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Category: Chapter Two

  • Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Two

    Tribulations and Destiny The Young Warrior stood inside the Private Chambers of The Duke. He had his Dagger-axe pointed at the head of Duke Wu Teng. Li Mai laid bloodied and nude on the bed at the end of the room with Wu Teng still on top of her. “You can’t possibly be serious. You […]


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  • Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Two

    Chapter Two Train me up! Beruta and Iota return to the restaurant and begin talking about their origins. “So tell me about yourself Iota, I have never seen anyone do what you were capable of doing. I mean, even our weapons weren’t doing what you did.” Beruta said to Iota. “Well you know, I just […]

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  • Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Two

    Yaooan and Randiantsi stood outside of the cave. It had a wide entrance that gave an ominous feeling. Even without being able to see a few meters inside, the sensation of the place was of intense danger. “I don’t think we should go any further…” Randiantsi said as they both looked into the dark abyss […]

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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Two

    Introduction of Geniuses Summer Vacation on Campus ended and every student prepared themselves for the first day of school. Maria packed up her backpack full of stationery items, Silvia followed behind Maria as they both went down the elevator to meet up with Aiden. “The break flew by quickly!” Maria said feeling unsatisfied with having […]

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  • Angel Misery- Chapter Two

    Sign up for School Aiden! Maria’s alarm clock rang but she was ignoring it. “What is the reason for this if she’s just going to ignore it?” Aiden thought to himself watching Maria remain asleep. “Aiden, can you turn that off for me? I’m so sleepy.” Maria said to Aiden. “What’s the point of having […]

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