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Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Three

Structure of Life

Aquar returned from the Reality that was opened via the Light Shard. Her life allowed the Scientist of Spark to gain more understanding.

“Your life was short that time, being only about 32 Complete Cycles, however, in that amount of time we were able to witness spikes within our tests.” Diamonda said to Aquar. Diamonda brought the data to the Projection.

Ventusr looked up at the data. “So the Spikes of Growth and Regression occurred at the Death of that Tiger-.” Ventusr started saying before Aqaur interrupted.

“Baohu.” Aquar added.

“Right, Baohu. Minor Spikes when Aquar’s, who I will refer to as Li Mai’s, Parents died. Li Mai’s abandonment, each time she attempted Cultivation, being praised by the King of Chu, when she 60was starving in the Servant Chambers, when she was bleeding to Death, and of course when she was fighting.” Ventusr informed the Scientist of what occurred at each of the Spikes in the data.

“And the data continues until about the very last moment within that reality, which I guess is near the point of death.” Platinum observed.

“Yes, when Li Mai finally collapsed it was after the delivery of the final head of an enemy. Something that would have been memorable for those she was assisting.” Ventusr explained.

“Tragedy, Ailments and Success. These must be the things needed to achieve a Godhead when you already have an existence. Without all three then you will have an incomplete life. I also noticed that when Aquar did achieve a Godhead, Aquar gained the abilities that she has in our reality.” Axil noted.

“Oh, wait. Those points are when I almost achieved a Godhead. Right there and there.” Aquar said pointing at the projection. “They were close to this threshold line.” 

The others in the room looked.

“It seems that to achieve a Godhead you don’t actually need to go through those situations, all you really will need to do is reach the required threshold.” Axil noted.

“Yes, but, at the points of Tribulation, Li Mai gained an average 12% increase towards that threshold. Outside of the Tribulations the gains average only .0013%. And when cultivating, Li Mai gained a .1% increase.” Ventusr responded to Axil.

“So a Life without Tribulation would have to be over 9000 times longer than a life of Complete tribulation to achieve a Godhead. And even if they Cultivated through their entire life it would still take about 120 times longer.” Platinum said.

“That entire life just felt like one long Tribulation.” Aquar said to the group.

“32 Complete Cycles, and giving an open estimate of 40 Complete Cycles. Then we can postulate that a Normal Life Span to achieve a Godhead would need to be 360,000 Complete Cycles.” Diamonda said.

“Do the Tribulations from a previous existence contribute to the total Godhead progress?” Ventusr asked.

Diamonda pulled up data from Aquar’s previous life. “They do line up. I assumed that because of such a traumatic beginning, that contributed to Aquar’s high starting point. But it seems that existence keeps track of individual entities within it.” Diamonda guessed.

“Wait, no. That’s not right. I think it is the Reality Bond that Omne was talking about. That is probably the ‘item’ that keeps track of this Godhead level.” Ventusr added into the conversation.

“We could use more data.” Axil said to Ventusr.

“I know a few people who would jump at this opportunity.” Ventusr said, looking towards Axil.

“If they are willing then bring them here.” Axil requested of Ventusr.

“We will be right back.” Ventusr said to Axil. Ventusr then looked over at Aquar. Aquar merged with Ventusr and the both of them Transported to Earth.

They arrived at SARU of the Nation of Mako. The SARU State is controlled by Master Brooke, a member of Team Light.

Brooke analyzed the data of the population within her region. She kept a close watch over the training of the Former Urizu Citizens within her Area. When she felt Ventusr’s field she turned her attention towards it.

“Ventusr! Finally someone with actual accomplishments.” Brooke said to Ventusr.

Spear ran into the room. Spear is an Artificial Human created by a Scientist from Arikargo over a Thousand Complete Cycles ago. She was upgraded by Brooke following the end of the Crete Invasion and was made a Guard within the Area’s Center.

“My Lord, I came as quickly as I could!” The Spear said, she then looked over and saw both Ventusr and Aquar in the room.

“Lord Ventusr. Greetings. Shall I prepare Cookies for you?” The Spear asked.

“Of course!” Aquar responded.

Ventusr shrugged and the Spear knew that meant she should do it. Aquar has a history of destroying The Spear.

The Spear then left the room.

“What do I owe for such a pleasure?” Brooke said to Ventusr.

Ventusr reached into another Reality and pulled Energy from it. Ventusr then formed Neutron Star Crust from the material.

Brooke looked in awe as she always had when Ventusr showed her. Ventusr then destroyed it.

“We have a method to open a pathway for you to perform a similar feat.” Ventusr said to Brooke.

Brooke became excited. “Wait, you’ve discovered a training method to teach that technique? I thought it was unique to you since you had to re-emerge from the rip in Space-time caused by the Time Sword.” Brooke asked Ventusr.

“Axil created a Light Shard, but you’ve already known about that. However, just today, Aquar managed to maintain her existence despite being transported from our Reality. She has obtained a Godhead.” Ventusr informed Brooke.

Brooke looked at Aquar.

“Really? I bet she needed your help to do so, am I right?” Brooke asked, smirking at Aquar.

“If you must know, I went through that entire life without any direct assistance. I earned this Godhead!” Aquar responded to Brooke.

“Sure, if you say so.” Brooke said before turning back to Ventusr. “Well, obviously I can’t let this little runt accomplish something I haven’t, so whatever method you came up with I am willing to try.” 

“I will transport you to Spark, and you will be taken into another Reality. Within it you will try to re-instantiate your current existence within it. Upon your completion of it, I can teach you this Reality Tear Technique and your field would be able to exist within it.” Ventusr explained to Brooke.

“Doesn’t sound like any trouble to me.” Brooke agreed to taking part in the Experiment.

“Brooke should have to go through the first Lifetime without a Guide, that way we could actually be even.” Aquar suggested to Ventusr.

“Well technically, Aquar, that wasn’t your first lifetime. Do you recall when we both were trapped within the Light Shard during the first cycle of the Create Invasion? We went through at least 8 Lifetimes. And even still I was the one to obtain the Godhead and pull us both out.” Ventusr reminded Aquar.

“Ah! I guess that’s right. Dang.” Aquar responded.

“How long would this take?” Brooke asked Ventusr.

“Maybe a few seconds once you enter.” Ventusr said to Brooke. “Though when you are within that Reality an entire lifetime will pass. But the good thing about that is, you wouldn’t even be aware that you are attempting to accomplish a Godhead.” Ventusr explained to Brooke.

Communication was then opened up.

“Ventusr, before you return to Spark could you bring one more person here. We would like to test if Two Individuals could achieve a Godhead at the same time.” Axil asked Ventusr.

“Certainly. I have already got Brooke, one of the Masters within Team Light.” Ventusr responded to Axil.

“It is an honour to speak with you Master Axil.” Brooke said in reverence for Axil.

“Who do you have in mind for a Second person?” Axil asked.

“Muiku, maybe?” Ventusr suggested.

Both Aquar and Brooke looked at Ventusr with a confused look.

“Muiku? I know you have a soft place in your heart for Muiku, but in terms of capability… Muiku is hardly any match compared to individuals like Tesh, Vesatanis, Solaris, Lux, heck even Tava out competes Muiku in a few areas.” Brooke said to Ventusr.

“Brooke is right on that. Muiku might be strong with Elemental Techniques, but anything outside of that is hardly anything to be impressed with.” Aquar added.

“Muiku could serve as a stand in for the general population. You two, along with me, are Power Hungry Maniacs. We would do anything, and go through anything to achieve even fractions of growth. But the typical citizen would seek out entertainment every now and then, so having Muiku take part would give us a better distribution of performance.” Ventusr explained to the two.

The Spear then came holding Cookies in hand.

“I’ll let you all decide on who to bring.” Axil said before ending Communication.

The Spear was confused seeing Ventusr, Brooke and Aquar in an actual discussion.

“You can seek entertainment once you have reached the limits of capability. Before that people should train.” Brooke said to Ventusr.

“I think Training is entertainment, so that’s two birds with one stone there.” Aquar added.

“We will be sending Muiku in with you. Since this is your first life I am also curious with how much I could interact with you all. During your life as Li Mai in that Reality.” Ventusr turned towards Aqaur. “When I entered after receiving new information, the knowledge I had within, also updated despite me no longer being fully connected to that Godhead.” Ventusr explained.

“Oh! I get it, so you will look at their data while they are within that Reality and see what actions you perform affect which data?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“Exactly.” Ventusr affirmed Aquar’s Question.

“And this is why you are the Ruler of Mako!” Aquar complimented.

“I wouldn’t say Ventusr received the Title of Ruler from coming up with Data Manipulation techniques. Ventusr’s forte is more with Overwhelming Power and Technique Development.” Brooke said to Aquar.

“If you think you have better Data Manipulation capabilities, why don’t you challenge Ventusr for the Title of Leader via that method right now?” Aquar taunted Brooke.

“I’m not saying Ventusr isn’t good at it, I am saying that when comparing it to their Overall Power and Technique Knowledge, it shouldn’t be considered as a place to measure the apex of their capability.” Brooke said to Aquar.

“Sounds like to me you are trying to walk back your statement. Maybe you aren’t as strong as I thought.” Aquar said to Brooke. “But what should I have expected, I do have in my Capability a Godhead, and yet, you do not.” Aquar taunted Brooke again.

Brooke then lit the area up brightly, it seemed that several stars were within the room.

“Let’s see what your Godhead can do against my Power right now!” Brooke said to Aquar.

“You both can battle here, I am going to pick up Muiku.” Ventusr said before Transporting.

Aquar looked over at where Ventusr once was. 

“Well, well. Guess your Battery has left you behind. Now I’ll get to see what an owner of a Godhead can do alone.” Brooke said to Aquar.

Aquar then backed up. “Ah… well, you see… since Ventusr isn’t here, is it even worth your time fighting me?” Aquar laughed trying to cool down the situation.

“Nah, we can do a bit of training right now.” Brooke said before sending the Energy Techniques at Aquar.

The Spear stepped back out of the room and acted like nothing was happening.

Ventusr transported to the City of Seven Hills. Muiku was teaching a group of Techies (Children who haven’t learned Object Manipulation) how to connect with Electromagnetic Bonds in Materials.

Ventusr walked up behind Muiku. Muiku did not notice Ventusr behind them. The Techies then bowed suddenly and Muiku was confused as to why they stopped training.

Ventusr tapped on Muiku’s shoulder. Muiku turned around quickly.

“Tsk Tsk, still can’t detect Fields.” Ventusr shook their head.

Muiku then bowed with the Techies. “I must be slacking in my training.” Muiku said to Ventusr.

“No, it’s not unheard of to achieve Field Detection at 30 Complete Cycles.” Ventusr reassured Muiku.

“Thanks for the encouragement.” Muiku responded to Ventusr. “So what is it that brings you here in a Material Form?” Muiku asked.

“I would like you to participate in some special training.” Ventusr informed Muiku. Muiku seemed surprised at this request.

“Special training? But I still haven’t completed the first set of Special Training you have given me. Right now you have me on nearly a Dozen Routines.” Muiku said, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“Don’t worry. This one will technically only take a couple of seconds, and if you succeed you will have a Godhead.” Ventusr said, attempting to try and lessen the burden it would have on Muiku’s daily life. 

“A few seconds? That sounds too good to be true.” Muiku responded.

“Well… it’ll take a few seconds in our reality, but it will be an entire lifetime within.” Ventusr then filled Muiku in on the details of the Training Method.

“Oh wow, so I will be involved in the discovery of New Advancements?” Muiku asked.

“Yes, that is, if you agree to come with me to Spark.” Ventusr responded.

“Every Time I’ve been on Spark it was never an easy time… Oh well. Guess if I want to move forward in life I have to get out of being comfortable.” Muiku said to Ventusr. Muiku then called out to Emma. “Emma, could you take over for me, I won’t be gone long… theoretically.” 

Emma then Teleported to Muiku and Ventusr.

“Hiya Ventusr!” Emma said with her typical energetic expression.

“Hey hey.” Ventusr responded.

“So what is it you are trying to do? Are you two going to go exploring somewhere interesting? Can I join?” Emma asked.

“It’s not exactly an adventure, but by how it sounds it would be a new experience, so.” Muiku looked over at Ventusr.

“When we work out all of what is involved, then I’ll be sure to put you on the list.” Ventusr said to Emma. “Right now, we are in the testing phase.” Ventusr informed Emma.

“Testing? I would like to be involved in Testing.” Emma said to Ventusr.

Ventusr then thought for a bit. “You know what… having more data points shouldn’t be a problem.” Ventusr said to both Muiku and Emma.

“That’s awesome!” Emma excitedly cheered.

“Dismiss your classes for a break. You’ll both be back before it ends.” Ventusr said to both of them.

“It’ll only take that long? What kind of Adventure is this?” Emma asked.

“I’ll explain it to you.” Muiku said to Emma.

“Okay Techies.” Emma called out. “Go exploring in the School District and be sure to return here in a Centi-Cycle.” Emma said to the Students.

They all then immediately dispersed to make the most out of their time.

“Looks like you are all set.” Ventusr looked around. “First, we are going to head to SARU then to Spark.” Ventusr informed the two.

“To SARU, as in Brooke’s Domain?” Muiku asked.

“Exactly, Brooke is participating as well.” Ventusr responded.

“Well, that affects my decision a little.” Muiku said more solemnly.

Ventusr then transported both Muiku and Emma to Brooke’s Capital Building.

The building had been destroyed in Various parts and Aquar was still in a Struggling match against Brooke. Brooke then stopped immediately. Aquar felt her Power Jump up in strength.

“Yeah! Now that you knew you were about to lose you decided to end it.” Aquar said to Brooke.

“I would have imagined for someone who had been losing for so long, you would have learned when to speak.” Brooke returned the jest to Aquar.

“Oh Emma is coming too! That’s exciting.” Aquar said seeing Emma beside Ventusr.

“It sounded interesting, so of course I needed to join.” Emma responded to Aquar.

“Aquar, you know what to do.” Ventusr said to her.

Aquar then transported everyone to the Lab of the Scientist of Spark.

Muiku immediately bowed deeply in the presence of Axil.

“No need for the pleasantries. Now that you all are here we can begin the next session.” Axil said to the group.

Platinum then stepped forward.

“Brooke, Emma and Muiku. You all are going to be transported to another Reality that has been opened by the Light Shard. Within that Reality you will become a New Existence, which means that you will not know who you are in this Reality. Your goal will be to rediscover the you that was transported and gain your consciousness. Though none of this is of any consequence to you once you enter, because you will forget everything.” Platinum explained.

“Ventusr and Aquar. I want to also test how a Reality with two Omnipotent God heads reacts.” Axil said to Ventusr. “Though you are a Special Case because Aquar can merge into you. However, she is still a separate entity, evident by how she was able to achieve a Godhead in that recent life.” Axil noted.

“Then that’s what we will do.” Ventusr responded.

“Yes! I get to be the Omnipotent Deity of that Reality! Brooke, you better watch your back!” Aquar said to Brooke.

“If I understand correctly, if you target me, you wouldn’t even be targeting me, you would be targeting an innocent existence that I am simply attached to.” Brooke said to Aquar.

“Don’t try to think your way out of this.” Aquar responded.

“We are ready to send them in.” Diamonda said as the Device was activated.

“This will be your first life, so I don’t expect you to achieve a Godhead. So when you return and it hasn’t been achieved, don’t feel defeated.” Axil said to the Group.

They were all then sent into that Reality.

Ventusr appeared back to the initial Reality.

“Well, looks like that happened again.” Ventusr said to Axil.

“You can just watch the data with us then.” Platinum said to Ventusr.

Ventusr and Aquar immediately realized who they were once inside. Aquar looked around.

“Oh this room has nothing in it. Is this where you were last time?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“I’m surprised that both of us still exist within here.” Ventusr looked at Aquar.

“So where is this place exactly?” Aquar asked.

“It’s a place within this Reality without anything. Technically we are looking at the edges of the Light Shard’s Corners. We need to locate the Time, Section, and Location of those Three if we want to have any influence over them.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“So, you don’t immediately know everything when you enter the Reality?” Aquar asked.

“All a Godhead does is make it so that you have the Capabilities you had before you entered. At least, now I know that since I have you to compare to. There must be more to it than that though.” Ventusr tried to think.

Aquar then continued to look around.

“There are some objects in the distance.” Aquar pointed out.

Ventusr looked over. “Those are Deities that I created during your last life. It seems that they stick around.” Ventusr said, looking at Baohu and the others.

“So Deities are like the Natives of this Reality that have achieved a pseudo Godhead?” Aquar asked.

“You could say something like that. Though it is more accurate to say that they are beings that have been granted authority by a Godhead. This second time around made me realize that there is a high chance that we as Ren Nao could have been granted Deity Status in our Reality by some Godhead in our own Reality, if we do have one.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“How much Power can you grant each of them?” Aquar asked.

“Who knows. You can simply apply Domains to them and they can influence it based on what you give.” Ventusr explained to Aquar.

“So we are Omnipotent then.” Aquar smiled.

“If you know how to properly manipulate the Data of this Reality, then yes.” Ventusr said to Aquar. “We technically have all of Time and Space for me to Teach you, so I suppose I’ll do that before we start seeking Brooke, Emma and Muiku.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

Aquar was taught all the information that Ventusr learned during the previous Existence.

“Now that we have your practice done, let’s locate them.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“Technically here, you and I are on the same level, right?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“That is correct.” Ventusr answered.

Aquar then gave a small smile. “That’s all I wanted to know.” Aquar responded.

They both then began the movement of time and space.

Brooke, Muiku and Emma were born.

The three were born in different Countries on the Continent called Cerberus. The Countries separated from one another due to differentiating Technological paths. 

The Country called Aeris dominated the skies with their Giant Airships and Warballons. Their technology was based on Air Pressure, Fire, and Aerodynamic Designs. Brooke was born into this Country and was given the name Amelia.

The Country called Mare dominated the seas with their Artificial Islands and Underwater Cities. Their technology was based on Steam, Pumps, and Hydraulics. Emma was born into this Country and was given the name Jeanne.

The Country called Tellus dominated the dry lands with their Cities of Steel and Roaming Machines. Their technology was based on Gears, Mechanical Work and Complexity. Muiku was born into this Country and was given the name Junko.

“Looks like we found them.” Ventusr said to Aquar. Aquar checked the civilization of the world.

“This doesn’t seem like the same world that I was born into.” Aquar noted to Ventusr.

“That’s because it isn’t. This is a World that exists in a completely different Galaxy from the one you were in. Though they both have exceptionally similar starting conditions.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“So what determines which location they are to be born in?” Aquar asked.

“I’m not too sure yet. It probably has something to do with which beings could support their Reality Bond…” Ventusr paused for a second to think.

“We should throw in one of those Ren Shaole to see what they become when they enter.” Aquar said to Ventusr.

“If they agree to it then certainly, but I don’t think their body would survive the journey, and they would likely simply die from the transition.” Ventusr informed Aquar.

Aquar looked down at their World. “Is it time for us to ruin their life yet?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“We don’t want to directly ruin it, we just want to nudge it in a certain direction.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“Why can’t we directly ruin it? Is that an attribute of this reality too?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“No, it’s just something I came up with.” Ventusr responded.

“Then as your equal, I say that we could directly ruin it.” Aquar laughed.

“Well if you are my equal then I suppose there isn’t much I can do until we leave this reality.” Ventusr said with a smirk.

“Ah! Don’t be like that. This is a whole different reality! We literally could erase an entire SuperCluster of Galaxies simply by Rewriting the reality to make it happen.” Aquar complained.

“If we ruin something, then it would be our fault. The countless deaths that it would cause would be on us.” Ventusr scolded.

“If it gets too messed up we can restore it, and if the deaths are so bad then how about we make it so that when they die they get reborn with their memories, but in another Galaxy.” Aquar suggested to Ventusr. Ventusr continued to listen to Aquar’s suggestion. “That way it’s like all we did was transport them.” 

Ventusr considered it for a moment.

“I will create a Deity that will judge them after they parish, that will decide how much memory they are permitted to keep. If the Deity deems that they are worthy of remaining dead, then it will create a Minor Deity out of them. I suppose I should also create an entire board of Deities to determine the locations where they would be reborn.” Ventusr said, looking around the room.

Aquar looked at Ventusr trying to compensate for her desires.

“If you feel so wrong about ending their life, how about at the moment of their death we simulate their life as if it didn’t end, then when they finally die in that simulation they could stand to be judged.” Aquar suggested to Ventusr.

“I suppose Simulating their entire reality isn’t of any effort to us. So I will create a Deity to also handle that.” Ventusr responded.

“The Deity of Dreams!” Aquar suggested a name.

“We ought to start building different realms within this Reality then, just to keep it organized for the others who follow behind us.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

Aquar readied her hands. “I have zero qualms with that.” Aquar responded.

Aquar and Ventusr divided the Space of Emptiness in 12 Worlds, each encompassing the previous. The First World hosts the Local Deities and Local Non-Natural beings. They were the lowest workers of the Outer World. The Second World hosts the Regional Deities, ones who were in charge of lands the size of Continents. They were given free roam and decisions over the land and its inhabitants, with more capabilities given to them by the Next World inhabitants. 

The Third World hosts World Deities. They are given domain over Creation on the Entire Planet. Their Scope also expands to regions that inhabitants of their world can reach within a lifetime. The Fourth World hosts Deities of a Realm. Realms for Deities encompasses Millions of Solar Systems and Nebulas. They were to maintain an administrator role over the Deities in the Lower Worlds and were in Charge of Creation for their Domains and Lower Domains.

The Fifth World hosts the Deities of Order. They stabilize the Chaos of an unbridled Universe and send Creation among their Domains. They were given control of Several Million Galactic Systems. They were not given the ability to create beings other than Local Deities for Micromanagement. 

The Sixth World hosts the Universal Deities. Ones who Maintain Order, Creation and Destruction of Creation within a universe. Ventusr and Aquar gave them free control over the Universe and its inhabitants.

The Seventh World hosts the Rulers of Heaven. Deities in this World, Control Areas within the 12 Worlds lower than their own. Their Control over Creation is limited by the Orders they gave Deities of Lower Worlds. Worlds above this one were to maintain an Order or the Code of Reality.

The Eight World hosts the Supreme Creators. They Maintained the Books of Existences, and Knowledge of all Time and Space. Deities in this Level controlled the Existence of all Beings born within Reality. They were given the capability of adjusting Events in Time to maintain their logical coherence. Where there was Creation they could adjust its Properties.

The Ninth World hosts the Supreme Guards. The Supreme Guards Maintained Protection of the 12 Worlds. The check and recheck to notice law defying events within the Upper Worlds (The Seventh World and Higher). The Supreme Guards maintain the Originals of the Laws and Existence and ensure that those below them do not alter these devices without relevant cause. They were the final Separator between Existence Elimination and Existence Prosperity.

The Tenth World hosts the Supreme Overseers. They Create the laws of Existence and the beings that could exist within it. They determine their final moments and possible paths for them to exist. The Supreme Overseers set limits of Power among all inhabitants of the Worlds and of Creation. They define Order and Disorder, Creation and Destruction, Position and Power.

The Eleventh World hosts the Ambassadors of Reality. They were the ones who were permitted without cause to Converse with those who have achieved a Godhead in another Reality. The Ambassadors could request direct investigation and intervention from these Godheads. They roam through all of Reality to inform those Godheads as well. They did not fall within Existence, they were to be Concepts for the Reality within the Light Shard. They had no Power of their Own but could not be erased, nor imprisoned from Reality.

And the Final World, the Twelfth, were the starting points for all beings which came from another Reality such as Ren Nao. Their Power depended on their knowledge and Godhead. When informed, all beings within the Twelfth World could adjust the Reality as deemed fit.

The Structure of the Worlds was completed.

“Now all that is left is to see these beings create their own subordinates and domains.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

Ventusr created the First Ambassador, Ushu Gaia.

“You know your duties. If you need more assistance we will create more.” Ventusr said to the Ambassador.

Ushu Gaia traveled to the Lower Worlds and sent the Commands Ventusr and Aquar through it. Deities then emerged from Reality to inhabit the Worlds.

“This frees us up to do whatever we want, right?” Aquar asked.

Ventusr shrugged.

“Don’t see why not. There’s no need for us to micro-manage reality from the White Room.” Ventusr said to Aquar. They both then traveled down to Cerberus.

The World Deities of Cerberus were Durma, Yairu, and Forai which maintained the balance between Fire, Water and Earth. 

“Once upon a time, when the World was still young, there was Chaos. And within Chaos were Monsters. These Monsters, such as the Great Beast Rogoth and the Great Serpent Yamamul destroyed every bit of Order that could emerge. But in a tiny pocket, unwatched for a mere instant emerged Durma, Yairu and Forai from the Chaos. The Three Goddesses fought against the Monsters to clear a section within Chaos for Order to take hold. To mark their success they combined their Power together to create Life, the ultimate form of Order.” Lorey the Mother of Amelia read.

“You’re going to scare the kid reading that story, Lorey.” August, the Father of Amelia said to Lorey.

Amelia looked up at her dad with a smile, asking to be held.

August picked up the young girl and placed her on his hip. He tapped her adorable nose.

“She carried this book to me while I was sitting in the living room, practically begging for me to read it.” Lorey responded to August.

“Is that right?” August looked at Amelia. “You already want to learn about the beginning of our World, well aren’t you a little Genius.” August tapped Amelia’s nose again. “But it is entirely too scary, with all the talk of Monsters and all. You should read her the children’s version of the story.”

Amelia shook her head. “No, I want that one.” Amelia pointed at the Book.

Lorey gestured her hands in a “I told you” manner.

“How about we go to the park, and you can see the wonders that the Goddesses created for us. And about the Saint of the Sky, Aero.” August asked Amelia.

Amelia nodded her head.

“Aren’t you tired after work?” Lorey asked August.

“I’m never too tired to take our little girl out for a walk, besides you got to spend all day with our little sugar drop. It’s only fair that I do too.” August looked at Lorey with a pouty face.

“Then I won’t hold you here any longer.” Lorey smiled.

August took Amelia outside. The Sky was clear and bright as all days in the sky city of Luxton were.

“Papa, what is night?” Amelia asked August.

“Night? Now where did you come up with that question?” August responded.

“Night-life, it was in your book.” Amelia answered August’s question.

“Hmm, is that right? I guess you never have experienced a true night.” August then sat down at the park bench. 

Amelia sat on his lap.

“Night is the time when the DayStar is below the Horizon, far off in the distance. But because we live in Luxton we are a part of the DayLight Armada, which means we follow the DayStar’s journey. When all Humans lived down on the surface, everyone experienced both Night and Day each time the planet Rotated. And the people who were awake when the DayStar went down experienced NightLife.” August educated Amelia.

“I want to experience NightLife!” Amelia said to her Father.

“One day we will bring you to the NightTime Armada. But you will have to wait until you are a bit older, so be patient, okay?” August told Amelia.

“Okay, Papa.” Amelia said with a smile.

In the distance there were many other airships. They were the size of cities and all traveled together like a flock of birds. Below them were the clouds of the Planet. Because of this Luxton and all other ships in the Daylight Armada did not experience weather other than clear bright skies.

Ships in the Armada were covered overhead by a Dome. The Dome held the Global Time displayed within it, so that the citizens who only experienced the day would know how to coordinate with other Armadas.

“Papa, you said that Humans used to live on the surface. Are there any people still there?” Amelia asked August.

“Yes, there are people who still live down there, and they are a wicked bunch. If any time in the distant future you ever come across one of them, simply ignore them and keep moving. Associating with the People on the Surface will only spell trouble.” August warned Amelia.

“What did they do?” Amelia asked.

“Well outside of my personal experience, there has to be a reason why the Saint of the Sky didn’t select them to be born up here. Everything has their reasons.” August told Amelia.

“So, the Deities don’t like them?” Amelia questioned.

“Correct. Now that doesn’t give us permission to be mean to them, simply do not associate with them.” August reiterated to make sure that Amelia understood.

Amelia nodded.

“Good girl.” August said, tapping Amelia’s nose.

Down on the Surface in the Tellus, there was a State named Magnesia, which was famous for their Roaming Cities. The Cities were as large as small mountains and traveled across the lands on belts as tanks. One such city was the District of Titan in which Junko lived.

 Junko roamed around the steel that was deposited across the urban jungle. Junko found a shiny crystal on the ground and grabbed it. She jumped across from one railing to the other avoiding the people down below. 

The City had a ‘build higher’ methodology which allowed Junko to move swiftly without the people walking and driving below catching sight of her.

Junko made it to a building that was slightly out of the way and hidden and dropped off the Crystal in front of the Clerk. The place looked dirty and worn down. It was covered in old towels and rust, and the Clerk was an overweight man in his middle ages.

He grabbed the Crystal and looked at it with his Magnifying Glass which was designed with customized scraps from around the city.

“I can give you 5 Aluminum Coins for this.” The Clerk said to Junko.

“No way, this is worth at least 1 Copper Coin.” Junko responded. Junko was much smaller compared to the Clerk. There was also no denying that Junko lived in Poverty.

“What am I supposed to do about it? Isn’t it enough that you live in my storage room and eat my leftovers? I’m already running at a loss taking care of you orphans.” The Clerk said to Junko.

Junko looked at him with frustration in her eyes.

“I’m not an orphan, my parents are still alive.” Junko responded to him.

“Oh my bad, I guess that’ll just make you a Foster. Give me a break, as if anyone gets out of Prison these days.” The Clerk said handing Junko 6 Aluminum Coins.

“There, I threw in a little extra, now out of my sight.” The Clerk said, waving his hand to shoo Junko away.

Junko grabbed the Coins and went into the door next to the desk. She looked around to make sure no one was looking. She made her way to where she slept and dug. She pulled out a buried sock and placed the coins in there.

“Don’t worry Ma and Pa, I’ll eventually become rich and I will pay for your release. I swear on the Great Saint Ge.” Junko said before burying the sock again. She then jumped up and ran out of the musty damp room.

“Bring back something more valuable you brat.” The Clerk said as Junko ran past him.

Junko gave a thumbs up and climbed up the building next to the shop.

In the distance there was a vast Ocean. Where tiny green dots were visible. Those small green dots were the Floating Cities. And one such floating city was Rhodos. Jeanne attended the Learning Institute for Pre-Minors.

The Young Children were learning to swim for Swimming was a vital part of their Society. 

Jeanne was an extremely capable swimmer and caught the ire of the children in her class. Jeanne came up from the Deep End of the Training Pond to catch her breath, when she got up the other kids were throwing stones at her.

“I bet you aren’t better than us at throwing rocks!” One of the children called out as they tossed another rock at her head.

Jeanne dive below the surface of the water again to avoid getting hit.

“Hey! Stop being mean!” Another Girl in the class said to the kids throwing rocks. “She worked really hard to get good at swimming, you guys are just jealous.” 

“We aren’t jealous!” The kid replied.

“Then why are you throwing rocks?” The Girl asked them.

Jeanne came back up to the surface when she noticed that the rocks stopped coming and she saw that someone was defending her.

Jeanne swam back to the shore to get a better idea of what was being said. Jeanne stood in front of the kids throwing rocks.

“You guys should apologize to her before I tell the teacher.” The Girl said to the other kids.

They stood silent.

“They really don’t have to, I’m not hurt.” Jeanne said to the Girl.

“It doesn’t matter if you get hurt. Sister Rudea said that if someone intends to cause harm, even if it is unsuccessful, they should be treated as if they still went through with it.” The Girl said to Jeanne.

“There’s no proof that we threw anything!” They yelled out then ran off.

The girl was agitated with what just happened. Jeanne then touched her shoulder.

“It’s okay, they never get caught anyways. So I just learned to deal with it.” Jeanne said to the girl.

“Wow, you are strong mentally and physically. Can we be friends?” The Girl asked.

Jeanne was taken aback. “Ah… sûre.” Jeanne responded.

“My name is Flora, my parents just moved here from Aethusa. My first day!” Flora said to Jeanne.

“Your first day and you already stood up for me. You are the one who is strong.” Jeanne said to Flora.

“Sister Rudea said, if you see violence you must stop violence. So that’s what I did.” Flora smiled.

“My name is Jeanne, I’m glad we are friends now.” Jeanne smiled.

Ventusr and Aquar looked down at the lives that Brooke, Muiku and Emma were living. 

“Well none of them are showing signs of immediate access to a Godhead.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“Should we try and push them along?” Aquar asked Ventusr.

“No, I don’t think we need to do anything. Things seem like it’ll take a dark turn without our intervention.” Ventusr responded to Aquar.

“Why is that?” Aquar asked.

“The World Deities of this Planet seem to have become agitated by the amount of Worship that the Regional Deities are receiving. So I can only imagine that they will try to cause more issues within the territories to push worship away from the smaller gods.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“That’s dumb. They are deities, we literally gave them abilities independent of the Humans and Creatures below.” Aquar said to Ventusr.

“Well, the Deities of the Realm are what decided the Attributes of the World Deities. Remember we barely have any instructions even to the Ninth World Inhabitants.” Ventusr informed Aquar.

“Oh… yikes. Well, I guess until the Ambassadors complain we should just let things play out.” Aquar noted.

“Wow, you aren’t ready to personally interfere yet?” Ventusr asked.

“Well you just said that things are going to take a dark turn, personally, I would rather arrive after everything already started. I have had enough of the turmoil lifestyle.” Aquar said to Ventusr.

“It shouldn’t be much longer, let’s decide what story line we want to follow.” Ventusr said to Aquar as they both traveled to the Continent below.


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