Chronicles of Joi: Chapter 1

The Princess and the Thief

The day was coming to an end over the Famous Konowan Buyer’s Market. During the two days out of the week when it is open, the place is a bustling metropolitan of commerce. 

While the area is a fine place to find products that you would need, because it is an unregulated area, allowing anyone to sell with or without a business license, the types of goods may not be completely obtained legally. One would just need to purchase a plot, and whatever they use it for is between them and the customer.

The city of Konowa, in the Country of Joi, had lost a great deal of its population after the end of the ‘Age of Immortality’, during a botched ritual to Summon their supposed Guardian Deity. The City soon was taken over by Violently Wealthy Businessmen who profited off the decimated populations’ remaining loot. 

The Province of Kow, where Konowa is situated, was later split in half following the Outsider Invasion. The Outsiders subjugated the Eastern Population resulting in all relics and items of Power being destroyed. The Western Population continued to fight, losing their numbers until intervention from the Demigods eliminated the outsiders. Now the City is in a constant state of Fighting between wealthy businessmen, leaving the poor to act as Soldiers for hire, or thieves.

Reqshal, a young man with the appearance of someone in their early 20s, relaxed on his platform converting the money he scammed from customers into usable currency. A group of 3 guys kicked the base of his platform trying to get his attention.

Reqshal didn’t look over at them. He was too busy counting. “Sorry, I’m closed for today, pal. Try and catch me next week if you want to buy some herbs.” Reqshal said to the three.

Sarrel, a much stronger looking man, reached into the bag he was holding and dumped the contents onto Reqshal’s stomach. Reqshal looked at the plants, which had come from the bag, realizing that these guys were customers who had already tested his product and were coming back to give their review. Sarrel grabbed Reqshal by the shirt and lifted him up.

“You think this is a game huh? Were you trying to kill my Nana by selling me Bull Shit!?” Sarrel angrily asked Reqshal.

Reqshal began to laugh nervously. “No way! Why would I do that!? I don’t even know your Nana. you see, what you threw on me was my Umaganess Herbs, what you were looking for was my Yutoi Herb, right? That’ll be like 190 Dollas.” Reqshal responded to Sarrel, testing to see if he could earn a little more from these guys.

Sarrel pressed Reqshal against the wall.

“I ain’t looking to buy crap from you!” Sarrel said to the pinned Reqshal. Saarrel gestured for the two other guys. “Take all of his shit.” Sarrel commanded them.

The two other guys started emptying out Reqshal’s belonging. All they were finding was just garbage and worthless items.

“Oh come on guys, you don’t need to do that. This was all a big misunderstanding.” Reqshal said, while still being pressed up against the wall. He obviously was not taking any of what was happening seriously.

“Nothing of his has any value! All he has is a bunch of crap!” Dou, one of the guys who came with Sarrel said.

“Hey! All my stuff is premium grade. You would know if you were medically trained like I am.” Reqshal responded.

Dou started checking Reqshal’s pockets.

Reqshal immediately kicked one of the poles holding his plot up causing it to begin to collapse. Reqshal attached a trigger to the pole where it would release a bolt of electricity along the ground, shocking anyone standing in his plot.

Sarrel, Dou and the other guy fell down unconscious as Reqshal released himself from Sarrel’s grip.He then went through the pockets of the 3 guys. He emptied them out completely and walked away from the scene as if nothing happened.

After some distance had been traveled Reqshal started checking what he stole.

“Wow, those guys were loaded. I should have followed them to their home when I had the chance.” Reqshal thought to himself.

There was one item within the loot that stood out among the others. 

“On Earth is this thing?” Reqshal said quietly while holding a glowing shard. He tossed it into the air and caught it, imagining the amount it would sell for. He whistled as he exited the Buyer’’s Market.

Near the exit, the serpent beast he called for came down to pick him up.

“Destination?” The driver of the serpent asked Reqshal.

Reqshal selected his destination on the map that was offered to him by the Driver. He selected to go to the middle of the forest.

“30 Dollas.” The Driver said to Reqshal.

Reqshal scans the Beast’s Code and 30 Dollas was transferred. Reqshal hopped on the serpent and it took off into the air towards his destination.

Later, in the Aku Daral Manor with Sarrel, Dou and their partner.

A woman dressed in white sat on a high throne in front of Sarrel and his partners. She had a man next to her tied from head to toe in whip-like ropes. The 3 men were bowing their heads and apologizing, begging for forgiveness.

“So you’re telling me, that not only did you not get the correct medicine for my dear Ol Gran Gran, but you also lost the Shard of Serenity?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel as she chewed on a crystal.

“We are sorry, it was a thin guy at the stalls today. We thought he would do quick work, but he hit-” Sarrel began to explain what happened with Reqshal before Oblivia interrupted him.

“Shut up!” She yelled as she stopped chewing.

Sarrel went silent immediately.

The Court Queen stood up. She gestured her hand.

The guy covered in whips released one of the ropes and sliced one of the 3 men in half. They then bled out on the floor. Immediately dying.

The bound man then stood back to where he was.

“Do you understand how many strings I had to pull to get that shard? Do you know how much POWER you just lost me!?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel, feeling a bit annoyed.

The room went completely silent. Sarrel was nervous.

“Answer me when I am talking to you, you idiot!” The Court Queen commanded Sarrel more loudly and aggressively.

“I don’t know! Please! I don’t want to die! We will get everything back, I swear!” Sarrel began to plead for his life.

The Court Queen then went back to her seat. She returned to being calm and menacing.

“Oh yeah? Don’t worry. If you don’t get it back, then death would be the least of your problems.” The Court Queen responded.

She snapped her fingers and two men walked out of the room off to the side. Both of them were wearing official medical suits.

“Doctor Rimu and Doctor Stel, adjust these two.” The Court Queen commanded as the two medical men grabbed Dou and Sarrel. They were then brought into the back room.

Court Queen Oblivia then began to chew on her shard again. She stood up and walked towards the back room. She felt disgusted at the bloody mess on his floor. 

“Won’t you be a dear and clean up that mess for me.” The Court Queen said to the Bound Man.

The Bound man crawls towards the bloody mess. He used the whips to support his movement like a spider. He then began to consume the remains of the guy that was split earlier. The Court Queen continued her way to the back room, shutting the door behind her.

Reqshal had made it to his shack in the Konowa forest.

His home was nothing more than a beaten up shack which was in total disrepair. He has photos of a young kid, most likely himself. Many of the images showed him and his mom, he looked to be a teenager in those. And the images that had all three of them looked like he was a small child.

Reqshal had his bag of items all around the floor. He laid down completely lazily. As he rested he heard snapping twigs outside. Reqshal jumped to attention and went for a peak outside. He didn’t see anyone approaching his home.

“An animal I guess?” Reqshal thought to himself as he looked out his window.

He then hears his door open. But he didn’t see anyone coming in.

He pulls a knife out of his back pocket. He walks slowly around his home looking to see if someone came in.

Reqshal searches in the bathroom and grabs his gun that he had under the toilet seat. And places his knife back into his back pocket.

“Hey! Whoever you are. You can leave right now, and I won’t have to shoot you.” Reqshal said while searching for the intruder.

Reqshal taps his gun on the wall.

“You hear that? That’s a grade A weapon in my hand, and if you’re not trying to end up with a giant hole in your chest, you should leave me alone.” Reqshal called out.

Reqshal heard stumbling in his main bedroom. “Ah crap! How’d you get by me?” Reqshal thought to himself running towards his room.

He ran into the room and saw that his disorganized stuff was more disorganized than usual. Reqshal looked around and still didn’t see anyone.

He felt his body being touched. He punched whatever was touching him and backed away, and immediately shot in its direction.

“Ghost!” Reqshal yelled out.

The shots missed their mark but he saw a young lady laying on the ground. She looked to be royally dressed. He slowly walked towards her with his gun still ready to be fired. He taps the body with his foot, trying to keep some distance.

“Hey, Ghost Girl…” Reqshal said, tapping her again with his foot.

After a few more taps she gets up quickly and begins to attack Reqshal.

Reqshal tries to dodge her but she was much better at fighting than he was. She had complete control of the fight and was knocking him around his own house.

“Hey! Hold up! What are you doing?” Reqshal asked, trying to get her to stop.

He was tossed against the wall again. And the girl began to punch his face repeatedly. He then claps his hand and arrows are shot out from his walls. The arrows impacted the other side of the room missing both himself and the girl. He tossed his gun and knife at the girl.

She catches both of them, and points the gun at Reqshal.

Reqshal then claps his hands again and the lines that were attached to the arrows sent bolts of electricity out to everything in the room that was metal, including the gun in the girl’s hand. She was shocked and fell unconscious.

Reqshal finally calmed down and caught his breath. He pulled one of the lines down and tied her up.

The next morning.

The girl wakes up tied to a chair as she sees that she is completely bound. She saw Reqshal making himself some breakfast.

Reqshal notices her and walks over with what looked like a piece of toast in his mouth.

“I was getting worried that I might have killed you with electricity last night. Glad to see you’re awake.” Reqshal said, talking with his mouth full.

Amora, the girl that was tied to the chair, tested out how tight the bonds were on her.

“No use trying to get out, I tied you up pretty good.” Reqshal said to her.

Reqshal was happy with his handy work and continued to eat in peace. Amora then taps on her leg with her other foot and burns the ropes off of her body. She got up and immediately started heading towards Reqshal. Reqshal began to panic and backed up into his kitchen.

“Hey! Hey! I didn’t do anything!” Reqshal called out with his hands up.

Amora reached for her bag and saw that she no longer had it. She was surprised.

“Your thievery knows no bounds does it? Where is my handbag?” Amora asked, glaring at Reqshal.

“Hey! You came into my house last night and tried to steal my stuff. I think you are the thief in this scenario.” Reqshal responded.

“You stole my Shard of Serenity yesterday! How dare you accuse me of such a lowly crime!” Amora said, accusing Reqshal.

Amora began to search through his stuff.

“Ah… you know I am still here. You can’t just start looking through my stuff like that.” Reqshal said, wondering why Amora seemed uninterested in him.

“I have determined that you are not a threat to me. And you’re obviously too dumb to know what I’m talking about. So I am going to look for it myself.” Amora responded, still looking through his stuff.

Reqshal then turned around towards his kitchen.

“Well fine. Do you want some toast while you look?” Reqshal asked.

She didn’t respond to him. He then made some more toast and tried to hand it to her.

“I might have taken it. I don’t know. I take a lot of things. Describe it to me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

Amora takes the toast and then tosses it on the ground. “Tell me where my bag is, and I’ll find it myself.” Amora responded, she then walked to the other side of the room.

Reqshal looked at the toast that was now on the ground. He picked it up and brushed off the dust and ate it himself. As he began to eat again they both heard a loud thud outside.

Reqshal ran to his window and looked out. He saw Sarrel outside. Sarrel had grown considerably in size, and looked slightly demented. Sarrel pulled out a machine that trached the Energy Signal of the Shard of Serenity.

Sarrel then broke into the house through the wall, knocking dust and wall pieces at Reqshal and Amora.

“Come on dude! You didn’t need to do all of that!” Reqshal said to Sarrel.

Sarrel grabbed Reqshal’s face extremely quickly, he held him like a ragdoll.

Amora ignored what was going on and continued her search for her bag.

“I know you still have it! Give me back everything you stole from me! And I’ll make your death painless.” Sarrel commanded Reqshal.

“I don’t know what you are even talking about…” Reqshal said, struggling to get out of Sarrel’s grip.

“Wow, you stole from him too. Your thievery truly doesn’t know any bounds.” Amora said.

Sarrel then started shaking Raqshal’s body and the things on his person began to fall out.

Amora’s bag, the Shard of Serenity, a baby photo of him with his parents, among other things.

Sarrel saw the Shard of Serenity and went to reach for it.

“There we are.” Sarrel said, still holding Reqshal’s face to the wall. Amora rushed to the Shard and blocked Sarrel’s hand. She grabbed the Shard herself.

“What do you think you are doing? This is mine!” Amora said, scolding Sarrel.

Sarrel threw Reqshal to the side and turned his attention to Amora.

“Give it to me, or you will get hurt!” Sarrel said to Amora.

“Were you the one that initially stole it from me then?” Amora questioned Sarrel.

“Give it to me!” Sarrel responded, reaching for the Shard. Amora kicked his hand away, then kicked the back of his head, sending Sarrel stumbling into Reqshal’s bed.

Amora then tried to run out of the house through the hole that Sarrel made. Reqshal grabbed her leg, preventing her from leaving.

“You aren’t going to leave, look at what you did to my house!” Reqshal said to Amora, as he held her leg tightly.

Sarrel got up quickly and ran towards Amora.

Amora kicked Reqshal in the face, knocking him out, but Reqshal handcuffed his hand to her leg.

Amora fell forward trying to run. She then looked at the binds. “Really?!” She thought to herself, seeing that now she was handcuffed to an unconscious man.

She grabbed Reqshal and threw him on her shoulder. She then jumped out of the hole to attempt an escape from Sarrel.

Sarrel chased the pair, Amora’s speed was hindered greatly by the weight of Reqshal on her back.

Reqshal woke up, just in time to see his house completely collapse in the distance.

“Aww damn! Really! That’s going to take like a month to build back up again!” Reqshal complained, as he was still being carried on Amora’s back.

“Why did you bound yourself to me? Where’d you even get those cuffs from?” Amora asked. Reqshal still rode on Amora’s back.

“Whatever that thing you both are trying to get seems pretty valuable, so you know, I figured that maybe you could throw me a little bit of cash.” Reqshal responded to Amora.

“Why would I give a thief money?!” Amora was shocked that Reqshal even thought that was an option.

“To free yourself from me, obviously.” Reqshal responded as if it was obvious.

Sarrel began to gain on them as she began to tire out.

“Release the bonds so that I can take care of this guy!” Amora commanded Reqshal.

“Will you pay me?” Reqshal asked.

“No!” Amora quickly responded.

Sarrel caught up to the pair. “I got you now!” Sarrel said, reaching to grab Amora.

“Yes! Hurry up!” Amora shouted at Reqshal.

“Release” Reqshal said, clapping his hands together. The cuffs released. Amora and Reqshal split apart causing Sarrel to go completely through the space between them. He stumbled on the ground. Amora and Reqshal laid on the ground. Amora was completely exhausted.

“Dang, I won’t even get to spend it if I’m not alive.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then turned invisible.

“Dammit! Really?! I thought we had a deal!” Reqshal shouted.

Sarrel looked around trying to see Amora, but he was unable to. Sarrel then grabbed Reqshal by the throat.

“You must be her friend right? So she’s going to have to come back to save you.” Sarrel said to Reqshal.

Reqshal tried to breathe as he was being choked. “I think you are overestimating our relationship.” Reqshal responded.

Sarrel choked Reqshal even harder.

Reqshal began to pass out. “Damn, I’m going out like a nerd.” Reqshal thought to himself.

Two rods were then shoved into Sarrel’s neck, and a bolt of electricity flowed between them. The shock made Sarrel’s hand spasm causing Reqshal to be released. Sarrel then collapsed and fell to the ground face first.

Reqshal crawled away from Sarrel, and he looked around to what saved him.

Amora revealed herself.

“Ah, so you didn’t ditch me.” Reqshal said, genuinely feeling surprised.

“I made an agreement with you. Why would I leave without fulfilling it?” Amora responded.

Reqshal rubbed his neck. “I mean… it’s not like I do that or anything.” Reqshal said nervously.

Amora grabbed Reqshal’s hand to pull him along. She started running.

“Come on! He is not going to stay down for long.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

The pair ran until they could spot a Manor in the distance.

Reqshal walked behind Amora quite a ways behind her. He was not able to keep up with her speed.

“Why are you taking me so far? You can just hand me like 10 Thousand Dollas and I’ll be out of your hair. You got what you want right?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora continued to walk ignoring what he asked her. Reqshal continued to wait for a response that never came.

“You know, it would be a lot cooler if we had an actual conversation. Or if you’re not into that, then a quick transfer would do.” Reqshal said to Amora as she continued to walk in silence.

“Come on, someone like you got to have at least that much. Honestly, I think I’m low balling it.” Reqshal continued to speak.

“Is all you think about is money?” Amora responded.

“Money is what makes the world go round. I didn’t make the rules, I just live by it.” Reqshal answered.

“I don’t keep money on me. So we are going to have to go to my estate to get it.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“You don’t keep money on you, but you keep things of even more value?” Reqshal asked.

“There’s a difference between these items and money. This stuff is actually useful.” Amora quickly responded.

“Money is pretty useful too. I bet a girl like you would be able to get a lot easily in one night.” Reqshal said, looking up and down Amora.

Amora turned around furious at Reqshal’s comment.

“Are you undressing me with your eyes?!” Amora yelled at him.

“I’m not hurting anyone, besides, it’s idiotic to go out into town with no money. Especially a girl like you.” Reqshal responded to her.

Amora began to quickly speak as she gestured her hand up, and on her chest a bright light appeared. Then she gestured her hand down and Reqshal began to sink into the ground.

Reqshal began to panic.

“Okay! I give! I’ll stop being a turd to you princess or whatever you are!” Reqshal pleaded.

Reqshal then stopped sinking and climbed out of the ground. Amora seemed a bit tired after that, but she still stood proud and strong.

“Pretty sure I can handle myself a lot better out there than you could. I don’t need your street advice.” Amora said to Reqshal.

They both continued to walk in silence until the manor was directly in front of them. They stood in front of the gate.

“So, how’d you do that?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora touches the shield around the gate, and scans her biometrics.

“Someone of your disposition won’t be able to do it. You are far too corrupt to be able to perform any of these techniques.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

The shield then opened up. Amora and Reqshal walked into the courtyard. The Manor is one of the few places that have truly kept up with the former aesthetic of the city of Konowa. It’s plants were  a luscious green colour, and had flowing water around the court. The building looked to have over a hundred rooms and was white with a red roof.

“Well damn, look at this place. I bet this cost a fortune.” Reqshal said, looking at the premise.

“You stand in the courtyard. I’ll be back.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora walked into the building leaving Reqshal outside. Reqshal walked around the outside. He saw a gardener tending to the shrubs.

“Hey my guy, what’s happening? Doing some plant cutting I see.” Reqshal attempted to open a conversation.

“Yes, quite.” The gardener responded.

The gardener continued to cut the shrubs. Reqshal watched him and stared at his outfit.

“So, I’m guessing you’re some kind of servant or something right? You got captured huh?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“No, this is a job.” The gardener responded. The gardener then looked down at Reqshal. “I’m guessing that is something you don’t know much about.”

“A job? Man, you have no clue how many jobs I have. A job isn’t anything. The amount of money I make is insane.” Reqshal responded gloating, but giving off the impression that he has no idea what a job is.

The gardener ignored Reqshal.

“So… let me hypothetically ask. If I were to get a job here, how much would I be making?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“That entirely depends on what you are good at. It could be anywhere between 30 thousand to 800 thousand  a day.” The gardener responded.

Reqshal felt a bit uneasy in the legs. He began to stumble. “800 Thousand! A day?!” Reqshal could not believe that number.

Reqshal sat down to keep from collapsing.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I doubt you have any abilities that are worth that much.” The gardener said to Reqshal.

“Why you gotta be so rude, man! All you do is cut plants. I bet I could do that too!” Reqshal said, trying to grab the cutting tool. The gardener flipped Reqshal and pinned him to the ground.

“Like I said, you don’t have any ability worth that much.” The gardener reiterated to Reqshal.

Amora and her Father walked outside and saw that Reqshal was pinned to the ground.

Dionysal, the Father of Amora, walked over to the two men.

“You may get up from him, Fengsal.” Dionysal said to the gardener.

Fengsal got up immediately and continued his gardening work. Dionysal looked at Reqshal closely.

“So you are the scoundrel that’s attempting to extort my daughter, right?” Dionysal asked Reqshal.

“Don’t say it like that. It was more of a deal than extortion, Promise.” Reqshal responded.

“He quite literally bound me to him, and wouldn’t release the constraints until I agreed to pay him.” Amora said to her father.

They both looked down at Reqshal.

“Do you deny that?” Dionysal asked.

“I mean, yeah you can describe it like that. But did she tell you that she broke into my house last night. Practically broke everything.” Reqshal responded.

Dionysal then looked at Amora.

“That’s true, only because you stole my Shard!” Amora quickly said back to Reqshal.

“I didn’t steal anything from you except your bag, and that was more for my own protection. Since it was obvious that you were going to use them to hit me.” Reqshal got up and pointed at Amora.

“You liar! How’d you get my Shard then?!” Amora asked Reqshal.

“I stole it from the guy that was chasing us.” Reqshal responded.

“Did you know what you were stealing?” Amora suspiciously asked Reqshal.

“I ain’t got a clue, Princess.” Reqshal responded.

Amora took a deep breath in and exhaled it with great frustration.

“FIne then. Father, I’m going to transfer 10 Thousand Dollas into this man’s account.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Go ahead.” He responded.

“Well before you do that, can I suggest another proposition my good sirs and madam. How about I just work here for like a day or two, for at about 800 Thousand Dollas a day rate.” Reqshal attempted to take an opportunity to make more money.

“No way! You are one step away from being literal trash! Just take the money and go!” Amora yelled at Reqshal.

Amora reached out her hand for Reqshal to hand her his transaction code. He pulls it out of his sleeves practically unwillingly. Amora takes it and begins to scan. Suddenly, there was a loud thunderous bang at the Shield in front of the Manor.

Someone was yelling from outside.

“Give me that damn Shard! I’ll bust down this shield and kill every last one of you in there!” Sarrel yelled out.

Sarrel seemed to have grown considerably since their last encounter.

Dionysal signaled for some of the workers to go to the gate and take care of Sarrel.

A Dozen workers ran out and stood at the gate ready to fight Sarrel. Sarrel stopped pounding on the gate.

“You think this will stop us from getting your Shard? This is nothing to Queen Oblivia.” Sarrel taunted Dionysal.

The face of the workers at the gate twitched. Dionysal’s face went from being mildly entertained into a serious expression.

“Oh yeah. You’re all scared now. If you don’t give it to me right now, we all are going to come back over here and slaughter every last one of you.” Sarrel threatened everyone in the Manor.

.”What do we do?” Amora asked Dionysal.

“What is her offer?!” Dionysal yelled back at Sarrel.

“Father, you can’t be serious. This was a gift from the Demigods.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Her offer is not killing you all.” Sarrel responded back to Dionysal.

“Doesn’t sound good enough for me. We are just going to get rid of you.” Dionysal said to Sarrel.

“Come on then, Old Man! Let’s see what you got!” Sarrel taunted.

Dionysal gestured for the workers to open the Shield, so that they could storm and capture Sarrel. The Shield opened up, and Sarrel immediately put out a Shard and shot it directly at Dionysal from where he was standing. Sarrel did not care about being taken out by the workers.

The shot traveled toward Amora because Sarrel was a bit off.

Reqshal jumped in front of the projectile but it just passed through both him and Amora anyways. They both then collapsed on the ground.

Sarrel was immediately taken down, and was captured.

Dionysal went down to check on his daughter.

“Honey, are you okay?” Dionysal asked.

She was unconscious and Reqshal was no longer there.

The workers cuffed Sarrel and brought him into the dungeon.

After the situation cooled, Amora who was laid to rest for a bit on her bed awoke. She looked at where she felt she was hit and didn’t feel any pain or notice a wound.

“What happened? It’s so late in the day.” Amora thought to herself as she looked out the window.

“Yeah really, it’s like we were out for hours.” Reqshal responded.

Amora quickly looked around her room to see where Reqshal was. But she didn’t see him anywhere.

“Wait… Where are you? Are you invisible?” Amora asked.

“What are you saying, you’re the one that’s invisible.” Reqshal responded.

Amora looked down at her body, and saw that she was indeed present.

“I’m not invisible.” Amora said aloud.

“That wasn’t my body…” Reqshal responded.

They both then realized what happened. Amora ran to the mirror.

“Oh no! You’re in my head!” Amora said, realizing that she couldn’t see Reqshal, not because he was invisible, but because he is part of her thoughts.

“Wait, so I don’t have a body anymore!?” Reqshal responded.

Amora then slowly started to become Reqshal as his thoughts were becoming the prominent speaker.

“No! No stop! I don’t want to be trapped in your head!” Amora said as their body slowly became Reqshal’s.

Reqshal patted himself. “That’s a bit better.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then responded back by trying to take control of the body. Their physical appearance began to look like her again. Then once again Reqshal fought and made the body once again look like him.

They both then heard a knock at the door.

“Is everything okay, Lady Amora?” The Housekeeper asked.

Amora then took full control of the body and they became her.

“Yes, I am perfectly well here. Thank you for caring for me Tioral.” Amora responded.

“Well, your mid afternoon meal is ready for you downstairs whenever you are ready. Or I could bring it up to you.” The Housekeeper said to Amora.

“Let him bring it up here, I never got served before.” Reqshal thought aloud.

“Shut up!” Amora responded, but the words came out of her mouth rather than in her head.

“Beg your pardon?” The Housekeeper responded.

“Right up! Bring it right up, please, Tioral.” Amora said to the Housekeeper.

“Very well, Lady Amora.” The Housekeeper said as they left from the front of the door.

“You don’t think about anything until we get this figured out!” Amora scolded Reqshal.

“So what are you going to do when you take a shower huh?” Reqshal asked Amora.

“I can’t believe I share a body with you now! This is the worst! I figured that paying you would get you out of my hair as soon as possible, but now look.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Probably wouldn’t be in this mess if you just paid me more quickly rather than trying to accuse me of a crime… just saying.” Reqshal responded.

Amora then started walking to her door. She began to sneak down her hallway trying to make her way to the dungeon.

“Why are you sneaking? Isn’t this your house?” Reqshal asked.

“Just in case you start thinking of something stupid. I wouldn’t want us transforming out in the open and you being in a place you aren’t supposed to be.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

“Ah, so it would suck if I started thinking about the type of food that will be waiting for us in your room.” Reqshal said, out of spite for Amora calling his thoughts stupid.

Amora then began to transform into Reqshal. Amora saw someone approaching and hid behind the corner. The person approached Amora. She was back in her own form.

“Lady Amora, happy to see you are up. What are you doing, hiding?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Me? Hiding? No, I am just checking the craftsmanship of these walls. Komali does a good job keeping these maintained, right?” Amora said to the Librarian.

“Sure. Is there anything you need from me before I go, Lady Amora?” The Librarian asked.

“No, I’m okay. Please, continue with what you were doing.” Amora responded.

The Librarian left, and Amora continued onward to the dungeon.

Amora made her way there and found Sarrel sitting around playing with his toes in complete boredom. She stood in front of the cell and stared down at him. He looked up at her.

“What are you looking at?” Sarrel asked Amora.

“What did you shoot my father with earlier?” Amora asked.

“I don’t know. Some kind of curse. It obviously didn’t work.” Sarrel responded by showing Amora the bonds he had on him.

“What was the curse supposed to do?” Amora asked another question.

“Make’s someone’s worst nightmare their ongoing reality.” Sarrel responded, trying to ignore Amora.

Amora then transformed into Reqshal.

“Oh that’s messed up! You barely knew me for a day and becoming me was your worst nightmare?” Reqshal said aloud.

Sarrel then saw the two transform. He began to laugh.

“Wait! I got both of you!? Oh that is funny! Serves you both right!” Sarrel pointed at Reqshal. “If you just gave me that damn Shard when I came by that dirty old shack, then this wouldn’t have happened.” Sarrel scolded Reqshal.

“So how do you reverse this thing?” Reqshal asked, stepping up closer to the cell.

“The F*ck am I supposed to know. I’m done talking to you both. Queen Oblivia will be coming to get me out soon. So you don’t need to worry about living long enough to suffer.” Sarrel responded as he turned over to his side.

Reqshal slowly became Amora.

“Well that’s not good news… I need to go and tell my father!” Amora said as she ran out of the Prisoner Holding area.

“No wait! We should look it up first before having them attempt anything. I super don’t want to die. And if they just try to exorcize me, or something like that, who knows, it might just kill me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“Fine, just don’t think about anything as we make our way to the library.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora made her way through the Manor. The workers were patrolling the area and were on high alert. Amora walked past them to the library. She then began to look through the books. But wasn’t quite finding what she was looking for.

“Maybe it’s in the Medicine Section?” Reqshal suggested.

“Why would it be in Medicine, it’s obviously a technique.” Amora responded.

“I don’t know, it’s a suggestion. My mom worked in medicine and-” Reqshal began to say before the Librarian interrupted their thoughts.

“Glad to see you came by and visited the Library, Lady Amora. Is there a book you are looking for?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Yes, I’m looking for one on curses. Where would I find those?” Amora asked.

“You have to be a bit more specific than that. There are Temporal Curses, Ambition Curses, Personal Curses, Light Curses, Dark Curses. It could go on forever really.” The Librarian responded.

“Where would a body changing curse be located? You know, like one that makes someone fat, or changes them into a completely different person.” Amora asked the Librarian.

“That’s quite specific. Are you planning on learning how to do that curse? I can teach you if you want. Those books should be located in the Scripts from the Age of Witches.” The Librarian responded to Amora.

Amora followed the Librarian through the book columns.

“Not yet. I’m just curious for now.” Amora said to the Librarian.

The Librarian showed Amora the shelf. “Well here you are, Lady Amora. If you need anything just come to my desk.” The Librarian said before leaving.

Amora then skimmed through the pages.

“Oh look, there goes the body changing curse.” Reqshal noticed as Amora quickly ran her hand through the list.

“When one has their body altered to the appearance of another the change is permanent until the caster removes the curse.” The Page read.

“I don’t think this is correct.” Amora said, reading on.

“Why not, it’s exactly like what’s happening.” Reqshal responded feeling like Amora only said it was incorrect because he spotted it.

“Yes, but this is a nightmare curse. Because if it hit my father I doubt it would have been a body changing effect.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Well okay, Princess. Find the Nightmare one.” Reqshal responded.

“I’m not a Princess, and you don’t tell me what to do.” Amora said to Reqshal.

Amora looked through the book shelfs and found a densely coloured text script on curses.

She went through it and found ‘Nightmare’. Amora read through the pages and found loads and loads of information on the curse, written by the Infamous Great Witch Gloria.

“There is no way we will be able to read all of this.” Reqshal said looking at how dense the information was.

“Maybe you can’t, but I definitely can.” Amora responded.

“How about you stop insulting me, we are the same person now. So I think it would be better if you played nice with me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“As if. Once we break this, you take your money and leave. I wouldn’t want to hinder your life of Thievery and Poverty. See look, I already found the page.” Amora said, rolling her finger across it.

“Nightmare Curses are permanent curses. They can not be dispelled or exorcized. Research indicated that the death of the Caster may work in some cases.” An excerpt from the Great Witch also added to the bottom of the page. “This spell is for all those who cross me, may your death be a Nightmare.” The Page read.

Amora transformed into Reqshal.

“Well, that’s not good…” Reqshal said.

Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter One

Yaooan, a student of the Central Capital City School for Ren Shaole, wakes up in a terror. She had the same recurring dream of the Marian Civil War which happened a few years ago that resulted in the loss of her parents.

However, this was not unusual for Children who lived in the Community which Yaooan called Home. The Community was built recently to house the Ren Shaole population after the end of the War. Students living in the area all go to the same school which separates the Community from Ren Zuiperi Residences. The Community suffers from inadequate assistance from the Marian North Monarchy, therefore the area is nearly it’s own microcosm of Government Instability and infighting. 

Yaooan get’s up to prepare for her classes. She lives in one of the fancier apartments because she was the benefactor of a Cruel Test a couple of Years ago, the event still scars her mind, but the money was enough to keep those scars from coming back to the surface. She looked back at her home before stepping out the door to the noisy outdoors.

“Okay, time to drag myself through today.” Yaooan thought to herself, as she put on a smile and made her way down the road.

Along the way she saw a tiny trinket on the ground. It reminded Yaooan of the trinkets her mom wore so long ago. Yaooan picked it up and gave it a light dusting. It was a metallic item with 5 petals surrounding a circular bulb. After giving it a good look, Yaooan placed it in her tall green wild green hair.

“I love this!” Yaooan thought to herself. She continued down the street.

A group of girls, who took the same route as Yaooan were also making their way to classes. Their names were Paiyi, Leanna, Zouyi, and Yauyue. The tallest one, named Yauyue, looked over. “Hey Yaooan! You’re looking exceptionally cute today!” Yaooan stopped and looked over at the group of 4 girls. 

“Oh really… thanks… I actually -” Yaooan began saying before she was interrupted by Yauyue.

“Just kidding! I can’t believe you actually believed me!” Yauyue said jokingly, and the rest of her friends laughed along with her. The other’s added jokes poking fun at the smile Yaooan had when she thought she actually received a genuine compliment. They continued until they felt that Yaooan was adequately put down.

They walked away and continued to school.

Yaooan stayed where she was. She took the trinket out of her hair, and looked down at it. Her smile was no longer present. Yaooan loosened her grip of the trinket preparing to let it fall to the ground. However, as her grip was beginning to falter she grasped it once again, and placed it back into her hair.

“I don’t care what they think, I like it.” Yaooan thought to herself. Her smile returned to her face. Yaooan’s mother taught her that the way you feel about something is determined by you, and not by what others say about it. Thus Yaooan continued on, with the adorable smile that lights up even the darkest souls.

The Central Capital City School for Ren Shaole was surrounded by a large gate which was about 3 meters tall. The pillars were made of a light brown stone and between them were dark brown bars. At the Gate was a Ren Zuiperi Guard. He made sure that only Students and Authorized Workers got into the school premises.

He stopped Yaooan.

“Student 1076, what do you think you are doing?” The Gate Guard asked Yaooan.

“What do you mean Sir?” Yaooan responded, eagerly trying to get to class.

The Gate Guard forcibly grabbed the trinket and tore it out of Yaooan’s hair. He crumpled it into pieces. He kept it in his balled up fist.

“There, now hurry and get to class! Stop trying to bring crap into this school.” The Gate Guard said to Yaooan.

“Sorry Sir, I thought it was permissible.” Yaooan responded.

“Well you were wrong, now get going!” The Gate Guard yelled at Yaooan. She hopped up and moved quickly into the School Yard.

In the School Yard there were many different cliches of students all talking to one another before the first period began. Yaooan wanted so badly to interact with the other students, but never could get the confidence to do so. She feared that they would try to make her prove herself to them, and that pressure was something Yaooan did not want to get involved with.

“One day…” Yaooan thought to herself. She turned away from the groups and went towards the Zone 2 Doors. It was yet another morning of not having the confidence to speak to others, and another morning of others not wanting to speak to her. She remained alone.

Yaooan sat in her first bell class. She was half paying attention as her teacher gave a lesson. Yaooan stared out the window yearning for adventure. Then her teacher samed her teaching stick against the front podium.

“Student 1076!” The Home Room Teacher called out. Yaooan snapped out of daydreaming and stood up in attention, as the Ren Shaole students had to do when being spoken to by their Teachers.

“Yes Teare Ro!?” Yaooan responded, startled, and shaken up.

“If you long to be outside so much, pick up your materials and stand outside until the end of the period.” Teare Ro said to Yaooan. She pointed at the exit, and Yaooan picked up her stuff and left the classroom. She sat down in the hallway.

“Dang, not again. Now I have nothing to look at but this wall…” Yaooan thought to herself as she stared at the wall moving her fingers along the cracks.

“Psshh…” A voice down the hall called out.

Yaooan looked around for the sound.

“Psshh, over here. To your left.” The voice continued.

Yaooan looked over and saw a boy, who seemed to have also been kicked out of class. He waved his hands trying to get Yaooan’s attention.

Yaooan looked over at him in surprise. “Don’t you know you can get in more trouble if you talk while kicked out of class?” Yaooan educated him.

“Oh really… then I guess I should be quiet then.” The boy said as he closed his mouth with his hands.

Yaooan smiled. This kid obviously was new to the ‘being kicked out of class’ club. “Hey, so why’d you get kicked out of class? Seems like your first time, right?” Yaooan address him.

“Yea, it is my first time out here. Koloco Ro caught me playing Rutanu in class. He took my device and kicked me out of class.” He responded.

Yaooan was confused. “What’s Rutanu?” Yaooan asked as she got in a more comfortable position. She laid on her stomach in the direction of the boy.

“It’s this awesome game that was just released! You play in this virtual world created by some guy from Vlagora. In it you collect small items, travel to different biomes. You can even battle other players in PvP at the Stadium. I’ve been addicted to it since it came out like 10 days ago!” He said to Yaooan with clear excitement in his voice.

“A virtual world?” Yaooan said to herself as she looked up at the ceiling. “Sounds a whole lot better than this real one.” Yaooan said with a melancholic tone.

“It sure is! The real world sucks! You should play Rutanu later! And when you do you can add me, my name is Waymen Knight Rider and-” The boy was interrupted by the Walking Patrol.

“Talking outside of class? You must think being kicked outside is a reward. Collect your things and come with me.” The Patrol commanded the boy.

He grabbed the boy by his arm and dragged him up.

“I’m Student 1145, find me during the middle break period, okay?!” He said to Yaooan. The boy was then fully escorted out of the hall.

Yaooan looked up at the ceiling once more, getting off of her stomach. “Rutanu? A Virtual World, I wonder what that’s like…” Yaooan thought to herself.

The day’s classes went on as usual after that. Royal Etiquette was the first Period, Anthropology was the second period, followed by Natural Mathematics, and Historical Recreation. After Historical Recreation she was given a Middle Period Break. Which separated the day classes from the Night Classes.

Yaooan’s Night classes were Mythology and Legends, followed by Home Economics, Physical and Health Services, then Social Conditioning as her final class.

Immediately after Historical Recreation ended Yaooan eagerly left the Zone 2 Building. She brought out her Communication Device and placed it on her neck so that she could try out the game that Student 1145 told her about earlier.

“Allow access to Cerebral Process?” Her device asked her as she was downloading the game.

“Oh, I guess it is Virtual Reality… so sure why not.” Yaooan accepted. 

The opening of the game begins to play. 

“Yea, I’m going to skip that.” Yaooan skipped through. 

“Make sure the area around you is clear, and safe.” The game showed an unskippable scene.

Yaooan looked around and felt that standing in the middle of the court yard before night classes was probably not the best place to start playing a virtual game.

“Okay, I’m going to head into the cafeteria then.” Yaooan thought and picked up her stuff. She headed inside while configuring her information.

“What was the boy’s name again… waymen something…” Yaooan said, knocking on her head. “Ah Knight Rider. Waymen Knight Rider.”

Yaooan added his name and he immediately sent a message. “Where are you?” He messaged Yaooan.

“I’m in the cafeteria.” Yaooan wrote back.

“Come to The Music Rooms in Zone 12, there’s a group of us all playing here.” He replied back.

“Cool, I’ll be there.” Yaooan replied. She then got up from her seat and began heading to the Music Rooms.

Yahoo was stopped once again by a School Guard.

“Hey take that out of your head while walking, I’m tired of you kids walking into walls with those devices connected to your heads.” The Guard said to Yaooan as she was making her way to the Music rooms.

“I’m sorry, I’ll do that right away Sir.” Yaooan responded. She removed the device from the back of her neck and held it in her hand.

Yaooan stood in attention as the Guard began to walk. “Freaking kinds, they got it way too easy nowadays.” The Guard said to himself as he walked away from Yaooan.

Yaooan looked at him annoyed. He obviously viewed any progress forward as a negative contribution to Society. People like him are what caused the Civil War to occur. Yaooan continued to make her way to the Music Rooms.

When Yaooan got there she saw a bunch of Students sitting down, they were all plugged in, and knee deep into gaming.

“Hey Vani!” The Boy who was in the Hall with Yaooan earlier called out to her.

“Wow, already calling me by my Username?” Yaooan responded as she walked over to him.

“Yea, but that’s because I don’t know your real name, so that’s the next best thing.” He said as Yaooan took a seat next to him. “Come on quick. Yuski is about to compete in a 3 v 1!” The boy said to Yaooan.

Yaooan took her device out of her pocket and attached it to the back of her head. She set the game up. She stretched out her fingers, and the walking within the game felt as natural as if she was the Character itself.

The device connected to the motor functions of the brain which pulled the signals that would otherwise be sent into the muscles, to the device itself.

Knight Rider was eagerly trying to get Yaooan, who was Vani currently, to hurry up and follow him in the Virtual World.

“What’s a 3 v 1? How’s this game actually played?” Yaooan asked.

“Come on, just watch!” Knight Rider responded by rushing to the Stadium. Yaooan followed behind him. The Stadium NPC took one Beginners Stadium Entrance Token from Yaooan and allowed her to enter.

Knight Rider led Yaooan into a Giant Colosseum. The stands were filled with other players. They cheered loudly towards the center. The players in the stands all had unique gears and appearances. All seemed excited and happy to be there.

Yaooan felt this aura and began to get excited as well.

In the center of the Stadium were 4 players. 3 of them surrounded one lone competitor.

“The one in the middle, his name is Yuski.” Knight Rider said to Yaooan.

The 3 Competitors rushed in to attack Yuski.

Player 1 launched a Fire Blast at Yuski who then twisted around and sent it at Player 2. Player 3 rushed from behind and tried to attack Yuski with a sword as Yuski easily dodges. Player 1 continued to launch fire shots at Yuski. The double attack was easily handled as Player 2 came in with a spear and attacked Yuski. 

“Easiest thing I’ve ever done.” Yuski said as he toyed with the other players.

“So why are they fighting against him? What’s happening here?” Yaooan asked Knight Rider.

“Yuski is an extremely good player. Ever since the game came out he has been dominating.” Knight Rider began to say as he then brought up the stats on Yuski. “He has a 140.2.2 record. He allows anyone to challenge him, especially during these hours. Afterwards, he goes into the Raid Areas and Solos them, or trains players with high potential.

Yuski grabbed the spear of Player 2 and spits a Liquid on that Spear. He used it to then catch the flame from the attack of Player 1. He used the now flame engulfed Spear to set Player 3 on fire. In the chaos, Yuski kicks the sword that Player 3 wasa holding into the chest of Player 1, eliminating him. As Player 2 realized that Player 1 was slain, Yuski rushed him and shoved the Spear through both Player 2 and 3. Then he finished them up by igniting the weapon, eliminating the two, ending the match.

“Damn, he is good.” Yaooan was impressed with the performance.

“So what do you think? Feel like you have a chance against him?” Knight Rider asked Yaooan jokingly.

“Maybe after I learn how to actually play, maybe I will give it a try.” Yaooan responded.

“Oh yeah! I forgot, this is your first time. Then I guess I will show you around real quick.” Knight Rider said as he got up from his seat and went to exit the stadium.

Yaooan followed behind him.

As she walked through the halls she was able to feel the dust from the battles brush against her skin. She noticed the smell of smoke and the sensation of taste.

They both exited the Stadium and were now in the main hub.

“So first, you’ll have to go to that Hub Center over there. In the front there should be an NPC that’ll tell you how to gain access to your Weapons Bag and World Areas.” Knight Rider said to Yaooan. He pointed towards a tower that was surrounded by what looked like 2 dozen people.

“What are you going to be doing while I’m interacting with the NPC? Yaooan asked Knight Rider.

“It’s going to take you a bit of time, so I am going to grind up some extra materials. I don’t want to embarrass myself with my complete lack of items if we go exploring.” Knight Rider said to Yaooan.

“I would much prefer if you stayed here though. I don’t really mind if you don’t have items.” Yaooan said to Knight Rider.

“It’s no problem, it’ll be better this way anyways.” Knight Rider said to Yaooan before he summoned a vehicle and drove away on it.

Yaooan watched as Knight Rider left her alone there. But she was impressed by the Vehicle. “Well that’s cool.”

Yaooan walked towards the center of the mass of people. They were all speaking to one another as they were interacting with the NPC. Yaooan started to feel alone as this situation reminded her of being at school. She lowered her head, and made herself seem small.

As Yaooan was making her way towards the NPC she felt someone touch her shoulder.

“Hey!” A voice of the person whom the hand belonged to called out towards Yaooan.

Yaooan turned around to look at this person. She pointed at herself. “Did you mean to try and get my attention?” Yaooan asked the person. This person was shorter than Yaooan and had short dark hair.

“Obviously, that’s why I tapped your shoulder. Why are you looking so down huh? Not feeling well today?” The Short Girl asked Yaooan.

“No, it’s not that… it’s just how I get when I see a bunch of people.” Yaooan responded.

“Oh! So you are shy?!” The Short Girl quickly responded looking up at Yaooan with an interested smile.

“No, I wouldn’t say shy, it’s just…” Yaooan stopped herself. She thought for a little time and realized that she didn’t need to tell this person that she was from the Capital District. She didn’t have to say anything that was real. This was her chance to reinvent herself. So Yaooan dropped her nervous hands and relaxed her shoulders. She lifted her head up and stood tall.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t say I am shy at all.” Yaooan responded. Yaooan pointed her thumb at herself. “Hi, my name is Vani!” Yaooan said to the Short Girl with her charming smile.

“Wow, what a complete Rotation of Pi!” The Girl gestured as she then bowed to Yaooan. “And I’m Randiantsi.

Yaooan smiled. “So, Randiantsi, are you also new to this world?” Yaooan asked her.

“Well technically everyone is basically new, this world has only existed for like a week. So it’s prime time to start forming groups and setting claims to territory!” Randiantsi said to Yaooan with wide gestures.

“So you were trying to recruit me into your group?” Yaooan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve been going around but most people seem to only join groups that have their friends in them already. So when I saw you alone, I figured that I should recruit you. That way we both won’t be alone!” Randiantsi responded to Yaooan with an adorable smile.

Yaooan figured that no one would actually reach out to talk to a lonely person in a crowd of people. Randiantsi must just be a different breed of person.

“Okay, I’ll join your party, group thing.” Yaooan nodded her head to Randiantsi.

“Awesome! Well then I’ll help you speed through this tutorial stage and we can get some real work done!” Randiantsi grabbed Yaooan’s hand and they both pushed through to the NPC.

“Hey Big Guy! She is a member of my Party now, so allow me to share my equipment with her.” Randiantsi commanded the NPC.

“You got it Warrior!” The NPC said as Vani and Randiantsi now had an annotation next to their names, as well as a party inventory. The party inventory was filled with starting gadgets such as an axe, and bags.

“Whoa, that’s pretty cool too!” Yaooan said looking at all the stuff.

“Yeah it is! Now I’m going to sign you up for the Tutorial Stages. Don’t worry, it just involves a bunch of fetch quests and monster killings.” Randiantsi said to Yaoan before Yaooan received a quest note.

“Now we can leave this area as the rest of these peeps stumble their way into the first mission.” Randiantsi said before she grabbed Yaooan’s hand again and ran towards the Hordes Field.

Yaooan looked at the quest. “I need some Meat from a Sereph, found in Hordes Field. A Julo herb found in Hector’s Forest, and a Mortar and Pesto. Please, my child is sick and on his last leg.” Yaooan read aloud what was written in the quest.

“Well looks like three ingredients is all we need to find for this quest to be complete.” Yaooan said as she was still being guided by Randiantsi.

“Yeah, well actually it’s more like five items. Since we have to create our mortar and pesto from stones also found in the Hordes Field. And we use a stonecutter to form it into its shape.” Randiantsi said as they arrived in the field.

“Wow, you really do know what you are doing.” Yaooan responded to Randiantsi.

The field was circular, and was surrounded by a dense forest on its three sides. It was filled with flying creatures that were saucer shaped with a spherical center of light blue. There were players in the field chasing these creatures.

“Go on and destroy one of those creatures, they drop the meat that you need.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan pointing at the Saucer Creature.

“And how do I do that?” Yaooan asked, looking around for a weapon.

“Wait?! You’re telling me you don’t have a weapon?” Randiantis said with surprise at this revelation. “Wow, even I came with a Shield and these needles.” Randiantsi said, showing Yaooan the items. “Looks like we are a pretty pathetic party already…” Randiantsi said, looking at the other Player, running around shooting fireballs with magic staffs and slicing the Serephs with their weapons.

Yaooan sat down next to Randiantsi. “Maybe it’s some sort of glitch. I can restart and we can form a party again.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Nah, it’s all good. Guess you can punch them, and I can attach these needles into my shield like this.” Randiantsi said, trying to look on the bright side. She showed Yaooan her creation.

“Well this does suck, everyone else seems to be running around with weapons. “Yaooan said softly looking through her empty weapon’s inventory.

“Rutanu is connected to your Cerebral Cortex, so is there some sort of weapon you’d imagine you would be good at or something?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan as she stood back up.

“I always imagined that I would be like those gods I met when I was younger. They were able to manipulate the Earth with cool hand gestures.” Yaooan said as she demonstrated what they were doing and a huge clast shot out from her hand. The blast obliterated the ground about 40 meters away.

Randiantsi and Yaooan looked out at the damage and were stunned.

Randiantsi turned back towards Yaooan. “Have you actually seen people do that in reality? Like the Real World?! That is beyond amazing!” Randiantsi said, as she looked at Yaooan’s hands.

Vani’s stats took a sharp decrease. “I have no clue how I did that, but it took a crap ton of energy from me.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Yeah, guess you’re not used to it yet. Well, can you run around with me and we will get this quest done the hard way. Afterwards we both can go and learn to use our skills!” Randiantsi gave Yaooan a cheerful smile. “Though I am super jealous of yours already.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, as she then went out and tried to hit the Serephs with her shield.

Yaooan ran out behind Randiantsi and tried to hold down the Sereph, while Randiantsi hit it repeatedly, causing blunt force with the shield.

The Sereph was resisting, as Randiantsi and Yaooan continued to wrestle it.

“This bad boy is tough!” Randiantsi said, trying to break through its shell.

“Hey, can I have a look at your needles again? Do you have anything else in your bag?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi as the creature was slowly breaking out of Yaooan’s hold.

“I have some items from the next 3 quests, and a string that I came with. Other than that, I don’t have anything. My previous… “ Randiantsi started saying before stopping.

Yaooan thought for a second. “You have strings? I think that’s supposed to go with your needles.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Well that makes sense, I am actually pretty good at puppetterring.” Randiantsi said, as she combined her needle and the string together. The combination formed a new default weapon called threaded threads. Randiantsi then took this new item and combined it with her shield. Her Weapon then became Protected Puppet Master.

Randiantsi then brought out this weapon set up and located a different Sereph. She threw 3 needles out and it penetrated through it’s skin. She then pulled her hands apart and it separated the Seraph into two pieces.

Yaooan clapped. “Talk about overpowered!” Yaooan congratulated Randiantsi.

“Seems that way huh.” Randiantsi smiled. “I feel like a whole new warrior! And to imagine that I was running around before, just smacking things with my shield.” Randiantsi then brought back her needles.

Yaooan ran to the body and picked up the scraps. She placed the meat in her inventory.

“Let’s hurry and get to the Forest! Your blast from earlier threw a bunch of stones into the air earlier, so we can quickly grab those too.” Randiantsi said as she ran to the stones.

Yaooan received a message from Knight Rider. “Hey, where are you Vani? Did you already get your quest from the NPC?” Knight Rider wrote.

“Yea! I’m almost done with it, where are you?” Yaooan responded.

“I’m not too far, I’m going to meet up with you soon. I found a bunch of guys who are willing to train with us later. What’s your weapon like?” Rider responded.

“Cool, I’m also with a person. And I didn’t get a weapon, so I’m not sure what my weapon is, I think it might be magic.” Yaooan responded picking up the stones with Randiantsi.

“Magic? Then you would have gotten a staff. Well I’ll be there soon. Later!” Knight Rider responded before closing the chat.

Randiantsi questioned Yaooan. “Oh, did you already have a party?” She asked with a saddened expression.

“No, I don’t have a party. He is a person from my school who introduced me to the game.” Yaooan responded to Randiantsi.

“Oh, you’re school aged in reality. That’s funny.” Randiantsi said laughing. “I figured that you were older than me, but now I know you are barely older, only by a tiny bit.” Randiantsi responded.

“Dang, I meant to keep all information about myself a secret… oh well. I guess that’s not super important, as long as she doesn’t know my breed or location, then it should be okay.” Yaooan thought to herself.

“Don’t worry, I can tell that you feel wronged by me knowing that information. So any information you share with me, I will share the same amount with you. It’ll be mutual destruction.” Randiantsi smiled towards Yaooan.

Yaooan smiled back and they both headed into the forest.

While Randiantsi and Yaooan walked deeper into the Forest the surroundings became darker and darker.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s just the canopy above. It’s not so ominous once you get used to it.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, reassuring her that everything would be okay. Randiantsi handed Yaooan a drink. “Here, this is to replenish your energy. I was saving it since before when I was running around with my shield I was getting exhausted nearly immediately, but now that I don’t have to even move to use my skills, I think you should have it.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

Yaooan drank it, and her stats returned to their original positions. “Wow, thanks, that really got me back into shape.” Yaooan said as Randaintsi spotted the plant.

“There it goes, now we can just grab it and go back to the NPC in the Center Hub.” Randiantsi went to grab it. Someone then came and stepped down on her hand stopping her from grabbing it.

“Get off me! That hurts!” Randiantsi said, as she was trying to pull her hand out from underneath.

“Look what we have here, some new players walking around in our territory.” A tall well armoured player said with two others behind him.

Yaooan adn Randiantsi have now encountered their first griefers. They don’t seem to care about having an enjoyable gaming experience, what they were after was the satisfaction of dominance.

“Hey, if this is your territory, we will just leave. We don’t need this herb from here anyways.” Randiantsi said as she tried to get her hand from under the guy’s foot.

“Where do you expect to find one then? This entire forest is our territory.” He said, as he continued to crush Randiantsi’s hand under his foot.

“You can’t claim an area like that! This is where new players complete their first quest.” Yaooan yelled at the guys.

“I don’t think you are in any position to talk, you are at an even lower level than her. And it’s three versus two. You stand absolutely no chance.” The guy told Yaooan.

Yaooan’s hand then began to brighten with heat. Her anger began to grow. She knew that she probably wouldn’t win, but she needed to at least try.

As Yaooan prepared to attack the griefer was smacked across the face by a staff and flew into a tree. His party members were also taken out by these new arrivals.

Knight Rider had arrived with his other training mates.

“Looks like you guys encountered some griefers.” Knight Rider said as he helped Randiantsi to her feet.

“Seems like it’s seven versys three now! I think you guys should get going!” Yaooan yelled out at the main griefer.

“Don’t let us see you two alone, because when that happens, it’s over!” The griefer yelled as they ran off.

Randiantsi shook her arm from Knight Rider’s hand. “Thanks, but I’m pretty sure we had that handled.” Randiantsi said walking to Yaooan.

“Well, isn’t it a small world Randiantsi.” A member of the training team that Knight Rider brought said to Randiantsi. “Who would have thought that following this guy would lead us back to you…” The Team Member looked around. “Though since this is a level one area, I can’t say that I am surprised.” He laughed.

“You know these people?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

“Yeah! I was originally their party member, until the third quest, when they threw me away!” Randiantsi said, directed towards the group.

“We didn’t even think you would have returned to the game. Considering how weak your weapon is and all.” The training team member then addressed Knight Rider. “I wouldn’t recommend you teaming up with her, all she is going to do is slow you down.” The Team Member said to Knight Rider.

“Stop telling people that! I have a new weapon now, and I’m sure it’s way better than what you have now!” Randiantsi said to her former party members.

“I’ll believe it when I see it, and what about you newbie? You must have had pity on her to bring her along this far.” The Former member said to Yaooan.

“Why are you guys so mean!” Yaooan yelled out at the group.

“This is a game, you either try to  be the best or stop playing. If you are looking for pity or something casual, then play a farming simulator.” The former member said to Yaooan. “Now, what is your weapon?” He asked Yaooan.

“I don’t know…” Yaooan responded.

“So, Knight Rider, you brought us all the way back to the Level One area to train up a Casual and someone who doesn’t have a weapon? Man, we thought you were cool.” The former party member said

Knight Rider looked at Yaooan, and back at the former member. “Wait XVRaider! I really didn’t know! Honest! Besides, we don’t even know the other girl, I just know Vani. So it’s cool if we just train her up, right?” Knight Rider asked XVRaider.

“Yeah, sure, whatever. If she will become a valuable asset then we can train her up.” XVRaider responded.

“You hear that Vani? Let’s go and get those levels!” Knight Rider said to Yaooan with excitement.

Randiantsi then looked at Yaooan, then Yaooan looked at Knight Rider.

“Nah, I think I’ll stick with Randiantsi. I’ll grind my way up slowly.” Yaooan responded to Knight Rider.

“Damn, you guys are stupid. Come on, let’s go. I’m not trying to stay around this sappy area. If you want to come along Rider then you better start. Because we will get rid of you in a heartbeat.” XVRaider said as the rest of the group got on their vehicles and started driving away.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later Vani, I can’t waste this chance. I’ll catch you in the real world.” Knight Rider said as he jumped on his vehicle and followed the group.

Randiantsi walked up behind Yaooan and grabbed Vani’s hand. “Thank you for staying, I thought for sure you were just going to go with them, then I was going to be alone again.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“No way, I know how it feels to be alone. I would not wish that on anyone.” Yaooan said as she went to pick up the herb. “I hope this is still okay enough to give to the NPC.” Yaooan smiled and jokingly said to Randiantsi.

“Don’t see why not.” Randiantsi responded. They both then got up and ran towards the hub area.

After crossing back across the field they arrived at the hub. It had significantly less people now.

“Here you are, my good sir.” Randiantsi said, handing in the items.

“Well the Mortar and Pesto are amazing quality, so I’m going to ignore the garbage you gave me as an herb. So here’s your reward.” The NPC gave Yaooan an Energy drink. “Stop by here if you are ready for your next quest.”

Yaooan looked around at the near empty area.

“Hey, where is everyone?” Yaooan asked the NPC.

“Current time is 1540.00, these are low hours.” The NPC responded.

“Oh crap! Really! I’m late for class!” Yaooan said to Randiantsi. “I’ll talk to you when I get back on. I need to go now!” Yaooan said in a rush.

“Okay, talk to you later Vani!” Randiantsi said as Yaooan logged off.

There was no one in this Music Room. The other rooms were already in full class session playing music. Yaooan proceeded to exit and tried to sneak across the cafeteria, trying to make her way through the Student Halls.

“What are you doing roaming around the halls? Show me your pass.” The Hall Guard said to Yaooan.

“Ah, well, you see… I don’t have one.” Yaooan admitted as she looked down at her feet.

“Then I’ll escort you to the office and you can get a pass from there, along with a detention.” The guard told Yaooan as she was then escorted to the administration building.

“So what were you doing Student 1076, doesn’t seem that you have any disciplinary marks on your record, guessing you may have slept and let time slip by.” The Vice Dean of the school said to Yaooan. 

“Oh, yea, it was something like that Sir…” Yaooan responded to him.

“Considering this is your first infringement on the rules of the school, I will be giving you detention for half the typical detention period, following which you are to promptly return to Class. Is that clear.” He addressed Yaooan.

“Yes Sir, you are very merciful Sir.” She responded.

“Now don’t let me see you in here again unless you are being rewarded, here’s your pass and get to class.” He said to Yaooan as he gave her a note.

She left quickly without looking back. And headed directly to her class. Part of the way to her class room a guard began approaching her. She then hid behind her pass that she held in front of her face.

“Dang, these guys are just eager to get Students in trouble.” Yaooan thought to herself entering her Mythology class. Yaooan sat down in the back and thought about the game she just got done playing. She looked at her real life hand and had a joyful thought of what she would do if she was actually able to shoot fire from her hands.

The Mythologies class were going over the tales of the Legendary Island of Qyran. A place that was said to exist in the Far East, on the other side of the World. It is said to be home to Giants who tried to venture into the mainland but were defeated by Turoklan the Ren Zuiperi Demigod who later destroyed the island and the giants.

Yaooan heard this story a billion times by now. She had her eyes on the board but in reality she was not in the room but in her own head daydreaming. Then classes continued on like that until alas the school day ended and she could head home.

Student 1145 was waiting at the gate hoping that he would see Yaooan walking out of the school towards the community. Yaooan saw him and quickened her pace so she could scold him.

“Why on Earth did you just leave me sitting in the Music Room!?” Yaooan said to him angrily.

“I didn’t know what to do, you seemed like such a pro at getting in trouble earlier, so I thought that you had a plan up your sleeve to avoid getting in trouble if you were late.” Student 1145 responded to Yaooan nervously.

“If I was a pro at getting in trouble, then I would not be getting caught.” Yaooan said to him as she then continued to walk home.

“Oh, that’s a good point. I should have thought about it a bit longer.” Student 1145 said as he followed behind Yaooan hesitantly. “So, what did you think of the game? Cool right?” He asked Yaooan.

“Yeah, it’s fun, but I did not appreciate you leaving me and Randiantsi behind earlier, that was very uncool of you.” Yaooan said stopping and pointing at Student 1145.

“I’ve been playing for like a week, and those guys were like bosses, when they offered to teach me the ropes I couldn’t say no, especially since I’ve just met you.” Student 1145 said before Yaooan lifted her finger with a bit more anger.

Well if you barely know me is a good enough reason to leave me whenever something seems advantageous, then I don’t really need people like you in game or in real life.” Yaooan said to Student 1145 turning back around away from him and quickening her pace.

“Wait, that’s not what I meant!” Student 1145 said, attempting to follow behind her.

“Don’t follow me!” Yaooan yelled back at him, she continued to walk home without looking back at him.

“Oh… okay…” Student 1145 said, as he turned around to see if Yaooan would ever look back.

Yaooan picked up a drink from her corner market, and a bag of finger snacks. She headed up into her room. Yaooan threw off her shoes and watched videos in her living room.

The videos were about another explosion in Marian South. It focused on how the citizens of Marian South were distrustful of their Democratic Government. The talking heads were speculating on a soon overthrow of the country, and their desire to return to being under the Leadership of the Royal Family and the Queen of Marian North.

Yaooan turned off the video. She never enjoyed news like that. It seems like the war never ends. That video brought back terrible memories, she then proceeded to throw her snacks into the fridge with her other half eaten bags, and got up to wash her body.

“I wish this world would stop being so selfish.” Yaooan thought to herself as she angrily looked in the mirror. “Damn, I hate reality so much. I feel so powerless!” Yaooan spit out her teeth cleaning liquid and continued into her shower where she then cried.

After her shower she felt a bit better and laid in her bed where she put on her device and began to play Rutanu. “I need to get away, just for a little bit, better than my dreams.” Yaooan thought to herself as she logged in.

Yaooan saw that Rider had filled her messages with apologies and gifts. “I only care about your actions, I don’t need gifts.” Yaooan said reading the messages and storing the gifts in a case.

“I’m back on Randiantsi if you are on.” Yaooan messahed. Randiantsi then immediately responded.

“Wow, were you not able to sleep? I’ll be on shortly, I just have to make sure my mom doesn’t hear me playing.” Randiantsi responded with excited annotations.

“Cool!” Yaooan replied. Though the word ‘Mom’ really made Yaooan feel a certain way. Yaooan went to the Fields and just wanted to release some steam on some Serephs. She knew that opening her hand would release a giant burst so how about if she just pointed with one finger. 

Doing this caused a laser like beam to shoot from her hand slicing where she aimed. “Well that’s cool. I think I can control that.” Yaooan thought to herself as she continued to try and make it more precise.

Randiantsi came up behind Yaooan to surprise her. Yaooan was startled and shot a laser beam at Randiantsi. But she had her Shield up, so her Shield took the damage.

“Cool looks like you got some control of your skill!” Randiantsi then gave Yaooan some items. “I cleared the Second and Third quest for you, let’s turn these in and get to the real battles.” Randiantsi said showing joy to Yaooan.

“Yea, sure, I’m dying to get into some real battles.” Yaooan said heading to the NPC. “Here you are, all the items you need for the second quest.” Yaooan handed over the items.

“You are indeed correct, you have gotten everything. So here is your third quest.” The NPC said to Yaooan. 

“Well looks like you are done with this one, now here is a map since I trust that you can take care of yourself. If you ever are lost, come back here and I’ll give you a hint. See you soon!” The NPC then went back into his hut.

“Nice, so I saw this cool cave just to the east, we really need to go in there. I think it might have some cool loot!” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“Oh that reminds me, her is some cool loot for you.” Yaooan handed the case of Items that Knight Rider gave her. 

“Oh wow, where did you get these from, some of these are epic rarity.” Randiantsi looked at the clothing.

“I got it from that guy from earlier today, you know Knight Rider, the one that left us to hang out with XRaider or whatever his name was.” Yaooan said looking at her map.

“Oh does he have a crush on you or something?” Randiantsi said as she was looking through the items.

“I don’t know and I don’t care. He can’t win me over with some gifts.” Yaooan said still looking at the map.

Randiantsi then drank some of the EXP boost drink in the case. “I wish I received gifts, that would be so cool.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, joking with her.

“You did receive a gift, I gave these to you haha.” Yaooan responded no longer looking at the map.

“Psshh you know what I mean.” Randiantsi said closing the case. They both laughed as they prepared for their next journey into the caves.

Angel Misery 2: Episode One

New Dorms and Roommates

Maria’s latest Birthday party was held at a skating rink. Her invited guests were Leanne, Angel, and of course her family which organized it. Now they were gathered around to see Maria unwrap her gifts.

“Oh wow, these are some big boxes this year!” Maria said, looking at the three large boxes in front of her. There was one wrapped with red wrapping paper and had golden Chinese characters on it.

“You should probably open grandma’s and grandpa’s presents first.” Allison said to Maria.

Maria looked back at her. “I was going to do that anyway.” Maria said to Allison, grabbing the gift.

Leanna got closer to see what was in the box.

Maria started pulling items out of it. She first pulled out an advanced graphing calculator, then she pulled out a backpack that was filled with rulers, erasers, calligraphy pens, fine paper and other stationary items. Then at the bottom of the box was a red bracelet with gold bells on it. There was a note attached to it.

“Congratulations Ma Rui, we heard the news about you getting into the Top School in the World. We are proud of you! Happy Birthday Sweetie!” The note read.

“Oh, so all of this is for school.” Maria looked at the items feeling a bit disappointed.

Maria’s dad took a picture of Maria as she was looking at the gifts. He looked at the picture he took and Maria looked annoyed.

“Come on Sport. This is going to your grandparents, give them a big smile!” Maria’s dad said as he went to take another picture.

Maria looked at the camera and gave a fake smile.

Maria’s dad looked at the image again. “I guess that’s good enough.” He said, as he then went to take more pictures.

Leanne then pushed her present closer to Maria. “Open mine next!” Leanne said to Maria.

Maria grabbed Leanne’s box and inside was an MP3 player. And it had a ton of songs programmed into it that Leanne liked to listen to.

“Oh wow! You took all that time to put music on this!?” Maria asked Leanne.

“Yep! Now when you go to your new school you will have a mixtape that can keep you company. Oh and a few of my personal songs are on there… you could delete those if you find them annoying.” Leanne said to Maria.

“Guess I will have to listen to it first.” Maria joked with Leanne. “I’m just kidding.” Maria laughed.

And now the final large gift on the table. It was the box that was marked from Angel.

Aiden stood close to the table as Maria’s dad wanted him to do as Maria opened his gift.

Inside was a personal drone with a camera attached to it and a miniature screen. Leanne got close to the box too, wondering what it was.

Maria lifted it up.

“Cool! It’s like a mini helicopter!” Maria said looking at the gift.

Leanne grabbed the controller from the box. “Look Maria, you can control it with this!” Leanne said to Maria showing off the remote.

Maria grabbed the remote and tried to get it to move. But nothing was happening.

“You need to turn on both the drone and the remote for it to start.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria flipped over the drone and found the on switch. She then powered up the drone. It made a loud buzzing sound as it was the propellers were getting up to speed.

The skating rink people looked over at the table to see what was happening.

The drone then went into the air. Maria’s dad took pictures of it since it was the first time anyone has seen a drone.

As the drone was moving around hectically the party members ducked for their safety.

Maria started laughing as she started targeting Allison with the drone.

Before it could hit Allison, Maria’s dad grabbed it.

“Okay Champ, that’s enough fun with that. You can play with it more later.” Maria’s dad smiled, feeling a bit exhausted.

Maria hugged both Leanne and Aiden, who was Angel at the time, for their gifts.

The family then sang Happy Birthday and Maria stood in front of her candles.

She closed her eyes. “I wish, that this year is even more eventful than last!” Maria thought to herself as she blew out her candles.

Everyone cheered and celebrated Maria’s Birthday.

A few weeks have passed since then. Maria, and Aiden received letters of confirmed pickup for their requested departure date and had prepared for their trip to Pasadena, California, for their new Dorms.

Maria waited in front of her home as her family stood in front of the house seeing Maria off. 

A bus came and it was a fancy, black coloured box with tinted windows. It had a place underneath for your luggage. Inside there was a bathroom, and TVs attached to the seats.

Maria started walking to the bus dragging her luggage behind her. The Bus driver assisted with putting the items underneath.

Maria then looked back at her family. They were waving to her. Maria started to feel emotional, but didn’t want to show them her tears, so she smiled and waved one more time before getting on the bus quickly.

“Bye Bye Sweetie! Hope you have a great time!” Maria’s mom said.

“Way to go Sport! You are going to do great, show them what the Li family can do!” Maria’s dad yelled out.

“Bye Maria! Bring back something cool!” Allison said as the bus started leaving.

Maria watched as she was getting further and further from her house. She sat back on her seat in the empty bus.

She exhaled, and turned on the TV in front of her.

The Bus then picked up Silvia next.

Silvia’s family waved Goodbye to her, and Charles helped put Silvia’s luggage under the bus with the driver. Silvia didn’t get as emotional as Maria did, but it was obvious that she was trying to remain composed.

Silvia got on the bus and said Maria. She looked around for Aiden.

“Is Aiden in the bathroom, or hasn’t been picked up yet?” Silvia asked Maria.

Maria was focused on the Movie. “He hasn’t been picked up yet. So you don’t have to keep looking.” Maria responded to Silvia.

Silvia sat in her seat and took out a book to read.

Maria looked over. “You know you can use these screens to watch a movie. You will get to read books when we get to the school.” Maria said to Silvia, showing her the screen.

“Obviously I know that, but unlike you, I actually find reading books entertaining.” Silvia responded.

“Okay.” Maria said, nearly mocking Silvia. Maria went back to watching her movie.

The bus then went to Aiden’s house. Aiden didn’t bring any luggage, and there was no one to say goodbye to him when he left.

Aiden simply got on the bus and sat next to Maria.

“Finally they picked you up!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Yes, I suppose because I live the furthest away from the metropolitan area.

“Hello Angeal!” Silvia said standing up to talk to Aiden.

“Hello Silvia.” Aiden responded.

Silvia sat down next in the seat across the aisle from Aiden. Maria looked over at Silvia with a grimace.

“Hey Angeal, we should switch seats. I have already got to look out the window enough.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Oh, sure.” Aiden responded.

“Wait, if you want to look out the windows you can just go to another seat. That way Maria doesn’t have to give up hers.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“That is indeed correct as well.” Aiden responded.

“But you are already here, so no reason to do all of that.” Maria said, hopping over Aiden’s legs and sitting on his lap to make him scoot over.

Aiden then went to the window seat. Maria then looked at Silvia and laughed.

Silvia brought her book back up to her face and continued to read. “So annoying.” Silvia thought to herself.

The bus ride took a few hours. The group approached a large greenery covered campus. It had a large white building in the center and several spots for airplanes and helicopters to land. The school was surrounded by a large gate and outside of the gates were several mansions.

Maria got on Aiden to look out the window at the sight.

“Wow! This is awesome!” Maria said, looking at all the gadgets that were being tested by the upperclassmen.

“This school must have quite the budget.” Aiden said, looking at all the state of the art equipment on campus. Several of the students around were as tall if not taller than Aiden. He no longer seemed out of place.

The bus then stopped in front of a modern dorm. 

Then a school administrator got on the bus.

“Welcome to The International Innovators and Developers High School for Global Leaders’ Campus, or as we say here, Indiglobe. I will be your guide Sherry Alimos.” Sherry said with excitement.

Maria got excited seeing Sherry introduce them to the area.

“Now we should have Maria Li, Silvia Reiners and Angeal Heavens, correct?” Sherry asked.

“That’s right!” Maria responded.

“That’s great to hear. Okay, let’s get you all off of this cramped bus and into the sunlight!” Sherry said getting off of the bus. Maria, Silvia and Aiden followed behind.

There were a few other students who were already waiting. Some turned to look at the group.

Some groups had already begun to form. A group was knee deep in a discussion about what could be the source of mass for elementary particles, while others talked about the use of Stem Cells for the growth of Human Organs.

Aiden, Maria and Silvia just stood watching.

“Hey hey! My name is Ventus! What are your names?” Ventus, a tall student with relatively wild hair, and dark eyes asked the group.

Maria turned around to look at him. She then looked up. “Wow, you are tall. Are you the same age as us?” Maria asked Ventus.

“I was born on June 10th. So I just turned 12.” Ventus said to the group.

“Wow, so you are almost 2 years younger than me!” Maria responded. “Well, my name is Maria. I am the General, and this is my Loyal Corporal Angeal.” Maria said, introducing herself and Aiden.

“Cool, so you’re already a General?! That’s impressive. It usually takes people several decades to get to that rank. Which branch of service are you in?” Ventus asked.

“She’s lying, she’s not a General. Even you could tell that, right?” Silvia said to Ventus.

“I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, after all, look at the school you are in.” Ventus said to Silvia. “So what’s your name?” Ventus asked Silvia.

“My name is Silvia Reiners.” Silvia responded.

“Silvia? Oh that’s cool. Your name is forest in Latin, mine is the wind. So maybe that means we are a good match friendship wise.” Ventus said to Silvia.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Silvia responded.

“I am a General!” Maria said to Silvia.

“Are you really still on about that?” Silvia said to Maria.

Ventus then started talking to Aiden. “Seems like you got your hands full.” Ventus joked with Aiden.

“I hardly notice.” Aiden responded.

Ventus then looked in Aiden’s eyes. Ventus then gained a small smirk on his face. “I’m sure you don’t, everything probably comes easy to you eh?” Ventus said to Aiden, as he hit him on his shoulder as if they were friends.

Aiden looked at where Ventus touched and seemed to have gotten slightly annoyed.

“Okay everyone, follow me, as I give you a tour of campus!” Sherry said as the freshmen got up and followed her.

Maria, Aiden and Silvia all walked together as they looked around at the campus.

“Can you believe it Aiden, we are actually here!” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“Yes, who would have thought that you went from having nearly a failing GPA to this.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“Hey! I wasn’t that bad!” Maria said, punching Aiden’s arm.

“Are you usually left out of conversations?” Ventus asked Silvia.

Silvia looked up at Ventus then turned away. “I choose not to participate in most of their conversations.” Silvia responded.

“I understand that. But you know, it’s nice to have something familiar when you are exploring a new area.” Ventus said to Silvia.

“Then where are your friends? Do you not have any?” Silvia said to Ventus with a rather hostile tone. But Ventus ignored how it came off.

“I came here alone, I introduced myself to everyone here. They seem to take to me well. But I don’t want to disturb people already in conversations.” Ventus said to Silvia walking next to her.

“Then could you not disturb me either, thanks.” Silvia said to Ventus. Ventus then tilted his head as if he was wearing a hat. 

“Sure thing, I won’t bother you.” Ventus then moved away from Silvia with a disappointed look on his face.

Maria looked back and saw Ventus’ face. “Hey Aiden, what do you think of that Ventus guy?” Maria asked him.

“He’s young, and very excited. Could be at times annoying.” Aiden responded.

“You found him annoying? That’s like the first time I heard you describe someone like that!” Maria was surprised that Aiden actually had an opinion about someone.

“I’m not quite sure, I just know I’d rather not spend too much time with him.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, okay. Then I guess I won’t offer him the rank of a Private then.” Maria said to Aiden.

They all continued to walk and be shown around.

Sherry brought everyone back to the dorms.”Okay, all of your items have been taken up to your new rooms! And you can find out where those are and your roommates on the panel over there!” Sherry pointed to a glass covered box by the elevators.

“I already had a place picked out, I don’t need a dorm room.” A student by the name of Richard said to Sherry.

“All Freshmen have to live in the dorms. Once you become upperclassmen then you can live off campus.” Sherry responded.

“I’ll just have to get my dad to say something about that then.” Richard said, taking out his cell phone.

Maria went over to the list of roommates.

“Maria Li and Silvia Reiners, Room 808.” The line said.

Maria then went to Sherry. “Can I change my roommate? I already decided that I wanted to stay with Angeal Heavens.” Maria asked Sherry.

“Girls and Boys cannot stay in the same dorm room. That’s not to say you can’t visit, you just can’t sleep in the same rooms.” Sherry responded. “And no, you can’t change your roommates. You will get to do that your sophomore year.” 

Maria rolled her eyes. “Out of everyone here, it had to be Silvia.” Maria complained.

“I’m not excited about that either.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Really Father! You can’t let them do that!” Richard said loudly on the phone. He then hung up.

“Well?” Sherry asked.

“I am protesting!” Richard said, crossing his arms. “Who is with me!?” Richard yelled out.

The other students just looked at him. Ventus then touched Richard on the shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s just for one year.” Ventus said. Richard then calmed down.

Richard exhaled. “I guess it is only a year. Let me check who I’m rooming with.” Richard said, going to the box.

The other students were impressed with Ventus. “Thanks, Ventus Marcos, wasn’t it?” Sherry asked.

“Yes it is!” Ventus smiled.

Aiden looked at the panel. “Angeal Heavens and Ventus Marcos, Room 888.” The panel said.

Aiden looked over at Ventus. Ventus noticed Aiden looking at him and waved. Then he gave Aiden a thumbs up. Aiden seemed annoyed.

“Seems like both of us got people we didn’t want.” Maria said to Aiden.

Ventus walked over to the two. “So what’s the name Aiden supposed to be, is that a nickname? Can I call you Aiden?” Ventus said to them.

“How’d you know I call him that?” Maria asked Ventus.

“I heard you saying it when we were taking the tour around campus. At first I was confused because I thought your name was Angeal, but then I assumed it was a nickname.” Ventus smiled at them.

“Well don’t call me that.” Aiden said to Ventus.

Maria was shocked once again. “Aiden, why are you acting like this?” Maria asked with confusion. “Do you really not want him to use that name?” Maria added.

“Of course not.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, then I’ll just call you Angeal. I’ll see you up in our room.” Ventus said walking away and to the elevators.

“Now that he is gone, you can make him forget your name.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then looked over at Ventus and went to erase that memory. Aiden then looked down back at Maria.

“Okay, it’s done.” Aiden responded.

Ventus looked back and smirked at Aiden. Then he went into the elevator.

“Okay! Let’s go check out our rooms!” Maria said to Aiden as she rushed over.

Maria and Aiden entered room 808, where Silvia began to unpack her stuff.

“Hey! I wanted the left side!” Maria yelled out.

“Too bad, you came too slow. So it’s mine.” Silvia responded, continuing to take her stuff out.

Maria then threw her stuff out of her bag and onto the floor. It spread everywhere in the room. 

“What are you doing?” Silvia asked Maria. Some of Maria’s items landed on Silvia’s side of the room.

“What do you think I’m doing, I’m unpacking!” Maria responded, taking out more items. “Corporal, assist me with this.” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden walked over and began to fold Maria’s clothes.

“We aren’t in middle school anymore, you can’t just make him do everything for you. This is a fresh start.

“As you can see, Angeal has no problems with it. So you stay on your side with your books, and I’ll stay on my side with Angeal.” Maria said to Silvia.

Silvia, annoyed, took her favourite books out of her bag and placed them on the shelves. She then started playing classical music as she was unpacking.

“Nope! None of that.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I’m on my side of the room. So what’s your problem?” Silvia asked Maria.

“My problem is that your noise is leaking to my side of the room!” Maria responded.

“It’s not noise, it’s music. But I’m not surprised that you don’t recognize it.” Silvia said to Maria as she continued to put things away.

There was a knock on their door.

“Yeah?” Maria called out.

“A group of us are going to eat at the dining hall, I wanted to see if you guys wanted to come?” Ventus asked at the door.

“Nah, I’m good.” Maria responded.

“And what about you?” Ventus asked Silvia.

Silvia looked over at Maria and Aiden. “I’m okay, I have a lot to unpack.” Silvia responded to Ventus.

“Okay, well if you change your mind, that’s where we will be.” Ventus said, closing their door.

“”Are you staying here on purpose just so I can’t claim stuff?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Exactly, I knew that’s what you were thinking. I can skip a meal or two just to make sure you don’t get your way.” Silvia responded to Maria.

Aiden had finished putting away Maria’s clothes and started on making her bed.

Later on that night.

“It’s getting late, Angeal. You should probably return to your room.” Silvia said to Aiden. Silvia was on her bed reading a book. She wanted to take a shower but didn’t want Aiden there to see her change.

“It’s not that late. We just need one more round of cards.” Maria said playing mother may I with Aiden.

“I want to get changed. I can’t if he is in the room.” Silvia said to Maria.

“What? Is there something wrong with your body?” Maria asked.

“He is a guy, guys aren’t supposed to be with girls as they change!” Silvia said to Maria, scolding her.

Maria looked up at Aiden.

“Oh, it never bothered me.” Maria responded.

Aiden then got up. “I’ll just go. It’s obvious she would be uncomfortable.” Aiden said, going to the door.

Maria then pointed at Aiden. “Okay Corporal. Get up bright and Early. We have surveying to do!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Aye Aye.” Aiden responded by shutting the door. Aiden walked down the hall to the male side of the building.

He stood in front of room 888 and entered.

Ventus was sitting on his bed looking up at the ceiling. Aiden walked in and just went over to his side.

Their room was devoid of any decoration. Both Ventus and Aiden brought nothing with them to the school.

Aiden sat on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

They both were silent for a long time just looking up.

“What are you looking at?” Aiden asked.

“It would seem weird if I told you.” Ventus responded, but in a more melancholic mood.

“I doubt it would be something I don’t know about.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Eh, it probably is. But I’m done.” Ventus said, turning his attention at Aiden. He then put on his smile.

Aiden then looked over at Ventus.

“Seems like we somehow became roommates, pretty lucky eh?” Ventus smiled talking to Aiden.

“If this is considered Lucky, then I’d rather rely on ability.” Aiden responded.

“You must be very confident in your abilities, yeah? Considering you did get into this school and all.” Ventus asked Aiden.

“It wasn’t difficult.” Aiden responded, turning away from Ventus.

“So what did you do to get noticed?” Ventus asked Aiden.

“I made a high capacity storage harddrive that can store more than a terabyte of data.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Wow, over a terabyte. That’s impressive. That type of thing doesn’t start getting mass produced until around 2015.” Ventus responded.

Aiden was confused. “Is that a guess?” Aiden asked Ventus.

“Eh, who knows.” Ventus responded. Ventus then went to change the subject. “I think I know something that you don’t know I know.” Ventus said joking with Aiden.

“And what could that be?” Aiden asked Ventus.

“Well if I told you then you would know that I know.” Ventus joked again. “That’s a pretty fun friend group you have there. You seem to be the only one who actually has the capacity to survive here.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“What makes you say that?” Aiden asked.

“That’s a secret of mine.” Ventus smiled. “But I don’t want any of you guys leaving, so I am going to help out as much as I can.” Ventus said to Aiden. He sent out his hand for Aiden to agree.

“That’s not needed.” Aiden responded.

“Wow, you are really confident.” Ventus said, taking back his hand.

“Well, I can do anything.” Aiden said to Ventus in a serious manner.

Ventus then laid down on his bed. Then he turned around to go to sleep. “Well not anything.” Ventus placed the covers over his body. “Eh, Aiden.” Ventus said dozing off.

Aiden looked over at Ventus, wondering how he still knew his name.

Aiden stayed away as he usually did.

The next day came bright and early. Aiden left the room to meet up with Maria.

Some of the other students had gotten up for an early morning jog.

“Wow, these kids sure are motivated.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What would we expect, this is the top school in the world afterall.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So, how did it feel sleeping away from me? Were you crying of loneliness?” Maria laughed joking with Aiden.

 “Not in the slightest.” Aiden responded.

“How was your roommate? Was he surprised that you never went to sleep?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It didn’t seem like he cared. He went to sleep rather quickly.” Aiden said to Maria. Maria nodded her head.

“Does he have anything weird in the room?” Maria asked Aiden, curious to see what other people’s rooms were like.

“Ventus didn’t bring anything with him here. So our room is empty.” Aiden explained to Maria.

“Empty? He did the same thing you did? How does he have fun? He seems like such an entertaining person, it’s hard to think that he doesn’t have anything.” Maria noticed that the campus had an artificial river running through it.

“When I entered he was just looking at the ceiling, there was nothing there.” Aiden told Maria.

“Maybe he was gazing into another world, ha!” Maria laughed, making fun of the fact that Aiden couldn’t see what he saw.

“I doubt that.”  Aiden responded.

“Are you curious to know what he is doing now? He could be on your side of the room just smelling it or something.” Maria tried to creep Aiden out.

“No, I’m not curious.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, it’s a new person. You aren’t even a little curious?” Maria tried to get Aiden to budge.

“It seems like you want to know, so I can check for you.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Yeah, do recon!” Maria excitedly said. Aiden then went invisible and flew to the room.

Ventus was sitting on his bed. He was looking at the wall. Ventus then turned towards the window quickly. He looked at where Aiden was and squinted his eyes.

Aiden was confident that Ventus couldn’t see him. Ventus continued to look at the window until Aiden left.

Aiden came back to Maria.

“Well?” Maria asked.

“He was just sitting, staring at the wall, then he started staring out the window.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh! So he saw you?” Maria asked.

“Of course not.” Aiden responded.

“I don’t know. It seems like he did.” Maria joked.

Aiden then thought to himself. Then he started talking to Maria. “Right before he went to sleep he mumbled my name.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s weird. Why would he do that?” Maria said feeling creeped out.

“I don’t mean that he mumbled ‘Angeal’, he mumbled ‘Aiden’.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria’s face was surprised. “Oh! Wow! I thought you cleared his memory.” Maria asked.

“I did clear it, he should not have known my name.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, he probably overheard us talking again, like he did last time.” Maria said to Aiden.

The two walked some more around campus. When they were returning a batch of students were at the front. Silvia was off to the side.

“Hey roomie! Do you want to jump in a game of kickball for a little exercise before breakfast!” Ventus asked Aiden.

“Kickball!? I haven’t played that in years!” Maria excitedly responded.

“Then come on and join, so far it’s 8 vs 8.” Ventus said to Maria.

“Then yeah, let me get in.” Maria said to Ventus. “Corporal, you are joining too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That makes 9 vs 9. I think we can start.” A student named Keith said as the group started walking. Silvia followed behind.

“You’re actually going to play?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Ventus caught me as I was looking for you guys. He said that you would join the game, so I decided to just wait.” Silvia responded.

“Ah, so you just wanted to hang out with us. Looks like you can’t get us out of your head!” Maria laughed at Silvia.

“You’re so annoying.” Silvia responded.

The group approached the field and it looked like it was being used by a group of sophomores.

“Darn it, it seems like we were a little too late.” Keith said kicking the dirt.

“So what now? Do we just want to search for another field?” Joyce asked the group.

Maria then looked up at Aiden. “Get them off of the field, Aiden.” Maria said.

“I suppose I can just cause some water to soak them then they would leave the field.” Aiden responded.

“Sure, do that.” Maria responded.

Ventus had already begun walking back. “It’s no problem. They agreed to go ahead and eat breakfast and then have the field after us for the rest of the day.” Ventus said to the group.

“Cool, looks like we are still good to go!” Keith said, running out to the field.

The sophomores left the field, and the freshmen went on.

“How’d he do that?” Maria asked.

“He might just be exceptionally good at Politics. I didn’t ask him yesterday.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Okay, let’s pick the team leaders. How about the two tallest guys in class!?” Keith asked the group.

The freshmen looked around and agreed that would be the most fair method to select, since no one knows each other’s physical abilities yet.

So Aiden and Ventus stepped forward to the front.

Keith had a coin in his hand he was going to flip. “Okay, call it in the air Angeal.” Keith said as he flipped the coin.

The coin was in the air and Aiden calculated what it was going to land on.

“Heads.” Aiden said.

A subtle wind then came and blew the coin off its rotation. Now it was going to land on tails. The coin landed on the ground with tails.

“So that means Ventus can decide to pick first or second.” Keith gestured to Ventus.

“I’ll pick first.” Ventus grinned at Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden responded.

Ventus looked at everyone in the freshmen class.

“Aiden is going to select Maria first, maybe I should select her just to take away that option.” Ventus thought to himself.

Ventus then clamped his hands together. “I pick Maria Li.” Ventus said, pointing at Maria.

Maria lifted up both of her hands to decline. “Oh, I wanted to be on Angeal’s team.” Maria responded to Ventus.

“Surely one game on different teams isn’t going to put too much of a strain on your rock solid relationship, don’t you think?” Ventus asked Maria.

“There’s nothing Ventus can say that would get Maria to go to his team.” Aiden thought to himself.

“That’s true, but…” Maria was responding before Ventus interjected.

“If you really don’t want to join my team then I can select anyone else, just wanted to give you this opportunity to see what you are all about, General.” Ventus said to Maria.

Maria then smirked. “You’re right. A General should demonstrate their capabilities even without their subordinates.” Maria said with a giant grin on her face looking at Aiden.

Aiden watched Maria go to Ventus’ side. “He’s good.” Aiden thought to himself. “However, he is still Human, so this game is already a win for my side.” Aiden thought as he looked at the others he could choose from.

Aiden calculated the strength of the remaining players and selected them accordingly. Ventus selected seemingly at random.

Aiden’s team consisted of: Jerry Terrell, John Lynn, Zofia Johns, David Shannon, Antonio Moore, Paul Nettleton, Joyce Smith, Gary Khan, and himself.

Ventus’ team consisted of: Luetta Todd, Tammy Crabtree, Keith Johnson, Steve Martinez, Steven Milligan, Joanne Coyce, Maria Li, Silvia Reiner, and himself.

“That looks good. Since I got to pick first, you guys get to kick first. Good luck.” Ventus said to Aiden.

Aiden then went to the in field.

Ventus’ Team huddled together to discuss a game plan.

“They have Angeal on their team, so he is going to be their best player. We just needs to make sure we focus on him.” Maria said to Ventus.

“I agree, we all went to the same middle school. Angeal is physically impressive.” Silvia added.

“That’s good to know. If that’s the case then when he’s up I will get closer to the plate.” Ventus said to the group.

“How’s that going to work?” Maria asked.

“Trust me, it will.” Ventus smiled.

“I think you might be underestimating Angeal.” Maria responded.

“I would never underestimate anyone.” Ventus said. “As for the line up. Luetta, as an aspiring Mechanic I would like you to be our first pitcher.” Luette nodded her head. Ventus looked over at Tammy. “Tammy the politician, you can be a shortstop. That’ll require quick and calculated decision making in uncertain situations. That’s perfect for you.” Ventus said to her.

Ventus placed his team out this way for the rest of them. Maria was placed in the outfield due to her fast acceleration and stamina. And Silvia was placed on second base, a location that usually would be run past quickly, but when the bases are loaded is a vital point to prevent scores.

Aiden allowed his team to step up to the plate whenever they were comfortable.

Luetta had the bright red ball in her hand. She set up to begin to roll it. Gary Khan was the first one to kick.

Luetta rolled the ball and Gary Khan missed the first kick. “That’s strike one.” Luetta said, taunting Gary.

“I’m just rusty.” Gary responded.

Luetta then rolled the ball again. And again Gary missed. “That’s strike two!” Luetta called out. Gary then started to get frustrated.

“Come on, just calculate where it’s going to be.” Gary thought to himself.

“Now he should be the most concentrated on trying to kick the ball. So if I make it bouncy then he won’t notice it and kick it at its earliest point, which would send the ball high into the air, allowing plenty of time for someone in the outfield to get under and grab it.” Luetta thought to herself holding the ball.

Luetta then rolled the ball with a lot of bounce.

Gary did not stop the ball and ask for a reroll, he instead kicked it as hard as he could as predicted. The ball went high into the air and Gary began to run to first.

Keith slowly went underneath the ball and caught it. “He’s out!” Keith called out.

Gary got off first and walked back to the infield.

Aiden’s team were able to kick two grounders, loading up first and second base. Now Aiden, who set himself as fourth, was up to kick.

“I’ll just send it near the foul line, nothing too impressive, but enough to get second base to score.” Aiden thought to himself.

Ventus got up close to Aiden, barely five meters from him.

“Well, now launching it high isn’t going to be an option. He will catch it before it even gets out of height range. So I better go for a grounder… though he is close enough to just pick it up and tag me out, then could throw the ball at second and get them out.” Aiden was thinking to himself.

Ventus stared down Aiden. “So roomie, what is going to be your next move?” Ventus asked.

“You do know if I kick it hard you could get hurt.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“You are confident in your abilities, aren’t you?” Ventus smirked at Aiden.

Luetta rolled the ball at Aiden. Aiden decided to kick it as hard as he could without bursting the ball. This way it may move past Ventus before he notices.

Aiden kicked the ball and it was a direct hit. The ball was sent forward at incredible speed. 

“Wow, that’s fast.” Ventus thought to himself seeing Aiden kick the ball. But he placed himself in the direct path and let the ball hit his chest. The ball popped into the air and Silvia ran forward to catch it.

Silvia caught the ball and Aiden was out.

She looked at Aiden confused. “I guess that’s three outs.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Seems that it is.” Aiden smirked. This was an expression that Silvia did not recognize from Aiden.

Ventus got up with a big red mark on his chest. “Okay Team, now it’s our turn!” The teams switched sides.

“That was a good kick.” Ventus gave Aiden a thumbs up. 

“Wow Aiden! How did you get out!? It’s like he knew exactly what you were going to do.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You’re right. And that’s not the first time it seemed like that.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The Freshmen continued to play their games. Maria got to kick the ball a few times and run through the bases cheering when she crossed home.

Silvia despite her minimal physical skill was able to score, and get the feeling of a successful sporting event.

Each time Aiden or Ventus were up to kick the other would meet them head on to prevent any scoring or play making.

“Score’s 8 to 9 Angeal, if I can get this kick pass you seem like we will win.” Ventus said to Aiden.

“Well that’s unfortunate for you because I am going to catch the ball and that will be 3 outs and the end of the game.” Aiden responded to Ventus.

“That’s not what I see.” Ventus responded again with a smirk.

David Shannon rolled the ball. Aiden watched closely to analyze where Ventus’ foot made contact with the ball.

The ball rolled towards Ventus and Ventus stepped directly down on the ball stopping it completely at home. Then he started running.

This caught Aiden by surprise because the ball didn’t go anywhere. Aiden quickly grabbed the ball and threw it over to first, but by then Ventus had already made his way there. And because the ball was no longer at home, the person on third started running. The person with the ball on first threw the ball to David. David caught and ran to tag out third, but they already crossed.

“Go, go!” Ventus yelled out to Maria who was on second base. She ran to third. David threw the ball over to second base to tag Maria, but she kept on running. Gary threw the ball at Maria, but Maria tripped and the ball went over her head. She got up and continued to run.

Ventus continued to run past second as Aiden’s team were scrabbling to decide who to tag out.

“Throw me the ball.” Aiden said to Antonio. Antonio threw Aiden the ball and Aiden ran after Ventus. Aiden started catching up to Ventus.

Aiden threw the ball quickly at Ventus before he could reach third, knocking him out.

“Got you. That’s three.” Aiden said to Ventus.

“Yeah, seems like you did, but Maria already crossed home.” Ventus smirked. Aiden looked over at the infield. The team was cheering.

“So the score is 10 to 9, We win.” Ventus said getting up from the ground.

“Seems that you did.” Aiden responded.

Maria ran at Aiden. “You see that! I made the final score and won the game despite you being on the other team, Angeal!” Maria said to Aiden.

“You sure did, good job.” Aiden responded.

“That was a great game everyone, let’s go and get some breakfast!” Ventus said to the freshmen.

They all dusted themselves off to go to the meal hall.

Maria, Silvia and Aiden decided that they were going to participate with the group for breakfast.

Ventus walked past Aiden. “So Aiden, how’d you like that?” Ventus quietly said to Aiden.

Aiden watched as Ventus walked past him. He analyzed Ventus to see if he noticed anything. “How does he know?” Aiden thought to himself.

The Freshmen class enjoyed themselves before it was time for classes to begin. They introduced themselves to everyone around and were able to learn about each other’s hobbies.

Aiden for the first time ever was left confused on who the person was that continues to annoy Aiden at every opportunity. What does he know that Aiden doesn’t know he knows?