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Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Four

“To the Next Level”

The Tornado barreled down to consume Randiantsi. Randiantsi quickly tossed her shield to the side and tried to use her threads to pull the swords out of the tornado.

“Valiant effort, but it’s pointless in the end.” Samarino said, bidding a farewell to Randiantsi. The tornado then came over Randiantsi.

Randiantsi watched knowing that there was nothing she could do now and awaited to be enveloped.

But then it was blasted away.

Yaooan had been revived.

“Wait, how are you back up?” Samarino asked Yaooan.

“I poured the revival into my shield and threw it to her corpse, allowing the drink to drip on her body!” Randiantsi explained.

Randiansi then showed that she had another bottle to revive Yuski.

“Oh no you don’t!” he said, sending swords at Randiantsi as she ran towards Yuski’s corpse. Yaooan sent a continuous blast over Randiantsi’s head preventing Samarino from being able to hit her.

“Looks like we found your counter!” Yaooan said, shooting out beams at his blades. He then tried to launch them at Yaooan but she again blasted them away from her.

Yuski was revived. “Vani, shoot these at him!” He spit out bombs into the air.

“Those aren’t going to get to me.” Samarino then prepared his swords to destroy the projectiles.

Yuski threw the bombs into the air and Yaooan shot them, but instead of going forward they went under ground and blew up under Samarino’s feet. Randiantsi showed that she used her threads to pull the bombs into the ground with the momentum that Yaooan provided.

“I don’t need to see to protect myself.” Samarino said, as he relied on the automatic protection.

“That’s what we intended.” Randiantsi then formed a shield around Samarino’s body, which his swords did not see as a thread for a shield was not an offensive tool. Randiantsi left a large opening at the top.

Samarino saw that Yaooan had jumped over head and aimed her hands directly at the gap above. “Well, I’ll be…” Samarino said, before being blasted into juice within Randiantsi’s shield after taking a direct hit from Yaooan’s strongest blast.

The thud from the impact shook the entire Stadium. All the force from Yaooan’s attack was contained within the shields of Randiantsi. 

Yaooan landed and the three looked at the structure made of shields for any movement. The audience also looked in silence. Everything was quiet.

Then a Victory Icon appeared on the Party’s Menu. And they cheered.

“Yeah!” Randiantsi yelled out as she jumped on Vani. Yuski stood off to the side watching. Randiantsi then looked at him. “What are you doing, get in this.” His face lit up and he joined in the hug celebration.

The trio eventually left waving to the audience as the cheering continued, the next ranked match was set to begin soon after. Outside of the Stadium they saw Samarino.

Samarino walked up to the three and stood, silent and menacingly.

The Trio also stood looking up at Samarino.

Samarino then switched his frown and smiled. He Congratulated the three. “Dang, I guess a 3v1 was a bit too much for me.” Samarino laughed as he rubbed the back of his head. “Next time, I’ll be sure to challenge any one of you 1v1.”

“You wish! Me and Vani are a package.” Randiantsi responded.

Samarino looked at Yuski. “Guess I need to grind my way back up before the tournament huh.” He then looked at the other vehicle that was behind his. “MaiTry is probably going to destroy me when I get back.”

“No way, MaiTry is here? I thought she gave up playing after solo-ing all the raid bosses.” Yuski asked Samarino.

“She did, but like me, she got back on and dominated once again. Would you like to challenge her again?” Samarino responded to Yuski.

“Oh never again! She’s the only person that has ever gotten perfect on me.” Yuski said, shaking his hands back and forth.

“Same here, she is really quite talented.” Samarino added. “I can guarantee that even a 4v1 with all of us, she would probably still have a Perfect Match.”

Randiantsi then chimed in. “No way, you guys are making this person up.” Randiantsi then pointed at Yaooan. “What ability does she have that could withstand a blow from Vani?” Randiantsi finished.

“MaiTry’s ability is Creating Portals.” Samarino said as a Metaphorical lightning emanated behind them.

“Portal?! How is that even fair? So does that mean she can’t be hit?” Randiantsi asked Samarino.

Yuski then answered. “Not only that, but she can also create portals that launch your attacks directly back at you. Her defense is completely impregnable.” 

“Yeah, even my Omniblade technique simply was transported back onto itself. All raid bosses, enemies, mercenaries, and Outer World Deities failed to lay a finger on her.” Samarino said, walking backwards to his vehicle. “Best not for me to keep her waiting. I’ll catch you guys at the tournament.” The Vehicles then drove off.

Both Vehicles instantly sped up and blasted away in a loud roar.

“Well that was a bunch of excitement.” Yaooan said as she looked at the two.

“So what do you think of the MaiTry person? Do you think you can take her on with one of your devastating blasts?” Randiantsi said, imitating Yaooan’s hand gestures when she attacks.

“No way, she has Portals. Me shooting a blast at her will just result in it being directed at you guys.” Yaooan responded.

“Fair point. Though if I went solo against you, I think I would have a hard time against your skill. But it’s still in its infancy, you aren’t really able to use your ability for anything constructive huh?” Yuski asked Yaooan.

“I’m hardly even able to do anything destructive. I either shoot tiny lasers or huge ground shaking blasts. There’s no in between.” Yaooan pointed out.

Yuski then walked up to Yaooan. “You know what you need?” Yuski began.

“Ah… no, I don’t think I do.” Yaooan responded.

“You need a montage!” Yuski said, closing his eyes and nodding his head. Then he regained his composure. “But really though, I think you should try the training centers. You can get some good practice, and learn many things there.” 

“Hmm, I actually have yet to try those out. I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” Yaooan replied.

“Hey, you are just trying to get more alone time with me!” Randiantsi pointed at Yuski. “Don’t think I don’t see through your futile plan!” 

“Oh, so cute!” Yuski said, as he fell to the ground.

“I’ll go to the ones that you went to, Randiantsi.” Yaooan said to her.

“Ah, really? Well it’s close to Vandiantsi, we can all go together.” Randiantsi suggested.

“No, it’s okay. I need to let off a little stem before the class period begins. “Yaooan said, summoning up the vehicle.

“Aww, can you take me to Vandiantsi along the way? This Stadium sorta stinks.” Randiantsi said, running up to the vehicle.

“Sure, that’s no issue at all.” Yaooan said, starting up the vehicle.

“No! Randiantsi! Don’t leave me!” Yuski said, reaching up at their vehicle.

“Dude, you know where I’ll be, just get in your vehicle and meet me there.” Randiantsi said as their vehicle took off.

 While in the air, Randiantsi looked around to see what was flapping around their vehicle.

“Ew gross, Rider’s bag is still tied to our vehicle!” Randiantsi said, watching the bag flutter around.

Yaooan then remembered that they completely left Rider behind at the Stadium.

“Dang it, I left him behind! I need to go back and get him.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Huh? Why?” Randiantsi responded back.

“Well, he is my ride to Vesatanis in the real world, so I at least have to be sorta nicer to him.” Yaooan said.

“Eh, I don’t like the guy. Like you said before, I think he just wanted to be popular. That’s bad company.” Randiantsi said back to Yaooan.

“He says he is going to redeem himself again, plus I already told him my name so I guess that means something.” Yaooan said steering the vehicle down.

“Wow, he knows your actual name. You guys are like childhood friends now.” Randiantsi said, laughing at Yaooan.

“Oh don’t make me throw up.” Yaooan said,  stopping at Vandiantsi.

“Guess I’ll see you later tonight as usual?” Yaooan asked after Randiantsi had gotten out.

“More often than not!” Randiantsi responded with a smile.

Yaooan then took off into the air to get Rider. “Where are you Rider?” Yaooan sent a  message.

“I’m with some guys right now at Hordes Field, I’m giving them some pointers.” Rider responded.

“Why are they receiving pointers from you? Aren’t you at the lowest level possible?” Yaooan asked.

She then got an immediate response. “That’s because I prestige.”

“That’s not a real thing…” Yaooan responded. She then sent a quick second message. “I’m coming to get you, be ready or I’ll be the next person to zero you out.” Yaooan said before closing the chat.

Yaooan landed at Hordes Field and saw Rider demonstrating his simple scythe strike.

“Yeah, that’s when I spun my blade on the first raid boss like this!” Rider showed another move. “Then he started spilling his juices everywhere. Then I sliced him again like that!” Demonstrating another simple move.

Yaooan went over to grab Rider from his performance. The group gasped. “It’s Vani! She defeated Samarino with Yuski.” Someone in the crowd said.

“So it’s true, Rider did teach her everything she knows.” Another said in the group.

“I thought he was talking BS, but I guess he is the real deal.” A final person commented.

“Let’s get going before you keep building your ego with lies.” Yaooan then threw the bag at him. “Get in, we are going training until classes start again.” Yaooan said as she then entered her vehicle.

She took off as Rider was barely fully in the bag. He was hanging on by his feet.

“You know, if you’re going to lie about fighting the first Raid Boss you should at least know that it’s invulnerable to slashing damage. Now you can adjust your story before telling people that you slashed it to death.” Yaooan said to Rider.

“I can barely hear you down here, so can you tell me when we just land?” Rider said while being twisted around below.

Yaooan and Rider landed in front of the training center. Yaooan looked at the ground and found a tiny trinket. She was again reminded of her mother’s accessories from her childhood. She picked it up and held it.

“Oh sweet! Are we going to be crushing junk into pieces!?” Rider said, looking at Yaooan’s hands.

Yaooan placed the object in her inventory. Rider then went on to slash at Random Stones.

“Okay, we are going to be heading into this building, I can’t have you telling people that you are ‘prestiged’ anymore.” Yaooan told Rider.

“Yeah, I get it.” He responded half seriously.

Yaooan and Rider then began to enter the building, but Rider was stopped.

“Hey, this ain’t a free workout facility chump! If you ain’t got the cash, then train in the grass.” The NPC said, knocking Rider back.

Rider pulled out his Scythe. “I’ll show you who’s a chump.” Rider said, staring down the NPC.

The NPC got up from their seat revealing a Giant of a Man. “Are you threatening me, chump?” The NPC said walking up to Rider creating small Earthquakes with each step.

Rider then tried to slash, but the NPC, barehanded, grabbed Rider’s blade and snapped it. Then he went to crush Rider.

Yaooan jumped between the cowering Rider and the incoming impact of the NPC’s fist.

“Sorry about that Sir, he will pay double to train here.” Yaooan said, with her arms spread. Then the NPC began lowering his hand more towards Rider. “Ahh, triple then! I’ll cover it!” Then the NPC pulled his arm back.

“That’s a hard sale, but I can’t deny allowing others to train for a fee.” The NPC said walking back to his post.

Rider then got up from his position and stood completely erect. “Thanks Ya… I mean Vani. I’ll pay you back whenever I get the SRCs.” Rider said walking into the building. Yaooan followed behind and the NOC shook his head.

“This is the first time I’ve been in here so don’t ask me to try  and guide you through.” Yaooan said to Rider as they both went around and looked at the equipment available to use and the labeled rooms.

“Hey, this one says PvE Advanced High Exp Gain, so I think I am going to go in here.” Rider said, walking into that room.

Yaooan was still looking around for the kind of training she wanted to do.

“I suppose I want Technical Training.” Yaooan thought to herself. She heard in the background, RIder changing rooms.

“Ah, I don’t think I’m equipped enough for that room. I’m going to go into the PvE Beginner Low Experience Gain.” Rider then went inside. The door to the room didn’t open back up, so it seemed that Rider found a location to remain.

Yaooan found a technique and combinations rooms. It didn’t offer any exp but it did offer proficiency. So Yaooan entered the room.

“Hello there! Welcome to Technical and Expertises, would you like assistance?” The NPC in the room asked.

“Ah yes, sure. I don’t really know how to begin this.” Yaooan responded.

“Very well, I’ll be happy to help. First let’s check out which technique list to offer you.” The NPC said before showing Yaooan a glowing plate. “Place your hand here, or any part of your body, and we can see what your ability is.”

“Oh well, I already know what my ability is, it’s energy blasts.” Yaooan said as she placed her hand on the plate.

“The plate reveals that you are an Electromagnetic Energy Manipulator.” The NPC responded while they looked at the Alphabet on the plate.

“Yeah, that’s just like shooting blasts, right?” Yaooan asked.

“Oh no, that’s definitely something you could do, but in higher proficiencies you’ll be able to control anything that emits radiation. A very rare ability indeed. It’s up there with one person I saw who could manipulate space itself.” The NPC finished.

“Well the Space Manipulator is obviously MaiTry.” Yaooan thought. “So how can I train?”

“The best way to start training is by trying to steer objects that have an exceptionally high EM value. So I will send out these creatures that are as hot as magma.” The NPC said as they reached for a lever.

“Wait! How do I do that technique?” Yaooan asked as she yelled at the NPC. She didn’t want the enemies to be released before she was ready.

“I can certainly help with that.” The NPC said letting go of the lever. “The same way you release your burst of energy, you must release an empty sphere which is to absorb a certain amount of energy before you can control your target. Think of it like throwing a dry sponge, attached to you by a string, into a tub. It’s unusable to you until it absorbs enough water.” The NPC demonstrated with visualizations. “The amount of water available for the sponge is how much energy the target contains, and the size of the sponge is how much control you’ll have over it. A sponge that can drain all the water from its container gives you full control over all of its energy.”

“Okay, I think I understand. If I want to control something big, I have to create a big enough sponge.” Yaooan said as she looked at her hands. “But what if it’s extremely cold?” Yaooan asked.

“Have you tried to use a sponge on ice?” The NPC said before pulling the lever.

A cow like beast came roaring out of a cage. It looked to be made of Stone and dripped lava as it came rushing.

“I’ve never seen this creature before!” Yaooan yelled, dodging its charges.

“These are found in the wicked mountains past the first raid boss. It’s max difficulty for Zone 1.” The NPC said.

Yaooan then tried to use her abilities but was unable to because she was focusing on dodging. The beast kept charging. It spilled its internal magma on the ground.

“How am I supposed to do this if I am busy dodging? I thought this was a place for me to try and master my techniques.” Yaooan said yelling again.

“The plate also revealed that you don’t show what you are capable of until you are pushed. Therefore, we have to push you to use new techniques, then over a few more usages, you’ll be fine to use it calmly.” The NPC said as they pulled the lever again releasing another beast.

“That is not funny!” Yaooan said as she was now running from 2 beasts.

“Sadly you aren’t at a Mastery Level, at that point you’ll be able to fly. You’re a long way from that.” The NPC said, watching Yaooan. “Seems you’re having too easy of a time with two. I’m throwing in another for good measure.” They then hit the lever again releasing a third beast.

Yaooan now was surrounded and tried to visualize a sponge. The first beast then charged at her. Yaooan went to protect herself. She felt no impact. She looked out between her fingers and saw the beast mid charge but frozen in place. Then the second beast charged at Yaooan. Yaooan slammed the first beast into it using her control over it.

Yaooan then visualized a bigger sponge for the third beast who then came barreling at Yaooan. She moved out of the way. After the beast missed it quickly turned around. She was focusing on the third beast until the second got back up and began charging her from behind. She went to turn around and focused on the Second Beast. She lifted the lava that was on the ground and used it to lift the Second Beast Upward.

The Third Beast now came rushing in at her. Yaooan directed her hand downward and made the Beast rush directly into the ground. With all 3 Beasts incapacitated Yaooan took control of their bodies and visualized draining her sponges. This caused all the bodies of the beasts to release all of the Heat Energy within. They all became solid stone and perished.

Yaooan then had loose Heat Energy swirling around her.

“Oh that’s cool.” Yaooan looked at it spin. “What is this?” She asked.

“It’s left over energy from your battle, you can either absorb it, or let it swirl around you offering protection.” The NPC answered.

Yaooan then directed this Heat Energy around the Practice Area.

“This is extraordinarily cool!” Yaooan thought to herself. “Okay, lay another batch on me!” Yaooan said to the NPC.

“Coming right up!” The NPC said pulling down levers.

Yaooan continued her practice, and had grown so much as an EM Energy Manipulator. She absorbed the now Fire Tornado worth of Swirling Energy into herself then proceeded to leave. Right before she exited, Yaooan turned towards the NPC. “Thank you for your help!” Yaooan said.

“It’s my pleasure, come back around if you are up for more expertise training. Maybe next time you’ll learn to create energy constructs.” The NOC said before the door closed.

“Energy what?!” Yaooan said, but it fell on no one’s ears. She then went to get Rider so that they both could head back to classes.

She saw Rider had moved on to the novice room. She noticed that he was just standing looking at a wall.

“Hey Rider, what are you doing?” Yaooan said surprising Rider from behind.

“Oh, nothing, really, hehe…” Rider said nervously.

There was a short pause until he spoke again.

“Ah, look at my level now, I’m past where I was even before I lost that fight to Yuski, it’s crazy how much experience you gain from training.” Rider said, showing Yaooan his level.

“Yeah, that’s cool and all.” Yaooan said not really paying attention to his level. “It’s time for classes now, so we should log out.” Yaooan said to Rider.

“Really?! Darn, I was hoping to get a bit stronger. You know, for the tournament and all. I’m going to need all the help I can get.” Rider said as he checked the time.

“Be genuine and I’m sure you’ll get there.” Yaooan said as she went to log off.

Rider then logged off shortly after her. “There’s more than one way to get stronger.” Rider said before completely logging out.

Yaooan and Anhou disconnected their devices from the back of their necks. There were still a good number of students still in the courtyard logged in.

“Dang, I could have gotten like an extra minute or two of training.” Anjou said as the pair began walking to their classes. “You know as your friend in the real world, I don’t so much appreciate the harsh treatment in the game.” Anhou said to Yaooan.

“It’s just a treatment for the way you treated Randiantsi at the very start of meeting her.” Yaooan responded.

“I said I was sorry for that, cut me a break. I’m really a changed person now, honest.” Anjou said, walking in front of Yaooan. He then turned towards her.

“If you really have, then I’ll bury the hatchet, cool?” Yaooan said to Rider with an open gesture.

“Oh really? Is it that simple? No more like trials or anything like that?” Anhou said, questioning.

“Yeah, holding a grudge against you was making me feel heavy, I already have enough things on my mind to worry about.” Yaooan said finally passing Anhou.

“Oh, Ah… nice. Didn’t expect such a jump in relationsshh…” Anhou said before Yaooan interrupted him.

“Also you seem a bit slow on the uptake.” Yaooan added before she went her separate way to class.

“Sometimes you need to take things slow, yeah?” He said shouting towards Yaooan as she was now some distance away.

“That’s not what that means!” Yaooan said back in a similar manner.

Yaooan sat in her next class just looking at the teacher talking about the Legend of Odi. Yaooan then felt someone touch her back. She turned around.

“Hey, I saw you in the courtyard earlier. You kinda look like Vani from Rutanu. You wouldn’t happen to be her huh?” The girl behind her asked Yaooan.

“Um, yeah, but why are you asking me this now?” Yaooan responded to the girl.

“Oh, nothing.I just remember you fighting alongside Yuski and that other girl. I think her name was Randiums or something.” The girl was saying before Yaooan interrupted.

“Randiantsi.” Yaooan said.

“Oh yes, Randiantsi. Well anyway, I loved the showing. You put me in a good mood now knowing that someone as normal as us could get to such heights. Needless to say, I am a fan.” The girl said as she sat back down.

Yaooan then went back to paying attention in class. But rather than just thinking about how garbage the world was, she now had a tiny smile on her face from knowing that she lifted someone’s mood due to her actions.

The teacher continued talking, but Yaooan started to feel some excitement. She now actually had a tiny desire to compete in the tournament. Not for the money however, Yaooan pretty much had that covered from her previous adventure with Ren Neo. No, this was so that Yaooan could lift the mood of many others.

Class ended and the girl from earlier waved bye to Yaooan. Yaooan then continued her next night classes. Nothing unusual occurred. Then to the next and to the next.

“Dang, that was boring…” Yaooan thought to herself leaving the classrooms.

She exited the school gate as usual and headed back home. There was a noise of glass breaking and someone yelling, but that’s usual for her area. Yaooan went down to the corner store and got her some snacks. Yaooan left, but then paused for a second. She grabbed an instant meal from the store then continued upstairs to her home.

Yaooan threw off her shoes and bag and began to heat up some water. She turned on a video and sat down on her couch waiting for the beeping noise.

“Another destructive explosion in Mar-“ Yaooan switched from that video.

“Hmm, I wonder did anyone record my fight?” Yaooan thought as she was searching for it. She found plenty of strategy videos on Rutanu and continued to dig through Stadium Clips. Her water began to beep. Yaooan jumped up and threw the water into her instant meal.

She sat back down to eat it, and looked at the dish. “Congratulations Yoyo, you deserve this.” Yaooan said to herself as a tear ran down her face. She had a quick thought of her parents.

Yaooan wiped away the tears and started scrolling again. “Okay, let’s see what is going on.” She then found the video she was looking for, of her, Randiantsi, and Yuski’s battle against Samarino.

“Wow! Samarino has so much control, I wonder if I can spin my Heat Fragments around like his swords…” Yaooan thought as she watched Samarino deflect Yuski’s spit.

“Hmm, I never really thought about it, but what is Yuski’s ability? I should ask him soon.” Yaooan continued to watch the battle.

Yaooan finished her meals and was back on to watching new announcements for the game until she finally decided that it was time to clean up and log back on. Yaooan threw away her trash, cleaned up her floor and went into her bathroom to wash up.

Finishing all of this she laid in bed and logged back into Rutanu.

She headed directly to Vandiantsi to see Randiantsi hard at work building some more structures.

“Wow Randiantsi, you really get a lot done while I’m gone.” Yaooan said looking at the work done to the territory.

“Shoot, I would have got a lot more done if we didn’t get people every 5 minutes trying to be recruited into our party.” Randiantsi said using her strings to pull another person down into the trench.

“It’s like second nature to you now eh?” Yaooan asked.

“Basically! I keep getting experience from them, but it’s nowhere near enough to get me to the next level…” Randiantsi said before pausing quickly. “Oh, look, look at what I made for you!” Randiantsi said, leading Yaooan to the center of the small town.

“Tada!” Randiantsi said, showing Yaooan a statue of both of them standing tall in the middle of the town square.

“On Earth! This is crazy! How’d you learn to craft this well?!” Yaooan said stunned at the craftsmanship of the statues.

“Well in the real world I have a lot of time spent sitting down, so I picked up sculpting to pass the time a while ago. So I guess here it just got enhanced.” Randiantsi said looking at Yaooan admire the piece.

Yaooan then noticed a sculpture of Yuski in the Randiantsi Statue’s pocket.

“Ah, what is Yuski doing in your pocket?” Yaooan asked.

“Well he was sitting there watching me work, and I offered to make a smaller statue of him off to the side. But he said that he would very much prefer an even smaller sculpture of himself but in my pocket.” Randiantsi explained.

“That’s weird…” Yaooan added.

“Yeah, he’s a strange one.” Randiantsi also added.

“So what is he doing now?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

“He is battling in the Stadium, something about honing his PvP skills.” Randiantsi then shot another needle to the other side of town and prevented yet another person from getting over the trench. “If he wanted PvP, he really could have just stayed here… not that I don’t mind that he’s gone!” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“So what do you feel like doing tonight, Vani?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“When I was training earlier the NPC in the technique area had me fight against these beasts that were in another zone or something. We should go and check out the far reaches. Like beyond the first Raid Boss.” Yaooan said demonstrating how the creatures looked to Randiantsi.

“Oh! Another far off adventure with Vani! You don’t have to ask me twice.” Randiantsi said summoning the vehicle. “You drive of course.” Randiantsi said moving back.

Yaooan sat in front of Randiantsi as Randiantsi wrapped her arms around Vani’s waist.

“Off to distant lands, hunter guys!” Randiantsi said, calling down. “Protect this place while we are gone!” Randiantsi order the NPCs.

“With our life!” They saluted.

Yaooan and Randiantsi blasted off high into the air. “So which direction are we in the mood for? North, East, South, or West?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi, turning in those directions as she spoke.

“Hmm.” Randiantsi sounded as she looked hard in each direction. In the North she saw the mountain that they have been to before with the raid boss. In the South was the Ocean. In the East looked to be deep plains leading into a desert, and to the West was more City to explore. “I say we should go East, but let’s stock up on some items since it’s looking quite dry out there.” Randiantsi said, pointing Eastward.

“You mean like we are going to need water out there?” Yaooan said wondering if that was required for the adventure.

“Water, I wasn’t thinking that… I was thinking more along the lines of revivals, and energy drinks.” Randiantsi said, looking at her inventory.

Yaooan also looked at her inventory and saw that it was rather bare, especially considering her level. “Okay, let’s swing on by to the shopping district and pick us up some equipments.”

Yaooan then turned the vehicle westward and down into the city.

When they entered they noticed a festival was going on.

“5 days of Battles…” Randiantsi read the banners around the city.

“Looks like there’s an event going on. The NPCs decorated their shops with ribbons, and banners.” Yaooan said looking at the bustling crowd.

“Well they better have their stuff discounted then.” Randiantsi said, grabbing Vani’s hand and pulling her to the shop close by. “So what ya have big man?” Randiantsi said to the Shop Owner.

“I have the best spiritual material west of the Zemion Range!” The NOC said, displaying his materials. “You can use these materials to boost your armour strength or increase your energy pool.” 

“Wow, I am not interested in that at all.” Randiantsi said as she started walking away. Yaooan stood there wanting to actually look at the items. “Come on Vani.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“Ah, why are we just walking away?” Yaooan behan to say before the Shopkeeper called out.

“Wait! I’ll give you a 20% discount on any of my materials, plus the 10% discount for the festival, I’m practically giving this stuff away.” The NPC said towards the girls.

Randiantsi then looked at Yaooan. “That’s why.” She then walked back to the NPC. “Well now you have my interest, which one offers a durability increase to like weapons, since you see my threads are okay for now but they get cut through all the time.” Randiantsi asked the NPC.

“Hmm, your threads seem to be boosted by your energy pool in material. I think I got something for you.” The NPC said as he pulled out two large cases. “Okay so this case contains a scarf that boosts your overall energy pool by 1%, and this specialty case contains an item that replaces your threads from its current energy pool ones to a solid object.” The NPC demonstrated the strength of the thread.

He took out a sword and tried to cut through it. The sword failed. He took out a torch, it didn’t burn through it. Randiantsi then held the thread. “You don’t mind if I test it out really quick, right? I mean if it’s as good as you say then you wouldn’t be worried right?” Randiantsi asked the NPC as she held the thread.

“Go for it.” He folded his hands.

“Vani, shoot a laser beam at this thing.” Randiantsi told Yaooan as Yaooan then took aim.

“Wait! I’ve never tested it like that!” The NPC said as he tried to reach out for it. Yaooan then shot at the thread.

The beam deflected to two different areas, one directed up at the sky and the other into the ground. They all looked at the thread and just saw it vibrating, but still in one piece.

“Dang, impressive. I think I am going to go for this one.” Randiantsi said, pulling back the thread into her hands.

“Yes certainly… the NPC said as he took out his payment counter. “So that’s initially 30URCs, but with the holiday discount that’s 27URCs, then with the 20% that’s 21URCs and 60SRCs.”

“I actually would like both discounts to be used together as 30%, making it an even 21URCs.” Randiantsi said, handing the guy the 21. “Since I did help you out by testing it with a real test.”

“You know, you drive a real hard bargain short stuff.” The NPC said, staring down Randiantsi as she started back. “Well, it’s not going to be doing anything just sitting in my shop, and you look like you’ll be able to use it to its full potential, so.” He then confirmed the payment. “It’s a deal.”

“Now what about you? Are you looking for something here? I’m sure I can boost that laser ability of yours.” The NPC said to Yaooan.

“I’m not sure I’m looking for anything at the moment. I’m still working out my capabilities.” Yaooan said to the NPC.

“Oh you could get something like a mirror so you could throw them on the ground and guide your blasts.” Randiantsi said, aiming her finger like a laser pointer.

Yaooan then rubbed the back of her head. “See that’s the thing, after training earlier today I learned that I could actually steer my blasts even after releasing them, so no mirror needed.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Oh really? Well that’s cool to know.” Randiantsi said as the NPC also chimed in.

“How about some orbs to store your energy for later use.” The NPC said as he showed Yaooan silver colored orbs.

“Yea, I found that if I really wanted to, I could store my energy as swirling heat around my body… so I guess I wouldn’t have much use for that.” Yaooan replied.

“Wow! I thought you were a bit overpowered before but you’re still finding new ways to be more awesome!” Randiantsi said, stunned at Yaooan.

“Actually, you know what, I’ll take the Silver Ball things you just showed, I’m sure they’ll  come in handy eventually.” Yaooan said grabbing the objects.

“I agree, it’s never wrong to be prepared. These things can store up enough energy to release a 30Megaton explosion if you really wanted to push them that far.” The NPC said to the two.

“Oh, so they are like Rutanu equivalents to the Energy Crystals in the Real World.” Randiantsi said, also holding on to one of the silver objects.

 “There’s something like this in our world? Is it like new technology?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

Randiantsi then looked confused. “Ah, no… it’s as old as Earth itself. And Vesataanis has been using them to power our cities since before Vesatanis became a thing.”

“Wow, who would have thought that’s how other places get power.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Then how does Marian get power for the cities there?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“The Queen drains her power into the city and that’s where we get our power, that’s also what made it so that we can’t die in Marian North.” Yaooan responded, turning towards the NPC.

“Vlagora also has immortality… and I suspect that every place does, ever since the White Glow each night became a thing. I think your Queen is taking credit for stuff she didn’t do.” Randiantsi responded to Yaooan who was half paying attention.

“Ah, how much for these?” Yaooan asked the NPC. “No way everywhere has immortality. Marian South has been having daily deadly violence, and Vlagora doesn’t seem to be doing well with the epidemic going through there.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“100SRCs each, with the upfront 30% off you’ll ask me for, that’ll be 70 SRCs each. If you buy 15, I’ll give them to you for an even 10URCs.” The NPC said to Yaooan.

“Sure, I’ll take 15 then!” Yaooan then gave the guy 10URCs. Yaooan and Randiantsi then walked away from the shop.

“There hasn’t been a death in Vlagora for like 7 Years now.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, then she went silent.

Yaooan then turned around to see what was wrong with Randiantsi. She saw Randiantsi just standing still. Yaooan immediately went to comfort her.

“Hey Randiantsi, like you said earlier. If you need to talk about anything, I am here.” Yaooan then paused. “Talking about the Age of Immortality makes me sad too, since I lost my parents right before it in the War between Marian North and South. Did you lose someone too?” Yaooan asked, holding Randiantsi.

“No… it’s just that…” Randiantsi then stopped. Then she took a deep breath in, held it, and released it. “It’s just not cool for her to be taking Credit for that, you know?” Randiantsi then wiped her face then regained her upbeat attitude. “Okay, let’s continue shopping so we can go on our adventure. This has really turned into a downer, huh?”

Yaooan then got up as well and nodded her head as they continued down the road to another shop.

“Oh, check this out!” Randiantsi said, pointing to a long balck silk like robe with red trimmings along the seams. The robe had a hood and was worn overhead like a poncho.

“That is intense.” Yaooan said getting a closer look at it.

“Yeah, I would look so cool in it…” Randiantsi then looked at Yaooan. “I must have it.” he said with a flame in her eyes.

“Ha, do as your heart desires.” Yaooan said with a smile.

“Do you think I’ll look cute in it?” Randiantsi said reconsidering.

“Well you practically look cute in anything.” Yaooan responded.

“I heard, but I mean cute, like for you.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan looking at her. Yaooan then looked back with a slight bit of confusion on her face. “Hehe, nevermind, forget that last question. I’m just going to go in and buy it.” Randiantsi said, rushing in.

Yaooan again didn’t know if she was supposed to answer that last question or not. Yaooan looked through the window at Randiantsi talking to the cashier. Yaooan was thinking about how Randiantsi said that they were immortal in her region too. It made Yaooan begin to question what she thought she knew.

Randiantsi then came out wearing the robe showing it off to Yaooan. “Damn, I feel powerful in this thing!” Randiantsi said, spreading her arms wide. Then she pulled her arms in and made a fist in front of herself.

“Definitely a confusing look, you’re super cute so people would want to approach, but also very strong looking so it’ll keep them away. It’s like a baby Seritius.” (a Tiger-like creature). Yaooan responded to Randiantsi.

Yaooan then jumped as if something stunned her. “Oh! I got something that’ll look perfect on you!” Yaooan said reaching into her pocket inventory to bring out the trinket she found earlier, then she put it in Randiantsi’s hair. “There, now you look perfect.” 

Randiantsi looked up at the object in her hair, then looked back at Yaooan. “On Earth is this? It’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen!” Randiantsi said, looking at herself in the window’s reflection. “Now, we need to find something new for you. Do you want something tough like a Knight’s Armour set?” 

“I’m in the mood for a slick form fitting look with a baggy top. And maybe a poncho or satch over my shoulders.” Yaooan said trying to describe the attire.

“Oh, going for that very light weight look.” Randiantsi said, looking around. “Hmm, let’s see, who is selling speed style clothing.” Randiantsi said once again looking around. And then she spotted one. “Ah! Over there!” She said pulling Vani over.

“Black leggings, and a black long sleeved short dress. Can’t say that’s far off from what I was describing.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi as they both looked at the attire. “Now I just need  something silky and bright over my shoulders.” Yaooan said as she walked in being followed by Randiantsi.

“Why hello there! I’m the owner of this here shop. We specialize in form fitting and form hugging attire.” The NPC said.

“Yes, I do see that. First, I’m interested in what you have displayed in the window, and second, do you have some sort of light blue or light orange coloured poncho?” Yaooan asked the Shopkeeper.

“Yes I do. Those kinds of things should be over where the scarves are, since they are more accessory-like.” The NPC responded. “I’ll have that windowed outfit reserved for you until you come and purchase it.”

Yaooan and Randiantsi walked over to the selection. “Oh wow, I should definitely wear these head feathers!” Randiantsi said, putting two large red feathers in her hair.

“Definitely not, you look too full of yourself.” Yaooan laughed. She was looking through the selections as well.

“And here I thought it made me look bad to my core.” Randiantsi responded, taking the feathers out.

“That’s one way to describe it. It just didn’t give off that impression to me.” Yaooan said.

“What if I tied them back like this…” Randiantsi attempted to tie the feathers together.

“Please refrain from doing that, if you break my goods you’ll have to pay full price for them.” The NPC said to Randiantsi.

“Definitely don’t want to do that, especially if you don’t like it, Vani.” Randiantsi said, smiling at Yaooan.

“No you should definitely get it if you want. I was saying that you didn’t look ‘bad to your core’ , you still looked cute wearing it.” Yaooan said, trying to laugh it off.

“Meh, I think I’m okay with what I have, we came in here to look for your stuff.”  Randiantsi said, plopping the helmet onto a shelf.

“Actually we came to this area to stock up on goods for our adventure in the East remember.” Yaooan said, looking at Randiantsi with a grin.

“Oh yea, guess we did get a little distracted, yea. Let’s hurry up and head out Vani!” Randiantsi quickly left the shop, always down for an adventure.

Yaooan secretly bought an outfit, and soon followed after Randiantsi.

“So I estimate that we will need 3 cases of Energy Drink, two cases of Revivals, a bundle of Chewies, and maybe a few dozen Yammers.” Randiantsi said, listing off a list she made in her list.

“Why would we need Yammers? Aren’t we going to be in the middle of the Desert?” Yaooan asked, confused because Yammers is a Spicy Pepper that increases your perspirations.

“Because the creatures there love this stuff, and rather than chasing them down we can just lay them on the ground and lure them out of their hidey holes.” Randiantsi noted as if she was a Master Planner.

“Can’t argue with that.” Yaooan added.

“Well then, let’s do it! Let’s get out of this crowded place.” Randiantsi said dashing to the grocery shop.

The two quickly found their materials without a hitch. And because of the sale they were able to get their items extremely cheap. Yaooan summoned the vehicle and Randiantsi hopped in the back.

“Hold on tight, we are going to be traveling exceptionally fast, because the region is a bit of a distance away.” Yaooan told Randiantsi, who immediately grabbed tightly to Yaooan.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Randiantsi said, wrapping her arms around Yaooan.

Yaooan then immediately launched into the air and the two flew off at incredible speeds to the East.

This part of the game had an environmental buff where you take damage from the heated air and the sharp flying sands if your level or equipment was too low.

“Oh looks like the vehicle is taking some damage just being in the area.” Yaooan noticed as the health of the vehicle slowly decreased.

“Dang, really. We are barely in the heart of the area. We really are about to have to go by foot?” Randiantsi, upsettingly remarked.

“We can run this thing into the ground if we must, it’s not like we won’t be able to get a new one.” Yaooan said, continuing to move forward.

Randiantsi checked the equipment logs and quickly replied after noticing something rather critical.

“Oh! We should land… like right now! I’m not able to purchase anything while out in this region. The transports who make the deliveries can’t get to this area.” Randiantsi said, knowing that if the vehicle broke down they would have to travel on foot all the way back.

Yaooan slowed the vehicle down letting it glide to a stop. 

They both hopped out.

“Good thing you caught that. We could have been in serious trouble.” Yaooan noted as she returned the vehicle into their inventory.

Randiantsi looked around. “Other than the wind kicking up sand this place actually seems less dangerous than the main hub area.” 

The two walked deeper into the region and each time they stepped they felt a rumble under their feet.

“Wow, you have some pretty heavy steps, Vani.” Randiantsi said jokingly as they walked.

Yaooan paused. “Ah… I thought those were your steps…” 

The two looked around at their surroundings. But they saw nothing. Then they felt the rumble again.

“You felt that again right?!” Randiantsi asked nervously “Is it invisible?”

Yaooan then picked up a rock from the ground and threw it. When the rock landed the rumble happened again.

“Do you think it’s one of those Outer World Deities Samarino was talking about?” Randiantsi asked, getting closer to Yaooan.

“I don’t think it is. Those things would come with some sort of grand entrance, right? Especially if they are a tier above a raid.” Yaooan noted trying to notice a change in the environment.

Yaooan saw a part of the ground rise a little, heading in their direction.

“I think it’s underground.” Yaooan whispered to Randiantsi.

“Why are you whispering though, shouldn’t we be trying to come up with a plan?” Randiantsi said, wondering why Yaooan was being cautious.

“I think it’s using the vibrations we make to locate us. I think because we would be considered a large meal, it took interest in us.” Yaooan said, trying to be quieter.

“Yaooan gestured to be quiet and pointed to a large stone in the distance. She motioned for Randiantsi to use her Strings to pull them both over to it so that they could get off the ground.

Randiantsi nodded and threw her needles at the large rock in the distance. She hit it directly and Yaooan grabbed Randiantsi around the chest.

Randiantsi then pulled them both to the large rock. Just as they were approaching it from the air a Large Long Scorpion came out from under the ground and crushed the stone into pieces shoving it into its mouth.

Yaooan and Randiantsi landed harshly on the sand and the Beast went back underground.

“Did you see the size of that thing! It makes the Raid boss look like a tiny lizard in comparison!” Randiantsi said in complete awe.

“Well it definitely knows we are here, so we either have to take it out or run, what do you think Randiantsi?” Yaooan said cautiously.

“Ha! Between the both of us, there is nothing to be worried about.” Randiantsi pulled out her needles and shield and began to swirl it around themselves in a large circle to make the Beast come up from under the ground.

The Giant Scorpion came out from under the ground and grabbed Randiantsi’s shield. Randiantsi planted her feet into the ground and began to wrestle with the beast as if it was a large fish.

“There it is Vani, out in daylight. Go ahead and kill it with one of your insane blasts.” Randiantsi said happily, but still struggling.

Yaooan powered up a Laser shot and aimed it directly at the Scorpion.

She launched it out and it hit it directly but her laser bounced right off of it. 

Both Yaooan and Randiantsi were shocked. The Scorpion then managed to wrestle control from Randiantsi and threw her into the air.

The Beast quickly scurried to catch Randiantsi in its mouth.

Yaooan then shot the ground directly underneath the Beast and it fell into the hole. Yaooan then quickly rushed to catch Randiantsi as she fell.

They both landed on the other side of the hole and they felt the rumbling underground once more.

“This is bad, your attack didn’t work on it!” Randiantsi said worried.

“It must be heat resistant, especially considering it lives in this harsh region.” Yaooan said aloud trying to come up with a plan.

The rumbling got loud again directly beneath them and Randiantsi summoned her shield, threw it directly into the air, attached herself and Yaooan to the needles and pulled themselves into the air barely getting out of the way of being eaten.

They then slowly began to descend back to the ground.


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