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Bitali Caranagala

Average Height: 20m

Average Mass: 14000kg

This flowering tree is located primarily on Mako and the Southern Half of Urizu. Bitali Caranagala has black leaves on the upper half of its body when it reaches flowering age. The Fruit from this tree is a bright orange colour and contains a sour seed in its center.

Ze Bitali Caranagala 

Average Height: 20cm

Average Mass: 400g

The skin of this fruit is very sweet but progressively becomes more sour closer to its seed. The seed is used as a seasoning for seafood dishes of the Urin peoples in the Urizu region.

Fast Fact: Bitali Caranagala is often called “The Forest Eclipse” due to its tendency to grow in dense packs with broad black leaves overlapping each other, which blocks incoming light from above.

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