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Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Eight

“True Believers”

Beruta after infiltrating the location of the shooters of her Caravan, has now been captured and forced to drop her weapons. The one who ended her mission somehow knows her name.

“Lt. Beruta, so you did end up going to Marian South.” The Person holding the weapon to the back of Beruta’s head said.

Beruta tried to think of who this person may have been. It had to be someone from the Suminiatini Military, though even that couldn’t be certain because the Followers of Iota likely came from Suminiatini and searched up information on her.

“Just to end your confusion, since it’s not really a mystery. I am Major Tulet, from the Intelligence Division in the Suminiatini Military.” Tulet told Beruta. They then made Beruta kneel forward.

Major Tulet brought out Bonding Grips and Clapped them around Beruta’s arms. Tulet then gestured for the other Followers of Iota to continue firing on the Caravan.

“Why is someone from the Suminiatini Military in Marian South?” Beruta asked. Major Tulet then removed their weapon from the back of Beruta’s head.

“You don’t need to know that information.” Major Tulet responded to Beruta.

“Well then can I ask, why are you posing as Followers of Iota? How’d you even come into contact with them?” Beruta asked, this did not seem to connect in her mind.

“You think after the Generals heard about the Demigod Iota, that they would have simply let such an entity roam free within our borders, and even more so, have followers who would obey their orders over ours. Such a foolish thought.” Tulet reprimanded Beruta. “I would have thought a Lt. would know what the Suminiatini do to threats we can’t control.” 

“So are these actual people who were trained by Iota?” Beruta asked.

“Oh yeah, they are as trained by Iota as you are, which isn’t saying much. But they are real followers, and it was simple to get them to attack Marian South’s ‘Followers of Vaneluresa’, sometimes it shocks me how easy you can get people to do something in the name of a Deity.” Tulet said to Beruta.

“But why?” Beruta asked. She had rolled over to look at Tulet.

“Ah, what the hell, might as well tell you, since you are going to Prison anyway for the Murder of Citizens of the Same Nationality as a Suminiatini Military Officer.” Tulet informed Beruta. “It’s simple, if the Followers of Iota manage to kill Yaooan, then Vaneluresa would show up, and if Vaneluresa attacks the Followers of Iota, then Iota would show up. The two would fight until one of them dies, and that’ll leave one less threat for us to handle. Hopefully Vaneluresa is the one that gets killed since that would leave Marian South Vulnerable for absorption.” Tulet told Beruta the merit of the Mission.

“That would never work, Iota would not show up for us.” Beruta told Tulet.

“What makes you say that? The other followers seemed confident that Iota would appear in their time of need, just like she did before.” Tulet informed Beruta.

Beruta remained silent.

“Oh well. It was time to seal you up anyways.” Tulet said, sealing Beruta’s mouth. “Launch the Explosive Drones.” Tulet told the Followers of Iota.

They then release dozens of drones to the caravan.

The caravan was still under heavy fire. “This has been going on for a while.” Yomie said, covering her head inside of the vehicle.

“It is getting loud, I can barely hear you.” Yaooan said, raising her voice so that Yomie could hear her.

Then several more explosions occurred outside the vehicle. The road they were all on was completely destroyed and the vehicles were locked in place.

“The firing has picked up, I’m guessing that Beruta is no longer with us.” Fei called out.

“That’s unfortunate. Ponicon has never attacked this aggressively before.” Kuh said, as they then returned fire at the building they were being shot from.

“Captain, I’ve been hit. I need medical treatment!” A member of Fei’s squad called out. Their leg was blown off from the latest explosion.

Fei attempted to get over to where they were. Suddenly, a swarm of drones appeared overhead.

“This can’t be.” Fei to themselves. The drones then dropped the explosives on the road below. “Everyone get into the vehicles!” Fei yelled out.

The squad members attempted to rush into the vehicles.

The explosions obliterated everything that was outside. “What is happening outside?” Yaooan asked Fei.

“Ah, it’s extremely dangerous out there. We must ask you to be patient, Lady Yaooan.” Fei told Yaooan.

They then heard the sound of a missile coming from their rear. Fei peeked out of the holes in the vehicle.

Several more missiles went out and struck the building that the Followers of Iota were firing from. Offensive Vehicles of the Marian South defense force came to the aid of Fei’s Squad.

They had with them 3 Offensive Vehicles, 2 Robotic Speedsters, and an Overhead Communication Drone.

“Captain Fei, Captain Fei, can you read me?” Rictor called out over communication.

“I can hear you loud and clear Major Rictor.” Fei responded over communication.

“That is good to hear, what is the status of the rest of the Squad?” Rictor asked.

“We are Red, Red, Green. We suffered numerous casualties, our equipment is beyond repair, but the Package is Safe and uninjured.” Fei communicated back.

“And what of the SpearHead, is she present?” Rictor asked.

“The SpearHead went into the location of the firing, the shooting paused for a second, but then reconvened. She is presumed dead.” Fei responded.

“Damn, oh well. Make sure everyone is prepared for evacuation.” Rictor responded, then the communication ended.

“Wait. Beruta is dead?” Yomie asked.

“We have not confirmed it, but that is likely the case.” Fei told Yomie.

“She can’t be, you know she trained in the Suminiatini Military, I heard they were hard to kill. There’s no way Beruta is dead.” Yomie told Fei. 

Yaooan started to try and comfort Yomie. When Yaooan touched Yomie she had what felt like a memory come back to her, but she was unable to fully see it.

The Followers of Iota had launched the drones, and suddenly they were hit with several missiles. It shook the building they were in.

“Well, it looks like we need to get out of here.” Tulet said, grabbing Beruta and tossing her into a capsule.

“Everyone get out!” One of the followers of Iota called out. They then all started to run off of that floor.

“Detonate the remaining explosions on the road.” Tulet commanded.

The button was pressed and the rest of the explosions activated. The vehicles that were on the road, including the newly arrived Marian South Defense Force Vehicles were tossed off to the side bands.

The Followers of Iota used this time to evacuate via underground ducts they had built. Beruta was taken with them.

Fei’s Squad and the newly arrived personnel had all suffered severe injuries.

Yaooan’s body had been punctured by a piece of the vehicle. And Yomie’s vision had become blurred.

The main guards who were still alive went over to assist Yaooan. They were trying to be careful when removing Yaooan from the vehicle.

Yomie looked over to where Yaooan was and tried to feel around to comfort her. Yaooan was pulled off of the protrusion, and was laid on the ground.

The Main Guard then immediately went to dress Yaooan’s wounds but were amazed by what they saw. Yaooan’s injuries began to heal rapidly by itself. And this self repair put Yaooan to sleep.

An evacuation transport appeared around the corner and were telling everyone to evacuate into the vehicles.

The Main Guard carried Yaooan to the transport, and Fei grabbed Yomie by the hands, seeing that Yomie now was unable to see.

A good portion of the day passed. The members of Fei’s Squad went through an After Action Report, the bodies of those who perished in the skirmish were retrieved, and those who were heavily injured were recovering in the Medical Center.

Yomie laid in the Medical Center. She was awaiting Ocular Surgery to return her vision. Yaooan entered the room, she had about a dozen Guards with her.

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. If you guys didn’t know me, this would not have happened to you.” Yaooan said to Yomie.

“No, don’t even start that. This was not your fault. It’s Ponicon, and whoever else wants you dead’s fault.” Yomie responded to Yaooan. She looked over to Yaooan and was only able to see a blurry outline. “Ah, this sucks.” Yomie said softly.

“Is there something I can get for you?” Yaooan asked Yomie.

“You can get my friend back…” Yomie said, thinking about Beruta. “I’m sorry, I know you can’t do that, I’m just pissed.” Yomie apologized to Yaooan.

“They checked the building where the attack was coming from.” Yaooan began to say. Yomie laid silently waiting for the news Yaooan would share.

“They didn’t find Beruta’s body in there. So they were still unable to confirm if she was alive.” Yaooan told Yomie. Yomie felt a bit of relief.

“I guess there is still a little hope there.” Yomie responded, sitting up to speak to Yaooan. “They said your body healed up by itself. How did that happen?” Yomie asked Yaooan.

“I didn’t even know I could do that!” Yaooan quickly responded.

“Do you know if you are still immortal?” Yomie asked Yaooan.

“I’m pretty sure I am not, or else Vaneluresa would not have told the Doctor to keep me safe. This may just be something she gave me.” Yaooan adamantly tried to deny knowing she could do that.

“It is interesting nonetheless, at least we got to confirm that at least one of the Demigods exists.” Yomie said softly. “Hopefully Iota protects Beruta.” Yomie said to herself.

Beruta was thrown into a long range transportation vehicle. The Followers of Iota had made it back to a base they set up in the Southern Border of Marian South.

Tulet tapped on the side of the vehicle to tell the automatic driver to take Beruta back to the Suminiatini Military base.

The Covert Military Vehicle loaded up its cloak and began to drive. Inside the vehicle Beruta had woken up.

“Where am I?” Beruta asked herself. Beruta tried to kick the side of the vehicle but it was too hard to even vibrate. The inside of the vehicle was dark, and was void of any stimuli.

“Guess all I can do is think.” Beruta concluded. She sat and meditated inside the vehicle. “So this is where my journey ends. Such a pitiful sight. All because I wanted to earn Iota’s Trust, and get my abilities back.” Beruta thought to herself.

More time passed in the vehicle. Beruta meditated more.

“All those Followers, being used by the Military…” Beruta thought, she then let out a sigh. “I can’t blame them. It’s not like I am without fault.” Beruta then thought about the present. “I wonder how long I am going to have to spend in Prison. Hopefully I can plead my case well enough. How was I supposed to know they were Suminiatini Citizens? I was fired at, in Marian South, so it’s logical for me to conclude that I was being shot at by natives of Marian South.” Beruta tried to think up a case for herself.

Beruta looked around in the darkness. She started to regret her decision to go to Marian South. She regretted having tried to pursue Iota, she even started to regret being the sole survivor of the Confrontation with the monster in Sang Ru City.

“If only I just took a simple vacation, I wouldn’t have needed to get involved with Yomie, or try and become a BodyGuard. I didn’t need to do any of that.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta smacked her head repeatedly as she called herself unintelligent.

The vehicle continued its journey across the Suminiatini Desert. It sped through the sand with no resistance. The beings who lived in the desert found this vehicle to be viciously intimidating. It moved as a sliding black tower on its side.

“Please, Great Iota, rescue me from this situation. I promise I will not fight against what you ask of me. If you tell me to return to my life, I will. If you command me to serve you forever, I will do that too. Please, answer me.” Beruta called out.

There was only silence.

All Beruta could do was sit and wait until she arrived at the base.

Yomie and Yaooan were taken back to the Capitol Building of the Lady. Yomie was in a gloomy state. She did not want to search anything on the knowledge network. She didn’t want to think of anything.

There was a knock on her door.

“Yes?” Yomie answered.

“Lady Yaooan is requesting your presence.” The guard at the door replied.

Yomie got up from sitting and went to the door.

“Fine, I guess I have to do something.” Yomie said, walking out of the room. She followed the guard through the building. Yomie was taken to one of the rooms that Yaooan typically has to entertain guests.

Yaooan was sitting in front of a large projector. The room had several screens, each displaying a different channel. On the far right side of the room was work out equipment and athletic gear. And in the center was a large conference table with a snack bowl in the middle of it.

“I’m here.” Yomie said, as she entered the room.

“Sit down, please.” Yaooan said, moving over to give Yomie more room.

“So what was it you called me down for?” Yomie asked.

“I was thinking, we can’t just let your friend stay missing. We have to search for her. My guards obviously aren’t going to look for her since it does not concern them.” Yaooan said to Yomie.

“You can’t look for her, there’s no way you can even leave this building, especially not after what happened today.” Yomie tried to speak in obvious terms, so that Yaooan’s hopes don’t make her excited.

“Is there really nothing we can do?” Yaooan said with disappointment in her voice. “Can’t those followers of other Demigods do something for us?” Yaooan asked.

Yomie pondered. How could she get the Followers of Ke’Lan or the Followers of Iota to help?

“Oh!” Yomie just recalled something she forgot she ordered.

“What is it?” Yaooan asked.

“I ordered a suit, it is said to be from the United Ziu. And it was said to have originated from the Students of Qisheus.” Yomie informed Yaooan.

“Qisheus? Is that another Demigod?” Yaooan asked.

“I guess? I’m not sure. But what I do know, is that if the Followers of Ke’Lan were interested in it, then it must have some sort of Power to it.” Yomie told Yaooan. Yomie then opened her knowledge network. “It said it was delivered to my pickup location.” 

“So, do you want to go get it?” Yaooan asked.

“Definitely.” Yomie then paused. “Oh, do you think you could front the bill for it? I sorta overbid and I was going to request my boss to cover it for me.” Yomie asked Yaooan.

“I have zero problems with that.” Yaooan responded.

“Sweet.” Yomie said. “Wait, but it’s not likely they would let you out. And I am a bit terrified now to even head outside alone.” Yomie confessed to Yaooan.

“Didn’t they say you could send someone to get it?” Yaooan asked.

“Yes, but I don’t want them looking into my package.” Yomie said to Yaooan.

“Then I think you will have to go with them. Because they literally open up every package before it enters this building. For security purposes of course.” Yaooan imitated the guard ripping open the packages.

Yomie took a deep breath. “Okay, for Beruta. I can do this.” Yomie said standing up.

“Be safe out there.” Yaooan wished for Yomie.

Yomie gestured in agreement. She then went to the guard who guarded her door. “Can I have someone take me to pick up a package?” Yomie asked.

The guard pondered a bit.

“Yaooan said that I could ask you all.” Yomie reiterated. The Guard then immediately answered.

“If that is what Lady Yaooan wants, then I could escort you to the location.” The guard responded to Yomie.

“Just you?” Yomie asked.

“Yes, only I will accompany you.” The guard responded.

“Well that’s not reassuring.” Yomie thought to herself. She and the guard went down to the lobby. Along their way they saw many other guards making their routes around the building.

“Who is in charge of all of this?” Yomie asked.

“The Doctor’s Department of Domestic Security.” The guard answered.

“Ah, that makes sense.” Yomie tried to make conversation, but the guard was staying extra alert.

They both then entered an armoured vehicle and drove off to the Yomie’s Shipping Location.

“Do you enjoy being a guard?” Yomie asked.

“I enjoy ensuring the security of the nation by protecting their most valuable assets.” The guard responded.

“You can loosen up a bit, it’s just you and me after all.” Yomie commented, still attempting to get a conversation going. The guard continued to be silent.

“Oh well, I guess I can continue thinking about my missing friend then…” Yomie said, trying to guilt them into speaking. However, the Guard did not budge.

Yomie sat in silence as she watched the buildings of Asso’an pass by.

 “We’ve arrived.” The guard said, opening the vehicle for Yomie. Yomie exited and entered the building, and the guard followed behind her.

“I guess this is just my reality now.” Yomie thought to herself.

She scanned her knowledge network key and retrieved her package. Yomie opened it up. “Oh, it’s a suit…” Yomie said feeling cheated.

A note was included with the suit. “Chant this phrase to activate the suit: By the Power of the Great Hero Qisheus, I command you to grant me the Power to defeat my foes.” 

“That must be some sort of chant the Students of Qisheus say before Battle.” Yomie thought as she resealed the suit. As she put away the suit, she noticed a place to insert a small item.

“It looks like it would perfectly fit one of those Energy Crystals.” Yomie thought to herself.

“Excuse me.” Yomie called the guard.

“Yes?” The guard responded.

“Do you think you could take me to Beruta’s Home, I have something there I want to pick up.” Yomie requested.

The guard nodded and they both went to the vehicle. As Yomie sat she noticed that the package was a bit heavier than she would imagine a suit would be.

“This doesn’t seem to have any notable qualities, it’s not even armoured.” Yomie looked at it with disappointment.

Eventually her and the Guard got to Beruta’s Room. Yomie and the Guard entered the location and Yomie went around looking for the Energy Crystal.

“I hope it’s not in one of her cloth’s pockets.” Yomie thought to herself. She then saw a sparkle from the Crystal. Yomie went to grab it. “Ah, that wasn’t so hard to find.” Yomie thought to herself.

“I’m going to get changed real quick. I’ve been in these clothes since that incident.” Yomie informed the guard. The guard nodded and watched the entrance.

Yomie took out the suit, and placed the Energy Crystal into the gap. “I guess all I have to do is put it on.” Yomie thought. She then put on the attire.

Once Yomie had it on it completely weighed her down. It was unbearably heavy once it covered the body. “Ah, this thing feels like it is draining me.” Yomie complained. “Where’s that note, maybe it says something about this.” Yomie looked in the package for the note.

She flipped the note back and forth. “No, all it does is give that chant.” Yomie felt uncomfortable.

“By the Power of the Great Hero Qisheus, I command you to grant me the Power to defeat my foes.” Yomie said the chant. But nothing happened. The suit still felt extremely heavy.

“I knew it was pointless.” Yomie thought. 

“Are you ready to go?” The guard asked.

Yomie was still in the suit, but she already began to feel rude having the guard wait, so she decided that she would just take it off in the Capitol Building of the Lady.

“Sure. I am ready.” Yomie said. Her and the Guard then left Beruta’s room. The guard looked at Yomie’s choice in clothing, and looked genuinely confused by it.

The suit was nothing like the outfits that the Citizens of Marian South wore. It didn’t even look like the attire of the cultures in the region.

Yomie sat in the vehicle, and it began to move forward.

Then a shot from outside was fired at the vehicle. “Dang it, I forgot, they would have someone watching Beruta’s house waiting for us to return.” Yomie thought to herself.

The Guard then began to drive faster and called in that they were taking fire.

A net was tossed out of a flying drone and it wrapped the vehicle Yomie was in. This caused the vehicle to flip and roll over on its back. Yomie was tossed in the back of the vehicle.

“Don’t kill the guard, just the passenger in the back.” Yomie could hear the people outside talking.

Yomie felt trapped by the suit, it was already heavy when she was sitting up, and now she was completely laid flat, and had to lift it up. The doors of the vehicle began to open.

“Please, if there is an Iota, or some other Demigod, please protect me with your Powers.” Yomie cried out. She had become desperate seeing that her life was coming to a close.

The person shot at Yomie but the Projectile did not hit her, it ricocheted to the back of the vehicle. They fired more times at Yomie but none of them impacted.

Yomie looked up at her attacker. She saw that they were indeed shooting at her, but nothing happened. “It must be this suit.” Yomie thought to herself. She then stood up, and the suit no longer made her feel heavier, instead she felt weightless.

She went and tackled the person attacking her. “How dare you attack me and my friend!” Yomie yelled as she punched the attacker. They were immediately knocked out.

The other one then ran off, leaving their cohort behind. “Seems that Ponicon doesn’t have any loyalty to each other.” Yomie thought.

The guard then crawled out from underneath the vehicle.

“Is that one of the guys that attacked us?” The guard asked, pointing at the person knocked out on the ground.

“Yeah, that’s one of them. They are a member of Ponicon.” Yomie said to the guard. Yomie looked at the flipped vehicle. “I wonder.” Yomie thought to herself. She grabbed onto the side of the vehicle and pushed it over effortlessly.

The guard was stunned at what they were witnessing.

“This thing is amazing.” Yomie thought to herself.

“Are… are you Lady Vaneluresa?” The guard asked, feeling frightened. 

“No, I am Yomie. The same one that you were protecting when we left the Capitol Building of the Lady.” Yomie tried to calm the guard down.

“How are you so strong?” The guard asked, still with the same amount of fear.

“I don’t know.” Yomie responded. “I wonder how long this lasts.” Yomie asked herself. Yomie then looked around. “I am going to look around. You can bring that guy back to the Capitol Building.” Yomie told the Guard.

The guard nodded. And Yomie jumped on top of the Residential Building and looked towards where Beruta went missing.

“I probably should not go out immediately without covering my face, considering all the danger that comes with standing out.” Yomie thought to herself.

Yomie generated a simple particle blocking mask and placed it on her face. It was the bare minimum one could do to conceal their identity. Yomie moved it around to see if it would fall off while she was moving. “This is good enough.”

Yomie then began her journey across the city. She tried to remain on top of the buildings and landed on ones she knew would not make too much noise.

Eventually she arrived in the area of the earlier confrontation. The construction process had already begun on the road, and the National Defense Force were roaming around the inside of the building.

Yomie hid herself. She looked for the best place to enter the building. Yomie spotted a hole on the side of the building, it seemed to have been caused by an explosion that was tossed out of a window. Yomie jumped, and grabbed the beams that held the structure upright.

Yomie looked down, a fall from that height would place her back in the hospital. She slowly climbed up the building. It felt much easier that she even imagined it would. She felt as if she could sling herself hundreds of meters up. But she kept herself from attempting it.

Yomie eventually made it to the hole and climbed in. Once inside it seemed that a majority of the investigation was done. There were scars of battle on the walls and floor, but nothing that would have caused it remained.

“If only I was able to tell where she could have gone.” Yomie thought to herself. She felt the walls as she went through. But they offered no clues.

As Yomie walked she noticed that the suit enhanced the vibrations her steps caused. And she had the sensation that she was able to see through materials by how their vibrations differed from one another.

Yomie lightly knocked on the walls and was able to get an image of things through them. She slowly made her way through the building doing this.

She was now in the room that seemed to have the most damage. There were marks on the floor from detonated explosives. Scratch marks lined the corners as if people were crawling away. Yomie then felt what seemed to have been a deep scar left by a heavy object being dragged across the floor.

Yomie followed this scar until she was face to face to a solid wall.

“Odd.” Yomie thought to herself. She then knocked on the wall and found that on the other side there was a tunnel that had a steep drop.

Yomie looked around the room for an opening to that side of the building. She noticed there were none.

“So this is supposed to be hidden.” Yomie concluded.

She then bent her knees slightly and placed both her hands on the wall. She started to push and her hands pierced through the solid stone.

Yomie pulled away the parts that were still solid until it was large enough for her to squeeze through. She then proceeded to enter the tunnel. The tunnel had a landing that was about two meters wide, then dropped off at an 80 degree angle for an undetermined distance.

“This must be where they escaped from.” Yomie thought to herself. Yomie then took the plunge and jumped into the hole. Yomie slid down the tunnel for about a minute until it opened up into a room. The room looked to be completely underground, and it was also abandoned.

The exit to the tunnel seemed to have been sealed.

Yomie knocked on it, and it felt as if it was completely sealed for meters out. She felt no returning vibration.

“A deadend.” Yomie thought to herself, feeling completely disappointed that this was as far as she could go.

Yomie then began to feel the suit weigh her down. She eventually was brought to the ground.

“What?!” Yomie felt unable to move. She had no idea what happened.

Yomie was now trapped in this hidden tunnel. She knew no one would attempt to enter a hole that they could not see the bottom too.

“Help!” Yomie called out. But she knew that the ground just absorbed her voice. She attempted to crawl to the angled part of the tunnel, but she could not manage to pull herself up a meter.

“What happened? Why did the Suit just stop?” Yomie asked herself. She rolled over, and looked at the Energy Crystal she installed into the suit.

It looked exactly the same as when she placed it in.

“The chant must have a duration.” Yomie thought to herself. She attempted to say the chant but nothing happened.

“What did I do to get it to work the first time?” Yomie asked herself. She started to feel a small sense of panic.

“I wonder if this is the reason the demigods don’t show up? Maybe they could only use their powers for a limited amount of time, then they just become a normal person.” Yomie tried to think of something else rather than of being trapped.

Yomie then heard the noise above. Dirt from higher up on the tunnel seemed to have caved in and sealed the entrance.

“I must have disturbed it too much.” Yomie thought to herself, rationalizing the sound.

The tunnel now was completely dark. Yomie could not see her own hand if she held it in front of her face.

“I’ve read about miners getting trapped in caves, but you actually don’t feel hopelessness until it happens to you.” Yomie thought. Yomie spent more time trapped to the ground.

“I guess I might as well try to call Yaooan to help me. She’s the only one I can think of that has the resources to help me.” Yomie thought. She opened up her knowledge network and made a call to Yaooan.

Yomie waited for Yaooan to pick up. “I hope when they find me, they won’t confiscate my suit.” Yomie thought.

“Yomie?” Yaooan answered.

“Yaooan, Hello! Ah I’m calling because I am sort of trapped.” Yomie quickly said to Yaooan.

“Trapped? Are you hurt?!” Yaooan asked with genuine concern.

“No, I am not hurt, just trapped. I am underground. I entered this tunnel through a hole in the building where Beruta was taken from, and now everything sealed up.” Yomie described to Yaooan.

“So are you underneath that building, currently?” Yaooan asked.

“Yes… but why did you add ‘currently’ to your question?” Yomie asked Yaooan, unsure why Yaooan’s voice sounded as if Yomie suggested something impossible.

“I am watching an updated report on where that building used to be located. It has completely collapsed.” Yaooan informed Yomie.

“No way. So you are saying there is no building anymore?” Yomie asked, shocked by this information.

“That’s exactly what I am saying, the entire building is nothing but rubble now. It’s a giant pile of metal and glass.” Yaooan described what she was seeing. “I will inform some of my acquaintances to see if they can help you out. But even then… I don’t think you are going to be out any time soon.” 

Yomie looked around as she continued to lay on the ground.

“Thank you Yaooan, I suppose that is better than nothing.” Yomie said before cutting off communication. “Well that makes everything worse.” Yomie thought to herself.

She scrolled through her knowledge network, and located the purchase order she had made for the suit. It had nearly no information attached to it except what was already on the note. Yomie looked through the line of owners the suit had. 

Yomie looked at the original owners of the suit, and they had strange names. “Definitely Ren Neo… there is no way I will be able to contact them.” Yomie thought. She then went up the list to see recent owners.

There was a name there which didn’t seem like Ren Shaole or Ren Zuiperi. “Guess it is worth a shot, at least they are on the knowledge network.” Yomie then called the person by the name of Leonus Santorian.

“Who are you?” The person answered.

“I am Yomie, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I am now in possession of the suit you used to own, the one from the Students of Qisheus.” Yomie informed Leonus.

“Yes, I do recall owning such an item before. Is there something wrong with it?” Leonus asked.

“Well you see, I don’t know how to operate it, I got it to work earlier, but now it has me pinned on the ground.” Yomie let Leonus know her current situation.

Leonus then laughed. “You said your name is Yomie, correct, so what are you some sort of Ren Shaole Person. Of course you wouldn’t be able to use the suit, it’s just not in your biology. Though, I’ve only used it as a decorative piece, so asking me anything about the suit would be pointless.”

Yomie was silent, she did not know how to respond to someone who was so blatant in their prejudices. 

“Well, the fact that you said you got it to work earlier, maybe you have some Ren Neo blood in you so I will connect you with the Neopolis Network through mine and get you in contact with the original owner, they might be able to help you out.” Leonus added to their statement to Yomie.

“I would very much appreciate that.” Yomie responded.

Leonus then connected Yomie with the Neopolis Network through their Virtual Port. “Don’t say anything unnecessary. I’m from Vesatanis, so I am used to speaking with you Ren Shaole, but the person I am connecting you with is from the United Ziu, so to them you might as well be a Desert Dweller.” Leonus warned Yomie.

“Yup, if you meant to speak with Harilin, then you called the right person.” The person on the other side of the communication responded.

“Hello, this is Leonus, from Vesatanis City, I owned that suit you sold to Orenius some time back. I have the current owner on Communication with us, it seems they are having some issues with it, so I can serve to translate for you, unless you already have that covered.” Leonus said to Harilin.

“You on the other end. Speak.” Harilin commanded Yomie. Leonus made a sound to let Yomie know that she should speak.

“Hello, I am Yomie from Marian South. I currently own your suit.” Yomie said to Harilin.

“Yuck, that is such an ugly language. What is it? Sutimese, no it’s probably West Northern… any matter. I’m surprised it belongs to a Ren Shaole.” Harilin responded to hearing Yomie speak.

“So do you need me to translate, they are speaking West Northern.” Leonus asked Harilin.

“No, I am fine. I can understand them.” Harilin responded. Harilin then attached a translation device on their mouth so that Yomie would understand.

“What did you want to ask about it?” Harilin asked Yomie.

Yomie was surprised that she understood them so clearly. “The suit I have, it has me trapped on the ground, I can’t operate it anymore. Earlier I was jumping around with it, and the next moment it just stopped.” Yomie described.

“What kind of Shard are you using?” Harilin asked.

“Shard? What do you mean?” Yomie responded.

“The thing you put in the middle of the suit’s chest. What kind of shard is it?” Harilin reiterated their question with a bit less patience.

“It’s brown… partially see through. I’m not sure what you mean by kind.” Yomie replied.

“None Ren Neo breeds really can’t do anything right. Tell me what crystal structure it is made out of, and if there is a glow in between each lattice.” Harilin tried to explain to Yomie.

Yomie rolled over to her side to pull out the Crystal.

“It’s brown, the structure is Cubic and Face-Centered. There is a dim glow between each shell.” Yomie described.

“Finally, thank you. The Shard you have is called a Shard of Liberation. It’s a generic shard that you basically can just pull out of the ground. It has an Energy Density of 200 Megajoules. So not a lot. My best guess is that your Shard ran out of Power.” Harilin informed Yomie.

“And what about the chant, it doesn’t work.” Yomie asked Harilin.

“That’s because you don’t actually know the Hero Qisheus, so your brain doesn’t send any stimuli through the suit to pull power from the Shard when you call upon their name.” Harilin explained. “Think of it like this, without the suit you are someone yelling at a wall holding a rock. With the suit, you are yelling at someone who has the tools to break the rock, but it’s in the wrong language. And with the suit, and the correct chant, you are commanding someone to shatter the rock for you.” Harilin broke down the operation of the suit for Yomie.

“So how do I get my brain to send signals through the suit?” Yomie asked.

“I don’t know. If you have someone you believe has the Power to make anything bend to their will then call upon their power to help you. But since you are from… let’s see from your language, I am guessing Marian, so call upon a God or whatever you believe in.” Harilin responded, sounding more annoyed.

“Thank you for the Lesson.” Yomie responded.

“But remember, you need to attain a Good Shard or else you are going to keep ending up in your current situation. Look for ones that have a Hexagonal Lattice.” Harilin said before cutting communication.

Leonus then got back. “Was that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes, they answered my questions, thank you for giving me access to the Neopolis Network.” Yomie said to Leonus. 

“Don’t make a habit of calling me, I have more important things to do than speak with a Ren Shaole, like watch a tree grow.” Leonus said before also ending communication.

Yomie laid silent in the dark tunnel.

“So these are called Shards to Ren Neo, interesting. So this is a Shard of Liberation. They said I can find them anywhere in the ground, so I guess it is worth a try. I’m not doing anything else here.” Yomie said to herself.

Yomie scrubbed through the ground, checking every rock that she found in hopes that it was a shard.

“Rock… rock… oh wow! Another rock.” Yomie thought each time she picked up something.

Yomie had dragged herself about 20 meters across the tunnel, and searched 6 meters each side throughout her crawl.

“I’m not finding anything! What on Earth were they talking about, there’s nothing here but rock and dirt.” Yomie began to grow frustrated. The tunnel felt like it was closing in on her, and she began to feel hungry because there was no star light coming through.

Yomie decided that maybe she should relax a bit, regain her composure then look again. So Yomie took a short nap.

With Yaooan.

“So are you able to get a crew over there to dig Yomie out from underneath the collapsed building?” Yaooan asked an acquaintance of hers who was a civil engineer.

“Well, I can’t say we can do it immediately, I need to make sure those who work under me don’t get hurt trying to rescue them, now that we know there is a hidden tunnel underneath the debris.” The engineer said to Yaooan.

“Look, I don’t like to use my Status, but my friend is down there and could be crushed any second, so as the Lady of Marian South, I am telling you that you should get over there and dig her out. If you do that, maybe your Company could see some growth.” Yaooan suggested to the Engineer.

“Understood, Lady Yaooan. We will go right away.” The engineer responded to Yaooan before ending communication.

Yaooan then fell back in her seat.

“This is exhausting, first Ponicon, then a mysterious attack force, and now Yomie is trapped. I need a break.” Yaooan said to herself.

Yaooan looked down at her own chest. She felt the area where she was punctured through earlier that day.

“I feel like that wasn’t the first time that happened to me.” Yaooan thought to herself. Yaooan then took a blade and went to try and cut herself.

“Please, Lady Yaooan, don’t do that.” The guard watching her said, grabbing Yaooan’s arm.

“Oh, of course. I don’t know what I was thinking. There’s no reason to purposely harm myself.” Yaooan said, the guard watching over her nodded.

“Besides, it could have just been a one time thing, maybe I wouldn’t heal if the damage isn’t significant enough, or maybe that was actually just my one healing moment for the rest of my life.” Yaooan spoke with the guard.

“I can’t confirm or deny that, Lady Yaooan.” The guard responded.

“Of course, I mean, how could you. I just found out about it today.” Yaooan said before turning around. She began to grow anxious.

“Would you like some fresh air, Lady Yaooan?” The guard asked Yaooan.

“What do you mean? Like off the grounds? If not, then no… not really.” Yaooan responded.

“My apologies for suggesting that.” The guard said before going silent.

Yaooan was now visibly anxious. She felt like she should be remembering something, but did not know what it was.

She then stepped down harshly.

“I need to go to my small house on the hill.” Yaooan said to the guards in the room.

The guards looked at each other. They could deny Yaooan’s venture to any other place but that one. So they all went in their separate directions to prepare for her trip.

Yaooan started walking out of the room.

“Yomie went to that building for her friend, that was so dangerous. And Vaneluresa gave me this healing because I am her friend. And yet I can’t remember her. Some friend I am.” Yaooan thought to herself.

Yaooan exited the building and was escorted into her transportation vehicle.

“How did we even meet? How long ago was it? And what was I doing? It is all so foggy!” Yaooan tried to force a memory.

They all arrived at the House on the Hill.

The dozen or so guards quickly searched the perimeter of the house. The Guards who are always on watch over the property confirmed that no one entered the premises.

Then several guards entered the home and made sure that no one was inside.

The gate around the House was activated to prevent any projectiles from entering. Yaooan was then allowed to leave the vehicle.

Yaooan walked out and looked around, she was trying to trigger some sort of memory.

Yaooan entered the house and grabbed the photo of her and her parents. “This isn’t triggering anything.” Yaooan thought to herself.

“Maybe if I pretend I actually live here, maybe something will trigger.” Yaooan thought as she laid in the bed and pretended to wake up.

She was struck with an intense feeling of dread. She got up suddenly from the bed. She was breathing heavily as if she had got done running from something.

A guard immediately ran in.

“What happened, Lady Yaooan.” The guard asked.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. I must have laid on it wrong.” Yaooan said trying to calm the situation down. Yaooan looked at the bed and a quick burst of a fiery scene popped in her head.

A single tear then rolled down her face.

“Mother…” Yaooan thought.


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