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Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Nine


The vehicle carrying Beruta had finished its journey across the Suminatini Desert. It was escorted into the base where Beruta began her journey. The doors were opened and Beruta was clamped into an escort pod and deposited into a holding cell.

“Well this sucks.” Beruta thought to herself looking around the room. The room was a dark grey and had no items to entertain herself with. The door to the room was large and heavy, it would take hundreds of Soldiers punching at the same time to even leave a dent in its outer shell.

There was a small notch in the door for air to go through. But this could be shut if the Soldier who had duty decided they did not want to hear the captive speak.

Beruta sat in silence. She tapped her feet on the floor trying to pass the time until her first hearing. 

“Now how am I supposed to get out of this mess? If I had the Powers of Iota this would be easy…” Beruta then laid down. That was all she could do.

Some time passed and the room clamped Beruta down. A major walked into the room.

“Confirm these details for me.” Major Udi directed the conversation to Beruta. Beruta nodded. “Your name is Beruta, a Principle, and a Lt. of the Suminiatini Federation Military QRF Battalion.” 

Beruta shook her head. “I was a Lt. of the Suminiatini Military, but I was released from duty a couple of weeks back.” Beruta clarified.

Major Udi checked their data. “You are currently on inactive service until your original term ends. You were only released from active service.” Major Udi informed Beruta.

“But I am a Sole Survivor, so I should have been exempt from that.” Beruta responded.

“You should have checked your paperwork. You are currently in inactive service, therefore you are still under the Laws governing the Suminiatini Federation Military, and thus do not get to exercise your right as a Private Citizen.” Major Udi told Beruta.

“That hardly seems just. If I qualify for that exemption, then it should have automatically been placed. Asked Captain Lanc, they were the one to release me.” Beruta pleaded to Major Udi.

“It still falls on you to check the paperwork.” Major Udi said to Beruta. “Under Suminiatini Federation Military Code J109-02, you are to have your first hearing in the audience of your peers, your appointed CO and the Judiciary Committee within a Singular Day from Entry into Holding. At which point you are to state your name, and what you are accused of. Any falsehoods presented will render the trial invalid and the accused will be automatically found guilty of the charges. Following the presentation of evidence from the Accusing Party, you will be allowed to present any evidence on your person. The Evidence will be evaluated by those present. Each peer would be given 1 vote, your appointed CO will be given 5 and the Judiciary Committee Members each will be given 4 votes. The total votes will be 45. If all votes are in agreement, the accused, which is you, would immediately be given the sentence, else if the votes are in favour of a guilty charge then in 3 days a second hearing will be issued, else if votes are in favour of an innocence charge then the next following day a second hearing will be issued.” Major Udi explained. “Do you understand?”

Beruta, already annoyed that she had to sit through the explanation, answered quickly. “Yes, I understand.” 

“Tomorrow at 0500, you will have your first hearing.” Major Udi said to Beruta before leaving the room.

“This is not fair at all. I am obviously guilty if they consider me to still be inactive. And I am 100% sure that Major Tulet included a recording of the event. What could I even say to get out of this?” Beruta tried to think.

She grew exhausted with trying to find a solution. “I need to be rescued, that is the only way out of this.” Beruta thought.

In the tunnel Yomie had just woken up.

She still found herself in the same position she went to sleep in. Yomie was still pinned to the ground by the suit, and still surrounded by nothing but darkness.

“Well, now that I’ve restored some of my mental energy, let’s try searching again.” Yomie thought to herself. 

Yomie crawled on the ground and continued to look for a Shard. She still was having no luck with locating anything. Yomie then felt the ground above her begin to shake. Dirt from the ceiling started to fall.

“Ah… is someone up there? I’m still down here! Please don’t collapse the tunnel on me!” Yomie yelled up. But she could tell that her voice did not carry through.

The dirt continued to fall and Yomie grew worried that she would be buried.

Yomie then sped up her search, she started using energy that she was conserving just in case she would have been trapped underground for days, in quick bursts.

“Come on, come on. Search faster!” Yomie said to herself.

The dirt on the ceiling began to fall faster. Above the ground.

“Okay, move those vehicles over there! Lady Yaooan said that her friend is down there in some sort of bunker. We need to quickly get it out before she runs out of air.” An engineering supervisor said to their crew.

The vehicles then began to scoop the debris from the collapsed building away from the pile. The noise in the area was so loud that the crew were barely able to hear one another.

“Any tunnels showing up on the scanners?” The Supervisor asked one of the Tech Leads.

“There does seem to be a clear transition of material in this portion of the ground, which is indicative of material from above falling into a hole. But it is difficult to say it is a tunnel because the building itself was made of holes, also known as rooms. So this could just be another room.” The Tech Lead responded.

“Try to speak in as few words as possible. Can you do that for me, Old Chap?” The supervisor said placing their arm around the tech lead.

The Tech Lead then cleared their throat. “Well, I am 30% sure it is a tunnel.”

“Good enough for me.” The supervisor said before gesturing to the other crew members. “Focus on excavating that portion of the debris!” The supervisor yelled.

The crew then began to focus.

Yomie continued to crawl below as more and more dirt fell on top of her.

“This is starting to get scary.” Yomie thought to herself.

A large portion of dirt then fell on her back, she quickly shook it off before it could accumulate to the point of trapping her.

“Hey! Can you hear me! Please be careful! I’m not in a secured room!” Yomie yelled up.

The dirt continued to fall regardless.

Despite Yomie being deep within a tunnel she was able to hear the sounds of the vehicles above. Which gave her hope that she would be freed from her torment. That is, if she was not buried alive.

“There seems to be a soft spot here.” A crew member called out.

The supervisor then walked over. They tapped their foot on the location.

“Yep, feels like a hole to me.” The supervisor said to the crew member. “Move the heavy vehicles out of this area. And start bringing in the light equipment.” The supervisor said to the crew.

The vehicles then started to move out of the area. Then one of the vehicles started to dip. It was sinking below.

More and more dirt began to fall on Yomie, until suddenly a large mass of it fell through. The dirt covered the room and Yomie was barely able to breathe through the dust.

A bit of light was finally able to be seen and Yomie saw the corner of a vehicle dipping through.

“Oh no… that is not good.” Yomie thought to herself.

“Be careful, do not make any sudden movements!” The supervisor yelled out.

The crewmate inside of the vehicle then tried to adjust so that they would not trigger a cascade of dirt.

With the light having filled the tunnel, Yomie was able to see a bit better. She found what looked to be a Shard. She quickly began to crawl towards it.

The sound of the vehicle above began to grow louder. It had started slipping. The dirt beneath it began to unsettle and fall into the tunnel.

“Come on! Grab it!” Yomie said as she was now about a meter from the Shard.

The vehicle then fell and the tunnel collapsed. The crewmate jumped out of the vehicle and the tunnel had completely collapsed.

A giant cloud of dust came from the hole and into the surrounding community.

“Well, that isn’t good.” The supervisor said looking at the now filled tunnel. “I don’t even see a bunker.” 

The crew then all looked at the newly created ditch.

“What are you all looking at, continue removing this debris. Until you find a body, assume she is still trapped!” The supervisor said to the crew and they all began to work again.

Yomie was trapped in the dirt. Her legs had been crushed by the dirt above, and her chest was being pressed down. Each time she took a breath the dirt just squeezed harder and harder.

Yomie’s hand was still out reaching for where the shard was.

“My arm… it’s broken…” Yomie thought as she felt that her joints were pointing in the wrong direction.

Yomie was barely able to move her fingers.

“Come on, it has to be somewhere here.” Yomie thought to herself, trying to not breathe. Her finger then barely touched something that was dirt.

Yomie began to dig a small hole with her finger to get it to fall in her hand.

“Now it’s the hard part. Getting it to my chest.” Yomie then tried to pull her arm in, but there was no room to make it easy.

Every centimeter she moved her arm was another centimeter the dirt came closer.

The dirt now was to the point where Yomie could not get any air. She began to asphyxiate. Her thinking began to slow down dramatically.

She had successfully gotten the Shard into her chest, but now she couldn’t do much else.

“It was a decent life…” Yomie thought to herself.

She then began to think of Beruta, and of her past coworkers, and of Yaooan, and all the things that she hadn’t been able to do yet.

“This must be the afterlife.” Yomie thought.

“You are so close! Keep going!” One of the voices yelled at Yomie.

“What?” Yomie responded.

“Keep going! Call on my name and keep going!” The voice yelled even louder.

Yomie then opened her eyes. She was still in the same situation she passed out from. She still felt the pressure of the dirt above. She knew that she only had an instant remaining before she completely died.

“Vaneluresa! With your power, free me from this trap!” Yomie forced out of her mouth.

The suit then began to expand and moved the dirt away from Yomie’s chest. She was able to breathe again. But she still had to deal with the problem of the lack of air.

But at that moment the crew above uncovered her face.

They all began to cheer. “Yay! We did it! We saved her friend!” The crew yelled out.

Yomie was now able to breathe fresh air in what felt like nearly a day.

The supervisor reached out their hand. “That is a weird outfit you are wearing. Glad we got to you before you were crushed to death.” The supervisor said to Yomie.

“Yeah, thankfully that didn’t happen.” Yomie then got up. She decided to keep the extra strength and ability that the suit gave her hidden.

“You should called Lady Yaooan and tell her you are okay.” The supervisor said to Yomie.

“Right, I should do that.” Yomie responded. She then walked to the side. The crew were still cheering in the background.

“Yomie! That’s you, right?” Yaooan answered.

“It sure is.” Yomie responded. She still felt the residual feeling of the pressure on her chest, but overall she was okay.

“I’m sorry it took so long. I hope you aren’t injured.” Yaooan said to Yomie.

Yomie looked at her arms and legs. “That’s odd… I could have sworn they were broken.” Yomie thought to herself. “Somehow I am uninjured.” Yomie responded.

“You should immediately come back here, so we can make sure you are fully okay.” Yaooan said to Yomie feeling worried that she may have breathed in too much dust.

“I’m feeling fine, honestly. I think I should continue trying to search for Beruta.” Yomie said to Yaooan.

“Aww.” Yaooan responded.

“Don’t be like that. That’s why I came out here in the first place.” Yomie said to Yaooan.

Yaooan was silent.

“Okay, I will come back.” Yomie folded and decided to not disappoint Yaooan.

Yomie then was given a ride back to the Capitol Building of the Lady.

The crew began to remove their vehicles from the area. The tech lead checked the location that Yomie was buried in. They were interested in how she could have survived.

“If we give her the absolute minimal amount of time she would have been buried, it would still have resulted in death by asphyxiation, and at the very least several broken joints, but she came out unscathed. The amount of dirt on her chest weighed 600 kilograms… how did she survive?” The tech thought.

The tech lead looked in the distance and watched Yomie drive away in the vehicle.

Yomie arrived at the Capitol Building of the Lady. And Yaooan greeted her.

“Whoa! That is weird.” Yaooan said looking at Yomie.

“So I’ve been told.” Yomie responded. Yomie then whispered to Yaooan. “Is there a place we could be alone, I have to show you something.”

“Ah… sure. In my sleeping chambers, I’m allowed to be alone there.” Yaooan told Yomie.

The two then headed to that room. The guards followed behind them.

“This will be quick, just stand out here.” Yaooan smiled. And the guards waited outside the door.

Yaooan shut the door and Yomie stood in the center of the room.

“So what was it you wanted to show me?” Yaooan asked.

“Seeing this outfit didn’t trigger any memories of Vaneluresa for you?” Yomie asked.

“No, I think, even if I lost all my memories, that I would remember if I saw something like that before.” Yaooan responded.

Yomie then walked up to Yaooan. Yomie then placed her hands on the side of Yaooan.

“Wait, what are you doing!?” Yaooan immediately said to Yomie as Yomie then picked her up as if she weighed nothing. “How? When did you become so strong?” Yaooan said as Yomie placed her back on the ground.

“That’s the thing, it’s this outfit. It’s like, given me the powers of the Demigods. It even healed my wounds!” Yomie told Yaooan.

“So you did get injured?” Yaooan asked.

“That’s neither here nor there.” Yomie responded. “What is here is that now I have practically unlimited power!” Yomie said to Yaooan.

“Is it really unlimited?” Yaooan asked.

“Well… not really. If I don’t have a Crystal… I mean Shard, like this, then the suit is more of a hindrance.” Yomie told Yaooan.

“Could I get one too?” Yaooan asked.

“Ah, I don’t think so? I got it from a group that I belong to that got it from some Ren Neo in Vesatanis.” Yomie told Yaooan.

“It’s not Ponicon, right?” Yaooan jokes.

“No, it’s the Followers of Ke’Lan, but really, I’m not really part of their group. I just wanted to learn about the Demigods.” Yomie told Yaooan.

“Can we test something?” Yaooan asked.

“Sure, what do you want to test?” Yomie responded. She had a confused look on her face.

“I want you to shatter my arm.” Yaooan asked.

“Whoa. No, I can’t do that.” Yomie responded by backing up.

“I need to see if I will really heal from anything. And since you have the power of the Demigods, you could heal me just in case. Right?” Yaooan asked.

“I don’t know how to heal, I think I am just strong.” Yomie said feeling a bit apprehensive. “I can’t injure the Lady of Marian South. What if Vaneluresa comes and punishes me for hurting you?” 

“Vaneluresa didn’t come when I was pierced through my chest yesterday. I am pretty sure she just gave me the ability to heal just in case I was injured.” Yaooan said to Yomie.

“Maybe the group that harmed us was part of another group that was equal in strength to Vaneluresa, so she couldn’t attack.” Yomie tried to come up with an excuse.

“You don’t actually believe that?” Yaooan asked.

“Of course not, but I really don’t want to hurt you.” Yomie responded quickly.

Yaooan had a sad look on her face. Yomie tried to turn away.

“I can’t believe that you would use a face like that for something so violent.” Yomie said, turning around towards Yaooan. “Okay, I am going to just punch your arm. Try to endure the pain, just in case.” Yomie warned Yaooan.

Yaooan closed her eyes.

Yomie punched Yaooan’s arm, and sent her across the room like a ragdoll. Yomie’s face was in shock. She did not expect her punch to do so much damage.

Yaooan now laid on the other side of the room completely battered. Yaooan tried to clench the pain she was feeling.

“Oh my! It looks bad!” Yomie said, looking at Yaooan’s body.

“So, nothing is happening?” Yaooan said, trying to open her eyes through the pain.

Yomie started looking around the room. “Do you have some medical equipment?” Yomie asked, pacing around the room.

Yaooan then closed her eyes and fell to sleep. Yomie continued to try and look around. Yomie then turned to look at Yaooan.

Yaooan’s wound began to heal again. Her skin repaired itself and her joints moved back into place. It was like Yomie was watching something magical happen before her eyes.

“This is unbelievable. I feel like I should kneel or something.” Yomie thought to herself.

Yaooan’s body had completely repaired, and she lay sleeping against the wall.

Yomie looked around. “Ah, Lady Vaneluresa… if you are in this room, I am so sorry that I hit Lady Yaooan. Please, don’t hurt me. She asked me too, honestly.” Yomie talked to the room.

Nothing happened to Yomie.

“I am a big fan of what you do, and thank you for helping me in that tunnel. You saved my life.” Yomie thanked the air. Yomie looked around. “I guess I should place Yaooan in her bed, then go out and look for Beruta.” 

Yomie picked up Yaooan and tucked her in bed. She grabbed an outfit from Yaooan’s personal collection and put it on over her Suit. Yomie then left the room.

“Thank you all for your hospitality.” Yomie said before leaving out.

“Do you want an escort?” Fey asked Yomie.

“No, I am okay. I think I am overstaying my welcome since Beruta isn’t here.” Yomie explained.

“Well, good luck out there.” Fey said.

Yomie walked far enough away from the premises to no longer require anyone to watch her. “Now that I am out of sight I suppose I can start actually moving.” Yomie thought to herself. She climbed the side of a building and made her way close to where Beruta lived as a point of anchor.

Yomie then felt the vibration of people hiding around Beruta’s home. They were more heavily armoured than the typical Patrol Officer, and there were about 5 of them waiting. Yomie quickly ducked out of sight. She peered over to see what they were up to.

The people surrounding the building were not moving. But they also weren’t on high alert, as if they had grown tired of staying on guard, but their positioning suggested that they were ready to ambush if they had what they were looking for within striking distance.

“I suppose I should wait until they rotate out. These guys obviously have been sitting around long enough to look bored. If I follow them it might lead me directly to Beruta.” Yomie thought to herself.

Yomie recorded them as she waited.

Those around the building did not look as professional as the Guards in the Capitol Building of the Lady. They may have had discipline but only for so long. Yomie began to grow bored of recording them, they weren’t doing anything interesting. They weren’t even setting up traps.

After some more time one of the individuals spoke on their communication.

They all nodded to each other and one of them left. Yomie watched them leave and slowly made her way to follow them.

She watched them move carefully around the alleys below. “They must be doing something bad if they have to sneak like this…” Yomie thought to herself. She then realized what she was doing. “Well, I guess just because they are sneaking, doesn’t mean they are the bad guys.” Yomie laughed to herself.

The person below met up with another person. They saluted each other and the new person went in the direction of Beruta’s home.

“That must have been a duty switch.” Yomie observed.

The original person continued to sneak and Yomie continued to follow. They were making their way to the Marian South Military Facility of Asso’an called Camp Paradise.

“Interesting. So the guys surrounding Beruta’s home are Military Officers?” Yomie assumed trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

The person was cleared to enter the base, and now was getting away from where Yomie could observe them. “How am I supposed to get in there?” Yomie thought to herself. She looked around. The Camp was surrounded by a large stone wall with metal interiors. The wall went up 30 meters, and was surrounded by barbed wires. There were cameras all along the perimeter of the base.

Yomie in the distance tested out to see how high she could jump. She was easily able to make it up to 20 meters. “I need to at least jump 50 meters to clear the wall.” Yomie measured out an entry point that gave herself some space from the barbed wires.

Yomie tested if she could clear it. After a few mock jumps she found that she could not, the highest she could jump was about 32 meters.

“Shoot. I need another way.” Yomie thought harder about the situation. She tapped her foot trying to think of a solution. She then noticed that her feet penetrated the ground with no difficulty.

Yomie kicked up more dirt. She gave herself a small smirk and began to dig.

As she was creating a tunnel for herself, she couldn’t help but laugh when she noticed that she was starting to get comfortable with being underground. She packed the dirt she removed into the sides to move it out of the way.

The dirt as she got closer to the base seemed to be littered with stones and other inconveniences, but with the power from the suit, they were also of no issue. She then hit an extremely hard section of the ground.

Yomie stopped. “This must be the wall.” Yomie figured. Yomie dug deeper to get beneath it, but saw that once she got underneath, the wall became a floor. It was as if the entire base was sat in a giant stone bowl. Yomie felt that she had no choice but to break through the stone.

She cracked into the floor, and was met with the metal within. She tried to hit her way through but the metal was entirely too tough to break through the same way.

Yomie tried hitting harder to break through.

Within Camp Paradise, Security Officers received an alert that the metal interior of the camp’s borders were being disturbed to a degree higher than baseline environmental signals. They then gestured for people to investigate.

Yomie continued to hit the metal, slowly creating dents within it.

The area above was surrounded by troops. And some troops were sent outside the base to investigate for entry points of the intruders.

The portion of the floor was then lifted up. Yomie quickly dug into the side of the tunnel she made, and covered herself in dirt.

The troops shone a light inside of the tunnel.

“Gunny! There seems to be a tunnel underneath the base.” A Lance Corporal said to a superior NCO.

The Gunny looked inside of the hole. “What on Earth could have done that?” The gunny said observing a nearly half a kilometer long tunnel.

The troops sent to look for an entrance made their way to the end and were able to see the Gunny as well. “We found no one on the other end, Gunny.” Another Lance Corporal called out.

Yomie heard this exchange. But with so many people around she had no way of making her way into the base despite their being a clear opening.

The gunny looked at the damaged flooring. “Damn, we can’t really just place this piece back into place. Sergeant!” The Gunny called out.

A Sergeant then ran towards the Gunny.

“Send in a request to the G1 for repair of this section of the floor.” The Gunny ordered the Sergeant.

“Aye aye.” They responded and went out to create the paperwork.

“Time for a working party!” The Gunny called out. The Juniors then moaned. The Gunny then at random selected a few Non NCOs.

“You all are to stand guard until a new section of the floor is brought here. The Gunny then selected another group. “You all will bring this wall to the Demolition Sight.” The Gunny Ordered.

“Aye Gunny!” They all called out. The Gunny then left.

Yomie waited as the Juniors stood still just waiting. They were throwing dirt from the hole, seeing how far they could toss it.

Yomie watched as the troops were no longer paying attention to the hole in the ground. Yomie climbed up the hole, and crawled out. She looked back at the troops being preoccupied with their game.

Yomie was confused. She always imagined that the Military were the most highly trained individuals on the planet and were always alert, but they seemed nothing more than normal younglings playing around. Yomie walked as if she belonged there. She used her experience as a Border Officer to give off the impression of a General Government Employee on the Camp.

“That guy is long gone by now…” Yomie thought to herself. Yomie walked down the long road of the base and got a quick sight of the Chow Hall. She saw one of the people who was around Beruta’s home inside eating a meal.

“Ah, guess they were relieved from their duty to eat.” Yomie figured. Yomie got a closer look inside. She saw that the other people they were sitting with seemed to be of a much higher rank than the ones who were surrounding the hole.

She stood inside of the Chow Hall, acting as if she was watching the entertainment on the wall, when in actuality she was trying to listen in on the conversation they were having.

“That explosion a few days ago was crazy, I can’t believe those new guys.” One of them spoke in reference to the attack on the Young Leaders.

“All because they were throwing a little temper tantrum. Apparently some guy in their class didn’t respect their authority.” Another spoke.

“Really just scooping the bottom of the barrel for these new guys.” The third one at the table said to the other two.

“Right now we are just watching this house, there has literally been no one there all day. The house belongs to some dead person and their friend who witnessed the new guy shoot someone from their class.” The first one spoke.

Yomie’s chest felt heavy. “A dead person? Are they talking about Beruta?” Yomie thought to herself.

The first one then checked the time. “I have to get going. I’m just supposed to be gone long enough to eat.” They said cleaning up their scraps.

The other two remained behind.

Yomie watched them leave. She had no interest in that person anymore because they were just returning to Beruta’s house.

“Looks like we should get going too.” The other one at the table suggested. They both got up and cleaned their mess. They headed out the building. Yomie then followed behind them.

“They have no idea where Beruta is, and they are keeping watch over her house. So the ones who attacked Yaooan on the road were not Ponicon?” Yomie thought to herself. “But these guys are definitely the ones that tried to kill us, so I better continue to see what they are about.”

Yomie watched them enter another building. It was marked ‘Research and Development’. Yomie knew she would not be able to get in without a proper ID. She stood outside trying to figure out what to do next.

Yomie felt vibrations dashing straight towards her, and she went to move. But the machine was too fast for her to evade.

“Unidentified personnel.” The machine called out. It then squeezed Yomie. Yomie pushed back against it so that it wouldn’t crush her body to mush.

Her strength slowly overcame the power of the machine and its grip broke. It then alerted another of the damage.

Another machine came quickly and sent out a net to capture Yomie. Yomie ripped through it. But then another sent out a net. And Yomie tried to rip through that. More and more were being sent at her until she eventually was tangled in the nets and fell.

The nets then sent an electric shock. Yomie resisted it.

The machines then received a command to bring Yomie inside. Yomie, despite being trapped in the nets, planted her feet in the ground. The force she generated was enough to prevent from being pulled into the building.

The machines increased their pulling power, and Yomie met in kind to their strength. Another Electric Shock was sent through the nets.

Someone then walked outside and saw Yomie struggling.

“Vaneluresa, I presume.” The person walked out and said to Yomie.

Yomie felt that she could take advantage of the respect that Vaneluresa had if she pretended to be her. There was no telling when the Shard would run out of Power.

“If you know it is me, then end this pointless tug of war.” Yomie responded.

The person then gestured and the machines stopped pulling Yomie. The nets were then removed from Yomie. Yomie looked around.

“What makes you think that I would not just launch you into the sky right now?” Yomie asked the person, feeling a bit pissed that she was shocked.

“You could try, but we have something to combat you.” The person laughed. They then turned their back to Yomie. “Follow me, I have something to show you.” 

Yomie then followed the person into the building.

“My dear, Vaneluresa. I have been looking forward to seeing you. My apologies for not giving you a better welcome, we expected that you would have arrived more… majestically?” The person looked at Yomie in disappointment. “My name is Colonel Rashya, I am the Duty Head of the Research Division. I have read all the information on your exploits. You brought down the Queen of Marian North, dissolved the Gangs in Aam, and those other Ren Xi nations. And of course destroying our most secure bunker of Marian South.” Colonel Rashya spoke.

“Yep, that was me. I did all of that.” Yomie responded, trying to keep up the act.

“But, you are an Unchained Beast, you have no loyalty. And that just won’t do. Someone with your Power threatens the very existence of my home. And the Doctor allowed you to do so, and on top of that, is giving your friend the best treatment in the Nation. How could you take so much advantage of my Country and not offer us your loyalty.” Rashya asked Yomie.

“I don’t know, maybe I didn’t feel like it?” Yomie answered, unsure of what Vaneluresa’s reason was.

The two of them then entered a large open space.

“Well, I do know one thing. We don’t need someone like you around.” Colonel Rashya said, Yomie knew that something was about to happen. No one would say something like that if they were ready for confrontation.

Yomie went to grab Colonel Rashya, but then her hand was grabbed. Someone in an exoskeleton suit was now in between Yomie and Colonel Rashya.

Colonel Rashya walked up the stairs and went up to a speaker to taunt Yomie. Yomie wrestled for control of her hand with the exoskeleton.

She could hear many others coming to watch the match. They were rushing over each other for a chance to watch the legendary Vaneluresa fight.

Yomie lifted her feet and kicked herself away from the grip of the exoskeleton.

“How do you like this design? We call it Groundraiser.” Colonel Rashya said to Yomie as she gained some distance between herself and Groundraiser.

“Looks clunky.” Yomie responded, regaining her breath. Yomie looked around to see if she could escape. If this exoskeleton was built to combat Vaneluresa, Yomie did not stand a chance.

Groundraiser dashed at Yomie and Yomie jumped back away from its hit.

“Well at least you are as fast as the stories about you.” Colonel Rashya praised.

“I wish I knew how to fight.” Yomie thought to herself. Groundraiser then went to attack Yomie again and Yomie jumped back. It then launched explosives at Yomie. She was sent into the walls of the arena.

Those watching cheered.

Yomie was in pain. “Ouch that hurt. I can only imagine how bad I would feel without the suit.”

“Is this too much for you, Vaneluresa? Do you need to lay down?” Colonel Rashya taunted.

Yomie was upset, she did not like being in pain. Yomie ran at Groundraiser and punched. Groundraiser blocked with its arm, but Yomie’s strike had enough strength to rip it off.

The crowd moaned.

Groundraiser backed up away from Yomie, Yomie went to pursue it. Groundraiser launched more explosives to knock Yomie away.

Yomie was sent flying once again to the other side of the arena. Groundraiser then sent a barrage of missiles at Yomie. Yomie felt more pain than ever in her entire life, it was like her body was being burned, then relieved then burned again over and over.

Yomie felt the wall behind her. She dug into it and crawled within the stone.

Groundraiser ended the barrage and all the audience could see was a hole in the wall.

“Vaneluresa is escaping!” Colonel Rashya yelled out. Those in the audience then went to get their machines to patrol and follow Yomie.

Yomie had broken her way into the hallway of the Research Building and saw the other Projects they were working on. As Yomie ran through the hall she felt the other machines coming. Yomie opened her Knowledge Network and sent the recordings of the day, including the fight and taunts to Yomie.

“Vaneluresa is down here!” Someone yelled out.

Yomie broke into a Project. It was another Machine. Yomie grabbed a chunk of the machine which looked to have been vital for power and then pushed it to block the doorway.

“Why are you running, Vaneluresa? Thought you were supposed to be all powerful!” Colonel Rashya called out to the speaker.

“Well, I’m not Vaneluresa. So those taunts won’t work on me.” Yomie said as she continued to break through the building.

Yomie continued to break into rooms until she found something that would help her escape. She found an aerial vehicle. And quickly strapped it onto herself.

The machines caught up to her and sent out nets to capture Yomie. Yomie turned on the vehicle and it blasted her straight up into the ceiling. Yomie cleared the way above. Once she made it through the vehicle soared high straight up.

The group of people ran outside and watched Yomie in the air. Flying machines were then sent after Yomie.

Yomie quickly looked around. “Where are the controls?!” Yomie yelled out to herself. Yomie tore apart the piece of the machine she grabbed earlier and found that they were using a Shard to Power it. “Oh this is a Blue one.” Yomie thought to herself.

The Flying Machines eventually started to make it up to where Yomie was. She felt a pedal beneath her arm and pressed it. It sent her forward. She held it down as far as it could go.

The acceleration forced 150 G’s of force on her body. But because of the suit she was able to withstand it. The other flying machines that were in pursuit of her eventually could not keep up and she was now flying full speed away from the base.

Colonel Rashya looked satisfied. “At least we know that if Vaneluresa tried showing up in the future, we would defeat her, no problem.” Rashya said to the others.

Yomie was now flying in a singular direction. She was high in the sky above moving at about 2000 meters per second. Yomie was now able to regain her composure, it seemed that she was being left alone.

She explored the vehicle she was riding in. Yomie looked down below and she was not able to see anything but sand.

“Where on Earth am I?” Yomie thought. She opened her knowledge network and found that she had left Marian South and was now within the borders of the Suminiatini Federation.

“Well that’s not good. But if Beruta was not in the Marian South camp, then most likely she was taken by the Suminiatini Military. So I was going to end up here anyways.” Yomie thought.

The vehicle continued to fly for some time. The fuel of the vehicle was still nearly full. Yomie had just about cleared half the desert.

“I’m sorry Vaneluresa for tarnishing your name! I didn’t mean to, please I know I wronged you twice but really both times were completely by accident.” Yomie pleaded to the air begging for forgiveness.

With no response, Yomie took that as being forgiven.

The Aerial Machine then started flashing warning lights. “Incoming Missiles” An indicator light read.

“Dang, I should have known that I can’t simply just fly into another Country’s Airspace.

Yomie then pressed down more on the handle to gain more speed. She was now traveling at 4000 meters per second. However the missile was still catching up to Yomie.

“Can’t this go any faster?” Yomie thought as she pressed more buttons. The aerial machine moved finally to its top speed of 9000 meters per second. The missile was still gaining speed.

The Vehicle then ejected Yomie out of it and the missile collided with the vehicle and it exploded. The sound of the explosion was deafening. A pressure wave forced Yomie faster towards the ground.

She then struck the ground and landed in the land.

Yomie felt her body shatter but then get repaired by the suit. But the pain was still felt.

“Yikes, this is not the best day of my life.” Yomie said to herself. She looked around and saw nothing but desert.

“Guess I just have to walk from here.” Yomie thought.

Yomie took a step then collapsed to the ground. The suit had run out of power. Yomie was now trapped in the desert.

“Glad it happened now rather than in that fight.” Yomie said to herself. She pulled out the Blue Shard and replaced the Shard of Liberation with it. “Thank you Vaneluresa for the Might you provide, you have protected me throughout today, I command this suit to heed my calls by your Power.” Yomie said to regain Power to the suit.

Yomie was able to walk freely within it again. She checked her knowledge network and headed South toward a Suminiatini Military base.

Beruta was being escorted into a room for her first hearing. 

“Lt. Beruta of the QRF, you are being charged with the Murder of Suminiatini Federation Citizens working in tandem with the Suminiatini Miltary. The Murders occurred on foreign Soul, with you assisting the foreign nation. If found guilty you will be executed for conspiracy to commit treason and attempt at committing treason. You may speak your name and information.” The presiding Officer commanded Beruta.

Beruta, having been stripped of her clothing and placed in a prisoner’s uniform, spoke at the stand.

“I am Beruta, a Lt. of the Suminiatini Federation Military in the QRF. I am charged with the Murder of Suminiatini Federation Citizens performing duties in tandem with the Suminiatini Federation Military while being a member of the Suminiatini Military myself. I am accused of doing these things on foreign soil while working with a foreign entity. I did not commit these deeds as stated, and request that those voting today will look into my history.” Beruta said to the court.

She was then forced to sit down as the first group of evidence was being brought forward.


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