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Category: Chapter Three

  • Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Three

    Growth of the Team Randiantsi and Yaooan landed at the base of the mountain. The air around it gave an effect that slowly decreased the life of the people around. Luckily both of them had enough health where it would take at least an hour for this to become worrisome. “Hot, hot! Wow, this place […]


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  • Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Three

    “Tests and Tests some more” “Don’t do anything! We are going to wait till my supervisor comes.” The invader said to Beruta. “Sure, we can do that.” Beruta responded to them. “Help me, I don’t want to die.” Yume cried. “Don’t worry Yume. You will be okay.” Beruta said, trying to reassure her. “I said […]

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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Three

    Homecoming The first month of freshman year had passed and it was now the time for homecoming and class elections. The forerunners for class president were Zofia Johns, Tammy Crabtree, and Ventus Marcos. For treasurer were Gary Khan and Rebecca Burns. And for Public Relations were Maria Li, Johnnie O’Conner and Joyce Smith. The overall […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Three

    “Final Exams already?!” Maria was stressing out in her room pacing back and forth. She was mumbling to herself. “Ah, it’s Friday Maria, don’t you usually want to travel to a different state or something?” Aiden asked Maria. “Oh yea, because the Finals are so easy aren’t they?” Maria said sarcastically to Aiden. “Yes, they […]

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