Chronicles of Joi: Chapter 1

The Princess and the Thief

The day was coming to an end over the Famous Konowan Buyer’s Market. During the two days out of the week when it is open, the place is a bustling metropolitan of commerce. 

While the area is a fine place to find products that you would need, because it is an unregulated area, allowing anyone to sell with or without a business license, the types of goods may not be completely obtained legally. One would just need to purchase a plot, and whatever they use it for is between them and the customer.

The city of Konowa, in the Country of Joi, had lost a great deal of its population after the end of the ‘Age of Immortality’, during a botched ritual to Summon their supposed Guardian Deity. The City soon was taken over by Violently Wealthy Businessmen who profited off the decimated populations’ remaining loot. 

The Province of Kow, where Konowa is situated, was later split in half following the Outsider Invasion. The Outsiders subjugated the Eastern Population resulting in all relics and items of Power being destroyed. The Western Population continued to fight, losing their numbers until intervention from the Demigods eliminated the outsiders. Now the City is in a constant state of Fighting between wealthy businessmen, leaving the poor to act as Soldiers for hire, or thieves.

Reqshal, a young man with the appearance of someone in their early 20s, relaxed on his platform converting the money he scammed from customers into usable currency. A group of 3 guys kicked the base of his platform trying to get his attention.

Reqshal didn’t look over at them. He was too busy counting. “Sorry, I’m closed for today, pal. Try and catch me next week if you want to buy some herbs.” Reqshal said to the three.

Sarrel, a much stronger looking man, reached into the bag he was holding and dumped the contents onto Reqshal’s stomach. Reqshal looked at the plants, which had come from the bag, realizing that these guys were customers who had already tested his product and were coming back to give their review. Sarrel grabbed Reqshal by the shirt and lifted him up.

“You think this is a game huh? Were you trying to kill my Nana by selling me Bull Shit!?” Sarrel angrily asked Reqshal.

Reqshal began to laugh nervously. “No way! Why would I do that!? I don’t even know your Nana. you see, what you threw on me was my Umaganess Herbs, what you were looking for was my Yutoi Herb, right? That’ll be like 190 Dollas.” Reqshal responded to Sarrel, testing to see if he could earn a little more from these guys.

Sarrel pressed Reqshal against the wall.

“I ain’t looking to buy crap from you!” Sarrel said to the pinned Reqshal. Saarrel gestured for the two other guys. “Take all of his shit.” Sarrel commanded them.

The two other guys started emptying out Reqshal’s belonging. All they were finding was just garbage and worthless items.

“Oh come on guys, you don’t need to do that. This was all a big misunderstanding.” Reqshal said, while still being pressed up against the wall. He obviously was not taking any of what was happening seriously.

“Nothing of his has any value! All he has is a bunch of crap!” Dou, one of the guys who came with Sarrel said.

“Hey! All my stuff is premium grade. You would know if you were medically trained like I am.” Reqshal responded.

Dou started checking Reqshal’s pockets.

Reqshal immediately kicked one of the poles holding his plot up causing it to begin to collapse. Reqshal attached a trigger to the pole where it would release a bolt of electricity along the ground, shocking anyone standing in his plot.

Sarrel, Dou and the other guy fell down unconscious as Reqshal released himself from Sarrel’s grip.He then went through the pockets of the 3 guys. He emptied them out completely and walked away from the scene as if nothing happened.

After some distance had been traveled Reqshal started checking what he stole.

“Wow, those guys were loaded. I should have followed them to their home when I had the chance.” Reqshal thought to himself.

There was one item within the loot that stood out among the others. 

“On Earth is this thing?” Reqshal said quietly while holding a glowing shard. He tossed it into the air and caught it, imagining the amount it would sell for. He whistled as he exited the Buyer’’s Market.

Near the exit, the serpent beast he called for came down to pick him up.

“Destination?” The driver of the serpent asked Reqshal.

Reqshal selected his destination on the map that was offered to him by the Driver. He selected to go to the middle of the forest.

“30 Dollas.” The Driver said to Reqshal.

Reqshal scans the Beast’s Code and 30 Dollas was transferred. Reqshal hopped on the serpent and it took off into the air towards his destination.

Later, in the Aku Daral Manor with Sarrel, Dou and their partner.

A woman dressed in white sat on a high throne in front of Sarrel and his partners. She had a man next to her tied from head to toe in whip-like ropes. The 3 men were bowing their heads and apologizing, begging for forgiveness.

“So you’re telling me, that not only did you not get the correct medicine for my dear Ol Gran Gran, but you also lost the Shard of Serenity?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel as she chewed on a crystal.

“We are sorry, it was a thin guy at the stalls today. We thought he would do quick work, but he hit-” Sarrel began to explain what happened with Reqshal before Oblivia interrupted him.

“Shut up!” She yelled as she stopped chewing.

Sarrel went silent immediately.

The Court Queen stood up. She gestured her hand.

The guy covered in whips released one of the ropes and sliced one of the 3 men in half. They then bled out on the floor. Immediately dying.

The bound man then stood back to where he was.

“Do you understand how many strings I had to pull to get that shard? Do you know how much POWER you just lost me!?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel, feeling a bit annoyed.

The room went completely silent. Sarrel was nervous.

“Answer me when I am talking to you, you idiot!” The Court Queen commanded Sarrel more loudly and aggressively.

“I don’t know! Please! I don’t want to die! We will get everything back, I swear!” Sarrel began to plead for his life.

The Court Queen then went back to her seat. She returned to being calm and menacing.

“Oh yeah? Don’t worry. If you don’t get it back, then death would be the least of your problems.” The Court Queen responded.

She snapped her fingers and two men walked out of the room off to the side. Both of them were wearing official medical suits.

“Doctor Rimu and Doctor Stel, adjust these two.” The Court Queen commanded as the two medical men grabbed Dou and Sarrel. They were then brought into the back room.

Court Queen Oblivia then began to chew on her shard again. She stood up and walked towards the back room. She felt disgusted at the bloody mess on his floor. 

“Won’t you be a dear and clean up that mess for me.” The Court Queen said to the Bound Man.

The Bound man crawls towards the bloody mess. He used the whips to support his movement like a spider. He then began to consume the remains of the guy that was split earlier. The Court Queen continued her way to the back room, shutting the door behind her.

Reqshal had made it to his shack in the Konowa forest.

His home was nothing more than a beaten up shack which was in total disrepair. He has photos of a young kid, most likely himself. Many of the images showed him and his mom, he looked to be a teenager in those. And the images that had all three of them looked like he was a small child.

Reqshal had his bag of items all around the floor. He laid down completely lazily. As he rested he heard snapping twigs outside. Reqshal jumped to attention and went for a peak outside. He didn’t see anyone approaching his home.

“An animal I guess?” Reqshal thought to himself as he looked out his window.

He then hears his door open. But he didn’t see anyone coming in.

He pulls a knife out of his back pocket. He walks slowly around his home looking to see if someone came in.

Reqshal searches in the bathroom and grabs his gun that he had under the toilet seat. And places his knife back into his back pocket.

“Hey! Whoever you are. You can leave right now, and I won’t have to shoot you.” Reqshal said while searching for the intruder.

Reqshal taps his gun on the wall.

“You hear that? That’s a grade A weapon in my hand, and if you’re not trying to end up with a giant hole in your chest, you should leave me alone.” Reqshal called out.

Reqshal heard stumbling in his main bedroom. “Ah crap! How’d you get by me?” Reqshal thought to himself running towards his room.

He ran into the room and saw that his disorganized stuff was more disorganized than usual. Reqshal looked around and still didn’t see anyone.

He felt his body being touched. He punched whatever was touching him and backed away, and immediately shot in its direction.

“Ghost!” Reqshal yelled out.

The shots missed their mark but he saw a young lady laying on the ground. She looked to be royally dressed. He slowly walked towards her with his gun still ready to be fired. He taps the body with his foot, trying to keep some distance.

“Hey, Ghost Girl…” Reqshal said, tapping her again with his foot.

After a few more taps she gets up quickly and begins to attack Reqshal.

Reqshal tries to dodge her but she was much better at fighting than he was. She had complete control of the fight and was knocking him around his own house.

“Hey! Hold up! What are you doing?” Reqshal asked, trying to get her to stop.

He was tossed against the wall again. And the girl began to punch his face repeatedly. He then claps his hand and arrows are shot out from his walls. The arrows impacted the other side of the room missing both himself and the girl. He tossed his gun and knife at the girl.

She catches both of them, and points the gun at Reqshal.

Reqshal then claps his hands again and the lines that were attached to the arrows sent bolts of electricity out to everything in the room that was metal, including the gun in the girl’s hand. She was shocked and fell unconscious.

Reqshal finally calmed down and caught his breath. He pulled one of the lines down and tied her up.

The next morning.

The girl wakes up tied to a chair as she sees that she is completely bound. She saw Reqshal making himself some breakfast.

Reqshal notices her and walks over with what looked like a piece of toast in his mouth.

“I was getting worried that I might have killed you with electricity last night. Glad to see you’re awake.” Reqshal said, talking with his mouth full.

Amora, the girl that was tied to the chair, tested out how tight the bonds were on her.

“No use trying to get out, I tied you up pretty good.” Reqshal said to her.

Reqshal was happy with his handy work and continued to eat in peace. Amora then taps on her leg with her other foot and burns the ropes off of her body. She got up and immediately started heading towards Reqshal. Reqshal began to panic and backed up into his kitchen.

“Hey! Hey! I didn’t do anything!” Reqshal called out with his hands up.

Amora reached for her bag and saw that she no longer had it. She was surprised.

“Your thievery knows no bounds does it? Where is my handbag?” Amora asked, glaring at Reqshal.

“Hey! You came into my house last night and tried to steal my stuff. I think you are the thief in this scenario.” Reqshal responded.

“You stole my Shard of Serenity yesterday! How dare you accuse me of such a lowly crime!” Amora said, accusing Reqshal.

Amora began to search through his stuff.

“Ah… you know I am still here. You can’t just start looking through my stuff like that.” Reqshal said, wondering why Amora seemed uninterested in him.

“I have determined that you are not a threat to me. And you’re obviously too dumb to know what I’m talking about. So I am going to look for it myself.” Amora responded, still looking through his stuff.

Reqshal then turned around towards his kitchen.

“Well fine. Do you want some toast while you look?” Reqshal asked.

She didn’t respond to him. He then made some more toast and tried to hand it to her.

“I might have taken it. I don’t know. I take a lot of things. Describe it to me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

Amora takes the toast and then tosses it on the ground. “Tell me where my bag is, and I’ll find it myself.” Amora responded, she then walked to the other side of the room.

Reqshal looked at the toast that was now on the ground. He picked it up and brushed off the dust and ate it himself. As he began to eat again they both heard a loud thud outside.

Reqshal ran to his window and looked out. He saw Sarrel outside. Sarrel had grown considerably in size, and looked slightly demented. Sarrel pulled out a machine that trached the Energy Signal of the Shard of Serenity.

Sarrel then broke into the house through the wall, knocking dust and wall pieces at Reqshal and Amora.

“Come on dude! You didn’t need to do all of that!” Reqshal said to Sarrel.

Sarrel grabbed Reqshal’s face extremely quickly, he held him like a ragdoll.

Amora ignored what was going on and continued her search for her bag.

“I know you still have it! Give me back everything you stole from me! And I’ll make your death painless.” Sarrel commanded Reqshal.

“I don’t know what you are even talking about…” Reqshal said, struggling to get out of Sarrel’s grip.

“Wow, you stole from him too. Your thievery truly doesn’t know any bounds.” Amora said.

Sarrel then started shaking Raqshal’s body and the things on his person began to fall out.

Amora’s bag, the Shard of Serenity, a baby photo of him with his parents, among other things.

Sarrel saw the Shard of Serenity and went to reach for it.

“There we are.” Sarrel said, still holding Reqshal’s face to the wall. Amora rushed to the Shard and blocked Sarrel’s hand. She grabbed the Shard herself.

“What do you think you are doing? This is mine!” Amora said, scolding Sarrel.

Sarrel threw Reqshal to the side and turned his attention to Amora.

“Give it to me, or you will get hurt!” Sarrel said to Amora.

“Were you the one that initially stole it from me then?” Amora questioned Sarrel.

“Give it to me!” Sarrel responded, reaching for the Shard. Amora kicked his hand away, then kicked the back of his head, sending Sarrel stumbling into Reqshal’s bed.

Amora then tried to run out of the house through the hole that Sarrel made. Reqshal grabbed her leg, preventing her from leaving.

“You aren’t going to leave, look at what you did to my house!” Reqshal said to Amora, as he held her leg tightly.

Sarrel got up quickly and ran towards Amora.

Amora kicked Reqshal in the face, knocking him out, but Reqshal handcuffed his hand to her leg.

Amora fell forward trying to run. She then looked at the binds. “Really?!” She thought to herself, seeing that now she was handcuffed to an unconscious man.

She grabbed Reqshal and threw him on her shoulder. She then jumped out of the hole to attempt an escape from Sarrel.

Sarrel chased the pair, Amora’s speed was hindered greatly by the weight of Reqshal on her back.

Reqshal woke up, just in time to see his house completely collapse in the distance.

“Aww damn! Really! That’s going to take like a month to build back up again!” Reqshal complained, as he was still being carried on Amora’s back.

“Why did you bound yourself to me? Where’d you even get those cuffs from?” Amora asked. Reqshal still rode on Amora’s back.

“Whatever that thing you both are trying to get seems pretty valuable, so you know, I figured that maybe you could throw me a little bit of cash.” Reqshal responded to Amora.

“Why would I give a thief money?!” Amora was shocked that Reqshal even thought that was an option.

“To free yourself from me, obviously.” Reqshal responded as if it was obvious.

Sarrel began to gain on them as she began to tire out.

“Release the bonds so that I can take care of this guy!” Amora commanded Reqshal.

“Will you pay me?” Reqshal asked.

“No!” Amora quickly responded.

Sarrel caught up to the pair. “I got you now!” Sarrel said, reaching to grab Amora.

“Yes! Hurry up!” Amora shouted at Reqshal.

“Release” Reqshal said, clapping his hands together. The cuffs released. Amora and Reqshal split apart causing Sarrel to go completely through the space between them. He stumbled on the ground. Amora and Reqshal laid on the ground. Amora was completely exhausted.

“Dang, I won’t even get to spend it if I’m not alive.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then turned invisible.

“Dammit! Really?! I thought we had a deal!” Reqshal shouted.

Sarrel looked around trying to see Amora, but he was unable to. Sarrel then grabbed Reqshal by the throat.

“You must be her friend right? So she’s going to have to come back to save you.” Sarrel said to Reqshal.

Reqshal tried to breathe as he was being choked. “I think you are overestimating our relationship.” Reqshal responded.

Sarrel choked Reqshal even harder.

Reqshal began to pass out. “Damn, I’m going out like a nerd.” Reqshal thought to himself.

Two rods were then shoved into Sarrel’s neck, and a bolt of electricity flowed between them. The shock made Sarrel’s hand spasm causing Reqshal to be released. Sarrel then collapsed and fell to the ground face first.

Reqshal crawled away from Sarrel, and he looked around to what saved him.

Amora revealed herself.

“Ah, so you didn’t ditch me.” Reqshal said, genuinely feeling surprised.

“I made an agreement with you. Why would I leave without fulfilling it?” Amora responded.

Reqshal rubbed his neck. “I mean… it’s not like I do that or anything.” Reqshal said nervously.

Amora grabbed Reqshal’s hand to pull him along. She started running.

“Come on! He is not going to stay down for long.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

The pair ran until they could spot a Manor in the distance.

Reqshal walked behind Amora quite a ways behind her. He was not able to keep up with her speed.

“Why are you taking me so far? You can just hand me like 10 Thousand Dollas and I’ll be out of your hair. You got what you want right?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora continued to walk ignoring what he asked her. Reqshal continued to wait for a response that never came.

“You know, it would be a lot cooler if we had an actual conversation. Or if you’re not into that, then a quick transfer would do.” Reqshal said to Amora as she continued to walk in silence.

“Come on, someone like you got to have at least that much. Honestly, I think I’m low balling it.” Reqshal continued to speak.

“Is all you think about is money?” Amora responded.

“Money is what makes the world go round. I didn’t make the rules, I just live by it.” Reqshal answered.

“I don’t keep money on me. So we are going to have to go to my estate to get it.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“You don’t keep money on you, but you keep things of even more value?” Reqshal asked.

“There’s a difference between these items and money. This stuff is actually useful.” Amora quickly responded.

“Money is pretty useful too. I bet a girl like you would be able to get a lot easily in one night.” Reqshal said, looking up and down Amora.

Amora turned around furious at Reqshal’s comment.

“Are you undressing me with your eyes?!” Amora yelled at him.

“I’m not hurting anyone, besides, it’s idiotic to go out into town with no money. Especially a girl like you.” Reqshal responded to her.

Amora began to quickly speak as she gestured her hand up, and on her chest a bright light appeared. Then she gestured her hand down and Reqshal began to sink into the ground.

Reqshal began to panic.

“Okay! I give! I’ll stop being a turd to you princess or whatever you are!” Reqshal pleaded.

Reqshal then stopped sinking and climbed out of the ground. Amora seemed a bit tired after that, but she still stood proud and strong.

“Pretty sure I can handle myself a lot better out there than you could. I don’t need your street advice.” Amora said to Reqshal.

They both continued to walk in silence until the manor was directly in front of them. They stood in front of the gate.

“So, how’d you do that?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora touches the shield around the gate, and scans her biometrics.

“Someone of your disposition won’t be able to do it. You are far too corrupt to be able to perform any of these techniques.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

The shield then opened up. Amora and Reqshal walked into the courtyard. The Manor is one of the few places that have truly kept up with the former aesthetic of the city of Konowa. It’s plants were  a luscious green colour, and had flowing water around the court. The building looked to have over a hundred rooms and was white with a red roof.

“Well damn, look at this place. I bet this cost a fortune.” Reqshal said, looking at the premise.

“You stand in the courtyard. I’ll be back.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora walked into the building leaving Reqshal outside. Reqshal walked around the outside. He saw a gardener tending to the shrubs.

“Hey my guy, what’s happening? Doing some plant cutting I see.” Reqshal attempted to open a conversation.

“Yes, quite.” The gardener responded.

The gardener continued to cut the shrubs. Reqshal watched him and stared at his outfit.

“So, I’m guessing you’re some kind of servant or something right? You got captured huh?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“No, this is a job.” The gardener responded. The gardener then looked down at Reqshal. “I’m guessing that is something you don’t know much about.”

“A job? Man, you have no clue how many jobs I have. A job isn’t anything. The amount of money I make is insane.” Reqshal responded gloating, but giving off the impression that he has no idea what a job is.

The gardener ignored Reqshal.

“So… let me hypothetically ask. If I were to get a job here, how much would I be making?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“That entirely depends on what you are good at. It could be anywhere between 30 thousand to 800 thousand  a day.” The gardener responded.

Reqshal felt a bit uneasy in the legs. He began to stumble. “800 Thousand! A day?!” Reqshal could not believe that number.

Reqshal sat down to keep from collapsing.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I doubt you have any abilities that are worth that much.” The gardener said to Reqshal.

“Why you gotta be so rude, man! All you do is cut plants. I bet I could do that too!” Reqshal said, trying to grab the cutting tool. The gardener flipped Reqshal and pinned him to the ground.

“Like I said, you don’t have any ability worth that much.” The gardener reiterated to Reqshal.

Amora and her Father walked outside and saw that Reqshal was pinned to the ground.

Dionysal, the Father of Amora, walked over to the two men.

“You may get up from him, Fengsal.” Dionysal said to the gardener.

Fengsal got up immediately and continued his gardening work. Dionysal looked at Reqshal closely.

“So you are the scoundrel that’s attempting to extort my daughter, right?” Dionysal asked Reqshal.

“Don’t say it like that. It was more of a deal than extortion, Promise.” Reqshal responded.

“He quite literally bound me to him, and wouldn’t release the constraints until I agreed to pay him.” Amora said to her father.

They both looked down at Reqshal.

“Do you deny that?” Dionysal asked.

“I mean, yeah you can describe it like that. But did she tell you that she broke into my house last night. Practically broke everything.” Reqshal responded.

Dionysal then looked at Amora.

“That’s true, only because you stole my Shard!” Amora quickly said back to Reqshal.

“I didn’t steal anything from you except your bag, and that was more for my own protection. Since it was obvious that you were going to use them to hit me.” Reqshal got up and pointed at Amora.

“You liar! How’d you get my Shard then?!” Amora asked Reqshal.

“I stole it from the guy that was chasing us.” Reqshal responded.

“Did you know what you were stealing?” Amora suspiciously asked Reqshal.

“I ain’t got a clue, Princess.” Reqshal responded.

Amora took a deep breath in and exhaled it with great frustration.

“FIne then. Father, I’m going to transfer 10 Thousand Dollas into this man’s account.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Go ahead.” He responded.

“Well before you do that, can I suggest another proposition my good sirs and madam. How about I just work here for like a day or two, for at about 800 Thousand Dollas a day rate.” Reqshal attempted to take an opportunity to make more money.

“No way! You are one step away from being literal trash! Just take the money and go!” Amora yelled at Reqshal.

Amora reached out her hand for Reqshal to hand her his transaction code. He pulls it out of his sleeves practically unwillingly. Amora takes it and begins to scan. Suddenly, there was a loud thunderous bang at the Shield in front of the Manor.

Someone was yelling from outside.

“Give me that damn Shard! I’ll bust down this shield and kill every last one of you in there!” Sarrel yelled out.

Sarrel seemed to have grown considerably since their last encounter.

Dionysal signaled for some of the workers to go to the gate and take care of Sarrel.

A Dozen workers ran out and stood at the gate ready to fight Sarrel. Sarrel stopped pounding on the gate.

“You think this will stop us from getting your Shard? This is nothing to Queen Oblivia.” Sarrel taunted Dionysal.

The face of the workers at the gate twitched. Dionysal’s face went from being mildly entertained into a serious expression.

“Oh yeah. You’re all scared now. If you don’t give it to me right now, we all are going to come back over here and slaughter every last one of you.” Sarrel threatened everyone in the Manor.

.”What do we do?” Amora asked Dionysal.

“What is her offer?!” Dionysal yelled back at Sarrel.

“Father, you can’t be serious. This was a gift from the Demigods.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Her offer is not killing you all.” Sarrel responded back to Dionysal.

“Doesn’t sound good enough for me. We are just going to get rid of you.” Dionysal said to Sarrel.

“Come on then, Old Man! Let’s see what you got!” Sarrel taunted.

Dionysal gestured for the workers to open the Shield, so that they could storm and capture Sarrel. The Shield opened up, and Sarrel immediately put out a Shard and shot it directly at Dionysal from where he was standing. Sarrel did not care about being taken out by the workers.

The shot traveled toward Amora because Sarrel was a bit off.

Reqshal jumped in front of the projectile but it just passed through both him and Amora anyways. They both then collapsed on the ground.

Sarrel was immediately taken down, and was captured.

Dionysal went down to check on his daughter.

“Honey, are you okay?” Dionysal asked.

She was unconscious and Reqshal was no longer there.

The workers cuffed Sarrel and brought him into the dungeon.

After the situation cooled, Amora who was laid to rest for a bit on her bed awoke. She looked at where she felt she was hit and didn’t feel any pain or notice a wound.

“What happened? It’s so late in the day.” Amora thought to herself as she looked out the window.

“Yeah really, it’s like we were out for hours.” Reqshal responded.

Amora quickly looked around her room to see where Reqshal was. But she didn’t see him anywhere.

“Wait… Where are you? Are you invisible?” Amora asked.

“What are you saying, you’re the one that’s invisible.” Reqshal responded.

Amora looked down at her body, and saw that she was indeed present.

“I’m not invisible.” Amora said aloud.

“That wasn’t my body…” Reqshal responded.

They both then realized what happened. Amora ran to the mirror.

“Oh no! You’re in my head!” Amora said, realizing that she couldn’t see Reqshal, not because he was invisible, but because he is part of her thoughts.

“Wait, so I don’t have a body anymore!?” Reqshal responded.

Amora then slowly started to become Reqshal as his thoughts were becoming the prominent speaker.

“No! No stop! I don’t want to be trapped in your head!” Amora said as their body slowly became Reqshal’s.

Reqshal patted himself. “That’s a bit better.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then responded back by trying to take control of the body. Their physical appearance began to look like her again. Then once again Reqshal fought and made the body once again look like him.

They both then heard a knock at the door.

“Is everything okay, Lady Amora?” The Housekeeper asked.

Amora then took full control of the body and they became her.

“Yes, I am perfectly well here. Thank you for caring for me Tioral.” Amora responded.

“Well, your mid afternoon meal is ready for you downstairs whenever you are ready. Or I could bring it up to you.” The Housekeeper said to Amora.

“Let him bring it up here, I never got served before.” Reqshal thought aloud.

“Shut up!” Amora responded, but the words came out of her mouth rather than in her head.

“Beg your pardon?” The Housekeeper responded.

“Right up! Bring it right up, please, Tioral.” Amora said to the Housekeeper.

“Very well, Lady Amora.” The Housekeeper said as they left from the front of the door.

“You don’t think about anything until we get this figured out!” Amora scolded Reqshal.

“So what are you going to do when you take a shower huh?” Reqshal asked Amora.

“I can’t believe I share a body with you now! This is the worst! I figured that paying you would get you out of my hair as soon as possible, but now look.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Probably wouldn’t be in this mess if you just paid me more quickly rather than trying to accuse me of a crime… just saying.” Reqshal responded.

Amora then started walking to her door. She began to sneak down her hallway trying to make her way to the dungeon.

“Why are you sneaking? Isn’t this your house?” Reqshal asked.

“Just in case you start thinking of something stupid. I wouldn’t want us transforming out in the open and you being in a place you aren’t supposed to be.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

“Ah, so it would suck if I started thinking about the type of food that will be waiting for us in your room.” Reqshal said, out of spite for Amora calling his thoughts stupid.

Amora then began to transform into Reqshal. Amora saw someone approaching and hid behind the corner. The person approached Amora. She was back in her own form.

“Lady Amora, happy to see you are up. What are you doing, hiding?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Me? Hiding? No, I am just checking the craftsmanship of these walls. Komali does a good job keeping these maintained, right?” Amora said to the Librarian.

“Sure. Is there anything you need from me before I go, Lady Amora?” The Librarian asked.

“No, I’m okay. Please, continue with what you were doing.” Amora responded.

The Librarian left, and Amora continued onward to the dungeon.

Amora made her way there and found Sarrel sitting around playing with his toes in complete boredom. She stood in front of the cell and stared down at him. He looked up at her.

“What are you looking at?” Sarrel asked Amora.

“What did you shoot my father with earlier?” Amora asked.

“I don’t know. Some kind of curse. It obviously didn’t work.” Sarrel responded by showing Amora the bonds he had on him.

“What was the curse supposed to do?” Amora asked another question.

“Make’s someone’s worst nightmare their ongoing reality.” Sarrel responded, trying to ignore Amora.

Amora then transformed into Reqshal.

“Oh that’s messed up! You barely knew me for a day and becoming me was your worst nightmare?” Reqshal said aloud.

Sarrel then saw the two transform. He began to laugh.

“Wait! I got both of you!? Oh that is funny! Serves you both right!” Sarrel pointed at Reqshal. “If you just gave me that damn Shard when I came by that dirty old shack, then this wouldn’t have happened.” Sarrel scolded Reqshal.

“So how do you reverse this thing?” Reqshal asked, stepping up closer to the cell.

“The F*ck am I supposed to know. I’m done talking to you both. Queen Oblivia will be coming to get me out soon. So you don’t need to worry about living long enough to suffer.” Sarrel responded as he turned over to his side.

Reqshal slowly became Amora.

“Well that’s not good news… I need to go and tell my father!” Amora said as she ran out of the Prisoner Holding area.

“No wait! We should look it up first before having them attempt anything. I super don’t want to die. And if they just try to exorcize me, or something like that, who knows, it might just kill me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“Fine, just don’t think about anything as we make our way to the library.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora made her way through the Manor. The workers were patrolling the area and were on high alert. Amora walked past them to the library. She then began to look through the books. But wasn’t quite finding what she was looking for.

“Maybe it’s in the Medicine Section?” Reqshal suggested.

“Why would it be in Medicine, it’s obviously a technique.” Amora responded.

“I don’t know, it’s a suggestion. My mom worked in medicine and-” Reqshal began to say before the Librarian interrupted their thoughts.

“Glad to see you came by and visited the Library, Lady Amora. Is there a book you are looking for?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Yes, I’m looking for one on curses. Where would I find those?” Amora asked.

“You have to be a bit more specific than that. There are Temporal Curses, Ambition Curses, Personal Curses, Light Curses, Dark Curses. It could go on forever really.” The Librarian responded.

“Where would a body changing curse be located? You know, like one that makes someone fat, or changes them into a completely different person.” Amora asked the Librarian.

“That’s quite specific. Are you planning on learning how to do that curse? I can teach you if you want. Those books should be located in the Scripts from the Age of Witches.” The Librarian responded to Amora.

Amora followed the Librarian through the book columns.

“Not yet. I’m just curious for now.” Amora said to the Librarian.

The Librarian showed Amora the shelf. “Well here you are, Lady Amora. If you need anything just come to my desk.” The Librarian said before leaving.

Amora then skimmed through the pages.

“Oh look, there goes the body changing curse.” Reqshal noticed as Amora quickly ran her hand through the list.

“When one has their body altered to the appearance of another the change is permanent until the caster removes the curse.” The Page read.

“I don’t think this is correct.” Amora said, reading on.

“Why not, it’s exactly like what’s happening.” Reqshal responded feeling like Amora only said it was incorrect because he spotted it.

“Yes, but this is a nightmare curse. Because if it hit my father I doubt it would have been a body changing effect.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Well okay, Princess. Find the Nightmare one.” Reqshal responded.

“I’m not a Princess, and you don’t tell me what to do.” Amora said to Reqshal.

Amora looked through the book shelfs and found a densely coloured text script on curses.

She went through it and found ‘Nightmare’. Amora read through the pages and found loads and loads of information on the curse, written by the Infamous Great Witch Gloria.

“There is no way we will be able to read all of this.” Reqshal said looking at how dense the information was.

“Maybe you can’t, but I definitely can.” Amora responded.

“How about you stop insulting me, we are the same person now. So I think it would be better if you played nice with me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“As if. Once we break this, you take your money and leave. I wouldn’t want to hinder your life of Thievery and Poverty. See look, I already found the page.” Amora said, rolling her finger across it.

“Nightmare Curses are permanent curses. They can not be dispelled or exorcized. Research indicated that the death of the Caster may work in some cases.” An excerpt from the Great Witch also added to the bottom of the page. “This spell is for all those who cross me, may your death be a Nightmare.” The Page read.

Amora transformed into Reqshal.

“Well, that’s not good…” Reqshal said.

Angel Misery: Chapter Eighteen

“Goodbye Everyone”

The Sequoia State Junior High School’s End of the Real Rally was underway. The Principal of the school introduced the Top 5 ranking Middle Schoolers.

“That was a fine performance from the Marching Bands, now it’s time for the speeches from our Top 5 top scorers of the 7th Grade. We will begin with our 5th Top Scorer, Leanne Howard.” The Principal said moving out of the way to let Leanne take the stand.

“Thank you Principal.” Leanne said walking up with her paper.

“Whoa! You got this Leanne!” Maria yelled out from the stands.

Leanne stood up at the podium, looking out at her fellow schoolmates. She then cleared her throat.

“This has been an exciting year for us all. We made new friends, we are saying bye to old ones, but we must not forget the experiences we’ve gained from both…” Leanne was starting her speech.

Maria looked over at Aiden. “Wow, remember when we were up there giving our speeches. Felt like so long ago.” Maria said to Aiden, admiring how Leanne was keeping the mood high with her presentation.

“Yes, I do remember it. That was when I had to ruin the speeches of Joshua, Rebecca and Silvia.” Aiden reminded Maria.

“Oh yea, you did do that. And now look at you, trying to spend time with Silvia any chance you get.” Maria grimaced at Aiden.

“It’s definitely the other way around.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So when we go to High School are you going to do the same thing?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I have no idea what events will happen during High School. So I can’t give you a clear answer on that.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So to the 7th Graders, congratulations and I look forward to seeing you next year. And to the 8th Graders, congratulations on finding your High School. I will miss you, but I know we will see each other in the future. Have a great time!” Leanne said before stepping back and going to her seat.

The next student then began to speak.

“Aww, that was pretty sad.” Maria remarked.

“Well we have done a lot of things with Leanne since that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ play. Seeing us leave would definitely warrant a few emotions from her.” Aiden said, looking down at Leanne.

There were no crazy speeches like last year. And this year the Principal decided on just giving the 7th Graders the opportunity to speak. Likely because he remembered the speeches of the 7th Grade class last year.

“Those were all incredible.” The Principal said standing up onto the podium. 

The bands then played music for the transition.

“Now I will read off the names of every one of the 8th Grade graduates and the high Schools they will be attending.” The Principal said, grabbing the list of Students. “Attending Sequoia State High School we have Jeremy Atkins, Micheal Butcher, Andrew Conway, Courtney Cummings…” The Principal said as the students in the bleachers clapped after each high school list.

“Oh, our names are going to be mentioned together!” Maria said looking up at Aiden waiting for their School to be named.

It was near the end because the Principal wanted to end it off strong.

“And last but definitely not least, for the first time ever we have not one, not two, but three students going to The International Innovators and Developers High School for Global Leaders this year. They are Angeal Heavens, Maria Li, and Silvia Reiners.” The Principal said. 

The students clapped loudly that the list of schools were finally finished. 

“The King and Queen will stay together!” A student yelled out of the stands. They were of course talking about the pairing of Aiden and Silvia, not Aiden and Maria.

“Now let’s give one more round of applause to everyone this year.” The principal said, and the students clapped. “And now, with that. Have a good Summer, new 8th Graders and Good Luck and Happy Travels to our New High Schoolers!” The Principal said as the students in the stands stood up and clapped having been released for Summer Vacation.

Students walked around having each other sign their year books and their shirts. Everyone had happy faces on today.

Maria walked around with Aiden, as they looked at the field of the Middle School.

“Hello Angeal.” A student walked up to Aiden. Aiden turned around. “Could you sign my yearbook?” The student asked.

“Sure Teresa.” Aiden responded. Aiden grabbed the yearbook and signed it. “Have a great Summer.” Signed Aiden. Aiden wrote in the yearbook.

“Thank you so much!” Teresa said to Aiden. She then turned around to leave. Maria then stopped her.

“Hey, I haven’t signed your yearbook yet.” Maria said to Teresa.

“Oh you didn’t, sorry. I must have thought you did.” Teresa said, trying to come up with an excuse. Teresa handed Maria the yearbook.

“Bet you hate to see me go.” Maria signed in the yearbook. “There you are.” Maria said, handing back the book to Teresa. 

“Gee, thanks.” Teresa responded by leaving to go to another group of friends.

As time passed more students came asking Aiden to sign their yearbook, and were forced to let Maria sign it as well.

Eventually, after the shirt signing, students began to leave.

Maria and Aiden walked through the school.

Maria pointed at one of her old 7th Grade teacher’s rooms. “Ha, remember when we broke into the school to get the answers to the finals, but I ended up not being able to look at them anyways.” Maria laughed telling Aiden the story.

“Yes, and I had to go to the Teacher’s Lounge and change the answers for you. That placed you in the Top 5 of the school.” Aiden nodded his head.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Bowman’s room. Remember when his Kidney Stones flew all over the place, and that girl ran out of the classroom because some got stuck in her hair. That was pretty gross.” Maria laughed again thinking about the memory.

“Yes, Kayla was not having a good day.” Aiden also recalled the memory.

They both walked down the hallway and looked at the art pieces.

“I modeled for you in this image. I can’t believe they actually framed it.” Maria looked at the image that Aiden painted of Maria hanging in the Hallway.

“I didn’t do anything special. I just painted what I saw.” Aiden responded.

They heard footsteps following behind them.

It was Leanne trying to catch up with them in the empty school. She was trying to catch her breath.

“I saw Allison outside waiting, so I knew that you were still in the school.” Leanne said, pausing in between some words.

“Oh, did you need something?” Maria asked.

Leanne handed Maria her yearbook. “I don’t want you two to go and not sign my book. You guys were the first real friends I made in this school.” Leanne said.

“Then who am I to reject a plea from an underling of mine.” Maria laughed while signing Leanne’s book.

“Take over the school, and show them all your Power!” Maria signed.

“You are always so motivational, Maria.” Leanne said, handing the book up to Aiden.

“You would think it’s difficult but it’s almost second nature to me.” Maria laughed gloating about a talent she thought she had.

“Be who you are, because that’s the best person you can be.” Aiden wrote in Leanne’s Book.

“Ah, this is good. Because I’m an actress, but I have my own personality that I should show too. I get your meaning.” Leanne said to Aiden. “So what are you two going to do now that you graduated? Are you going to move soon?” Leanne asked Maria and Aiden.

“Well we will probably be here at least until my Birthday. Then we will be leaving in late July.” Maria said to Leanne.

“Aw, that’s not a lot of time at all. Can I come to your birthday?” Leanne asked Maria.

“Sure, I was going to invite you anyway, Angeal would have found you if I couldn’t.” Maria said to Leanne.

“Awesome! Then I look forward to that!” Leanne responded. She then walked with Maria and Aiden holding idle conversation, until they reached the theatre rooms.

“Okay, I will be splitting off from you guys here. I got some dresses I left in the lockers.” Leanne said before disappearing around the corner.

“She’s a nice girl.” Aiden said to Maria about Leanne. “If I never became your friend, I’m sure if you two had met, she would have.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I doubt we would have ever crossed paths if it weren’t for you. Before you became my best friend, school was just a place where I was just alone. I definitely would not have walked into the theatre rooms.” Maria responded to Aiden.

Aiden looked down at Maria. “I suppose you know better than I would what you would have done back then.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Last year, lunch time also sucked. I didn’t look forward to that at all. Now, not only do I get to eat whatever I want, other people look over at our table with envy. They even visit,  a little more than I like, but still they visit and sit at our table.” Maria said, thinking about how lunch was this year.

Allison then came into the building. “What is taking so long? Mom is waiting outside for you!” Allison said to Maria.

Allison looked and saw Aiden. “Oh, you were trying to spend as much time as possible with your boyfriend before you left.” Allison said, looking upset that Maria made her wait.

“Angeal isn’t my boyfriend!” Maria said to Allison. “Okay, see you, you know where.” Maria said to Aiden, as she followed Allison outside.

Aiden was now in the school on his own. He spent a little more time looking at all the things Humans did for learning. After this he walked to the back of the school. Several Students were waiting there for him.

“Heard that you usually go home from here, so wanted to make sure I got to you before we don’t see each other again.” A student said to Aiden. He handed Aiden his yearbook and Aiden signed it.

Some members of the marching band and dance teams got Aiden to sign their yearbook as well.

Eventually the crowd dispersed and Aiden was practically alone. But he noticed one person still watching.

Aiden turned around. “I know it’s you Kayla.” Aiden said towards a bush.

Kayla came out of the bushes blushing. “He… hello… dear…” Kayla struggled to say. She was holding a yearbook in her hand.

“Do you also want me to sign that for you?” Aiden asked Kayla.

Kayla’s face turned red and she pointed the book directly at Aiden.

Aiden grabbed the book from Kayla. “Don’t drop this one, okay.” Aiden wrote in Kayla’s book as a reminder of when she first said hello to him.

Kayla read it and hugged her yearbook.

“Well, if that’s everything, then I am going to leave.” Aiden said to Kayla.

“Wha…wha… wait, Ang… Angeal.” Kayla said, asking for Aiden to wait.

“Yes?” Aiden asked.

Kayla then cleared her throat. She was feeling hot. “I… I… Lov…” Kayla was trying to form the words she wanted to say but she was too nervous.

Aiden just stood waiting for her.

“I… love…” Kayla continued to repeat herself.

“What do you love?” Aiden asked Kayla, not recognizing she was trying to confess to him.

“You…” Kayla said very quietly.

“I didn’t quite get that. I heard you said ‘you’ but that’s probably incorrect.” Aiden said to Kayla.

Kayla puckered her lips in embarrassment and turned a deep red colour. She then took a note from her pocket and wrote in it quickly.

Kayla then ran off with her yearbook covering her face.

Aiden opened the note. It said ‘I love, really really like you Angeal.’ but the word love was crossed out.

Aiden read it and then folded it back up. “Very well. I think she was an interesting person too.” Aiden thought to himself as he flew to Maria.

Maria was waiting impatiently in her room. Aiden then appeared.

“What took you so long, Aiden?!” Maria said, tapping her feet.

“I got stopped by a few students before I could leave the school.” Aiden said to Maria. He then handed Maria the note he got from Kayla.

Maria read the note. “Is this your way of confessing your love to me? It’s pretty lame you know.” Maria laughed, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“No, I received this from Kayla as I was leaving.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria’s face changed back to aggravated. “Oh, she was trying to be sneaky. Attempting to bypass the General! Ha, that’s why your plan failed you idiot!” Maria said to the window.

“Were you trying to speak to her?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Nah, I was just gloating.” Maria responded. “Okay, how about it? Are you going to take me somewhere for our graduation lunch?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Graduation Lunch? And you want me to choose?” Aiden asked Maria, confused by her request.

“Yes Graduation Lunch. It’s a big accomplishment, so it should be celebrated with some food.” Maria pointed at Aiden.

“Well if I am choosing then it’s going to be without Meat or Fruit.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, gross. I bet you are just going to take me to a grass field then.” Maria said, pretending to barf.

“Fine, I can have the Golems prepare a Lunch for us, so that it’s exactly what you want to eat, and I wouldn’t have to just watch you.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria shook her head. “Nope, I don’t want that either.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well, then it seems like you already have a location in mind, how about you just tell me.” Aiden said to Maria, bending down to her.

Maria then smirked. “I think you know where I am thinking.” Maria nodded her head to Aiden.

“Hmm, I am drawing a blank on it.” Aiden responded.

“You know, the place you said you would take me over a year ago, but we still haven’t gone.” Maria said to Aiden, gesturing by pointing at the sky.

Aiden looked up at the sky. “An airplane meal?” Aiden asked Maria.

“For a smart guy, you sure are dumb sometimes.” Maria responded. Maria then got up on her bed so she would be eye level with Aiden. “I’m saying I want to go to the Heavenly Realm today for a Special Graduation Lunch!” Maria proclaimed to Aiden.

“The Heavenly Realm? But I was planning to take you there when you became a Human Adult.” Aiden said to Maria.

“An adult?! Good thing I asked, because that’s so many years away!” Maria said to Aiden. “Why do you have to take that long to prepare?” Maria asked.

“Because you are Human with living cells, those cells would have no idea what to do when they go into the Heavenly Realm. Which is why I would need to prepare a transport vessel for you. And I wanted one that would not need to be changed as you grew, so adulthood would have been the best time.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Well that sucks! I got excited for no reason.” Maria said with disappointment.

Aiden then lifted Maria from the bed and placed her back on the floor.

“How about this. I get chefs from the heavenly realm to prepare us a meal, and gods to decorate the place so it’s worthy of this celebration?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I guess I can settle for that.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“Then when we graduate High School, we can go to the Heavenly Realm.” Aiden added.

“Fine, guess I can wait another 4 years for it. This year flew by anyway.” Maria responded.

Aiden opened a path to the Heavenly Realm. “I will bring us both to the Headquarters when they are finished.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria gave Aiden the ‘OK’ sign. 

He then walked forward, Maria attempted to walk behind him. But while he vanished she just walked through it without interacting at all with the path.

“Boo! I thought it was like a portal.” Maria complained now standing in her room alone.

Aiden walked through the Heavenly Realm and decided to Enter the Hellanistic District.

“So I want a meal that is going to make Maria truly happy. So I am going to need someone who knows about ingredients, someone who can prepare them, and someone who can arrange the festivities to go along with it.” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden decided to go over to Hera.

Hera sat sitting on a throne as Hephaestus sculpted a representation of the scene from Marble. Aiden walked up to her.

“Hera.” Aiden said to get her attention.

She quickly looked over to Aiden. “Aiden! It has been a while, or has it. I’m not quite sure, time in the Heavenly Realm moves in a cycle doesn’t it?” Hera asked Aiden.

“It does, but you should still have memories of events you hold as significant.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“Ah, yes. I guess that is why despite the many eternities I experience, each event feels like yesterday as long as I remember them.” Hera  reminisces. Hera then brought her focus to Aiden. “So what is it I can do for you this time Aiden?” Hera asked him.

“I just graduated Middle School and my Best Friend, the girl you met before, wants me to provide her with a lunch that is worthy of such an event. Especially since I declined her request to come to the Heavenly Realm.” Aiden explained to Hera.

“You declined her request to come to the Heavenly Realm, now why would you do that. Mortals can come here.” Hera responded to Aiden fanning her arm out wide.

“They become Demigods when they do that, and no longer have the bodies they had on Earth rendering them mortally dead. That is not an event I desire.” Aiden responded.

“You are so strict with your sensibilities, that’s why I like you Aiden. And for the Lunch I recommend you go to my Daughter Hebe, she used to serve us, High Lords, in the past. She also makes an incredible dish, truly one that would at least be worthy of your Lunch. For preparation and environment the Goddess Hestia should be a good fit. And for Entertainment the God Dionysus should do well enough.” Hera informed Aiden.

“Very well, Hebe, Hestia, and Dionysus. I will seek them out. And what about the other districts, do they offer unique dishes or chefs?” Aiden asked Hera.

“Hmm, there is a God in the Norse District that is called Andhrímnir, he prepares an immortal boar creature, one similar to the Phoenix, in that after it dies it arises once more. And another, but I don’t know much about him, his name is Joshua, he is said to be able to multiply dishes several fold, and transform water into Wine, he is in the Near East District. But if you ask me, I think Dionysus would be more than enough to fulfill that.” Hera recommended Aiden.

“Then I’ll be sure to count them out as well. Thank you Hera.” Aiden said to her. Aiden then nodded his head to Hephaestus, acknowledging his presence.

Aiden found the two chefs that Hera recommended, and gathered them together. He found Hebe and Andhrímnir. Hebe wanted to prepare the dish Ambrosia for the Lunch and Andhrímnir wanted to serve Sæhrímnir and show off his abilities with Eldhrímnir. 

“Those two dishes are fine, but we will also need more than that for my Best Friend. So you can span out more with your specialties.” Aiden said to the two.

“I shall prepare the finest alcohol that any mortal could ever hope to drink, it will raise your spirits and-.” Andhrímnir was saying before Aiden interrupted him.

“I don’t want alcohol to be served during this meal. We are too young to partake.” Aiden informed both of them.

“Too young? How old is this she Human?” Andhrímnir asked Aiden.

“She is 13 years old.” Aiden responded.

“13! She is well old enough to drink! A life without Alcohol is no life at all.” Andhrímnir responded to Aiden.

“There will be no compromise on this point.” Aiden said to Andhrímnir.

“Well then, can I help myself to the range of monsters that exists not only in the Norse District, but as well as the others?” Andhrímnir asked.

“If the creatures are not regarded as Benevolent or Poisonous, then you may prepare them. Creatures that are adiaphorous or malevolent may be served, since she is a fan of meat.” Aiden told them.

“Understood.” Hebe responded to Aiden.

Andhrímnir was excited, he wanted to hunt a Kraken.

Aiden left the two to gather their ingredients. Aiden went and picked up Dionysus and Hestia. Aiden asked Hestia to assist Hebe in the acquisition of ingredients, seeing that she had deep knowledge over domestic livelihood, and would be able to guide Hebe in the pallets of Humans.

“I will give you several Golems, with which you are to prepare entertainment for this lunch. No alcohol will be present at this event. And think of an early teenager party, not a middle aged man party.” Aiden said to Dionysus.

“No alcohol? Is wine okay then?” Dionysus asked Aiden.

“Wine is alcohol.” Aiden responded.

“Then what are you drinking at this event?” Dionysus asked, seemingly disappointed.

“Fruit Juices, Water, and Sodas probably.” Aiden responded.

“Fruit Juices, so wine is going to be served.” Dionysus responded, gaining a smile.

“Grape Juice maybe, but not fermented or distilled.” Aiden said, reiterating the point of no alcohol.

“This seems rather boring, but I suppose that’s why you sought me out. I shall make this event one to remember.” Dionysus said to Aiden.

“That’s good to hear.” Aiden responded.

Aiden opened a path to Earth for the Gods and Goddess to make their way to the mansion. He only allowed access to it by the beings whom he selected to make the trip.

Aiden returned to Maria.

“Wow, that took a while. So how’s it going to be?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Well it seems like they are excited to serve this lunch for you, so I think you will enjoy it.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria got excited. “Can’t wait to see what a Heavenly Realm meal is going to taste like!” Maria said to Aiden with an enormous smile.

The Gods were preparing the mansion for the event. The Golems assisted with moving items around the house. The kitchen was filled with food, and the heat within it could cook the sun.

Aiden sat in the living room with Maria giving the Gods time to prepare the event before he brought Maria.

Aiden then stood up. Maria looked up at Aiden.

“Oh, is it time!” Maria excitedly asked.

“This should have been enough time. Let’s go to the Headquarters.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then ran out of the door and waited for Aiden to create her clear bubble.

“Okay Corporal! To the Headquarters!” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden then took off towards the Mansion.

As they approached they were able to hear music coming from the place. Dionysus had gotten the Golems instruments to play for the festivities. 

The two entered the place and the Golems were performing stunts and tricks. Maria looked up at them in amazement.

“Oh, that’s so cool!” Maria said watching one of the Golems flip and land on a post that was only a few centimeters wide.

“Hello, Best Friend of Aiden. Are you feeling well today?” The Goddess Hestia asked Maria.

“Oh, yeah, I’m doing great. Thanks.” Maria responded to the Goddess. “You look so pretty.” Maria complimented Hestia.

“Thank you for the compliment. And for that I will give you this.” Hestia gave Maria a necklace that held a flame inside of it. “As long as you wear this you will not feel weariness. This is an eternal flame. Consider it your graduation gift.” Hestia told Maria.

“Now this is one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you!” Maria said to Hestia. “Now why haven’t you given me a gift this awesome before?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Because you have enough energy as it is.” Aiden joked with Maria.

Hestia then showed them where the seats were.

Aiden and Maria sat down at the table that was prepared.

Maria looked around at everything that was happening in the Headquarters.

“Wow, who knew that Heavenly Beings could be so fun. I thought everyone was like you.” Maria said to Aiden, as she looked up at Dionysus as he breathed fire.

Hebe brought out Nectar for the two’s drink.

Maria looked at it confused by the nearly clear thick liquid. It looked like she just served them corn syrup.

Maria drank a bit of it and she felt lighter, as if all the chemicals and wear within her body had vanished. “Oh wow! This stuff doesn’t taste all that good, but it’s definitely refreshing.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I can request something sweeter for you if that’s what you are looking for.” Aiden said to Maria. “Soda should be available back there.” 

“I’m here to try what the Heavenly Realm has to offer, so I can hold off for now.” Maria responded waiting for the food to come out.

Dionysus got on the microphone and began telling stories about his exploits. Maria listened to the adventures.

In the meantime Hebe brought out the first Dish they were to eat. It was the Steak from one of Hera’s Cows, with a side of Scallops from the personal Lakes of Poseidon. Also Maria was brought nugget created from the meat of the Phoenix, and cutler formed from the scales of Great Leviathans. 

“Oh, this looks good!” Maria said as she began to cut into the steak.

Aiden sat watching Maria. He made sure that the Gods were staying on track with what they were asked to do.

While Maria was busy eating, Aiden noticed that Dionysus started to get into explicit territories with his storytelling. Aiden looked back at him.

“Ah, what I mean to say is that we had a pillow fight that night, with several of her friends. Yeah, that’s what happened.” Dionysus cleaned up his story.

Maria popped a few of the Phoenix Nuggets into her mouth. “Oh wow, these taste like it’s been smoked and have a deep spiciness to them. What animal is this from?” Maria asked Aiden.

Aiden looked at it. “Oh that’s from the Mythological Phoenix.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then paused. “Wait, like the firebird from Ancient Mythology class?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Yes, exactly that one.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s real? I thought all that stuff was just made up.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden looked at Maria confused. “I am literally from the Heavenly Realm, and you found it difficult to believe that an Immortal Bird existed?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Well, I can see you. I’ve never seen a fire chicken before. So wait, how about everyone else here, I thought they were just generic Heavenly Beings like you. DId I read about them too?” Maria asked Aiden.

“You probably read about everyone here.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Wait, so who is that?” Maria pointed at Dionysus.

“He’s Dionysus.” Aiden responded.

“Cool! I read about him. And how about the woman who gave me this?” Maria asked, lifting up her necklace.

“She is the Goddess Hestia.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh wow, that’s two A list Gods so far. And how about the one who served us just now?” Maria asked pointed at the kitchen.

“She is the Goddess Hebe.” Aiden informed Maria.

“I don’t know much about her, except that she is the daughter of Hera and married to Hercules. Oh, and that she served that one special dish. Ah! I forgot the name.” Maria said, trying to remember.

“Wow, I’m actually surprised you know even that much about them.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, they do show up in video games all the time. So how could I not. So do you know Gods like Zeus, Poseidon and Hera?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Your mom actually spoke to Hera before. She was the one who acted like my mom when I enrolled in school.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That is so cool! And you never thought to tell me about that!” Maria pointed at Aiden.

“It never came up.” Aiden responded.

Hebe brought out the Ambrosia for Maria.

“I can take that away from you. Here is your second course. This is my specialty, Ambrosia.” Hebe said to Maria.

“Ah! That’s the name I was trying to think of, Ambrosia! So is this going to make me immortal?” Maria asked Hebe.

“It should, since you are a mortal and all.” Hebe said to Maria.

Maria clamped her hands together. “Thank you for the meal Goddess Hebe.” Maria said to her.

Hebe was surprised, and felt flattered. “It’s my pleasure, Best Friend of Aiden” Hebe responded, going back to the kitchen.

“Wow, that was rather formal for you.” Aiden remarked to Maria.

“Well now that I know that they are Gods, I have to be a bit more presentable.” Maria said, brushing off her clothes.

“You do know in the Heavenly Realm, I rank higher than they do, but I never get that kind of formality.” Aiden laughed.

“One because I never read about you, and two, you are my Best Friend, so of course I wouldn’t be formal to you.” Maria said, taking a bite out of Ambrosia.

As it touched her tongue she felt her body heat up and euphoria spread through her nerves. Though the dish wasn’t the best tasting thing she ever tried, it was definitely the most pleasurable experience that could be had with a meal.

“You’re actually going to let me become immortal?” Maria asked Aiden.

“This is immortality in the sense that you won’t die from old age, but you are young, so its effects are pointless now. And within 7 years all the cells that have the effect of Ambrosia would have split apart and died from mitosis. So it’s closer to a medicine than a relic.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah poop! Well at least I can say that I ate it before. Though I don’t think anyone would believe me.” Maria responded to Aiden as she ate more of the dish.

As the lunch was drawing to a close Maria was able to eat meat from the Kraken, Peryton, wings of a Griffin, legs of a hippalectryon, meat of a Unicorn, and a Gyro from the Goat part of a Chimera.

As Maria picked her teeth of the different meals using the horn shards of a Dragon she looked over at Aiden. “So were any of those animals part Human?” Maria asked with a devilish smile.

“No, none of them were part Human in any way. So no Mermaids, Sirens, Pan or any creature like that.” Aiden responded.

“Aww dang it.” Maria said, crossing her arms.

“You wanted to eat a person?” Aiden asked.

“Well I was a little curious to see what a Human would taste like since I was eating Mythological Creatures anyways. I thought they would serve something with a part Human body.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s strange. But maybe next time I could request it.” Aiden said to Maria.

Then Andhrímnir came out with the main course. “I hope you have made room for the feast of a lifetime!” Andhrímnir called out, holding a fully prepared dish with Sæhrímnir’s entire body presented. “This is the meal served everyday in the Norse District, or as we call it Valhalla!” Andhrímnir placed it on the table.

Maria was excited because of Andhrímnir’s high energy.

“Awesome! Look at it’s head!” Maria said, looking over the meal.

“Now how do you fit so much food in that tiny body of yours!?” Andhrímnir asked Maria laughing.

“With drive and determination! That’s how!” Maria responded with the same amount of volume as Andhrímnir.

He laughed and handed Maria two giant knives. “Wait until you can try this with a good drink, too bad Aiden rejected the request for alcohol, so you won’t get the full experience. Maybe when you get older I can serve it to ya again. Or maybe you could die and be served it in Valhalla!” Andhrímnir laughed.

Maria laughed with him. Aiden looked at the both of them annoyed.

Andhrímnir returned to the kitchen. Maria was sitting in front of this giant serving of pork. She then began eating.

Hebe came out of the kitchen and wanted to speak with Aiden.

“I’m going to go into the kitchen really quickly.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria nodded her head with a mouthful of pork.

“So what is it?” Aiden asked.

Hebe showed the amount of food that her and Andhrímnir prepared.

“Why’d you two make so much?” Aiden asked.

“We are so used to feeding dozens of people.” Hebe started saying before being interrupted by Andhrímnir.

“In my case hundreds.” Andhrímnir said.

“That we sort of didn’t control the portions.” Hebe said to Aiden.

Aiden looked around at all of it. “Very well, I can make it all disappear.” Aiden said to the two.

“Please don’t do that. It would truly be a waste to allow these creatures to die without being consumed.” The Goddess Hestia said to Aiden.

Hebe nodded her head in agreement. Andhrímnir also seemed to share the same sentiments.

“Fine, I will come up with something for it.” Aiden said to the three.

Aiden walked out and say Maria slowing down on her meal.

“Getting full?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Nah, I can keep going.” Maria responded.

“You know, there is still a full kitchen’s worth of food. What should we do about that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“How much is that?” Maria asked.

“Hmm, probably several times what you just got done eating.” Aiden responded to Maria, looking at Maria’s face.

Maria tried to imagine herself eating all of that.

“Okay… I guess we can host a party?” Maria suggested to Aiden.

“A party? Really?” Aiden wanted to clarify.

“Yes, it can be like a graduation party.” Maria said to Aiden.

Dionysus came up behind them. “I like this idea, are we going to be increasing the size of the audience?” Dionysus asked.

“Yes, but still no alcohol.” Aiden said to him.

“Sure, I heard it the third time.” Dionysus responded. “I can rework the performances for a larger audience.” Dionysus said, clearing his throat.

“Yeah, we can invite nearly everyone from the graduating class.” Maria suggested to Aiden.

“That’s very unlike you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, I want to leave them with one last regret before we don’t see them anymore. Make them wish they were friends with me earlier haha!” Maria said to Aiden, as she laughed with confidence.

“Very well. I will begin to go to each of their houses, and invite them over.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sounds like a good plan! I am going to stand at the front door so I can surprise everyone as they come in.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’ll probably take at least 20 minutes before the first students arrive.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Eh, whatever. You do your part and I’ll do mine.” Maria said. The Golems then came up behind Maria and picked her up. She did not want to walk with so much food in her stomach.

Aiden walked into the kitchen.  “Okay, a significant number of students will be coming here, so you all can begin the preparations for them all.” Aiden said to Andhrímnir and Hebe.

“The Battle is on!” Andhrímnir responded.

Aiden then flew out of the Headquarters and to the homes of his former classmates.

Dionysus was busy preparing the next set of performances. Hestia cleared the area. And the two chefs were preparing the second round, but reformed it for a party rather than a private lunch.

The students were surprised to see Aiden at their front door inviting them to a party. Some of them were only allowed to join if their parents could supervise watch over them. And for the others Hera was able to provide cover as Aiden’s mom.

Pretty soon the students started to enter the Headquarters and were shocked by its size.

“Hey hey!” Maria surprised the glamour trio as she waited at the door for guests.

“I’m surprised that you and Angeal are throwing a going away party. What brought this on?” Ashley asked Maria.

“You know, I didn’t want you all to miss me too much. So I have to go out with a bang.” Maria responded to Ashley.

“So who’s all going to be here?” Ashley asked.

“Anyone from the 8th Grade who could make it. Angeal is inviting everyone. We prepared a ton of exotic foods.” Maria said with a cockiness in her voice.

“How exotic could it possibly be?” Sarah asked.

“This is Maria we are talking about, she brought different foods everyday with her to lunch.” Vanessa responded.

“You all can see for yourself. Just enjoy today because you won’t get to experience this again!” Maria said to them as a Golem came and greeted the girls.

They were startled and amazed to see it.

Alvin came to the door. “So this is art where thy dwell. Mine gratitude for employing mine presence.” Alvin said to Maria.

“Yeah, sure. Eat and do whatever I guess.” Maria responded to Alvin. Alvin immediately went to Dionysus’ performance with an admiration in his eyes.

Katherine and her parents came and greeted Maria.

“Because I graduated today, my parents decided that I should have fun with kids my own age. So no volunteering today.” Katherine said to Maria.

“Glad you could make it! We have to make sure it’s really fun for you then!” Maria said to Katherine.

They all walked in and were greeted by the Golems.

Andhrímnir came up behind Maria. “What would Aiden say about serving these adult mortals alcohol?” He asked, lowering his voice.

“I think Aiden would be okay with that.” Maria responded.

Andhrímnir celebrated. “Ha, now this is a gathering!” He proclaimed and went back into the kitchen.

Alayna came into the house. She looked around and noticed its grand size. “No wonder Angeal is so strong, his hallway is bigger than most gyms.” Alayna said towards Maria.

“Well I guess I’m even happy to see that you came.” Maria said to Alayna with a bit of an attitude.

“Come on, the past is the past.” Alayna said to Maria, patting her head and walking past her.

Kayla then was hiding behind the column of the front. She saw Maria and continued to hide. “Come on, Angeal invited you. You can come in anytime.” Maria said to Kayla, but Kayla remained hidden. “Ah, that’s a bit annoying.”

Joshua, Issac, Rebecca and Silvia all came together.

“Wow, do you guys ever separate?” Maria asked them.

“Joshua was throwing his own party, but we thought we’d come here instead.” Rebecca said to Maria.

“Not that my party was boring, we just wanted to see everyone again, one last time.” Joshua responded.

“Well, you guys already know the layout, so just go in.” Maria said as the prep students entered. Charles followed behind them, nodding to Maria.

Leanne came and was excited to see Maria again. “I got to see you much sooner than I expected! I am so glad!” Leanne said to Maria.

“I’m glad that we could hang out outside of school! I got some interesting food in there you need to try!” Maria excitedly said to Leanne.

“I’m going to eat everything there.” Leanne laughed. She then entered.

Aiden then returned.

Sarah and Mei came out from behind Aiden.

“Wow, Maria, you sure have gotten taller!” Sarah said, looking at Maria.

“You two look healthier too, last time I saw you guys you were looking rough.” Maria said, looking at Mei and Sarah.

“Yeah, I guess not being trapped in a prison does that to you.” Mei laughed.

“So you are a freshman now, good luck in highschool.” Sarah said to Maria.

 “I’ll have Aiden with me, so I’ll be fine.” Maria joked with the two.

“That is right. You are going to be just fine in High School then. I graduated not too long ago, so it’s not going to be so different. You can ask me for advice.” Mei said to Maria as the two of them entered the home and were greeted warmingly by the golems.

Aiden then walked up to the door.

“I invited everyone that we met over the year.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, I could tell. Seems that you even got the Teachers to come to.” Maria looked in the House.

“Wanted to make sure we got everything eaten.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, I guess this is also a good place to make sure we say Goodbye to everyone, haha.” Maria smiled at Aiden.