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Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Seven

“The Start of a Super Power”

Sweeping changes were made throughout Titan after the discovery of a New Energy Source was made by Professor Valentine. The stones immediately became classified as weapons, and Professor Valentine’s Research was marked classified. However, enough stones had been distributed after the initial lecture that containing all of them was nearly impossible for the District, and even more so, those who attended the lecture were now knowledgeable on how to create the stones themselves. 

Despite the stones being marked as weapons and thus were illegal to possess, Junko kept hers on her person. Many had the same feeling as Junko, and the criminals among them were known as the League for Freedom.

The League of Freedom were responsible for posting the configurations of the stone throughout town and for attacks on confiscation waves. These attacks resulted in several casualties, and massive property damage. .Those who were captured were subjected to memory erasing shock treatment.

The League for Freedom had a creed. “All knowledge should be available for all People.” 

Professor Valentine and his Assistant Athena were heavily monitored. They were restricted from giving lectures and had to use a proxy to teach for them. This has been going on for a few months now.

Over those months big changes were also happening on the Daytime Armada.

Lorey, after the loss of her Husband August, had completely stopped eating and remained in a state of mourning. Amelia tried to continue on with life as if nothing had happened, but nothing would bring Lorey back.

The only times Lorey would move is when she had spouts of anger against Amelia. Lorey blamed Amelia for wanting to go to the Nightime Armada, and for wanting to go to the Overlook. Amelia simply took the hits of the objects that were thrown at her, because her mom was so weak now that the items did not cause any damage.

Following the times of Anger Amelia would grab Lorey and lay her down, and while Lorey was asleep she would slowly feed liquid foods into her mouth.

To earn money Amelia converted bits of the Divine Energy she accumulated into General Energy that was used by Corporations and the Armada itself. Because of how cheap and easily it was stored, Amelia’s Business grew rapidly. Spies from other businesses tried to discover how Amelia was able to produce this Energy so cheaply, but they were unsuccessful, and those who tried to capture her would eventually end up missing.

With her new Wealth Amelia would develop the Divine Energy Company and the Avian Corps were created to protect her Secrets and take actions for the benefits of the Company. Amelia hired Lucrecia as her personal Secretary. Lucrecia would be in charge of the Divine Energy Company’s Covert Corps, which would take on tasks that were deemed of Dirty Nature. Those within the Covert Corps were given Divine Energy in its raw form to successfully execute their missions.

The primary mission of the Covert Corps was to kidnap criminals and suspected criminals. Once kidnaped they were placed in Amelia’s Special Lab. From there the experiments were completely secret to everyone but Amelia. 

Amelia walks up to one of the captured individuals. She touches on the glass they were placed into and feels a slight pull from them. She then uses her Divine Energy and strips the Shadow Figure that was trying to hide inside the individual’s body.

“You are a bit of a larger one, aren’t you.” Amelia said to the Shadow Figure.

The Shadow Figure tried to escape from the Chamber but was unable to. “What is this? Why can’t I get out!?” The Shadow Figure asked as they tried to break through the glass.

“I made this glass using bits of your People’s Organic Matter, isn’t this off Green Colour pleasant to your eyes?” Amelia responded.

“So you are the Witch of the Skies? I heard about you, just you wait, when the Lords find out where you are, you are dead!” The Shadow Figure said to Amelia.

“I’ve been waiting for them this whole time, with how Great you all speak about them, they ought to be an amazing source of Divine Energy.” Amelia responded with a smirk. The Shadow Figure backed up away from the glass.

“You are a Monster!” The Shadow Figure said in fear.

“You are going to tell me more about these Lords, and if you cooperate, then I will give you a painless end.” Amelia told the Shadow Figure.

“I will never tell a Demon like you anything!” The Shadow Figure responded.

Amelia then turned a switch and a gas was pumped into the Chamber, the Shadow Figure ducked to try and escape from it but the gas continued to fall lower and lower.

“It’s getting painful in there, isn’t it? I created this gas to destabilize the Field you all have that keeps your body together. Though it takes an enormous amount of gas density to make it work, in a Chamber this small, there are no issues.” Amelia informed the Shadow Figure.

The Shadow Figure was now as low as it could go and it started to burn.

“Forgive me Great Lord Epidemo!” The Shadow Figure called out. Amelia then quickly turned on the air purifier. The Shadow Figure noticed that they were no longer burning.

“I see you were also willing to die before giving me any information. It seems that all of you are the same. But at least I could confirm once again that the Great Lords’ names are Thana, Epidemo, and Necro. And I am pretty sure you all worship a Goddess by the name of Fthora.” Amelia said aloud.

“Who told you all of that?” The Shadow Figure asked.

“They all died before I could learn their names. After the 5th one I no longer cared.” Amelia told the Shadow Figure.

“How many have perished before me?” The Shadow Figure asked with noticeable fear in their voice.

Amelia chuckled. “A lot.” Amelia said as she pressed her hand against the Chamber and her Divine Energy penetrated through, the Shadow Figure then started to be torn apart.

“Help me! Help!” The Shadow Figure called out. “Great Lord Epidemo! Help me!” 

“I’ll make it faster if you just give me more information.” Amelia said to the Shadow Figure.

“Help! It hurts!” The Shadow Figure called out.

Amelia ignored its call for help.

“I’ll tell you more, please! Stop!” The Shadow Figure called out.

Amelia continued to rip it apart.

“Please! I can tell you why I was sent here!” The Shadow Figure called out.

“Then start talking.” Amelia continued to rip it apart.

“I was ordered to bring despair on the Humans of the Skies for you all transgressed the laws of Mother. We were ordered to make your life miserable, but not to kill.” The Shadow Figure began to speak.

Amelia then stopped and the Shadow Figure was given some rest.

“Were you ordered by Epidemo?” Amelia asked.

“No, I am not high enough rank for that. I receive my orders from Lord Pleonexia, who receive their orders from Lord Neikos, who receive their orders from Great Lord Epidemo, who receive their Orders from Fthora the Eldest.” The Shadow Figure said, trying to gain its composure.

“And where are all of them located?” Amelia asked.

“I don’t know.” The Shadow Figure responded.

Amelia then sent her Divine Energy inside and gripped the Shadow Figure. The fear returned to their eyes.

“I don’t know, really! I was created outside of the Kingdom!” The Shadow Figure cried out.

Amelia was about to begin ripping them apart again but received a message from Lucrecia.

“What is it?” Amelia asked.

“One of the Coverts acquired information that I think would be of Great Value to you, Master.” Lucrecia responded.

“What does it pertain to?” Amelia asked for more information.

“There was a Professor of one of the Ground People that made a recent discovery. It’s a new energy source, Master.” Lucrecia responded.

“Capture the Professor and bring him in.” Amelia commanded.

“There is an issue with that, Master. Arin says that the Professor seems to be under house arrest and was always being watched. He is unable to get close enough to him.” Lucrecia responded.

“Then have him gather the details on the new Energy Source and bring it to me.” Amelia ordered.

“I will relay that, Master.” Lucrecia said before leaving the door.

Amelia looked at the Chamber. The Shadow Figure remained there, waiting. “I suppose I did offer you a painless end.” Amelia said to the Shadow Figure.

“Wait, let me serve you!” The Shadow Figure said to Amelia.

Amelia then quickly ended it, and absorbed its Divine Energy. “As if beings as loyal as you would not betray me.” Amelia said to herself before exiting the room. The criminal was left in the Chamber in a Coma.

In the Divine Energy Company’s meeting room Amelia was talking with Corporate Executives and Government Officials.

“Miss Avian, there is a growing concern among shareholders that you are accumulating too much Power. So we have all come to a decision that your company should be split, as to inspire fair competition.” A Corporate Executive told Amelia.

Amelia sat bored, and did not respond.

The Executives looked at one another. “We would like the Divine Energy Company to be made into the General Energy Company, the Armada Energy Company and of course the Divine Energy Company. With Mister Renalds as the Head of General Energy and Mister Thomas as the Head of the Armada Energy Company.” The same Executive continued.

Amelia twirled her hair between her fingers.

“Doing this would greatly increase your influence in the Capital. Your lobbying Power would nearly ensure that you could have whatever you want.” The Executive continued.

Amelia then stood up. “This was absolute nonsense. You all really think that you have any pull on me? Why would I agree to such a preposterous agreement? Not only would you be privy to how I create Energy, you would find a way to squeeze me out of the market as soon as you get the chance. Consider yourself lucky that I did not take this as an affront to my name, or else you would see everything you have built crumble at your feet.” Amelia responded.

“Now listen here Little Lady! We are offering you this as a means to ensure your survival. We have more  influence than you could imagine, if we wanted to be enemies, you would not survive to see tomorrow.” A Military Official stood up and said.

“As if I am afraid of such little men, if you think you can take my business then go ahead and try. Maybe you will actually get me to notice your struggle.” Amelia responded.

Amelia then left the room. “Have a good day Gentlemen.” Amelia said before closing the door.

One of the Coverts remained in the room to watch the Executives in the room.

“That Demon Child.” The Military Official said before they noticed the covert walking over to them.

“I will escort you Gentlemen off of the premises.” The covert said, the men in the room begrudgingly stood up and followed.

Amelia was handed paper work about the Research done by Professor Valentine. Amelia began to read through it.

“Is there any information on where this research came about from?” Amelia asked Lucrecia.

“No Master, it seems that Professor Valentine was the initial composure, experimenter and publisher of this research.” Lucrecia responded.

Amelia looked at the page that had the Biographical Information of Professor Valentine. Amelia then got into her Main office and sat down.

Amelia looked at Professor Valentine’s Face and was drawn to it. She then snapped out of it. “Lucrecia, bring me a Kilogram of Quartz, half of Kilo of Copper and Magnetite.” Amelia commanded Lucrecia.

“Right away Master.” Lucrecia responded before leaving the room.

Amelia turned back to the page that showed Professor Valentine’s face. She rubbed the cheek of the picture. “I want this Genius.” Amelia thought to herself.

Some time passed for Lucrecia to gather the resources that Amelia requested.

Amelia then began to place the copper on the Quartz and moved the Magnetite over it. “Just passed on my knowledge of Divine Energy and the pieces of information from Professor Valentine’s research, this should be the configuration needed.” Amelia thought to herself as she was working.

Lucrecia watched in amazement.

Amelia worked hard on the project for a bit over two hours. She took no breaks, and moved her hands continuously. Lucrecia wiped the sweat from Amelia’s head as she worked.

Soon Amelia had figured it out, and looked at the refined and reconfigured stone she had created. Amelia read through the research of Professor Valentine. “It consumes life essence… well then I’m obviously not going to use it on myself.” Amelia thought to herself.

Amelia looked over at Lucrecia. “No, I couldn’t do that to her.” Amelia thought. Amelia then stood up and went down to her Lab.

“No one is to bother me until I am finished.” Amelia told Lucrecia.

“Of course, Master.” Lucrecia said standing outside of the Lab door as Amelia went in.

Lucrecia looked through the Criminals that were still in their Chambers. Amelia walked up to one where the Criminal was fully awake.

“Let me out you Witch!” The Criminal yelled out.

“I was intending to.” Amelia responded. Amelia then tossed the stone into the Chamber. “If you can escape, then you’ll have your freedom.” Amelia told him.

The criminal looked at the stone she tossed in. He then started banging it against the glass.

“Don’t use it like that you caveman, you’ll never get through the glass like that.” Amelia told him. “Grip the Stone and envision that you break out of this Chamber, try as hard as you can.” Amelia told the Criminal.

The Criminal then gripped the stone and imagined breaking out. Their body then started to heat up, and then suddenly.


The Criminal Explodes shattering the Chamber he was in. The Glass flew around the room but Amelia is always protected by her Divine Energy Guard.

The body pieces of the Criminal were all throughout the lab. They were cooked from all the heat he produced. “It takes about 20 Terajoules to break through the glass. So if I re-manufacture these Chambers to handle that type of force, I could use it to generate more Energy.” Amelia thought to herself.

She then began to work on a newly crafted Chamber, reinforced with more Divine Energy. Amelia locked herself in that room for two days.

Meanwhile on the outside the Executives began their assault on the Divine Energy Corporation Building.

“Take all the Documents you find, and capture anyone who resists.” The Sergeant First Class Ordered his Troops.

They then got on a microphone. “Miss Amelia Avian, you are under arrest for conspiracy to overthrow the nation of Aeris, come out quietly and without resistance.” The SFC called out.

There was no response.

Once the troop entered the building they were met with resistance from the Avian Corps. The fire fight between the two was ferocious. 

The troops of the nation were using their storming tactics to assault the building, and were making a bit of progress.

“Honestly, we can’t depend on you all for anything.” A young man carrying a large scythe said from the top of the building. He then jumped down and slammed into the ground below causing a tremor that made those engaged in the fire fight fall over.

“I am Orion of the Coverts, and I will handle this.” Orion said with a smile on his face.

The troops of the nation opened fire on Orion and he spun his scythe to protect his body. He used the Divine Energy that he was granted to push back against the force created by the bullets.

He ran forward and began to cut down the troops.

“Throw your explosives you idiots!” The SFC called out.

The troops then released their grenades and Orion smacked them back towards the troops.

“Honestly he is so loud.” Another member of the Coverts said from the otherside of the courtyard. They had a sniping weapon, and had it aimed at the SFC. “And now I got the line.” They then took the shot and the SFC went down.

“Hey! That was my kill, Artemis!” Orion called out.

“Then you should have been a bit faster.” Artemis responded. The Troops were now without command and each of the different Squads became autonomous.

One group snuck on through. And they located the lab. Lucrecia was watching over the door.

“Surrender! Get your hands up!” One of the Corporals called out.

The room then suddenly became dark. Then it was as if Lucrecia vanished. The Squad looked around.

“Where did she go?” They asked one another looking around with their guns pointed.

Then a shadow wolf appeared from the darkness and pounced on one of the Squad members. Then another appeared and pounced on the second.

“Watch my 6!” One of the Squad members called out. But when he turned around he found that no one was around.

Lucrecia then appeared. “You all will make a fine collection for my Master.” Lucrecia said before creating another wolf to pounce on the individual. There was no one left near the lab.

After a few moments, the situation outside calmed down. “The Parameter of the Building is clear.” Orion called in.

“The area around the building is clear.” Artemis called in.

“Good, then we have successfully prevented any disturbances to our Master.” Lucrecia responded and watched the door.

The members of the Avian Corps collected the bodies of those who perished in the battle. A scientist who worked for Amelia came out of the building and examined the specimens.

“Bring the fallen members of the Avian Corps to my lab, the others you can take to the dump.” The Scientist said to the Captain of the Corps.

“Those bodies belong to the Coverts.” Orion said to the Scientist.

“What would you all have done with them anyways, this way at least they would have a good use.” The Scientist said to Orion.

“They must be given a Proper Rest in accordance with the teachings of Saint Aero.” Orion responded to the Scientist.

“I was put in control of improving the Divine Energy Corps by her Esteemed Amelia Avian, if you disagree with what I deem would improve our combat strength then you are disagreeing with her.” The Scientist said to Orion.

“Calm down Orion, just let him have the bodies.” Artemis said to Orion over the Radio Waves.

The Scientist Smirked and collected the bodies.

The Executives sent a letter to the Divine Energy Building.

“We see you do not intend to surrender peacefully, thus you are officially declared an enemy of the state. All resources, amenities and rights have been forfeit. The Land in which your building stands belongs to Aeris, therefore you have invaded a Foreign Nation. This is a formal declaration of War.” The Letter was signed and sealed by the President of the Armadas.

Lucrecia read the Letter, but it was of very little importance to her.

Amelia had successfully finished her Experiments and created a Chamber that could withstand the forces produced by the Stone. Amelia had cuffs on her arms that were filled with usable energy from the tests. The grips could output nearly a Petajoule of Energy.

“Anything interesting happened while I was away.” Amelia asked Lucrecia.

“Doctor Gnostic has collected bodies for his Experiments, some of the Coverts used a significant amount of Divine Energy and the Nation of Aeris has declared war on us, Master.” Lucrecia told Amelia.

Amelia looked at Lucrecia in disbelief. “Really?”

Amelia sat in the meeting room. Those present in the room were the Coverts who were not on Mission, the Officers of the Divine Energy Corps, the Elites of the Battle Units, Personal Executives, and the Scientists.

Amelia just looked at everyone in the room and tapped her feet. “Out of all these people here, none of them could have avoided a war.” Amelia thought to herself.

Lucrecia cleared her throat as she stood next to Amelia. “Everyone offer your greetings to a New World Super Power, Master Amelia Avian.” Lucrecia called out.

Everyone inside applauded. Amelia frowned looking at all of them. She raised her hand to settle everyone down.

“Well seeing that we are now in a full scale war with the Nation, we might as well make it safe for us on this Ship. I want the Elites, both Super and Ultra Elites to take control of the Government Buildings on the Daytime Armada. While that is happening I want the Coverts to destroy the lines of communication between the Daytime Armada and the other ships. And the Divine Energy Corps are to break into each household and clear all of them of their inhabitants, those who resist are to be eliminated. And the Scientist with assistance of some Corps Members are to build holding cells for these inhabitants.” Amelia gave her orders.

Lucrecia nodded her head indicating to everyone in the room that they were to execute those orders immediately. They all then left the room.

Amelia continued to sit in her chair. She pitched the bridge of her nose in frustration. 

“Have any plans on what to name your new country, Master?” Lucrecia asked.

Amelia looked over at Lucrecia preparing to scold her, but then a member of the Ultra Elite came into the room. He pulled out his weapon and pointed it at Amelia.

“I am loyal to my country first, I can not stand by while you are planning to attack my home!” The Ultra Elite said to Amelia.

Lucrecia stepped forward, but Amelia placed her hand in front of Lucrecia.

“Let me see what you are trying to do.” Amelia taunted.

The Ultra Elite then fired their weapon directly at Amelia’s Head. All nine of the bullets were within 1 centimeter of each other and all directly at the center of her skull. Amelia’s Shield easily defended her against the projectiles. The Ultra Elite then pulled out their short sword and went to stab Amelia.

Amelia lifted up an arm and captured him with Divine Energy. She then lifted her other arm and pointed it at the Ultra Elite.

“I guess you will be the first casualty of this war.” Amelia said before firing off a bit of the Eons Energy she had within her cuffs. The body of the Ultra Elite immediately vanished despite Ultra Elites being protected by armour that would withstand small scale missiles. 

The resulting energy wave burst through the roof of the building and continued onward into space, heating up the air along the way.

Lucrecia clapped. “Truly extraordinary Master!” 

“Dang, I wanted to at least keep a bit of him to show what happens to traitors…” Amelia thought to herself.

In the Distance Warships were coming towards the Daytime Armada. An evacuation order was made to those around the Divine Energy Building.

“We have company.” Orion said, looking out through the Dome to see the Ships incoming.

“They certainly aren’t playing around with us, I guess we gave a good impression.” Artemis said over the Radio.

“Now why aren’t you guys on the lower floors of the ship with the rest of us?” Cassius, another member of the coverts, complained.

“Because we rank higher obviously.” Artemis said, pointing her weapon down at the evacuating citizens. Artemis then shot and took down an Executive who was trying to escape in the crowd. This shot caused a panic with the evacuating citizens.  “That should buy the Corps more time.” Artemis said to herself.

Cassius located the backup breakers for the communication system of the ship.

“Won’t be needing that.” Cassius said before touching and burning the wires of the box.

“System 1 has been brought down.” Cassius said over the radio. Then shots were heard.

“You think he’s good?” Orion said over the radio.

“If Cassius falls to some bullets then he deserves to die.” Artemis responded.

“Wow, thanks for the concern.” Cassius said, taking down the final troop that shot at him. “What’s your progress Luna?” 

Luna was worried about being caught off guard so she moved slowly through the tunnels. “I don’t know what I am looking for.” Luna responded.

“Come on, you saw it in the briefing, don’t tell me you forgot already?” Cassius responded over the radio.

Luna walked through the dark. “I really can’t tell.” Luna said nervously. 

“Well then call upon your dark side and finish the job.” Artemis commanded Luna.

“But what if I lose control?” Luna responded.

“Do you want to disappoint the Master?” Artemis quickly retorted.

Luna then inhaled and slowly exhaled. Her Divine Energy activated something within her mind that made her vicious and calculating.

Luna immediately located the box and destroyed it. “System 2 destroyed. I am joining the Ultra Elites.” Luna responded.

“Well I guess that is to be assumed.” Cassius shook his head.

Amelia stepped outside on top of the roof. Artemis saw Amelia looking up. Artemis saluted. Lucrecia gestured for Artemis to continue with what she was doing.

Artemis watched Amelia look up at the Warships.

“I don’t want to shatter the dome. But I do wonder.” Amelia was thinking to herself. Amelia shot a pebble sized amount of Divine Energy through the Dome piercing it but not shattering it. Then she created an invisible path to the hole.

Amelia then sent Eon Energy from her cuff through the path and through the hole. The Eon Energy that was surrounded with Divine Energy then floated out towards the Warships. Amelia opened her hands and the Energy was released.

The resulting explosion destroyed several Warships in the distance causing them to crash towards land.

Amelia sealed back the hole.

“So I can use my Divine Energy, which I am more accustomed to as a wire for the Eon Energy to follow.” Amelia thought to herself.

Lucrecia and Artemis both clapped. “Amazing as always, Master.” Lucrecia praised.

“I aspire to be like you Master Amelia.” Artemis also praised Amelia.

Amelia nodded then returned into the building.

Artemis told what she just witnessed over the radio.

The Divine Energy Company Corps had successfully captured a sizable number of the citizens on the Ship.

The National Troops entered into the Ship, and set up Machine Guns to initiate control fire. Amelia watched them and sent out a swipe that eliminated a full sector of troops.

“Since we know who has the upper hand I will offer you a way out of this mess you caused. Surrender this ship to me or else I will eliminate every ship in Aeris.” Amelia called out.

“We would all rather die!” The citizens below yelled out.

“You heard them, we will not surrender.” A Major responded back to Amelia.

Amelia sent out a path through the entrance that the Troops were entering from, and made the path flow through every ship of the Warship Unit. She then sent through the Eon Energy she had stored.

The path lit up and as soon as the light came it vanished and in its wake every ship that was brought began to fall towards the ground.

Those that were already onboard the ship that housed the Divine Energy Company watched as the entire force they brought was eliminated. The members of the Divine Energy Company cheered.

Amelia successfully brought down hundreds of troops worth of fire power in an instant.

“I want all those who survive those crashes to be captured and locked up.” Amelia ordered. The Coverts on the ground then swarmed to the location that the ships would land.

Artemis then shot the Major.

“Capture everyone, this ship Officially belongs to the Divine Energy Company.” Amelia ordered.

With the reinforcement eliminated, and the National Troops being outnumbered, the Ship that housed the Divine Energy Company was captured. And thousands of people were captured and subsequently locked within chambers. Those who resisted were given Amelia’s mercy to become the Energy she would use. And those who agreed would be given Amelia’s mercy to work within the Company.

Within a week, the Divine Energy Company had captured every ship in the Daytime Armada. The citizens that live on each of the ships were under a strict curfew and monitored. 

Amelia looked through all the paperwork she now had to deal with. “It’s not like I am bringing the end of the world, these people could continue working.” Amelia thought to herself.

The other few Armada’s were able to avoid Amelia because she showed no interest in expansion, and because their distance from her was rather inconvenient. 

The Leadership on the Nighttime Armada, the Twilight Armada, the Dawn Armada and the Wartime Armada all met together. They discussed recruiting Mare to join in the Fight to fire at the Daytime Armada from below.

Most were against it because of the amount of civilian casualties it would cause if the Daytime armada fell. But they all agreed that they just needed to bring down the Ship that housed the Divine Energy Company.

Jeanne, Junko and Flora were all together in the Courtyard of the School. 

“The League of Freedom is terrifying, can they not involve us normal people in their war against the Government.” Flora complained while looking at the newspaper.

“Technically they are the ones fighting for Professor Valentine to be released from House Arrest.” Junko added.

“I don’t think that’s fair what they did to Professor Valentine or to Athena. They both were fulfilling their duties as educators and yet they were both punished.” Jeanne spoke up.

“I guess Tellus isn’t as free as we imagined.” Flora said to Jeanne.

Junko nodded. “Yeah, it does kinda suck, I could say that my only enjoyable moments were probably only at this school.” 

They all then laughed.

Flora looked at the Newspaper she had and noticed that it started on the second page. Flora looked around.

“What are you looking for?” Junko asked.

“The front page, that’s where all the real information is.” Flora said as she continued to search.

Jeane jumped up and stepped on some Newspaper that was being carried by the wind. “Got you!” Jeanne called out.

“Thank you.” Flora said, grabbing the newspaper from under Jeanne’s foot.

Flora looked at the Headline and could not believe her eyes. “This must be a nightmare.” Flora said, Junko then went to grab the Newspaper.

“Why do you say that?” Junko asked, then she too looked at the Headline. Jeanne looked as well and fell into despair.

“Mare joins War!” Is what the Headline read.

“The Nation of Mare forms an Alliance with the Nation of Aeris in a war against the Daytime Armada which houses former citizen and current Dictator Amelia Avian. Casualties mount after the initial failed assault to recapture the Daytime Armada ship…” The article began.

“This is horrible! Does that mean we have to return home?” Flora asked Jeanne.

“I don’t think so, it doesn’t say anything about that. If we are lucky that Dictator would be quickly eliminated.” Jeanne said with hope.

“Isn’t it strange how one person was able to take nearly a fourth of a country by themselves. That sounds like some serious firepower.” Junko said, reading the rest of the article.

“Oh look, she is only our age.” Flora said, reading the information on Amelia.

“That’s amazing! Not that she is a dictator but that she was able to accomplish something so massive so quickly.” Junko exclaimed.

“It’s not that impressive. I probably could have done it if I was serious.” Athena said, walking behind the students. Athena was being watched over by a bodyguard.

“Oh Athena Senior, we haven’t seen you in so long.” Flora said to Athena.

“Yeah, because of House Arrest and all.” Athena sighed. “Professor Valentine would like to speak with the Ambassadors for a bit.” Athena said to the group.

“Sure, we would love to see Professor Valentine.” Flora nodded to Jeanne.

Junko looked at Athena. “I guess you can come too.” Athena said to Junko.

They all walked to the office of Professor Valentine. There was a bodyguard watching over him as well.

“Jeanne and Flora, your country has called the school. They requested from me to personally teach you how to formulate, and control the Eon Energy I discovered. But after the lessons they want you to return to Mare and assist in the War against the Divine Energy Company.” Professor Valentine said to the two.

The two girls looked at each other then looked at Junko.

“Can we have a second to think about it Professor?” Flora asked.

“Sure, take as much time as you need. It is afterall an important decision.” Professor Valentine said to the two.

They walked out of the office.

“Life sure does come fast doesn’t it.” Flora said to Jeanne.

“You both don’t have to fight, I think Professor Valentine would understand.” Junko said to Jeanne and Flora.

“If Mare is requesting that we take the course and join the battle that means they must have calculated that we are lacking the current firepower to win.” Flora responded to Junko’s suggestion.

They all sat in silence for a bit.

“You think Professor Valentine would let me take the course with you both?” Junko asked.

Jeanne and Flora both looked at each other.

“But there’s no reason for you to take the course, since this is a Mare problem.” Flora reminded Junko on why they were asked to take the course in the first place.

“I mean, I could become a citizen of Mare… if that’s what it takes.” Junko suggested.

Some time passed and the three returned to Professor Valentine’s Office.

“Professor Valentine, we agree to take the course, but we would also like to know if Junko could join the course with us?” Flora asked.

The bodyguards raised their eyebrows at this suggestion.

Professor Valentine looked at Junko. “You do understand that having knowledge of the Stones as a Tellus citizen is considered a crime. Therefore, you would live your life under constant surveillance.” Professor Valentine pointed at the guards behind him.

“I would like to become a citizen of Mare to join the fight against the Dictator, if my friends are going to battle I want to be there with them.” Junko said to Professor Valentine.

“Do you have anything that you would miss if you become a citizen of Mare?” Professor Valentine asked Junko.

“Well, I would regret not seeing my mom or dad again, but since I’ve never seen them before joining in the war outweighs it.” Junko responded.

“Then I will make a few calls, in the meantime you are to continue with your classes as normal.” Professor Valentine told Junko.

Junko was a bit disappointed but understood that changing one’s citizenship would not be an instant process.

“Starting tomorrow, you two and several other citizens of Mare will be taking part in the Eon Energy Course. Get your things ready because we will be moving your rooms to those training grounds.” Professor Valentine told Jeanne and Flora.

The two nodded their heads. Junko nodded quickly after.

After a few weeks of no action being taken by Aeris, Amelia took that time to perfect her Energy Gathering technology. The Divine Energy Company produced in a single day the amount of Energy that was produced by all of Aeris in a year. Recruiting of new talent was also underway to handle the scale of her new Empire.

“It seems that the inclusion of Mare into this war was all for show, there has been no increase in action taken by them.” Orion said taking part in a mission on the surface.

“Just keep your eyes open, remember these countries had decades of time to construct secret facilities and training areas.” Artemis said, looking down at the surface from her newly manufactured low elevation assault ship.

Shadow Figures then appeared on the surface.

“I sense a power within you, you must be working for that Witch in the sky.” The Shadow Figure said to Orion, several others then started pointing their weapons at him.

“Ah, looks like I have company down here.” Orion radioed in. 

Artemis pointed her weapon at Orion’s location.

“What are those? They don’t look human.” Artemis said to Orion. She aimed directly at one of their heads and shot through it.

The bullet went through, but the Shadow FIgure grew it back.

“Looks like I am going to have to just bludgeon them to death then.” Orion said, pointing his scythe at them.

“You have killed many of our siblings to get the power you hold within yourself. For that we will punish you with a cruel death.” The Shadow Figure threatened Orion.

“Then I suppose we can’t be friends then.” Orion responded.

They all began to battle one another. Orion quickly was able to smack a few of them away, but they returned just as quickly.

“I’m going to provide support, don’t get in the way of my shots.” Artemis said to Orion.

“Then don’t aim at me.” Orion responded, trying to maintain his advantage.

The Shadow Figures landed a few strikes on Orion cutting deep into his shoulder. Orion jumped back and filled his Scythe with Divine Energy.

“Guess I can’t go easy on you then.” Orion commented to himself.

As the battle continued Artemis noticed dark towers beyond the Horizon. “I didn’t know there was a city there.” Artemis thought to herself.

“Support?” Orion called in.

Artemis aimed her weapon back down at Orion.

Eventually the Shadow Figures noticed where the shots were coming from and some began their way to Artemis.

“No you don’t!” Orion called out, throwing his scythe at the running Shadow Figures.

His Scythe hit them knowing them to the side, but now the ones who were fighting him were able to get direct hits on his chest.

“Artemis! Return to the Master and inform her of what is happening.” Orion radioed in.

“What about you?” Artemis responded.

“I’ll try to run, but don’t try to pick me up. We need to get this information to the Divine Energy Company.” Orion said, he ran and picked up his scythe and turned around to face the Shadow Figures.

Artemis flew her ship upward towards the skies. Orion was left down at the surface to face the Shadow Figures.

“This doesn’t look good for me.” Orion said to himself. He noticed that in the distance more Shadow Figures were incoming.

Orion then summoned the rest of his Divine Energy to the Surface and charged into battle.

Artemis eventually made it to the Divine Energy Company’s Headquarters.

She ran frantically to inform Lucrecia.

“You both really couldn’t handle some Mare troops?” Lucrecia responded disappointed in Artemis.

“They weren’t Mare troops, they were dark like Shadows and were able to fly through the air and regenerate. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Artemis explained.

Lucrecia remembered that day when she and Amelia met. She recalled seeing a being lunged at her and Amelia destroying it. “I think I know what you are talking about.” Lucrecia responded.

Lucrecia then opened the door to Amelia.

“Now what do you have to tell me to interrupt my reading?” Amelia said to Lucrecia. On her desk was the research of Professor Valentine, then images of him that the Coverts captured.

“Describe what you saw.” Lucrecia commanded Artemis.

After a brief description of events Amelia stood up.

“Seems they have finally decided to show.” Amelia said to the two. Amelia grabbed her weapon and walked towards the door.

“Artemis, you take me to where you saw them.” Amelia commanded.

“Master, must you go? Why not send me to handle it.” Lucrecia asked Amelia.

“You would not be able to handle it. Keep everything in order here while I am away.” Amelia commanded Lucrecia.

Lucrecia saluted and Amelia left.

Artemis watched Amelia walk with such power. Artemis ran ahead to start the vehicle.

The citizens of the New Daytime Armada watched as their Dictator walked towards battle.

Artemis sat in the vehicle. “Hurry up and get moving.” Amelia told Artemis. Artemis quickly pressed the release buttons and they took off towards the location of the fight.

Amelia and Artemis soon landed. Orion’s blood was scattered far and wide in the area. His scythe was also abandoned.

“Looks like he didn’t stand a chance.” Amelia said coldly.

The same scouting Shadow Figures appeared. Artemis lifted her sniping weapon getting ready to fire. Amelia lifted her hand to stop Artemis.

The Shadow Figures flew full speed to capture Amelia.

Amelia opened her hands and Divine Energy was sent out and stabbed through each of the Shadow Figures that tried to attack her. They were immobilized.

Amelia looked closely at their bodies. “You don’t seem like anyone worth talking to.” Amelia said to the Shadow Figures, she then pulled in her Divine Energy and absorbed the Shadow Figures. All that remained were their organic matter that covered the ground in what looked like a black liquid.

“Let’s move on.” Amelia commanded Artemis.

Artemis quickly followed, amazed at how easy Amelia made the threat that brought down Orion look.

The two eventually approached a wall that surrounded a tower. The tower and wall both were emerging from underwater. The wall surrounded the tower in a perfect circle. They both were made out of hardened sand and had coral growing along their sides.

Amelia aimed her hand at the structure and activated her Eon Energy.

The blast shot through the wall and hit the tower. Pieces of the Tower then began to crumble.

“Let’s move in.” Amelia told Artemis.

They both made their way to the side that wasn’t attacked. A sea of Shadow Figures flooded to the entrance, and ran towards where the blast came from. Amelia and Artemis were already gone.

Amelia walked through the tower stabbing and absorbing guards along the way.

Amelia and Artemis then heard groans coming from one of the rooms.

“That sounds like Orion.” Artemis told Amelia. 

Amelia then walked towards the room and blasted open the doors.

“Who dares interrupt me!” A much larger Shadow Figured called out.

“Now you look different.” Amelia said, emerging from the dust.

Orion was tied up on an X shaped cross with barbed wire. His body was carved into, and he was an edge from dying. All he could do was moan.

“So, at last, the Witch of the Skies appears before me.” The enormous Shadow Figure said to Amelia.

Artemis then ran over to the side but was stopped by the personal guards. She was attempting to free Orion.

“Before I eliminate you, I would like to know your name.” Amelia called out to the figure that was over 5 times her size.

The Shadow Figure chuckled. “I suppose I will humour you, so that you know the name of the one who will be your torturer for all of eternity.” The Shadow Figure said, as he walked up to Amelia. He began to show off his aura to Amelia, letting her know the amount of Divine Energy he possessed.

“Cower in fear before, Lord Neikos!” He called out. The Guards in the room cheered.

Amelia smirked. “Yeah, you will provide me with plenty of information.” Amelia said, looking up at Neikos.

The two stood against one another. Their Battle was about to begin.


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