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Category: Opinion

  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Four

    Truth comes to Light: The day after Maria, Silvia and Rebecca went to the Dean’s office to discuss the procedure they must handle as witnesses, the trial for Ventus’ Expulsion was underway. “The Dean said that I should wait in this room until I am called to speak.” Maria said to Aiden as they both […]


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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Three

    Homecoming The first month of freshman year had passed and it was now the time for homecoming and class elections. The forerunners for class president were Zofia Johns, Tammy Crabtree, and Ventus Marcos. For treasurer were Gary Khan and Rebecca Burns. And for Public Relations were Maria Li, Johnnie O’Conner and Joyce Smith. The overall […]

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  • Angel Misery 2: Chapter Two

    Introduction of Geniuses Summer Vacation on Campus ended and every student prepared themselves for the first day of school. Maria packed up her backpack full of stationery items, Silvia followed behind Maria as they both went down the elevator to meet up with Aiden. “The break flew by quickly!” Maria said feeling unsatisfied with having […]

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  • Angel Misery 2: Episode One

    New Dorms and Roommates Maria’s latest Birthday party was held at a skating rink. Her invited guests were Leanne, Angel, and of course her family which organized it. Now they were gathered around to see Maria unwrap her gifts. “Oh wow, these are some big boxes this year!” Maria said, looking at the three large […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Eighteen

    “Goodbye Everyone” The Sequoia State Junior High School’s End of the Real Rally was underway. The Principal of the school introduced the Top 5 ranking Middle Schoolers. “That was a fine performance from the Marching Bands, now it’s time for the speeches from our Top 5 top scorers of the 7th Grade. We will begin […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Seventeen

    “Decode and Solve” The days became longer allowing Maria to stay outside for many more hours. This freed up the chance for Maria and Aiden to go to the headquarters once again. Aiden and Maria kept their invitation letters in the Computer room, having not touched them since they received them at the High School […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Sixteen

    “Pure Talent” It was the day of the High School Fair, where High School students from across notable schools attempt to win over the Heart of the 8th Graders at Maria’s Middle School. Determining the High School you are most interested in could determine the shape of your entire life from there on out. At […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Fifteen

    “Lover’s Journey” It was now that time of year. Of chocolates and romance. The students in the school were well aware of this, nervous feelings filled the halls. Aiden and Silvia were walking through the hall to their 4th Bell class. While walking down the halls Silvia bumped into a girl who wore thick circular […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Fourteen

    “New Student in Honours” The next semester of the school year began. The Students were funneling into the halls as if the break never happened. The Students reported to their homerooms to receive their new semester schedules. Maria sat next to Ashley in Mr. Smith’s Precalculus class. “Looks like our schedules are going to get […]

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Thirteen

    “You actually Volunteer?” Maria, Allison and Aiden who was behind Maria but invisible were watching Television. It was the holiday season and the typical seasonal shows were on rerun. Then it went to commercials. “I am going to get some more hot chocolate.” Allison said as she got up and headed towards the kitchen. On […]

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