Angel Misery: Chapter Fourteen

“New Student in Honours”

The next semester of the school year began. The Students were funneling into the halls as if the break never happened.

The Students reported to their homerooms to receive their new semester schedules.

Maria sat next to Ashley in Mr. Smith’s Precalculus class.

“Looks like our schedules are going to get all mixed up now. I might not be in the same classes as you anymore Maria.” Ashley said to Maria in anticipation.

“It’s not going to be that bad. There’s only so many classes we all could go to.” Maria responded.

“You did pretty well last semester though, do you think you made honours?” Ashley asked.

“Me? In honours? I mean, I did good, but not that good, I don’t even care to be with all those smarty pants kids anyways.” Maria responded with a cocky attitude.

“Angeal is in honours though, so you would be with him.” Ashley looked at Maria. Then she smiled. “That’s probably why you worked so hard to get good grades, wasn’t it.” Ashley poked fun at Maria.

“Is it wrong to want to hang out more with my best friend?” Maria asked Ashley.

“Come on, I know that’s not the real reason.” Ashley tried to pry more into Maria’s feelings.

“That is the real reason, it sucks only being able to hang out after lunch.” Maria added.

Mr. Smith started handing out the new schedules.

“Oh, is it because you don’t want Silvia to have all that alone time with Angeal?” Ashley asked.

“Silvia can try, but I am always going to be one step ahead of her.” Maria said with a boastful disposition.

Maria then received her schedule and looked at it.

“Aww, mine is pretty much the same as last semester. What are your classes?” Ashley asked, trying to look at Maria’s schedule.

Maria looked at her schedule in disbelief. She made it into the honours’ courses.

“First Bell is Biology with Miss Ryan, Second Bell is World History with Mr. Yukimura, Third Bell is Psychology with Miss Sullivan and Fourth Bell is Calculus with Mr. Smith.” Maria read off her schedule.

“Wow, guess placing Fifth in the Finals last year really wasn’t a fluke.” Ashley said, looking at Maria’s schedule.

“Looks like we both share the same Health class during Sixth Bell. Last semester they had you in a different PE group.” Maria said to Ashley.

“Yea, but that’s not going to be the same as having First Bell with you, now I have to find someone else to talk to during class.” Ashley said disappointed.

“Aw, don’t feel too bummed out about it. Maybe if you were a bit friendlier you would have a new talking buddy in no time.” Maria said with a smile.

In Miss Ryan’s Class.

“We will be having new students join us in the honours’ program today. And some of your formal classmates have dropped from it. There will be slight changes, but I still expect everyone to keep up with the current pace.” Miss Ryan said.

“Are we going to have to take another assessment like we did on the first day?” Richard asked.

“Yes we will be.” Miss Ryan said.

Richard placed his head on the desk.

Katherine looked over at Richard. “I still can’t believe you survived the purging.” She said in disbelief.

“Are you ready to get another perfect on the assessment, Angeal?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“It’s probably an overestimation to assume that I would need to be ready for such an assessment.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

“Naturally.” Silvia said. “Oh, what did you do over the rest of the winter break?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“What do you mean?” Aiden asked.

“Did you go on any more adventures, like we did at that scary house?” Silvia asked Aiden with curiosity in her eyes.

“No, it gets dark too quickly so Maria isn’t able to stay out long enough for us to go on those kinds of adventures.” Aiden responded.

“Adventures? What adventures are you talking about? Can I join?” Joshua jumped in on the conversation.

“No, you would just make it crowded.” Silvia said to Joshua.

“I don’t see what’s the big deal. Angeal, what do you think? By now you are probably tired of just hanging around girls all the time, right?” Joshua asked Aiden.

“It doesn’t make a difference to me.” Aiden responded.

“Unlike you, Joshua, Angeal doesn’t get all weird when he talks to girls.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“I don’t get weird when I talk to girls.” Joshua responded quickly.

“He doesn’t get weird when he talks to girls, it’s only when they are pretty. That’s why he doesn’t have any issue talking to you.” Issac said to Rebecca.

“Do you want to say that again!?” Rebecca threatened Issac. Issac laughed.

The new students then showed up at the door. They all then lined up in front of the whiteboard.

Maria saw Aiden sitting down and she gained a giant smile and waved at Aiden.

Silvia looked at Maria standing up front and rolled her eyes imagining Maria stealing all the alone time she had with Aiden.

“Great, she just had to make honours.” Silvia thought to herself.

“Welcome to your new home room. Would you mind introducing yourself?” Miss Ryan asked the 6 new students. “Say your name, something interesting about yourself and your goal.” Miss Ryan explained.

“Good Morning, my name is Kenneth B. Lloyd, I am pretty good at Sports, more precisely Baseball. And I hope to one day work as a Production Manager at a Manufacturing Company.” A kid that was decently tall for his age said in front of the class. He looked like he was suffering a minor break out, but he generally had a muscular build.

Maria then stepped forward. “Haha, looks like I have conquered yet another pedestal you all tried to keep from me, the Mighty Maria Li. I am the best at what I do, and I will one day own the World alongside my best friend Angeal!” Maria proclaimed in front of the class.

The class was silent, but didn’t seem as surprised as a group of kids ought to have been. Maria had already tried to pull the same proclamation when she placed fifth in the finals.

Maria then stepped back with a grin on her face.

The other students introduced themselves and they went to find seats.

Maria walked over to where Silvia was.

“Ah, you might as well move since you know that’s where I want to sit.” Maria said to Silvia.

“It is? Guess you must be a little blind because I am already occupying it.” Silvia responded.

“Is this going to be the car situation all over again? You might as well save us all the trouble and just move.” Maria said getting closer to Silvia.

“If I recall, you didn’t win that situation either.” Silvia said to Maria.

Maria stared down at Silvia trying to get her to move.

“Angeal, may you switch to one of the seats in the back, just so you wouldn’t block the view of the students behind you?” Miss Ryan asked Aiden.

“Sure thing.” Aiden said as he got up from his seat and went to sit in the back.

“Now Miss Li, you take the seat that Angeal was just in.” Miss Ryan said to Maria.

Maria sat down in the seat next to Silvia. They both looked disgruntled.

Aiden was only one seat behind the two girls, but it might as well have been another classroom away.

“That was your fault for bringing so much attention to our area.” Silvia said to Maria.

“If you only just moved at least one of us could have sat next to him, and now look, neither of us can.” Maria responded to Silvia.

“You think that’s bad, because of how this class is, when we group up, you are going to be my partner.” Silvia told Maria.

“I’m starting to wish that I never got into honours.” Maria said, looking up at the ceiling.

“Same.” Silvia added with a smirk.

Aiden sat behind the two watching them both complain. “It’s not like I’m not in the class anymore, why are they looking so frustrated?” Aiden thought to himself.

Miss Ryan then began to hand out an assessment.

Maria looked at the paper that was placed on her desk. “What?! It’s already time for a quiz!?” Maria thought to herself.

She looked back towards Aiden. She mouthed to him. “You know what to do.” 

Aiden shook his head with a smile. Knowing that Maria wanted him to give her a perfect score.

All the students in the class flipped over their tests and began taking it.

Aiden finished nearly immediately and Maria just sat reading the questions. Silvia soon finished also.

“Wow, these are not as easy as the tests she gave to the non honour students.” Maria thought to herself.

Aiden produced a copy of his test on Maria’s desk for her to look at it.

“Finally, I thought I was going to have to struggle.” Maria said as she began to fill out the test sheet.

The time limit of the test had been reached and all the students handed up their tests.

“Tomorrow I will have these grades for you, also tomorrow we will start on our first group project of the semester. So make sure you pick up a copy of the package on your way out.” Miss Ryan said as the first bell rang.

Silvia got up from her seat to wait for Aiden so they could walk to the second bell.

Maria immediately went to Aiden.

“Surprised that I am in this class?” Maria smiled looking up at Aiden.

“I figured you would place, you have been studying when we were back at home.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ahem.” Silvia coughed to get Maria’s attention.

“Something in your throat?” Maria asked.

“No, it’s just that me and Angeal walk to class together everyday. It’s pretty much a tradition now.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Well thanks for keeping my spot warm. But you can start a new tradition somewhere else.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I will walk behind you both since there is no room for all three of us to be side by side in the halls.” Aiden said.

“No, you walk beside me.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You can’t just talk to him like that, you don’t own him.” Silvia said to Maria.

“He is my best friend, I can talk to him practically any way I want.” Maria responded.

“Angeal, you need to defend yourself in this kind of situation. I know you and Maria are close, but she is treating you like you are her servant.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“No I am not, I am treating him like my best friend, is it wrong to want to walk side by side?” Maria said to Silvia, getting louder.

Aiden placed Silvia to sleep and carried her.

“Why’d you do that?” Maria asked Aiden.

“We need to get to class before we are late, both of your arguing was slowing everything down.” Aiden said to Maria.

“But I am right, correct?” Maria said to Aiden.

“About what?” Aiden asked.

“About being able to talk to you anyways I feel like, and having you walk next to me.” Maria responded.

“If that’s what best friends do, then you are correct. If not, then no, it would go against standard human interaction. Despite me not being Human.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh right, to everyone else you are totally Human. Okay, now I can see where she was coming from. But still, she can’t just get to do whatever she wants.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What is it she wanted?” Aiden asked.

“She wanted to keep you to herself and walk alone with you. Obviously I can’t let that happen.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Because only best friends can walk next to each other?” Aiden asked.

“Exactly.” Maria agreed.

“Then I apologise. I have been walking next to Silvia the entire semester.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, don’t take it like that. I mean, it’s not wrong for you to walk with her. Just that people would get the wrong idea. You are allowed to walk with her.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So, who is allowed to walk next to each other?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Anyone I guess.” Maria said.

“Didn’t you just agree that only best friends were allowed to walk next to each other?” Aiden asked Maria, trying to figure out her thought process.

“Okay, okay, we can drop it. I will walk next to Silvia, just to show you that it’s okay. Don’t overthink things.” Maria said to Aiden trying to show a confident smile.

“This feels a lot like projection.” Aiden said as they approached the second bell class.

Aiden woke Silvia up. Silvia came too.

“What happened?” Silvia asked.

“You fainted from all that yelling you were doing.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Yelling? I was yelling? That doesn’t sound right.” Silvia responded, shaking off the feeling of drowsiness.

“What can I say, I only say it like it is.” Maria added.

Silvia looked around. “So we are already at the second bell, how did I get here?” Silvia asked.

“You walked down the halls like a zombie.” Maria imitated.

“I’m not going to believe that. Angeal was the one who carried me.” Silvia said, looking up at Aiden.

“That’s correct.” Aiden responded.

“You’re no fun.” Maria said to them both.

“Did you carry me like a bride?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Ha, more like a corpse.” Maria joked.

“Well in this class you are going to have to find another seat to sit. I already have the one next to Angeal.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Nope, we are going to sit next to each other.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Why would I want to do that?” Silvia said to Maria with disgust.

“It’s obvious that we won’t get anywhere if we just fight over who can hang around Angeal. In the end we both would lose, so doing it this way will guarantee that Angeal isn’t placed in some random spot too far from us.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I see what you mean. It’s a prisoner’s dilemma. Since I can guarantee that you won’t stand down. Me standing down would only result in my failure. But if we both don’t then we leave Aiden’s position to chance. Therefore, to circumvent that we must avoid the dilemma in the first place by coming to an agreement beforehand.” Silvia said, thinking through the process.

“This is the most optimal choice.” Aiden said to the two.

“Sure, I will sit next to you. And Angeal can sit behind us.” Silvia said.

Maria then grinned. “Ha, the General always wins. Making sure that Silvia and I lose during the class periods would put me in the lead when it comes to out of class time. Making me the overall winner.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria and Silvia sat next to each other during World History in Mr. Yukimura’s class.

Maria started to realize the extra workload she had in these honour classes.

“Dang, they just don’t slow down…” Maria thought to herself trying to keep notes.

Aiden saw Maria trying to keep up. She was visibly becoming stressed.

Aiden threw a note underneath Maria’s hand. Maria noticed it and read it.

“Just try to listen, I will keep the notes for you. Good job.” Aiden’s note said to Maria.

Maria looked back at Aiden and gave him a thumbs up.

Silvia saw this exchange.

Maria continued to try and write what she could during class. But wasn’t trying to write every word Mr. Yukimura said.

“Passing notes between each other. Maria and Angeal are much closer than I am to him. I have substantial ground to cover.” Silvia thought to herself. “Oh, maybe I can make lunch for Angeal…” Silvia continued to think.

She then looked back at Aiden.

“What does he eat?” Silvia thought to herself.

“Even just listening is wearing me out, and it’s only just the first day.” Maria thought to herself as the second bell was coming to a close.

The bell rang and Maria jumped out of her seat.

“I hope you kept extremely good notes, Angeal, because I am going to need them.” Maria said to Aiden.

“My notes are very thorough.” Aiden responded.

“Well off to Miss Sullivan’s class now!” Maria pointed in that direction.

“What are you talking about? If you have the same schedule as us, then we are heading towards Mr. Smith’s class.” Silvia said to Maria.

Maria pulled out her schedule.

“But Mr. Smith is Fourth Bell, not third.” Maria said, looking at her sheet.

Silvia pulled out hers, and Aiden did as well.

“See, me and Angeal have Miss Mr. Smith next. Looks like we have different classes.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Different classes?!” Maria said with disappointment. “Then what’s the point of even being in honours. I have to ask for a schedule change.” Maria said to Silvia and Aiden.

“Are you really going to put in that much effort to just get two extra classes with Angeal?” Silvia asked Maria.

“Obviously. As if you wouldn’t.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I wouldn’t, he needs his space sometimes.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Ha, then you are probably just boring when it comes to spending a significant amount of time with.” Maria joked.

“As if. Why don’t you start heading in the direction of your class then. Me and Angeal have somewhere else to be.” Silvia said to Maria.

Maria stuck out her tongue at Silvia.

“Wow, real mature.” Silvia responded.

“See you at lunch.” Maria said to Aiden.

“See you then.” Aiden responded.

Silvia and Aiden walked next to each other to head to Mr. Smith’s class.

“So Angeal, what… What kind of food do you like to eat?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Food? Hmm, I don’t really eat anything. But If I had to choose I suppose it would be anything that isn’t meat or fruit.” Aiden responded.

“Why is that?” Silvia asked.

“Because both are reproductive agents.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“Interesting. That doesn’t leave much for a diet does it?” Silvia said to Aiden.

“It doesn’t affect me. I have other methods.” Aiden responded, still walking to class.

“Strange.” Silvia said with a smile on her face.

Silvia and Aiden got to Mr. Smith’s class and sat next to each other as per usual.

Maria was in Miss Sullivan’s class disgruntled.

Maria looked around the class to see any students she even would consider talking to.

Rebecca was seated a few seats away from Maria. Even though they have been through 2 sleepovers with each other Maria still didn’t feel close enough to Rebecca to speak with her without Silvia around.

Maria pulled out her Group Project Packet and read over it.

“Build a model of DNA, demonstrating Genes acquiring and losing alleles. Your model should demonstrate how the acquisition of certain alleles makes the Gene more fit for their environment. Demonstrate how even if the trait acquired doesn’t have a beneficial increase to fitness that it could still remain in the gene pool. Demonstrate how without genetic variation that detrimental traits could be passed through an entire species.” The paper said.

It then had many pages behind it which went more into the readings required.

“What even is all of this?” Maria said, shoving the packet back into her backpack.

“This is the time of year for seasonal depression as it is widely known. Many factors can contribute…” Miss Sullivan was saying but Maria was drowning her out with her own thinking.

“I worked this hard just to not be in the same class as Aiden. This is garbage.” Maria placed her head on the desk.

Rebecca looked over at Maria.

When it was time for the class to do some of the practice assignments at the end of the chapter Rebecca sat next to Maria.

Rebecca tapped on Maria’s shoulder.

Maria looked over at her, with her head still on the desk.

“Looks like after all that work you got separated from your best friend.” Rebecca said to Maria.

“Yea, what about it?” Maria said to Rebecca thinking that she was going to tease her.

“I’m just saying I know the feeling.” Rebecca looked up at the ceiling. “I only have 3 classes with Silvia this Semester, the devastation of that made coming to school feel like a chore.” Rebecca said to Maria.

“How long have you guys known each other?” Maria asked.

“Since the 4th Grade. We were in the same class. And since she was good at the Piano and I was good with the Violin we would practice together until eventually we would just be together after school.” Rebecca said to Maria.

“Wow, since the 4th Grade, that’s a long time. I don’t think I have had any relationship that lasted that long.” Maria said to Rebecca. “Well besides knowing my family of course ha, that goes without saying.” Maria laughed.

“Wait, so you’ve known Angeal for shorter than that? I imagined that you both would have known each other since you were infants. How’d you two meet?” Rebecca asked Maria.

“He dropped a scroll on me, then after that we were just best friends. That’s all there is to it.” Maria responded.

“I guess I should not have expected a more complex story from you.” Rebecca said.

“Hey, it doesn’t need to be deep to be meaningful.” Maria responded to Rebecca.

“Well since Silvia seems to be taking Angeal, how about we become friends?” Rebecca asked Maria.

“Eh, Silvia isn’t taking Angeal from anyone. But since you asked so kindly I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to actually be friends with you.” Maria responded to Rebecca with a grin.

“Have you thought about which High school you are going to attend after graduation?” Rebecca asked.

The classes continued on. And lunch time came.

Maria found Aiden and grabbed his arm.

“Is she trying to hover around you still?!” Maria said, looking for Silvia.

“No, she left to go eat with her group as she normally would. She hasn’t changed her habits even though it’s a new semester.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

“Just had to make sure.” Maria said. Maria then pulled Aiden to head outside.

“I am in the mood for some kind of soup.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That is extremely vague. But we can try a few places to see if any peaks your interest.” Aiden said to Maria as she hopped into her clear bubble and they took off.

Silvia was sitting with the prep students. She looked over at the table that Aiden and Maria typically sat at.

“Looking for Angeal?” Issac asked Silvia.

“It’s none of your business.” Silvia responded.

“Just tell him you like him or something. It’s very easy to tell.” Joshua said to Silvia.

“I have admiration for him, I don’t think of him in that way.” Silvia said to Joshua.

“As if, everyone knows that you are trying to get as close as possible to him to try and make him your boyfriend or something. Just ask him out, so he can reject you and you can focus on a real man.” Joshua said, smiling at Silvia.

Rebecca threw a bunch of napkins at Joshua.

“As if you are even in the same league as Silvia. Didn’t you place like 5th in the finals?” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“I placed 4th. And besides, I was just kidding. Silvia is way too ambitious for me, I would be exhausted even trying to keep up.” Joshua responded.

“Isn’t there a girl in the 7th grade who Angeal held. I don’t really recall her name.” Issac said, eating his gelatin dessert.

“When was this?” Silvia asked.

“It was during the Beauty and the Beast play. But Alvin wrecked the final scene by turning off the electricity so they never got to kiss. But it was a pretty good play, they had a good connection. Very nice chemistry.” Issac described to Silvia.

“I didn’t know about this. Did you know about it, Rebecca?” Silvia asked.

“No, I didn’t know about that play either. I didn’t even know that Angeal acted.” Rebecca responded quickly.

Issac then looked around the lunch room to see if he could recognize the girl who Aiden held.

“She doesn’t seem to be in the cafeteria.” Issac said felling to locate Leanne.

“A theatre girl? Is that his type?” Joshua asked.

“That’s the only reason I think someone like him would be involved in a play.” Issac agreed with Joshua.

“You both are idiots, it’s obvious the only reason Angeal would be in a play is because Maria told him to. That’s all it ever boils down to.” Silvia said to the two.

“Wow, I thought it was the other way around. I figured Maria did whatever Angeal was doing just to stay close with him.” Issac said.

Aiden and Maria entered the cafeteria with soup in their hands.

They both sat down at their table. Maria then began to slurp up her meal.

The prep students all looked in their direction.

“She said that they became friends because he hit her with a scroll, so I guess he feels sorry for her?” Rebecca said.

“I need to buy me some scrolls then.” Joshua said.

“Did puberty just hit you? Do you find girls attractive now?” Rebecca asked Joshua.

“No, you guys are still icky.” Joshua responded.

“So I was reading over the packet earlier, and it was way too difficult. Have the assignments always been that hard in honours?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It only seems hard because you just switched. When you get the hang of it, it’ll be like your previous classes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Since  it’s a group project that means I get to work in a group with anyone right?” Maria asked, still slurping down spoonfuls of soup and dipping bread into it.

“No, your partner is Silvia, since you both are in the same row, sitting alongside each other in column 1 and 2.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Wait, so when you got switched to sit behind us then that removed you from being my partner?!” Maria was stunned.

“That’s correct.” Aiden responded.

“Dang it Silvia, you ruined things for me again!” Maria said to herself. “Wait, so that means you both have been working together this entire time.” Maria looked at Aiden.

“That is also correct.” Aiden said to Maria.

“How could you betray me like this Aiden?” Maria said to Aiden, pretending to be sad.

“I betrayed you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s whatever, I don’t even care about it anymore.” Maria said quickly.

“Seems like you do.” Aiden responded.

Maria then started finishing her meal.

Allison came over to their table.

“So where is Angel?” Allsion asked.

“Angel left back out to study abroad.” Maria said to Allison.

“Oh…” Allison said, walking back over to her table feeling disappointed.

“That was sad.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Can you even feel that?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It’s not like I am blind, I can tell when someone’s expectations are crushed.” Aiden gestured his hands to Maria.

“Can you now? I figured since you can’t tell how all these girls feel, that you would have been oblivious to everything.” Maria jested at Aiden.

“What are they feeling?” Aiden asked.

“Nevermind.” Maria said to Aiden as she finished. “Okay, now let’s see what’s new on the bulletin board.” Maria jumped out of her seat and the two began walking out of the cafeteria.

“Where do they even go?” Issac asked, watching the two leave.

“Probably having a lot more fun than we are.” Rebecca responded.

The next day came. Maria and Silvia were placed in pairs to work on the group project.

“I’m assuming that I am going to have to do most of the work on this project. Seeing that I don’t want to fail.”  Silvia said to Maria.

“You aren’t going to fail, no need to be dramatic.” Maria responded.

“Do you even know what an allele is?” Silvia asked.

“Yea, it’s one of those things that are in our DNA or something like that. I know I am at least close. If I saw it on a multiple choice question I’d be able to answer it.” Maria said to Silvia.

“The change in quality of my partners could give me whiplash.” Silvia said under her breath.

Silvia began writing out what they needed.

“What are you doing? I can just ask Angeal what he thinks is the best way to go about this.” Maria said, watching Silvia trying to plan out their project.

“Can’t you do anything on your own?” Silvia asked.

“Of course I can, I just use my resources effectively.” Maria responded.

“In this project can you at least try and work with me. I know Angeal is your best friend and all, but he is still his own person.” Silvia said to Maria pointing at her list of tasks she wrote.

“Sometimes you have your good moments, and your bad moments. Right now, you are definitely in the bad area.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Why? Just because I said we should work together?” Silvia asked Maria.

“I know what you are trying to do, I see all of your moves. You are trying to create space between me and Angeal so that you could stick your head in there.” Maria said to Silvia.

Maria and Silvia then began to argue with each other.

Aiden looked over at them. “This isn’t good. When Maria gets upset she doesn’t back down until the other person admits defeat. And Silvia isn’t one to ever admit defeat to someone she views as undeserving of even a competition.” Aiden thought to himself.

Kenneth looked over at Aiden.

“So, ah. I’m not sure how to do any of this. Can you explain it to me dude?” Kenneth asked Aiden.

“Sure, I can do that for you.” Aiden said, trying the DNA and catching Kenneth up to what they learned in class.

Some time passed. Maria and Silvia stopped speaking to each other.

“Wow, so that’s what’s going on. I already feel ten times smarter.” Kenneth said to Aiden.

“It’s no problem. Even though we are guaranteed to get a perfect score, it’s better that you understand the material than me just doing it all for you.” Aiden said to Kenneth.

“So what do you want me to do one the project?” Kenneth asked.

“You said you were good at Baseball, do you have any old bats that we could use to structure the DNA. I can list the materials we would need. Don’t worry if you can’t find any, I can handle it.” Aiden said to Kenneth.

Aiden then explained what each part would be on the project.

Aiden looked over at Maria and saw that she was in a sour mood.

“Being in honours sucks!” Maria thought to herself.

The bell rang and Aiden went to the door where Maria and Silvia were waiting for him. They were still giving each other the silent treatment.

They walked down the halls in silence.

Aiden walked behind them both and began to feel awkward. As if he did something that was causing this.

They entered the second bell and the two still weren’t even looking at one another.

The Bell rang and the same thing happened. Now it was time for Maria to separate to her separate class.

“Angeal, don’t walk with Silvia to your third or fourth bell. That’s an order from the General.” Maria said to Aiden.

Silvia looked shocked at Maria’s words.

“Angeal, you don’t have to listen to her. If you want to walk with me then you can.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“You’re my best friend Angeal, don’t hurt me like this.” Maria said to Aiden.

“She is trying to manipulate you, you can see that right?” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Aiden.” Maria said, looking at Aiden with an upset look.

“What are your problems?” Aiden asked the two girls.

Maria and Silvia looked at him in disbelief.

“You want me to be treated as a separate person, Silvia. And you want me to act like your best friend.” Aiden said to Maria. “But I can tell right now I am being used as a tool in whatever fight you are having with each other. If I am going to be involved, I want to know the reason.” Aiden said to the two.

They both looked at each other. But they didn’t say anything.

Aiden looked at both of them.

“So I don’t even deserve that?” Aiden said.

Maria then turned around and started walking to her class. She was clearly upset.

Silvia looked at Aiden watching Maria walk away.

Silvia could tell that Aiden was not in the mood to walk next to her, so she started walking to class.

Aiden stood in the hall now alone.

In the next bell Silvia sat silent without talking to Aiden. She wanted to, but she felt like she harmed a friendship that meant a lot to him.

“I didn’t mean to put him in that position. What am I doing?” Silvia thought to herself.

“What made you so upset?” Rebecca asked Maria.

“Your best friend is a jerk.” Maria said to Rebecca.

“Hold on, you can’t just say that without an explanation.” Rebecca responded.

“How come she feels like she can just stick herself in places she doesn’t belong?” Maria said to Rebecca.

“Oh, you must mean trying to be friends with Angeal.” Rebecca said having a realization on what the topic was about.

“No, not just friends. Like she is trying to be his best friend. That is obviously my position. You need to tell her to back off.” Maria said to Rebecca.

“I can’t tell her to do anything. Silvia does what she wants, and we are friends because we like to do things together. I can’t just tell her to do stuff because I’m her best friend. You expect me to use my friendship with her as some sort of bargaining chip?” Rebecca asked Maria.

“Then it must not be a powerful enough bargaining chip then to actually be effective.” Maria responded.

“You say that, I don’t know how your friendship with Angeal is, but it’s coming off as one of those servant and master types of relationships recently.” Rebecca said to Maria.

“No, that’s not true.” Maria said quickly.

“I’m just saying. You can say what you want to say.” Rebecca added to Maria, as she continued reading.

Maria thought to herself. “Okay, maybe I did go a little overboard threatening him like that. He’s probably feeling terrible right now.” Maria thought to herself.

She then got a sick feeling in her stomach.

“I feel terrible.” Maria thought to herself, finally having the feeling of guilt.

The bell rang and the students went out to head to the fourth bell.

Silvia still was silent. She wanted to say something to Aiden, but nothing was coming out of her mouth.

She then stopped in front of him. Then she turned around.

Silvia took a deep breath in.

“I’m sorry-” Silvia began to say, but she was interrupted by Maria who was running through the hallway trying to catch up to Aiden.

“I’m sorry Aiden! I tried using our friendship as a way to make you do things for me. That wasn’t cool of me to do to you, especially with how amazing you have been as my best friend. I hope I didn’t make you feel bad at the last bell.” Maria said to Aiden.

Silvia just watched seeing her moment be taken.

“An actual apology, then I will take it that you truly mean it.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then looked at Silvia. “I’m not going to apologize to you, but I am willing to be more friendly. That is if you don’t keep thinking you can replace me.” Maria said to Silvia.

“That’s ultimately up to Angeal, isn’t it?” Silvia responded.

Maria then laughed. “See you at lunch!” She said before running off to her class.

Silvia now stood with Aiden.

“What were you going to say?” Aiden asked Silvia.

“Oh, nothing really.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Hmm, very well.” Aiden responded.

Aiden then began to walk.

“Okay, I did have something to say.” Silvia said, Aiden then turned around.

“I know I didn’t know you as long as Maria, and that it wasn’t justified for me to put you in a position to which your friendship was in peril. So I offer my apologies for that. I enjoy hanging out with you, even if that means Maria has to be there. But I was seeing that while she was around that my relationship with you would eventually stop growing. Thus why I acted the way I did.” Silvia said to Aiden.

Aiden nodded his head. “I understand.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“That being said, I do like you Angeal. You are smart, brave and talented. I hope to continue to be alongside you as you improve and that I can improve with you.” Silvia said to Aiden.

Aiden didn’t realize that this was a confession from Silvia. “Sure, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t be.” Aiden responded to Silvia in the same manner he always does.

“So you like me too?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Sure, you aren’t malicious.” Aiden said to Silvia.

Silvia had a smile on her face. “Okay, then let’s walk to class together again.” Silvia said with a bit more excitement.

Aiden then walked alongside Silvia to their class.

The semester had started on a shaky foundation. Maria and Silvia worked together on their group project and received 96%. Maria allowed Aiden to express his opinion a bit more without throwing out the fact that she was his general. And Silvia, though still jealous of the amount of time Maria got to spend with Aiden, found comfort in the thought that Aiden was attracted to her.

Angel Misery: Chapter Thirteen

“You actually Volunteer?”

Maria, Allison and Aiden who was behind Maria but invisible were watching Television. It was the holiday season and the typical seasonal shows were on rerun. Then it went to commercials.

“I am going to get some more hot chocolate.” Allison said as she got up and headed towards the kitchen.

On the screen were smiling faces and people behind giant pots of food.

“Support the local soup kitchen this holiday season. Because the best gift you can give is your time.” The commercial said as it continued to show people volunteering.

“This show better hurry up.” Maria said impatiently watching the commercial.

“Is what being shown on the screen unaffecting you?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria looked back at Aiden. “It’s not that I am unaffected, I mean, what could I really do right?” Maria responded to Aiden as she turned back around.

Allison then quickly rushed into the living room. She jumped back on the couch and under the covers.

“It is cold!” Allison said, covering her body.

“Is the Hot Chocolate done?” Maria asked Allison.

“It’s in the microwave, and I don’t know why you are asking, I didn’t make you one.” Allusion said to Maria.

“Wow, you were just in there, it would have taken less than a few seconds.” Maria said to Allison.

“Well if you think it’s so quick, you can go in there and make some now.” Allison said to Maria.

Maria got up and went into the kitchen.

“Could you bring mine out while you are in there?” Allison asked Maria.

“Whatever.” Maria responded.

Aiden and Maria were in the kitchen and Maria grabbed a scoop of Hot Chocolate Powder from the container.

“Actually, can you make something extra special, like some super double chocolate cocoa powder?” Maria asked Aiden.

“How special are you thinking?” Aiden asked.

“Like super pure cocoa, the best chocolate out there!” Maria responded with her hand raised high.

“I don’t think you are going to like pure cocoa.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I bet I would.” Maria responded.

“Actually, I can guarantee that you aren’t going to like it.” Aiden continued.

“Can you just make it?” Maria asked.

Aiden then created pure cocoa powder for Maria. He handed it to her.

Maria dipped a finger in the powder and licked it. Her face puckered from the bitterness of the confection. 

“Well?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria was trying to hide the expression on her face. “This is delicious. See… I told you I would like it.” Maria responded feeling more of the urge to spit it out.

“I’m literally not going to think any less of you if you spit it out.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria went over to the sink and washed it out of her mouth.

“What on Earth was that! That’s not chocolate!” Maria said to Aiden. “Are you trying to play tricks?” 

Maria continued to wash her mouth out.

“No, that was genuine cocoa. The chocolate that you both are drinking is practically sugar.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, I prefer the sugar over that. That was horrible!” Maria responded.

Maria then went to make her own cup of Hot Chocolate with the prior Powder.

“I have to get you back for that, I can still taste it.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“You asked me to do it.” Aiden responded.

Maria took Allison’s cup out of the microwave and put her own in. Maria took a small sip out of Allison’s cup to wash the taste out of her mouth.

Aiden and Maria eventually left the kitchen with two cups.

Maria handed Allison her cup.

“Oh you actually did it, thanks.” Allison said to Maria.

“Might as well, right?” Maria responded as she took her seat.

The show had begun and they continued to watch it.

After that ended Maria went upstairs to her room. Maria then layed on her bed.

“It gets dark so fast! The winter is always so boring!” Maria said to Aiden.

“The shows said it was the most wonderful time of year though.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because they have snow. It doesn’t snow in Sequoia.” Maria responded.

“Snow makes all the difference?” Aiden asked.

“I would imagine, because all those kids laugh when they are playing in it. Building snowmen, and snow forts, snowball fights, igloos, and a whole bunch of other stuff.” Maria responded.

Maria then sat up from her bed.

“I just thought of something!” Maria exclaimed.

Aiden who was standing in front of Maria looked down at her.

“Aiden! Can you change the weather to make it snow here! That would be awesome!” Maria asked Aiden.

“For it to snow, I would have to bring the temperature down below 0 degrees celsius. Then create precipitation. The sudden change of weather could catch people unprepared and could cause widespread chaos.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So are you able to?” Maria asked again.

Aiden then looked down at Maria with a stunned look.

“Yes, I can do that.” Aiden said to Maria with hardly a surprise.

“Then let’s do it! I want to play in some snow!” Maria said to Aiden. “Do you see the smile that your best friend has on her face with all of the excitement!?” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then created the conditions needed for it to snow.

A chilled breeze went across the area bringing an immediate chill. The temperature went from being in the mid teens to being below 0.

The first bits of snow then began to fall from the sky and Maria looked at it.

“Look at that, it’s actually coming down.” Maria said. “So how long until I can build a snow fort?” Maria asked.

“It’ll probably take about 6 hours of snowfall at this rate for it to get to that point.” Aiden responded.

Maria then jumped out of bed and grabbed her sleeping clothes.

“Then I am going to wash up and go to sleep so that time passes faster!” Maria said to Aiden as she went into the bathroom.

“Mom! Look, it’s snowing!” Allison said downstairs.

Maria’s mom let out a frustrated grunt.

Some time passed and Maria looked out the window as she was in bed.

Aiden stood the entire night as he usually did.

The next morning, Maria got up and immediately went to head outside. The snow has gotten to 30 centimeters high.

Maria went out the door and saw that the road was completely covered in snow and that the entire area was white.

“This is awesome!” Maria said, looking out.

The cold then came and hit her.

Maria felt her bones chill and she stepped back inside.

She rubbed her arms. Aiden then came up next to her.

“Something wrong?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s freezing out there!” Maria said to Aiden.

“What did you expect? It’s snowing.” Aiden responded.

“I don’t know, the kids in the movies don’t look like they are freezing.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I’m guessing they are probably used to it, since it snows naturally there.” Aiden responded.

Maria then spread out her arms.

Aiden looked at Maria.

“You know what to do.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then pointed at Maria and created her thicker winter wear.

Maria then went back outside and into the snow.

“Now this is way better. Come on Aiden.” Maria said to Aiden as she ran through it.

Aiden walked outside to follow Maria into the deep snow.

Maria grabbed a bunch of snow and tried to form it into a ball, but it turned out to just look like a lump of ice.

“Aww, this doesn’t look like a snowball at all, what did I do?” Maria got rid of it and formed another ball, but it was lumpy.

“What are you trying to do?” Aiden asked Maria.

“You can’t tell, I’m trying to make snowballs so I can hit you with them.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“Then you should not squeeze it so tightly, it’s not like wet sand.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Then wouldn’t it just fall apart if I threw it?” Maria asked.

“No, it shouldn’t. Just give it a try.” Aiden said to Maria. Aiden grabbed a bit of snow and showed Maria how it was done.

Maria grabbed a bit more snow and patted it to make sure it had a good form.

“Like this?” Maria asked, showing Aiden her ball.

“It appears well formed to me.” Aiden responded.

Maria then threw the snowball at Aiden. Aiden moved out of the way and the snowball hit the ground behind him.

“Not fair! Why did you move!?” Maria said to Aiden. She grabbed another pile of snow.

Maria then looked up at Aiden as she was making another snowball. “Well? Why aren’t you making more, this is a snowball fight after all.” 

Aiden bent down and grabbed more snow and began to form them into snowballs.

Maria was trying to increase her ammunition numbers, but at each critical point Aiden hit her with a ball knocking her over.

“Just you wait Aiden, when I get done I am going to destroy you!” Maria said quickly getting back up.

“That’s if I give you any reprieve.” Aiden responded by throwing another snowball at Maria.

Maria was knocked over again. She then grabbed a bunch of snow and just threw the mass at Aiden. The pile of snow spread in the wind as a flurry.

“It won’t go anywhere if you don’t form it.” Aiden responded. He then threw another snowball at Maria.

Maria then quickly made badly formed snow balls and threw them at Aiden.

“Ha! Take these!” Maria yelled as she threw a dozen snowballs in rapid succession. Aiden dodged each as they were coming. Aiden then vanished.

“Hey! What are you doing outside!?” Allison said to Maria from the front door.

“I’m playing in the snow, what does it look like?” Maria responded.

“Isn’t it cold?” Allison asked.

“It is if you’re not moving around.” Maria said to Allison as she threw a snowball at the door.

Allison closed the door a little to keep it from hitting her.

“Don’t do that!” Allison said to Maria.

Maria was forming another snowball.

Allison then shut the door.

Aiden reappeared. 

“I look lonely playing out here by myself, turn into Angel so it doesn’t look weird.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Angel is out on a study abroad, did you forget about that?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yea. Well I’ll just say that you came back for the holiday season, that’s super believable.” Maria said to Aiden.

“If you say so.” Aiden responded. He then transformed into Angel, and made snowtracks that led up to Maria’s house.

“What’s all that for?” Maria asked.

“When you walk in snow it leaves tracks, it would be weird if ‘Angel’ was here but there were no tracks.” Aiden responded.

Maria then threw a snowball at Aiden. Aiden leaned forward to get out of the way of the snowball.

“Oh, give me a few minutes, I am going to build a snow fort, then we can have a real battle.” Maria said to Aiden as she was moving piles of snow together to make a way.

Aiden walked over to watch Maria work.

“What are you doing, you can’t be just watching me build my defenses. Go and make yours.” Maria said to Aiden as she tried to cover his eyes.

“I would already know, I’m just observing your process. Give you suggestions.” Aiden responded.

“I think I am the general here, I know how to build an effective base.” Maria responded with a devilish smile.

Aiden walked back to the other side of the yard and began construction on his base.

Maria was watching Aiden build every so often to take some ideas from him.

“Oh, a mout, that’s a great idea.” Maria thought to herself.

Aiden waited for Maria to finish her construction. He threw a few snowballs overhead to land on Maria.

“Doesn’t seem effective yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because it’s not done!” Maria called out.

A short amount of time passed, and Maria was nearing the end of her construction. Allison opened the front door again to see what Maria was doing.

“You must be really bored to be playing in this cold snow all by yourself.” Allison remarked.

“Well for your information I am not playing by myself. Don’t you see that completely separate fort over there?” Maria said, pointing at Aiden’s fort.

Allison looked at it and back at Maria.

“That doesn’t convince me of anything.” Allison said.

“Angel, come on out of your fort, we can propose the snowball battle until after Allison realizes she is wrong.” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden lowered the ice bridge to his fort to reveal himself to Allison.

Allison gained a large smile on her face.

“What! You are back! Already!? What were your travels like!” Allison excitedly asked.

“Ahh…” Aiden began saying slowly.

“No time for explanations. Now you know that Angel is here and that I’m not playing alone so you can leave now.” Maria said to Allison.

“Wait a second, I’m going to get on my coat and stuff.” Allison said going back into the house.

“No!” Maria responded but Allison was already too far in the house to actually hear her. “Great, now she is going to ruin the fun.” Maria said.

“Snowball fights seem to be more fun when there are more people playing.” Aiden responded.

Maria thought to herself for a short instant.

“Oh! Actually, this will give me a chance to hit Alison without getting in trouble.” Maria said, rubbing her hands together alongside snickering.

“So are we going to wait or should we start now?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria grabbed a handful of snow and made a snowball out of it and threw it at Aiden trying to get a sneak attack. “We are starting now!” 

Aiden went behind the walls of his fort and dodged the snowball.

He threw snowballs from the small opening of his fort into the open space above Maria’s fort to get direct hits in her fort.

Maria pressed herself against the walls of her fort.

“Are you scared of a bit of snow!? Come on and show your face!” Maria called out trying to stay out of the impact zone of the snowballs.

“That’s your job to hit me, not my job to get in the position to be hit.” Aiden responded. He then released a giant rolling ball of snow to crush into Maria’s fort.

The snowball grew as it continued its motion and crashed into Maria’s fort opening a large hole. Aiden then started sending snowballs into the gap. Putting Maria into a corner.

Aiden launched snowballs at the corner where he figured Maria would be. She was now being rained down on my continuous snowballs.

“Okay, okay. You win that round.” Maria said aloud trying to stop the snow from smacking the top of her head.

The snowballs stopped and Aiden looked from atop his fort.

“Now we switch sides.” Maria smiled looking up at Aiden.

“How’s that fair?” Aiden asked Maria.

“War isn’t fair Corporal, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.” Maria said walking to the otherside of the yard.

Allsion then came out in a coat.

“I’m ready to join you guys.” Allison said to the pair.

“You don’t have gloves on.” Aiden said to Allison.

“I couldn’t find any.” Allison responded.

Aiden then went into his pockets and pulled out another pair. He handed it to Allsion.

“There, the snow is cold. So you should wear these.” Aiden said.

“Wow, thanks.” Allison responded.

“Okay, now that that’s done. Allison, you are on Angel’s side.” Maria said to her.

“What are we doing?” Allison asked.

“We are hitting each other with snowballs.” Maria responded.

“How is that fun?” Allison responded.

“Don’t be such a party pooper. Are you going to play or not?” Maria asked Allsion.

Allison looked at Angel. “Of course I’m going to play.” Allison responded.

Maria then hit Allison in the chest with a snowball.

“Ha! That’s one hit for my team!” Maria proclaimed.

“We need to get behind cover of Maria’s going to keep hitting us.” Aiden said to Allison as they both went behind the snow fort walls.

Aiden showed Allison how to make snowballs as Maria was using Aiden’s snowball creator made out of ice in the fort.

Allison handed Aiden snowballs as he threw them directly into the gaps of the fort he built.

Both sides were gaining a large number of hits. Maria was able to hit Allison in the face a few times. And Allison did the same back to Maria.

In the end Maria did come out on top. Having hit Allison more times than Aiden hit Maria.

“Haha, looks like I am the winner!” Maria proclaimed.

“We are actually tied so far.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, that counted as double because it was a 2v1.” Maria responded.

“But we didn’t even get to use Angel’s obviously superior fort, so that should even it out.” Allison added.

“Her fort is not obviously superior to mine!” Maria called out loudly to Allison.

Allison pointed at the large hole.

“Yours has a huge hole in it. It’s not even close.” Allison responded.

“Girls I made some hot chocolate in here, it’s really cold outside so make sure you are staying warm.” Maria’s mom called outside.

Maria’s mom then noticed Angel.

“Oh! Angel! I didn’t know you were here, let me make you a cup as well.” Maria’s mom said.

“Thankyou Miss Li.” Aiden responded.

“We will settle it by who can get to the house faster!” Maria said to Allison.

Maria then started running and Allison chased after her but fell in the slippery snow.

“Haha! I win! That means I won the entire thing losers!” Maria said as she went into the house.

Aiden walked past Allison as she got back up.

“Are you cold?” Aiden asked Allison.

“Nah, I am okay. Especially thanks to the gloves you gave me.” Allison responded.

“No problem.” Aiden responded as he entered the house followed by Allison.

When all of them were inside drinking a cup of hot chocolate they saw on the news the devastation that was caused by the freakish blizzard.

“People are unable to get to shelters, and we are lacking in volunteers today at the soup kitchen…” The people on the television were saying.

“Doesn’t look like everyone is enjoying the snow.” Allison said, sipping from her mug.

“They’d complain even if there wasn’t snow.” Maria responded.

“You don’t feel bad about it?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Why would I?” Maria responded.

Aiden raised one eyebrow.

“Oh yeah! Eh, I guess maybe a little.” Maria said, continuing to drink her hot chocolate.

“Guess that’s better than nothing.” Aiden said.

Some more time passed and Maria was ready to head back outside.

“This time I want to build a snowman!” Maria said, going out the door.

Allison stayed seated inside.

“What? You’re not coming?” Maria asked Allison.

“I think I had enough of the cold today. I’m going to keep watching TV.” Allison said.

“That’s your lost, it’s not like it snows here.” Maria said going outside.

Aiden followed behind Maria outside.

Maria then made a snowball and rolled it across the ground making it grow bigger.

“This is so cool how snow just does this.” Maria said to Aiden.

“After this I think we ought to go to the soup kitchen and just volunteer a little.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aww, really. But the snow…” Maria responded.

“That’s exactly the reason.” Aiden said.

Maria then looked at Aiden with a sad face.

“We will get the full Holiday experience if we do go.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria rolled her head on her shoulders.

“Ahh! I guess.” Maria said, moaning. “Let’s just head there now so we can come back quickly for more fun.” Allison said, pointing at Aiden.

“Any particular one in mind?” Aiden asked Maria.

“This is your idea, you decide.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then the one from the commercial then.” Aiden said as Maria went into her clear ball.

Maria looked down at the snow covered city.

“Wow, this is amazing, it’s like a white ocean down there.” Maria exclaimed.

“I should clear it all by tomorrow so that it doesn’t do too much damage.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Damage? What damage? Snow is fun!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Snow is heavy, so it’s probably causing some roofs to collapse. It’s cold so that is a risk of hypothermia. It gets in the way so emergency services won’t operate optimally.” Aiden was listing the effects to Maria.

“That’s not really our problem though, that’s what adults are supposed to be figuring out. We are still just kids.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I suppose you are correct.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Of course I am. That’s why I am the General.” Maria responded.

Aiden and Maria landed in front of the soup kitchen. They both went to the volunteer sign-in station.

“Hello you two, are you here to volunteer?” The woman at the station asked.

“Yes we are! We are here to help everyone out the best way possible!” Maria responded.

“I love the excitement.” The woman said to Maria. “Now is this for school? Like a scholarship?” The woman asked.

“A scholarship?” Maria was curious.

“No, this isn’t for a scholarship, we are just doing it just to do it.” Aiden responded.

“No problem!” The woman said, handing Maria and Aiden the form. 

Maria and Aiden were signing their names in.

“Hey Angeal!” Kathrine said from near the back of the building.

“Whose that?” Maria asked.

“That’s Katherine, she is in the honours classes. She sits in the front row during my first bell.” Aiden responded. He then waved at Katherine.

Katherine then ran over to Aiden and Maria.

“I see Maria is here too. I didn’t take Maria for the volunteer type.” Katherine said.

“I guess you honour kids don’t know everything then, do you?” Maria responded.

“Maybe not me, but Angeal here definitely does. Isn’t that right Angeal?” Katherine asked Aiden.

“I know a lot of things but not everything.” Aiden responded.

“You don’t need to be humble.” Katherine said.

“Seems like you both already have a friend here. I will let Katherine show you around. She’s been volunteering for a while.” The woman said to Maria and Aiden.

“Follow me.” Katherine said as Aiden and Maria followed behind her.

“So what happens here?” Maria asked, looking around the building.

“Well some volunteers go out and pick up food from grocery stores, and they bring it here. Then from there some of us prepare the meals and give it to those who come for a meal.” Katherine said to Maria.

“She said you volunteer here all the time. Is it for that scholarship thing that the woman was talking about?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, I just volunteer with my parents. Been doing it for as long as I can remember, especially during this time of year.” Katherine responded.

“Any cool stories?” Maria excitedly asked.

“Eh, a lot of sad stories. A bunch of these guys just had very bad luck. Like one guy here got kicked out of his parents place when he was our age, and has been living like that for the past 6 years. Didn’t even finish highschool because he didn’t have enough energy to walk most days.” Katherine responded.

“That’s terrible.” Aiden said to Katherine.

“Isn’t it. It’s like the government doesn’t even care. They rather these guys hide and die.” Katherine continued. “Good thing there are places that actually care about people.” Katherine remarked.

“So did you not get to play in the snow today?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, we’ve been really busy here.” Katherine responded.

“That’s not cool. You are a kid, we should be outside playing, not dealing with this stuff.” Maria said to Katherine.

“So it is true, you are like a tomboy.” Katherine laughed.

“What? Are you going to make fun of me?” Maria said.

“No, I just hear a lot about you because you hang out with Angeal all the time. And I couldn’t imagine that he would have a friend like you, but here you are. It’s an interesting pairing.” Katherine said.

Maria grabbed Aiden’s arm. “What are you saying about us?” Maria asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to take Angeal from you. I have to focus on Government stuff.” Katherine said to Maria.

Katherine showed Maria and Aiden the bread room.

“Here we basically open up the bags of bread and separate them into pairs so that the people in the front can give each person two slices.” Katherine said to Maria and Aiden.

Maria looked at the room full of bags.

“Wait, we have to do all of these?” Maria asked.

“This isn’t even bad. The trucks weren’t able to make it here yet, so this is honestly about a quarter of what’s usually here.” Katherine responded.

“Do you do all of this on your own?” Aiden asked.

“No, but since you two are here, the others decided to help in the front.” Katherine said to Aiden.

They all then began to separate the slices into pairs.

“So Maria, what brings you in for volunteering today? I bet Angeal was the one that suggested it.” Katherine asked Maria.

“Exactly, we were having a great time playing with snowballs earlier today. But I guess all that fun needed to be evened out with duty or something.” Maria responded.

Aiden continued to separate the slices at record speed.

“I can see where he is coming from. That’ll keep the gross feeling of guilt from occurring in your stomach.” Katherine said to Maria.

“You mean like hunger?” Maria asked Katherine.

“No, like that feeling you get when you get something that someone else didn’t, even though you didn’t do anything different than they did.” Katherine responded.

Maria shook her head.

“You’ve never felt guilty?” Katherine asked Maria.

“I’m sure I have before, but I can’t think of an example from the top of my head.” Maria responded.

“That’s interesting. I literally always have this feeling. I even feel bad when I say something that is just slightly mean. I think about it all night.” Katherine said to Maria.

“It’s probably because you volunteer so much.” Maria responded.

“I don’t think so, volunteering is what helps it disappear.” Katherine said to Maria.

“I know what you mean, I feel guilty sometimes too.” Aiden said to Katherine. 

“The perfect Angeal feels guilty sometimes? What could possibly have caused that?” Katherine asked Aiden.

“I get the feeling when I am being a bad friend. And the best way for me to resolve it is to confront it head on.” Aiden responded.

“Were you ever a bad friend to Maria?” Katherine asked.

“In like the very very beginning, but since then Angeal has been the best friend anyone could ever wish for.” Maria said to Katherine.

“That’s neat. Maybe I need to make friends. Like one’s around my age. I know a few people out there that are older, but no one I can hang out with.” Katherine responded.

“After we do this, we can play in the snow with you for a bit.” Maria said to Katherine.

“That’s for the invite, but there is so much to be done here. I can’t possibly join you guys.” Katherine said.

Katherine’s dad was overhearing their conversation.

“Nonsense. You help out so much. We can survive a day without you.” Katherine’s dad said to her.

“Hey Papa!” Katherine responded. Katherine then gestured at Maria and Aiden. “Papa, this is Maria and Angeal. They are both from my school.” 

“School friends eh. So Maria and Angeal, thank you for volunteering today… wait a second. Kat, is this the Angeal who placed top in your class?” Katherine’s dad asked her.

“Yes he is.” Katherine responded.

“Heard a lot about you kid. You have set quite the bar for my little genius.” Katherine’s dad said.

“Please don’t embarrass me.” Katherine said.

“I make no promises.” Katherine’s dad responded, with a jolly sounding laugh. “But anyway, there’s space in the back of the building. You all can take a good few hour break to play in the snow.” He said to the kids.

“But there’s so many people out there.” Katherine said to her dad.

“You all did a really superb job back here. Hardly could believe it’s just the 3 of you. So take a break. Everything isn’t going to collapse. Be a kid for a bit.” Katherine’s dad said.

Katherine, Aiden and Maria went outside.

Katherine stood still looking at the snow. “Well now what?” Katherine asked.

“Well you take a bit of snow like this and pack it like this and you make a ball.” Maria explained to Katherine.

Katherine then grabbed some snow and made a snowball.

“That’s good enough, now drop it one the ground.” Maria said to Katherine.

Katherine then let it go. “Is that supposed to be fun?” Katherine asked.

“Well not yet, I mean you could have thrown it. It doesn’t hurt. But right now we are making a snowman.” Maria said to Kathrine.

“Oh really? Like in the movies?” Katherine asked.

“Yes, like the ones with the 3 body parts.” Maria responded.

“But we don’t have rocks or a carrot, or any clothing.” Katherine said to Maria, following what Maria was doing.

“Angeal got that covered.” Maria said. Aiden then showed Katherine the scarf, hat, carrot, and rocks.

“Always prepared, I shouldn’t have expected less from Angeal.” Katherine said.

“So you are making the middle part, I am making the head and Angeal is making the base.” Maria said.

“I see.” Katherine said as she was rolling up her part.

Aiden was focusing on the base as Katherine and Maria took short breaks to throw snowballs at each other.

Once Aiden finished the base the two girls rolled their parts over to him.

He picked up Katherine’s part and placed it on his piece.

Maria and Katherine then worked together to lift the head of the snow man onto the body.

“Now we can decorate it.” Maria said with a smile.

Aiden was designing the smile, Maria wrapped the scarf around the neck and Katherine worked on the nose and eyes.

Once they finished putting it together they all looked at it.

“Wow, this looks exactly like those in the movies.” Katherine said looking at the well shaped snowman.

“Hmm, yeah, but it’s not quite perfect yet.” Maria said, looking closely at the snowman. Maria then ran off to a tree. She pulled down some sticks.

“Oh you’re right. Snowmen do have arms.” Katherine said watching Maria come back with the sticks.

“Ah, I was going to give it horns. But sure. We can use these as arms too.” Maria said, shoving the sticks into its body.

“There, now it’s perfect!” Maria exclaimed.

The snowman had two horns, a top hat, a scarf and a carrot nose. It was about 1.5 meters tall, and had a devilish look on its face with a smile.

Katherine’s dad came out to look at their creation.

“Now this is a work of art, come together so I can take a picture.” Katherine’s dad asked them.

Maria, Katherine and Aiden got close to the snowman. Katherine’s dad took a few pictures as the group did funny photos, serious photos and normal photos. Aiden in all of them had the same expression.

Some time passed and after spending the rest of the time making snow angels and igloos Aiden and Maria felt it was time to go.

“Okay, Katherine, we need to go back in time for our meal at home. It was fun hanging out.” Maria said to Katherine.

“I had fun too. You both should visit here more so we could do more fun stuff together.” Katherine said to Maria and Aiden.

“Or we could just do fun stuff without volunteering first.” Maria responded.

“Well, I’m still going to volunteer. So afterwards I guess I will do fun stuff.” Katherine said.

“That’s all up to you. We will see you at school then.” Maria said as they both walked away.

Katherine waved as the pair went around the corner.

“That wasn’t as bad as it could have been.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Seems like your ‘luck’ is truly unparalleled.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Jealous?” Maria said with a smile.

Maria and Aiden left the area and returned home. That night Aiden melted the snow and returned the temperature of the area to its typical seasonal temperatures.

The Great Snowfall of 2008 seems like it was only just a dream.

Angel Misery: Chapter Twelve

“Beauty and the Aiden?!”

Maria and Aiden walked the halls during the lunch period looking at events that have been posted on the school bulletin.

“Bleh, most of these are about sports, and not even the fun kind.” Maria said, reading the notes.

Aiden stood behind her as she read them.

“What is it you are looking for?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’m looking for something I can compete in, Generals need to win battles after all.” Maria said to Aiden.

“The art club is hosting a rising star competition, you can join that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Nope, not interested. I like to draw to distract myself, not for a competition.” Maria responded.

Maria continued to look through the pages.

“Alas, what beautiful maiden has claimed the glances of mine eyes.” A theatre kid came from behind Maria.

Maria looked at him.

“Ah, who are you?” Maria asked him.

“It’s a pity. My charm and elegance causes the goddess to suffer from a short respite of amnesia. No worries my fair maiden, I shall reintroduce myself. I am Marquis Alvinarado Di Cornao the Third.” He responded to Maria.

Maria just looked at him unamused.

“His real name is Alvin Cornao, he’s in our 7th Bell with Miss Richards.” Aiden told Maria.

“Oh, you’re like a side character huh?” Maria said to him.

“A side character, no, my dear. I am the main event, the lead actor. The star of the show!” Alvin responded to Maria.

“Why’d you come to bother me?” Maria asked him.

“I have seen thine gaze cycle across the board of wisdom and wanted to guide thine attention to the performance of Beauty and the Beast.” Alvin pointed out to Maria.

Maria looked at the board.

“Okay, and why should I care about that?” Maria asked him.

“Because there is no beauty in this school more beautiful than thee.” Alvin said to Maria.

“Beauty and the Beast has a Princess in it, and a Beast man who turns into a Prince right?” Maria asked Alvin.

“That is correct, you will be my Princess.” Alvin said.

“Gross, I don’t want you as my Prince. I chose Angeal to be the Prince.” Maria said to Alvin with a smirk.

Alvin then looked up at Aiden.

“This brute is not qualified to be the Prince of the story. He lacks finesse and spazazz. You might as well leave him for the dogs. Since you know they eat poop.” Alvin said to the two.

Maria then looked up at Aiden. “Aiden! You can’t let him insult you like that. Make him suffer!” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t really care. He is inconsequential to me.” Aiden responded.

“See, plebs know their place when around mua.” Alvin said in response.

Maria then started laughing.

“Oh, this is going to be good.” Maria then gained a menacing smile. “Looks like I am going to be in your stupid play.” Maria said to Alvin.

“Wonderful news my-” Alvin started saying but was interrupted.

“But Angeal will be my Prince!” Maria taunted Alvin.

“So it’s a duel you want!?” Alvin said, looking up at Aiden.

“Not really.” Aiden responded.

“Then we shall duel. See you at try-outs.” Alvin said blowing a kiss at Maria then left.

Aiden had his same bored expression.

“Haha, now it’s your turn to humiliate someone. That is an order from the General!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Oh well, guess I’m in it then.” Aiden responded.

Maria and Aiden walked over to the theatre rooms and found the folders that held the try-out scripts for the play.

Maria dug her hand into the Prince’s Scripts and handed it to Aiden.

“I bet you already memorized it.” Maria said to Aiden after he looked at it.

“Yes I did, it’s only 3 lines.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yes, but you have to read those lines perfectly!” Maria pointed at Aiden.

“I won’t make a mistake.” Aiden responded to Maria.

Maria grabbed the Princess role.

“Looks like try-outs are tomorrow. So we can practice at the Headquarters.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I was wondering what kind of bottom of the barrel wannabe actors were going to come and grab a script during lunch.” A girl who was sitting in the theatre room said as she came out.

“Are all of you theatre kids rude?” Maria asked.

“Only to those who do not know the pecking order of stardom.” She said to Maria.

“Aiden, do you know who she is?” Maria asked Aiden.

“She isn’t in any of our classes. So I can presume she is in the 7th Grade.” Aiden told Maria.

“He is correct, I am Leanne Howard, a 7th Grader, but that doesn’t make me any less than you two amateurs.” Leanne said to Maria and Aiden.

“Oh, a 7th Grader. Then why are you being so aggressive. I’d think you would try to stay out of people’s way.” Maria responded.

“Because I am going to take over this school! And I want to make sure everyone knows.” Leanne said to Maria.

Maria then turned around and started leaving.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” Leanne called out.

“I mean, sure. I’m not going to get in your way.” Maria responded.

“But you are. See, you even have the script for Princess Beauty.” Leanne pointed out.

Maria then covered her laughter. “Oh! You are aggressive because you wanted this part.” Maria said laughing.

“Of course, I’ve been in theatre my entire life. Taking that script will mark you as my enemy! Especially since you are an inexperienced plebeian.” Leanne said.

“What is with you theatre kids using that word.” Maria asked. “I’m not even that devoted to this part. I’m just here to make sure my Best Friend secures the role.” Maria continued.

“Probably for the best. Since you were just going to waste your time.” Leanne responded.

“Whatever.” Maria and Aiden then left the Theatre rooms.

Lunch time was about to end and students began to make their way to the classes.

Ashley spotted Maria and Aiden leaving the Theatre area.

“Never expected to see you coming from there.” Ashley said to Maria.

“Some guy, I forgot his name, was being aggressive towards Angeal, so now we are going to take his prized lead role from him.” Maria responded.

“You mean Alvin? Yeah, that guy’s weird. So you aren’t just trying to find an excuse to kiss.” Ashley looked at Maria teasing her.

“Kiss? Why would I try to kiss?” Maria asked.

“You don’t know the story of Beauty and the Beast?” Ashley asked.

“I do, it’s about a girl who goes into a castle and becomes friends with an animal man.” Maria said.

“Then they kiss at the end.” Ashley said to Maria.

“They kiss? When did that happen?” Maria asked.

“You must have never seen the end of the story. Basically Beauty spent too much time away from the Beast. She imagines the beast was unconscious and felt bad. So she went back to the castle and saw the beast actually unconscious. Realizes she loves him and they kiss. Then the curse is broken and he becomes a normal man.” Ashley told Maria the story.

“What! That’s not a cool story at all. Why’d they have to ruin it.” Maria continued.

The bell for the next period rang.

“I have to get to class. But if Angeal is going to be the Prince then whoever is Beauty is going to get a kiss from him.” Ashley said, continuing to tease Maria.

Maria then grabbed Aiden’s arm and they went to Miss Wang’s class.

Maria was thinking to herself during the class.

Aiden looked down at Maria.

“Something wrong?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria was mumbling to herself. “I don’t want to kiss anyone, but I also don’t want anyone kissing Aiden…” She continued to try and think.

“How about we just disregard the play and do something else?” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, because if we withdraw then Albert, or whatever his name was, can say that you were scared to compete. I can’t allow him to have a victory over you.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t really mind.” Aiden responded.

“I super duper mind, so I think I have a plan!” Maria thought of one at that moment. “Oh, so how about I secure the part as Beauty and you can become the Beast, and when the time to kiss happens we just change the script.” Maria told Aiden.

“I’m okay with that. I have zero qualms about the sanctity of the script.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Ah, difficult words.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Those are words from the vocabulary list for this week.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I know. I’ve been studying. Just don’t want to think about it.” Maria said as she placed her head on the desk.

The school day ended. Maria went home with Allison. And Aiden went to the back of the school to meet her back in her room.

“It’s starting to get too dark too fast for me to be able to go out to your place before mom tells me to come back.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then we are going to have to make use of the Angel Excuse more often if we want to use the Headquarters more.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So I guess for now I am just going to have to practice in my room.” Maria said to Aiden as she pulled the script from her backpack.

Maria looked over it.

“This isn’t that hard.” Maria then tried to say some lines. “Father, please bring me back a Beautiful Red Rose.” Maria went back over her lines.

Aiden watched Maria move her hands around as she read.

“Are you supposed to move around that much?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I don’t know. I think that’s what actors do right?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Doesn’t seem like it, at least not from movies.” Aiden responded.

“I think acting in movies and acting in plays are supposed to be different.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Let’s just look up a performance of Beauty and the Beast then.” Aiden said bringing a laptop from the Headquarters back to Maria’s room.

They both watched a small part of the play.

Maria fell back onto her bed. “Ah! Why did I challenge him! This is so dumb!” Maria said to herself.

“I guess you were right, they do exaggerate their movements quite a lot.” Aiden said, continuing to watch the video.

Maria then laughed to herself.

“Aiden. Looks like you are going to have to be expressive. That is going to be funny to see.” Maria chuckled to herself.

“It seems so.” Aiden responded.

“Let me see you read your lines.” Maria commanded Aiden. 

Aiden grabbed the paper from his pocket.

“Don’t pity me. You are here to serve your father’s punishment.” Aiden read the lines with nearly zero expression.

“Ah, throw in some more passion.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Don’t pity me. You are here to serve your father’s punishment.” Aiden read it again with practically the exact same as he did the first time.

“You didn’t do anything different.” Maria noted to him.

“I did. I said ‘Don’t pity me’ with a little more force.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Couldn’t tell.” Maria said as she got up from her bed. “Let’s keep practicing!” Maria continued on.

The next school day flew by, and it was the time for the try-outs.

Maria and Aiden stood in line. There about a dozen or so students also lined up.

Alvin came out of the try-outs room and noticed Aiden and Maria.

“Oh you actually showed up, Angeal. I figured someone as smart as you would have known when thine defeat was imminent.” Alvin said to Aiden.

 “You aren’t a competition to me.” Aiden responded.

Those words struck Alvin deeply within his heart. Even though Aiden just said them as a matter of fact. The Competition was really between Maria and Alvin’s Pride.

“You will regret those words!” Alvin said to Aiden.

“You already did your try-out, so there’s really nothing you can do now, Albert.” Maria said to Alvin.

“Ah, it’s Alvin.” Alvin tried to correct Maria.

“Okay Algore, that’s not the point. The point is that Angeal still has a chance to steal your role, and you don’t.” Maria said to Alvin.

Alvin then held his head high. “I am not even worried. I gave a perfect performance. Try as thine may. Yee shall not surpass perfection.” Alvin said leaving the area, giving Maria a wink.

Maria shivered. “Yuck.” Maria said to herself.

“Aiden! Are you ready?!” Maria asked Aiden.

“As ready as when I first picked up the script.” Aiden responded.

“That means you aren’t ready! What about all that practice?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Okay, I am beyond ready.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“That’s what I like to hear Corporal.” Maria said.

“Up next!” The student in charge of letting other students in for try-outs said.

“I’ll go in first.” Maria said to Aiden as she stepped into the room.

Aiden nodded his head.

Maria stood in front of the 7th Grade English teacher, Miss Ruth.

Miss Ruth was recording what she thought about the prior performance before looking up and noticing Maria.

“Hi, Miss Li!” Miss Ruth said with a surprise smile on her face. “I didn’t expect you to be trying out!” 

“You are not wrong Miss Ruth, I am trying out for the part of Beauty!” Maria said with confidence.

“How exciting. You may start when you are ready.” Miss Ruth said to Maria.

Maria cleared her throat and started reading. “Father, please bring me back a Beautiful Red Rose.” Maria said, gesturing her hands around like a performer.

The male stand-in then read the Father’s line.

“Of course my Dear. But is a rose all you want?” The stand in said.

“Yes Father, it will make me the happiest daughter.” Maria continued to read.

“Your smile will make me  the happiest father.” The stand in also continued.

“Be safe Father.” Maria said waving her hand goodbye.

Miss Ruth clapped her hands. “Very good Miss Li. Have you been studying other performances?” Miss Ruth asked.

“A little.” Maria responded.

Miss Ruth then looked at her scoring criteria. Maria wasn’t placed so high. “She may be better suited for the role of an Older Sister. After All, Leanne did give a better performance.” Miss Ruth was thinking to herself.

Maria continued to stand.

“Miss Li, are you and Mr. Heavens still friends?” Miss Ruth asked.

“Yes! We are still best friends. He’s actually standing outside right now for the role of the Beast.” Maria responded to Miss Ruth.

“Those two have amazing chemistry with each other. I’ll just have to see Mr. Heaven’s performance. Mr. Corneo and Miss Howard have horrible chemistry, so that would be a much better alternative. Though I could pair Miss Howard with Mr. Corneo…” Miss Ruth was thinking to herself.

 “Ah, am I done?” Maria asked.

“Oh yes, just exit from the door you came from.” Miss Ruth said to Maria.

Maria then left and she gave a thumbs up to Aiden.

“You got this!” Maria said to Aiden with her typical confident smile.

Aiden then walked in.

“Mr. Heavens! I am beyond ecstatic to see you again. It’s been far too long.” Miss Ruth said to Aiden.

“Greeting Miss Ruth. Good to see you are in good health.” Aiden responded.

“Yes! I feel like a brand new person. After spending the Summer Break in meditation focusing on the principles in that book you allowed me to read, I feel 10 Years younger.” Miss Ruth said to Aiden.

“Amazing to see that work for you.” Aiden responded.

“Okay Mr. Heavens. Miss Li said that you were trying out for the role of the Beast right?” Miss Ruth asked.

“Yes, that’s correct.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, whenever you are ready.” Miss Ruth said.

Aiden then began to read his lines. “Don’t pity me. You are here to serve your father’s punishment” Aiden said with little expression.

“Yes! Of course! I was the one who asked my Father for the rose. Please do to me as you wish.” The female stand-in read.

Aiden then turned from her uncaring. “Clean yourself up. You smell like filth.” Aiden said again with very little expression.

“You aren’t going to lock me up?” The stand-in read.

“I said, clean yourself up. I can not have such a filthy woman join me for dinner.” Aiden said finishing the section.

Miss Ruth clapped loudly. “Perfect! You captured the Beast’s serious, uncaring nature. The tough guy personality that you can tell beneath lies someone with genuine love! You have once again blessed me with this!” Miss Ruth said to Aiden. She was thrilled.

Aiden continued to stand as if nothing was happening.

Miss Ruth filled out her sheet to note down Aiden’s performance. “I look forward to seeing you perform in the auditorium.” Miss Ruth said to Aiden as he then went to the door.

Maria watched Aiden as he left.

“So how’d it go? Did you read your lines any differently?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, I read them like I always do.” Aiden responded.

“Come on Aiden! It’s like you wanted to lose.” Maria complained.

“It seemed Miss Ruth was happy with my performance.” Aiden responded.

“Really? So we still have a chance.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I can just about guarantee that I got the role of the Prince. But it seems that Miss Ruth may be leaning on giving the role of the Beauty to Leanne.” Aiden told Maria.

“What! But my performance was incredible too!” Maria said to Aiden.

“I was just looking at the piles of papers on her desk. Leanne scored higher than you in 4 of the 5 tables.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You think you can change them?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I don’t think those notes will be used to determine the roles, I think they are just being used to jog her memory. So changing the scores won’t change her thoughts.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh well, guess we will see the results tomorrow during lunch.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then looked at Maria confused.

“Is that it? You’re going to leave it at that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Well I can’t do anything else, unless you can change Miss Ruth’s brain.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Technically I could, but that may be taking it a step too far for a part you have no interest in.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, that’s why I am leaving it at that. We already secured you victory, so we can just head home.” Maria said as they both went to the front of the school where Maria’s mom was waiting for her. Allison was sitting in the car reading for her English Assignment.

Back in Maria’s room Aiden and Maria did their homework and she went downstairs afterwards to play on her gaming console.

Aiden looked at Maria who seemed to have something on her mind, but was hiding it.

The next day the cast list was presented.

Maria and Aiden looked at it. Maria started from the bottom looking up.

“So the Butler is played by Paul Lewis, the Store owner is played by Tyler Williams, ah these are all useless. Where am I?” Maria said as she read the list. She then went to the top.

“Hey Aiden look! You got the Beast’s role. We won!” Maria said to Aiden. She then continued. “The role of Beauty is Leanne Howard!” Maria was shocked. “Then who am I playing?!”

Maria looked through the sheet. She wasn’t seeing her name.

Aiden then went over and pointed at where Maria’s name was.

“It says you’re playing as one of the Sisters.” Aiden said to Maria.

“One of the older step sisters! That’s not what I even performed for.” Maria said aloud. “Wait, if you got the Beast, that means.” Maria said, looking for Alvin’s name.

“Ha, he is playing the father!” Maria laughed.

“Well now since we already claimed victory we don’t have to continue with the play.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s going to stain our good name. Now we have to give the best performance this school has ever seen.” Maria said to Aiden.

“But why?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because that Leanne girl beat me for the role, I can’t let that stand, I have to make up for that by being the favourite performance of the entire show.” Maria responded.

“Then we will focus on making that happen.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Exactly!” Maria said to Aiden as they both went into the lunch room.

Maria finally was eating the lunch her mom prepared for her rather than the outside food she typically ate.

“So the performance is in 2 weeks. I think during that time I can get the role of Beauty.” Maria said to herself.

“You really want that role?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s not that I want it, I just don’t want anyone else to have it. Completely different.” Maria said to Aiden. “Let’s come up with a plan Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden.

“About you getting the role of Beauty. I suppose during rehearsal you could memorize the lines of Beauty and make sure that Miss Ruth sees you performing them while Leanne performs during practice.” Aiden suggested to Maria.

“Too much work, I need something simpler. I could just break her leg.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Isn’t that a bit cruel just for a role. If you want to do that you could just go up to her and threaten to break her legs.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well then she could tell on me, and then I’d just get kicked out of being in the play all together and she would still be ‘Beauty’.” Maria said to Aiden demonstrating with her food items.

“Making her sick would be okay.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That is a good suggestion, but knowing her she would power through it. Though if she was sick she shouldn’t be allowed to kiss you.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Kissing me while sick isn’t going to do anything to me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“How do you know that? Have you kissed someone before?” Maria asked Aiden with genuine curiosity.

“No I haven’t.” Aiden said to Maria. “But sickness comes from germs, which are living entities, which means they would have no effect on me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You really never kissed anyone? Not even in the heavenly realm?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No I haven’t. But I thought we were talking about the role. Not whether I kissed someone.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So your first kiss is going to be with Leanne? Oh no, I can’t let that happen!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then I won’t let it happen.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“How are you going to do that?” Maria asked.

“I’ll just create a separated object over my lips and then she won’t be kissing me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“But it will still look like it, the entire school would think she kissed you and she would think that too. They wouldn’t believe you if you said you had on some sort of lip mask.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then I guess making her so sick that she can’t perform on the day of the performance is the plan.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Like really sick, incapacitated levels of sickness.” Maria pointed to Aiden.

“So you learned the word incapacitated but not echalon?” Aiden smiled at Maria.

“I learn words that I want to use.” Maria smiled back.

Some time passed and it was the first day of rehearsal.

They all stood in the large auditorium stage. The stage workers had constructed the set and the stage hands were on the ropes.

“Greetings everyone on the first day of Rehearsal!” Miss Ruth said.

“Good Afternoon Miss Ruth.” The students responded.

“Today we will go over Act 1, a quick run through. This scene will have the Father who begins as a rich man who loses all of his wealth. The sisters and beauty will be in the house cleaning, and it will end with the father receiving news that his investments were successful. Then we will finish the day with the daughters requesting gifts.” Miss Ruth said to the students.

The stage hand hands Maria, Leanne, Heather and Alvin their act one script. The background characters also receive their scripts.

Alvin steps up in front of the stage. He seems to be upset initially then takes a deep breath in and out.

“You are on a ship and about to be ambushed by pirates.” Miss Ruth says to Alvin.

“Unhand me foul men! You may take my riches and cargo but leave us with our lives!” Alvin reads his script.

The background characters fight with one another to act as though pirates were fighting against the crewmates.

“There are too many of them, retreat!” Alvin says loudly pointing to the left of the stage.

The stage workers demonstrate most of the ships sinking and the narrow escape of the Father.

“Bravo Alvin, now we will transition to the cottage. Leanne, Maria, Heather, take your places.” Miss Ruth says.

Maria stands next to Leanne giving her a mean look.

The stage workers hand them brooms.

Aiden watched from the side.

“Sister, may you please help me with sweeping the floors.” Leanne says as her lines.

“You can do that yourself.” Maria says without reading the lines.

Miss Ruth was impressed with Maria’s genuine improv. 

Throughout the entire first scene Leanne was able to feel Maria’s character of the spiteful Sister. Miss Ruth was pleased with Maria’s performance.

“Look at her, I bet she’s looking forward to kissing Aiden.” Maria thought to herself as the scene continued.

The last part of act one began.

“I have been informed that one of my ships made it to port, having escaped the dire situation that has befallen my compatriots. I am heading into town to collect our wealth, is there anything you desire from the city.” Alvin says to the girls.

“Father, please give me the finest dress from town, I have missed it ever so much.” Heather reads her line.

“My weapons would be pretty nice.” Maria says, despite her lines being to ask for jewelry.

“Father, please bring me back a Beautiful Red Rose.” Leanne says to Alvin.

“Of course my Dear. But is a rose all you want?” Alvin responds.

“Yes Father, it will make me the happiest daughter.” Leanne said without even needing to read from the script anymore. She gave her most adorable look she could.

“Your smile will make me the happiest father.” Alvin responded, trying to look like the most caring Father.

Maria felt like she was going to gag watching the performance.

“Be safe Father.” Leanne called out as the Act ended.

“Very Strong performances!” Miss Ruth said, applauding the students.

Miss Ruth then went to the stage hands to try and give them pointers.

Leanne walked up to Maria.

“Wow, that was pretty impressive. It felt like you were really the character. Maybe I judged you wrongly.” Leanne complimented Maria.

“Sure, yours could be better in my opinion.” Maria said with a hint of spite.

“You are a method actor, never getting out of character. I understand that. I might have a bit to learn from watching you.” Leanne said as she went to talk to Heather.

Aiden then walked up to Maria.

“That seems to have gone well.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Do you see how committed to the role she is already, I bet even if we put her in a coma she would find a way to perform.” Maria said to Aiden.

“She seemed nice to you now. Are you sure you want to do something like that to her?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course! She’s just pretending afterall.” Maria responded quickly to Aiden.

“Okay, actors. Line back up. We are starting from the top.” Miss Ruth said to the characters of Act 1.

Maria walked back to the front of the stage.

The first day of rehearsal ended. The students all started leaving.

“Great performance Maria! I will see you tomorrow okay!” Leanne said leaving the stage.

“Did you two become friends?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No.” Maria responded quickly. Her and Aiden then went outside.

The next rehearsal was underway.

“Today we are going over Act 2. This is where the father gets swept up in a storm, lands at the beast’s castle. He picks a rose from the garden after enjoying a meal. The Beast comes out from the castle and threatens the Father. The Father pleads for his life saying the rose was for his youngest daughter. The Beast agrees to release him, in exchange for the Youngest to become his bride, or else the Beast would destroy the entire family.” Miss Ruth explains.

Aiden, Alvin, and the background characters step onto the stage.

They then begin to go over their line.

Leanne stands beside Maria.

“So how long have you both been such close friends?” Leanne asked Maria.

“If you must know, it’s been more than half a year.” Maria says to Maria with an upset look on her face.

“That’s pretty long, most friends that I make stop being my friends after the final performance.” Leanne says to Maria.

Maria was able to sympathize with this. But she did not want to show that.

“You’ll make a true friend one day. You aren’t that bad if you drop that arrogant attitude.” Maria says to Leanne.

“It’s not arrogant if I can back it up right?” Leanne asked Maria.

“It comes off that way. It’s not even that fun kind of arrogant, like what I have. Yours is mean.” Maria says to Leanne watching the background characters host Alvin.

“Wonder why no one told me that before.” Leanne says quietly.

“Probably because no one could stand talking to you when you aren’t acting as a different person.” Maria says harshly to Leanne.

“Then I will learn from your example! Especially if I want to take over the school!” Leanne said to Maria.

“You really don’t have to. Just do what makes you feel good, and if someone wants to try something new don’t tear them down.” Maria said to Leanne.

“What are you doing, thief! I shall swiftly deliver your punishment for the crime you have done against me!” Aiden said to Alvin.

“Please! I didn’t know this was your garden. I was admiring its beauty. This Beautiful Rose was for my Youngest Daughter. Please let me return home to give it to her. I won’t ever disturb you again.” Alvin said to Aiden.

Aiden stood tall over Alvin. The stage workers put a bear-like cloth on him to make him look like a beast.

“Then go and bring your youngest daughter back to me in exchange for your crime. She won’t be treated as my prisoner but as my potential bride. If you don’t return I will find you and your family and destroy you all.” Aiden says to Alvin with his uncaring emotion.

“Angeal is really good too. He is capturing the calmness and calculative nature of a prince, but also the intimidation and despair of being a beast.” Leanne says watching Aiden.

Maria nods. “Angeal is amazing at everything, that’s why he is the greatest best friend.” Maria responds.

“So lucky!” Leanne responds.

Alvin returns to the side of the stage. He is visibly upset.

“That was my role! Why’d she pick that brute over me!” Alvin complained to himself.

Alvin kicked a bucket and it went across the stage.

“Calm down man. It’s just a play dude.” A stage hand said to Alvin.

“This theater performance is not a mere play, this is the stage that shall showcase the brilliant splendor of mua. My Beauty stands over thine, yet I am forced to play the role of her father. Why shan’t I be upset!” Alvin responds.

“Because you could just talk to her during school?” The stage hand says.

“Performance art is the most genuine form of communication! But what would a simple stage hand like yourself understand about that?” Alvin responds.

“Bug off dude. I was just trying to help.” The stage hand says leaving Alvin alone.

Aiden walked up to Maria and Leanne.

“You did great Angeal!” Leanne said to Aiden.

“Thanks.” Aiden said to Leanne.

“Do you see how angry Alex is?” Maria said, pointing at Alvin.

“You mean Alvin?” Aiden responded.

“Yes, that’s what I said, Alijah.” Maria responds.

“You’re doing that on purpose.” Aiden says to Maria. They both then look at Alvin throwing a temper tantrum.

“I guess some people just don’t cut it.” Leanne said, looking at Alvin. “But you, you are the real deal.” Leanne says to Aiden. “Tomorrow we will be acting together.” 

“That is correct.” Aiden responds.

“Don’t get too excited. Angeal is just acting like your prince.” Maria says to Leanne.

“I know that.” Leanne responds.

“As long as you do.” Maria says.

“In your places, let’s go back over from the start of Act 2.” Miss Ruth said as Aiden went back out.

Alvin shook off his anger and fixed his face for the scene.

They then went over Act 2.

At the end of rehearsal Leanne waved bye to Maria. Maria gave a small wave in return.

“Warming up to her?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, we are still going to go with the plan.” Maria said to Aiden.

They both then left.

The third day of rehearsal began.

“Today we will be going over act 3 of Beauty and the Beast. The Father returns home with wealth from the castle. Beauty discovers the agreement despite the Father trying to hide it. The Brothers want to go and slay the Beast, and the Daughters blame Beauty. Beauty agrees to go to the castle. Her time at the Castle the Beast tries to win over Beauty, but she only sees him as a Friend. She misses her family and the beast lets her go. She stays too long and the beast collapses from heartbreak. She returns to the castle after having a dream and cries over the beast’s dead body. Having realized her love, the beast awakens and becomes the Prince. They kiss and the curtains fall.” Miss Ruth says to the cast.

“That isn’t too hard.” Leanne says taking her place.

The cast run through their lines.

“Do you like this library?” Aiden says to Leanne.

“I love it!” Leanne says.

“Then it’s yours.” Aiden says to Leanne.

“Thank you! Thank you! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect gift!” Leanne says to Aiden. She then hugs Aiden, of course because that’s what she was supposed to do in her role. Leanne looks deep into Aiden’s eyes.

Maria feels a bit of jealousy seeing someone else hug Aiden.

She backs up too far and hits a board causing a cascading collapse of the wood panels.

Everyone in the auditorium watches the wood panels fall.

Leanne then let’s go of Aiden.

“Well that ruined the mood.” Leanne said.

“Okay, Stage Workers, clean that up. Let’s start from where we left off.” Miss Ruth said.

Maria apologizes feeling a bit of embarrassment.

The end of the rehearsal was coming and after Aiden transformed into a Prince Leanne is holding Aiden’s head in her lap.

“Thank you Beauty, my curse has been lifted. Does this mean you truly love me?” Aiden says in her lap.

“Yes, yes it does.” Leanne says looking down at Aiden.

“And now you kiss.” Miss Ruth said to Aiden and Leanne.

Leanne then lowers her head to kiss Aiden.

“Okay, that’s good. Let’s start from the beginning.” Maria interrupts the moment right before Leanne’s lips touch Aiden’s.

“Why’d you do that?” Leanne asked Maria.

“We already know you know how to kiss, I think we should focus on the earlier parts.” Maria said, laughing nervously.

“That’s the spirit, Miss Li.” Miss Ruth said. “Okay, everyone take your places, we are running through it again.”

The actors ran through rehearsal over and over. And Maria found an excuse to interrupt the kiss at the end.

“I understand why you two are such good friends. Angeal has something about him that is so mesmerizing.” Leanne says to Maria.

“If you say so.” Maria responds to Leanne.

“I wish I could be real friends with you two.” Leanne says to Maria.

Maria looks at her, finding it hard to keep being upset.

“It’s not hard.” Maria responded.

Rehearsal then ended.

“Okay, I will see you next time!” Leanne said as she went outside.

Aiden walked up to Maria. They both then left.

In Maria’s room she was working on her homework thinking about the earlier rehearsal.

She continued to imagine Aiden’s head on Leanne’s lap.

Maria got up from her seat and sat on her bed.

“What was that for?” Aiden said to Maria’s sudden movements.

“Aiden! Lay your head on my lap.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why am I doing that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I need to show you the proper way to do it, just come on!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then walked over to Maria then he laid his head on Maria’s lap.

“Is this what you want?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria then became extremely red.

Aiden continued to have his head on her lap. Waiting for what she wanted him to do.

“Yes… this is correct.” Maria had a hard time saying. “Now close your eyes, like you’re dead.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden closed his eyes. Maria looked at his gentle face.

She started to benign her head down to his. 

Her lips were getting closer and closer to Aiden’s.

Their lips were nearly about to touch.

Maria then brought her head back up. “I can’t do it!” Maria exclaimed. Seeming like she just ran a marathon.

Aiden then looked up at Maria. “That was actually pretty good acting.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, you can get up.” Maria said to Aiden as she then sat back in her seat.

The rehearsals continued and Maria managed to make sure that Aiden and Leanne never kissed.

But it was the time of the actual show. And if Maria ruined it she would make an embarrassment of the entire production.

Aiden and Maria went backstage.

“So are we going to make her sick now?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, she’s not so bad of a person. I don’t want to do that to her.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So you two did become friends.” Aiden said to Maria with a smirk.

“It’s not like that.” Maria responded. Leanne then walked up to the two.

“Break a leg out there guys!” Leanne said.

Leanne had a genuine smile on her face. She felt like she made a real friendship connection with Maria and Aiden.

She then left to get on her costume.

“Break a leg, that’s what you wanted to do to her at first.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ironic right?” Maria responded.

The play then began and Alvin was on stage riding in a large ship.

The audience were completely engulfed in the performance. 

The play continued and each of the actors were performing remarkably.

The performance was being recorded and sold in the back of the auditorium.

The audience were surprised to see Maria on stage.

“Does that mean Angeal is also performing?” some of those in the audience asked each other.

Leanne and Maria’s performance together was well done. They had a sibling rivalry with one another.

After their parts were done. Alvin walked through the castle gardens. And picked up the red rose. He tried to capture the audience’s heart with his performance.

Then Aiden walked out from the left side of the stage.

The audience gasped at Aiden’s showing. The attention was brought back. Alvin hated the command that Aiden had with his presence.

“You are a disgusting, immoral, foul, rechtred, no good, incompatent, evil beast!” Alvin called out.

Leanne and Maria looked at each other. “That’s not his line.” Leanne said to Maria.

Alvin continued to hurl insults at Aiden each chance he had. And Aiden stood uncaring.

“I guess a Prince doesn’t care about the words of someone lower than him.” An Audience member said.

The performance continued and it was near the part of the kiss.

The audience were engaged. They watched the beast try to show how much he cared for beauty, then in the end collapsed from heart break.

Leanne came back on stage and grabbed Aiden’s body. She placed Aiden’s head on her lap and cried.

Maria watched them. Biting her lip with nervousness. “What do I do, what do I do?” Maria thought to herself trying to look around.

Leanne’s lips once again came down to Aiden’s.

The audience leaned towards the stage to see it happen.

Maria quickly looked around for a way to end it.

“This is the moment.” Leanne thought to herself exchanging air with Aiden.

Then the lights cut off. 

“Hahaha! You thought you were going to share a kiss with Beauty!” Alvin yelled out having pulled the switch on the electricity. “You will never beat me for the starring role, Angeal!” Alvin said as the stage hands grabbed him and turned back on the power.

Miss Ruth smacked her hand on her face.

Leanne and Aiden then looked at one another. “Moment’s ruined as usual I guess.” Leanne said to Aiden.

“Just continue with the end.” Aiden said, standing up and holding Leanne.

The stagehands changed their costumes to be wedding attire. Maria and the other actors, except for Alvin, came on stage in their wedding attire.

“And they lived happily ever after.” The narrator said as the curtain fell.

The curtains then lifted back up and they all bowed.

The audience gave an enormous applause that surrounded the entire room. Flowers were given to Leanne and Aiden.

They all bowed again.

“Somehow that happened.” Maria thought to herself looking at Aiden and Leanne.

Maria then smirked.

Alvin was being reprimanded by Miss Ruth.

After the performance, the actors all met up in the back.

“Sucks that you guys never got to kiss, that would have been the cherry on top. You two were amazing!” A stage hand said.

“Yeah, maybe next time.” Leanne responded.

“Probably not.” Maria laughed.

Leanne hugged Maria. “You were amazing out there! I hope we can hang out even after this.” Leanne said to Maria.

“Sure. As long as you remember that Angeal is no longer the Prince.” Maria said to Leanne.

“I am a professional actor, I don’t bring the characters’ relationship to real life.” Leanne laughed.

The actors of the play congratulated one another. And the performance of Beauty and the Beast came to an end.

Angel Misery: Chapter Ten

“Spooky Scary… Skeletons?”

“Halloween is coming up, what should we do for it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Halloween, that’s the holiday that involves candy and attempting to scare each other, isn’t that correct?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, but that would be way too boring right? You must know at least of an actual haunted house. Since you’re a heavenly being and all.” Maria Said to Aiden.

“That’s the issue isn’t it. Since I am a Heavenly Being, there isn’t anything that I would consider haunted, or scary.” Aiden responded to Maria. “But I can ask one of the heavenly beings about a location that would give you the scare you are looking for.” Aiden said to Maria.

“If it’s actually scary, and I mean absolutely terrifying, then I will leave it up to you Corporal.” Maria said as if she was giving Aiden a mission.

Aiden and Maria were in her room, Maria was sitting in front of her Homework that she had just finished and Aiden was standing beside her.

“What are you afraid of?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Oh you would like to know, wouldn’t you?” Maria said, with a smirk on her face.

“Yes, I would. That’s why I asked.” Aiden responded.

“Just make it feel like Halloween. It doesn’t need to have things I’m scared of.” Maria responded to Aiden with her finger pointed directly at him.

“Okay, I understand. Just make it very Halloween, so if that’s the case, then I will have to learn a bit more about the holiday.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, exactly! It’s not like a ‘make your fears come true’ holiday, it’s a creepy, spooky holiday.” Maria said to Aiden with her arms crossed and a look of intellectual arrogance. “So nothing like heights and loneliness. Not saying that I am afraid of either.” Maria continued to say to Aiden.

“So creepy and spooky. Then I will ask someone about such a location.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Is it time for me to go to the Heavenly Realm?!” Maria asked with excitement.

“No, not yet. Plus, the Heavenly Realm is the opposite of what you describe Halloween as.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aw, okay. I’ll keep being patient, but it’s been nearly half a year of waiting.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’ll be worth it when I finally bring you.” Aiden responded to Maria. He then walked into the Heavenly Realm.

In the Heavenly Realm

“Now which of the districts would be most in tune with death and monsters.” Aiden thought to himself.

“In Mr. Yukimura’s class we just began learning about the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt, so I could try that district.” Aiden said moving there.

Within the district there was an individual who was weighing golden pebbles against a frayed golden thread. 

Aiden walked up to him.

“Greeting Anpu.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Anubis got up from his seat and greeted Aiden.

“How do you do, Great Aspect of the Almighty, Aiden.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“”What were you busy doing just now?” Aiden asked Anubis.

“Originally I was weighing the hearts of mankind back in my day, but the result was always the same. So I wanted to entertain myself by weighing the hearts of the other gods.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Interesting, what were the results?” Aiden asked Anubis.

“Practically the same as with Humans.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Figured as much. But anyways, Anpu. I am here to ask you if there is a location that you would recommend that is a terrifying experience for someone.” Aiden asked.

“This someone is a mortal I presume.” Anubis asked Aiden to clarify.

“That is correct.” Aiden responded.

Anubis walked back over to his scales.

“Humans are terrified of death, though death, once you understand it, is nothing more than the halting of thought. What they are truly terrified of is not living. But I won’t get into philosophy. I am sure you are simply hoping for a location that would frighten their spirit.” Anubis said bending down to the red stones of the mortals.

“Yes, someplace that is ‘spooky’. Emphasis on Spooky.” Aiden said to Anubis.

“There is a location on Earth, which is inhabited by a woman that refused to die and feed off the souls of those she encases in the Earth. She is powered by the gods in the Mesopatamian District. The beings she encases can’t be released while she is still around and roam the place of her residence. So I think that would be a grand location for you to explore. The ones who worship her call her ‘Fair Mother’.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“Interesting, an entity like that shouldn’t be on Earth, so I will remove them or seal them into a priest during my activities.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Aiden gestures for Anubis to hand over the location of this ‘Fair Mother’.

Aiden then begins to walk away.

“Aiden, if I may. Can I ask you for something?” Anubis asked Aiden.

“Sure, what is it you are requesting?” Aiden responds.

“May I weigh your heart?” Anubis asked Aiden.

“I don’t have one. However, since you have done me a favour with the knowledge you’ve given me, I shall provide you with a stand in.” Aiden said creating a fire orb that was to represent what his heart would look like.

“It’s not red, nor gold. This is truly an unknown sight for me.” Anubis said handling the object.

He placed it on the scale with the frayed thread.

The thread tilted the scales down lifting the object. Anubis nodded his head. Then he began to think to himself.

Anubis removed the thread from the other side and the scale still tilted with nothing on the other side. Anubis got up and handed the object back to Aiden.

“I understand why we the gods are not on the same plane as the aspects of the Almighty.” Anubis said to Aiden.

“I am glad you’ve gotten a revelation.” Aiden said to Anubis.

Aiden then opened the Realm back to Earth.

Aiden was high in the air and searched for the location of this ‘Fair Mother’.

Aiden went down to the Mansion.

He found it to be in disrepair and was filled with hatred and pain.

Aiden walked in.

The spirits of those who were asking for death were everywhere in the mansion pleading for salvation from the ‘Fair Mother’.

They saw Aiden and were terrified at his presence and quickly moved to the next room.

Aiden saw a few dozen people walking around the mansion who were completely alive and Human. They were in the rooms reading old books.

“Okay, this place seems to match the ‘spooky’ situation that fits with Halloween.” Aiden thought to himself before returning to Maria.

In Maria’s room.

“So? Did you find a location?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I think I did. It has undead spirits, creepy guys walking around, a graveyard, it’s large and dark.” Aiden described to Maria.

“Oh that is spooky! Good job Corporal.” Maria said to Aiden.

“We can have a late night exploration of the location.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yeah, let me ask my mom to sleep over at Angel’s House tomorrow then.” Maria said before heading downstairs.

“Mom!” Maria said to her mom.

“What is it, hunnie?” Maria’s mom responded as she was sitting in the living room.

“Can I sleep over Angel’s House for Halloween tomorrow?” Maria asked her mom.

“You don’t want to give out Halloween Candy with me and your sister?” Maria’s mom asked.

“No, that sounds really boring.” Maria responded.

“But you used to love seeing the kids with their cute costumes.” Maria’s mom said.

“No, I like to see cool costumes, not cute ones.” Maria responded.

“Well your grades have been really good, and you’ve been doing your chores all on your own. SO you have my permission to sleep over at Angel’s house tomorrow.” Maria’s mom said to Maria.

Maria pumped her fist in celebration. “Yes! Thank you mom!” Maria said before going back up the stairs.

“We are in the clear!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then it is set, tomorrow night we will go to the location, hopefully it does scare you.” Aiden said to Maria.

The next day came and they were in school.

The Prep Students were talking to one another.

“Hey Angeal! We are hosting a Halloween Party at my house, do you want to come?” Joshua asked Aiden.

“No.” Aiden responded to Joshua.

“Aw, why not. It’ll be lots of fun, we are going to have candy, scary movies, a haunted house and everything.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“I have plans today.” Aiden responded.

“Plans? Well that sucks, guess we should have asked you earlier.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“Yes.” Aiden responded.

“So what are those plans?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“I am going to a ‘spooky’ mansion.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“With Maria I am guessing.” Silvia responded to Aiden pretty much already knowing the answer.

“That is correct.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“I wish I could go too.” Silvia said to Aiden with a slightly disappointed look.

“But you are going to be at my party, remember?” Joshua said to Silvia.

“You already know who to clear that with.” Aiden said to Silvia. “You should enjoy the party with your other friends.” Aiden continued to say.

“Sure.” Silvia said facing back forward in her desk.

“We should try to convince Angeal to hang out with us if we want Silvia to be happy at the party.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“I don’t know how to get Angeal to come. There’s nothing that gets between him and Maria.” Joshua responded.

“How about we just invite Maria too.” Rebecca said.

“There’s no chance in that happening.” Silvia said to the two, turning her head to their conversation. “By how it sounds it seems that Maria was given permission to stay out late with Angeal. Who would want to give up on that?” Silvia said to them.

“This is true.” Rebecca agreed with Silvia.

“Man! That blows. How about we Teepee his house then.” Joshua said. “Afterall it is ‘trick or treat’.” Joshua said quietly.

“I’m not participating.” Silvia said to Joshua.

“Yeah, I think I am out too.” Rebecca added.

Joshua looked over at Isaac.

“You can count me in.” Isaac said, looking at Joshua.

Joshua gave Isaac an agreeable grin.

“Well you two have fun then. I will be sticking with Silvia.” Rebecca said.

The school day continued. Silvia walked with Aiden to the next class.

“So how long are you both going to be out together?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“The entire night.” Aiden responded.

“The whole night? Are you two together now?” Silvia asked.

“No.” Aiden responded.

Silvia’s Heart then calmed back down.

“They are probably going to be together at his place the entire night. I am sure that visiting them would be no problem. Under the guise of getting candy of course.” Silvia thought to herself.

They both continued on with their classes.

Soon school ended. Aiden and Maria were in the pickup area of the school.

“We will head out immediately when we get home.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s way too bright to do that, that’s not the Halloween spirit!” Maria responded to Aiden. “Don’t you know all the creepy stuff happens in the dark?” Maria informed Aiden.

“Why in the dark? The brightness of the area shouldn’t have any impact on anything.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It does, it impacts the feeling. Watching a scary movie in a bright room means nothing, but if it’s dark then it’s a completely different experience.” Maria described to Aiden.

“So you aren’t in favour of starting immediately?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course not, in the meantime we can watch scary movies!” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria’s mom came and picked up Allison and her.

“I’ll see you when I get back, my mom will drop me off there, since Allison will expose the fact that Angel isn’t in school.” Maria said to Aiden as she went to the car.

They drove off and Aiden went to the back of the school to meet Maria at the Headquarters.

When Maria was dropped off Aiden took the form of Angel and greeted Maria’s mom.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Li.” Aiden said to Maria’s mom.

“Hello Angel! How are you doing?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I’m doing fine.” Aiden responded.

“That’s good. I hope you two have fun tonight. Don’t stay up too late, and don’t watch too many scary movies.” Maria’s mom said to the two girls.

“Come on Mom, we know how to take care of ourselves.” Maria responded to her mother.

“See you tomorrow Sweetie.” Maria’s mom said before she drove off.

Maria was now with Aiden.

“Now it’s time to get scared!” Maria said running to the intelligence room to watch Horror movies.

The Golems which still looked like robots were walking around the house with no destination.

Maria sat down at one of the computers but she didn’t seem pleased. Aiden walked up behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asked.

“This doesn’t have the scary feeling I want. It’s too formal looking.” Maria said, moving the chair.

“What would change that feeling?” Aiden asked.

“Make me a couch or a bean bag chair!” Maria commanded Aiden.

“You want that in this room?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria looked around.

“Eh, I guess not, let’s change the living room into a creepy room.” Maria said to Aiden as she rushed out. Dashing passes some of the other golems.

“It’s perfect!” Maria said, as she entered the Eastern Living room.

Aiden entered the room and began constructing the room to fit Maria’s vision.

She then sat down on the sofa and turned on a movie. “Saturday the Eleventh.”

Aiden sat down next to Maria.

The movie started and the room was dark. Maria then looked up at Aiden.

“Ahem, are you forgetting something?” Maria said, looking up at Aiden with a grimace.

Aiden looked at Maria confused.

Maria then held out her hand.

“Oh, yes.” Aiden thought to himself as he created a bag of popcorn for her.

Maria excitedly grabbed the bag and started eating.

They were now fully into the movie. Maria had her eye hooked on the horror film. Aiden watched as if nothing was happening. The effects of the movie were completely unrealistic to him.

The monster in the movie started breaking down the door of the house. It used an extremely long knife and chased after the lead actress.

Maria had a bit of her eyes covered.

Then there was a knock on the door. It startled Maria.

“What! Who’s that!” Maria said, panicking a little.

“It was just a knock on the door.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well, go and check it out.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up to answer the door. Maria looked around in the dark room.

“On second thought, let me go with you. Just so that you don’t get scared.” Maria said to Aiden.

They both opened the front door.

There was a girl standing at the door wearing a domino mask, dressed up as a princess.

“What are you doing here?” Maria asked the girl at the door, not sure who she was.

“It’s Halloween, why wouldn’t I be here?” The girl responded.

“Wait, I know that voice! Silvia!” Maria said to her.

Silvia then removed the mask.

“Hello you two.” Silvia said to Maria and Aiden.

“Why’d you come all this way?” Maria asked Silvia.

“Just getting some candy.” Silvia responded.

“You’re not here for Candy.” Maria said to Silvia with a complete lack of emotion.

“You’re right.” Silvia said walking into the house.

“Hey, me and Angeal are trying to go out somewhere. You can’t just come in here.” Maria said to Silvia.

“I want to go too.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Well too bad.” Maria responded. “Actually, since we are going to a real haunted house, we all can go together and I can ditch her there. Where she is going to be trapped.” Maria thought to herself.

“Come on Maria, you can’t just keep Angeal to yourself, you two aren’t even going steady.” Silvia responded to Maria. “He can have more friends.” 

Maria then showed a smirk on her face. “You are right Silvia, you can come along with us.” Maria said with a smile.

Aiden looked down at Maria.

“She can?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yep, she definitely can.” Maria said with confidence.

“That makes me happy.” Silvia said with a smile like she just got her way. “We can have Charles take us all there.”

“Nope, we are going to have one of the robots take us.” Maria said to Silvia.

“Your robots can drive?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“I suppose they can now.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, then we will do that.” Silvia said to the two. Then Charles walked up.

“I’m sorry, but I must accompany Silvia if you are planning on traveling.” Charles said to the group.

“Then you can follow behind their vehicle.” Silvia said to Charles.

“Of course.” Charles said, stepping back.

“Well that’s that.” Silvia said to the two.

“Cool.” Maria looked up at the sky and the sun was just about going down. “Eh, it’s still a bit early but since we are driving we can head out now.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then gestured for Maria to come over to the side.

“Are you okay with letting Silvia fly with us?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No way, Silvia will never know that you are a heavenly being. We are going to ride in a car.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I really wish you would have discussed that with me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You’ll figure it out Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria returned to Silvia. Aiden created the same black vehicle and had it come out from the back of the house. It was being driven by one of the robots.

It stopped in front of the house.

“Wow, that was fast.” Silvia said, looking at the car.

“Of course it is!” Maria said, jumping into the front seat of the car.

Silvia then entered the vehicle and Aiden followed after her.

Silvia and Aiden were sitting together in the backseat. Maria looked at the two of them and saw that Silvia was sitting a bit close to Aiden.

“Better yet. Silvia you can take the front seat.” Maria said, getting out of the car.

“No, I am okay back here.” Silvia responded.

“Come on, the front seat is the best seat.” Maria said to Silvia.

“That’s why I think you should have it.” Silvia responded.

“You’re our guest, you can take it.” Maria insisted.

“I’ve been here more than 5 times, I don’t think I am that much of a guest.” Silvia said, continuing to sit.

“I’ll just sit in the front seat.” Aiden said to the two.

“No!” Maria said with disdain and Silvia said with worry.

“Fine.” Aiden said, sitting back down.

Maria then sat on the right side of Aiden and Silvia sat on the left. Aiden was in the middle seat, looking much too large for it.

They both got close to Aiden.

The Golem then began to drive and Charles followed behind them.

Along the drive the 3 were conversing.

“These vehicles will never get to their destination in a timely manner.” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden then created a dense fog. That made it hard to see outside.

The windows in Aiden’s car were too dark to see out of. But Charles saw the fog completely block his view.

He drove closer to Aiden’s vehicle to make sure he could see the back lights.

Aiden brought the vehicles into the air and gave Charles the sensation that they were driving.

Soon they were all brought back down on the road that led to the mansion and Aiden cleared the fog.

Charles had his phone out prepared to call Silvia. But once the fog cleared and he saw the other vehicle he placed his phone back down.

The vehicles drove up to the mansion.

Aiden’s vehicle stopped and Charles stopped behind them.

“Oh, we are here already?” Silvia said, trying to look out the window.

Maria opened the door and left. She looked up at the house.

“Cool! Now this place is creepy. It’s giving me goosebumps and everything.” Maria said aloud.

Charles was checking his phone for GPS but there was no signal.

“Shall I accompany you Silvia?” Charles asked Silvia. He too felt goosebumps and was worried that since there was no signal he couldn’t contact her.

“No, I am okay. Angeal will be with me, so I am perfectly safe.” Silvia responded.

“There’s no need for you to worry. If it gets bad the robot will rush in there and get us.” Aiden said to calm Charles’ mind. Charles nodded.

“Well, let’s waste no more time. Let’s go in.” Maria said as she began to head to the entrance.

Silvia and Aiden followed.

The closer they got the more dreadful it felt. Maria started slowing down and eventually grabbed Aiden’s arm.

Aiden opened the door and the party went in.

The feeling of dread disappeared, and the interior was musky, but not immediately scary looking.

Maria let go of Aiden.

“Ha, was that it?” Maria said being cocky.

The three went through the mansion looking for anything weird.

“This place doesn’t seem haunted.” Silvia said as she too was now just walking.

The room got cold and a skeleton apparition walked in front of them and into the next room.

“That’s cool I guess, but not scary.” Maria said, still moving forward.

There were sounds coming from all around the house but the two girls were still standing strong.

They were looking around the house as if they were having a tour. There was then a scream of agony. It traveled through the entire house.

The two girls were initially startled but it didn’t affect them much.

“Eh, they can do better.” Maria said.

“I agree. This place isn’t as scary as I imagined it would have been when Angeal said you two were going. I thought you were difficult to scare, Maria.” Silvia said.

Maria laughed. “First time you have been correct, Silvia. Since I have not been scared yet.” Maria responded.

“You two are probably fearless because I am accompanying you.” Aiden said to the pair.

“Nah, I think I could make it to the back of this house no problem.” Maria said with confidence.

“I agree, though you are a great person to have when things are scary. This place just isn’t.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Well this just won’t do.” Aiden thought to himself. 

The floor fell out from beneath them all and they fell down a slide. The slide separated them from each other, dropping them off in different rooms.

As they slid the girls yelled out.

Silvia was now alone in part of the house that was made of concrete. Maria was alone in another part of wood. And Aiden was outside at the side of the house where there was a garden.

“Hello… Angeal…” Silvia said as she walked slowly with her hands together.

“That wasn’t funny…” Silvia continued to speak as she moved through the room.

“Angeal… where are you?” Silvia tried to find them. “Maria? Are you there?”

Silvia walked and saw stained walls, and it was cold in the room.

She crossed her arms to stay warm.

“Ouch, that hurt!” Maria said to herself as she got up from the ground. “Ha ha, Aiden. You are so funny. You think separating me would make me scared. As if.” Maria said confidently.

“Come on out Aiden.” Maria said. But there was no answer.

“Aiden…” Maria said but more softly.

Maria looked around to see if he would show up.

“Aiden. This is starting to not be funny.” Maria said as she too walked slowly.

Aiden was outside and he found mounds in the ground.

“Interesting sight. These are humans.” Aiden thought to himself.

A fog then appeared around him. And a body began to form in the smoke. It had fiery red eyes and outstretched arms.

Aiden watched as this being was forming itself.

“The Punishment for Sin is Death, Child of Man.” The ‘Fair Mother’ said, forming herself completely.

She had tethered wings, and a dark robe. She looked like she was well into her hundreds. She spoke with a voice that seemed to be formed by the air and not by her mouth.

Hands from the ground began to reach up to grab Aiden. But as they touched him they burned.

The ‘Fair Mother’ looked at Aiden.

“A sinless child?” The ‘Fair Mother’ questioned Aiden.

“No, you just have no authority over me.” Aiden responded.

“I have been granted authority over all things by the Creator. You have committed the sin of lying.” The ‘Fair Mother’ said as she once again commanded her Spirits to grab Aiden. And again they burned when they tried.

The ‘Fair Mother’ then vanished from the area. Taking the fog with her.

“She can’t even recognize a Heavenly Being.” Aiden thought to himself.

He looked down at the ground and saw that there were bodies within it. Some of the bodies had yet to be absorbed.

Aiden brought them up from the ground. It was two women who were still holding unto one another.

Aiden gestured his hand over them to wake them up, removing the hold the ‘Fair Mother’ had on them.

The woman wearing blue began to cough. The younger one wearing green then followed.

Aiden then extended his hand to help them up.

The woman wearing blue looked up and backed away quickly from Aiden.

“Who are you! Don’t hurt me!” She yelled at Aiden.

“Sure, I can understand that reaction.” Aiden responded. The woman wearing green looked at Aiden.

“You aren’t here to hurt us right?” She asked Aiden.

“No, and I’m also not here to judge you. I’ll protect you both until you can leave.” Aiden said to them.

The woman wearing green grabbed Aiden’s hand and he helped her up.

“Thank you, my name is May.” May said to Aiden, having stood completely up. May then looked back. “And she is my new friend Susan.” May pointed at her.

Susan grabbed her head. “Ah, what happened. Weren’t we just surrounded by monsters?” Susan asked.

“You have been freed from their grip.” Aiden said to them.

“Oh, okay. Well then we will get going. I don’t want to interrupt you.” Susan said to Aiden.

“It’s no issue.” Aiden responded. But Susan and May then ran into the house in search of another exit.

“They are truly in a hurry. No matter. Let me check up on Maria and Silvia.” Aiden thought to himself.

Silvia continued her journey through the house, she found a cell inside the place. She looked inside of the room and saw two holes in the walls. The room smelled like urine.

“Angeal?” Silvia called into the room.

She then hurt a bang behind her and she jumped up. She quickly tried to see where that sound came from. 

Footsteps then were coming from around the corner. Silvia turned her attention to see who it was.

A cold breeze knocked her into the room and shut the door.

A large man walked by. And he opened the closed door to check.

Silvia heard his breathing and knew that it was not Angeal or Maria, so she hid behind the half wall.

The man looked inside and saw that the two girls that were in there had escaped. He then started to run down the hallway in search of them.

As the footsteps got quieter and quieter Silvia regained her breath. Her heart rate was through the roof.

“That was scary…” Silvia thought to herself as she went to open the door. 

She tried to open it, but it was locked from the outside.

Silvia wanted to say help, but she didn’t want the man to find her.

She sat against the door.

“I’m scared.” Silvia thought to herself.

Maria walked around the wooden rooms. She continued to call out Aiden’s name.

Maria then started to smell something that was rancid.

She entered a room that had a locker in it and a chair that seemed to be stained red.

“This place is gross.” Maria thought to herself as she looked on the tray.

The tools on the tray were crusted with brown dust.

“Cool.” Maria thought to herself.

“Hurry and leave!” A voice called out in the room. It became cold and there was no one around.

Maria felt like her soul jumped out of her body.

She had goosebumps all over her arms.

Maria ran out of the room, not looking back. Maria panicked.

“Aiden! Silvia!” Maria yelled out.

Susan heard Maria’s yell.

“Sounds like someone is in trouble.” Susan said to May. Susan then grabbed May’s hand and ran in the direction of Maria’s voice.

“Go back and help her.” A voice said into May’s ear.

May let go and looked around for the voice.

“She is in the cells, help her!” the voice said again to May.

Susan turned back but then the room sealed itself, splitting the pair.

Susan hit her fist against the wall. “I can’t worry about that now, there’s someone in trouble.” Susan thought to herself as she then ran to look for Maria.

May was on the other side of the wall.

“Susan?” May asked. But there was no response.

The cold air then brushed against May.

“Okay, I’ll go back to the cells.” May thought as she ran to where Silvia was located.

Aiden grinned to himself.

“Good work, undead spirits. Keep guiding them and I will ensure that the ‘Fair Mother’ doesn’t get a hold of you.” Aiden said to the spirits that were guiding the girls in the building.

“I hope this is scary enough for them.” Aiden thought to himself.

Angel Misery: Fair Mother

Susan (22, Determined, Caring) is working out in her living room. She is wearing a Blue-Green workout outfit showing her midriff. She has slightly visible abs, and a moderately strong physique.

Susan finishes her workout. She is visibly tired afterwards.

“Okay, that should be about an hour.” Susan says to herself trying to regain her breath.

There were three knocks on her front door.

Susan turns her focus to it as she is visibly confused by the sound.

“Oh someone is at the door… who could that be?” Susan thought to herself.

Susan waited to see if they would knock again.

This time there were two knocks.

Susan was suspicious at this point, if it was someone who knew her they’d likely knock harder the second time.

There was then one final knock. Susan walks up to check the door.

“Let me just take a look, it could be my mother…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looks through the peephole. But there is no one there. She then tries to get a closer look through it.

All the while a shadow slowly approaches Susan from behind.

And mouth is then covered and she is pulled back by a hairy man wearing a mask.

Susan is startled. “I’m I being taken?!” She thought in a panic.

“Your hair smells good, lady.” The Hairy man said, carrying her off.

This made Susan go into a fight or flight mode. Her blood boiled and she went into an adrenaline rush.

She bit down on the man’s arm. The bite caused the man in the ski mask to loosen his grip on Susan’s mouth.

He wrapped his arms around her neck and began to choke her. They wrestled with each other on the floor. Despite her size Susan was rather strong and well trained.

The door opens up and the person on the other side walks in.

“Am I interrupting something?” The new person asked.

The new person propped himself on the wall as he watched what was happening. Susan managed to roll over onto her chest and gained control of the tussle. But the weight of the hairy man on her back was becoming too much to bear.

“Help… me.” Susan struggled to say, with the hairy man’s arm still around her neck.

She begins to struggle more to get air into her lungs.

“I’m… being… kidnapped…” Susan tried to communicate to this newcomer with barely any breath to spend on not breathing.

He pulls a syringe from his coat pocket. It was filled with a yellow liquid.

“I need… your… help… now.” Susan called out, reaching her arms out.

“I was joking little girl, I’m here to help him, not you.” The new man said as he approached Susan.

“Be careful Brother James, Mother would hate for you to damage her new daughter.” The new man said to the one who was choking Susan.

The new man places the needle into Susan’s arm. Brother James continues to fight against Susan trying to keep her still.

“Don’t worry.” The new guy was saying as Maria started to pass out.

“Still will make the pain.” He continued to speak and Susan was unable to move.

“…Go away…” He finished saying and Susan passed out on the floor.

The two men stood over her body as she was passed out. They were discussing what to do next.

Susan is lifted up by Brother James and carried through the window of her apartment.

“She smells good, Brother John.” Brother James says as he carries her.

“If you stop sniffing her, I will see if Mother will let you keep her.” Brother John said to brother James.

Brother James smiled as he turned to focus.

Susan was placed into the vehicle and they began to drive.

They get to their destination which is far out into the country. It was a large mansion that looked to be deteriorating.

Inside there were many rooms.

Brother James and Brother John carried Susan into one of these rooms which had a stain of blood on the walls.

“Lay her on the floor.” Brother John says as Brother James places Susan’s lifeless body on the ground.

They both then leave the room.

“Bye, bye lady.” Brother James says as they close the door.

The room is completely dark.

Susan lays on the ground. The door of the room slowly creaks back open. The light coming from the hallway hits Susan’s eyes, waking her up.

Susan wakes up and immediately grabs her own neck. She can see her breath in the frigid room.

“Was I dreaming?” Susan thinks to herself.

Susan looks around at the wooden empty room. She saw the blood that had long since dried.

“Hmmm, this is definitely not my place.” She thought to herself as she stood up.

Susan sees the light coming from outside of the door. She peeks slowly out into the hallway to make sure that no one was coming.

“It looks empty in the hall. I wonder where the exit could be.” Susan continues to think to herself as she notices a screen window on the other side of the hallway.

“Maybe that leads outside.” Susan thought as she started moving in that direction.

The closer she got the more she noticed the details of the window. The screen was a bug screen and it looked like it had been tampered with before. It was covered in dust and red particles.

She walks up to the window staying against the wall and looks through it.

Through the screen she saw a room, and it looked empty.

She continues her walk down the hall and sees the door that the window was connected to. She sees metallic materials on a tray inside of the room.

She walks inside.

On the tray are bloody strings, bloody needles, hooks and a knife.

“Oh! A knife, that’s perfect!”  Susan said to herself as she grabbed the enormous hunters’ knife.

“Hey you! Quickly Kill Me!!” A man in a gimp suit tied to a chair cried out at Susan. His mouth was covered by the latex attire and his voice was extremely muffled.

Susan quickly turned around in a panic.

“Wait! What! No way!” Susan says in a fright. 

“Please! He sewed me into this suit! I’ve been beaten and burned. I’m in constant pain! Every hour he does it to me! I beg of you please just run that blade across my neck! I want it to end!” The man tied to the chair cried out to Susan with his blood shot eyes. Tears rolled down and his voice was hoarse.

Susan grabbed the rope he was tied to the chair with and began to cut it.

“I won’t kill you, I just can’t. But I can free you and we both can escape together. Just hold still. I can get you out quickly.” Susan said as she was cutting her way through the rope.

The rope rubbed against the man’s wounds but he tried with all of his might to hold still.

The door to the room they were in began to crack open. Susan was so focused on getting him out of the seat she did not notice. The light from the outside ran across the face of the man that was tied up. He knew what would happen.

“Hurry Miss! Hide! Quickly!” The man in the suit panicked trying to get Susan to move. Susan saw the light on his face and she ran. Susan ran into the locker and covered her mouth with her hand. She held the knife tight against herself.

A tall stoic man with a beard walked into the room. He stepped up to the man in the chair.

He looks down at the man in the chair and notices cut marks on the ropes.

“You seem to have gotten busy.” The towering man said to the man in the chair.

The man walks around the room and looks down at his tray. He noticed that the knife was gone and that his other tools had been moved.

“Tell me, son. Who helped you cut that rope?” He asked the man in the chair with a threatening tone.

“I don’t know Brother Michael.” The man in the chair said.

Brother Michael grabbed the man’s finger and bent it backwards, cracking each bone inside.

The man in the chair was in great pain but he held back his screams.

“Here’s a deal. If you give up that girl’s location, I’ll free you. You get to go home and live your life peacefully.” Brother Michael says to the man in the chair.

Brother Michael steps closer to the man’s face. 

“Give her up and you are free.” Brother Michael says again.

The man in the chair begins to cry to himself. He breathes heavily contemplating on what his decision should be. Should he free himself by giving up a girl he just met, or hold his tongue and allow her to have a chance to escape.

He paused. Then looks Brother Michael in the eyes.

“Do what you want, I don’t know where she is.” The man in the chair said to Brother Michael.

Brother Michael moves away from the man in the chair and goes over to his tray of tools. He is choosing which one he wants to use.

“I used to be like you. Believing that by doing the right thing that I would be rewarded somehow in the future. However, Son, that’s not how the world works. Life isn’t fair and there are no rule books to live it.” Brother Michael said as he grabbed a torch.

Brother Michael pauses.

“I know that the girl is hiding in the locker behind me. And I hope she enjoys watching her protector suffer. And after I’m done with you, she’ll be next.” Brother Michael says.

Susan is in the locker and she is overwhelmed with fear.

Brother Michael walks closer to the man in the chair. The light that was coming from the hallway slowly was covered by his massive body.

“Don’t worry, our fun won’t be over quickly.” Brother Michael says with the same stoic look.

Brother Michael adjusted his pants in preparation from an intense torture session with the man in the chair. Susan is hiding within the locker to the side. 

“To live is to create, and those who do not create are not reflecting the will of the creator.” Brother Michael says loudly.

“And those who sacrifice themselves are especially heinous. Your body is not yours to sacrifice, you didn’t create it, nor do you control it.” Brother Michael says, stepping closer to the man in the chair showing the torch to him.

“As the Creator, and our dear Mother punishes those who commit sin with eternal fire…” Brother Michael continues as he lights up the flame of the torch. He brought it close to the face of the man in the chair. The flame was bright in the dark room.

“So shall I. To educate you of your faulty beliefs.” Brother Michael says as he grabs the man in the chair’s  head, positioning his head straight up. Brother Michael brought the torch closer to the man’s head.

“It is not my place to kill. So you don’t need to fear death. This pain will be temporary… but your forgiveness will be Everlasting.” Brother Michael says as he begins to burn the man in the chair.

“Ahh! Stop! Please Stop!” The man in the chair yells out. The smell of burning flesh begins to fill the room. The smell of burning latex.

The gimp suit melts into his blood.

“I can’t breathe! Stop!” The man in the chair yells out.

Brother Michael does not care about the man’s cries. His agony is a punishment.

“Please… stop…” The man in the chair’s voice begins to soften until he passes out.

Brother Michael turns off the torch.

“And we are complete. These wounds are for the short term, but the forgiveness you received is not.” Brother Michael says with the same stoic tone.

Brother Michael looks directly at the locker. He changed his focus towards Susan. Susan sees that Brother Michael was now focused on her. She held the knife close to her chest. She covered her mouth so that he could not hear her breath in the silence.

“He’s going to check in here soon…” Susan thought to herself.

Brother Michael walks towards the locker. Susan hears his footsteps approaching slowly.

“Stay calm…. Breath…Get the blood flowing. I can do this… I can escape.” Susan thinks to herself repeatedly.

“Susan pressed up against the locker door; closing her eyes trying to calm herself.

“Cut and Run…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan’s muscles tensed up as she continued to chant Cut and Run.

Susan jumped out of the locker with her Knife ready to cut. Susan lounged at Brother Michael.

The speed at which Susan swiped at Brother Michael was much faster than he moved.

She cut through Brother Michael’s Artery. Brother Michael grabbed tightly against the wound. 

Brother Michael begins to struggle. He held his hand against his own neck to keep from bleeding out. “This shall not be the end of me… for the Spirit of the Creator grants me eternal life.” Brother Michael says as Susan runs out of sight.

Susan runs out of the room quickly, still filled with adrenaline.

“Life isn’t fair… Only Mother and the Creator are…” Brother Michael says holding himself up against the wall.

Susan has been running for a few seconds at top speed.

“I need to rest… there’s so many rooms.” Susan said to herself trying to catch her breath.

Susan ran into a room and immediately shut the door. She pressed her body against the door and sat down with the knife still in her hand ready to cut someone else. 

She breathed heavily.

“I’ll just rest here for a bit… as long as I’m hidden.” Susan thought to herself trying to calm down.

“I can’t believe I stabbed him… that’s not like me at all. What would I do to him the next time I see him…” Susan said to herself as she began to feel terrible.

“Hey Sis! Welcome to our room. What are you doing here?” A small boy said to Susan.

There were two boys Brother Dylan (12, Playful Headstrong) and Brother Daniel (12, Playful Cautious) who stood in front of Susan as she was pressed against the door.

“Kids are here too?” Susan thought to herself. She then spoke with the boys. “Ah, I’m here because I am hiding. Is this room safe?” Susan asks.

“Why are you hiding? Are you scared?” Brother Daniel asked Susan.

“It is likely one of those adult games. But yea it’s safe here.” Brother Dylan responded.

“Are you sure… I did something pretty bad and it’s very important that I’m not found.” Susan asked the two boys.

Brother Dylan and Brother Daniel faced each other and started to discuss.

“I’m not sure she should be using our room to hide. She might be really bad.” Brother Daniel said to his brother.

“No worries, she looks like a nice person. Let her hide behind your bed.” Brother Dylan responded.

They both looked at Susan.

“Yeah, sure you can hide behind the lighter-colored bed. It’s Dylan’s.” Brother Daniel said to Susan.

“Please don’t mess it up. Brother Michael would lecture us forever if you do.” Brother Dylan cautioned Susan.

“Don’t worry kids. I’ll be out as soon as I get some rest. I don’t want to be here. We all can leave.” Susan responded to them as she went over to hide along the side of the bed out of sight. She laid on her stomach keeping watch on the door.

There were three knocks on the door.

“I’ll hide now, whenever he leaves, we will head out.” Susan said to the boys.

There were then two knocks.

Brother John enters the room with a smile on his face as he looks down at the two boys.

“Hey Little Bros. I have a little question for you both. You wouldn’t happen to see a girl run in here recently?” Brother John said to the boys.

There was a slight pause.

“She’s slightly taller than you two. Brown hair… slightly tanned skin… wearing blue and green… sound familiar?” Brother John described Susan to them.

“She must be really good at hiding; if even you aren’t able to find her.” Brother Dylan responded to Brother John.

Brother John pans his sights around the boys’ room. 

“How about behind those beds? That’s plenty of room to disappear.” Brother John asked the boys.

“No way, No one could sneak past us. We are stronger than the bond between Quarks.” Brother Dylan responded posing as a muscle man.

“And we have the speed rivaled only by light. With the perception of the Eye of Providence.” Brother Daniel responded by posing as a track runner.

“Ha, okay, well then I guess there is no reason for me to bother you both any longer.” Brother John said to the boys.

Brother John leaves the room and he shuts the door behind himself.

Susan comes out from behind the bed. 

“Ah… they are all looking for me. How am I going to be able to leave?” Susan says to herself.

They all hear slow stepping coming towards the door.

The steps outside stop right in front.

Brother Michael opens the door quickly.

“Brother Dylan, Brother Daniel. The girl is in your room. Where is she hiding?” Brother Michael asked the two boys.

The two boys look at one another. They were visibly scared.

“Ahh… she is hiding in this room? Daniel… I don’t think we should play stupid…” Brother Dylan said nervously.

“Yea… I don’t think a game of hide and seek is worth the punishment for lying…” Brother Daniel is also feeling nervous.

They both look at Brother Michael who had bent down to talk on the boys’ level.

“She’s hiding behind Dylan’s bed. She came about 10 Minutes ago.” Brother Daniel tells Brother Michael.

“I’m proud of you two. Seems like that punishment really taught you a lesson. I’ll be out of your room soon.” Brother Michael says to the two boys.

Brother Michael moved the two aside as the two boys stood silently. The cut on Brother Michael’s neck had completely healed up only leaving his shirt collar torn.

Brother Michael slowly stepped towards Susan’s location.

His steps were loud and slow. 

Susan brought the knife up ready to stab Brother Michael’s legs. She waited for the first indication of his position. 

Then the sound stopped.

“Wait… why did he stop? I don’t see his shadow anymore…” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looked out trying to see if she could tell where Brother Michael was. She looked at the two boys who were looking at the top of their beds. 

Brother Michael grabbed Susan by the hair and began to pull directly upward on her lifting her body with it.

Susan tried to stab Brother Michael but he hit the knife away and it fell onto the ground.

He then pulled her towards the door by her hair, taking out full areas in the process.

“This pain you are feeling is the first of many to purify your body of the disease the outside world has given you. All pain given to you by the creator or Mother is mercy.” Brother Michael says to Susan as he drags her.

Brother Michael grabbed tighter on Susan’s hair reaching down closer to the root.

“Now come with me. Obviously you are not suited for freedom. You have tempted the Young Brother and he failed. Then you tempted the Young Boys…” Brother Michael says to Susan.

Brother Michael dragged Susan across the floor. He pulled her out of the door and into the hallway.

“We have a special place for you in this home. It’s a place for animals and demons.” Brother Michael continues as he drags her through the hallways.

“She must have done something really bad to go there. Sister Jesse went there and we haven’t seen her since…” Brother Dylan says to Brother Daniel.

“If Brother Michael is putting her there then she deserves it. I am glad she has been caught.” Brother Daniel responded.

Brother Michael threw Susan into a concrete room. She slid across the dusty ground.

There were chains in this room and it was separated in half by bars.

Brother Michael attached the chains to Susan’s legs. Susan was unconscious during this entire ordeal.

Susan eventually woke up. She noticed she was chained up tightly and that moving her legs around was uncomfortable. 

“Wow, he must have knocked you out with something rough. You slept for a good 10 Minutes.” A girl who was chained up in the other room said to Susan.

Susan looked over at where the voice was coming from.

May (19, Energetic) was the other person in the room with Susan.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not alone anymore. It was beginning to drive me insane.” May says to Susan.

May looks to get a good look at Susan. May smiled at Susan. May’s spirits have yet to be broken. 

“By the way, my name is Mei, but my friends call me May. It’s the same sound, but they can’t spell it well.” May says to Susan.

“My name is Susan, nothing special to add to that I suppose. How long do you think we will be here?” Susan responds.

“That’s a million dollar question if I have ever heard of one. But for real I have no clue.” May responds to Susan feeling a bit hopeless by the question.

May was wearing a green school’s uniform. She pulled on her chains.

“Seems we are chained by our legs so that we don’t just break our hands to get out. We kind of need our legs a bit more to run out of this mad house.” May tells Susan.

“I was afraid that I was going to die alone down here. I’m glad you’re here Susan, not that I wanted you to get kidnapped.” May says with a smile on face.

May then lays on her side to conversate casually with Susan.

“Hey Susan. Do you believe in ghosts? Or does anything seem weird here?” May asked Susan.

Susan laid on her back completely resting as she hadn’t thought of a method to escape yet. 

“No, I usually don’t entertain that kind of thinking. I haven’t seen enough stuff to support it.” Susan responds to May.

“I mean, I just don’t know. I’ve seen some things happen in this house…Like doors opening on their own. Or this Grown Man crying “Sound down here.” May tells Susan.

“That’s pretty weird, but maybe it’s one of the guys just screaming outside.” Susan responds, continuing with the conversation.

Susan then remembered the door to the room she was in initially.

“Though… when I woke up. That door was open. Maybe it could have been a-” Susan was saying before May interrupted.

“Yea Susan. Before I got put down here I did hurt one of the guys pretty good.” May begins to tell Susan a story.

In the story.

May wrapped her legs around Brother James’ head and was ripping his hair out of his scalp. May was panicking. It was in the same room that Susan was initially thrown in. 

“Yea, I was giving the guy a run for his money. He could not handle my crazy fighting style. He was on the ropes.” May describes the situation to Susan.

In the story Brother Michael slapped May across the face, throwing her off of Brother James. May was thrown against the wall.

“But then the guy who brought you in here just came and threw me off of the brother. I had no clue he was anywhere close… It seemed like I pulled out all the hair on the shorter Brother. So of course he tagged out of the fair fight we were having.” May tells Susan.

The memory shows May laying on the ground rubbing her face as Brother Michael comforts Brother James.

Brother Michael comes up close to May.

“Before I knew it he was all up in my face. Like back up Dude! There’s a thing called personal space.” May continues to tell the story to Susan.

May finishes up thinking about what happened.

“He told me to apologize and to walk quietly between them to their Mother’s room… So I did what any normal person would do in that situation.” May gains a smile on her face.

“I kicked him in the face. So hard in fact I think he could see his own vertebrae.” May describes the situation once more.

In May’s memory. May kicked Brother Michael in the face, throwing him off of her. Brother Michael quickly regained his composure and May was terrified. 

“I guess I could have guessed how he would have reacted, but I was fighting for my own survival. He deserved a kick in the face. And his Brother deserved his hair to be pulled out.” May tells Susan.

May then recalls the memory again.

Brother Michael stepped slowly up to May as his shadow covered her in darkness. There was a fire behind him.

“But no matter how in the right I was, there is no reasoning with these guys. So he picked me up by my neck and threw me down here…” May says with a frown on her face now.

“So yea, that’s my story. So how did you get put down here with Little Ol’ me, Susan.” May says to Susan, finishing up her story at last.

Susan was actively trying to pull the chains out of the wall.

“I’m tired of this Place!!” Susan yelled, pulling on her chains even harder.

“Oh… you weren’t listening to my story…” May says quietly to herself.

“I’m tired of hiding! I’m tired of Fighting!…” Susan yells.

Susan pressed her feet against the walls and began to pull harder on the chains. The wall began to crack. 

“Come on! I feel it moving! Release me from this cage!” Susan pushes herself to continue pulling on the metal chains.

Eventually there was no more progress being made and Susan fell back onto the ground exhausted. 

Susan turned to her side and screamed into her hands muffling the sound.

May then crawled over to see the progress that Susan made.

“Whoa, I thought you were actually going to do it. It was so close, Susan… Wish I was strong like you.” May says to Susan with surprise.

Susan sat back up and rubbed her head. 

“Yeah, but I still failed. Close only counts in horse-shoes.” Susan says to May.

“Glad you’re awake though. You hit your head pretty hard. It sounded like a hammer hitting the concrete.” May says to Susan.

Susan’s eyes opened up wide.

“Hammer!… That’s all I need is a hammer!” Susan thought to herself.

Susan pulls on her chains and looks down with happiness.

“There’s plenty of slack on this chain… so I could use this like a make-shift hammer.” Susan continued thinking.

She held the chain in her open palm.

“This is my key to escape… and after I’m free this will also be my weapon. Freedom here I come… May! You are an accidental Genius!” Susan says to May.

“Ah? Thanks I guess… But why do you say that? Nothing new happened down here.” May responds not sure why Susan was happy.

“You see the amount of slack on these chains. We could use that to our advantage.” Susan tells May.

Susan grabbed the slack of the chains. 

“Just grab a good amount of it into your hands… and slam it against the part of the wall that the chains are locked to.” Susan says as she demonstrates what she was talking about.

“As it chips away… The easier it will be to pull out of the wall… Then we are free.” Susan says directly to May.

“Have I told you yet Susan, that I am glad you are down here with me. Let’s do it!” May also gets a smile.

Some time has passed in the Lion’s Den.

Susan had successfully freed herself from one of her chains. It took a lot of work but the success brought Susan hope.

“That’s one down, one more to go… How are you doing over there, May? Will we be working on opening the doors soon?” Susan says feeling a bit tired.

May who made almost no progress that entire time. May begins to whine.

“Bleh! Susan! How are you so strong! I made no progress and you’re already done! You’re going to leave me!” May whines.

May moves over to the bars and looks over to see how Susan breaks the wall. 

“I’ll watch you do your next one to see if I am doing something wrong.” May says to Susan looking at her work.

“Yea sure. Well first you get a firm grip of the chain. Then take a very strong position close to the wall…” Susan demonstrates again to May.

“Then strike the part of the wall close to where the chain is attached to… and bit by bit the wall will chip away slowly exposing the bolt. Then you are free. Did that teach you a bit more on how to do it?” Susan finishes up the demonstration and looks at May.

“I am going to die alone down here. That, or the big guy is just going to make me suffer somewhere.” May says after losing hope, gaining the face of defeat.

“I’m not going to leave you May. We are going to get out of here together. Then do whatever.” Susan says to reassure May.

“Yea, that would be amazing. But first I’ll need to be able to escape these chains…” May says whining.

May then closed her eyes and there was a slight pause.

“Hey Susan. It got really cold over here all of a sudden.” May says to Susan as she sees her breath.

May’s face was terrified.

“Ahh! What on Earth is that!…” May yells.

The Apparition had both of his arms missing but his hands in their correct position. The apparition looked over at May and opened the door for her.

The Apparition walked out as soon as he appeared, leaving the door open behind him. 

“What did I just see… That was definitely a ghost… I need to get out of here. I can handle Humans… not ghosts.” May said, as she was mortified.

May yells over at Susan.

“Susan!! We need to get out of here like now! There was a ghost in here!!” May yells.

“Don’t worry, I’m almost done with this one too. You don’t need to make up a ghost to get me to move faster… See I am finished. I’ll get over to you soon. Just wait a bit.” Susan says, as she continues to break the wall.

“Not too long please. I don’t want it coming back and staring at me… It was like a smoky, cloudy skeleton wearing torn clothes… It also had a gaping mouth, and I bet it smelled terrible too.” May huddled against the wall.

Susan reached through the bars to comfort May. Susan grabbed May’s shoulder.

“Calm down May. Let’s just get you free for now. You might be going crazy.” Susan said reassuring May.

“Look at the door. The thing left it open. I know what I saw. It simply walked out. “ May pointed at the door.

Susan looks over at the open door on May’s side of the cell.

“Well I’d be… How did she manage to do that?” Susan thought to herself.

Susan looked back down at May. 

“Do you think you can do that to my door too?” Susan asked May.

“Of course not. The guy just showed up out of nowhere… Even if I could, I definitely wouldn’t want to. That’s just nightmare fuel.” May cried out.

“Well, I’ll try and figure out a way to get over to you. In the meantime keep working on those chains.” Susan responded.

“Oh yea. I am still trapped here. I get distracted way too easily.” May looked at her own chains.

May begins to smack the wall with her chains. She can hear the bars cracking. 

Susan was twisting her pants that she wrapped around the bars. As she twisted the bars began to bend together. 

Susan already was finished by the time May realized what was happening.

“How are you able to bend those bars? What did you do?” May asked Susan.

Susan began to crawl over to May’s side of the cell.

“Oh it’s just something I picked up from an old movie from when I was young.” Susan responded.

The bars were wet and yellow liquid was dripping off the half walls.

“Basically, all you do is grab a piece of strong clothing, wet it, grab a pole and twist it around two bars… Of course I had to urinate on my pants to get them wet.” Susan explained to May.

“Wait!? You peed on your clothing! That’s disgusting. Don’t touch me!… How are you so versatile??” May freaked out.

“Haha, I thought you would be happy to finally get to hug me.” Susan said, reaching out her arms to May.

“Ahh, it’s all over my arm now…” May said after Susan got some of it on her.

Susan helped May break out of her chains and they both exited the door on May’s side.

Susan checked the hallways to make sure no one was patrolling.

“The exit is clear. Doesn’t look like anyone is guarding the door.” Susan said, continuing her check.

“So you’re saying that pretty soon we will be out of this torture house?” May asked Susan.

“Yea, this should be the end of it all. Then we can return home… Which seems like heaven right about now…” Susan said, thinking about returning.

“We should definitely do something after all of this Susan… My treat since it is because of you that we made it out of that prison alive.” May said to Susan, with an excited look on her face.

“Wait, May. Let’s not celebrate yet. I am getting a terrible feeling.” Susan was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread. They were able to see the exit to the place but it seemed to have a dark cloud emanating from it.

“I should be happy but all I can feel right now is dread. Do you think we should exit or find another door?” Susan asked May.

“I don’t think we should worry too much. After all it is the both of us. Whoever comes across us would not last long.” May said, with optimism.

“I hope you are right, May. And if we do get out of this I have to take a shower first before eating. I stink.” Susan responded.

“Understatement of the Century haha.” May laughed.

Susan and May traveled out the door, and into the outside world… However the outside world greeted them not with the sweet touch of a gentle breeze… 

The outside was dark and foggy. May held onto Susan back as they both walked cautiously.

“This doesn’t feel natural. Stay close May and watch our backs. This feels like our final chapter…” Susan said to May, looking in all directions to watch their backs.

“What does that even mean? I’m getting that terrible feeling too Susan… you know that feeling I had with the ghost.” May began to grow frightened.

“Shh for a second. There’s like holes all over the ground.” Susan said, looking down at the ground.

Susan bent down to get a closer look at the piles of dirt.

“What is that? Something is sticking out of these lumps…” Susan said quietly.

She gets a closer look and notices that it is an entire human face in the ground with just it’s nose sticking out.

“Oh no… That’s a person… how did they get trapped?? Are they still alive?” Susan thinks as she quickly steps back.

“Be quiet about this, but I think we are surrounded by buried humans all across this yard.” Susan tells May.

May becomes even more worried. “Wait! So we are stepping on dead bodies! This place is just the worst!” She freaks out.

“I said be quiet about it, we have no clue what is out here with us. It would be a nightmare if they heard us.” Susan says quickly to get May to gain her composure.

“Sorry…” May apologizes feeling embarrassed.

And with that as if it was on que, someone did hear the young ladies…

And not just any old someone… It just so happens to be the worst possible being…

A figure began to form in front of the two girls. It had wings and glowing bright red eyes. 

“May, stay in front of me, we are about to run back into the house. Things are about to get serious really fast.” Susan commands May, as she feels a dangerous feeling from this person.

The figure then completely formed revealing an old woman with wings dressed extremely conservatively. This was the Fair Mother.

“Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Go Now!!” Susan panics and yells telling May to run.

The two girls ran as the Fair Mother watched them.

The Fair Mother lifted her hand and the ground began to move. 

May’s foot then gets grabbed and she starts being pulled into the ground by skeleton apparitions.

“Susan!” May yells out for help.

Susan then stops and immediately goes to return to pull May out.

“HELP ME PLEASE!! I DON’T WANT TO DIE HERE!!” May yells out with a blood corralling scream.

May was pulled completely underground with her hand still reaching out towards Susan. Her voice was muffled by dirt. 

Susan grabbed May’s arm and began pulling her back out.

“I got you May! Stay with me!” Susan said, struggling to pull May out.

The Skeleton Apparitions then began to grab Susan.

“Oh no… They are starting to grab me too… But I can’t let you down…Everything will be okay May! Just keep holding on… I’m not going to leave you.” Susan yells still struggling to rescue May who had already been completely absorbed by the ground.

The Fair Mother walked closer to May and Susan. May was completely underground but her hand and Susan was now partially under. 

“I’m being pulled in… there’s that old woman standing in front of me.” Susan cries out.

Susan then started pleading with the old woman. As now her arms are now partially in the ground and May is no longer visible.

“Why are you doing this to us?… We did nothing wrong!” Susan pleads.

“You are the daughter of man, born with original sin… Hundreds upon Hundreds of you are brought to me. All say that they have done nothing wrong…” The Fair Mother says to Susan.

Susan was then completely absorbed by the ground, and Fair Mother stood over their mounds.

“Sinners, every last one of you… and the punishment for Sin is death.” The Fair Mother said once again beginning to disappear.

Susan and May’s dirt piles are close to each other as the fog eventually darkens the area.

And thus is the story of Susan Mills…

Susan and May, will return in ‘Angel Misery’.

Angel Misery: Chapter Nine

“A Science fair?”

The school year was in full swing. Clubs have formed and the School’s sports Teams have had their first few games.

“The annual Science Fair will be in two weeks. I am hoping that some of you in this class will participate.” Miss Ryans said, handing out the event page.

“Can we make anything we want?” Richard asked Miss Ryans while he was raising his hands.

“It says it on the event page, the topic is on sustainable living, sometimes I wonder if you can even read.” Katerine said aloud.

“I haven’t got the paper yet! How would I have known it was written there!?” Richard responded.

Aiden looked down at the page. “Innovation for a Cleaner World. Present your ideas of Sustainable Living with a Hypothesis, Experimentation, Conclusion and a Demonstration.” Aiden read from the page to himself.

“So Angeal? Did you already have an idea, it looks like you were thinking.” Silvia said, turning to Aiden.

“I was just reading the page. Seems like an interesting event.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

“I plan on making a handheld device that can test for deadly chemicals in the water.” Joshua said as he demonstrated how it would work.

“Don’t pools already have something like that?” Rebecca responded to Joshua.

“No, what they have is used to test the PH of the water. I want to make something that can read the chemicals in the water and say the rations within it!” Joshua said to Rebecca.

“That sounds like a lot to do in 2 weeks Joshua, are you sure you can finish it by then?” Issac asked Joshua.

“It’ll just take a few lines of code, and a sensor and it’ll be good.” Joshua responded with confidence.

“And how would it relate to sustainable living?” Rebecca asked.

“Ah, well people need to know if the water is safe so that they can live.” Joshua responded.

“Weak reasoning.” Rebecca quickly said.

“Well then what are you thinking about making?!” Joshua asked Rebecca.

“I am thinking of making a plastic recycler that would convert plastic waste to low cost instruments.” Rebecca said to Joshua.

“Then you’ll need to take into consideration how you are changing the plastic from its previous form to its new instrument form. If you are simply melting the plastic then you both released toxic chemicals into the air, and increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.” Silvia said to Rebecca.

“Oh yeah, I guess you are right. That may be sustainable for plastics but not for anything else.” Rebecca responded.

“Well then Silvia, what is your idea?” Joshua asked Silvia.

“I want to demonstrate that increasing the efficiency at which our cells convert glucose to ATP, increasing the per yield result would make it so that Humans would need less food to receive the same amount of Energy. Though I do believe that population growth would soon plateau, reading about the efficiency of the mitochondria in my own cell leaves an awful taste in my mouth.” Silvia responded.

“I guess that is pretty much the definition of sustainable living, if we need less food, then that would create less waste, and reduce the amount of land that is allocated to food production.” Joshua said, amazed.

“I am not underestimating you, but that sounds extremely advanced. We don’t even know what genes control what in our cells and you are already talking about boosting efficiency? Are you planning on making a pill?” Issac asked.

“No, I have been giving it some thought though. When we were going over the punnet squares I figured that maybe if we were able to go into our own genes we could also increase the efficiency of our own bodies.” SIlvia responded. “Maybe do something like code manipulation, but for that I would need to get a read out on the human genome.” Silvia continued.

“Guess you aren’t the top of the class for nothing.” Issac responded.

Silvia gave him an upset look.

“Oh I mean, second top. Of course Angeal is the top.” Issac corrected himself.

“You’ll help me out with it. Right, Angeal?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“If you have any questions I will answer them.” Aiden responded.

In Mr. Smith’s Class.

“Now that I have gone over the science fair with you students do you have any questions?” Mr. Smith asked.

Jordan raised his hand.

“Yes Jordan.” Mr. Smith called on him.

“If I can turn my farts into Electricity would that be allowed?” Jordan said snickering to himself.

The boys in the class laughed.

“Sure Jordan, if you can figure out how to do that, be my guest.” Mr. Smith responded not surprised about Jordan’s remark.

The boys then continued to laugh with each other as they were discussing ideas.

“A science fair, yeah, I think I am going to skip this one too.” Maria said to herself.

“You sure about that, Maria?” Ashley asked her.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Maria responded.

“I know someone who would take this chance to get close to a certain someone.” Ashley said to Maria.

“You are going on about Silvia again, like I said a hundred times, I don’t really care what she does. She’s not even in any of my classes this year.” Maria responded to Ashley.

“I think you are being too relaxed when it comes to your friends. You really don’t think that Silvia could capture his eyes?” Ashley asked Maria.

“If she does manage to capture his eyes then they can go out with each other. I just know that will never happen.” Maria responded.

“So you are saying it’s impossible?” Ashley asked.

“Yep, it’s 100% impossible. Angeal would never fall for Silvia.” Maria responded with confidence.

“Is he gay?” Ashley lowered her voice asking Maria.

“Gay?” Maria responded quickly. She then paused. “Actually I am not even sure about that myself. What is his preference?” Maria thought to herself.

Ashley continued to look at Maria. “If he is gay that would explain a lot.” Ashley said to Maria.

“I don’t think he is.” Maria said with uncertainty.

“You should find out. See if he would kiss you, since you two are so close.” Ashley said with a smile on her face.

“Gross! I don’t want to be kissed.” Maria shuttered at the thought.

“What? You don’t like boys?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t think about that kind of stuff.” Maria said as she started writing notes.

“I just think it’s obvious, eventually Angeal will feel something towards her. You might be his best friend, but she could end up being his girlfriend.” Ashley said to Maria.

Maria continued her notes.

Silvia and Aiden were walking with each other to the next class.

She walked beside Aiden in silence. Many of the students in the school look at Aiden and Silvia as the power couple, the king and queen of the school.

Silvia maintained a presentation of nobility as she walked and Aiden maintained the air of divinity.

They sat down in Mr. Yukimura’s class.

“So today we will be going over the Rise of the Greek Empire!” Mr. Yukimura began saying.

Aiden simply watches Mr. Yukimura.

“This could be my opportunity to try and improve on the lives of Humans, I’m sure the almighty would allow that much.” Aiden was thinking to himself about the science fair.

“Though, I’m not sure any of the Divine beings would know anything about sustainability. Maybe one of the ones from the future, but that may very well cause their own erasure along with any of the knowledge I received from them.” Aiden continued to think to himself.

Silvia was taking notes trying to make sure she remembered everything being taught. She was feverishly moving her pen across the page.

Aiden looked down at her as she wrote.

“I guess helping her out with her project wouldn’t be so bad. After all, she is doing it to improve the lives of humans everywhere. Getting a record of the human genome would be of no difficulty for me.” Aiden thought to himself.

Silvia then looked over and saw that Aiden was looking at her.

She smiled and she quickly turned around. Her face turned red with blush.

“Would she even be able to handle the fame that would come with it?” Aiden thought to himself as he turned back forward.

“Why’d he look at me like that? Is it something I did? Do I have something in my hair? That must be it… why else would Angeal look at me?” Silvia thought to herself as she went to touch her hair.

“Nothing’s in my hair… So what else could it have been? Maybe he’s finally taken a liking to me? Oh no. I’m not ready yet…” Silvia thought to herself feverishly. “Of course I am ready, I am Silvia Reiners… but he’s Angeal Heavens…” Silvia became even more red.

“I could suggest Maria to do a project, but she’s not into that sort of stuff.” Aiden continued to think in class.

The end of the class came. Aiden walked up to the front of the classroom heading out the door. Silvia continued to sit down trying to shake off her blush. She then hurried out after she cooled herself down to catch up with Aiden. 

Aiden was waiting outside the door for her.

“Oh, you waited for me?!” Silvia was surprised.

“More attention would probably be drawn to me if I were walking alone.” Aiden responded.

“Agreed.” Silvia nodded her head.

They walked a bit.

“About your project for the science fair. If you need a layout of the Human Genome I could get that for you.” Aiden said to Silvia.

Silvia looked up at Aiden. “He spoke to me first…” Silvia thought to herself before answering. “Oh you can? That would be a big help. Thank you.” Silvia said to Aiden as they both continued to walk in silence.

Lunch time came and Maria joined with Aiden.

“Yes! It’s lunch time, Aiden! The best time of the entire day!” Maria said, grabbing Aiden.

“Got a taste for anything special?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I am feeling some Barbeque. You know like a thick piece of ribs with tons of BBQ sauce, and a ton of fries!” Maria described to Aiden.

“Sounds disgusting, but sure we can go there.” Aiden said to Maria as they went to the back of the school to travel.

Maria got into her clear ball and they both went to get Barbeque.

They landed at a food truck.

“Yum, do you smell that Aiden? Smells like meat!” Maria said as she lightly jogged to the food truck.

“I can agree with you there. It does smell like meat.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So what can I get for you, little lady?” The man in the truck asked.

Maria looked at the hand written menu.

“I will take the fully loaded meat eaters combo!” Maria said to the man.

“Whoa, well aren’t you a hungry one.” The man laughed as he went back to grill up a Steak, a rack of ribs, beans, a large handful of fries, a pulled pork sandwich, and some wings.

Maria waited as her meal was being cooked.

“Oh yea Aiden!” Maria said, getting Aiden’s attention.

“What is it?” Aiden responded.

“Do you have any attractions?” Maria asked.

“Attractions? Like can things interact with me? You are going to need to ask that question in a different way.” Aiden said, smiling at Maria.

“You know, like, are you attracted to boys or girls?” Maria clarified for Aiden.

“Ah, that kind of attraction.” Aiden responded. “No, I don’t have that. Unless that’s something a best friend needs, then I could try and develop that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So you aren’t attracted to anything?” Maria smiled. “Guess we are both in the same boat!” Maria laughed with Aiden.

“Why’d you ask me that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Ashley asked me if you were gay, but I didn’t really know, so I wanted to see.” Maria responded.

“Interesting, now why would she want to know that.” Aiden asked Maria.

“You haven’t noticed? Like half of the girls in the school and maybe some of the boys are really attracted to you.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“I thought they were just looking up at me in admiration.” Aiden responded.

“Well that could also be the case, but I think most are just trying to be with you.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Your combo is done.” The food truck man said to Maria as she went to grab it.

She returned with a Kilogram of food.

“Sucks for them, that will never happen, since we are together forever.” Maria said to Aiden with an excited laugh.

The pair returned to school to eat lunch.

Maria then began to tear into her giant meal.

Ashley, Sarah and Vanessa watched her table.

“Look at her, she has no idea how to treat him.” Vanessa said to the group.

“It’s like she’s purposely showing everyone that no matter how disgusting she is, she will always have what we want.” Sarah said watching Maria cover her mouth with BBQ Sauce and licking her fingers.

“Maybe that’s what we are missing. Maybe Angeal likes those kinds of girls, maybe he’s attracted to women who are basically boys.” Ashley said to the two.

“You think so?” Vanessa asked.

“Why else would Maria be so confident in her hold of Angeal if that weren’t the case. She’s not even afraid of SIlvia taking him.” Ashley responded.

“Oh, you tried to ask him out before, right?” Sarah asked Ashley.

“I said don’t bring that up! I never tried.” Ashley said to Sarah.

“We were watching, you mixed up your words and everything.” Vanessa said to Ashely.

“Shut up, that didn’t happen.” Ashley responded by showing her fist.

“I wish he would smile at me like that.” Vanessa said, looking at Aiden talking with Maria.

“This sucks, we are going to be in highschool next year, and we won’t get to see him ever again if he goes to the smart kids’ one.” Sarah said to the group.

A light bulb seemed to have gone off in Ashley’s head.

“That’s it, there’s no way Maria would be going to that school either. So Aiden would be left alone for anyone who does manage to get in.” Ashley said to the table.

“I know I really want to be with him, but that sounds like way too much work for me.” Sarah responded to Ashley.

“Well then you all can just watch as when we are adults that Angeal would be with me and you two will have to be my bridesmaid and just watch.” Ashley laughed.

“Silvia would probably be the one in that wedding dress in your imagination.” Vanessa said, laughing at Ashley.

“You hear about that Science Fair thing the school is having? Sounds so dumb right?” Maria said as she continued to eat.

“I thought it sounded interesting, but if you have no desire to partake then there’s no reason I should either.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, super waste of time.” Maria responded.

“I told Silvia that I would give her a layout of the Human Genome so that she would be able to work on her project.” Aiden told Maria. “After that then I won’t think about it any longer.”

Maria looked up at Aiden. “Silvia asked you to do that for her?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, I offered to do it. Since it’s for the development of Humanity, and would help the world overall.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You offered? You aren’t supposed to be doing that. Now she could wave that around in front of me.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Is it wrong for best friends to help others? Are you two still enemies?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, we aren’t enemies. Sure, it is okay to help other people, but why help her though?” Maria asked.

“Like I said, the project she is working on will help the development of Humanity the most overall.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then swallowed the food in her mouth.

She then pointed the rib at Aiden.

“Okay, then I guess I will have to make something that’s even better for the development of Humanity.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You really don’t have to.” Aiden said to Maria.

“But I do! I will show her that her efforts on all fronts are futile!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Then I will help you out with that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Only help me out as much as you help her out. I need to show my power by my own means!” Maria said to Aiden.

“So if I help you, then I will have to help her too?” Aiden asked Maria.

“That’s correct corporal, I don’t want to think ‘oh it’s because I had Aiden that was the only reason I won.’ I want to think, ‘We both had you and I still won.’” Maria said, laughing aloud.

Maria then went to continue on with her meal.

“So what are you going to create?” Aiden asked Maria.

“What is Silvia making?” Maria asked Aiden.

“She is trying to demonstrate that the increase in efficiency in the conversation from glucose to ATP in the mitochondria would result in less food mass needed to cover the caloric intake of humans.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sounds like a bunch of nothing to me.” Maria responded to Aiden. “Oh, I know what I want to make.” Maria said again with a devilish smile.

“What is it?” Aiden asked.

“I want to make something so that money doesn’t need to be made from paper, metal or anything. Like you can just touch a card on something or even just do it all on the computer. Everyone uses Money, so getting rid of that would be super sustainable!” Maria said to Aiden.

“You think that would work?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No idea, but video games do it all the time. The characters just go to a shop and the money just gets taken out.” Maria said to Aiden. 

“Okay, well if you need my help then I will assist you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Since you’ve already got Silvia the Human blah blah blah, can you create me a fake world?” Maria asked.

“Those two do not seem equal at all.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s for testing, I’m not going to ask you to help me build it. Unless she asks you.” Maria said to Aiden.

Their lunch period then ended.

“Aww that flew by so fast.” Maria complained.

They picked up her trash and headed to class.

Maria and Aiden headed to their next bell which was Chinese with Miss Wang.

Maria brought out her notebook and began to plan what she was going to start with.

“Okay, so in those MMOs people usually get money by completing a quest, and those quests have times of completion. So with this new money we can have each identity of it be tied to that time, and it would be created when that quest is complete.” Maria was writing in her notebook as she was thinking.

Aiden looked down at Maria’s notebook.

“What sort of quests are you thinking should result in the release of one of those currencies?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’m not sure. What do computer people like to talk about? Electricity or something.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“From the conversations I overhear from Joshua it seems that security is a main concern for them. So tying your currency to a special sort of code would probably be the most useful.” Aiden told Maria.

“A certain code?” Maria thought to herself. “I have no idea what that means! I just want to make money not required to be held. Pay with something else.” Maria responded to Aiden.

So what you need is: A location for this currency to be stored, A conversion rate, security, and ability to use.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay. So this is what I actually need. Aiden, can you make a site for me where the currency would be stored?” Maria asked Aiden.

“So no more of that fake world?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, I am just picturing how I could get a video game money type thing into our world.” Maria said to Aiden as she was tapping her pen on her chin.

“Sure, I can get that made for you.” Aiden said to Maria. “I will work on that in our Headquarters.” Aiden added.

“Well that takes care of that. Now about the way to use it. I suppose it can be like a credit card my dad uses. But I want it to be useful without needing that.” Maria continued to think.

Aiden then looked at Maria’s paper again.

“Are you thinking about using a touchpad so that people could type in their Game Username so they could access their funds?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, and they could use that as a way to pay for stuff when they buy stuff over the internet too. So it’ll be the same no matter how you use it.” Maria said to Aiden as if she was finally developing a clear plan.

“If I am getting what you are saying. You want me to make a website, which is basically a bank, that keeps money that was earned doing some sort of quest. And this money would be accessed by using a terminal that is located in stores or online, and it could be converted between the various currencies.” Aiden reiterated to Maria.

“I think?” Maria responded, trying to keep all that in her head.

“Sounds… pretty good actually.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So would this help in human development?” Maria asked.

“I’m not sure about that, but it would definitely free up time for people who would otherwise be too busy or incapable of exchanging money the typical way.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, then this is my project! I will come out with a functional machine that would give you access to your money anywhere. Attach it to someone’s wallet or something.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria continued her planning and the end of the school day game.

Allison was waiting for Maria and Aiden went to go to the headquarters.

Aiden got onto one of the large computers in the house and began to develop a website for Maria. He was learning how the internet actually operated.

“So I just have to tell the computer what I want it to do by learning its language, that’s simple enough. Learning languages is nothing to a Divine Being.” Aiden thought as he brought out hundreds of websites and analyzed their PHP.

The speed of the computer was slowing down how fast Aiden could move.

Aiden looked at the connections to the internet he created. “All these copper wires are doing is sending signals of a specific frequency. If I used a material that did that transfer better then I would not have such a terrible time trying to develop this site.” Aiden thought to himself as he looked at the wires.

“I could use glass actually.” Aiden thought as he began to convert his entire network to use this new Silica wire.

He then went back to work and the network he had was much faster.

Aiden then began building the website that Maria wanted all of her transactions to go through.

After working on it for a few hours he had a site that would work for Maria’s purposes. But he felt as though he could continue to improve it with the knowledge he learned from school about the mortal world.

“I will make it so that those codes are stored by each individual in their accounts, and make it so that those codes are what is being transferred. The website will just be the location where the codes are gathered from. So if the technology does progress it wouldn’t depend on this website to do so. All they will need is the code to be verified.” Aiden thought as he continued to work.

When he was finished he returned to Maria.

“It is done.” He said to Maria who was working on her Pre-Calculus homework.

“Finally, these problems are killing me!” Maria said, showing Aiden the questions. He then sat next to Maria to help her.

The next school day came. Maria and Aiden separated from one another to go to their individual classes.

“Remember, any extra help she asks from you, I will also be allowed to ask for something.” Maria reminded Aiden before departing.

Aiden sat in the back as usual and the prep students came in.

Silvia sat next to Aiden. Aiden handed Silvia an outline of the Human Genome, but he also attached a website that he made so that she could use it for her project.

“I created a site yesterday with the Genome on it, it’ll allow you to understand what each part does to the overall body.” Aiden said to Silvia.

Silvia looked over the pages. “This is a lot, and you made a site for me?” Silvia asked.

“The better you do on the project the better it’ll be for Humanity overall. I can’t do much without being asked, but you could.” Aiden said to Silvia.

The rest of the Prep students watched this exchange in amazement.

“Thank you Angeal, this means a lot, especially coming from you.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“I’m also interested to see the outcome of this competition. So I can’t say that it’s completely selfless.” Aiden responded as he faced forward.

“Did you decide what you were going to work on for the Science Fair?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“No.” Aiden responded.

Silvia then thought to herself. “So is Maria going to be in the Science Fair?” Silvia asked.

“Yes she is.” Aiden responded.

“I knew it, and with Angeal’s help she might actually have a chance. I can’t simply put out a paper, I need to actually have a device.” Silvia thought to herself.

Joshua looked over at Silvia. “Say, looks like there’s a website on those papers you have.” Joshua said, trying to get a good look at it.

“It’s a website made by Angeal, he is helping me a bit with my project.” Silvia said to Joshua.

“Angeal is helping you? What about Maria?” Rebecca asked Silvia.

“What about her?” Silvia responded.

“Well if he is helping you, then that means that you and Angeal are an actual thing now?” Rebecca said.

“Don’t be so naive, this is for science. There’s no need to bring an outside relationship into it.” Silvia said, trying to sound as if her aim was strictly professional.

“Oh, sorry. I assumed too much.” Rebecca responded.

Miss Ryans then began the lesson for today.

“The data required for Maria’s device would require a large storage system. But I could probably just improve the storage capability of the hardware so that each store wouldn’t need a full computer to use it.” Aiden thought to himself trying to improve on Maria’s design.

Class ended. Silvia and Aiden walked with one another.

“Thank you again for this Angeal. It must have taken you a long time to get it.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“It wasn’t much of anything.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

“So, Angeal. I was thinking.” Silvia began to say. Aiden then looked down at her because she paused.

Silvia then began to blush. “I feel so dumb right now.” Silvia thought to herself trying to work up the courage.

“What were you thinking about?” Aiden asked Silvia.

“I was thinking that, if you had time, that I would like to make an actual device to affect the genetics of creatures.” Silvia said, gaining back her confident aura.

“That sounds interesting.” Aiden responded as he looked back up.

“Also, if you would like to come over to my place to work on it. Or we can go to yours, both are okay.” Silvia said quickly to Aiden.

“Why is that?” Aiden asked Silvia.

“So that we can speed up the production, because if I ask for one thing, then have to wait an entire day to ask you something else then that is not very efficient.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“I can see your point.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“So do you agree?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“I will have to speak to Maria about it.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

“Oh. That’s fine I guess. I wouldn’t want to try to ruin that.” Silvia said. “Remember Silvia, loosen the fishing line sometimes or you may lose the fish.” Silvia thought to herself.

They both entered their next class and sat silently listening to the second lesson on the Greek empire.

It was lunch time.

Maria caught up with Aiden.

“Okay, so look at this!” Maria showed Aiden what she was working on.

“Looks like you are starting to draw logos for it.” Aiden said, looking at Maria’s work.

“Yeah. Of course. If it doesn’t look good, no one will want to use it.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s fine. I will add this to the site then.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So something new happened in the morning?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Nothing much different than the usual. Silvia invited me to her place to work on the science fair project. She also said that she would be open to coming over to our headquarters.” Aiden told Maria.

“So she tried to go in for the kill, it seems.” Maria said quietly to herself. “Well if she wants to come over, then let her. But that means that I will be there too!” Maria laughed.

“You were already able to go there, it’s our headquarters.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, but this time it’ll be the battlefield and as the General, it is my duty to be on the Battlefield!” Maria said to Aiden.

“So you are inviting her over?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she comes over and sees me standing at the door!” Maria gave a devilish smirk.

Maria then pointed up at Aiden. “That means after school we have to go to our headquarters and prepare it to look super inviting, we can have snacks and everything.” Maria said, walking towards the outside.

“Oh, and also no classical music.” Maria said to Aiden as she then laughed again.

“This isn’t a sleepover.” Aiden said to Maria as she went into her clear ball.

They both headed out for lunch.

After school Maria and Aiden headed to the headquarters. The golems were still moving around the house making sure it was clean.

“Good work troops.” Maria said to the golems as she went into the main intelligence room.

“Whoa! Aiden! What’s up with these computers!” Maria said watching the computers switch between several images without needing to load them up.

“I upgraded the systems yesterday. It was entirely too slow.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Now I can watch like a thousand videos at the same time!” Maria said, jumping on to them.

Aiden then created something for Maria. He handed it to her.

Maria grabbed it. “Ah, a Flash Drive?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Yes, but look at how much it stores.” Aiden hinted for Maria to look.

“A Terabyte? I don’t know what that is, is it bigger than a megabyte?” Maria asked.

“It’s a million times more than a megabyte.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So this thing can hold a Tera thing?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Exactly.” Aiden responded.

“Is it using heavenly realm technology or something?” Maria asked.

“No, everything I used to create it, is on Earth already.” Aiden said.

“That’s cool I guess, I don’t know what I can use it for though.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I figured you would have been more excited about it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, it’s super interesting! I guess compared to the super fast internet you showed first, that just isn’t as impressive.” Maria smiled, feeling a bit bad for making Aiden’s creation not seem good.

“Okay, enough time being amazed, we need to set up the battlefield!” Maria said to Aiden as they both set up.

Maria and Aiden designed the interior of the house to have an inviting atmosphere and to feel extremely scientific. They made the golems look like robots and gave them fancy butler attire.

“Perfect!” Maria said looking at the work that they did. Now it is ready for war!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden and Maria then head back home. Maria was filled with excitement over what would happen tomorrow.

The next day they returned to school.

“So the plan is to invite her over to our place. Don’t tell her that I will be there too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Very well.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then went off to her class.

Aiden sat down in the back of the classroom. Silvia and the other students walked in.

Silvia sat down in her usual spot.

The first bell was generally silent. Aiden did not speak with her during class, as he would have typically done before.

After the bell ended, Aiden and Silvia walked together to their next class.

“You have permission to come over to my place.” Aiden said to Silvia.

Silvia turned up to Aiden. She felt like she misheard him.

“Oh, sorry, what did you say Angeal?” Silvia asked.

“We have permission to work on your science fair project at my house.” Aiden repeated.

“That’s great news! Then we will make amazing strides.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Do you recall the address?” Aiden asked Silvia.

“Yes, I do. I know where you live.” Silvia responded to Aiden.

“Good, then we will work on it there.” Aiden said to Silvia as they both continued to walk in silence. Silvia had a smile on her face underneath her serious outward appearance.

The morning classes ended and it was lunch time.

“Aiden! How’d it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It’s been agreed, she will be coming over today.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I can already see the look on her face. She was probably hoping to be alone with you, imagining holding hands and whatever else they like to do.” Maria said, imitating what she figured Silvia’s desires were.

“Is that really the only reason you invited her over, to see her reaction?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, that is like 80%, the rest is so that I could get you to help me more so that at the time of the science fair, I would blow her out of the water!” Maria responded to Aiden.

“I’m starting to feel like the location of a proxy war.” Aiden thought to himself.

The second of the day continued and the school day came to an end.

After school Maria immediately entered the house, and went outside to get to the headquarters before Silvia could arrive.

Maria sat down in the intelligence room watching videos.

Aiden stood behind Maria as she was trying to show him funny clips. 

They then heard a ring at the door.

“She’s here.” Aiden told Maria. Maria hopped up from her seat and headed to the front door.

Aiden opened up the door and saw Maria and Charles standing there.

Silvia had a smile on her face. “Hello Angeal!” Silvia said with excitement.

Maria then popped from the side of the door. “Hello Silvia!” Maria said with a sinister smile.

Silvia’s face then returned to being completely serious. “Hello Maria. I figured that you would have been here too since Angeal said he had to ask for your permission.”

Silvia then waved and Charles sat in the vehicle.

“Well let’s get started then Angeal.” Silvia said as she entered. Maria looked at her as she entered.

Silvia looked around at the place and was caught in awe at the machines walking around the building.

“Are all of your butlers robots?” Silvia asked.

“They sure are!” Maria responded.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Aww, did I rain on your parade?” Maria said jokingly to Silvia.

“I came here to work, not to entertain you. You can go off and do what you normally do.” Silvia said to Maria.

Aiden then guided Maria and Silvia to the development lab.

Silvia was once again amazed at the sight. The room was split down the middle. One for Silvia and the other for Maria.

“I see, so you were preparing for this.” Silvia said to Maria.

Maria gave a devilish smirk.

“Well I guess I occupy a lot of space in your mind.” Silvia laughed.

“I’ll be here if either of you need me.” Aiden said to the two as he stood on the line.

“Can you help me first then, I already have an idea of what I would like to work on.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“I do too!” Maria responded.

“I already asked.” Silvia said.

Aiden then went over to Silvia. After Maria gestured for him to go over there. On Maria’s side she had a computer and she was watching gameplay of MMOs.

Silvia and Aiden were working closely with one another.

“So Angeal, all those robots are amazing. Where’d your family get them from?” Silvia asked Aiden as she was tying threads together.

“I made them myself.” Aiden responded.

“You made them?” Silvia said surprised. “Where’d you learn to do that!” Silvia asked.

“Ahem!” Maria did aloud clearing her throat trying to get Aiden’s attention. “I think it’s my turn to get help.” Maria said.

“I’ll be back after I help Maria.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“Sure, no rush.” Silvia said as she continued to plug up testing tubes.

“How far along is she?” Maria asked.

“We are just getting started with the actual construction.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay. Well I thought of something. How about we create a tiny computer using those wires you made inside and connect them to the machines. So that the money transfer thing would seem automatic. It would blow everyone’s mind.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then created a Device that was matching what Maria said.

“Something like this?” Aiden asked her. It was about the size of a book.

“Eh, maybe something smaller. Like as big as a credit card.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s going to be a bit difficult. But I will figure out a way to do so with non Heavenly material. If you could draw how you want it to look for me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, I’ll do that. You can go back to little Miss Salty.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then returned to Silvia.

Over the next few days Maria and Silvia worked on their projects over at the Headquarters. Despite the constant bickering they were able to get their projects done.

On the Thursday before the Science Fair.

“Thankyou Angeal for all your help. I feel bad that you never got to work on a project of your own.” Silvia said to Aiden holding a machine that altered the genetics of a sample that was placed in.

“It was no issue. That machine will help save so many lives.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“Bye Angeal, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Silvia waved to Aiden. Silvia then looked at Maria. “I guess bye to you too Maria. I had my doubts, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Yeah, don’t get too attached.” Maria said, waving to Silvia.

Silvia then entered her vehicle and Charles drove her home.

“Finally it’s done!” Maria said.

“That she is no longer going to come here?” Aiden asked Maria.

“That too, but I mean this project. It took so much work!” Maria said holding the device. “This had better come first tomorrow.” Maria said laying on the sofa that she had Aiden create for her on the 3rd Day of Silvia’s visits.

“I’m proud of how hard you worked on it, you could have easily just had me do the entire thing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, but I wanted it to be a fair competition.” Maria said getting up from the sofa.

“I’ll bring us home now, and we can see the result of all your efforts.” Aiden said to Maria as she spread out her arms and Aiden lifted her into the air.

The day of the Science Fair came and all the students who were presenting had their boards out for the teachers to go over.

Silvia had her area beautifully decorated and had plants that she was going to demonstrate her machine with.

Maria had her location look like it came from the future. She had two machines which were connected to the website that Aiden made.

Aiden watched from afar as the two girls spoke with the teachers to explain their creations.

The Teachers took a liking to both of their work. It was generally an energetic atmosphere.

“So how does your machine keep track of all the information it gathers from the specimen?” Miss Ryans asked Silvia.

“It’s all stored within the device itself. It doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to work.” Silvia said to Miss Ryans.

“Incredible, and you created that storage all on your own?” Miss Ryans asked.

“No, Angeal was the one who created it, he just allowed me to use it for my project.” Silvia said.

“Your device is incredible, Silvia, the best I have seen yet.” Miss Ryans said, looking at the device.

Mr. Smith was looking at Maria’s project.

“How can something so sophisticated be in something so compact?” Mr. Smith asked.

“That’s because I designed it like the genius I am!” Maria said to Mr. Smith.

“Of course, but how does it work, how was it accomplished?” Mr. Smith asked.

“Oh you mean, how did I make it so small. I think it has something to do with that Terabyte flash drive that Angeal gave me. I don’t know how it works though.” Maria said to Mr. Smith.

“I am impressed by your work Maria. This would change business commerce around the world. Your creation may even be worth several billion in the future.” Mr. Smith said inspecting the device.

The teachers all came together to decide the winner of the Science Fair.

The Principal then got up on the podium.

“Greetings students, it is now time for the result of the Science Fair.” The Principal said as the drummers in the band began their drumroll.

“In third place. We have Jerod Akamu with his Electrolysis Machine.” The Principal said.

He then paused and the drummers continued.

“In joint second place we have Silvia Reiners with her Gene Editing Device and Maria Li with her Non Centralized Internet Currency.” The Principal said.

Maria and Silvia looked at each other with confusion.

“Who could have done better than us?” They both thought.

“And in first place, of the Sustainable Living Science Fair. With his incredible High Capacity Data Storage which would reduce the space, materials, and transportation weight for our ever increasing technological dependent world. Though he did not compete, it would be of great disservice not to name.” The Principal said. And the drummer began to drum harder and faster.

“Angeal Heavens!” The Principal said as everyone clapped for him.

Aiden just waved as everyone focused on him.

Maria nodded her head. “Okay, that’s an acceptable loss.” Maria thought to herself.

“Once again Angeal, you showed how incredible you actually are.” Silvia thought as she applauded Aiden.

Aiden continued to wave.

“I hope I don’t get in trouble for this by the Almighty.” Aiden thought to himself as the band continued to play. Ending the Sequoia Junior High School Science fair.

Angel Misery: Chapter Eight

“Classes are in Session”

Maria and Aiden received their class schedules for the new year.

Maria grabbed Aiden’s schedule. “Hey! We aren’t in the same classes until the second half!” Maria complained to Aiden.

“Seems like they placed me in the honours classes this year.” Aiden looked over Maria’s shoulder at his own schedule.

“How come!? I placed in the Top 5 in the 7th Grade!” Maria continued to complain.

“Yes, but you ended the year with a 2.2 Grade Point Average. That was probably the deciding factor.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The students of the 8th Grade all sat in a different auditorium than the one they sat in last year. They were introduced to their teachers for the Year.

“Miss Ryans is your Biology Teacher this Year.” The Principal introduced her.

“I see Beautiful smiles seated in front of me, I can’t wait to know you all!” Miss Ryans said to the Students.

“Mr. Yukimura is your World History Teacher.” The Principal gestured towards him.

Mr. Yukimura simply waved his hands and stepped back to where he was.

“Miss Williamson is your Modern Literature Teacher this year.” The Principal introduced her.

“Greetings Students.” Miss Williamson said with a small smile, before returning to where she was standing.

“Miss Richards is your Classical Music Teacher.” The Principal gestured to her.

She bowed her head and stepped back.

“Mr. Bowman is your Physical Education and Health Teacher this year.” The Principal said to the students.

“Prepare to be trained!” Mr. Bowman said with aggressive excitement.

“Mr. Smith will be your Pre-Calculus Teacher for those who aren’t in Honours and Introduction to Calculus Teacher for those in Honours.” The Principal introduced him.

Mr. Smith stepped up, looked around at the students. He nodded his head in approval then stepped back.

“Miss Wang is your Chinese Language Teacher this year for those who are taking Chinese, Mr. Sato is your Japanese Language Teacher for those learning Japanese and Miss Schneider is your German Language Teacher for those taking German.” The Principal introduced all 3 Language Teachers.

They all stepped up and waved.

“And last but not least is Miss Sullivan as your Intro to Psychology Teacher.” The Principal gestured to her.

She waved her hands and then stepped back.

The Principal continued to tell the students what the events of the first semester were going to be.

“Aiden, you need to get out of the honours classes. How am I supposed to take these tests if you are in a completely different class?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I will talk to the principal later to see what he can do.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You can’t use any of your powers to just change the schedule or something.” Maria asked.

“The Principal knows fully well that I am supposed to be in the honours classes, if I am not there then he would know that I tampered with the system. Also I am sure the honours’ teachers are looking forward to teaching me and would guarantee to report me missing from their class.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I see what you mean.” Maria said with her fist under her chin. She then rolled back in her seat. “Great, I guess I am just going to have to try this time. So that I could switch into the honour classes next semester.” Maria complained as she slumped in her seat.

“Figuring that we have the exact same classes in the second half would mean that the Principal did take into account my request from last year.” Aiden said, looking at his schedule.

“Sure he did.” Maria said sarcastically as she was sucked even deeper into her seat.

The Orientation ended and Maria and Aiden had to separate.

“Well I am off to my first bell, which is stupid old Pre-Calc with Mr. Smith…” Maria said, walking in that direction.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” Aiden said to Maria who was not looking back.

Aiden walked over to Biology with Miss Ryans. He sat in a seat near the back of the class so that his height would not bother the students behind him.

Silvia, Rebecca, Issac, and Joshua all walked in together.

Silvia spotted Aiden and didn’t see Maria. She smiled and walked over to him.

“Looks like your friend isn’t with you. What happened?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Nothing happened, just didn’t have the requirements to be here.” Aiden responded.

“Are you sad?” Silvia asked.

“No, I’ll get to see her during the second half of the day.” Aiden responded with very little emotion.

Silvia then sat next to Aiden. “Don’t worry I will keep you company.” Silvia said with another smile.

Joshua, Issac and Rebecca sat around her.

“They have all certainly grown, at least a few centimeters. Must be what they call puberty. Guess I really haven’t noticed it with Maria because of all the time we spend together.” Aiden thought to himself.

Miss Ryans entered the room.

“Good Morning again!” Miss Ryans said with an excited expression. “As you already know, I am Miss Ryans, your 8th Grade Biology Teacher, and how about we go around the room and have each of you introduce yourselves.” Miss Ryans gestured to the first Student.

The class had 25 Students. Each of them had to say their name, something interesting about themselves and a goal they hope to achieve.

“Hello, my name is Rebecca Wu, I can play Piano, Clarinet, Violin, and Harp, and I hope to one day write a World Famous Symphony.” Rebecca said before she sat back down.

Joshua stood up. “Hi, my name is Joshua Smith, don’t confuse me for Joshua Renolds who is also in our grade. I am the Junior Regional Champion in Speed Chess, and one day I will be a CEO for a Computer Software Company.” Joshua said before sitting down.

Issac stood up and cleared his throat. “Hello, my name is Issac Hoffman, I can memorize the first 1000 digits of Pi, and I hope to one day be an inventor.” Issac said quickly before sitting down.

Silvia then stood up. “Good Morning Classmates, I am Silvia Reiners. I am what people call a renaissance woman. I will one day create the next step in human evolution.” Silvia proudly said before sitting.

Miss Ryans then gestured to Aiden who was the final student.

Aiden stood up.

“Hello, my name is Angeal Heavens, I can pretty much do anything, I just want to be the best friend possible.” Aiden said as he sat back down.

Miss Ryans touched her heart. “Aww, that’s sweet.” She thought to herself.

“Well now that we all got to hear about each other let me hand out a quick assessment test to see where you all are. Following which this period would be over and you are to go to your second bell.” Miss Ryans said, handing out the quizzes.

Maria was in Pre-Calculus class.

She had already laid her head down on the desk looking over to the seat next to her.

“This is so stupid, why can’t Aiden be here with me.” Maria thought to herself.

“Too dumb to be with your boyfriend huh?” Ashley said to Maria.

“Great, and here I thought it couldn’t get much worse.” Maria said, turning her head away.

“Hey, don’t ignore me.” Ashley said, trying to get Maria’s attention.

“I’m not in the mood.” Maria responded.

“Come on, my friends aren’t in this class either. At least I’ve spoken to you before.” Ashley said to Maria.

“Yea, and you all ditched me at the playground like half a year ago, and tried to drop paint on me at the end of the school year last year.” Maria said to Ashley.

“Wow, look at you keeping tabs on everyone who wronged you.” Ashley said scotting closer to Maria. “So Angeal is in the honours classes right?” Ashley said to Maria.

Maria did not reply.

“You know Silvia’s in that class too, and I saw how she was eyeing Angeal during the rally last year.” Ashley said to Maria.

Maria turned her head in the direction of Ashley.

“Aren’t you worried about them spending so much time together, it’s bound that the two smartest students will eventually fall for each other, and where would that put you?” Ashley said to Maria.

“I have absolutely no worries about Angeal. He won’t do anything with Silvia.” Maria said to Ashley.

“How do you know, Maria?” Ashley asked. “Silvia is extremely sneaky.” 

Maria then smirked. “Silvia is nothing compared to me, she can try, but in the end I will still win.” Maria responded to Ashley.

“So you’re saying that you are attracted to Angeal then? You guys are in a relationship?” Ashley asked.

“No, me and Angeal are not in a relationship, we are best friends.” Maria said to Ashley.

“Oh, so does Angeal think that?” Ashley asked.

Maria then turned away from Ashley. “Stop talking to me, I’m trying to nap.” Maria responded.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I tried to ask him out?” Ashley asked.

“Knock yourself out, nothing’s going to happen.” Maria said, still turned away.

The First Half of the day had ended and it was lunchtime.

Maria saw Aiden and jumped on him.

“Man! I was so bored, Aiden!” Maria said to Aiden who was holding her.

“How’d it go?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It was just ice breakers, introductions and blah blah. I actually would have preferred to learn something over that.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden placed his hand on Maria’s head.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Maria asked him.

“So you have grown, you are 3cm taller than when I first met you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, you were noticing that too. Yeah, I am starting to get big. Maybe I’ll catch up with your height!” Maria said, jumping up to touch Aiden’s head.

Maria and Aiden then walked into the cafeteria.

Allison who was now in the 7th Grade saw both of them and went over to sit with her sister.

“Hello Maria, hello… you.” Allison said, looking up at Aiden.

“Hello Allison.” Aiden said to Allison.

“How do you know my name?” Allison asked Aiden.

“Maria talks about you all the time.” Aiden responded.

“It had better have been good things.” Allison said to Aiden.

“So why are you sitting with us, Allison? Why aren’t you with the other 7th Graders?” Maria asked Allison.

“Because I saw you with a boy, and wanted to know what that was about.” Allison responded. “Speaking of which, who are you?” Allison addressed Aiden.

“I am Angeal.” Aiden responded.

“Oh, top of the class last year. Okay, then I approve of you.” Allison said, looking back to eat her meal.

“Approve of him for what?” Maria asked Allison.

“To be your boyfriend.” Allison continued eating as if nothing was happening.

“Angeal isn’t my boyfriend, he is my best friend.” Maria said to Allison.

“Your best friend? I thought Angel was your best friend.” Allison said. Then she looked around. “By the way, where is Angel, I thought you said she went to this school.” Allison asked Maria.

“Oh, ah… Angel is sick today.” Maria responded nervously.

“She is? Probably because she was hanging around you so much. Angeal, you better be careful. Kissing her might make you sick too.” Allison said to Aiden.

“We haven’t kissed.” Maria said to Allison.

“I’m just warning him, for the future.” Allison said, continuing her meal.

“Thank you for the warning, Allison.” Aiden responded.

“Your voice sounds familiar.” Allison said to Aiden. “I just don’t know where I have heard it before.” Allison was saying to herself.

“You probably heard it during the speech last year.” Maria laughed nervously.

“I wasn’t there, so that’s not right.” Allison responded.

Allison continued to eat her food.

“Okay, I’m done. I am going to the library.” Allison said, closing her dish and leaving the table. “By the way, I am definitely telling mom and dad about your boyfriend.” Allison said, resuming her walk.

“Is that all everyone thinks about now?” Maria said to herself.

“Do you have any ideas of what we are going to do about ‘Angel’?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Oh yea, I guess she can’t be sick forever can she?” Maria responded. “Oh, I can say that she transferred to another school.”

“Then you would lose your excuse for staying over during the school year because you both couldn’t study together.” Aiden said.

“Yeah, you’re right… ah, I’ll think about it another time.” Maria said quickly, finishing up her lunch. “So Aiden, what was your morning like? Did Silvia try anything?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Each class had a quiz, and that was about it.” Aiden responded.

“And what about Silvia?” Maria asked.

“You want me to spy on Silvia? Do you already have a plan against her?” Aiden responded.

“No, it’s nothing. Was just asking.” Maria said feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Her group had unofficially placed me with them, in each class she sat next to me.” Aiden told Maria.

“She is in every class with you!?” Maria asked, surprised.

“Yes she is. About a quarter of the honours students remain constant in all of my classes. She is one of them.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Oh, she is definitely going to try something.” Maria said to herself. “We need to make our time together in school worth double now!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Double?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, because you are only in half of my classes, so to make up for it we have to do double the stuff in the classes we have together!” Maria said aloud to Aiden.

Lunch ended and Maria and Aiden went to their Chinese Class first, where Maria talked with Aiden through the entire period.

Then they went to Physical Education where Maria only focused on Aiden. Following that they both went to their Classical Music Class where again Maria just talked through the period. Then ended the day off in Modern Literature.

The school day ended and they both walked outside.

“You didn’t pay attention at all in those classes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I need to make it double, I don’t have any time to waste.” Maria responded.

“I think you may need to rethink your strategy.” Aiden was saying before Maria quickly interrupted.

“This is the perfect strategy Corporal!” Maria responded.

Allison then met up with Maria and Aiden.

“Oh you are still here.” Allison addressed Aiden.

“That’s accurate.” Aiden responded.

Allison then sat down on the bench.

“What? You didn’t make any friends?” Maria asked Allison.

“They are boring.” Allison said to Maria.

“Did you try?” Maria asked Allison.

“No.” Allison responded quickly.

“Well there’s your issue, how are you going to make friends if you don’t talk to anyone.” Maria said to Allison.

“I’ll just be friends with Angel. Since she isn’t your best friend anymore.” Allison responded to Maria.

“You can’t just steal my friends.” Maria said to Allison.

Their mom then pulled up to pick them up. Allison stood up and immediately went to the car.

“See you later.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then walked to the back of the school where he was about to take off from.

Ashley then approached Aiden.

“Hey Angeal!” Ashley said to Aiden.

“Hello.” Aiden quickly responded without a hint of emotion.

“I never got to talk to you last year, and I just feel like we should get to know each other this year.” Ashley said to Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden said as he continued to try and walk. Ashley just walked with him.

“My name’s Ashley by the way if you didn’t know, me and Maria know each other.” Ashley said to Aiden.

“Is that so?” Aiden responded. “I need to think of a way to lose her without just going invisible.” Aiden thought to himself.

Ashley continued to talk as Aiden was thinking.

“Oh, I’ll just create a vehicle and act as if I am being picked up.” Aiden thought to himself. He then created a vehicle and had it drive to where him and Ashley were.

“So I was thinking that we could-” Ashley was saying to Aiden before he interrupted.

“My apologies, but my ride home is here. Nice talking to you Ashley.” Aiden said going into the black vehicle that had windows that were much too dark.

Ashley stood there watching Aiden leave.

Aiden met back up with Maria in her room.

“Finally we are back home!” Maria said laying on her bed. She took off her uniform and changed to relaxing clothes.

“We just finished with Summer, are you already so relieved to be out of school again?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s the expectations that weigh me down. School would be okay if I could just talk to you all day. When we are here you have to hide, but at school we can talk freely, the only bad thing is the school work.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I see what you mean.” Aiden responded by cleaning up after Maria.

“But now we have Allison who will alway be watching me now!” Maria then put her head into a pillow.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asked Maria.

“All these people are cutting into our hanging out time!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Do you want to go to the ‘Testing Grounds’ to blow off some steam?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yeah sure, I need that. It’s the first day of school and I’m already tired of it.” Maria said as she went out the door.

Maria and Aiden were at the lakebed. She drove around in her Go Kart as fast as she could. Aiden flew overhead.

“Freaking Silvia. And Ashley. And Carol, and…” Maria was mumbling to herself as she drove.

“Do you want me to add anything?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yea, can you make me go faster!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden allowed the vehicle to move faster and Maria pressed down as hard as she could. Maria smirked as she was taking the corners.

“What could she possibly be thinking about, school shouldn’t have been that hard.” Aiden thought to himself.

“You guys can’t touch me! I am undefeatable!” Maria said as he was taking corners increasingly sharply.

Maria then lost control and caused herself to be thrown out of the vehicle.

Aiden caught her.

“You’re okay?” Aiden asked Maria as she laid in his arms.

“Okay, I am pooped. Let’s go back.” Maria said to Aiden completely exhausted.

Maria walked through the front door where her parents and Allison were sitting at the dinner table.

“How was the first day of school champ?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It was fine I guess.” Maria said still relatively tired.

“Tell them about your boyfriend, Maria.” Allison said aloud.

“A boyfriend?” Maria’s parents looked at her.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, Allison!” Maria said with a bit of agitation.

“His name is Angeal, and he is tall, smart and they spend every minute with each other.” Allison said at the dinner table.

“He’s a good friend of mine, not my boyfriend, don’t believe her.” Maria said as she sat down.

“Remember what I said Maria, at least wait until you are 16, focus on your studies now. You will wish you did when you get to my age.” Maria’s dad said to her.

“I am focused, that’s why I said I don’t have a boyfriend.” Maria said, getting frustrated.

“Here hunnie, just eat your food then you can start on your homework.” Maria’s mom said, giving Maria another serving.

“So anything happens at school?” Maria’s dad asked his two girls to break the silence.

“We had an orientation, and they handed all of us a map of the school. Told us about the clubs, and gave us homework. That’s all that happened for me.” Allison said as she was eating.

“Pretty much the same here too. Except everyone in the first half of class was annoying.” Maria said as she was eating.

“How’s your friend Angel doing? Are you both in the same classes?” Maria’s dad asked.

“No, we aren’t.” Maria responded.

“Maria said that she was sick, which is why she was sitting with her boyfriend during lunch.” Allison said to her dad.

Maria then put down her eating utensils and went up to her room.

Maria then closed her door.

“Stop talking about that, Allison.” Maria’s mom scolded Allison.

“What, it’s the truth. You can see it in her eyes.” Allison said as she continued eating.

Maria was in her room with her head in her pillow.

Aiden sat down next to her. “What’s wrong?” Aiden asked her.

Maria yelled into her pillow and it was muffled.

Aiden gave her a little time.

“It’s always boyfriend this, and boyfriend that, and attractive this!” Maria yelled into her pillow. After she was done she sat back up on the bed. And laid her head against Aiden’s arm.

“Can I not really just be bestfriends with you?” Maria said with a low tone.

Aiden pat Maria on the head.

“Do you see where I am, Maria? I am right next to you. And that’s not ever going to change.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then felt her heart warm up. She then backed away from Aiden. She then grabbed his hands.

“Yeah, they can try and make us seem like a different thing, but we are best friends. I just have to ignore them. You aren’t going to change.” Maria said to Aiden with a smile on her face.

She then heard a knock on her door. 

She got up to answer. It was Allison.

“What do you want?” Maria asked, aggravated with Allsion.

“I’m sorry that I keep saying that you have a boyfriend.” Allison said to Maria standing in front of her door reluctantly.

“Did mom say you had to apologize?” Maria asked Allison.

Allison nodded her head.

“You didn’t need to apologize.” Maria smirked at Allison.

“So it’s true then?” Allison asked Maria.

“No, I just don’t care anymore.” Maria said, pushing Allison’s shoulder a little.

“Okay, well. I’ll still be watching. But I won’t assume that he is your boyfriend then.” Allison said to Maria.

“Watch all you like, I hear that’s the only thing little sisters are good for.” Maria joked with Allison.

“Sure. Then I am going to get started with homework then.” Allison said as she left her room.

Maria then went downstairs to apologize for storming off to her room.

The next day of school started.

Maria and Aiden separated from each other to their separate classes.

Maria was paying attention in the class. Ashley had an embarrassed appearance when she looked in Maria’s direction.

She didn’t understand how she failed so badly when talking to Aiden when Maria could do it so easily.

In Biology with Aiden.

The class received their quizzes back.

“As expected from Angeal.” Silvia said, looking at Aiden’s quiz. He had a perfect score. She showed him her quiz and she too had a perfect score.

“Yes, it’s afterall only an assessment quiz.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

Silvia returned feeling a bit embarrassed. “Why was I just excited about that?” Silvia said under her breath.

“Hey look, Silvia. I also got a perfect score.” Joshua showed her.

“Good for you.” Silvia responded to him.

“How did I get that wrong?!” Rebecca looked at her own quiz where she missed one. “Obviously a fox is in the Tribe ‘Vulpini’, not ‘Canini’.” Rebecca said, hitting her own head.

“You’re a musical genius, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t be as good in zoology.” Joshua said to Rebecca.

“Don’t get on your high horse!” Rebecca said to Joshua.

Miss Ryans stepped up to the front of the class. “You all did pretty good. Better than I expected, really.” She said to the class. 

Miss Ryans then began to go over the quiz on the white board.

After the quiz was gone over.

“So does anyone have any questions about the quiz?” Miss Ryans asked.

Another student in the honours class raised his hand.

“Yes Richard?” Miss Ryans called on him.

“Will we get to do dissections in this course? Hands- on experience with animal taxonomy would be a great help for me at least.” Richard asked Miss Ryans.

“Yes, on the syllabus you will see that we are dissecting frogs in October.” Miss Ryans said to Richard.

“Interesting, okay then I look forward to showing my expertise with the blade!” Richard said before sitting down.

The Prep Students looked at Richard with a mild amount of annoyance. As if his presence brought down the rest of the class.

Biology ended and Silvia walked with Aiden because they had the same courses.

“So Angeal, where do you usually study?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“At my home.” Aiden responded.

They then walked with a bit of silence. Silvia looked like she had to build courage to ask her next question.

“Where do you live?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Jolten Court in Forest Hills.” Aiden responded.

“Forest Hills? Oh I live in that community too, in the gated homes. But Jolten Court is where that old Priest lived before he disappeared.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“So it was an old Priest’s home. I guess I should have figured.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

Silvia smiled after getting an actual sentence from Aiden.

“Yes, I heard from my dad to never go there because the place was haunted or something. Though I figure it’s likely because homeless people try to stay there, and it’s dangerous.” Silvia told Aiden.

“There’s no homeless people in Jolten Court anymore. At least not where I stay.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“What is your address then if you don’t mind?” Silvia asked.

“It’s 787 Jolten Court.” Aiden told Silvia as they both sat down in their World History class with Mr. Yukimura.

Mr. Yukimura immediately began teaching as soon as the bell rang.

They received a homework assignment to read the first 3 Chapters of the TextBook, and to complete the essays at the end of each chapter.

“They are really starting out strong with us, before long all these other students will start falling off.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Agreed.” Aiden responded to Silvia.

Lunch time soon came and Maria and Aiden met up with each other.

“Haha, Aiden guess what!” Maria said to Aiden.

“There are a million things I could guess, what am I guessing for?” Aiden said to Maria.

“So, in Pre-Calc, Mr. Smith tried to pull a fast one on us to see if we were paying attention in class and gave us a pop quiz. But look.” Maria said, showing Aiden her test.

“Oh you got an 83.” Aiden said looking at the test.

“That’s right! I got 83%, I didn’t even need to cheat!” Maria said with a giant smile on her face.

“Well then, I am proud of you.” Aiden smiled.

“So what are you going to give me as a reward!?” Maria said, looking up at Aiden.

“How about I travel across the world and get you Aesthetic Sushi for lunch.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria’s mouth watered, but she shook her head.

“Not this time, but keep that on the todo list.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Hmm, how about we blow something up?” Aiden suggested to Maria.

Maria was shocked. “Really! You’ll let me blow something up! And not like a tiny thing either.” Maria excitedly asked Aiden.

“Nope, I will create a building for you, and I’ll let you blow it up.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then shuffled her feet in excitement. “Haha, now that’s a reward!” Maria called out.

“It’ll have to be after school, so hold unto your excitement.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I feel like I am going to explode if I wait that long, let go during lunch!” Maria said to Aiden.

 Aiden then looked at the time.

“Eh, I guess we can squeeze it in.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yes! Let’s go!” Maria said to Aiden as she grabbed his hand and they went outside.

Aiden took Maria to the ‘Testing Grounds’. Aiden created a 4 Story building and placed various explosions in it.

Maria looked up at the building. With amazement.

Aiden then handed Maria a detonator.

“You do the honours General.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Thanks Corporal.” Maria said with a smile.

“Enemies of the state, I order you to evacuate the building or I will send a missile to your location.” Maria said into her hand as if she was sending a transmission to hostiles.

“You have 10 Seconds.” Maria said before she started counting down.

“Release the explosions!” Maria yelled out as she pressed the button.

The entire building blew up into pieces, the ground shock and debris flew all around them. One second the building was there and the next there was nothing. Maria yelled out in excitement.

“Yeah! That was awesome!” Maria yelled.

“Mission Success.” Aiden said to Maria.

The cloud that formed from the explosion continued to move upward, then was carried off into the wind.

On the way back to school for the rest of the lunch period Maria had her excitement at an all time high.

They both were walking into the cafeteria with an enormous smile. They both talked about what could be improved.

Silvia watched from her table trying to understand why Maria had such an easy time talking to Aiden as compared to her. When she is the one who is closer to his intelligence.

The school day continued and the Students went home.

On the way back home for Silvia.

“Excuse me Charles, but can we take a detour to 787 Jolten Court.” Silvia asked her butler.

“What would be the reason for you wanting to go there?” Charles asked.

“I don’t want to go in, I just want to check it out.” Silvia said as Charles continued to drive.

The two got to that location and looked up at an enormous House on a hill.

“I didn’t know this house was here.” Charles said.

“So it’s a new home?” Silvia asked Charles.

“It is at most 4 Years old.” Charles said to Silvia.

“No wonder I’ve never seen him around.” Silvia said under her breath. “Okay, take me home.” Silvia said reentering the vehicle.

The pair then drove off.

“I need to come up with a reason to visit him, that way we could spend time together after school. That way he would be more comfortable with me.” Silvia thought to herself.

Maria and Aiden were in her room after dinner. Maria was at her desk working on her homework. Aiden of course stood beside her.

“Ah! This is hard!” Maria said to Aiden.

“If you get done with this then we can destroy a boat.” Aiden said to Maria.

“A boat?!” Maria looked up at Aiden.

Aiden nodded his head and Maria continued on with her work.

Maria was happy to focus on explosions and friendship despite school being involved.

“Seems like I’m actually going to be able to get into honours, but by then the entire world would have to explode.” Maria laughed.

“It just might.” Aiden smiled.

Beruta, the Curious

Marching Orders

Beruta, a citizen of the Suminatini Federation on the Main Continent, is undergoing Physical Training in the early morning of the day.

“Step by Step is how we show! That the Suminatini Military is good to go!” The Leading Staff Sergeant calls out to the formation that is running. Beruta is in the front with the other Officers.

The platoon runs up the hills near the base. Continuing this morning workout for at least 15 Kilometers.

“What’s gotten into Staff Sergeant?” Beruta asked Lt. Yugan.

Lt. Yugan is having a difficult time keeping up the pace. As Officers in the Quick Reaction Assault Force they must provide examples for the enlisted Warriors.

“I need to focus… can’t pass out… I want to throw up.” Lt. Yugan said holding strong.

Beruta turned to Lt. Anyan who seemed to have gotten a runner’s high. He looked in high spirits and was motivated for the run.

“What do you think Anyan?” Beruta asked again.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know what you were asking.” Anyan smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed for having missed what Beruta said.

“Why’s the Staff Sergeant so motivated today?” Beruta said, keeping up the pace.

In the background the singing of the Staff Sergeant can still be heard.

“He’s up for promotion soon, he’s trying to show the Colonel how prepared the platoon is. Why else do you think we are running with them?” Anyan said to Beruta.

Beruta looked back at the Platoon, they seemed like they were about to keel over.

“Ah, so that’s why we got dragged into this with them.” Beruta said, talking to the other Officers.

The Platoon continued their early morning PT until the Great Star appeared overhead.

The Officers watched from the side as the Staff Sergeant dismissed his Platoon for morning chow.

The Staff Sergeant then saluted the Officers and went into their  working area.

Lt. Yugan, Lt. Anyan and Lt. Beruta walked to the Officer’s Chow Hall to eat.

Beruta got herself a Steamed Leaf Covering Filled with crushed heated Fruit. She sat down waiting for the other two officers to join her.

Lt. Yugan sat down and immediately started eating.

“Calm down Yugan, it wasn’t that difficult.” Beruta laughed.

“What are you talking about, I nearly died out there! Only reason I even got to be an Officer was because of the age of Immortality. Now I’m just struggling to survive.” Yugan said, throwing food into her mouth.

“Couldn’t be me. Struggling is not something that I want to go through.” Beruta responded by eating her dish calmly.

Anyan came a bit later. Then he sat down with the two.

What took you so long?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“I didn’t expect the line to be so long at the Fishery.” Anyan responded by giving another embarrassed expression.

“I heard that the Ren Zuiperi, more precisely the Qi People have been hiking up the prices. So getting them out in town is just not reasonable.” Beruta said to Anyan as if it were a secret.

“Really? I didn’t know that. Where’d you hear that from?” Anyan responded to Beruta.

“Let me show you the article.” Beruta then opened up her Knowledge Network and displayed to Anyan the article.

Anyan read through it.

Yugan had finally regained her composure and  sat back on her seat.

“That hit the point.” Yugan said aloud, relieved.

“Eh, I’m not sure how much I would trust that article, it’s also saying that the Qi People are collaborating with Lan and Hiro people from Joao, and the chances of that are 0 to none.” Anyan said, biting into his dish.

“I mean, who knows for sure, since the age of Immortality ended they may decide that it’s time to split, they did spend a lot of that time stocking up on equipment.” Beruta responded to Anyan.

“I’m with Anyan on this one, the Qi People wouldn’t try to separate from the Suminatin Federation, where would they go? To Marian North or to Xibao, that’s really the only place with a Ren Zuiperi majority.” Yugan responded to Beruta.

“I’m just saying, that could be an explanation as to why fish prices are so high. I myself have very little desire for it, so it doesn’t matter to me which way until they want to fight, in which case I am perfectly ready for it.” Beruta said.

The three continued to eat their meal. 

The Mess Hall had a tall ceiling and was a light brown colour, like red sand. The walls had screens along them that displayed the news. The entire place smelled like salt water with a sweet citrus scent mixed into it.

There were about 2 Dozen Officers in the room, separated into 3 areas. One for the Lowest Ranked Officers which included Beruta, Yugan and Anyan, another for non Generals, and the top for the Generals which mostly stayed empty.

Anyan got up from his seat.

“Okay, I am going to head over to the Office, I got some paperwork I need to catch up on. Some of the Enlisted got into trouble yesterday. I’m going to try and bail them out.” Anyan said to the two.

“If they got into trouble then they should serve the punishment, you are going way too easy on these Enlisted folks.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“If they can’t depend on their officers to help them out then what is the point of having us around, they have Staff Non Commissioned Officers who could fill our role.” Anyan said leaving the table.

“Way too nice.” Yugan said, shaking her head. “So what are you up to Beruta?” Yugan asked.

“I don’t know, maybe I will hit up the gym a little, then go to the shooting range.” Beruta responded to Yugan.

“Yuck, more exercise, count me out.” Yugan said to Beruta. “I am going to give my muscles a little rest, catch up on some Military Tactical Literature. Maybe even read the ‘Battle of Sum’.” Yugan said with a smirk on her face.

“You are not going to read the entire battle of Sum today.” Beruta laughed.

The two officers got up from their seats and departed.

Beruta walked across the base to the gym. Inside she saw Staff Sergeant Shata. She was working up quite the sweat in the resistance machine which pressed on your body and you had to use your core to resist being squeezed.

Beruta jumped on the Weighted Vertical Machine which pushed down on the user as they jumped up.

“You’re really working up quite the sweat.” Beruta opened up a conversation with Shata.

“I’m trying to make sure I can handle the pressure in the acceleration chamber Lieutenant.” Shata responded.

“That’s not really going to help you out there. The acceleration chamber knocks people out by preventing their blood from circulating to their brains, not by knocking you out with force.” Beruta said, beginning her workout.

“Master Sergeant Yakon said that if I spent some time in this machine, I could increase my time.” Shata said continuing to hold against the pressure from the machine.

“As someone who spends a lot of time in the acceleration chamber I can see that it won’t help much, if at all. The only way to increase your resistance to passing out is to go in there more.” Beruta said to Shata.

Shata then pressed stop on the machine because she wasn’t able to handle it any longer. “Spend more time in there? That already sounds like I am about to become sick.” Shata said jokingly to Beruta.

“You just have to do what you have to do.” Beruta said, continuing her workout.

“I’m just going to grab a quick drink then I’ll be back.” Shata said to Beruta, going out of the room.

Beruta continued jumping in the machine. Her muscles were warming up and she started feeling the pump of her muscle filling with blood.

Beruta was focusing on trying to reach the next step in strength.

“Don’t give up, just a bit more.” Beruta thought to herself as it felt like she was getting heavier and heavier.

The Alarm of the room then blurred. The lights indicated a summons of personnel from the QRF Platoon.

Beruta quickly wiped away sweat and ran to the barracks to grab her uniform top.

She quickly ran to the Muster Location.

The other officers of the QRF were already present.

Beruta went to her position in formation. Anyan and Yugan were already present and  were serious in their positioning.

The Colonel then stepped in front of the Platoon of Officers.

“Approximately an hour ago we received a report of a Giant Creature in Sang Ru City. Gather your weapons from the armory and report to designated air units for transports, there you will receive more intel on the mission.” The Colonel said before leaving out.

The Officers then quickly dismissed and ran to get their weapons.

“A Giant Creature? What do you think he means, is it a new weapon designed by Capicalo?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“No information here. I am just as confused as you.” Anyan said quickly, receiving his weapon. He ran to the air unit.

Beruta was up next in line and the Machine took a bit more time searching for Beruta’s Weapon.

“Hurry up! This is not just another day at the range!” Beruta said impatiently as the other Officers quickly grabbed their weapon and headed out.

The Machine finally gave Beruta her weapon and she quickly ran inside of the transport vessel.

Beruta found one of the few seats available. The one she normally gets in field operations.

Quickly before she sat down another Lieutenant, Lt. Harns grabbed the seat.

“Haha, Rookie, you were too slow!” Harns said to Beruta, mocking her.

“You get up right now! I sit in that seat on every mission, and you know that.” Beruta yelled out to him.

“How about we arm wrestle for it, if you win you get the seat.” Harns said to Beruta seeing that she was visibly tired from a workout.

Beruta aimed her weapon at Harns’ Legs. “How about I just shoot off both your legs then you can make the floor your seat!” Beruta responded.

“Come on guys, it’s just a seat. Here Beruta you can have my seat.” Anyan said standing up from his spot which was pretty close to where Beruta typically sits.

“No way this is about Principle.” Beruta said, staring at Harns’ eyes.

“I guess there’s some things I just wouldn’t understand it seems.” Anyan laughed as Beruta continued to try and forcibly get her seat.

“All of you seat your butt down!” The Major came on board. Beruta quickly took the seat that was being offered next to Anyan.

“Intelligence on the Creature in question are as follows. It is 50 Meters tall, has approximately 21 Appendages and sucks in victims using a vacuum. It is also reported that toxic chemicals are located in the sites it’s been but those have yet to be confirmed. So stop your bickering and focus up!” The Major yelled out as he sat down.

Anyan smiled at Beruta as the vehicle took off.

The devices connected to the wrist of the Officers lit up showing them the locations of each other and the location of their objective.

“We will be landing 3 Kilometers from the last reported location of the Creature. From there we will separate into 3 Teams. Each will drive the sand Vics to the designated locations. Because this is an occupied city the use of long range explosives are prohibited. Avoid damaging unnecessary property. We don’t want another Roan Incident.” The Major said to the Officers inside.

The Officers inside smirked remembering what happened.

“You don’t need to worry about that Major, if this thing is 50 Meters tall, I could hit it with my eyes closed.” A Lieutenant in the vessel responded.

“Guess if you did miss you would owe all of us drinks when we get back.” Anyan said laughing with the rest of the Officers inside.

Though one was not laughing. “Don’t start getting your hopes up, it’s the 20 or more appendages I’m worried about. No telling what it can do.” Captain Uta said with a serious tone.

“We just need to attack quickly and attack harshly, we just won’t give it a chance to hit us with anything.” Beruta said in high spirits to those inside.

“Ha, you are right! Hard, fast and in a hurry!” A Lieutenant responded to Beruta and those inside began to liven up again.

The vessel then landed causing everything to shake.

“It’s time. ‘Squad A’ will be Lt. Rigi, Lt. Beruta, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta. You are our guardian angels. Fire at any objects that may be in the blind spots of Squad B. Captain Sho will be the Squad Leader.” The Major said as the Officers understood their orders.

“‘Squad B’ is Lt. Anyan, Lt. Yaran, Lt. Hei, and Lt. Harns. You are the heavy assault force. Use the electric inhibitors on your person to hopefully take it down quickly, if not bring down the might of the Suminiatini Military on it. Captain Chu is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave an assignment to Team B.

“And ‘Squad C’ is Lt. Yao, Lt. Sumi, Lt. Mataran, and Lt. Yugan. You are to provide recovery in the case of life threatening wounds, stay away from the center of battle until you are needed. You are the blood of the mission. Captain Uta is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave the last of the Squads their assignment.

The Officers left the vessel and headed onto the sand vics.

“Aw, looks like I’m part of Squad B.” Anyan said to Beruta as they headed to the vics.

“Don’t worry about it. I got your back out there. I’ll be your personal Guardian Angel.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“Ha, then I really have nothing to worry about then if that’s the case.” Anyan smiled and they hit each other’s fists.

“Good luck out there.” Beruta said to Anyan as she got on her vic.

“Next time, I got your back.” Anyan said as he headed out.

“Seems like I won’t be of much help if no one gets injured.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“That’s the plan right, we want you all to be useless.” Beruta laughed while responding to Yugan.

“Guess I should count myself lucky, I will have enough energy to finish reading today. I just got to the best part too.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“No such thing as a good part in a book.” Beruta smiled. Team C then began to depart towards the rear.

“I’ll catch up with you after this is done!” Yugan said as she split off from the rest of Squad A.

The Weapons vehicle had pulled up and brought the long ranged weapons to Squad A.

“Grab your weapons and head to the roof of that building.” Captain Sho commanded the Squad.

They grabbed the weapons from the vehicle and made their way up the building. Beruta looked at her Location device to keep tabs on the positions of her friends.

Squad A made it to the top of the Building and set up their weapons. They then moved their scopes to the positions of Squad B.

“This is CB, we have eyes on the target. Preparing to engage.” Captain Chu said over communications.

Beruta looked down her scope and saw a Monstrous Creature with no head, but many appendages. It was dark and nearly see through as if it was made from oil. “I have never seen anything like that before. What is that thing.” Beruta said to herself.

“Don’t get too consumed by its appearance, keep watch over your people. Make sure those arms don’t get near them” Captain Sho said to Squad A.

Team B were a few meters from the target.

“We haven’t been noticed yet. Everyone, prepare your electric inhibitors.” Captain Chu commanded Squad B.

Anyan pressed down on the machine and it took off into the air targeting the Creature.

The machines swarmed the Creature and dove themselves into its skin. The machines then released an arch of electricity through its body.

“Begin firing!” Captain Chu commanded as Squad B began unloading on the Creature.

The projectiles entered its body ripping directly inside.

The electric arcs were not bringing down the creature.

“Damn, I was hoping that would bring it down, I was already expecting this was not going to be easy.” Captain Chu thought to himself. “Lt. Hei, Lt. Harns, prepare a round of explosives.” Captain Chu commanded.

Lt. Hei and Lt. Harns released explosive projectiles which exploded directly on the creature. The explosion caused the skin to seperate. A cloud of shrapnel came from the explosion causing more damage.

Anyan continued to fire, unloading rounds after rounds into the creature without missing a shot.

Beruta was watching through her scope. “They got it!” Beruta yelled out. The rest of Team A were cheering watching the one sided battle against the creature.

The creature collapsed on the ground and a giant cloud of dust came up from the ground.

Captain Chu then told Squad B to cease firing.

The dust then started to settle. There was no movement from the creature.

“This is CC, any Injuries?” Captain Uta asked over communication.

“This is CB, No injuries, we are all green.” Captain Chu responded.

“This is CA, all green.” Captain Sho responded.

Yugan was waiting. She had already begun to think about the book she was reading. She looked at her location device. “Yep, seems like they are all healthy.” She thought to herself.

“Everyone weapons up!” Captain Chu said to Squad B.

Anyan lifted his weapon.

The creature’s body began to puff up with gas.

“Open fire!” Captain Chu said as Squad B began firing on the creature trying to prevent it from expanding.

“What is it doing?” Anyan thought to himself as he continued to fire.

“Why is it puffing up? Does that mean it’s dead?” Beruta thought watching from her scope.

The Creature continued to grow in mass. It’s body had ballooned nearly to twice the size it was before. The Projectiles from the weapons were no longer penetrating the skin.

Once it reaches its peak, the creature then flattens its body covering the area of a 1 Kilometer radius in toxic gas.

The dark smoke quickly dispersed through the area. Everything it touched began to corrode away.

Anyan looked at his gloves and clothing and saw that they were melting away. Eventually the gas got down to his skin and began to burn through.

“My chest, my skin. They feel like they are on fire.” Anyan said as everyone in Squad B began to collapse. “This hurts.” Anyan said before he became a pool of liquid which slowly vaporized away.

The Gas had enveloped Squad C.

Squad C were completely caught off guard and the Gas quickly went into their lungs.

Yugan began to cough and her inside had come out liquified.

Yugan fell to her knees. “Please no, not yet.” Yugan cried as her bones no longer had the strength to keep herself up. “Help… someone…” Yugan said as her voice was filled with liquid.

The dark cloud continued to fan out.

“What is happening down there Sir?” Beruta asked Captain Sho.

“This is CA, report.” Captain Sho said over communications. 

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CB do you hear me?” Captain Sho said again over the communication.

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CC do you hear me?” Captain Sho tried calling Captain Uta.

There was no answer.

Captain Sho then looked at his location device and saw that there were no pings from the other Squads.

“Squad A, back up and return to the Air Vessel.” Captain Sho commanded understanding what probably happened.

“What do you think happened, Sir?” Lt. Yuji asked.

“The Creature, or weapon or whatever it was, likely was armed with a deadman’s switch. Upon its destruction likely released a gas which took out both Squad B and Squad C.”  Captain Sho said to the Squad.

Squad A stood silent.

“Let’s take this time and allow them to transition to the next existence in silence.” Captain Sho said as everyone stood. 

Beruta had tears coming from her eyes. She understood that this happens, but her heart was in pain. She was looking forward to spending more time in the chow hall with her friends. Do laugh with them another time.

“If I knew this was the last time I would see them then we should have been together after breakfast.” Beruta thought to herself.

The silence was interrupted by the sound of a building collapsing in the background. The Gas was disappearing, returning to where it came from. The Creature started reforming itself using the material that was dissolved in the gas.

In no time at all it began to move again as if nothing had happened.

Beruta’s Chest boiled and she quickly placed her weapon back on the ground and took aim at the creature.

“Stop Lt. Beruta!” Captain Sho yelled at her.

“What do you expect me to do!” Beruta yelled back with anger and tears in her eyes. “Squad B and C are both gone because of that monster, their deaths are meaningless if that thing continues to live!” Beruta screamed out.

“The best option for now is to retreat and regroup. We don’t have the main power nor weapons to bring it down.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Beruta’s finger nearly pulled the trigger but she stopped herself.

“Fine, but the next time we go out to face that thing again I want to be on the assault unit.” Beruta said to Captain Sho.

“We all lost friends here, Lieutenant. I understand what you are feeling. But if we die here then the next group will have no information to use to bring it down for good.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Squad A began to pack up their equipment to head back down the building.

The Creature then lifted up his appendage and sent out a shot of air that went through the head of Captain Sho.

Then another went through  Lt. Rigi, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta.

Beruta immediately went down to the ground barely having any time to move out of the way of the shot.

She looked through her scope. She did not see the Creature.

“Dammit!” Beruta yelled out. Beruta looked around herself, seeing that the rest of her Squad were lying lifeless on the roof.

“How did it know we were here!” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta grabbed her weapon and carried it on her back. She ran down the stairs in search of the creature.

She ran for a little more than a Kilometer to catch up with the Creature. She was able to see it continue to shoot out small bits of gas from its body.

Beruta got on the ground and aimed her weapon at the Creature.

She pulled the trigger and began firing. “Die! Die! Die! You abomination!” Beruta yelled out with each shot.

No damage was happening to the Creature. But it did turn around to look at Beruta who continued to fire.

It moved its appendages in the air like it was taunting her.

“Oh, I thought I got rid of you. If you valued your own life, you should have stayed hidden.” The creature said to Beruta using the voice of Anyan.

Beruta became angrier and she boiled over.

“Don’t you dare use his voice! Anyan would never! He was the nicest! Best! Person! You’d ever meet!” Beruta fired continuously. Yelling louder and louder with each direct shot.

None of the projectiles were causing any damage to it.

“Keep firing, it’s no use. You are no hero.” The Creature said continuing to use Anyan’s voice. “Entertain me!”

Beruta continued firing but eventually she had no more rounds to shoot. She continued to pull the trigger but nothing came out. Tears began running down her face.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect you.” Beruta said feeling defeated. She continued to pull the trigger.

“Is that all? Not even worth my time really.” The Creature said to Beruta still using the voice of Anyan. 

The Creature readied it’s appendages and moved towards Beruta to absorb her.

Beruta dropped her weapon and got to her knees. Her eyes were blank and traumatized.

“I have nothing left, not even another tear.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta then felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“How about you entertain me!” A young Ren Shaole girl stepped in front of Beruta.

“No, don’t!” Beruta yelled out to the girl. The Creature sent it’s appendage to go directly through the both of them.

The Girl used her palm and smacked the appendage out of the way. The force of the hit caused the appendage to immediately become smoke.

The Creature then sent another appendage out and the Girl continued to destroy them.

“Did you really think that first one was a fluke?” The Girl said to the Creature, standing strong in front of it. She had a confident smile on her face.

“Insolence!” The Creature called out with the voice of Anyan. It sent out the rest of its appendages.

The girl moved out of the way and hit each appendage as if she was bored. She flipped gracefully.

“You’re nothing more but another title under my belt.” The Girl responded back to the creature.

Beruta was still on her knees in utter awe of the girl. “She is amazing.” Beruta thought to herself.

The creature then released the same gas that melted the Squads from earlier at the girl.

The girl pointed two of her fingers at the Creature.

“Pow, Pow.” The girl said as two giant holes appeared in the body of the creature. “Wow, you seem way weaker than Fridgidus.” She said unimpressed. “You both looked quite similar, must have been your brother.” The girl said jokingly.

The creature then decided to aim its attacks at Beruta who was still on her knees. The Creature shot condensed air at Beruta.

The girl shot the attack from the air by pointing her finger at it.

“Sneaky, sneaky. But no dice!” The Girl said to the creature. “Any final words… ah… who are you?” The girl asked the Creature.

“I am Nightmare, the watcher of the Skies, the-” The Creature was saying before the Girl stomped her foot and encased the Creature in what looked to be a Giant Boulder.

“I just wanted to know a name.” The Girl said before she pressed her hands together causing the boulder to squeeze smaller and smaller.

Eventually the mass became the size of a marble.

The Girl then shot fire at the marble sized ball and vaporized it.

The calmness returned and the sky was clear.

The girl looked around as if she was searching for something.

Beruta got onto her feet and walked to the girl slowly. “Ah… who are you?” Beruta walked up to the girl cautiously.

The girl turned around to look at Beruta. She then pointed at herself. “Oh you are talking to me? I’m nobody, I just came to handle a job.” She said to Beruta with a giant smile.

Beruta realized the sweet innocence of this girl and began to cry.

Beruta cried holding the girl.

“No, no, don’t cry. It really was nothing.” The girl said, unsure of what to do.

“Why didn’t you come a little sooner! I wasn’t good enough!” Beruta said while she was weeping her eyes out. “We were supposed to be good enough!” Beruta continued to release her pent up sadness.

The girl continued to try and comfort Beruta. Beruta continued to cry until she passed out from exhaustion. The girl now had Beruta in her arms.

“Well now what?” The girl said aloud looking for a place to sit.

Beruta eventually woke up to see that she was in a restaurant, and that girl that saved her was drinking a juice offered at the place.

“Oh you’re finally awake, good. Now I can leave and not worry about your health.” The girl then got up from her seat and began to leave.

Beruta grabbed her hand. “Wait!”

The girl looked at Beruta, and looked down at her hand.

Beruta then let go. “I’m sorry. Ah… could you possibly train me to get as powerful as you maybe?” Beruta asked the girl.

The girl looked at Beruta and Beruta looked at the girl.

“No.” The girl then walked out of the restaurant.

Beruta then quickly followed her. “Wait, but why?!” Beruta asked quickly.

“Because there’s one thing, and another. And yea you know.” The girl said before lifting herself into the sky. She then looked down at Beruta. “Oh, if they ask who defeated that thing, say it was you. Say something like, ‘you discovered that it’s weak point was its 5th segment or something’.” The Girl said to Beruta while she was in midair.

“Can I at least know your name?” Beruta asked.

“Why? It’s not like you are going to see me again.” The girl said to Beruta.

“You’re so strong and amazing, I just want to be like you. Not powerless.” Beruta said to the girl.

The girl then thought to herself. Then slowly descended back to the ground.

Beruta was surprised. “Oh, what changed your mind?” Beruta asked.

“Well you didn’t want to be Powerless, so I guess i can show you just a small thing or two.” the girl said to Beruta. “The names Iota.”

Beruta then placed her fist on her chest. “My name is Beruta.”

Angel Misery: Episode Seven

We are going to the Olympics!

Maria, her Parents, Allison and Aiden, who was of course not visible, all sat on the living room couch to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

“Why are we watching this dear?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I got a message yesterday from one of my coworkers who said the Opening Ceremony was a sight to see. So I wanted to get us all to experience it.” Maria’s dad responded.

Maria looked on the TV watching the cameras fly over the Bird’s Nest stadium.

“There sure are a lot of people there.” Maria said. The TV showed a dark arena. Then the music began to play.

“Didn’t know music was a big part of the Olympics.” Allison said, watching the conductor wearing his white attire.

“This is the Opening Ceremony, they are going to put on a display for everyone present.” Maria’s dad responded.

The music then stopped playing. 

“Was that it?” Maria asked.

It stayed quiet for about a minute. Then fireworks began to shoot off from the side of the arena. Then these cubes began to light up.

“I guess that’s cool.” Maria thought to herself. Then it was revealed that the cubes were actually drums and each pixel was a person.

Then the countdown began going from 60.

“This is quite the opener.” Aiden thought to himself seeing what mass human cooperation looked like when it was for a peaceful performance.

When it hit zero the entire stadium lit up with fireworks shooting from the top. Maria gained a giant smile on her face from seeing the amount of explosions present.

After the fireworks and the drummers were done there were people flying through the air. With the Olympic symbol underneath them.

“So now they have a giant screen on the ground?” Maria thought as she continued watching. Then the screen started to come up from the ground where it was shown that it was never a TV at all but instead tiny bits of light connected by string.

The Olympic symbol looked like it was floating mid air in the middle of the stadium.

A little girl started singing who looked like Allison if she was several years younger. A bunch of children who were wearing different kinds of clothing walked through the arena with the Giant Flag.

“Hey Allison, look. It’s you.” Maria said to Allison as the little girl was singing.

Allison looked at Maria who had her mouth covered trying to hide her teasing smile.

“She doesn’t look like me.” Allison said, taking out her pigtails.

“Don’t make fun of your sister, Maria.” Maria’s mom said putting the pigtails back into Allison’s hair.

“I didn’t make fun of her, I just said she looked like the little girl who was singing.” Maria said, turning back to watch the TV.

A scroll was being created on a screen at the stadium. There was someone who was crushing ink so that they could draw an image. 

Maria pointed at the scroll then looked at where Aiden would be if he was visible.

Allison noticed Maria looking up at nothing.

Aiden tapped Maria’s shoulder to tell her that he noticed.

People then started dancing on the scroll and writing on it. This took everyone in the room by surprise.

After the painting was done the page was lifted into the air just like the Olympic symbol was earlier. Then a great number of people began marching into the area. They each wore clothing similar to the game that Maria plays in her free time.

The group of people were around where the scroll was when it began to separate. In the center were Chinese Characters. Then the characters began to move like it was water.

“Now that’s cool.” Maria said, watching closely. 

The people around were chanting and the blocks continued to move like water forming different characters. It all looked so mesmerizing to Maria.

The blocks then turned pink with flowers. Then the characters flipped up and it was revealed it was all being controlled by people inside of each individual block.

“Incredible!” Maria’s father said watching the people waving. Him being a technical person believed that it was all being controlled by a robot. “There is no way anything can top that performance.” Maria’s dad said, sitting back down.

A throne appeared on TV. There were people playing with puppets.

The drawing eventually came back showing a beautiful woman wearing green. She was dancing on top of it. It looked like it was being carried by many people.

“That is a nice shade of green.” Maria said, looking at what they were wearing.

“Your favourite color is green right? Do you want an outfit like that, Sweetie?” Maria’s mom asked her.

“No, no.” Maria said quickly. “I just think the colour looks nice. I don’t want an outfit like that!” Maria said, waving her hands trying to make a point that she really didn’t want the outfit.

A bunch of people wearing blue came out holding pieces of an image that formed a ship.

“This is a lot.” Maria’s dad said watching on. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It seemed like there were a million people involved in the performance.

Following them individuals wearing Beijing Opera makeup came into focus and gentle music began playing after the roaring war sounds had ended. They began singing in a high pitch.

“Is that what they are supposed to sound like?” Maria asked.

“My Grandmother was a fan of this kind of performance. That’s how it’s supposed to look. I’m sure of it.” Maria’s dad said.

Many people appeared again. All of them dressed in various dynastic period women’s attire. Giant Red pillars came from the floor and each had a guy on top of them holding an instrument. Then the fireworks exploded again.

Maria watched the TV then it became dark.

“I guess it’s finished now. That was pretty awesome!” Maria said.

“That was. I didn’t expect there to be so much.” Maria’s dad responded.

Then another performance started.

“It’s not over yet.” Maria’s mom said as she was focused on the screen. A Father daughter pair were on the piano wearing blue. “Aww, Hun. Look, that’s so cute.” Maria’s mom said to Maria’s dad. As the pair reminded her of when Maria and her dad were younger.

He had a melancholic look on his face. “If only they were so young still.” Maria’s dad looked at both of his daughters watching the TV. 

“There you are Maria.” Allison said to Maria pointing at the little girl on the piano.

People wearing lights surrounded the pair playing piano and moved synchronized with each other. Eventually they all moved from atop the scroll and circled the pair on the piano. They created a dove with their bodies and it waved off and on.

The scroll was showing images of what looked to be the modern day. The images were of children and elders all with smiles on their faces.

The scroll eventually disappeared and the people wearing the light dispersed from one another. Away from the pair on the piano. It then went dark again but with no fireworks this time. Except there was a martial artist who appeared in the center looking as though they were performing magic.

“Well that’s weird.” Allison said as the screen showed a bunch of elementary school children sitting in the middle of the arena seemingly answering questions for their teacher. The students continued to sit there despite being surrounded by what looked like 10 Thousand martial artists.

The image and the scroll returned and the children were now painting it.

“The kids are boring, but the fighters are super cool!” Maria said watching the martial artist kick and twist.

The kids and the martial artist cheered as they left the area. The picture that was created during the performance was lifted into the air and went out with them. Then astronauts descended onto the center of the arena. 

“What is even happening?” Aiden thought to himself as the astronauts went back into the air and the stage opened up revealing a blue ball with people on it. The people on the ball were running and flipping along it’s exterior.

Then the final event started with two singers. One was a male and the other female. Both had extremely gentle voices. The arena’s screens matched the feeling of the music.

During the song the arena lit up revealing many people holding umbrellas with the faces of children from all around the world. The fireworks then shot all around the city.

People wearing different attires then began to dance, seemingly as a cultural celebration of the nation. The dancing wasn’t organized, it just looked as though they were having fun.

The athletes then began marching and waving their hands.

“Well what did you girls think?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It looked like it took a lot of effort, is that how it always is?” Allison asked her dad.

“Ah, no, this is the first time I’ve seen such a massive performance, especially for the olympics. Now the Superbowl does get pretty close.” Maria’s dad laughed.

“I thought it was awesome! I want to go there! There were so many fireworks and people, and music!” Maria said excitedly to her dad.

“You want to be in the Olympics or you want to be one of those performers?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I just want to be there!” Maria responded.

“To China? That’s way too far away, by the time we get there the Olympics will be long over.” Maria’s dad responded.

“Aw boo, so the Olympics is the only time that happens? It’s not like that all the time there?” Maria asked.

“That’s correct, imagine performing like that everyday. Takes a lot of money and the GDP-” He then stopped himself. “It’s just a celebration, so this will probably be the only time we get to see something like that.” Maria’s dad finished.

The Athletes were waving their hands as they walked. They were all from different countries.

“Glad I got to see that, I will start getting lunch ready.” Maria’s mom said as she got up from the couch.

Maria’s dad continued to sit and watch the athletes. Allison continued to watch the TV too. Though because the performance was done she was rather bored.

Maria ran up to her room.

Aiden was upstairs waiting for her.

Maria had an enormous smile on her face. She then began to talk but Aiden interrupted her.

“I already know what you are about to ask, and the answer is not yet. It is 2am over there.” Aiden told Maria.

“2am? It’s morning there? Then is the Olympics over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, I’m pretty sure it will last at least a week.” Aiden said to Maria.

“A week? So we can go there and watch some more, right?” Maria asked Aiden.

“We can but it’s pretty far away. To get you there safely, would take about 3 Hours.” Aiden said to Maria.

“3 Hours, so that means it’ll take 6 Hours just to get there and back, which means that I won’t get to go there at all since mom always wants me back for lunch and dinner.” Maria said to Aiden while she was thinking. Her face was becoming upset.

“How about you say that you are staying over Angel’s house?” Aiden suggested.

Maria was surprised. “Are you willing to become ‘Angel’ just so I get to travel to watch the Olympics?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, that’s feasibly the only way you can go there without getting in trouble.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You just keep going up in the best friend meter, Aiden!” Maria said with excitement.

“So after lunch we can go outside, then you can return and say that you were invited to a sleepover by Angel.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You are about to earn yourself a promotion Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden with her thumb up. “So what happens if my dad decides he wants to drop me off, do you have a house located around here?” Maria asked.

“I am not sure. I will have to ask another of the heavenly beings about it. It’s very likely that they do have a location.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So that means you are going to the Heavenly Realm!?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am going to do when you are eating lunch.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Aww, so I still can’t go with you?” Maria asked.

“No, not this time.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Remember, you said that you will take me there one day!” Maria said to Aiden with her arms crossed.

“I haven’t forgotten.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“As long as you haven’t forgotten.” Maria said as she went downstairs. “I am going to try and hurry up and eat lunch, so that we can get this plan started.” Maria said to Aiden.

Allison and her dad were still watching the athletes march with their flags. The announcer was saying the name of each country and the competitors were waving and taking pictures with their cameras.

Maria sat in the kitchen. “So what are we eating mom?” Maria said, trying to see what her mom was preparing.

“I got a bit inspired from today’s opening ceremony, so I thought I should make some stir fry.” Maria’s mom said.

“Stir fry? That sounds like it’s going to take forever.” Maria said with her head on the table.

“It doesn’t take long at all. You can watch me make it.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria got up from the table and got next to her mom.

“So we have carrots, broccoli, green peppers, yellow peppers, chilli peppers, and potatoes as our plant ingredients. I am using soy sauce, vinegar, duck oil and oyster sauce as the liquids, and chicken as the protein.” Maria’s mom said, showing Maria the ingredients.

“Okay, and how do you make the chicken crispy?” Maria asked, looking around for the flour.

Aiden opened a route to the Heavenly Realm.

He went to see Coeus.

“Ah Aiden, it’s been a while.” Coeus said to Aiden who was approaching him.

“How long has it been for you?” Aiden asked Coeus.

“Since the last time you came, I suppose I’ve been reset a few thousand times. So a few thousand years I suppose.” Coeus said to Aiden.

“A lot sure does happen here.” Aiden said, making small talk with Coeus.

“So what can I do for you?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“Do we have a residence in the area where the school I am currently enrolled in is located.” Aiden asked Coeus.

“A residence, let me check this really quickly. I do need some details. Is it just a location you wish to house other Heavenly Beings or are we talking about a location for mortals.” Coeus asked.

“A location that mortals could see.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, let me check really quickly.” Coeus placed his hand into a scroll. “So the Church in that area has a Property that is meant for the Spirits of the Most High. That is currently our property, though it does seem that there are a few squatters within it.” Coeus told Aiden. “Though there are a few further from the area that are much better kept.” Coeus told Aiden.

“The condition of the Property is of no issue for me. As long as I am not invading the homes of someone else, then it is good. I will deal with the squatters.” Aiden responded.

Coeus handed Aiden the Deed. “This is the paper you will need to abide by their laws. Should I inform Hera and Horus of this new location?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“There’s no need, though they will reside there at some point. I just don’t need them there now since it is only a front.” Aiden told Coeus.

“Understood.” Coeus responded.

Aiden then left out of the heavenly realm with the deed.

“The location of this place isn’t so far off.” Aiden said as he walked in that direction. 

Aiden stood in front of the property. The location looked as though it had been abandoned. It was extremely large and must have been home to a wealthy politician in the past.

Aiden walked into the place. His glow as he walked in immediately made the animals inside leave.

He heard what sounded like a larger animal quickly back up.

“It’s a ghost!” A person who had been living in the location screamed out.

Aiden walked over to the man.

“Don’t be afraid of me. What are you doing here?” Aiden asked the man.

“I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.” The man said to Aiden pleading for his life.

Aiden noticed that the man was excessively skinny and had bruises on his arms.

“Leave this place and go to the Pier, there you will see a man wearing A white hat with a red stripe along the top. They will be wearing brown pants and large black fishing boots. Ask to assist him on his fishing expedition. From there you will be a crew mate. I’ve made it so that you will not experience withdrawal.” Aiden said to the man.

The man immediately got up and ran in the direction of the pier.

“Well that’s done with, let me fix this place up a bit.” Aiden thought to himself. And started reconstructing the building.

Maria was cooking the stir fry with her mom. Her mom was moving the vegetables in the large pan with the potatoes.

“Okay Maria, now pour the chicken in.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria grabbed the plate of chicken and placed the pieces inside. The chicken pieces sizzled from the contact with the oil.

Maria’s mom quickly mixed the chicken in with the vegetables at extremely high heat. She made sure that the chicken was cooked through and immediately added the green peppers and yellow peppers to it.

They heated up just a little and Maria’s mom turned off the heat.

“Maria, place some bowls of rice on the table.” Maria’s mom asked as she went down to fill some bowls with rice.

Lunch was then prepared.

Maria sat at the table and began to eat it while it was warm. Allison then sat down and Maria’s mom joined them.

Maria’s dad was still watching the Olympic Teams walk unto the stadium.

Maria ate her lunch, she was waiting for Aiden to return.

“I’m surprised you were able to watch that entire Opening Ceremony without talking to your invisible friend.” Allison said to Maria.

“Whatever that’s supposed to mean.” Maria responded.

“Though I did notice that you looked behind yourself a few times, what was that about?” Allison asked Maria.

“I heard a noise back there and went to see, that’s it.” Maria responded by eating a bit more rice.

“So you don’t have telepathy communication you do with it?” Allison asked.

“No, I don’t and that is 100% the truth.” Maria responded.

“Okay, then maybe it was just noises then.” Allison said with suspicion.

Aiden then returned and tapped Maria on her back.

Maria then shoved the rest of the rice in her bowl into her mouth.

“Okay mom, I am going outside!” Maria said as she headed to the door.

“You don’t want to watch the rest of this with me?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I’ll catch it some other time. I’m heading to the Park.” Maria said as she went out the door.

“Be back before Dinner.” Maria’s mom said to her. Maria was already out of the door.

“So how did it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It went fine, I was able to get a place and we are pretty much set.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Oh! Can I see how it looks!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, there’s no harm in that, you were going to see it anyways.” Aiden said to Maria as they both went in the direction of the house. It was up a hill past a community that had a gate around it.

“I feel like I’ve been in this area before.” Maria said as her and Aiden continued their walk.

They were in an area that had a large front yard, there was no driveway. Though it did have a stone path which Aiden repaired. The Building was white with a red roof and an open courtyard in the middle of it.

“This place is massive!” Maria said, looking at the tall building.

“I found several old beds inside, it looked like it was abandoned after an incident happened. The Church must have taken it as a historical monument, but eventually forgot about it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So this place could be haunted!” Maria said with a smile on her face.

“Would that even matter?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I guess it wouldn’t, ghosts would never come out to speak to me if you are around.” Maria said to Aiden. “So can we go inside?” Maria asked.

“Yes, the entire thing has been remade including the insides. You can go through it if you’d like.  Maybe there’s something in there that I overlooked.” Aiden said to Maria as she ran across the giant front yard.

Maria stepped in. The ceiling of the foyer was extremely high making Maria feel tiny inside. There was zero furniture but the place was extremely clean. The wooden floors were dust free. Maria felt like she could hear her own heartbeat inside.

“It’s a bit empty…” Maria said standing in the hall. Her echo then returned to her. “Creepy.” She whispered.

“The place had practically collapsed when I first got here, but now I say that it’s a livable location for people.” Aiden said, walking up next to Maria.

“You are going to need furniture here.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why would I need that. No one will be staying here.” Aiden responded.

“Because this will be our HeadQuarters, you can’t make me feel creeped out in my own home base.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Our Headquarters? But your room did just fine for that.” Aiden responded.

“Allison keeps getting more and more suspicious, plus I need more alone time. That’s not going to happen if at any point my dad decides to burst in.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’s not much of an alone time if I am there either.” Aiden added.

“You are super different.” Maria said, pointing up at Aiden. “So what will you do if my dad decides he wants to look inside before he lets me sleep over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Would he?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just saying it’s a possibility, since this place is massive from the outside. Anyone would want to look inside.” Maria said to Aiden as she spread out her arms to accentuate the space.

“So furniture and people?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, and we can also change the colour of the walls to be green with lizards on them.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t think that’ll do, an adult would not paint the living room walls green with lizards. They may find that to be too embarrassing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yeah, this place is supposed to be your parents house, not just our Headquarters. Okay, then let’s find a room to build the HQ in.” Maria said, running through the empty house.

Maria went to survey the house. She found a ball room which was again void of any furniture.

Maria looked around, nodding her head.

“Okay, I think this room will do just fine for our HQ.” Maria looks turning back towards Aiden.

“What should go into an HQ?” Aiden asked Maria. “Should it be the same items that are located in a military base?” Aiden tried to clarify to Maria.

“That would be awesome to have. You mean like one of those big computers that you always see at those space launch things right?” Maria asked Aiden.”

“I was thinking of a giant table in the middle with a TV in the front, but those rooms would be appropriate for an HQ as well.” Aiden responded to Maria.

She then looked around and nodded her head once more.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of having one of those rooms with a giant computer, and a ton of seats each with a computer in front of them. With a glass barrier at the top so I can stand and look at everyone below me at work.” Maria described to Aiden.

“Sounds more like an evil base than a headquarters.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Guess it would be boring if there were no one working on the computers if we have that many.” Maria said quietly to herself.

“So you don’t want that many computers here?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, I didn’t say that. Instead I want golems to be working on the computers all day everyday!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Doing what?” Aiden responded.

“Doing whatever people do on those computers, I don’t know. They could play minesweeper, or something.” Maria responded with no clear direction. “So do you think you can make that?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course I can, like I always say, there’s nothing I can’t create.” Aiden said as he waved his hand and the room became populated with a staircase which opened up to several seats like a movie theatre each with a computer in front of them. 

Aiden then created slender stone golems wearing lab coats to walk to each computer.

“Okay, now it’s looking a bit better, but it’s missing something.” Maria said watching the golems go to their places.

Maria then looked to the front of the room.

“Oh, I know! I need a giant screen in the front of the room that has an image of the Earth just rotating slowly.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because it’s cool.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“I mean, why an image of the Earth, wouldn’t you prefer to have it on a channel you enjoy?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No way, then it wouldn’t be a real HQ.” Maria responded to Aiden.

Aiden then created the giant screen and it had a video feed of the Earth rotating.

“There, now this place is perfect. Let’s go through the rest of the house!” Maria said, running up the newly created stairs and into the next room.

Maria spent most of the afternoon doing this and they returned home.

Maria entered the front door and went to her dad, who at this point was in his study typing a product analysis document.

“Hey dad!” Maria said to her father.

“What’s it Sport?” Maria’s dad responded.

“Angel invited me to have a sleepover at her place for a few days, can I go?” Maria aske with her sweet voice.

“Your friend Angel, the one from your birthday party?” Maria’s dad asked, half focused.

“Yes, that’s her.” Maria responded.

“Sure you can go, just ask your mom too.” Maria’s dad said as he turned his focus back to the computer. “If she says no, then that’s a no from me too, got it.” Maria’s dad said to Maria.

“Thank you dad!” Maria said leaving the room.

Maria went to her mom who was finishing up dinner.

“Mom, can I sleep over Angel’s house for a few days?” Maria asked her mom.

“A few days? I’m not so sure about that. I’ll need to talk to her mom about that.” Maria’s mom said, looking at Maria.

“Her mom said it was okay.” Maria responded.

“I’m sure she did, but I still will need to talk to her mom about it. After dinner I will give her a call.” Maria’s mom said.

Maria then left the kitchen and up to her room.

“Looks like you are going to have to get your mom to talk to my mom before your plan works out.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well that wouldn’t be hard. Once you have permission we will head over the pacific to the games.” Aiden said to Maria.

After dinner Aiden got Hera on the phone with Maria’s mother.

“Hello, you are speaking to Hera, the Queen of the region of Helen in the Heavenly realm.” Hera answered.

This caught Maria’s mom off guard, but she continued.

“Yes, this is Maria’s mother, Angel’s friend’s mom.” Maria’s mom said to Hera.

“Oh yes, the precious birthday girl.” Hera responded.

“My daughter said that you allowed her to stay over your place for a few days for a sleepover, is that right?” Maria’s mom asked.

“Yes, that is perfectly fine.” Hera responded.

“If you could, can you give me the address of where you stay? Maria’s mom asked.

Hera looked at Aiden. “Where is this place?” Hera asked.

“It’s in Forest Hills. 787 Jolten Court” Aiden said to Hera quietly.

“787 Jolten Court in Forest Hills.” Hera responded to Maria’s mom.

Maria’s mom wrote the address on a sticky note. “Forest Hills, that’s a pretty fancy area.” Maria’s mom was surprised at the location. “Okay, let me tell you about some of Maria’s eating habits.” Maria’s mom then started to explain to Hera what Maria’s tastes were like.

“I understand. I am delighted to have her stay over for these next few days. You can call back soon if you have any more worries.” Hera said to Maria’s mom.

“Thank you, it was a pleasure speaking with you.” Maria’s mom replied.

“Same here, take care. Bye bye.” Hera said to Maria’s mom before ending the call.

“So Aiden, what are you two planning to do over the next few days? Is it a Romantic Outing with the girl?” Hera asked Aiden.

“No, we are going to watch the Olympics.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“The Olympics? As in the Olympic Games?” Hera said to Aiden, stunned.

“You know about them?” Aiden asked Hera.

“Know about them? I’m practically the originator with my cheating husband.” Hera said to Aiden. “I can’t believe they have lasted so long. What Year is it here?” Hera asked.

“It’s 316,165,926.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“So they have been going strong for nearly 4000 Years.” Hera was impressed with the mortals’ ability to continue tradition.

“I am pretty sure this is the new version since they called these the 29th Olympic Games.” Aiden said.

“Only 29? Well that’s disappointing. Well then I won’t ask to join you two’s outing.” Hera said to Aiden.

Aiden opened a route for Hera to return.

“If you need anything else I am always free to interact with you.” Hera said, walking into the Heavenly Realm.

The Night had come and Maria was sleeping in her bed excited to travel across the world to experience the festivities.

Then it was the morning. Maria quickly ate breakfast.

“Okay mom, I’m ready to be dropped off!” Maria said to her mom, just barely finish eating.

“Okay, we will go after I clean up.” Maria’s mom responded.

“You seem really excited to hang out at Alexis Texas’ house. What do you plan on doing?” Allison asked Maria.

“Again, her name is Angel, not Alexis Texas. And secondly we are just going to play games and watch movies, nothing too crazy.” Maria responded to Allison.

“I don’t believe that. You are probably trying to get into an episode.” Allison accused Maria.

Aiden had prepared the house to look like it was being lived in.

After some time Maria and her mom were at the front gate of the house. Aiden had reconstructed the stone driveway to be a concrete driveway to allow her mom’s car to drive up to the home.

Aiden came out as Angel and walked up to the car. Maria hopped out of the vehicle.

“If you need anything, call me.” Maria’s mom said to her.

“Okay mom.” Maria said, walking to the front door.

Aiden bowed to Maria’s mom and they both entered the house.

Maria’s mom then drove away.

Maria looked out the window to make sure they were in the clear.

“Okay, looks like it’s time to go!” Maria said with excitement overflowing.

The golems seem disappointed that they didn’t get to perform for Maria’s mom, since she never entered.

Aiden and Maria then went to the front of the yard and Maria went into her clear ball.

“Okay, this is going to take about 3 Hours. If you feel tired I can always land you somewhere. It’s going to get a bit cold outside, so I am going to keep you warm.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Why is it going to get cold?” Maria asked.

“Because we will have to travel North first and then back south, trust me, it’s the fastest way.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, whatever you say then.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria and Aiden then began their journey over the pacific. Along the way Maria asked for a few items to entertain herself with. Got to see how vast the pacific was. Witnessed giant fishing ships in the North. And Shadows of Monsters in the deep as viewed from above.

The two landed just outside the Stadium.

“Whoa! There are so many people here!” Maria said seeing the entire outside of the stadium fully populated by visitors.

Maria then went to enter the stadium then Aiden felt a distortion happen. He saw that Maria was being targeted by an event that would cause her heart to stop.

Aiden jumped in the direction and cancelled it.

Time was seemingly frozen and Aiden looked around for the cause of it.

Another one was aimed at Maria and Aiden went to cancel it again.

Aiden felt a tingling feeling in his hand. It was a sensation all too unknown to him.

A being then showed themselves to Aiden.

“This is interesting, why are you stopping me?” The being asked.

“Why are you trying to attack her?” Aiden asked.

“I am just trying to preserve this memory as it is supposed to correctly happen, she will disturb it if she goes on as her current path dictates.” The being said to Aiden.

“Who are you to decide that? The Almighty gave no order for her removal.” Aiden said to the being with a bit of anger.

“The Almighty? So what are you then?” The being asked.

“I am Aiden, an Aspect of the Almighty. I am a Heavenly Being, and current Best Friend of that girl you tried to attack.” Aiden said to the being.

“Oh really? I am an Aspect of the Winds, Vanoe. So I guess this would make us like Brothers.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“The Aspect of the Winds? There are no such entities.” Aiden said to Vanoe.

“The Aspect of the Winds won’t be present on this world for more than a decade. You could say that I am from a time unknown to you. But as an Aspect of the Almighty, I won’t bother you any further. Call it Brotherly love.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“What do you mean by Brother?” Aiden asked Vanoe.

“The Winds and the Almighty are Biological Brothers. They are two of 3 siblings along with the Guides. But seeing that you don’t know that means the event hasn’t happened yet. With our interaction here, the two are probably speaking with one another. So as I said, I will not bother with you any further Aiden.” Vanoe said before vanishing.

Time then resumed and Maria was still on her way into the stadium.

Aiden looked at his own hand remembering the sensation of pain. He now had questions that he wanted answered. But for now he had to ensure that Maria gets to enjoy her time safely.

“Hey Aiden look! They are selling food on the corner like a hotdog stand!” Maria said, pointing at the vendor.

“Did you want something?” Aiden asked.

“I want to try everything here.” Maria said to Aiden with a giant smile on her face.

Maria and Aiden in the following days watched the competitors win gold, silver and bronze metals. They cheered and broke records. The atmosphere was energizing.

“Aiden, can you get me down there to compete?” Maria asked Aiden.

Aiden then thought to himself. “If she continues her current path she will alter this memory, which Vanoe was against, if I allow her to compete then she will be in danger.” Aiden thought to himself. “Let’s just enjoy the Olympics for what they are.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah poop, I guess that’s okay too.” Maria said as the two went to the back and got more food.

Maria enjoyed her time spending the entire day being able to talk with Aiden under the russ of being at a sleepover.

The Olympic Games were life changing for both Maria and, surprisingly, for Aiden.