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  • Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Seven

    “The Start of a Super Power” Sweeping changes were made throughout Titan after the discovery of a New Energy Source was made by Professor Valentine. The stones immediately became classified as weapons, and Professor Valentine’s Research was marked classified. However, enough stones had been distributed after the initial lecture that containing all of them was…

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  • Creating Gods from Demigods: Chapter Four

    Divine Intervention Four Eggs appeared in the Vast Ocean around Cerberus. They were pure white and glistened with the brilliance of Diamonds. However, no one would ever see this for their locations were in the deepest part of the seas.  As time passed on the surface, these eggs gained an even higher light emanating from…

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  • Beruta, the Curious: Chapter Five

    Chapter Five “Into the Guard” Several days had passed while Beruta waited for her hands to completely heal up. In the meantime she and Yomie were able to gather more information on the Fringe Group that targeted Yaooan and other Multiple Term Political Individuals. “So several Ponicon Members have been found trying to infiltrate into…

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  • Chronicles of Joi: Chapter 1

    The Princess and the Thief The day was coming to an end over the Famous Konowan Buyer’s Market. During the two days out of the week when it is open, the place is a bustling metropolitan of commerce.  While the area is a fine place to find products that you would need, because it is…

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Eighteen

    “Goodbye Everyone” The Sequoia State Junior High School’s End of the Real Rally was underway. The Principal of the school introduced the Top 5 ranking Middle Schoolers. “That was a fine performance from the Marching Bands, now it’s time for the speeches from our Top 5 top scorers of the 7th Grade. We will begin…

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