Ussan Massive Survey – Ussan Nation – Year 71078

Excerpt from the Final Page of Surveyor So Kumkimdan’s Journal in the Travel Records of the Ancient Ussan Records:

The Shao Empire and the Doda Nation are in a fierce war in the Northwest, thus Lord Sur Randoran sent an envoy of brave explorers to claim the lands that the Doda had abandoned in the wars. Though the Zuidan Kingdom already lived in close proximity to this region, they were not suited for the higher elevations like we were.

I was sent out with supplies to last us for 20 Years, and plenty of weaponry in case those Ren Shaole of either the Shao Empire or Huo Empire decided to attack during the duration of our exploration. Though I personally feel that is highly unlikely.

After exploring the lands of the Northeast I understand now why the Doda Nation rushed so quickly to conquer it from the Shao. The lands were rather fertile due to the runoff from the Mountains in the South. And the Fauna were of massive size and easily domesticated. I do fear that if we claim this land as our own, that due to its high value we would be attacked as well; if not by the Shao, then by the Doda.

We send information back to Lord Sur Randoran every few days. Due to the wars our messages are likely to be intercepted if we sent it over our networks thus we need to send a Scout and a Messenger to deliver the information. The last thing we would want currently is for either nation to find out that we were secretly setting strong holds in the area. So the two postal troops are dressed as Fauna enthusiast.

I am writing currently from my Carrier Home and as I look at the Stars in the sky I wonder if there are others in distant worlds who also joined a Military Unit just for Exploration. I want to see all the lands that my world has to offer, and the lands that other worlds contain. Sadly though I was born in the wrong time to explore, for this is a time for wars.

Lord Sur Randoran also sent surveyors to the East within the mountains. However, those individuals failed to return, sending replies such as “There are Demons in these regions”, and “Mysterious Creatures inhabit the lands in the Eastern Mountains.” I do hope those travelers are safe.

*** So Kumkimdan’s Journal was discovered by Gyu Ratani after Lord Sur Randoran sent a recon unit to figure why there were no replies. The unit So Kumkimdan was apart of was massacred and possessions captured. However, this journal was buried at the site presumably before the attack. They suffered the same fate as many other survey teams.

So Kumkimdan was just a kid, however I don’t feel sorry for the lost of their unit. They were there for the purpose of building fortifications and strongholds in a region that was actively other siege, what did they expect would happen. Now, if they truly were innocent explorers then sure what the Doda Nation at the time did was wrong, however they were not and we shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking they were.

-Qin Re, Animal Enthusiast for Xia Xin Pasture in the Song Tribe (Year 87980)

Constant Wars and battles, that’s all those Empires thought about 30,000 Years ago. There was plenty of land in the South that they could have explored but they decided to fight over Deserts and Grasslands. So Kumkimdan could have realized his dreams if he explored South of the Central Mountains rather than the North. During that time us Ren Neo had barely even moved from within the Mountains, so the lands below were rip for the taking. I suppose i am just speaking from retrospect, maybe the environment back then was different.

Potinius Ursa, Sky Surveyor for the Nation of Pigan (Year 92452)

Wow, this story makes me sad to read. He obviously had confidence in his people that he was going to remain safe. He was a young adventurer, and got caught up in the Wars. It also amazes me how back then the Ren Neo were so unknown that they were referred to as Demons. They are pretty much still demons but for much different reasons. Poor kid, I hope I don’t in up in a situation where I am trying to live out my dream but end up being killed in a war that I thought I was safe from.

Darot, Pet Person Readjustment Officer for the Capicalo Empire (Year 95881)

Hard Fought Battle – Shao Empire – Year 53213

Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Baodang:

The Wuan People of the South-East had continued to block our growth into the Central Grasslands for centuries now. But now it seems that we are making head way against them. Their people had grown soft as we continue to become hardened with each passing generation. It may have been due to the Luxuries of technology from the Ussan People of the mountains or the water-way goods from the Doda People along the coast, whatever it was they no longer are the brave rivals that my ancestors spoke of.

At the Battle for the Shang Gu La Power Station the Wuan People started the battle by unloading all of their weapons on us from a safe distance. They dropped their air explosives on our camps and had set up traps along the paths. But after decades of this tactic how would they not expect us to learn to counter. We simply set those decoys up above as we dug below. We controlled puppets using remotes as we traveled safely. If they actually sent anyone to investigate the actual battle field they may have noticed but they were all cowards; hiding behind a wall of projectiles.

The surprise on their face when we emerged from underground and took them out in simple hand to hand would have made even Lord Yudan proud. The only thing that made this Battle truly difficult was the sheer number of people they had within the facility. They filled it up as if it was a city. Did they forget that we were at war? I don’t recall them ever sending us a treaty.

I don’t know how this day will be looked at by the people in the future, but for now me and my warriors celebrate this victory. The Wuan People had lost a major source of their power, and we gained a significant fortification for the development of our People in the Central Desert.

Honour to the Shao. Lord Baodang, 15th Vanguard Battalion, 8 Division General. 7310SA

This was the moment that the Shao went from being a group of desert people to the Legendary Empire we all come to learn in School.

– Professor Dura, Weapons Engineer for the Miniatur Empire (Year 90890)

The Massacre of the Wuan People in that Facility was a great example of Cultural Annihilation that people choose to ignore in favour of a great story. Over 100,000 People lived in that facility and they were eliminated in a few hours. I plead that we remember it for what it was, it was genocide.

-Re’Anchon, Social Warrior of the Zuidan Nation (Year 91054)

It was a different time, things become exaggerated as time goes on. I doubt a Ren Shaole Kingdom would be capable of taking down an entire Ren Zuiperi Civilization. This may just be a legend for all we know, it has little impact on what is happening now. The Shao People of now are definitely not the Warriors of this story.

Professor Haidenisus, Historian Database Organizer for Arikargo (Year 97453)