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Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Five

“Influence of Divinity”

In the District of Titan, a new governor had been elected. The Governor enacted a policy that would open the District of Titan to students from other continents, with preference going towards those from Mare.

Junko is now slightly older, she had become adept at escaping authorities and called herself the Silent Bandit. Junko while out on the prowl spotted a person, they looked to be a student of the most prestigious school in the country. They wore clothing of the highest quality, a long dark robe laced with trimmings made of gold. The student seemed to be an easy target, they were alone and completely relaxed. To Junko they were clearly a person of wealth and surely would not miss a Gold Coin or two.

Junko jumped down from the building and landed behind the person.

“Don’t turn around or else this blade is going through your spine.” Junko said to the passerby.

“So, what part of you should I injure?” The person said to Junko, having stopped moving forward.

“What? You aren’t in any position to even think about that…” Junko had paused for a second after being caught off guard by the person’s calmness and statement.  “I’m going to check your pockets, if you move I am going to stab you. If you don’t, then think of your reward as losing only one little coin.” Junko said to this person as she then began to dig through their pockets.

“You turned out to just be a common thief, I figured you would have had more of a presentation when you robbed someone.” The person said to Junko.

Junko was confused. This person acted like they knew her. Junko continued to search through the clothing, she was now more cautious of movement from this person.

“Maybe a good hit in the back of the neck would make you a more interesting person.” The person said, still speaking out loud.

Junko saw the person begin to move, but despite Junko being exceptionally fast and having quick reaction speed, the student was able to completely turn around and disarm Junko.

Junko quickly decided that it was time to escape, but before that could happen the student got behind Junko and used their straight hand to press into Junko’s neck. Junko then fell unconscious onto the ground.

Ventusr then appeared to Aquar. “Was it really necessary to put on that show?” Ventusr asked Aquar.

Aquar, having been revealed to be the student that Junko tried to rob, simply shrugged. “I mean, this is a different reality, I don’t have to do everything the most efficient way possible. We have practically all of eternity!” 

Ventusr looked down at the body of Junko. “I am going to check if there are any updates with the readings.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

Ventusr looked at the readings on the projection in the lab of the Spark Scientist.

“Look, there is a spike there.” Ventusr said, pointing out a small bump in the readings for Muiku.

The Spark Scientist focused their attention on that reading.

“The wavelength is particularly thin, with a particularly high height. Followed by exceptionally shallow markers. Overall that spike would result, compared to a normal time frame, to being equivalent.” Alpha said to those in the room as they interpreted the results.

“So if we cause a stimulation that results in them going unconscious then it doesn’t do anything towards their progress to a Godhead.” Ventusr said to the group.

“So that marker is from either you or Aquar knocking Muiku out?” Axil asked.

“Correct, we were seeing if pain is something that would increase the progression towards a Godhead. But as I could see, if the result is simply that it evens out, then beating them up while inside would be pointless.” Ventusr noted. That information was then brought back into the reality Muiku, Brooke, Emma, Aquar and Ventusr resided.

“Completely pointless.” Ventusr said to Aquar.

“Dang, I was hoping that we would be able to simply resort to violence to move us closer to a successful test.” Aquar responded to Ventusr.

Ventusr looked down at Junko. Junko’s body looked completely lifeless.

“No reason for us to remain here.” Ventusr said as they began to walk away from Junko’s body. Aquar followed behind.

Eventually when they were out of sight a shadowy being appeared next to Junko’s unconscious body. It then began to whisper in Junko’s ear.

“They made you look like a fool. You should get your revenge on them. I can give you the knowledge you need to enact your just retribution.” The shadow figure spoke.

It then continued after Junko’s brain had time to process those words.

“How come they were born rich and you were born so poor. It is not fair, they need to experience the same amount of pain you do.” The shadow figure said, Junko then woke up and looked around. There was no one.

Junko felt her head. She had a slight headache. “Damn, they hit like a truck.” Junko thought, feeling the back of her neck. It was sensitive to the touch and throbbed with pain. Junko then began to walk to the rundown shelter she had been living in since her youth.

“How was the hunting?” The clerk asked Junko.

“Could have been better, but it was still a decent haul.” Junko said, handing the clerk a percentage of what she was able to steal.

“You scraped yourself up good out there. Don’t come back here if you are dripping blood.” The clerk said to Junko.

Junko felt her face, and realized that she must have scraped her face when she was knocked out. “Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen again.” Junko said entering the room.

The beds inside were as dirty as ever, if they could even be considered beds. They were actually nothing more than thrown away sheets on a dirt ground.

Junko went over to where she laid and dug up her secret stash of money. She placed it in her share and buried it once more.

The next day Junko walked out to begin her patrol for targets. She saw a group of students who wore the same uniform as the person who she tried to rob yesterday wore. Junko narrowed her vision to see if that person was in the group.

Someone then walked behind Junko.

“You seem interested in those Students.” The person behind Junko said. Junko immediately turned around and swatted their hand.

“Calm down, I’m not trying to kidnap you.” The person laughed.

“That doesn’t reassure me at all.” Junko said glaring at this individual.

“Well I am a promoter for the new Act that has just passed. We are offering scholarships to Young People in financial difficulties… that is, if you are interested in becoming a student, now would be the perfect time to do so.” The promoter said to Junko.

The promoter handed Junko a metal slab that had intricate designs cut into it. It had several microscopic holes, and see-through spots where the metal was thin. This slab let Junko know that this person had access to incredible technology that was able to make those details.

“As if you would randomly offer someone like me into a place like that.” Junko said, placing the slab into her pocket. “What’s the catch?” Junko asked.

“There’s no catch. I am simply a promoter. I just noticed you staring at the students and figured you wanted to walk alongside them.” The promoter replied.

Junko crossed her arms trying to put up an uninterested front.

“Well, if you change your mind, at Noon there will be an orientation at the school. They should explain everything else you need to know to begin your academic journey.” The promoter said before going back into the crowd.

Junko pulled out the metal slab again. She admired the intricacies of the metal.

“I mean, if I go, surely I would meet a lot of rich people, and be able to trick them into giving me money.” Junko thought. She was attempting to trick herself into thinking that she only wanted to go to have access to more wealthy people.

The Shadow Figure then began to whisper into Junko’s ear. “School? That’s for stuck up snobs, you can achieve the same goal by sitting outside the school and robbing them when they exit.”

Junko nodded in agreement. “Yeah, people like me aren’t meant to go to school.” Junko said, walking away from the students.

The Shadow figure poked at Junko’s head, trying to make sure she remained in an aggravated state. This gave her a minor headache that prompted even more frustration.

Two students who obviously were not from the same country as Junko, walked past her. One of the girls walking by seemed, from the perspective of Junko, to be the reincarnation of a goddess.

Jeanne and Flora looked around the city with amazement. They both arrived in the city earlier that morning. 

Jeanne pointed up at one of the Skyscrapers. “Look at that Tower! It is so high! How can the ground support all that weight?” Jeanne asked Flora.

“The ground must be solid, nothing like the sands of our home.” Flora responded.

Jeanne looked at the map she picked up from the Airport.

“Where is this school supposed to be?” Jeanne looked around to see if she could match any landmarks from the map. But the way the city was constructed was confusing to Jeanne. 

Flora looked around and noticed Junko staring at them.

“Oh, let’s ask her.” Flora suggested. They both then started walking towards Junko.

Junko snapped back to reality. And noticed the two coming closer. “Wait, no, I’m not ready to be seen… Just remain calm…” Junko thought to herself.

“Excuse me.” Flora began to Junko.

“What is it?” Junko responded, trying to sound cool.

“Can you tell us how to get to this school?” Flora asked.

Junko looked at the map that Flora showed her. It was the school that the promoter showed her just a few moments ago.

“Oh, that school. I know exactly where it is.” Junko responded.

“That’s awesome! Can you tell us!?” Flora asked with a bit of excitement.

Jeanne opened her eyes wide with anticipation. This sudden change made Junko a bit nervous.

“Actually… I can walk you all there. It’s obvious you both aren’t from around here.” Junko said to the two.

“Really! That would be the best! Thank you. Are you a Student there as well?” Flora asked Junko.

“Ah… a student?…” Junko was unsure how to answer.

Jeanne looked at Junko anticipating her answer.

“Well, of course. I am a Student there. I know the place like the back of my hand.” Junko responded.

Flora and Jeanne lowered their heads. “Then please take care of us, our Senior.” Both Jeanne and Flora said to Junko.

Junko became embarrassed. “Come on, you don’t have to be so formal.” Junko then led the two towards the school.

“Why is everything so cluttered?” Flora asked Junko.

Junko looked around. “What do you mean?” 

“The buildings seemed to have scraps coming from them, and items seem to be added to the street signs and roads seemingly at random. Everything feels like a lot.” Flora explained to Junko.

“Oh! I see what you mean. That’s just how things are. Typically the more decorated, something is, the wealthier or intelligent the person who the item belongs to seems.” Junko responded. “You see that bike over on the side of the road. They have cross weaved fabrics sawn into their seat, with bits of it hanging over the edge, and the bike base itself is twirled in on itself, clearly the owner of that bike was able to buy something unique to them.”

Flora pulled out her pocket watch. “So how would someone view an item like this?” Flora asked.

Jeanne was shocked that Flora would show off such a valuable item to a stranger.

Junko looked at it. It was a Pocket Watch that was carved out of a Giant Pearl. The Pearl was pure white, and it was a sleek design. The Glass over the watch face was made from overheated sea sand, and had no visible blemishes.

Junko felt like she was holding a piece of trash. “This item is practically worthless here. If anything it looks like it could have been mass produced.” Junko gave her assessment.

“Oh really? What if I said it was made from an extremely rare item only found around the coast of my home town.” Flora tried to get Junko to appreciate the item.

“I mean, sure… that would make it worth more than garbage, but there isn’t anything actually unique about it. It has no personality, saying it’s made from something rare is similar to finding rare ore, it’s just something the world made, which in itself is worthless without manufacturing.” Junko explained.

“That is interesting, so are things that come from nature worthless here?” Jeanne asked Junko.

Junko became embarrassed again. “Well… it’s not worthless… if someone worked on it, I’m sure it has some sort of value, but if you just found it in nature… then yeah, it would be worthless.” Junko explained.

“Wow, that is like the opposite of Mare.” Jeanne said to Flora.

“So what brought you two from Mare to Tallus?” Junko asked.

“We are on a cultural exchange program, and got selected from our school to be the Student Ambassadors for Rhodos.” Flora explained.

“Whoa, so that must mean you both are smart.” Junko mentioned.

“Of course we are, there is no way we could be Ambassadors if we weren’t.” Flora said, looking proud towards Jeanne. Jeanne smiled back. “So what about you? How are your standings in school?” Flora asked Junko.

“I am… also one of the best students.” Junko responded, trying to avoid being looked down on.

Jeanne put her hands together in excitement. “We are so lucky!” Jeanne said.

Junko gave a nervous shrug. “Well here we are.” Junko then pulled out the slab. “The Mechanical Alchemist Technical House of Science.”

The three looked up in pure amazement, they were stunned to see such a complex structure. The building had hundreds of gears along the exterior walls that moved in every imaginable direction. There was a giant clock at the top of the large central tower. Approximately every few meters there were pipes that slowly moved up and down, each releasing a small puff of air that was coloured.  The building itself had stairs that led to nowhere, and the rails made of the darkest obsidian. Each of the 6 towers that were at the corners of each of the Hexagon sides were nearly 100 meters tall. They were all connected by gates made of twisted metal.

The three walked up to the entrance. They were stopped by a magnetic door which only allowed those with authorization to pass through.

“Well, there’s no time like the present to get started.” Flora said, walking up to the door. She pulled out her letter. She scanned the letter on the door, and was allowed entrance to the school grounds. “That wasn’t so bad.” Flora said with a sigh of relief.

Jeanne walked up next and scanned her letter on the door. She too was allowed entrance into the ground. They both then turned around waiting for Junko.

Junko walked up to the door and tried to scan the slab she received from the promoter. But was denied entrance. A note appeared on the exterior of the door.

“Restricted Access for Non-registered Students, register at Orientation…” The note said. There was plenty more but Junko was embarrassed.

“Senior… is there a problem?” Jeanne asked.

“No, there’s no problem.” Junko nervously laughed.

Junko tried again. She tried to scan it a different way, but again the same message appeared.

“Ah, you two can continue, I will meet you later.” Junko said to Jeanne and Flora.

“It’s okay, we can wait. We would appreciate it if you continue to guide us through the School.” Flora said to Junko.

“Of course.” Junko responded.

“Foolish child. You thought this place was meant for you.” The Shadow Figure laughed in Junko’s ear.

Junko started to become anxious. She started liking the two girls she met. And could feel as time went on that they began to change how they saw Junko. Junko started to break down.

“Poor, idiots do not belong here.” The Shadow figure started laughing even more. The laugh started to drown out Junko’s own thoughts. 

Then the laughter suddenly stopped. Junko felt someone behind her.

“You seem to have forgotten your Student ID, don’t worry I will let you in today, but don’t forget it next time.” The Teacher said to Junko scanning her in.

Junko looked up at the imposing Teacher. They were covered in the finest of clothing, and wore several pairs of glasses. They looked rather young, but in a powerful position.

The Teacher gestured. “It’s fine, you can go in.” The Teacher said to Junko.

Junko entered through the door.

The Teacher followed behind her. “Well, you two must be the Ambassadors from Rhodos.” The Teacher said.

“We are, how did you know?” Flora asked.

“I can tell just by looking at the clothing you are wearing. It’s of a rather fine quality. You must have worn your best clothing for this mission. I appreciate your opinion of our school.” The Teacher said to Flora and Jeanne.

Junko stood to the side, she felt a bit of shame for how dirty her clothes looked.

“We are actually looking to meet with the Dean of the School later, but our fellow Student here was going to show us around the school first, wasn’t that right?” Flora said, looking at Junko.

“Ah… yes. I was going to do that.” Junko said feeling nervous about being found out.

The Teacher looked at Junko. It was obvious that they knew what was going on. The Teacher then gave a small smirk.

“Before doing so, I would hope you all get the chance to put away your possessions in your dorms.” The Teacher said to the three.

“Oh yes, we don’t know what rooms are.” Flora said to the Teacher.

“That’s not a problem.” The Teacher said before pressing a button. Another Student then walked from around the corner.

“You called Professor Valentine?” The Student said to the Teacher.

“Guide these three to the dorm rooms. And give them these keys.

The Student looked at Junko, Jeanne and Flora.

“Sneaky sneaky.” The Student said under her breath. “Fine, I will show you three where the dorms are.” The Student said to them.

“My name is Athena, I am the Highest Ranked Student in this House. It should be an honour for you that not only am your guide, but that you even gotta speak to the Acting Dean accidentally.” Athena said to the three.

Junko felt even more pressure. “What am I going to do… I am obviously a fraud. I am going to be found out.” Junko thought to herself.

“Oh, as for you.” Athena looked directly at Junko. She handed Junko a card, and bent down to whisper into her ear. “Head on to Orientation. We know that you aren’t actually a Student, but to keep from embarrassing our city to the Ambassadors, we let it slide.” Athena said to Junko.

Junko then stopped. “I have something I need to do real quick. I will meet back up with you two later.” Junko said to Jeanne and Flora.

“Oh, already.” Flora responded.

“Yeah, it’s actually pretty important, but I will see you both soon.” Junko said before running off.

“Well then, let me continue to show you both your rooms.” Athena said to Jeanne and Flora.

Junko ran through the school trying to quickly get to Orientation.

“Somehow I made it through all of that without completely embarrassing myself. This must be a sign.” Junko thought to herself.

“They are setting you up. They all know you don’t belong here.” The Shadow Figure said to Junko.

“Shut-up, I am not going to listen to you.” Junko responded. The Shadow figure then vanished. Junko continued to run towards Orientation.

In the Daylight Armada.

Over the last couple of weeks Amelia had enrolled herself in several training centers. She wanted to be an Expert at Martial Arts, Weapons, and Physical Strength. And when she wasn’t in those classes she sat in the library at school and studied Chemistry, Psychology and Anatomy.

Amelia though her exhaustion was always at peak levels continued to push herself day in and day out.

Amelia returned home.

“Welcome back, Amelia.” Lorey said as she washed the dishes in the kitchen.

Amelia went directly to her room.

Lorey seemed a bit saddened. But knew that there wasn’t much she could do to help her daughter.

Amelia made a note in her Plan for Conquest notebook.

“I have successfully trained to enter a Fighter’s High State when I am pinned. Breaking down the dulling of my mind by overcoming my Adrenaline Rush will assist me in overcoming Enemies Stronger than I would normally be without sacrificing the Stratagems I studied so hard to master.” Amelia wrote.

Her notebook was filled with notes similar to this. She annotated Toxic Chemicals, and the rates in which they evaporate. What weapons would be most easily concealed, and all sorts of things in which if her notebook was found would land her in serious trouble.

August soon walked in after Amelia had finished making that note. Amelia looked through the crack in her door and glared at her Father.

August turned to look in that direction. “I am guessing she is still isolating herself.” August asked Lorey.

“Yes, she will only come out for a snack or two, but would hardly even have a conversation with me.” Lorey responded.

“I should go and talk to her.” August said to Lorey.

“Are you sure this is the right time?” Lorey asked.

“I think I know how to break through to her.” August said before he began walking to Amelia. “Amelia sweetie, I would like to talk with you.” August said, but Amelia quickly shut her door.

“What do you want to talk about, I am busy.” Amelia responded.

“I know you are going through changes, and you don’t need to worry, we both understand.” August began to say. Amelia quickly became annoyed and left her door. August continued to talk but Amelia ignored him.

Amelia grabbed her training baton and practiced her 3rd Strike Form.

“… and I am willing to take you anywhere if you would open up to us.” August said, and Amelia heard that final bit of his sentence.

“This isn’t some sort of agreement where if I name a location I want to go, that you would deny me?” Amelia asked August.

“Of course not, I am not trying to trick you.” August said to Amelia.

“Then I want to go to the Nighttime Armada.” Amelia responded.

“Oh…” August responded.

“Is that a problem? I thought you wouldn’t restrict my choice.” Amelia said through her door.

“No, it’s not a problem.” August nervously responded.

“And I want to go at the beginning of next week.” Amelia gave another demand.

“Sure, I can arrange for that.” August agreed to Amelia’s request.

Amelia opened her door. “Now all I have to do is interact with them so that they do not cancel the deal.” Amelia thought to herself. “So it’s a deal.” Amelia said to August.

“Of course.” August nodded.

Amelia came out of her room. “So what are we eating tonight? Will we be reading a story later? How’s work treating you?” Amelia asked her parents as she entered the living room.

August was surprised at the sudden change in Amelia’s attitude. Could this have really been about not being allowed to go to the nighttime armada?

The three sat at the table together.

“So Amelia, what have you been up to? You aren’t coming home immediately after school anymore.” Lorey asked Amelia.

“I’ve just been studying. I’m trying to prepare for any problem I might come across.” Amelia responded. She took large bites of food now that she didn’t immediately return to her room.

“Remember you need to rest sometimes, your body is still young and needs that rest to develop well.” August told Amelia.

Amelia felt creeped out that August would talk about her young body. But she kept herself from making a facial expression. “Of course. If I get too tired I make sure to take a break.” Amelia responded.

August suddenly began to choke. He was silent, gesturing for assistance. Both Lorey and Amelia looked at him.

Lorey was confused by what August was trying to indicate, but Amelia knew full well what was happening. August stood up and slammed his chest against the table, trying to dislodge what was caught in his throat.

Lorey looked at August with dread, she was unable to help him. Amelia looked at August with a bit of satisfaction as she watched her Father suffer. Then Lorey looked over at Amelia with despair on her face.

Amelia couldn’t stand that look on her mother’s face, so she nodded her head to her mother and walked over to August. Amelia then grabbed August around the gut and thrusted her arms inward. This pressure, which she learned from her Martial Arts training, was enough to force the air through his throat and knock the food that was trapped.

August spent some time catching his breath.

Amelia walked back to her seat and continued eating. August looked over at Amelia.

“You saved my life.” August said, recovering from the shock of the event.

“Well I couldn’t let you go out like that.” Amelia responded to August. August nodded in agreement.

“Are you feeling alright?” Lorey asked August.

“That was definitely a wake up call. That could have been my last day on this World, and I would have ended it with so many unresolved desires.” August responded. He then placed both of his hands on the table.

“How about it, we go to the Nighttime Armada as soon as we wake up.” August suggested to the Family.

Amelia looked over at him.

“Are you sure? What about work tomorrow?” Lorey asked August.

“This is much more important than going to work. I want to make sure that we have a recent memory as a family. We should go out more often, so our outings remain fresh.” August said to Lorey.

August smiled at Amelia. Amelia returned a half hearted grin.

August kissed Lorey on the cheek. “The food was delicious, it was nearly worth dying for.” August joked.

He then left the table and went to the Master’s Bedroom.

“I am going to check up on your father. Can you clean up after you are done?” Lorey asked Amelia.

“No problem.” Amelia responded.

Lorey left the table and Amelia sat alone.

As Amelia ate, Olethros appeared at the table. Amelia noticed the beings sudden appearance, but seemed unfazed by it.

“What do you want?” Amelia asked the being.

“I feel in your heart that you have a growing desire to end your Father’s life.” Olethros said to Amelia.

“You know nothing of my heart.” Amelia responded.

“I have an agreement that might interest you. If you can show that you have the heart to take the life of someone else, then I will grant you some of my Divine Power.” Olethros proposed to Amelia.

“Divine Power? What exactly would that do for me?” Amelia asked.

“With Divine Power, you will have the ability to bend reality to your will.” Olethros demonstrated this to Amelia by turning her Father’s leftover food into Gold.

Amelia grabbed the Gold and inspected it.

“Okay, seems that you aren’t just full of lies. So explain to me more about this Divine Power. If I get it, could I get more on my own? How much does it take to do what you did? How much do you have? How much would I get? What is its source? Are there equations to describe its properties?” Amelia asked Olethros.

“All simple answers.” Olethros smiled. The being knew that if a subject was this curious, then it is likely they would agree to the terms.

“Divine Power is given to us by the Three Great Lords, and the Eldest Supreme Lord. By basking in their light we are able to refuel our Divine Power and continue to do works in their name.” Olethros began to praise, but Amelia interrupted.

“Who are the Three Great Lords, and the Eldest Supreme Lord?” Amelia asked.

“I can’t simply tell you their names, the Human world is too filthy for such a pristine sound.” Olethros responded.

“Sure, I will accept that for now. You can continue.” Amelia said to Olethros. Olethros then continued.

“If you accept my deal, I will give you 1000 Units of Divine Power. That is enough to knock a grown human male 20 meters into the air.” Olethros said to Amelia.

Amelia pondered this number. “So a unit of Divine Energy would be about 20 Joules. Which means that even with 10 times that number I would barely even be able to heat up a bucket of water to a boil.” Amelia said softly as she was calculating.

“Wait, don’t make it sound so pathetic, you have to think of it in terms of what you could do to other people.” Olethros said to Amelia.

“Simple weapons, and Martial Arts are able to hurt people just as well if not better. I am more interested in how wide my area of control could be if I received this Divine Power. And with just 1000 Units… I don’t think it is worth me potentially being put in prison. I wouldn’t even be able to break out.” Amelia responded to Olethros.

“How dare you, making light of the Powers of the Lords!” Olethros said to Amelia. Olethros then formed their hand into a blade and went to stab Amelia.

Amelia moved out of the way of the blade and pinned Olethros under her foot.

“Get off me your brat!” Olethros said to Amelia. Amelia then twisted her leg around and ripped Olethros arm out of place. She then quickly took the kitchen knife and cut in between the gap she made.

Amelia held Olethros’ removed arm. “I’m sure this arm has more Divine Power in it then you were going to offer me.” Amelia said to Olethros.

Olethros backed away from Amelia. “You are a Monster!” 

Amelia then smiled. She pointed the arm at Olethros. “By the Power of the Great Saint Aero, if you dare or anyone else, including your supposed Great Lords, give me a low ball offer, I will do much more than just take an arm. Weak beings have no place acting like they have authority.” Amelia scolded Olethros.

“You will regret this, you will burn forever you demon.” Olethros said to Amelia before vanishing.

Amelia noticed that Olethros’ arm did not vanish with them. “There must be a way for me to extract that Divine Power from this.” Amelia thought to herself.

She placed the arm in a spot that she could keep watch over as she cleaned up the dishes and the dining room. Once finished Amelia brought the Arm to her room and placed it next to her Saint Aero statue.

Amelia brought out her tweezers and pulled off a bit of skin from the arm. She placed that piece under a microscope and looked at it.

The piece seemed to have been pulsing. And it suspended organic matter in between those pulsing orbs.Amelia used her tweezers to then remove the organic matter from the middle of the pulsing orbs, and the orbs became invisible.

“So the being isn’t made of Organic Matter, but instead suspends Organic Matter with what it’s body is actually made of.” Amelia thought to herself.

Amelia then dropped the organic matter back into where the pulsing orbs were before and she could once again see them. 

“So in principle, this is like dropping Iron Flacks into a magnetic field. So those beings must control this Divine Energy in the same way we could control Magnetic Fields with magnets.” Amelia thought to herself. She wrote down the properties that she noticed from the arm piece.

After several hours of non-stop experimenting Amelia laid back in her chair. She had notes upon notes all over her desk. The arm in the corner was torn into pieces. Amelia wanted to know what parts influenced the control of the Divine Power. 

She grabbed the shoulder piece of the arm and placed it on the part of her head closest to her Cerebellum. She then moved her arm and the pieces of the Beings Arm moved with it.

“That’s simple enough. I’m sure with more practice I could control more bits of this.” Amelia thought. “One more thing before I go to sleep.” Amelia stopped herself from taking off the part connected to her head.

She rips more parts off the arm and places them into a pile.

Amelia then focused her attention on those bits and gestured for them to move up. The pieces of the arms then moved up. “I thought so, so the pieces don’t have to be connected to the main body as long as I have the Controlling Part. I guess it’s a good thing I ripped that thing’s arm from its shoulder rather than from the elbow.” Amelia smirked.

Amelia looked at her notes one more time to make sure she was satisfied with her work.

“Just in case that thing tries to attack me while I am asleep, I am going to keep this connected to the back of my head.” Amelia thought as she turned on the darkening screen of her room and went to sleep.

In another part of the World, it was now becoming later in the afternoon.

Junko finally located where Jeanne and Flora were staying. Flora saw Junko and waved at her. Junko walked over to them.

Junko received a new Uniform. It was by far the cleanest clothing she owned. She even got to clean herself up in the Female Locker Room, it was an invigorating experience for her, she had never used such fancy soup on herself.

“Wow, you smell pretty good.” Flora said, smelling Junko. Jeanne also took a sniff and agreed.

“Yeah, students could use the Locker Room showers, if you ever need them.” Junko told the two.

“I think we are pretty okay with that, our rooms have Showers of their own.” Flora responded to Junko.

“Ah, that makes sense.” Junko said, feeling a bit embarrassed for suggesting something useless. “So where were you two? I didn’t see you walking the halls all day.” Junko asked.

“We were in a meeting with Professor Valentine with all the other Ambassadors.” Flora responded to Junko. Jeanne quickly added her opinion.

“Professor Valentine is so cool. I didn’t expect someone of such a high position to be so patient and thoughtful.” Jeanne said to Junko.

Junko recalled how Professor Valentine allowed her entrance into the school, and probably gave Athena the Student Card to give to her. “Yes, Professor Valentine is pretty neat.” Junko agreed.

“You know, he is teaching a Special Class tomorrow. It’s on a new Energy Source that he discovered. I think it’s going to be interesting, you should come.” Flora informed Junko.

“What time is it going to be?” Junko asked. Junko looked at the list of classes she was given. They were all very introductory courses, so even if Junko went to Professor Valentine’s Presentation, she likely would not understand anything.

“It’s going to be 2 hours after noon.” Flora informed.

“Oh, I think I am going to be a bit busy at that time.” Junko responded.

“Please can you come?” Jeanne asked.

Junko smiled, and blushed a bit. “Well, I guess what I have to do isn’t too important.” Junko responded.

Jeanne smiled. “Well then, it is a deal. We are going to Professor Valentine’s class. What other classes do you have, I want to see if we are going to be in the same courses.” Flora asked Junko.

Flora handed Junko her class sheet, and immediately Junko knew that she was in none of the classes they were in. All the classes that Flora had were all Senior Level courses.

“Oh, actually, look at the time! I need to go now. I’m sorry.” Junko quickly stood up.

“Really? But you just got here.” Flora said to Junko who continued to back up towards the door.

“Yeah, sorry, I just remember. That is my bad. I will see you both tomorrow at the presentation though.” Junko responded.

“Alright, see you then.” Flora said before Junko quickly left the door.

Junko hustled down the hallway so that neither Flora nor Jeanne could catch up to her.

When Junko exited the building she saw that someone had dropped an eyepiece. She picked it up and noticed the extremely delicate details in the article. Junko looked around and quickly put it into her pocket.

Junko then moved a bit faster so she could exit the gate.

Once she exited the Shadow Figured whispered in her ear. “You can change your environment but you won’t change the person.” It said to Junko.

“Shut-up, I needed at least something to make this day worth it.” Junko said.

She then bumped into Professor Valentine who was returning to the school from shopping. Junko nearly fell over but caught herself.

“Wouldn’t you consider gaining new knowledge worth it?” Professor Valentine asked Junko.

Junko quickly apologized. “Of course, of course that is worth it.” Junko responded to Professor Valentine.

Professor Valentine smiled. Junko then continued on her way. “Wait a second.” Professor Valentine called out.

Junko paused, and started having a foreboding feeling. “Yes, Professor Valentine.” Junko said without turning around.

“You dropped this.” Professor Valentine said, and Junko turned around to see it was the Eyepiece. “I never figured you to be one to wear an eyepiece.” Professor Valentine said, handing it to Junko.

“Thank you, Professor.” Junko responded.

Professor Valentine bent down to whisper to Junko. “If you are planning to sell it, do it at the Antique Shop three streets over. Because you look clean, and wearing that uniform they will assume a Parent gave it to you, and not that you stole it. You will get a much fairer price.” Professor Valentine said before continuing on his way.

When Professor Valentine came back up she noticed that one of his eyepieces were gone.

Junko nervously responded. “Yes, Professor Valentine. I will do that.”

“Good, see you at the Presentation tomorrow, Miss Junko.” Professor Valentine without turning around.

Junko quickly went off to sell the item.

She entered the building, and the amount of obviously wealthy people inside made her nervous. She walked up to the counter and showed the eyepiece to the clerk.

“I would like to sell this.” Junko said to the Clerk.

The Clerk picked up the Eyepiece and showed a light through it. The light created a figure on the ceiling through it going through all the tiny holes on the surface. The Clerk then tapped on it with a metal mallet and measured the frequency of the tone.

Junko nervously watched as the Clerk continued to meticulously test the item.

“How much were you looking to sell this for?” The Clerk asked.

Junko did not expect to be asked that question. She was used to people just telling her the value.

“Ah… my Father told me not to give my… value assessment first.” Junko said to the Clerk trying to make it seem like she had an actual upbringing.

The Clerk then smirked. “5 Gold Coins.” The Clerk said to Junko.

Junko’s mind was completely stunned at that amount. Of all the money she saved, she just barely got to a couple of Gold Coins worth. Junko noticed the other people in the shop, they had smirks on their faces too, and shook their heads.

“I feel like that is a bit low for something this valuable.” Junko said to the Clerk.

“Well it’s good that your Father didn’t give this item to someone who was illiterate when it comes to Value.” The Clerk said to Junko. “4 Platinum Coins.” The Clerk offered.

“Fa… four… Platinum Coins…” Junko stuttered quietly.

Junko looked around to see the impressions of the others in the building. They were swaying their heads as if it was an understandable value, but could definitely go up. Junko did not want to risk the offer being taken back.

“Sure, four Platinum Coins is good enough.” Junko responded.

The Clerk then smiled. They handed Junko four Platinum coins and quickly took the eye piece. “It was a pleasure doing business with you, if you have anything else, feel free to come here.” The Clerk said to Junko.

Junko nodded her head. And she placed the Coins into her bag. “It was a pleasure for me as well.” Junko said before exiting the building.

“I should probably take advantage of wearing this and open myself a safe.” Junko thought to herself as she went into the Bank. 

The Bank visit went smoothly, she only signed up for a deposit box which allows her to store any item inside. They didn’t drill her on where she got the money, or maintaining a certain value inside it. It was a simple in and out visit for Junko.

She was feeling on top of the world as she returned to where she lived.

The place was still dusty and broken down. It reeked of garbage, and had no roads leading to it. Junko had nearly forgotten, after living the day as a normal person, that she was indeed still a poor girl living in a shack with nearly a dozen other poor children.

Junko went into one of the alleys and removed her uniform. She put back on her clothing that she had put in her bag. The feeling of the clothes against her skin made her shiver. But she quickly got used to it.

She entered the building.

“Where were you all day, brat?” The Clerk said to Junko.

“I was out looking for valuables like always.” Junko responded.

The clerk then smelled Junko scent. “You smell awfully good for being so busy looking for valuables.” The Clerk said to Junko.

One of the kids then snatched Junko’s bag from her hand and handed it to the Clerk.

“Hey! That’s mine!” Junko called out.

The Clerk reached his hand in. “Oh, you got a uniform from one of those pompous kids. That’s a decent haul.” The Clerk said to Junko. “How about I give you a Copper Coin for this.” The Clerk said.

“No way, I am keeping that for myself.” Junko responded.

“Like hell you are, better yet. I am changing my offer. I’m giving you 4 Aluminum coins for this.” The Clerk said to Junko.

“That is not fair!” Junko called out.

“You know what is not fair.” The Clerk said before calling one of the kids over. The kid brought over Junko’s sock. “You’ve been holding out on us, everyone here was starving, yet you are hoarding money. What’s the deal?” The Clerk asked.

“I am saving up that money to get my parents out of Prison.” Junko responded.

“Oh please! You are almost an adult yourself. Grow up! They don’t even know you, they might as well be dead.” The Clerk said to Junko.

Junko tried to snatch the sock out of the Clerk’s hand. He then kicked her back to the ground.

“I’ve been taking care of you all this time. You should be calling me Father, not some deadbeat who’s been locked up for more than a decade. And as for your Mother, if she wasn’t out selling herself, she may have had enough time to actually come back and take care of you.” The Clerk said to Junko.

“Wait, is my mom not in Prison?” Junko asked.

“I don’t know where she is, it’s likely she is dead on some corner.” The Clerk said to Junko. Junko got upset and tried reaching for her stuff.

The Clerk pushed her back down.

Junko then got aggravated. “You know what, screw you! I am not coming back here again!” Junko yelled out.

“The outside world is going to eat you alive, Junko. You are going to end up like your Mother and Father if you go out right now. This is the safest place for you.” The Clerk said to Junko.

“I will manage.” Junko said, slamming the door.

Junko went around the corner and found a small box that was discarded. She went underneath it, and covered herself with her arms.

It began to rain and Junko fell to sleep wet and cold.


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