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  • Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Five

    “Influence of Divinity” In the District of Titan, a new governor had been elected. The Governor enacted a policy that would open the District of Titan to students from other continents, with preference going towards those from Mare. Junko is now slightly older, she had become adept at escaping authorities and called herself the Silent…

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  • Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Five

    Chapter Five “Into the Guard” Several days had passed while Beruta waited for her hands to completely heal up. In the meantime she and Yomie were able to gather more information on the Fringe Group that targeted Yaooan and other Multiple Term Political Individuals. “So several Ponicon Members have been found trying to infiltrate into…

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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Five

    Never-ending Wonderland Maria sits down at her Computer, drinking a cup of tea as she reads up on the latest news. “Aiden, did you see this? Apparently there’s a planet in the Galaxy that rains Diamonds.” Maria said to Aiden. “No, I have not seen that. That’s pretty interesting.” Aiden responds back to Maria as…

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