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  • Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Six

    “Ultimate Recourse” The Scientists of Spark looked at the Data they were receiving from the Light Shard. Muiku’s indicators just had an enormous spike. Ventusr explained the events that were happening to Muiku. “Muiku, had just lost everything and is now living their life fully independent of all of their caretakers. So we can say…

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  • Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Six

    “Earned Status” Beruta stood in front of Anki. They guarded their dummy, keeping their eyes trapped on Beruta. Beruta’s hand was ready to tense up so that the weapon would shoot. She had her eyes locked on Anki as well. Beruta shoot 3 times at the dummy and Anki lifted it up and moved it…

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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Six

    Chapter 6 “If Life was a Game” Zofia walked around the Freshman dorms with what looked to be a board game in her hands. She made her way to the Resting area and placed it on a long rectangular table. She found some seats and moved them to the place where she set up the…

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Six

    It’s too hot, Aiden! Maria was lying in the artificial pond in the park. The sun beamed straight down at her. Aiden was standing above her, shading her body. “Why is it so hot today!?” Maria complained as the heat waves could be visibly seen on the horizon. “I can only guess it’s because of…

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