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Disa Pami

Average Height: 3m

Average Mass: 200kg

Disa Pami thrives in dry regions. It is covered in tiny bits of fur that points outward when it gets wet. The fur then pulls back into the body of Disa Pami when it’s liquid capacity is reached or when it’s skin is dry. The leaves of Disa Pami are dead bits of plant matter pushed through tiny holes in its skin. The seeds of this tree are carried by strong winds. The skin of Disa Pami is extremely bitter and leaves a taste of musk behind.

Internally the plant is a solid structure that is easily crushed. It most resembles Floral Foam. The hair on this plant is also made of dead cells from its internal make up. It is extraordinarily prolific in desert climates, however in moist regions this plant would absorb so much liquid that it’ll begin growing extremely long branches causing a large portion of the plant to break off under the weight. It isn’t used as a water source in desert regions because once the water enters its body it becomes extremely bitter and slightly poisonous causing fainting and, in animals with sweat glands, excessive sweating.

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