Category: History

  • General World History [1000 N.Year Increments]

    General World History: Year 0:  Within the Cataran Zuiming Species (Which resemble Homo Sapiens of Southern Earth)  there was a mutation within the population along the Sea of Xi South of the Eastern Ocean Coastline. This Mutation allowed a new structure to develop within the brain to interpret information directly from the Photon receptors of […]

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  • Ethnicities by the Numbers

    Humans ought not to have their ethnic identities be tied to the countries that exist today. Human history stretches thousands of years, much before any of the established nations even existed, and due to this, deeming one’s culture and assumed history to the country they live in is misleading. Believing this will have you imagine […]

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  • An appeal to Create Continen

    Continen: A Nation that is centered around the value and importance of self identity and unifying history among those who are of Ancestry from separate continents. A.) A Mixed Person (or a person of mixed ancestry) **** A Person who has ancestry dating back to 2000 years ago which consist of individuals from two or […]

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