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  • Yaooan: Tale of Fate – Chapter Two

    Yaooan and Randiantsi stood outside of the cave. It had a wide entrance that gave an ominous feeling. Even without being able to see a few meters inside, the sensation of the place was of intense danger. “I don’t think we should go any further…” Randiantsi said as they both looked into the dark abyss…

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  • Angel Misery: Chapter Five

    It’s your Birthday Maria! Maria gets up early in the morning. She looks around and doesn’t see Aiden in the room. “Hey, where’d you go?” Maria says looking around her room. She looks out her window and sees Aiden standing next to the tree they usually fly from.  She hops up. “No way!” Maria screams…

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  • Universal Self Modulation Procedure Codes

    Name: Controller Reset; “Grounding” Code: <self>, <Visible EM Wavelength (550 Nanometers) Reflective Surface >= 98%> → <Direct Focus == 45 secs> = return Recenter Prerequisites: <self> == <Rest >= 7 hours>, <Excess Energy >= 300kcal> Global Effects: None Local Effects: <Set Local Position to (0,0,0,0) XYZT> Explanation: Visible EM Wavelength is a measure of the…

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