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Animals of Northern Earth

The Morphology of the Species on Earth:

Origin of Life

Creatures of Earth can be classified in 3 major Categories based on the Life form type they emerged from.

Lumos, creatures that emerged from a crystalline formation of hydrogen. 

Carbona, creatures that emerged from Carbon Molecular formations.

Cretes, creatures formed from Silicon Molecular formations.

The Lumos emerged 4.2 Billion Complete Cycles ago, in the Southern Region of Earth. Appearing from the Hydrogen vents in sealed caves. The pressure built as the planet continued to pump hydrogen gas into this space. Over periods of igniting and cooling a structure emerged that no longer ignited at the temperatures that its environment did and slowly built on itself resulting in a ball of crystalline Hydrogen. This structure would move towards the areas of lesser pressure as the cave ignited and cooled. A variety of microscopic Lumos emerged and devoured their neighbors in search of negative charge. The Lumos survived the Gamma Ray burst that struck the planet 4 Billion Complete Cycles ago. 

The Carbona emerged 200 Million Complete Cycles ago from a body of water which resembled a hot spring. The flow of energy from the hot water into the cooler surroundings allowed the movement of Carbon molecules through the fluid. These molecules ran into other molecules eventually forming a cascading structure which in the presence of other molecules such a other carbohydrates quickly breaks them down releasing the oxygen and incorporating the remaining carbon and hydrogen atoms. As time continued some structures were better at accomplishing this task then others and quickly filled the pool eliminating or feeding on the other molecules which emerged. As more time continued those floating species would run into one another and form a bond which benefited both parties allowing for specialization. This specialization of one part breaking down molecules into energy and another using that energy eventually emerged dominate. The energy allowed for formations of cells which react to photons, cells that process this information and locomotion. These are the creatures that we emerged from as they continued to eat, die and thrive.

The Cretes emerged 3.1 Billion Complete Cycles ago, But didn’t achieve unaided locomotion until 100 Million Complete Cycles ago. They emerged from the coast of a volcanic island where the water meets the newly formed land. They’re emergence came about from the rapid heating and rapid cooling of the silicon structures within the crust. This allowed a variety of combinations to be created then destroyed. The structure that managed to avoid destruction remain on the lands, but there is where it would remain until one structure allowed a pocket of magma surrounded by a crusty membrane to flow up towards the previous Cretes and consume them.

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