared and Li Mai was once again in silence. Soon her body began to eat away at itself. The last time she had an actual meal was 7 Weeks ago in the Forest. Her dehydration made it difficult for her to remain aware for more than a few moments.

When the time was up, Li Mai was brought out of the room.

“Better, adequate and weak. Docile, now she can be tamed.” The Tall Eunuch said.

“Docile animal. Clean clean.” The Short Eunuch said.

The Servant Girls then brought Li Mai into the bath house and prepared to wash her. One tried to remove the hide of Baohu from her but Li Mai growled at them.

“Just take it off her, she is harmless in this state.” Another of the Servant girls said.

The Coat was removed from Li Mai and she was completely naked. They tossed buckets after buckets of water on Li Mai. They washed away the dirt on her skin. To Li Mai she smelled unnatural.

They dried her quickly and placed the chains on her body. Li Mai was forced to remain standing. The Eunuchs then came once again.

The Tall Eunuch looked at Li Mai. “Presentable. Take her to our Lord’s Chambers.” The tall Eunuch said.

“Present a new Toy for the Lord.” The Short Eunuch said. The Servant Girls then held Li Mai’s Chains and brought her into the Duke’s Chambers. Once she was inside she was tied down to the bed.

They then left the room.

It was silent again. Li Mai was alone in the extravagant room. It smelled of Perfumes and Scented Plants. The overwhelming amount of conflicting scent made Li Mai’s nose burn.

The door of the room then opened up. A Chubby older man walked into the room. He had a red rope across his body, he smelled of sweat and hormones. Li Mai was repulsed by his figure.

“Oh, you are new. You are pretty wild from what I have heard. That’s exciting.” The Duke said walking closely to Li Mai. Li Mai stared at him with anger in her eyes. She could smell his lustful thoughts.

He growled at her, micking what it was like to be an animal.

Li Mai was too weak to try and attack him, all she could do was watch him pretend that he was doing an animalistic mating ritual with her.

“That’s enough fun, let me feel what you are like on the inside.” The Duke said removing his robe. He had nothing underneath. He crawled on top of Li Mai, and sniffed her body from her feet to her neck.

“You smell like you;ve never had a man before.” He said pervertedly to her.

He then began to rub her hips with his hands. He felt her malnourished body. Her pelvic bones were a pleasure for the Duke.

When he tried to reach to the middle of her legs he bit his shoulder to get him off of her. But because she was so weak it didn’t do much to him.

He smacked her across the face. “You stupid whore, I was going to make your first time pleasant, but now I think I am just going to enjoy myself.” The Duke said as he slapped Li Mai again.

Li Mai’s eyes gained their fiery look once more. The Duke smiled at her angered expression. “Yeah, show me how mad you are, you dirty Commoner.” He slapped Li Mai across the face again.

He continued to slap her. Then when that no longer pleased him he started punching her with his fist. “Come on Wild Woman! Where are you biting now!” The Duke said, punching Li Mai in the face.

Li Mai’s face was made into a bloody mess. The Duke then was satisfied with what he had done. “Okay, let me finish you off.” The Duke said as he rubbed himself along Li Mai’s leg.

Li Mai felt the Duke preparing to enter her.

Then a loud knock on the Chamber Doors was heard.

“Who would dare interrupt me!?” The Duke yelled out.

“Ah, room service?” The person on the other side of the door said.

“Room Service? What is that?” The Duke responded.

The Door to the Room was then kicked in. A Young Warrior stood at the entrance. “My apologies, but it seems that our menu is empty” The Warrior said.

Li Mai looked over at what was happening with her bloodied face. The Young Warrior then looked over at Li Mai. His face became notably furious.

“Hmm, better yet. I think we just added a side of Death to our offerings.” The Warrior said. The Warrior then brandished a Dagger-axe which was ornamented with Jade and Gold on its hilt at the head of the Duke.


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