Chronicles of Joi: Chapter 1

The Princess and the Thief

The day was coming to an end over the Famous Konowan Buyer’s Market. During the two days out of the week when it is open, the place is a bustling metropolitan of commerce. 

While the area is a fine place to find products that you would need, because it is an unregulated area, allowing anyone to sell with or without a business license, the types of goods may not be completely obtained legally. One would just need to purchase a plot, and whatever they use it for is between them and the customer.

The city of Konowa, in the Country of Joi, had lost a great deal of its population after the end of the ‘Age of Immortality’, during a botched ritual to Summon their supposed Guardian Deity. The City soon was taken over by Violently Wealthy Businessmen who profited off the decimated populations’ remaining loot. 

The Province of Kow, where Konowa is situated, was later split in half following the Outsider Invasion. The Outsiders subjugated the Eastern Population resulting in all relics and items of Power being destroyed. The Western Population continued to fight, losing their numbers until intervention from the Demigods eliminated the outsiders. Now the City is in a constant state of Fighting between wealthy businessmen, leaving the poor to act as Soldiers for hire, or thieves.

Reqshal, a young man with the appearance of someone in their early 20s, relaxed on his platform converting the money he scammed from customers into usable currency. A group of 3 guys kicked the base of his platform trying to get his attention.

Reqshal didn’t look over at them. He was too busy counting. “Sorry, I’m closed for today, pal. Try and catch me next week if you want to buy some herbs.” Reqshal said to the three.

Sarrel, a much stronger looking man, reached into the bag he was holding and dumped the contents onto Reqshal’s stomach. Reqshal looked at the plants, which had come from the bag, realizing that these guys were customers who had already tested his product and were coming back to give their review. Sarrel grabbed Reqshal by the shirt and lifted him up.

“You think this is a game huh? Were you trying to kill my Nana by selling me Bull Shit!?” Sarrel angrily asked Reqshal.

Reqshal began to laugh nervously. “No way! Why would I do that!? I don’t even know your Nana. you see, what you threw on me was my Umaganess Herbs, what you were looking for was my Yutoi Herb, right? That’ll be like 190 Dollas.” Reqshal responded to Sarrel, testing to see if he could earn a little more from these guys.

Sarrel pressed Reqshal against the wall.

“I ain’t looking to buy crap from you!” Sarrel said to the pinned Reqshal. Saarrel gestured for the two other guys. “Take all of his shit.” Sarrel commanded them.

The two other guys started emptying out Reqshal’s belonging. All they were finding was just garbage and worthless items.

“Oh come on guys, you don’t need to do that. This was all a big misunderstanding.” Reqshal said, while still being pressed up against the wall. He obviously was not taking any of what was happening seriously.

“Nothing of his has any value! All he has is a bunch of crap!” Dou, one of the guys who came with Sarrel said.

“Hey! All my stuff is premium grade. You would know if you were medically trained like I am.” Reqshal responded.

Dou started checking Reqshal’s pockets.

Reqshal immediately kicked one of the poles holding his plot up causing it to begin to collapse. Reqshal attached a trigger to the pole where it would release a bolt of electricity along the ground, shocking anyone standing in his plot.

Sarrel, Dou and the other guy fell down unconscious as Reqshal released himself from Sarrel’s grip.He then went through the pockets of the 3 guys. He emptied them out completely and walked away from the scene as if nothing happened.

After some distance had been traveled Reqshal started checking what he stole.

“Wow, those guys were loaded. I should have followed them to their home when I had the chance.” Reqshal thought to himself.

There was one item within the loot that stood out among the others. 

“On Earth is this thing?” Reqshal said quietly while holding a glowing shard. He tossed it into the air and caught it, imagining the amount it would sell for. He whistled as he exited the Buyer’’s Market.

Near the exit, the serpent beast he called for came down to pick him up.

“Destination?” The driver of the serpent asked Reqshal.

Reqshal selected his destination on the map that was offered to him by the Driver. He selected to go to the middle of the forest.

“30 Dollas.” The Driver said to Reqshal.

Reqshal scans the Beast’s Code and 30 Dollas was transferred. Reqshal hopped on the serpent and it took off into the air towards his destination.

Later, in the Aku Daral Manor with Sarrel, Dou and their partner.

A woman dressed in white sat on a high throne in front of Sarrel and his partners. She had a man next to her tied from head to toe in whip-like ropes. The 3 men were bowing their heads and apologizing, begging for forgiveness.

“So you’re telling me, that not only did you not get the correct medicine for my dear Ol Gran Gran, but you also lost the Shard of Serenity?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel as she chewed on a crystal.

“We are sorry, it was a thin guy at the stalls today. We thought he would do quick work, but he hit-” Sarrel began to explain what happened with Reqshal before Oblivia interrupted him.

“Shut up!” She yelled as she stopped chewing.

Sarrel went silent immediately.

The Court Queen stood up. She gestured her hand.

The guy covered in whips released one of the ropes and sliced one of the 3 men in half. They then bled out on the floor. Immediately dying.

The bound man then stood back to where he was.

“Do you understand how many strings I had to pull to get that shard? Do you know how much POWER you just lost me!?” Court Queen Oblivia asked Sarrel, feeling a bit annoyed.

The room went completely silent. Sarrel was nervous.

“Answer me when I am talking to you, you idiot!” The Court Queen commanded Sarrel more loudly and aggressively.

“I don’t know! Please! I don’t want to die! We will get everything back, I swear!” Sarrel began to plead for his life.

The Court Queen then went back to her seat. She returned to being calm and menacing.

“Oh yeah? Don’t worry. If you don’t get it back, then death would be the least of your problems.” The Court Queen responded.

She snapped her fingers and two men walked out of the room off to the side. Both of them were wearing official medical suits.

“Doctor Rimu and Doctor Stel, adjust these two.” The Court Queen commanded as the two medical men grabbed Dou and Sarrel. They were then brought into the back room.

Court Queen Oblivia then began to chew on her shard again. She stood up and walked towards the back room. She felt disgusted at the bloody mess on his floor. 

“Won’t you be a dear and clean up that mess for me.” The Court Queen said to the Bound Man.

The Bound man crawls towards the bloody mess. He used the whips to support his movement like a spider. He then began to consume the remains of the guy that was split earlier. The Court Queen continued her way to the back room, shutting the door behind her.

Reqshal had made it to his shack in the Konowa forest.

His home was nothing more than a beaten up shack which was in total disrepair. He has photos of a young kid, most likely himself. Many of the images showed him and his mom, he looked to be a teenager in those. And the images that had all three of them looked like he was a small child.

Reqshal had his bag of items all around the floor. He laid down completely lazily. As he rested he heard snapping twigs outside. Reqshal jumped to attention and went for a peak outside. He didn’t see anyone approaching his home.

“An animal I guess?” Reqshal thought to himself as he looked out his window.

He then hears his door open. But he didn’t see anyone coming in.

He pulls a knife out of his back pocket. He walks slowly around his home looking to see if someone came in.

Reqshal searches in the bathroom and grabs his gun that he had under the toilet seat. And places his knife back into his back pocket.

“Hey! Whoever you are. You can leave right now, and I won’t have to shoot you.” Reqshal said while searching for the intruder.

Reqshal taps his gun on the wall.

“You hear that? That’s a grade A weapon in my hand, and if you’re not trying to end up with a giant hole in your chest, you should leave me alone.” Reqshal called out.

Reqshal heard stumbling in his main bedroom. “Ah crap! How’d you get by me?” Reqshal thought to himself running towards his room.

He ran into the room and saw that his disorganized stuff was more disorganized than usual. Reqshal looked around and still didn’t see anyone.

He felt his body being touched. He punched whatever was touching him and backed away, and immediately shot in its direction.

“Ghost!” Reqshal yelled out.

The shots missed their mark but he saw a young lady laying on the ground. She looked to be royally dressed. He slowly walked towards her with his gun still ready to be fired. He taps the body with his foot, trying to keep some distance.

“Hey, Ghost Girl…” Reqshal said, tapping her again with his foot.

After a few more taps she gets up quickly and begins to attack Reqshal.

Reqshal tries to dodge her but she was much better at fighting than he was. She had complete control of the fight and was knocking him around his own house.

“Hey! Hold up! What are you doing?” Reqshal asked, trying to get her to stop.

He was tossed against the wall again. And the girl began to punch his face repeatedly. He then claps his hand and arrows are shot out from his walls. The arrows impacted the other side of the room missing both himself and the girl. He tossed his gun and knife at the girl.

She catches both of them, and points the gun at Reqshal.

Reqshal then claps his hands again and the lines that were attached to the arrows sent bolts of electricity out to everything in the room that was metal, including the gun in the girl’s hand. She was shocked and fell unconscious.

Reqshal finally calmed down and caught his breath. He pulled one of the lines down and tied her up.

The next morning.

The girl wakes up tied to a chair as she sees that she is completely bound. She saw Reqshal making himself some breakfast.

Reqshal notices her and walks over with what looked like a piece of toast in his mouth.

“I was getting worried that I might have killed you with electricity last night. Glad to see you’re awake.” Reqshal said, talking with his mouth full.

Amora, the girl that was tied to the chair, tested out how tight the bonds were on her.

“No use trying to get out, I tied you up pretty good.” Reqshal said to her.

Reqshal was happy with his handy work and continued to eat in peace. Amora then taps on her leg with her other foot and burns the ropes off of her body. She got up and immediately started heading towards Reqshal. Reqshal began to panic and backed up into his kitchen.

“Hey! Hey! I didn’t do anything!” Reqshal called out with his hands up.

Amora reached for her bag and saw that she no longer had it. She was surprised.

“Your thievery knows no bounds does it? Where is my handbag?” Amora asked, glaring at Reqshal.

“Hey! You came into my house last night and tried to steal my stuff. I think you are the thief in this scenario.” Reqshal responded.

“You stole my Shard of Serenity yesterday! How dare you accuse me of such a lowly crime!” Amora said, accusing Reqshal.

Amora began to search through his stuff.

“Ah… you know I am still here. You can’t just start looking through my stuff like that.” Reqshal said, wondering why Amora seemed uninterested in him.

“I have determined that you are not a threat to me. And you’re obviously too dumb to know what I’m talking about. So I am going to look for it myself.” Amora responded, still looking through his stuff.

Reqshal then turned around towards his kitchen.

“Well fine. Do you want some toast while you look?” Reqshal asked.

She didn’t respond to him. He then made some more toast and tried to hand it to her.

“I might have taken it. I don’t know. I take a lot of things. Describe it to me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

Amora takes the toast and then tosses it on the ground. “Tell me where my bag is, and I’ll find it myself.” Amora responded, she then walked to the other side of the room.

Reqshal looked at the toast that was now on the ground. He picked it up and brushed off the dust and ate it himself. As he began to eat again they both heard a loud thud outside.

Reqshal ran to his window and looked out. He saw Sarrel outside. Sarrel had grown considerably in size, and looked slightly demented. Sarrel pulled out a machine that trached the Energy Signal of the Shard of Serenity.

Sarrel then broke into the house through the wall, knocking dust and wall pieces at Reqshal and Amora.

“Come on dude! You didn’t need to do all of that!” Reqshal said to Sarrel.

Sarrel grabbed Reqshal’s face extremely quickly, he held him like a ragdoll.

Amora ignored what was going on and continued her search for her bag.

“I know you still have it! Give me back everything you stole from me! And I’ll make your death painless.” Sarrel commanded Reqshal.

“I don’t know what you are even talking about…” Reqshal said, struggling to get out of Sarrel’s grip.

“Wow, you stole from him too. Your thievery truly doesn’t know any bounds.” Amora said.

Sarrel then started shaking Raqshal’s body and the things on his person began to fall out.

Amora’s bag, the Shard of Serenity, a baby photo of him with his parents, among other things.

Sarrel saw the Shard of Serenity and went to reach for it.

“There we are.” Sarrel said, still holding Reqshal’s face to the wall. Amora rushed to the Shard and blocked Sarrel’s hand. She grabbed the Shard herself.

“What do you think you are doing? This is mine!” Amora said, scolding Sarrel.

Sarrel threw Reqshal to the side and turned his attention to Amora.

“Give it to me, or you will get hurt!” Sarrel said to Amora.

“Were you the one that initially stole it from me then?” Amora questioned Sarrel.

“Give it to me!” Sarrel responded, reaching for the Shard. Amora kicked his hand away, then kicked the back of his head, sending Sarrel stumbling into Reqshal’s bed.

Amora then tried to run out of the house through the hole that Sarrel made. Reqshal grabbed her leg, preventing her from leaving.

“You aren’t going to leave, look at what you did to my house!” Reqshal said to Amora, as he held her leg tightly.

Sarrel got up quickly and ran towards Amora.

Amora kicked Reqshal in the face, knocking him out, but Reqshal handcuffed his hand to her leg.

Amora fell forward trying to run. She then looked at the binds. “Really?!” She thought to herself, seeing that now she was handcuffed to an unconscious man.

She grabbed Reqshal and threw him on her shoulder. She then jumped out of the hole to attempt an escape from Sarrel.

Sarrel chased the pair, Amora’s speed was hindered greatly by the weight of Reqshal on her back.

Reqshal woke up, just in time to see his house completely collapse in the distance.

“Aww damn! Really! That’s going to take like a month to build back up again!” Reqshal complained, as he was still being carried on Amora’s back.

“Why did you bound yourself to me? Where’d you even get those cuffs from?” Amora asked. Reqshal still rode on Amora’s back.

“Whatever that thing you both are trying to get seems pretty valuable, so you know, I figured that maybe you could throw me a little bit of cash.” Reqshal responded to Amora.

“Why would I give a thief money?!” Amora was shocked that Reqshal even thought that was an option.

“To free yourself from me, obviously.” Reqshal responded as if it was obvious.

Sarrel began to gain on them as she began to tire out.

“Release the bonds so that I can take care of this guy!” Amora commanded Reqshal.

“Will you pay me?” Reqshal asked.

“No!” Amora quickly responded.

Sarrel caught up to the pair. “I got you now!” Sarrel said, reaching to grab Amora.

“Yes! Hurry up!” Amora shouted at Reqshal.

“Release” Reqshal said, clapping his hands together. The cuffs released. Amora and Reqshal split apart causing Sarrel to go completely through the space between them. He stumbled on the ground. Amora and Reqshal laid on the ground. Amora was completely exhausted.

“Dang, I won’t even get to spend it if I’m not alive.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then turned invisible.

“Dammit! Really?! I thought we had a deal!” Reqshal shouted.

Sarrel looked around trying to see Amora, but he was unable to. Sarrel then grabbed Reqshal by the throat.

“You must be her friend right? So she’s going to have to come back to save you.” Sarrel said to Reqshal.

Reqshal tried to breathe as he was being choked. “I think you are overestimating our relationship.” Reqshal responded.

Sarrel choked Reqshal even harder.

Reqshal began to pass out. “Damn, I’m going out like a nerd.” Reqshal thought to himself.

Two rods were then shoved into Sarrel’s neck, and a bolt of electricity flowed between them. The shock made Sarrel’s hand spasm causing Reqshal to be released. Sarrel then collapsed and fell to the ground face first.

Reqshal crawled away from Sarrel, and he looked around to what saved him.

Amora revealed herself.

“Ah, so you didn’t ditch me.” Reqshal said, genuinely feeling surprised.

“I made an agreement with you. Why would I leave without fulfilling it?” Amora responded.

Reqshal rubbed his neck. “I mean… it’s not like I do that or anything.” Reqshal said nervously.

Amora grabbed Reqshal’s hand to pull him along. She started running.

“Come on! He is not going to stay down for long.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

The pair ran until they could spot a Manor in the distance.

Reqshal walked behind Amora quite a ways behind her. He was not able to keep up with her speed.

“Why are you taking me so far? You can just hand me like 10 Thousand Dollas and I’ll be out of your hair. You got what you want right?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora continued to walk ignoring what he asked her. Reqshal continued to wait for a response that never came.

“You know, it would be a lot cooler if we had an actual conversation. Or if you’re not into that, then a quick transfer would do.” Reqshal said to Amora as she continued to walk in silence.

“Come on, someone like you got to have at least that much. Honestly, I think I’m low balling it.” Reqshal continued to speak.

“Is all you think about is money?” Amora responded.

“Money is what makes the world go round. I didn’t make the rules, I just live by it.” Reqshal answered.

“I don’t keep money on me. So we are going to have to go to my estate to get it.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“You don’t keep money on you, but you keep things of even more value?” Reqshal asked.

“There’s a difference between these items and money. This stuff is actually useful.” Amora quickly responded.

“Money is pretty useful too. I bet a girl like you would be able to get a lot easily in one night.” Reqshal said, looking up and down Amora.

Amora turned around furious at Reqshal’s comment.

“Are you undressing me with your eyes?!” Amora yelled at him.

“I’m not hurting anyone, besides, it’s idiotic to go out into town with no money. Especially a girl like you.” Reqshal responded to her.

Amora began to quickly speak as she gestured her hand up, and on her chest a bright light appeared. Then she gestured her hand down and Reqshal began to sink into the ground.

Reqshal began to panic.

“Okay! I give! I’ll stop being a turd to you princess or whatever you are!” Reqshal pleaded.

Reqshal then stopped sinking and climbed out of the ground. Amora seemed a bit tired after that, but she still stood proud and strong.

“Pretty sure I can handle myself a lot better out there than you could. I don’t need your street advice.” Amora said to Reqshal.

They both continued to walk in silence until the manor was directly in front of them. They stood in front of the gate.

“So, how’d you do that?” Reqshal asked Amora.

Amora touches the shield around the gate, and scans her biometrics.

“Someone of your disposition won’t be able to do it. You are far too corrupt to be able to perform any of these techniques.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

The shield then opened up. Amora and Reqshal walked into the courtyard. The Manor is one of the few places that have truly kept up with the former aesthetic of the city of Konowa. It’s plants were  a luscious green colour, and had flowing water around the court. The building looked to have over a hundred rooms and was white with a red roof.

“Well damn, look at this place. I bet this cost a fortune.” Reqshal said, looking at the premise.

“You stand in the courtyard. I’ll be back.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora walked into the building leaving Reqshal outside. Reqshal walked around the outside. He saw a gardener tending to the shrubs.

“Hey my guy, what’s happening? Doing some plant cutting I see.” Reqshal attempted to open a conversation.

“Yes, quite.” The gardener responded.

The gardener continued to cut the shrubs. Reqshal watched him and stared at his outfit.

“So, I’m guessing you’re some kind of servant or something right? You got captured huh?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“No, this is a job.” The gardener responded. The gardener then looked down at Reqshal. “I’m guessing that is something you don’t know much about.”

“A job? Man, you have no clue how many jobs I have. A job isn’t anything. The amount of money I make is insane.” Reqshal responded gloating, but giving off the impression that he has no idea what a job is.

The gardener ignored Reqshal.

“So… let me hypothetically ask. If I were to get a job here, how much would I be making?” Reqshal asked the gardener.

“That entirely depends on what you are good at. It could be anywhere between 30 thousand to 800 thousand  a day.” The gardener responded.

Reqshal felt a bit uneasy in the legs. He began to stumble. “800 Thousand! A day?!” Reqshal could not believe that number.

Reqshal sat down to keep from collapsing.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I doubt you have any abilities that are worth that much.” The gardener said to Reqshal.

“Why you gotta be so rude, man! All you do is cut plants. I bet I could do that too!” Reqshal said, trying to grab the cutting tool. The gardener flipped Reqshal and pinned him to the ground.

“Like I said, you don’t have any ability worth that much.” The gardener reiterated to Reqshal.

Amora and her Father walked outside and saw that Reqshal was pinned to the ground.

Dionysal, the Father of Amora, walked over to the two men.

“You may get up from him, Fengsal.” Dionysal said to the gardener.

Fengsal got up immediately and continued his gardening work. Dionysal looked at Reqshal closely.

“So you are the scoundrel that’s attempting to extort my daughter, right?” Dionysal asked Reqshal.

“Don’t say it like that. It was more of a deal than extortion, Promise.” Reqshal responded.

“He quite literally bound me to him, and wouldn’t release the constraints until I agreed to pay him.” Amora said to her father.

They both looked down at Reqshal.

“Do you deny that?” Dionysal asked.

“I mean, yeah you can describe it like that. But did she tell you that she broke into my house last night. Practically broke everything.” Reqshal responded.

Dionysal then looked at Amora.

“That’s true, only because you stole my Shard!” Amora quickly said back to Reqshal.

“I didn’t steal anything from you except your bag, and that was more for my own protection. Since it was obvious that you were going to use them to hit me.” Reqshal got up and pointed at Amora.

“You liar! How’d you get my Shard then?!” Amora asked Reqshal.

“I stole it from the guy that was chasing us.” Reqshal responded.

“Did you know what you were stealing?” Amora suspiciously asked Reqshal.

“I ain’t got a clue, Princess.” Reqshal responded.

Amora took a deep breath in and exhaled it with great frustration.

“FIne then. Father, I’m going to transfer 10 Thousand Dollas into this man’s account.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Go ahead.” He responded.

“Well before you do that, can I suggest another proposition my good sirs and madam. How about I just work here for like a day or two, for at about 800 Thousand Dollas a day rate.” Reqshal attempted to take an opportunity to make more money.

“No way! You are one step away from being literal trash! Just take the money and go!” Amora yelled at Reqshal.

Amora reached out her hand for Reqshal to hand her his transaction code. He pulls it out of his sleeves practically unwillingly. Amora takes it and begins to scan. Suddenly, there was a loud thunderous bang at the Shield in front of the Manor.

Someone was yelling from outside.

“Give me that damn Shard! I’ll bust down this shield and kill every last one of you in there!” Sarrel yelled out.

Sarrel seemed to have grown considerably since their last encounter.

Dionysal signaled for some of the workers to go to the gate and take care of Sarrel.

A Dozen workers ran out and stood at the gate ready to fight Sarrel. Sarrel stopped pounding on the gate.

“You think this will stop us from getting your Shard? This is nothing to Queen Oblivia.” Sarrel taunted Dionysal.

The face of the workers at the gate twitched. Dionysal’s face went from being mildly entertained into a serious expression.

“Oh yeah. You’re all scared now. If you don’t give it to me right now, we all are going to come back over here and slaughter every last one of you.” Sarrel threatened everyone in the Manor.

.”What do we do?” Amora asked Dionysal.

“What is her offer?!” Dionysal yelled back at Sarrel.

“Father, you can’t be serious. This was a gift from the Demigods.” Amora said to Dionysal.

“Her offer is not killing you all.” Sarrel responded back to Dionysal.

“Doesn’t sound good enough for me. We are just going to get rid of you.” Dionysal said to Sarrel.

“Come on then, Old Man! Let’s see what you got!” Sarrel taunted.

Dionysal gestured for the workers to open the Shield, so that they could storm and capture Sarrel. The Shield opened up, and Sarrel immediately put out a Shard and shot it directly at Dionysal from where he was standing. Sarrel did not care about being taken out by the workers.

The shot traveled toward Amora because Sarrel was a bit off.

Reqshal jumped in front of the projectile but it just passed through both him and Amora anyways. They both then collapsed on the ground.

Sarrel was immediately taken down, and was captured.

Dionysal went down to check on his daughter.

“Honey, are you okay?” Dionysal asked.

She was unconscious and Reqshal was no longer there.

The workers cuffed Sarrel and brought him into the dungeon.

After the situation cooled, Amora who was laid to rest for a bit on her bed awoke. She looked at where she felt she was hit and didn’t feel any pain or notice a wound.

“What happened? It’s so late in the day.” Amora thought to herself as she looked out the window.

“Yeah really, it’s like we were out for hours.” Reqshal responded.

Amora quickly looked around her room to see where Reqshal was. But she didn’t see him anywhere.

“Wait… Where are you? Are you invisible?” Amora asked.

“What are you saying, you’re the one that’s invisible.” Reqshal responded.

Amora looked down at her body, and saw that she was indeed present.

“I’m not invisible.” Amora said aloud.

“That wasn’t my body…” Reqshal responded.

They both then realized what happened. Amora ran to the mirror.

“Oh no! You’re in my head!” Amora said, realizing that she couldn’t see Reqshal, not because he was invisible, but because he is part of her thoughts.

“Wait, so I don’t have a body anymore!?” Reqshal responded.

Amora then slowly started to become Reqshal as his thoughts were becoming the prominent speaker.

“No! No stop! I don’t want to be trapped in your head!” Amora said as their body slowly became Reqshal’s.

Reqshal patted himself. “That’s a bit better.” Reqshal said to himself.

Amora then responded back by trying to take control of the body. Their physical appearance began to look like her again. Then once again Reqshal fought and made the body once again look like him.

They both then heard a knock at the door.

“Is everything okay, Lady Amora?” The Housekeeper asked.

Amora then took full control of the body and they became her.

“Yes, I am perfectly well here. Thank you for caring for me Tioral.” Amora responded.

“Well, your mid afternoon meal is ready for you downstairs whenever you are ready. Or I could bring it up to you.” The Housekeeper said to Amora.

“Let him bring it up here, I never got served before.” Reqshal thought aloud.

“Shut up!” Amora responded, but the words came out of her mouth rather than in her head.

“Beg your pardon?” The Housekeeper responded.

“Right up! Bring it right up, please, Tioral.” Amora said to the Housekeeper.

“Very well, Lady Amora.” The Housekeeper said as they left from the front of the door.

“You don’t think about anything until we get this figured out!” Amora scolded Reqshal.

“So what are you going to do when you take a shower huh?” Reqshal asked Amora.

“I can’t believe I share a body with you now! This is the worst! I figured that paying you would get you out of my hair as soon as possible, but now look.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Probably wouldn’t be in this mess if you just paid me more quickly rather than trying to accuse me of a crime… just saying.” Reqshal responded.

Amora then started walking to her door. She began to sneak down her hallway trying to make her way to the dungeon.

“Why are you sneaking? Isn’t this your house?” Reqshal asked.

“Just in case you start thinking of something stupid. I wouldn’t want us transforming out in the open and you being in a place you aren’t supposed to be.” Amora responded to Reqshal.

“Ah, so it would suck if I started thinking about the type of food that will be waiting for us in your room.” Reqshal said, out of spite for Amora calling his thoughts stupid.

Amora then began to transform into Reqshal. Amora saw someone approaching and hid behind the corner. The person approached Amora. She was back in her own form.

“Lady Amora, happy to see you are up. What are you doing, hiding?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Me? Hiding? No, I am just checking the craftsmanship of these walls. Komali does a good job keeping these maintained, right?” Amora said to the Librarian.

“Sure. Is there anything you need from me before I go, Lady Amora?” The Librarian asked.

“No, I’m okay. Please, continue with what you were doing.” Amora responded.

The Librarian left, and Amora continued onward to the dungeon.

Amora made her way there and found Sarrel sitting around playing with his toes in complete boredom. She stood in front of the cell and stared down at him. He looked up at her.

“What are you looking at?” Sarrel asked Amora.

“What did you shoot my father with earlier?” Amora asked.

“I don’t know. Some kind of curse. It obviously didn’t work.” Sarrel responded by showing Amora the bonds he had on him.

“What was the curse supposed to do?” Amora asked another question.

“Make’s someone’s worst nightmare their ongoing reality.” Sarrel responded, trying to ignore Amora.

Amora then transformed into Reqshal.

“Oh that’s messed up! You barely knew me for a day and becoming me was your worst nightmare?” Reqshal said aloud.

Sarrel then saw the two transform. He began to laugh.

“Wait! I got both of you!? Oh that is funny! Serves you both right!” Sarrel pointed at Reqshal. “If you just gave me that damn Shard when I came by that dirty old shack, then this wouldn’t have happened.” Sarrel scolded Reqshal.

“So how do you reverse this thing?” Reqshal asked, stepping up closer to the cell.

“The F*ck am I supposed to know. I’m done talking to you both. Queen Oblivia will be coming to get me out soon. So you don’t need to worry about living long enough to suffer.” Sarrel responded as he turned over to his side.

Reqshal slowly became Amora.

“Well that’s not good news… I need to go and tell my father!” Amora said as she ran out of the Prisoner Holding area.

“No wait! We should look it up first before having them attempt anything. I super don’t want to die. And if they just try to exorcize me, or something like that, who knows, it might just kill me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“Fine, just don’t think about anything as we make our way to the library.” Amora commanded Reqshal.

Amora made her way through the Manor. The workers were patrolling the area and were on high alert. Amora walked past them to the library. She then began to look through the books. But wasn’t quite finding what she was looking for.

“Maybe it’s in the Medicine Section?” Reqshal suggested.

“Why would it be in Medicine, it’s obviously a technique.” Amora responded.

“I don’t know, it’s a suggestion. My mom worked in medicine and-” Reqshal began to say before the Librarian interrupted their thoughts.

“Glad to see you came by and visited the Library, Lady Amora. Is there a book you are looking for?” The Librarian asked Amora.

“Yes, I’m looking for one on curses. Where would I find those?” Amora asked.

“You have to be a bit more specific than that. There are Temporal Curses, Ambition Curses, Personal Curses, Light Curses, Dark Curses. It could go on forever really.” The Librarian responded.

“Where would a body changing curse be located? You know, like one that makes someone fat, or changes them into a completely different person.” Amora asked the Librarian.

“That’s quite specific. Are you planning on learning how to do that curse? I can teach you if you want. Those books should be located in the Scripts from the Age of Witches.” The Librarian responded to Amora.

Amora followed the Librarian through the book columns.

“Not yet. I’m just curious for now.” Amora said to the Librarian.

The Librarian showed Amora the shelf. “Well here you are, Lady Amora. If you need anything just come to my desk.” The Librarian said before leaving.

Amora then skimmed through the pages.

“Oh look, there goes the body changing curse.” Reqshal noticed as Amora quickly ran her hand through the list.

“When one has their body altered to the appearance of another the change is permanent until the caster removes the curse.” The Page read.

“I don’t think this is correct.” Amora said, reading on.

“Why not, it’s exactly like what’s happening.” Reqshal responded feeling like Amora only said it was incorrect because he spotted it.

“Yes, but this is a nightmare curse. Because if it hit my father I doubt it would have been a body changing effect.” Amora said to Reqshal.

“Well okay, Princess. Find the Nightmare one.” Reqshal responded.

“I’m not a Princess, and you don’t tell me what to do.” Amora said to Reqshal.

Amora looked through the book shelfs and found a densely coloured text script on curses.

She went through it and found ‘Nightmare’. Amora read through the pages and found loads and loads of information on the curse, written by the Infamous Great Witch Gloria.

“There is no way we will be able to read all of this.” Reqshal said looking at how dense the information was.

“Maybe you can’t, but I definitely can.” Amora responded.

“How about you stop insulting me, we are the same person now. So I think it would be better if you played nice with me.” Reqshal said to Amora.

“As if. Once we break this, you take your money and leave. I wouldn’t want to hinder your life of Thievery and Poverty. See look, I already found the page.” Amora said, rolling her finger across it.

“Nightmare Curses are permanent curses. They can not be dispelled or exorcized. Research indicated that the death of the Caster may work in some cases.” An excerpt from the Great Witch also added to the bottom of the page. “This spell is for all those who cross me, may your death be a Nightmare.” The Page read.

Amora transformed into Reqshal.

“Well, that’s not good…” Reqshal said.

Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Two

Yaooan and Randiantsi stood outside of the cave. It had a wide entrance that gave an ominous feeling. Even without being able to see a few meters inside, the sensation of the place was of intense danger.

“I don’t think we should go any further…” Randiantsi said as they both looked into the dark abyss in front of them.

“Yea, I think you are right. If I had more control over my power I’m sure this would not be an issue.” Yaooan responded.

“Same here.” Randiantsi agreed. They both then backed up away from the entrance and decided to head towards the ocean instead.

“I hear the ocean is a good place to grind for EXP. There’s like a billion fish just eager to die with a single blast, or a throw of a needle!” Randiantsi said as she tossed her needle into the ocean and pulled out a fish.

Yaooan clapped, “Wow impressive. I see that you did some practice while I was in class.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Don’t you have school tomorrow, why aren’t you asleep?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan as they were both shooting fish in the shallows.

“I have very bad dreams at night, so I prefer to stay awake. Doing this seems better than watching videos all night anyways.” Yaooan responded.

They both continued to grind, and were stacking up on fish and fish bones. “That doesn’t sound very healthy, we can talk about it if you’d like.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan.

“Nah, just hanging out makes me feel better, my place is like crazy quiet, it deafening.” Yaooan said, leaving out the part about the sound of fighting being the only noise she hears,  because that is a huge indicator of where she lives.

Randiantsi then stopped. “Hey, Vani. I know we just met, and that we met just in this game. But you’re my friend , if you need to talk or just to hang out, I’m here.” Randiantsi addressed Yaooan.

“Same here Randiantsi, you’re my friend tooi.” Yaooan responded. She then received a message from Rider. “Geez Rider, do you not get a hint!” Yaooan said out loud.

“Oh what’s wrong?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“It’s Rider again, he’s like super annoying right now.” Yaooan responded. “He just said that he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened today and wants to make it up tomorrow.” 

“I’m guessing he means in person right?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Yeah in person, same place where I first logged in…” Yaooan told Randiantsi with audible annoyance in her voice.

“Dang, you must be breathtaking in person.” Randiantsi said as she shuffled through her bag.

“Trust me, I am not. I think he just wants to be liked by everyone.” Yaooan says as she was also preparing her bag for the return trip.

“Well, let’s sell these and get some mad cash!” Randiantsi said with her usual cheery voice. They both were completely filled to the brim with fish in their bags. They proceeded towards the Center Hub.

Once they arrived they took the route leading them to the SHopping District, and then into the Fish Market. They slammed the bags full of fish on the cashier’s desk.

“There you are, tons of fish for your enjoyment!” Randiantsi said to the NPC.

“Well let’s see what we have here.” He leaned over to examine the fish. “It’s impressive how little damage you both caused to these fish.” The Shop NPC was impressed by the haul. “Hmm, for this amount and this quality, I will give you 200 Rare Crystals.” He quoted them.

“200 Rare Crystals! What are you trying to do!? Cheat us!” Randiantsi said to the NPC.

“What are you doing? 200 Rare Crystals is an insane amount.” Yaooan whispered to Randiantsi.

“Yeah, but I bet he will give us an extra 5 Rare Crystals if we haggle him a bit.” Randiantsi responded to Yaooan also in a whisper.

“Fine, 210 Rare Crystals, but I am not going any higher than that! I have a shop to run.” The NPC said to Randiantsi.

“Sure, we will take it. But I got my eyes on you man.” Randiantsi said to the NPC as she gestured her two fingers from her eyes to his eyes.

They both walked away with an extreme haul.

“Here, that’s 105 for you, and 105 for me. Now we can go out and try some of that fancy food I hear this place has.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan as she transferred money to her.

“Why would we eat food here? It’s not like it’ll affect us in our actual bodies.” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

Randiantsi turned around quickly and pointed at Yaooan. “That’s where you are wrong, we are able to taste while we are in this world, since all of our senses can be simulated within our brains. Which includes taste.” Randiantsi pointed at her own tongue.

“SO we can actually taste the food in Rutanu?” Yaooan asked.

“Yeah, as much as we can see in Rutanu, hear Rutanu, feel Rutanu and so on. We can taste it!” Randiantsi said, gesturing wide.

Yaooan picked up some grass to see if everything had been programmed with taste. She placed a bit into her mouth, and immediately spit it out. “Bleh! That was horrible! Oh that tastes like rotted fish carcass.” Yaooan said, scraping her tongue.

“How do you know what that tastes like?” Randiantsi laughed.

“Hurry up! Let’s find somewhere to replace this taste.” Yaooan said looking through the map. “There, it’s not far. Looks like they have Soba.” Yaooan said heading in that direction with her tongue still poking out.

Yaooan and Randiantsi entered the place and saw a crowd of people surrounding a table in the restaurant.

“What do you think is happening there, Randiantst?” Yaooan asked and then proceeded to order Yaki Soba.

“Beats me, I have as much of a clue as you.” Randiantsi responded.

They both kept looking at what was causing such a ruckus. Yaooan then caught a glimpse of his face.

Yaooan was stunned. She shook Randiantsi’s shoulder. “It’s Yuski! He’s in the restaurant with us!” Yaooan said to Randiantsi, she was awestruck.

“Yuski? Whose that?” Randiantsi responded as she received her Soba.

Yaooan was about to reply, but then the crowd of people opened up. Following this Yuski began to walk towards the two girls.

“Oh dear, how could you have not heard of me?” Yuski said to Randiantsi.

“I just haven’t, are you some sort of NPC?” Randiantsi responded to him with a bit of soap in her mouth.

“Haha! Funny. You’re a funny one. How about you watch me in action? It’s a shame that not everyone has gotten the pleasure to see me fight.” Yuski then handed Randiantsi a Legendary Ticket to the Fighting Arena. “This is a front row seat to my fights tomorrow. Please come and watch.” Yuski added.

“I’m not going to watch alone, I’m in a party with Vani here.” Randiantsi said to Yuski, grabbing Yaooan’s shoulder.

“Oh, my apologies. Then there are two. And Waiter, please allow me to pay for their meals.” Yuski went on saying.

“We have that taken care of, thank you!” Randiantsi said to Yuski.

“Ha, feisty I see. Well please come, Vani and…” Yuski was trying to get Randiantsi’s name.

“Randiantsi.” Randiantsi responded.

“Wow, we are already finishing each other’s sentences. Well, Vani and Randiantsi, I’ll see you tomorrow at the Stadium. Bye bye.” He said as he left the eatery. Yuski was followed outside by the hordes of people trying to be his pupils.

“Well that’s cool, you just got personally invited to watch Yuski’s match, up close and personal.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi. “Looks like you got yourself a new crush.”

“I’m sure he hands these out like candy.” Randiantsi said before she called out to another guy at the other side of the restaurant. “Hey you! How much are you willing to pay for front row seats to watch Yuski fight?” She asked the random person.

“Hypothetically right? I would say I’d probably cough up maybe 5 Ultra Rare Coins for that.” He replied.

“Well, do you have that much?” She then asked again before being stopped by Yaooan.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi, before she just went and sold the tickets.

“You heard him, he would be willing to pay 5 Ultra Rare Coins. That’s like 50 times what we made today for essentially nothing.” Randiantsi responded back to Yaooan. “Besides, why would I want to go see him run around and beat up other players? I’d rather just do that myself.” Randiantsi explained to Yaooan.

“You know what, I can see your point. It feels kinda rude, but we really didn’t ask for them. He just gave it to us anyway.” Yaooan thought about it, and then agreed with Randiantsi.

“So I have here, two premium, high grade, pristine front row tickets to Yuski’s match tomorrow. I’m willing to sell them to this guy, unless someone is willing to let’s say… pay 8 Ultra Rare Coins for them?” Randiantsi said out loud to the newly arrived group who went to check out the seat that Yuski sat in.

“8 URCs, that’s a steal! Of course I’m willing to give that up,” A guy said in the crowd.

“Well, then it’s 9 URCs from me!” Another guy called out.

“Hero Worship at it’s finest.” Randiantsi laughed to Yaooan.

After Yaooan and Randiantsi finished their meals, they left the restaurant with a delicious taste in their mouths and a pocket of 23 URCs.

“Well, this was a productive night. I am going to head to sleep. I’m sure my mom will be able to tell if I got less than 2 hours of sleep. So I will be off.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, as she prepared to log off. “Feel free to dig into the party funds, 23 URCs is a lot of cash dollars.” Randiantsi said as she logged off.

Yaooan also decided to log off for the night. She was tired enough to feel like she could sleep immediately without having to lie awake with her own mind. So she disconnected the device from her neck and placed it next to her bed.

“Hmm, 3 hours until classes. I also have detention later, Damn… and did I have homework?” Yaooan thought, and before she knew it, she was asleep.

Yaooan fell into a deep sleep, and she heard crying next to a burning house. She walked closer and noticed that it was herself as a tiny child.

“Aww, what’s wrong little girl?” Yaooan asked the dream version of herself. The little girl pointed at the black figures that were trapped underneath the rubble. Yaooan tried to help, but she was unable to move the debris. The rest of the building then began to collapse. The falling material fell on her as her alarm woke her up.

“Ugh, I hate that dream…” Yaooan said annoyed. She got up slightly groggy, and dragged herself through her morning routine. “I have to set an alarm for myself to stop playing next time. I feel like dirt right now.” Yaooan thought to herself as she cleaned her teeth and made some breakfast for herself.

She had videos on as she ate. “Vlagora still is struggling to keep up with the progress of Marian North. We just keep Winning!” Was the message from the news networks.

“Yeah, whoa, everyone’s winning in Marian North.” Yaooan mockingly said to herself. She then continued to eat and finished her meal.

Yaooan left her home and saw another cute object on the ground. She wanted to pick it up, but chose to leave it on the floor. Considering she didn’t want another cute object destroyed.

“Oh wow Yaooan, you look way worse than yesterday. Did you get hit by a train!?” YauYue said, mocking Yaooan.

“She should get hit by a train, at least that way she will come out looking more attractive.” Paiyi added.They then went on laughing leaving Yaooan in the background.

Yaooan pointed her finger at the girls. “I bet the world would be slightly better if I only was able to.” 

Yaooan thought to herself. She then shook her head. “No, I can’t be thinking like that, they are probably going through stuff in their lives and just are taking it out on me…” Yaooan thought some more. She then continued to school.

“Student 1076. Let me see what weird object you’re trying to sneak into my school this time.” The same gate guard from yesterday said to Yaooan.

“Don’t worry Sir, I didn’t bring anything weird today. Though, tomorrow who knows?” Yaooan said, trying to lighten her mood from the lack of sleep.

“Just get going.” He said to Yaooan before gesturing for her to continue forward.

As she entered the hall her home room was in, she noticed Student 1145 waiting for her. He noticed Yaooan as well and waved at her with a smile.

“Hey 1076! Did you get my messages from yesterday?” Student 1145 asked Yaooan.

“Yes I did. And I gave the items away.” She said walking passed him in the direction of the home room.

“I’m sorry.” He said to Yaooan before she entered the room. “I don’t want to be a stranger to you, can I please have a chance to make things right?” He asked Yaooan.

Yaooan stopped and thought about it. “Ah, whatever…” She thought to herself. “Same place as yesterday, though I am going to be late because I have a half detention period to serve thanks to you.” Yaooan said to Student 1145 before entering the classroom.

Student 1145 celebrated with a small fist pump.

Home room class went as they normally do. Starting off with Yaooan fighting to concentrate on the syllabus for the day, followed by the teacher targeting Yaooan, then forcing her to wait outside the classroom, all the while the other students were literally sleeping in class without any repercussions. Same thing, day in and day out.

Yaooan went to Royal Etiquette, which was basically just a class about how to treat the Royal Family. And learning about all of  their accomplishments over the years. Yaooan could swear that half of the stuff is made up, but she wouldn’t say that out loud.

Following which she promptly went to Anthropology, where she was just learning about the speciation of Humans. From the Proto Humans to Cataran Zuiming. From Ren Genera to Ren Xi Prime. The Tree of Humans Species had Ren Xi at the base splitting off to Ren Xi, Ren Shaole, and Ren Zuiperi. Then continuing from the Ren Xi branch was the Ren Neo, and an asterisk next to the left of the Ren Neo branch indicating a theoretically branch from the Ren Neo. However the statement that the asterisk targeted said. “No bones from this line have been found, however ample eyewitness testimony exists.”

Natural Mathematics came next which is Science and Math mixed into one study. Since the study of both fields is based on discovery of what exists and can be interpreted through equations that can then be used to simulate reality. 

Yaooan concluded that with sufficient equations the universe could be discovered in the palm of your hand.

Yaooan then had to sit through a historical recreation class which is basically just the Royal Etiquette Class except with everyone else included. Simple theatrics really. Following this class Yaooan headed right to detention.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more bored in my entire life!” Yaooan thought to herself as she wanted to bang her head against the desk. She laid her head down on the top to start her daydream.

“Student 1076! This is a punishment, not nap time. Do school work or just sit erect and quiet.” The detention guard yelled at Yaooan.

“Dang sheesh. Guess I’ll get some Anthropology homework done.” Yaooan thought to herself as she brought out school work from her bag. “I wonder what Titanus and those other guys are doing now? They are probably out torturing another soul.” Yaooan though as she was looking at the heritage tree of the Ren Neo.

Detention continued on for Yaooan until the first half signal rang. Yaooan grabbed her stuff and immediately headed towards the door.

“Hey! Where do you think you are going?” The detention guard asked Yaooan, holding his hand out, to block her way out.

Yaooan pulled out her note from the Vice Dean, showing that she was only supposed to serve a half period, not the full detention. The Guard snatched the note from Yaooan’s hand and scanned it with his device. He then handed it back to Yaooan.

“You’re free to go.” The guard said, lowering his arm.

“Thank you Sir.” Yaooan responded, lifting her bag back onto her shoulders. She then proceeded to head to Area 9 and the Music Rooms.

She ran across the Courtyard, through the cafeteria and into the Area 9 Building.

“Hold on, where are you rushing to?” The Patroller asked Yaooan, stopping her.

“Oh come on…” Yaooan thought to herself. “I’m on my way to the Music Rooms from Detention, I want to use the most down time as possible before the second half of the school day, Sir.” Yaooan tried to explain to the Patroller.

“Sounds like a likely excuse, let me see your note.” He commanded Yaooan.

She handed him the note that was signed by the Guard in Detention.

“Your story checks out. Don’t run in my halls next time.” He handed the note back to her, and Yaooan briskly walked to the Music Rooms.

She entered the room and found everyone with their devices plugged in. She then sat in the corner next to the door and proceeded to also start playing. As she entered the game she found a message from Rider, and another one from Randiantsi. Obviously Yaooan read Randiantsi’s message first.

“Whenever you get on, come on the Fields! I just bought a vehicle with the money we ‘earned’ yesterday.” Randiantsi sent Yaooan.

Yaooan then read Rider’s message. “Hey Vani! Thank you for giving me a second chance today, when you get on please come to the stadium. I have a little show I want to present to you.” Is what Rider’s message read.

“I’m going to meet with Randiantsi first, then we can both head to the stadium.” Yaooan thought to herself as she geared up and headed towards the fields.

“I’m almost at the fields, Randiantsi.” Yaooan sent her. Yaooan then got an immediate reply.

“Oh, just head to the stadium, looks like we got another invite from Yuski to watch him fight. I’m not going in until you are here though.” Randiantsi responded.

“Hmmm, that worked out.” Yaooan thought. And then she received another message from Randiantsi.

“You can summon the Vehicle from the party list. Just bring up the menu and summon it. That’ll definitely guarantee that you get here as fast as possible.” Randiantsi’s message read.

Yaooan then pulled up her menu and noticed it had a new vehicle icon. “Well, there it is. She really bought a vehicle.” Yaooan thought before clicking on the icon. Then a vehicle emerged in front of her. It began as digital white in colour, then it gained a material.

The vehicle had wide wings about 4 times the length of Yaooan’s arm width. A bright Blue and Red Colour throughout the vehicle with an egg shaped seating area with enough room for two people. There also looked to be two ornaments sticking up from the front of the vehicle.

“This thing is enormous!” Yaooan thought to herself, as she entered the seating area of the machine. She then proceeded to move forward. “Oh no, how do I use this thing?” Yaooan pondered as the vehicle continued to move at higher and higher speeds.

She then messed around with the joystick and the vehicle took off into the air. Yaooan was now gliding overhead and saw the wide expanse of Rutanu. Yaooan saw a dark mountainous area in the distance with red clouds surrounding its peak. “Well that looks dangerous.” Yaooan thought before trying to steer her vehicle while it was gliding.

“Okay, the Stadium is right there, so this should be as easy as riding a Walker.” She said thinking out loud. She then pressed her feet on a pedal and the vehicle halted its forward momentum. It remained there only for a second then began dropping out of the sky.

“Oh no, this is bad!” Yaooan yelled before taking her foot off the pedal.The vehicle then stopped dropping and began to hover in place. “Well, let me just steer downward, and I will just let Randiantsi handle the rest.” Yaooan thought as she lifted her feet completely off the floor of the vehicle to ensure she was not touching anything but the joysticks.

Randiantsi spotted Yaooan flying overhead. She also noticed that Yaooan kept circling around her. “What are you doing Vani?!” Randiantsi yelled up to Yaooan.

“I don’t know how to land this thing.” Yaooan responded. She tried to steer the vehicle to the ground with no luck.

Randiantsi then threw her needles up at the vehicle and pulled it down from the air. She placed a modified shield, that had a comfort lining the interior, around Yaooan to protect her from the impact.

The vehicle crashed into the ground, then disappeared. Yaooan’s shield ball rolled towards Randiantsi. Once it was arms length away from her it opened up. Yaooan came out of the ball dizzy.

“Wow, you’ve got a lot stronger,  Randiantsi.” Yaooan looked at her while still feeling a little dizzy.

“Yeah, there is a training center just past the Forest. It cost like 10 SRCs for a Class, so I just spent the day there.” Randiantsi responded.

“Wow, that’s awesome! What…” Yaooan was saying to Randiantsi before Randiantsi interrupted her.

“It would’ve been awesome if Yuski didn’t show up in the middle of my training. I told him I sold his tickets, since he asked me if I was excited to see him fight.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan gesturing Yuski’s motions. “He then sent a quest into my menu which said ‘Go to the Stadium and watch a Pro Match. ’First off, I didn’t know he could even do that. And second off, it’s like a Tier 3 Mission. That’s like a trillion experiences.” Randiantsi kept trying to go on.

“Ha, I think he has something he is trying to prove to you, Randiantsi.” Yaooan then started pushing Randiantsi into the Stadium where the quest activated. The Quest transported them both into the second row of the Stadium seating.

Yuski was fighting random players once again, and was easily winning his matches. Yaooan messaged Rider. “I’m in the Stadium now, what was it you wanted to show me?” Yaooan sent.

“Hey! You actually replied. Well my match is coming up next, so I’ll show you then.” He replied before closing the chat.

“Wait… what?” Yaooan thought to herself and then saw that Rider was walking out onto the fighting arena.

Yuski looked up after winning the last match, bowing to his fans. They erupted in screams. He then saw Randiantsi in the second row. He pointed at her and mouthed out the words: “This match is for you.”.

Randiantsi had a disgusted look on her face as she brought her knees up to her face as she sat.

“This is going to be bad.” Yaooan thought, as she was watching Rider walk out. He was waving his hands to the crowd.

“A 1v1? What? Are you crazy?” Yuski asked Rider.

“Maybe. But I have something to prove. I am not just fighting for myself!” Rider said, pulling out his Sickle.

“I’m not going easy on you this round, so I hope you thought this through.” Yuski responded.

“I won’t be going easy on you either.” Rider said in return.

Yaooan felt second hand embarrassment hearing this exchange.

The fight began and Rider ran at Yuski with a tornado Sickle move. Yuski easily dodged it. Rider tried to quickly turn around for another strike but Yuski spit acid on Rider’s leg. Rider fell as his tendons melted off.

“You can’t rush like that without a secondary plan, like what if I dodged. Then what would have been your next move?” Yuski said to Rider. Yuski landed a short distance away with grace.

Rider, now injured, tried another of his signature moves, he called the Sickle Boomerang. He throws his sickle around the arena covering the perimeter with its motion.

Yuski blows a gust of air at the ground in front of Rider causing a cloud of dust to cover his vision. Yuski proceeded to easily grab the sickle out of the air and directed it back at Rider.

Rider was trying to move the dust out of his vision so that he could see Yuski. At the last second Rider noticed his own sickle and was cut in half by it.

“What happens now?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi seeing that Rider has now been cut down.

“He’ll return, but with half of his total experience. And considering how high level your friend was, that is going to be a big cut. Haha, get it? Because it’s literal, he was actually cut in half.” Randaintsi responded, snickering at her own joke.

“Well, that sucks.” Yaooan replied. “What were you thinking, Rider?” Yaooan thought to herself. Rider’s body vanished from the Stadium.

The crowd cheered for Yuski as he bowed once again. Yuski looked up at Randiantsi and pointed at her again.

“A perfect victory, nearly as perfect as I am! He would have done better if he sat still.” Yuski said to the crowd.

The quest in Randiantsi’s Menu lit up, and was listed as complete. Yaooan received a fourth of the experience from being present for the quest.

“Looks like we are done here.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan as they both got up from their seats. Yuski thanked his fans and said that he had to go somewhere really quickly. The matches in the Stadium then changed from Ranked to Exhibitions.

“Hey, hold up.” Yuski said, rushing behind Randiantsi. “So what do you think? I’m I not incredible?” Yuski asked Randiantsi with a nervous smile on his face.

“You’re good, but I’m not impressed. I bet me and Vani here could take you on and win.” Randiantsi said, taunting Yuski.

Yuski slumped down. “I can’t fight against someone as cute and tsundere-like as you.” Yuski said, grabbing Randiantsi’s hands.

“How about you join my party? Then we can train together and I wouldn’t have to worry about eliminating you.” Yuski asked Randiantsii.

Randiantsi looked at Yaooan, then back at Yuski. She pulled away her hands. “Nah, I’m good, you’re not really my type anyways.” Randiantsi said, turning towards Yaooan.

“What is your type? Trust me, I can become anything I want to be.” Yuski responded back to Randiantsi.

The crowd then came out of the Stadium after finding out where Yuski was.

“Ahem, I mean. Guess I’ll just see you some other time you two.” Yuski immediately changed his composure in front of the crowd. He then headed back into the stadium.

Yaooan and Randiantsi looked at the crowd and Yuski, until they rounded the corner. Randiantsi pulled out her vehicle. “Come on Vani, let’s ride!” Randiantsi addressed Yaooan. Yaooan got into the vehicle and sat behind Randiantsi.

“Ah, can you please take the front?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Oh, yeah, sure. I hope you are ready because I am a terrible driver.” Yaooan replied switching places with Randiantsi. Yaooan replied switching places with Randiantsi. “Wow, you really got Yuski under your spell, guess he thinks your avatar is super cute.” Yaooan said, as she started the vehicle. It slowly went into the air, since Yaooan can not handle it at high speeds.

“Yeah, that’s weird right?” Randiantsi responded back to Yaooan. “I bet he is super ugly in person.” Randiants said, poking fun at Yuski.

“Eh, I’m not really sure. My appearance took my facial features automatically, so I just assumed everyone else did too.” Yaooan said, still slowly gliding around with Randiantsi grabbing her waist.

“Same here, mine took my appearance too. But I assumed that could be changed. Well, I’m glad that you look like your avatar, because yours is very good looking.” Randiantsi responded back to Yaooan.

Yaooan blushed a bit, not really knowing how to reply. “I’m sure you’re just being nice. I don’t look quite as good in person.”

“You said that before, but I’m not sure I believe you.” Randiantsi quickly responded after Yaooan. Yaooan finally started making the vehicle move forward.

They flew right over the forest and into the valley. Below there were old wood pieces and an assortment of debris laid throughout the ground.

“Oh! Land here, this is my territory!” Randiantsi said, as she pointed down below.

Yaooan then tried to land, but just like before, it took her forever to do so. Randiantsi jumped out of the vehicle and pulled it out of the air once again.

“You know if we keep doing that, we’re going to have to repair it eventually.” Yaooan said emerging from her ball.

“Meh, I’m sure we have enough for any repairs.” Randiantsi said, before spreading her hands wide showing Yaooan the area. “So, what do you think?!” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

Yaooan kicked some rocks that were on the ground. “This place looks like a dump.” Yaooan said, looking around at all the destroyed trees and stones.

“Yeah, it looked better before I started training… but hey.” Randiantsi started saying before sitting atop a boulder. “It’s our dump!” Randiantsi finished, as she pointed around at the area.

“Sure!” Yaooan laughed along with Randiantsi, as she shot a laser from her fingers to carve their names into the stone. “There! Now our names are on it” 

“Oh cool!” Randiantsi hopped down to admire Yaooan’s writing. “You write in Marian Script. So that must mean you at least grew up in Marian, right?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Well, since you called the place Marian, I can assume you don’t live in either of the countries.” Yaooan said walking to Randiantsi. “It’s been the Marian North and South since the Marian Civil War about 10 years ago.”

Randiantsi responded surprised. “Oh! Really? I didn’t know that conflict split the country. Well dang, I guess I should have been paying more attention in school.” Randiantsi then checked the time. “Speaking of school, isn’t it almost time for you to get to your classes?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

Yaooan checked the time. “Yeah it is! Thank you, Randiantsi. I’ll be back later today. I’ll meet back up with you here, right?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

“The best place in the world! Vandiantsi… maybe I’ll work on the name a bit more.” Randiantsi responded back to Yaooan.

“Sure! I’ll see you later!” Yaooan said, before logging off. She looked around the room to see Student 1145 still plugged in.

Yaooan thought about leaving him there as pay back, but didn’t have the heart to do so. SO she shook him to get him to notice the time. He disconnected his device shortly after and dropped to his knees.

“I lost 4 days of progress in just one match!” He cried to Yaooan as he went to grab her legs.

“Get off me, and get up! We need to head to class. It was your own fault for challenging him, in a ranked duel no less. What did you think was going to happen?” Yaooan said, lifting him to his feet.

“I thought the power of friendship was going to lead me to victory.” Student 1145 responded to Yaooan.

“You watch too many movies, 1145.” Yaooan said, brushing her legs.

“Anhou.” Student 1145 said, as he got up.

“What?” Yaooan responded.

“My name is Anhou.” Anhou said, gathering his stuff.

“Oh, I’m Student 1076.” Yaooan responded as they both were heading out of Area 9.

“So, I guess we aren’t at the level to use our real names with each other yet?” Anhou asked Yaooan.

“Not quite. But you made a good first step towards that today.” Yaooan said, not to come across as overly mean to Anhou.

A smile appeared on his face. “Did I realy?!” He exclaimed with joy.

“Meh…” Yaooan shrugged. “I mean you’re like the only person I talk to in this whole school, so that counts for something.” Yaooan responded.

“Nice! So how about after school I treat you to a meal?” Anhou asked Yaooan.

“Ah, no. You’re pushing it.” Yaooan said back to him.

“Sorry.” Anhou said before walking silently.

They left Area 9 and had to go in separate directions towards their respective classes.

“See you tomorrow at Home Room period, or in Rutanu, whichever comes first.” Anhou said before heading to class.

Yaooan nodded her head. “Sure.” She then proceeded into hers.

In her Mythology Class, the topic that was being taught was one she enjoyed the most out of all stories. It was about the Fates.

The Fates were said to be 3 Omnipotent beings who guide the motion of all events in the world. One Fate represents Pain, One represents Happiness, and the other represents Success. Yaooan beliefs were in the Fates, and she pleaded with them each day, to ask for favour from Success and Happiness, and gave offerings to Pain so that she would be satisfied with the attention of the day. But the only one so far that interacts with Yaooan has been Pain. Maybe her offerings aren’t enough.

The Fates are said to have emerged once Fathera, the creator of creation, left his position to live among the created. The Fates emerged from the void, and set the laws of the Universe in place. These laws ensured that all beings, including the former Fathera obeyed them.

Over time new Creators emerged from the Created Universe of Father’s Design, and they battled with the Fates for control of Reality. Eventually the Creators lost and were relegated to being the Creators of other Universes, never to have the Power that Fathera had. They no longer had the Power to Create freely, or in the Universes they emerged from.

The Fates can not create anything, but they have dominion over everything that was created.

Yaooan was so fascinated by this. She knew in the back of her head that this just sounds like a myth. A myth that was created to explain why things happen in the world, including the good and the bad. But this cognitive dissonance was not enough to prevent the belief. The Marian North Society primes their citizens towards these beliefs, since they must accept that the Queen is a Physical Representation of the Creator.

Yaooan listened and in no time the class period ended. The rest of her night classes continued as usual.

Yaooan walked home. Anhou wasn’t waiting for her this time. So she continued home alone. She again purchased some snacks from the store on the corner, and walked up the stairs into her home.

She kicked her shoes off and removed her skirt. She then proceeded to lay in her living room to relax and decompress after what felt like a week’s worth of work in only a single day.

Yaooan ate some of her snacks, thinking about eating an actual meal one of these days. “Dang, Randiantsi doesn’t live in Marian North. That sucks. So I may never get to meet her.” Yaooan thought to herself recalling the events of the day.

“Hmm, today was actually pretty fun.” Yaooan laughed at her thoughts as she got up and turned on some videos.

“The Queen issued a holiday for all those who participated in yesterday’s…” The video began to say before Yaooan changed it.

“This Summer looks to be calm for the rest of…” Yaooan changed it from that video too.

“… Tournament to christen the success of the first week of…” Yaooan then prepared to change the video until it said “Rutanu’s Launch.”

“Yeah, I am thoroughly enjoying the interactions of the players from the last 13 days. I had a feeling that this would be a big hit, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would already have a player base so large. So to celebrate I am going to give each player who signs up before tomorrow an egg that will be hatching into a companion in about a week’s worth of play time. As well as hosting a tournament that will take place in Vesatanis, the Capital City of Vlagora.” The creator of the game said.

“So what kind of prizes are at stake?” The interviewer asked the founder of Rutanu.

“Well obviously, it’s going to be a lot of money. As well as other exclusive features made just for them.” The founder said and then continued. “Trust me, it’s more money than I think a single person would ever need. And I am doing it to decrease my tax bracket now… But that shouldn’t stop anyone from participating. So I’ll see you at the end of this week, Players. Slay the Game!” The video ended and Yaooan jumped up.

“Oh wow! That is such a short notice, I wonder did Randiantsi see this news.” Yaooan said before going into her bag to pull out her device. “Eh, on second thought. I should clean up a bit before logging on.” Yaooan thought looking around at the mess she caused from jumping up too quickly.

Yaooan cleaned up her living room and washed up quickly before immediately logging into Rutanu.

Yaooan checked her messages. “Do you see how many people are online now, this is insane, what is going on?” The message said, from Randiantsi.

“Did you see the video about the tournament 1076?  We could go to Vlagora together for the tournament!” Rider messaged.

“I’m getting flooded by party requests Vani, whenever you log on can you please help me delete them.” The second Randiantsi message read.

“Well looks like the World just got a whole lot more crowded.” Yaooan said before summoning up the vehicle. She then proceeded to head over to their territory. Yaooan looked below and saw that the main hub was crowded, the second new hub was also crowded and that another was being built. “Hordes Field must be a nightmare right now…”

Yaooan landed in the Valley that Randiantsi has massively improved since the last time Yaooan was here.

“Hey Randiantsi, are you around?” Yaooan called out. Randiantsi then jumped down from atop an overlooking mountain, using her needles to swing below.

“Oh thank the Fates it’s you, what took you so long Vani, I’ve been protecting our land from new players for like the past hour. Where did they all come from?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Well the creator of Rutanu just announced a tournament that’s going to be happening in  Vlagora in about a week.  I’m guessing people are taking this chance to try and win some money.” Yaooan responded to Rutanu.

“Dang really? I guess Yuski is going to have a field day cleaning up these new players then.” Randiantsi said jokingly to Yaooan.

“So what do you think?” Yaooan asked.

“About what? The tournament? I’ve never been interested in those things. Where in Vlagora is it supposed to be?” Randiantsi said, picking up some debris.

“Ah, Vesatanis, the Capital City.” Yaooan said remember the location.

“Oh really! Are you going to go to it?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan, seemingly excited now.

“I suppose that I can go with Rider there, but I don’t see why I would if you…” Yaooan was saying before being interrupted by Randiantsi.

“Yes! I’ll be there, I literally live in Vesatanis, so this is a perfect chance for us to hang out in reality.” Randiantsi said, excited about the prospect.

“Oh cool you live in Vesatanis, I heard that technology there is the only one close to comparable to Marian North’s.” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

Randiantsi facial expression was slightly confused. “Ah, I’m pretty sure Vesatanis has the top technology in the world…” Randiantsi responded.

“Must be Countries trying to make themselves seem like the best I suppose.” Yaooan said also moving some debris.

“Besides, you all still have to go to actual classes, I just get a link and interact with the educator.” Randiantsi replied to Yaooan.

“How does that even work?” Yaooan asked.

“Beats me, well it really doesn’t, but I don’t like talking about school, let’s expand our territory before these New Players start claiming everything.” Randiantsi said, making a fist.

After some time of Randiantsi and Yaooan’s expansion of the Land known as Vandiantsi to extend to more remote territories, a group of new players began to encroach on Yaooan’s and Randiantsi’s domain. This encroachment will be the 5th wave today.

“This is crazy, I would have expected that most people were asleep already.” Yaooan said shooting another player with her finger beam.

“Damn! You’re right! This is going to get a whole lot worse tomorrow during daylight!”. Randiantsi replied, slicing apart a party with her threads.

“We should either build a fortress or gain new party members.” Yaooan said resting a bit after the end of that wave.

“I am 100 Percent down for building a fortress, especially considering these new players just joined for money.” Randiantsi said landing close to Yaooan.

Yaooan looked around and figured that the best thing they could do would be to build a pyramid around their base since anyone can jump over a wall.

“How about I carve out the stones of the surrounding mountains into blocks and you can carry them with your threads into place.” Yaooan recommended.

“Whoa, that’s a lot of weight for me. And that’s a lot of power coming from you, you think you can handle it?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Yeah, as of now I’ve been using a tiny percent of my actual ability, I think it’s about time I crank it up a notch.” Yaooan replied.

“Oh yea, I completely forgot that your ability isn’t lasers, it’s some sort of blast.” Randiantsi said reminded of Yaooan’s skill. “Well go on, let’s see what you can do!”

Yaooan took a stance and cleared her mind. “Okay, destroy the mountains into blocks…” Yaooan chanted in her own head. Then she threw out her hands. But nothing happened.

“Ah… what was that?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Nothing it seems, I guess I did something wrong…” Yaooan then looked at her hands and just casually sent her hand out. Then a giant hole appeared in the mountain.

Randiantsi and Yaooan both looked at the damage and were left speechless. They looked at each other and back at the hole.

“I didn’t even see anything. What did you do!!” Randiantsi said excitedly.

“I just sent my hand out like this and pictured a hole shooting from my hand.” Then another hole appeared in the mountain as Yaooan finished saying that.

Another astonished look appeared on Randiantsi face. “Oh you are very dangerous now!  Maybe you could win the tournament.” Randiantsi said, looking at Yaooan’s hands.

“Okay, let’s scrap the pyramid thing. Let’s claim a cave! Randiantsi said pointing at the cave they were trying to go into the first day they met. “You could just go in there and clear the entire area.”

“Yeah, but then I would also blast off the roof of the cave…” Yaooan responded.

“Oh dang, that is a good point again…” Randiantsi said. “Well I’m all out of ideas. Maybe we should move further inward.”

Yaooan looked around their territory and didn’t just want to abandon it, so she directed her blast at the ground and began shooting.

Randiantsi watched as she was confused by Yaooan’s actions.

Once Yaooan finished there was a 100 meter deep 50 meter wide trench in front of the territory.

“There, now we have a huge hole in the front, flanked by two mountains to our right and left, the only people who can get over that are high level players who would have no interest in our land, and of course people with vehicles.” Yaooan said drinking a restoration drink.

“It’s simple and effective I suppose. Nice idea Vani!” Randiantsi said, looking at her work.  “Now you rest a bit. I am going to look on the map to see if I can hire some NPCs to patrol this area.”

Randiantsi said, opening up her menu. Yaooan kept a look out during Randiantsi’s search.

“Oh check this out Vani, we can hire this NPC for 1RC a day. That’s insanely cheap. We could fill up this entire area with these guys.” Randiantsi said, showing the unit to Yaooan.

“Yeah, I’m sure it would be just free loot for anyone who does happen to get across.” Yaooan said, turning back towards the trench.

“Wow there’s actually a lot we can do.” Randiantsi continued to look. “Oh so this is how Yuski was able to give me a quest.” Randiantsi said aloud towards Yaooan. “He just went through the NPC abilities tab and selected ‘Request a Quest’. Cost Crystals and Experience, but maybe we can do something with that later.” Randiatsi suggested to Yaooan.

“How long are you planning to stay awake tonight Randiantsi?” Yaooan asked.

“I don’t know, until my mom walks in I guess.” Randiantsi said, as she was still looking through her menus. “What about you Vani, how long are you staying awake?”

“Eh, I’ll stay on as long as you are on, I don’t have a bedtime.” Yaooan said laughing to Randiantsi.

“Dang lucky.” Randiantsi responded jokingly..

“Yeah, until you know the reason why I don’t have one…” Yaooan thought to herself.

“So what do you suggest we get? Like, 100 Armoured guards, 100 Stealth Warriors or 100 Calvary Knights.” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“How much is all of that going to cost?” Yaooan replied back.

“Does it matter?” Randiantsi questioned Yaooan.

“Eh, no not really. Get the Stealth Warriors, I want the people who do make it across to think that they are safe, then get ambushed by them.” Yaooan said to Randiantsi.

“Then that is what you will get.” Randiantsi then pressed the option. They both looked around and didn’t see anything.

“Ah, so what happened?” Yaooan asked.

“Hmm, let me press it again.” Randiantsi pressed the option again, and once more, nothing happened.

“Are they taking money away from us each time you press?” Yaooan asked.

“Yes they are. Well that’s not cool at all!” Randiantsi said out loud.

Yaooan went over to Randiantsi to see what was up. “Let me take a look at your menu.” Yaooan said scooting up next to Randiantsi. They both looked around to see if they missed something. Yaooan then noticed a number counting down on the bottom of her page. “Ah, what’s this mean?” Yaooan asked.

“Oh that’s new, I wonder what that means too.” Randiantsi looked at the numbers.

“Pretty sure that’s the March time it takes for them to get to our location.” Yaooan looked at Randiantsi.

“Well guess we have 300 Stealth guys coming in about 40 minutes.” Randiantsi informed Yaooan.

“That may be a bit of overkill wouldn’t you say?” Yaooan asked Randiantsi.

“Then the best thing for us to do is make them cover more territory. Let’s expand Vandiantsi!” Randiantsi said, jumping next to Yaooan.

“Still haven’t come up with a name huh?” Yaooan said in response to Randiantsi proposal.

“Nah, I’m cool with the name, it has equal parts me and you in it.” Randiantsi explained.

“Fine, Vandiantsi it is.” Yaooan responded.

Yaooan and Randiantsi set out into the wider wilderness behind Vandiantsi. They trusted that the guards who would show up would protect the area they were assigned once they arrived. Yaooan and Randiantsi laughed as they hopped on stones trying to see which would give the most commanding appearance. In the short amount of time of exploration,  they have doubled the amount of land that they had previously explored in the past few days.

“The beasts this far out are not as tough as I figured they would have been.” Randiantsi said after cutting down a Cereph.

“Yea, it must be from the excessive amount of experience we gain from defending our lands, and not to mention that day with the fish.” Yaooan said, picking up its remains.

“Yeah, do you think Rutanu has Raids?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“What is a Raid?” Yaooan responded.

“You know, it’s in a game where the bosses become so difficult they recommend you having a team to attack them. And these bosses usually drop like crazy rare items.” Randiantsi informed Yaooan.

“Hmm, earlier when I was going to meet you at the Stadium, I flew extremely high in the air and saw a dark fiery mountain in the distance. Maybe that’s where the raid is.” Yaooan told Randiantsi.

“Oh, we should check it out.” Randiantsi said, bringing out their vehicle. “No reason to keep cutting down small fries, let’s go after the big boss!” She said, presenting Yaooan her seat. “Can you please drive?” Randiantsi asked Yaooan.

“Yeah, sure.” Yaooan then got in front of Randiantsi and took off into the air towards the area with the fire mountain.

“Wow, that place looks frightening!” Randiantsi said, looking at the black and red clouds surrounding the mountain.

“So does this fit the description of what you would call a Raid?” Yaooan asked, approaching the mountain.

“Whatever it is… it has an immense amount of Energy coming from it.” Randiantsi said to Yaooan, as they began to circle down towards it.

Beruta, the Curious

Marching Orders

Beruta, a citizen of the Suminatini Federation on the Main Continent, is undergoing Physical Training in the early morning of the day.

“Step by Step is how we show! That the Suminatini Military is good to go!” The Leading Staff Sergeant calls out to the formation that is running. Beruta is in the front with the other Officers.

The platoon runs up the hills near the base. Continuing this morning workout for at least 15 Kilometers.

“What’s gotten into Staff Sergeant?” Beruta asked Lt. Yugan.

Lt. Yugan is having a difficult time keeping up the pace. As Officers in the Quick Reaction Assault Force they must provide examples for the enlisted Warriors.

“I need to focus… can’t pass out… I want to throw up.” Lt. Yugan said holding strong.

Beruta turned to Lt. Anyan who seemed to have gotten a runner’s high. He looked in high spirits and was motivated for the run.

“What do you think Anyan?” Beruta asked again.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know what you were asking.” Anyan smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed for having missed what Beruta said.

“Why’s the Staff Sergeant so motivated today?” Beruta said, keeping up the pace.

In the background the singing of the Staff Sergeant can still be heard.

“He’s up for promotion soon, he’s trying to show the Colonel how prepared the platoon is. Why else do you think we are running with them?” Anyan said to Beruta.

Beruta looked back at the Platoon, they seemed like they were about to keel over.

“Ah, so that’s why we got dragged into this with them.” Beruta said, talking to the other Officers.

The Platoon continued their early morning PT until the Great Star appeared overhead.

The Officers watched from the side as the Staff Sergeant dismissed his Platoon for morning chow.

The Staff Sergeant then saluted the Officers and went into their  working area.

Lt. Yugan, Lt. Anyan and Lt. Beruta walked to the Officer’s Chow Hall to eat.

Beruta got herself a Steamed Leaf Covering Filled with crushed heated Fruit. She sat down waiting for the other two officers to join her.

Lt. Yugan sat down and immediately started eating.

“Calm down Yugan, it wasn’t that difficult.” Beruta laughed.

“What are you talking about, I nearly died out there! Only reason I even got to be an Officer was because of the age of Immortality. Now I’m just struggling to survive.” Yugan said, throwing food into her mouth.

“Couldn’t be me. Struggling is not something that I want to go through.” Beruta responded by eating her dish calmly.

Anyan came a bit later. Then he sat down with the two.

What took you so long?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“I didn’t expect the line to be so long at the Fishery.” Anyan responded by giving another embarrassed expression.

“I heard that the Ren Zuiperi, more precisely the Qi People have been hiking up the prices. So getting them out in town is just not reasonable.” Beruta said to Anyan as if it were a secret.

“Really? I didn’t know that. Where’d you hear that from?” Anyan responded to Beruta.

“Let me show you the article.” Beruta then opened up her Knowledge Network and displayed to Anyan the article.

Anyan read through it.

Yugan had finally regained her composure and  sat back on her seat.

“That hit the point.” Yugan said aloud, relieved.

“Eh, I’m not sure how much I would trust that article, it’s also saying that the Qi People are collaborating with Lan and Hiro people from Joao, and the chances of that are 0 to none.” Anyan said, biting into his dish.

“I mean, who knows for sure, since the age of Immortality ended they may decide that it’s time to split, they did spend a lot of that time stocking up on equipment.” Beruta responded to Anyan.

“I’m with Anyan on this one, the Qi People wouldn’t try to separate from the Suminatin Federation, where would they go? To Marian North or to Xibao, that’s really the only place with a Ren Zuiperi majority.” Yugan responded to Beruta.

“I’m just saying, that could be an explanation as to why fish prices are so high. I myself have very little desire for it, so it doesn’t matter to me which way until they want to fight, in which case I am perfectly ready for it.” Beruta said.

The three continued to eat their meal. 

The Mess Hall had a tall ceiling and was a light brown colour, like red sand. The walls had screens along them that displayed the news. The entire place smelled like salt water with a sweet citrus scent mixed into it.

There were about 2 Dozen Officers in the room, separated into 3 areas. One for the Lowest Ranked Officers which included Beruta, Yugan and Anyan, another for non Generals, and the top for the Generals which mostly stayed empty.

Anyan got up from his seat.

“Okay, I am going to head over to the Office, I got some paperwork I need to catch up on. Some of the Enlisted got into trouble yesterday. I’m going to try and bail them out.” Anyan said to the two.

“If they got into trouble then they should serve the punishment, you are going way too easy on these Enlisted folks.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“If they can’t depend on their officers to help them out then what is the point of having us around, they have Staff Non Commissioned Officers who could fill our role.” Anyan said leaving the table.

“Way too nice.” Yugan said, shaking her head. “So what are you up to Beruta?” Yugan asked.

“I don’t know, maybe I will hit up the gym a little, then go to the shooting range.” Beruta responded to Yugan.

“Yuck, more exercise, count me out.” Yugan said to Beruta. “I am going to give my muscles a little rest, catch up on some Military Tactical Literature. Maybe even read the ‘Battle of Sum’.” Yugan said with a smirk on her face.

“You are not going to read the entire battle of Sum today.” Beruta laughed.

The two officers got up from their seats and departed.

Beruta walked across the base to the gym. Inside she saw Staff Sergeant Shata. She was working up quite the sweat in the resistance machine which pressed on your body and you had to use your core to resist being squeezed.

Beruta jumped on the Weighted Vertical Machine which pushed down on the user as they jumped up.

“You’re really working up quite the sweat.” Beruta opened up a conversation with Shata.

“I’m trying to make sure I can handle the pressure in the acceleration chamber Lieutenant.” Shata responded.

“That’s not really going to help you out there. The acceleration chamber knocks people out by preventing their blood from circulating to their brains, not by knocking you out with force.” Beruta said, beginning her workout.

“Master Sergeant Yakon said that if I spent some time in this machine, I could increase my time.” Shata said continuing to hold against the pressure from the machine.

“As someone who spends a lot of time in the acceleration chamber I can see that it won’t help much, if at all. The only way to increase your resistance to passing out is to go in there more.” Beruta said to Shata.

Shata then pressed stop on the machine because she wasn’t able to handle it any longer. “Spend more time in there? That already sounds like I am about to become sick.” Shata said jokingly to Beruta.

“You just have to do what you have to do.” Beruta said, continuing her workout.

“I’m just going to grab a quick drink then I’ll be back.” Shata said to Beruta, going out of the room.

Beruta continued jumping in the machine. Her muscles were warming up and she started feeling the pump of her muscle filling with blood.

Beruta was focusing on trying to reach the next step in strength.

“Don’t give up, just a bit more.” Beruta thought to herself as it felt like she was getting heavier and heavier.

The Alarm of the room then blurred. The lights indicated a summons of personnel from the QRF Platoon.

Beruta quickly wiped away sweat and ran to the barracks to grab her uniform top.

She quickly ran to the Muster Location.

The other officers of the QRF were already present.

Beruta went to her position in formation. Anyan and Yugan were already present and  were serious in their positioning.

The Colonel then stepped in front of the Platoon of Officers.

“Approximately an hour ago we received a report of a Giant Creature in Sang Ru City. Gather your weapons from the armory and report to designated air units for transports, there you will receive more intel on the mission.” The Colonel said before leaving out.

The Officers then quickly dismissed and ran to get their weapons.

“A Giant Creature? What do you think he means, is it a new weapon designed by Capicalo?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“No information here. I am just as confused as you.” Anyan said quickly, receiving his weapon. He ran to the air unit.

Beruta was up next in line and the Machine took a bit more time searching for Beruta’s Weapon.

“Hurry up! This is not just another day at the range!” Beruta said impatiently as the other Officers quickly grabbed their weapon and headed out.

The Machine finally gave Beruta her weapon and she quickly ran inside of the transport vessel.

Beruta found one of the few seats available. The one she normally gets in field operations.

Quickly before she sat down another Lieutenant, Lt. Harns grabbed the seat.

“Haha, Rookie, you were too slow!” Harns said to Beruta, mocking her.

“You get up right now! I sit in that seat on every mission, and you know that.” Beruta yelled out to him.

“How about we arm wrestle for it, if you win you get the seat.” Harns said to Beruta seeing that she was visibly tired from a workout.

Beruta aimed her weapon at Harns’ Legs. “How about I just shoot off both your legs then you can make the floor your seat!” Beruta responded.

“Come on guys, it’s just a seat. Here Beruta you can have my seat.” Anyan said standing up from his spot which was pretty close to where Beruta typically sits.

“No way this is about Principle.” Beruta said, staring at Harns’ eyes.

“I guess there’s some things I just wouldn’t understand it seems.” Anyan laughed as Beruta continued to try and forcibly get her seat.

“All of you seat your butt down!” The Major came on board. Beruta quickly took the seat that was being offered next to Anyan.

“Intelligence on the Creature in question are as follows. It is 50 Meters tall, has approximately 21 Appendages and sucks in victims using a vacuum. It is also reported that toxic chemicals are located in the sites it’s been but those have yet to be confirmed. So stop your bickering and focus up!” The Major yelled out as he sat down.

Anyan smiled at Beruta as the vehicle took off.

The devices connected to the wrist of the Officers lit up showing them the locations of each other and the location of their objective.

“We will be landing 3 Kilometers from the last reported location of the Creature. From there we will separate into 3 Teams. Each will drive the sand Vics to the designated locations. Because this is an occupied city the use of long range explosives are prohibited. Avoid damaging unnecessary property. We don’t want another Roan Incident.” The Major said to the Officers inside.

The Officers inside smirked remembering what happened.

“You don’t need to worry about that Major, if this thing is 50 Meters tall, I could hit it with my eyes closed.” A Lieutenant in the vessel responded.

“Guess if you did miss you would owe all of us drinks when we get back.” Anyan said laughing with the rest of the Officers inside.

Though one was not laughing. “Don’t start getting your hopes up, it’s the 20 or more appendages I’m worried about. No telling what it can do.” Captain Uta said with a serious tone.

“We just need to attack quickly and attack harshly, we just won’t give it a chance to hit us with anything.” Beruta said in high spirits to those inside.

“Ha, you are right! Hard, fast and in a hurry!” A Lieutenant responded to Beruta and those inside began to liven up again.

The vessel then landed causing everything to shake.

“It’s time. ‘Squad A’ will be Lt. Rigi, Lt. Beruta, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta. You are our guardian angels. Fire at any objects that may be in the blind spots of Squad B. Captain Sho will be the Squad Leader.” The Major said as the Officers understood their orders.

“‘Squad B’ is Lt. Anyan, Lt. Yaran, Lt. Hei, and Lt. Harns. You are the heavy assault force. Use the electric inhibitors on your person to hopefully take it down quickly, if not bring down the might of the Suminiatini Military on it. Captain Chu is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave an assignment to Team B.

“And ‘Squad C’ is Lt. Yao, Lt. Sumi, Lt. Mataran, and Lt. Yugan. You are to provide recovery in the case of life threatening wounds, stay away from the center of battle until you are needed. You are the blood of the mission. Captain Uta is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave the last of the Squads their assignment.

The Officers left the vessel and headed onto the sand vics.

“Aw, looks like I’m part of Squad B.” Anyan said to Beruta as they headed to the vics.

“Don’t worry about it. I got your back out there. I’ll be your personal Guardian Angel.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“Ha, then I really have nothing to worry about then if that’s the case.” Anyan smiled and they hit each other’s fists.

“Good luck out there.” Beruta said to Anyan as she got on her vic.

“Next time, I got your back.” Anyan said as he headed out.

“Seems like I won’t be of much help if no one gets injured.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“That’s the plan right, we want you all to be useless.” Beruta laughed while responding to Yugan.

“Guess I should count myself lucky, I will have enough energy to finish reading today. I just got to the best part too.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“No such thing as a good part in a book.” Beruta smiled. Team C then began to depart towards the rear.

“I’ll catch up with you after this is done!” Yugan said as she split off from the rest of Squad A.

The Weapons vehicle had pulled up and brought the long ranged weapons to Squad A.

“Grab your weapons and head to the roof of that building.” Captain Sho commanded the Squad.

They grabbed the weapons from the vehicle and made their way up the building. Beruta looked at her Location device to keep tabs on the positions of her friends.

Squad A made it to the top of the Building and set up their weapons. They then moved their scopes to the positions of Squad B.

“This is CB, we have eyes on the target. Preparing to engage.” Captain Chu said over communications.

Beruta looked down her scope and saw a Monstrous Creature with no head, but many appendages. It was dark and nearly see through as if it was made from oil. “I have never seen anything like that before. What is that thing.” Beruta said to herself.

“Don’t get too consumed by its appearance, keep watch over your people. Make sure those arms don’t get near them” Captain Sho said to Squad A.

Team B were a few meters from the target.

“We haven’t been noticed yet. Everyone, prepare your electric inhibitors.” Captain Chu commanded Squad B.

Anyan pressed down on the machine and it took off into the air targeting the Creature.

The machines swarmed the Creature and dove themselves into its skin. The machines then released an arch of electricity through its body.

“Begin firing!” Captain Chu commanded as Squad B began unloading on the Creature.

The projectiles entered its body ripping directly inside.

The electric arcs were not bringing down the creature.

“Damn, I was hoping that would bring it down, I was already expecting this was not going to be easy.” Captain Chu thought to himself. “Lt. Hei, Lt. Harns, prepare a round of explosives.” Captain Chu commanded.

Lt. Hei and Lt. Harns released explosive projectiles which exploded directly on the creature. The explosion caused the skin to seperate. A cloud of shrapnel came from the explosion causing more damage.

Anyan continued to fire, unloading rounds after rounds into the creature without missing a shot.

Beruta was watching through her scope. “They got it!” Beruta yelled out. The rest of Team A were cheering watching the one sided battle against the creature.

The creature collapsed on the ground and a giant cloud of dust came up from the ground.

Captain Chu then told Squad B to cease firing.

The dust then started to settle. There was no movement from the creature.

“This is CC, any Injuries?” Captain Uta asked over communication.

“This is CB, No injuries, we are all green.” Captain Chu responded.

“This is CA, all green.” Captain Sho responded.

Yugan was waiting. She had already begun to think about the book she was reading. She looked at her location device. “Yep, seems like they are all healthy.” She thought to herself.

“Everyone weapons up!” Captain Chu said to Squad B.

Anyan lifted his weapon.

The creature’s body began to puff up with gas.

“Open fire!” Captain Chu said as Squad B began firing on the creature trying to prevent it from expanding.

“What is it doing?” Anyan thought to himself as he continued to fire.

“Why is it puffing up? Does that mean it’s dead?” Beruta thought watching from her scope.

The Creature continued to grow in mass. It’s body had ballooned nearly to twice the size it was before. The Projectiles from the weapons were no longer penetrating the skin.

Once it reaches its peak, the creature then flattens its body covering the area of a 1 Kilometer radius in toxic gas.

The dark smoke quickly dispersed through the area. Everything it touched began to corrode away.

Anyan looked at his gloves and clothing and saw that they were melting away. Eventually the gas got down to his skin and began to burn through.

“My chest, my skin. They feel like they are on fire.” Anyan said as everyone in Squad B began to collapse. “This hurts.” Anyan said before he became a pool of liquid which slowly vaporized away.

The Gas had enveloped Squad C.

Squad C were completely caught off guard and the Gas quickly went into their lungs.

Yugan began to cough and her inside had come out liquified.

Yugan fell to her knees. “Please no, not yet.” Yugan cried as her bones no longer had the strength to keep herself up. “Help… someone…” Yugan said as her voice was filled with liquid.

The dark cloud continued to fan out.

“What is happening down there Sir?” Beruta asked Captain Sho.

“This is CA, report.” Captain Sho said over communications. 

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CB do you hear me?” Captain Sho said again over the communication.

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CC do you hear me?” Captain Sho tried calling Captain Uta.

There was no answer.

Captain Sho then looked at his location device and saw that there were no pings from the other Squads.

“Squad A, back up and return to the Air Vessel.” Captain Sho commanded understanding what probably happened.

“What do you think happened, Sir?” Lt. Yuji asked.

“The Creature, or weapon or whatever it was, likely was armed with a deadman’s switch. Upon its destruction likely released a gas which took out both Squad B and Squad C.”  Captain Sho said to the Squad.

Squad A stood silent.

“Let’s take this time and allow them to transition to the next existence in silence.” Captain Sho said as everyone stood. 

Beruta had tears coming from her eyes. She understood that this happens, but her heart was in pain. She was looking forward to spending more time in the chow hall with her friends. Do laugh with them another time.

“If I knew this was the last time I would see them then we should have been together after breakfast.” Beruta thought to herself.

The silence was interrupted by the sound of a building collapsing in the background. The Gas was disappearing, returning to where it came from. The Creature started reforming itself using the material that was dissolved in the gas.

In no time at all it began to move again as if nothing had happened.

Beruta’s Chest boiled and she quickly placed her weapon back on the ground and took aim at the creature.

“Stop Lt. Beruta!” Captain Sho yelled at her.

“What do you expect me to do!” Beruta yelled back with anger and tears in her eyes. “Squad B and C are both gone because of that monster, their deaths are meaningless if that thing continues to live!” Beruta screamed out.

“The best option for now is to retreat and regroup. We don’t have the main power nor weapons to bring it down.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Beruta’s finger nearly pulled the trigger but she stopped herself.

“Fine, but the next time we go out to face that thing again I want to be on the assault unit.” Beruta said to Captain Sho.

“We all lost friends here, Lieutenant. I understand what you are feeling. But if we die here then the next group will have no information to use to bring it down for good.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Squad A began to pack up their equipment to head back down the building.

The Creature then lifted up his appendage and sent out a shot of air that went through the head of Captain Sho.

Then another went through  Lt. Rigi, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta.

Beruta immediately went down to the ground barely having any time to move out of the way of the shot.

She looked through her scope. She did not see the Creature.

“Dammit!” Beruta yelled out. Beruta looked around herself, seeing that the rest of her Squad were lying lifeless on the roof.

“How did it know we were here!” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta grabbed her weapon and carried it on her back. She ran down the stairs in search of the creature.

She ran for a little more than a Kilometer to catch up with the Creature. She was able to see it continue to shoot out small bits of gas from its body.

Beruta got on the ground and aimed her weapon at the Creature.

She pulled the trigger and began firing. “Die! Die! Die! You abomination!” Beruta yelled out with each shot.

No damage was happening to the Creature. But it did turn around to look at Beruta who continued to fire.

It moved its appendages in the air like it was taunting her.

“Oh, I thought I got rid of you. If you valued your own life, you should have stayed hidden.” The creature said to Beruta using the voice of Anyan.

Beruta became angrier and she boiled over.

“Don’t you dare use his voice! Anyan would never! He was the nicest! Best! Person! You’d ever meet!” Beruta fired continuously. Yelling louder and louder with each direct shot.

None of the projectiles were causing any damage to it.

“Keep firing, it’s no use. You are no hero.” The Creature said continuing to use Anyan’s voice. “Entertain me!”

Beruta continued firing but eventually she had no more rounds to shoot. She continued to pull the trigger but nothing came out. Tears began running down her face.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect you.” Beruta said feeling defeated. She continued to pull the trigger.

“Is that all? Not even worth my time really.” The Creature said to Beruta still using the voice of Anyan. 

The Creature readied it’s appendages and moved towards Beruta to absorb her.

Beruta dropped her weapon and got to her knees. Her eyes were blank and traumatized.

“I have nothing left, not even another tear.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta then felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“How about you entertain me!” A young Ren Shaole girl stepped in front of Beruta.

“No, don’t!” Beruta yelled out to the girl. The Creature sent it’s appendage to go directly through the both of them.

The Girl used her palm and smacked the appendage out of the way. The force of the hit caused the appendage to immediately become smoke.

The Creature then sent another appendage out and the Girl continued to destroy them.

“Did you really think that first one was a fluke?” The Girl said to the Creature, standing strong in front of it. She had a confident smile on her face.

“Insolence!” The Creature called out with the voice of Anyan. It sent out the rest of its appendages.

The girl moved out of the way and hit each appendage as if she was bored. She flipped gracefully.

“You’re nothing more but another title under my belt.” The Girl responded back to the creature.

Beruta was still on her knees in utter awe of the girl. “She is amazing.” Beruta thought to herself.

The creature then released the same gas that melted the Squads from earlier at the girl.

The girl pointed two of her fingers at the Creature.

“Pow, Pow.” The girl said as two giant holes appeared in the body of the creature. “Wow, you seem way weaker than Fridgidus.” She said unimpressed. “You both looked quite similar, must have been your brother.” The girl said jokingly.

The creature then decided to aim its attacks at Beruta who was still on her knees. The Creature shot condensed air at Beruta.

The girl shot the attack from the air by pointing her finger at it.

“Sneaky, sneaky. But no dice!” The Girl said to the creature. “Any final words… ah… who are you?” The girl asked the Creature.

“I am Nightmare, the watcher of the Skies, the-” The Creature was saying before the Girl stomped her foot and encased the Creature in what looked to be a Giant Boulder.

“I just wanted to know a name.” The Girl said before she pressed her hands together causing the boulder to squeeze smaller and smaller.

Eventually the mass became the size of a marble.

The Girl then shot fire at the marble sized ball and vaporized it.

The calmness returned and the sky was clear.

The girl looked around as if she was searching for something.

Beruta got onto her feet and walked to the girl slowly. “Ah… who are you?” Beruta walked up to the girl cautiously.

The girl turned around to look at Beruta. She then pointed at herself. “Oh you are talking to me? I’m nobody, I just came to handle a job.” She said to Beruta with a giant smile.

Beruta realized the sweet innocence of this girl and began to cry.

Beruta cried holding the girl.

“No, no, don’t cry. It really was nothing.” The girl said, unsure of what to do.

“Why didn’t you come a little sooner! I wasn’t good enough!” Beruta said while she was weeping her eyes out. “We were supposed to be good enough!” Beruta continued to release her pent up sadness.

The girl continued to try and comfort Beruta. Beruta continued to cry until she passed out from exhaustion. The girl now had Beruta in her arms.

“Well now what?” The girl said aloud looking for a place to sit.

Beruta eventually woke up to see that she was in a restaurant, and that girl that saved her was drinking a juice offered at the place.

“Oh you’re finally awake, good. Now I can leave and not worry about your health.” The girl then got up from her seat and began to leave.

Beruta grabbed her hand. “Wait!”

The girl looked at Beruta, and looked down at her hand.

Beruta then let go. “I’m sorry. Ah… could you possibly train me to get as powerful as you maybe?” Beruta asked the girl.

The girl looked at Beruta and Beruta looked at the girl.

“No.” The girl then walked out of the restaurant.

Beruta then quickly followed her. “Wait, but why?!” Beruta asked quickly.

“Because there’s one thing, and another. And yea you know.” The girl said before lifting herself into the sky. She then looked down at Beruta. “Oh, if they ask who defeated that thing, say it was you. Say something like, ‘you discovered that it’s weak point was its 5th segment or something’.” The Girl said to Beruta while she was in midair.

“Can I at least know your name?” Beruta asked.

“Why? It’s not like you are going to see me again.” The girl said to Beruta.

“You’re so strong and amazing, I just want to be like you. Not powerless.” Beruta said to the girl.

The girl then thought to herself. Then slowly descended back to the ground.

Beruta was surprised. “Oh, what changed your mind?” Beruta asked.

“Well you didn’t want to be Powerless, so I guess i can show you just a small thing or two.” the girl said to Beruta. “The names Iota.”

Beruta then placed her fist on her chest. “My name is Beruta.”

Advanced Explorers enter the Wilderness – The Jin – Year 60988

Excerpt from Ramadeus Ordo, Regional Explorer, in the Ancient Ren Neo Library of Neopolis Union:

They were not kidding about the size of these beast in the South. The Seflon and Credantan in this area are many magnitudes larger than their Northern Cousins. The Seflons here have a deeper and richer colour to their fur, its as if its used for parading rather than for protection from the elements. Their arms are curved inward towards their center of mass and their legs are heavy set as if they were the trunks of Bitali Caranagala. The Seflons travel in packs and I can see them hunt for what looks to be Jaocans, but even those dwarfs the ones in the North. We must bring these creatures back up North to the City of Constanroma, this would be amazing for our studies into the diversification of life unaided by human intervention.

This region is plentiful in large lush forests. There is small lakes and river in every direction my eyes can see from atop this cliff. The gorgeous view that I am right now experiencing truly makes me appreciate the virgin land that exist on our beautiful planet.

We must for the future generation preserve a least large swaths of this land, so that they too can experience what I am experiencing. Since I am also certain that me and my coworkers are the first Humans in this region I shall give it a name.

From here on out this region shall be known as Riama, since I was the one to discover it. I will leave the naming of everything else to the scientist who came along this journey with me. They aren’t even taking in the splendor before them. These scientist are collecting soil samples and shoving them into their bags in troves.

Its nearly time for lunch, I’m sure that these fine individuals on this journey with me would not care to try their luck at hunting some legendary game. I am growing rather tired of their processed meals that were stored in these vacuumed bags. They taste of dried grass and water. I am willing to try some of the plant matter along the river.

*Later that day

I took a group of 3 other explorers with me. My friend Tinitus and two of the scientist. The scientist were interested in collecting samples from closer to the water line. Tinitus and I caught a massive water creature. However, we did not eat it, uncertain if it was of a chemical composition poisonous to us. So we would have to go back there later after the samples have been analyzed.

I am going to lead this crew deeper into the wilderness. We have grown too comfortable atop this cliff. My desire for adventure can not be satiated with only a dip of my toes into this unexplored land.

The Final Frontier remains too Far – People of Xi – Year 40358

Excerpt from Professor Iur’s Journal of the Old Pixisha Records:

Never in my existence have I encountered a more repugnant sect of individuals as those that inhabit the region of the Zuidan Nation. Those vile, revolting, savaged beings have no qualms with annihilating any iota of Scientific Advancements. Our pristine vessel of Human achievement was manufactured for the good of all of the species of Earth, yet those brutes destroy it with technology I doubt that are fully capable of understanding. The Quagmire we find ourselves in is rather daunting, for you see we desire to reach the apex of all knowledge by exploring the far reaches of space. However, due to them having a despot as a leader and their rather substantial enmity towards us there is no scheme that would grant us armistice for us to consummate our ambitions.

Our apparatus was to inaugurate a multi dimensional network that would encompass the planet in a constant signal of deep electromagnetic waves, that would be decoded, from when the Universe first emitted the first readable signals of light. Not only would this have contributed tremendously to scientific development, but with the knowledge of how the early universe formed we could have developed technologies that would have benefited society.

Those appalling imbeciles, I am deeply disheartened over the apparent fact that I share a planet with them. Surely, in the future the Ren Xi would figure a way to extinguish all idiocy, if that means an elimination of an entire species of Human, so be it…

I don’t actually mean that. I am just rather miffed that years and years of research and development was incinerated in an instant. For future generations who eventually would see what I wrote let me write the equations required for its development.

A(subT) representing the distortion of time respective of the standard observer on the surface of the planet due to the gravitational impact. V(subG) representing the distortion of time respective of the standard observer on the surface of the planet due to velocity. U(superscriptL) for the curvature of the apparatus and its light absorbing unit…

Hopefully this finds you all when the era of peace is among our world. Until then I am going to wallow in my own self pity.

Could you actually imagine how our world would have been like if they actually succeeded in their mission? I doubt there would be any Ren Neo on Earth for the Ren Xi would have had a substantial jump in technological advancements and explored the Southern Regions of our World. Sadly though that is just wishful thinking, the world was in constant war, even up to the present day with the Shao Empire.

Professor Bur Ita, Scientist for the Institute of Space Exploration in the Pinxisha Domain (Year 83930)

Ancient history, the Ren Xi could have covered their device in a stealth shielding knowing that the Zuidan Nation was actively destroying what they suspected was recon units. They were too naive for their own good, what’s the use of science if it can’t be used for war. The Zuidan Nation contributed more scientific advancement in the ancient world than the Old People of Xi, Le Nation, and Dorac Nation combined. If the Xi People were successful I figure they would have sent our world into a global disaster.

Lower Officer Anmidaus Ramulo, Military Soldier for the Neopolis Union (Year 90102)

Ussan Massive Survey – Ussan Nation – Year 71078

Excerpt from the Final Page of Surveyor So Kumkimdan’s Journal in the Travel Records of the Ancient Ussan Records:

The Shao Empire and the Doda Nation are in a fierce war in the Northwest, thus Lord Sur Randoran sent an envoy of brave explorers to claim the lands that the Doda had abandoned in the wars. Though the Zuidan Kingdom already lived in close proximity to this region, they were not suited for the higher elevations like we were.

I was sent out with supplies to last us for 20 Years, and plenty of weaponry in case those Ren Shaole of either the Shao Empire or Huo Empire decided to attack during the duration of our exploration. Though I personally feel that is highly unlikely.

After exploring the lands of the Northeast I understand now why the Doda Nation rushed so quickly to conquer it from the Shao. The lands were rather fertile due to the runoff from the Mountains in the South. And the Fauna were of massive size and easily domesticated. I do fear that if we claim this land as our own, that due to its high value we would be attacked as well; if not by the Shao, then by the Doda.

We send information back to Lord Sur Randoran every few days. Due to the wars our messages are likely to be intercepted if we sent it over our networks thus we need to send a Scout and a Messenger to deliver the information. The last thing we would want currently is for either nation to find out that we were secretly setting strong holds in the area. So the two postal troops are dressed as Fauna enthusiast.

I am writing currently from my Carrier Home and as I look at the Stars in the sky I wonder if there are others in distant worlds who also joined a Military Unit just for Exploration. I want to see all the lands that my world has to offer, and the lands that other worlds contain. Sadly though I was born in the wrong time to explore, for this is a time for wars.

Lord Sur Randoran also sent surveyors to the East within the mountains. However, those individuals failed to return, sending replies such as “There are Demons in these regions”, and “Mysterious Creatures inhabit the lands in the Eastern Mountains.” I do hope those travelers are safe.

*** So Kumkimdan’s Journal was discovered by Gyu Ratani after Lord Sur Randoran sent a recon unit to figure why there were no replies. The unit So Kumkimdan was apart of was massacred and possessions captured. However, this journal was buried at the site presumably before the attack. They suffered the same fate as many other survey teams.

So Kumkimdan was just a kid, however I don’t feel sorry for the lost of their unit. They were there for the purpose of building fortifications and strongholds in a region that was actively other siege, what did they expect would happen. Now, if they truly were innocent explorers then sure what the Doda Nation at the time did was wrong, however they were not and we shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking they were.

-Qin Re, Animal Enthusiast for Xia Xin Pasture in the Song Tribe (Year 87980)

Constant Wars and battles, that’s all those Empires thought about 30,000 Years ago. There was plenty of land in the South that they could have explored but they decided to fight over Deserts and Grasslands. So Kumkimdan could have realized his dreams if he explored South of the Central Mountains rather than the North. During that time us Ren Neo had barely even moved from within the Mountains, so the lands below were rip for the taking. I suppose i am just speaking from retrospect, maybe the environment back then was different.

Potinius Ursa, Sky Surveyor for the Nation of Pigan (Year 92452)

Wow, this story makes me sad to read. He obviously had confidence in his people that he was going to remain safe. He was a young adventurer, and got caught up in the Wars. It also amazes me how back then the Ren Neo were so unknown that they were referred to as Demons. They are pretty much still demons but for much different reasons. Poor kid, I hope I don’t in up in a situation where I am trying to live out my dream but end up being killed in a war that I thought I was safe from.

Darot, Pet Person Readjustment Officer for the Capicalo Empire (Year 95881)

Hard Fought Battle – Shao Empire – Year 53213

Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Baodang:

The Wuan People of the South-East had continued to block our growth into the Central Grasslands for centuries now. But now it seems that we are making head way against them. Their people had grown soft as we continue to become hardened with each passing generation. It may have been due to the Luxuries of technology from the Ussan People of the mountains or the water-way goods from the Doda People along the coast, whatever it was they no longer are the brave rivals that my ancestors spoke of.

At the Battle for the Shang Gu La Power Station the Wuan People started the battle by unloading all of their weapons on us from a safe distance. They dropped their air explosives on our camps and had set up traps along the paths. But after decades of this tactic how would they not expect us to learn to counter. We simply set those decoys up above as we dug below. We controlled puppets using remotes as we traveled safely. If they actually sent anyone to investigate the actual battle field they may have noticed but they were all cowards; hiding behind a wall of projectiles.

The surprise on their face when we emerged from underground and took them out in simple hand to hand would have made even Lord Yudan proud. The only thing that made this Battle truly difficult was the sheer number of people they had within the facility. They filled it up as if it was a city. Did they forget that we were at war? I don’t recall them ever sending us a treaty.

I don’t know how this day will be looked at by the people in the future, but for now me and my warriors celebrate this victory. The Wuan People had lost a major source of their power, and we gained a significant fortification for the development of our People in the Central Desert.

Honour to the Shao. Lord Baodang, 15th Vanguard Battalion, 8 Division General. 7310SA

This was the moment that the Shao went from being a group of desert people to the Legendary Empire we all come to learn in School.

– Professor Dura, Weapons Engineer for the Miniatur Empire (Year 90890)

The Massacre of the Wuan People in that Facility was a great example of Cultural Annihilation that people choose to ignore in favour of a great story. Over 100,000 People lived in that facility and they were eliminated in a few hours. I plead that we remember it for what it was, it was genocide.

-Re’Anchon, Social Warrior of the Zuidan Nation (Year 91054)

It was a different time, things become exaggerated as time goes on. I doubt a Ren Shaole Kingdom would be capable of taking down an entire Ren Zuiperi Civilization. This may just be a legend for all we know, it has little impact on what is happening now. The Shao People of now are definitely not the Warriors of this story.

Professor Haidenisus, Historian Database Organizer for Arikargo (Year 97453)

Ziu Empire Poems: Pet People- The Pet and the STray – Year 94700

Poem of a Pet: 

    by Yugyat (Year 94780)

The ones with no Families roam the streets and they call to me as a Ren Shaole. I’m not like you strays. 

You’re filthy, unreliable and uneducated yet you want me to side with you? Do I look like a fool?

My family cares for me day and night, and you want me to exchange that to eat garbage? Must be hard to be undesired.

I would not give up my life for your pretend freedom. I have too much self respect to live in squabble. 

You all hold unto the traditions of our ancestors, why not just return North and leave us who are loved with our families.

My love for them is deeper than lovers. They’ll care for me to every call I make for them. I suffer no ill days. I am truly thankful for my family.

You strays call me a pet. This may be true, but being a pet is the highest position in society, yet you all are slaves calling me to join you.

Stay away from me you filthy animals. You are not like me.

***Poems from this age were done in mirror style where the first and last line have the same meaning but in a varied perspective, as well as the second line and the second to last, third line and third to last and so on. This style was common in the Ziu Empire 6000 N.Years ago.***

The Stray:

    by Syrat (Year 94820)

It was torture watching the children leave and explore outside as I was trapped indoors. Why would I be happy in prison?

You say you love me and will do all you can to make me happy. I want my freedom.

You barely look any different than I do but somehow I am the pet. There’s no reason why I should stay.

I left because I am my own person who should be able to do anything I desire. The authorities will chase me, but I am too nimble.

Though my life is difficult and I am hungry, I can go wherever I want and thus I am happy.

There are those who are like me who are trapped indoors. Hold on until I rescue you. Then you will feel true joy.