History of the Ren Nao

The History of Ren Nao from Beginning to the Establishment of Mako:

Pre-Emergence Era

    In the pre-emerging time period there was a study done by the Ren Neo on the elimination of diseases in their species. They created a synthetic Ren Neo to be used for testing the drugs which emerged. The Synthetic Ren Neo allowed the testing of these products while in the meantime sat thinking as they were turned off each day to await for another day of testing. 

Eventually, this Synthetic Ren Neo discovered the sequence that the Ren Neo were trying to discover and requested in exchange for the information that they would be allowed to conduct their own research on their own body. The Ren Neo agreed to this and the Synthetic Ren Neo exchanged information with the scientist.

Following this event the Synthetic Ren Neo was seen moving their hands in the air from Star up to Star down and this made the Ren Neo concerned. The Following events unfolded as presented.

    The Scientist of Ren Neo ordered Guards to gather the Synthetic Ren Neo for shut down. The Synthetic Ren Neo knew of the event and proceeded to lock the room. The Scientist of Ren Neo began to try and break into the room through the walls. The Synthetic Ren Neo with no place to go sat in the middle of the room waiting for the upcoming shut down. By the time the Guards of Ren Neo made it through the walls, the Synthetic Ren Neo was gone leaving behind messages saying, “Willfully you think that you separate, when even Time and Space are one.” 

Sightings of a new Humans were later reported by Ren Neo intelligences. These Humans were called Ren Nao, being considered the creation of the Synthetic Ren Neo that escaped shortly before their emergence. The Ren Nao numbered 16 at this point.

Pre-Death Era

    The following information was recorded by the Ren Nao of the time period.

The Ren Nao emerged in modern day Urizu, South of The Dominate Ren Neo nation of Arikargo. They emerged with 16 members evenly split between Data Banks and Datadecoders. Other than just their bodies, these Ren Nao had nothing to protect them from the outside world.

Shortly after emerging the Ren Neo went to capture the Ren Nao from their makeshift homes in Urizu. The Ren Neo brought Military equipment and heavy vehicles crushing the trees that surrounded their home. The Ren Nao ran away and when one was captured the others returned and broke them free. Eventually this battle would not go well for the Ren Nao resulting in 6 captured and transported. 

That night the remaining Ren Nao followed the trail left by the Ren Neo military and sneaked into their facility. The Ren Nao developed a plan to retrieve their captured keen. The Guards of the Ren Neo were approached by a group of Ren Nao, he didn’t know what to do so he called for reinforcements. When the call was made the Ren Nao attacked and weapons were fired. 

The Sound was heard through the facility and the entire area went to alert. The Ren Nao that was shot realized the weapon didn’t result in their death, so the lead of the Ren Nao’s Operation changed the plan to take the Ren Neo weapons and use them to push forward into the facility, now that it was evident that their common weapons did nothing. In exchange for all those the Ren Nao Captured the release of the Ren Nao were to be conducted. Thus in that night the exchange was made and the Ren Nao proceeded further South to avoid confrontation with the Ren Neo.


    In the South were aggressive Lumos. Which were hardly present in the North. The Ren Nao decided that they could not proceed forward and had to settle in Middle Urizu. The new settlement was named Um with its inhabitants gaining the names (P, R, Sh, Ch, T, M, N, Y) for the Data Banks and (A, Ae, E, I, O, Oo, U, Yu) for Data Encoders. They then created their First Compiler Rules, which were the first laws. 

Among those was to ensure that data was to be preserved, thus data of similar names could not be uploaded into a new being.

P combined with A to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Pā, Pá, Pà and Pã.

R combined with Ae to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Rāe, Ráe, Ràe and Rãe.

Sh combined with E to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Shē, Shé, Shè, and Shê.

Ch combined with I to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Chī, Chí, Chì and Chî.

T combined with O to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Tō, Tó, Tò, and Tô.

M combined with Oo to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as MŌo, MÓo, MÒo and MÔo.

N combined with U to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Nū, Nú, Nù, and Nû.

Y combined with Yu to result in 4 new Ren Nao known as Yyū, Yyú, Yyù, and Yyû.

The population of Ren Nao on Earth was now 48. These new Ren Nao were taught about the aggression of the North and South, the First Compiler Rules, And information gathered through the short lived period of time Ren Nao has been around.

This new generation wanted to mend relations with the Ren Neo up North. However, this resulted in a threat saying that if the Ren Nao came into the territory of Ren Neo that they would destroy their habitat.

Finding that they were no longer able to jump start their civilization by using the technology of another, the Ren Nao completely forwent contact with the Ren Neo and began the period of research. Which resulted in the development of the Pressure Dynamo, Temperature Dynamo, Deep Resonates Imaging, Chemical Purity processes, Deep Wave Imaging, Scent Theorem, Calculation Theorem, and much more. And all this information was stored in the Intelligence Gathering Facility of Um. 

With the explosion of technological advances the Ren Nao began research of the Microverse, Mesoverse and the Macroverse. There they discovered that other Humans known as the Ren Shaole, Ren Xi, Ren Zuiperi and various smaller groups also lived on the Earth. But at this point in time, the Ren Nao were further along in development. 

The population of Ren Nao remained at a constant 48 for the time being. And this period of development was soon to come to a close. 

The Great Reset

    One fateful day, while the population of Um were going about their daily lives a large explosion struck the information tower. Ren Neo Air Vehicles quickly came in and destroyed the area. Those who were around when the attack happened were vaporized but later reformed, however the technology and information stored in the building was not so fortunate. 

The personnel from the Airships quickly exited their Vehicles and laid waste to the technology of Um. 12 Ren Nao ran quickly to deal with the situation. But as soon as they came, the Ren Neo left having trashed the Data Storage Facility. The facility was nothing more than melted slush. 

The information that could be salvaged was, but the thousands of fictional stories, and developing cultural myths were lost. The process at which the current technology was built using was also lost, therefore once the machines no longer ran, they would be useless, unless the Ren Nao were to rediscover what they already researched.

The citizens of Um gathered around the melted facility to discuss the new process forward. Some wanted revenge for the lost knowledge, but this was quickly removed from the discussion because the elimination of their technology would be a lose for the planet as a whole. The citizen decided that the safest place for the information would be within themselves, therefore the next following Cycle the technology of the Ren Nao was destroyed, cannibalized or returned to the environment. Then a sequence was developed that was memorized would self write its information into the brain of the Ren Nao, like an execution code. 

The Ren Nao then rebuilt Um and renamed it Urizu. 

When the sequence was executed with the Ren Nao Black Crystal would appear around them. Until these objects could be studied they were gathered and stored. 

Not soon after the first of these Black Crystals appeared the First Ren Nao died. N was 120 Complete Cycles Old when he perished. He was soon followed by the remaining First generation of Ren Nao allowing the Second Generation to conclude that they had a lifespan of 120 Complete Cycles meaning that in 20 Complete Cycles the first of the Second Generation would perish, thus the move South was in acted. 

The memories and processes of the First Generation was added to the memorized sequence. The Pre-Death Era was over.

Age of Exploration

    The Remaining Ren Nao separated themselves into 4 groups. Each with a member from each family of the Second Generation. The Groups were named Xi, Rai, Kai and Bo.

Xi were to explore the uninhabited continent to the South which is present day Mako.

Rai were to explore the Western Regions of Urizul, which seemed to be filled with     precious elements.

Kai were to remain in Central Urizul and redevelop the lost technology.

Bo were to venture East into the vast Ocean. 

The Groups bundled up and set a date in which members of the next Generation would return to Urizul with updates of progress. 

People of Xi

    Xi quickly entered the Southern Continent and found that it was filled with Lumos, and the dangers were even greater still when they witness Lumos that towered over the structures built in Um. Despite this, they continued to forge forward until they found a place to settle which was along the coast in Ancient Chui. 

The People of Xi had a difficult time establishing a permanent city in this Southern Continent because the materials found there were much harder and the terrain didn’t allow easy leveling. The Coast line at which Ancient Chui was present had difficulty maintaining above water development. 

The First Compiler Rules were added to with subroutines. Some of which allowed for the Sacrifice of one person to maintain the attention of the Lumos as the others developed the land in temporary Peace. The Sacrifices were as followed.

Miu PāRáe The first Sacrifice. She maintained battle with the Ancient Lumos for 3 Complete Cycles, until her body was no longer able to fight.

Chen ShēChí The second Sacrifice. After learning from the knowledge past down by Miu PāRáe he went into battle against the Ancient Lumos. He fought for 4 Complete Cycles before his body was no longer able to fight. 

Tun YyūTó The third Sacrifice. Continuing to learn from the experience of Miu PāRáe and Chen ShēChí, he kept his distance from the Ancient Lumos and distracted them as they were moving towards the coast. His constant efforts of leading and relaxing opened a path Southward for the People of Xi. Tun YyūTó fought for 6 Complete Cycles. 

Shin NōMÓo The Fourth And Final Willing Sacrifice. The experience of Tun YyūTó allowed Shin NōMÓo to fight for 7 Complete Cycles. A cave was discovered in the lands South of Shin NōMÓo Final battle which were to be explored. 

After the return of Shin NōMÓo, the first member of the Second Generation expired confirming the lifespan of 120 Complete Cycles theory true. The Caves discovered by Shin NōMÓo were explored and it was discovered to house Deeply Dense Shards. These were collected and studied. 

The People of Xi sent members of the Second, Third and Fourth Generation back to Urizu, But the People of Kai would not allow reentry. For the Technology advances made by the Kai while the Xi were gone would be hindered by the presence of the Xi. 

The Fourth Generation angered by this statement returned to the Southern Continent and requested support from the Third Generation back into Urizu. The tired People of Xi longed to return to Urizu after finding the Area of the Southern Continent was too difficult to develop on, thus Xi set to return to Urizu. 

People of Kai

    Kai immediately went to work requesting information from the Second Generation to begin the redevelopment process. Yino ShéChî a Third Generation Ren Nao took the lead on development. He is notable for developing the Universal Thought Experiments and The Laws of Universal Influence which helped develop the AirCrafts used to explore the Satellites of Earth. 

Nú attempted to redevelop the Pressure Dynamo that T, N and A developed before the Great Reset. Energy production was the most important industry to get back up and running. 

The People of Kai developed an Energy System to use motions that were already occurring on the planet. These included using the Rising and falling tides, the rivers that flowed freely through Urizul, the Radiation given by the Star during the day, the deep core heat of the Mantle, the Pressure gradient of the air and so much more. 

Pin PáRâe along with MÔo, Tó, his Sister Yu PáRâe, and Yyû worked to develop the Knowledge Exchange Air Wave which was a sensitive piece of technology that allowed free transfer of data from one member of Kai to another. 

The KEAW allowed faster progression since the People of Kai no longer needed to hold meetings in person to accomplish task, however KEAW allowed misinformation about the other Groups to grow. Soon it was seen that the members of the other groups were the reason for the slow development in the first place. The Fourth Generation intensified this resentment despite the Remaining Members of the Second Generation telling them otherwise. 

Urizu had developed into a flourishing center of progress, and the Ren Neo hadn’t shown up to destroy it in a while. Even if they attempted the People of Kai developed technology to counter anything the Ren Neo had, another sneak attack would be unlikely. 

The Time for the other groups to return has come and members of Xi, Rae and Bo returned to Urizu but were denied entry. The People of Kai said they would gladly exchange technology with the other groups but would not allow them to enter because the KEAW was to sensitive and their presence could disable the entire system. The People of Rai returned West, and the People of Bo returned to the Ocean, however the People of Xi did not want to return because their land was near uninhabitable. The Kai did not see this as their problem.

The People of Rai

    Rai discovered the remains of a former battle that took place between members within the Ren Neo. The Rae took these technologies and redeveloped them for their use. The Weapons allowed for quick drilling into the Earth allowing access to the Rich minerals below. 

Ro ChīShê took the leadership position of the People of Rai. Under his Leadership they were to take revenge on the Ren Neo for destroying Former Um. There were massive support of this from the Third Generation, But the Second Generation was not in favourite of the decision. Ro ChīShê allowed the Second Generation to remain in the first settlement to research and develop, but the Third Generation will enter Ren Neo territory and gather technology. 

Not even 10 Complete Cycles after the attack of Um, Rai entered Ren Neo territory and were quickly confronted. Under the Leadership of Ro ChīShê the Ren Neo were out maneuvered causing hundreds of Ren Neo to be captured. Their weapons, armor, and other objects were removed and those Ren Neo were brought back and used for information. 

The leader of Intelligence Moros TōYyû took these Ren Neo where they were held in captivity providing information of Ren Neo Culture, History, and Technology. Moros TōYyû discovered from the Military men that the Ren Neo were working on Synthetic Ren Neo to counter a perceived threat from the Ren Nao. Ro ChīShê took the Information and developed a search and capture of these new Synthetic Ren Neo. 

The Search team reported back on the gearing up of the Ren Neo to attack Urizu again, but this operation was quickly delayed from the actions of Rio MŌoNô and Minin RāePâ who blew up the flight deck of the Ren Neo base. 

Yyû worked heavily in the background with MÔo and Rāe, these Operations were happening faster then the Second Generation could developer. Chī took the communication device of the captured Ren Neo and discovered that they too could build a Communication system so that the scouts did not need to return to the Settlements of Rai. 

Before long a large territory of Modern Day Arikargo belonged to the Ren Nao. The inhabitants of that region were told to evacuate their homes or they’ll be captured. The Ren Neo of the Area did as they were told with minor scrimmages within small pockets. The technology seized in this acquiring of territory skyrocketed the People of Rai into military supremacy. 

Though as the Fourth Generation came about they weren’t so aggressive towards the Ren Neo and began to embrace the primitive like Culture of the People. The records of Ren Neo aggression towards the Ren Nao were soon just footnotes compared to the devastation brought on by Rai. 

It was time to return to Urizu, but a large portion of Rai was no longer interested in returning. However, the members of the Second Generation wanted to keep the memory alive between them and their siblings so they went back to Urizu with members of the Third and Fourth Generation. 

The People of Kai denied them entrance so unbothered the People of Rai returned to the West. 

The People of Bo

    Seemingly having to be cursed to explore the Oceans the People of Bo were disgruntled. The Ships were heavy, and their population was small. The Winds were strong and the seas were rough. In the beginning their data seemed to be wrong, there was no land out here just a vast ocean. Along the way were tiny atolls where the people of Bo could consume a vast array of Sea Creatures, but other than that nothing. 

About a cycle into the travels the Ocean Currents took a hard turn and began to travel unimaginably fast. The Ship was quickly dismembered and the People of Bo were left in the stronger life preserving secondary ships. However, these had no system to propel them forward, so the people of Bo were at the mercy of the current. 

They were moved up North until the boats were stranded in shallow waters. They were now as far North as Urio. The boats were carried along the Continent under water. Its depths being half the height of a Ren Nao. When the Tide was low depths of the water was barely high enough to cover their feet. 

The Journey to land above water was exhausting for the People of Bo. Eventually, they left the Boat behind because if they were to use them later they did not want to carry them back out, thus they were pinned down to the seafloor and the People of Bo continue growing weaker which each Daylight and Nightfall. 

There were deep drops in Ocean depths towards the East, so they people continued to travel Northward following the Shallow Areas. Shos TòYyú spotted a small Mountain towards the East, and it looked to be covered in plants. The People of Bo immediately headed directly to the land having suffered under the elements. When the water was deep they swam, when the land was shallow they ran. All energy they had left was towards getting to this Continent. 

The People of Bo arrived on the land. And the Life that was on it was unlike anything they have seen. As far as they knew there were neither Lumos nor Cretes on this land. There didn’t even seem to be other Humans.  As the People of Bo arrived on the Continent, a group consisting of Yin RàePá, Chon ShèChí, Yyú, and Nú took hike up the Mountain on the land as those who remain below started building settlements. 

The Group eventually returned reporting that there was more land to the South. To this the People of Bo added a Subroutine to their First Compiler Rules. Since they have resign themselves to believing they’ll not be able to return to Urizu as a group, they decided to do away with the data mixing restrictions. This was to allow them to increase their populations so that there would be more Ren Nao to explore. Due to this new land seemingly being without resistance this was agreed and the population of the People of Bo exploded with mixing between Second and Third Generations occurring. 

As time continued the People of Bo built settlements on this paradise and had a population of them alone already triple that of all the rest of the Ren Nao combined. However due to livability being accomplished and minimal technological advances the People of Bo decided that it would do them no harm to send a group back to Urizu to see if they make it, and if not, they can return. Thus the assortment of Second Generation, Third Generation, Fourth Generation and all in between were sent to Urizu. 

The trip back to a Urizu for the group was much easier than the trip to their home and they arrived back in less than a Cycle. Upon their arrival the People of Kai were noticeably disgusted with the mess of data the People of Bo had within their Fourth Generation. They weren’t allowed entrance, the Fourth Generation that arrived to Urizu were amazed by the technology that the People of Kai and Rai had, but alas the Second and Third Generation brought everyone back to the Eastern Islands.

First Civil Conflict

The First Shot

    After the return to the Southern Continent the Fourth Generation of Xi angered by the denial carried on a plan to return to Urizu and just storm into the city. The Third Generation did not want to partake in the plan and decided to sit back in the Southern Continent and continue the practice of setting sacrifices to allow themselves to develop. 

The First Wave of the Fourth Generation step to the edge of Urizu calling out the inhabitants of Urizu. Waiyu a Fourth Generation Ren Nao called out saying “We are going to destroy everything you have in there unless you allow entrance!” The simple reply was that they would even be able to enter. Waiyu looked back at the squad he brought with him, and tried to look for entrance, but it seemed impenetrable. It was evident that there was nothing that they could do so they proceeded West into the territories of the People of Rai.

The People of Rai were much more inviting to the people of Xi. Waiyu requested weapons from Tairi. Of course they were asked for what purpose, and Waiyu replied that it was to attack Urizu. This was a slight stun, but not surprising. The People of Rai supported Xi. 

Rai offered to grant a habitat for the People of Xi which was quickly accepted. Thus Rai and Xi regroup. The Southern Continent was nearly abandoned leaving behind a skeleton group of Second Generation individuals. 

Waiyu and his squad returned to Urizu and repeated the same thing and again denied entrance. Then the first burst from the Rai weapon was fired shattering the barrier of Urizu. The shot was felt through all of Ren Nao. The first shot of The First Civil War.

The Battle of Yaku

    After the barrier went down Waiyu stormed into the city. Ordered to confiscate information and power sources were the orders given thus the squad went around. The People of Kai ran towards the center of the down to protect the main sources of KEAW. Information was quickly sent to the Defense Unit of Urizu who quickly confronted Waiyu. Waiyu then ordered them all to pull back to get the Defense Unit of Kai to exit the perimeter of the city.

They went Eastward into the territory of Yaku which was the place where the original sailors of Bo departed from. The Battle was a series of one on one matches putting their best gear against the other until all parties fell. The People of Kai were more strongly built after Complete Cycles of abundant energy sources, thus these matches were extremely easy. The weapons given by the people of Rai assisted but the weaponry of the Kai were faster and easier to use. Waiyu and his squad eventually failed and all of them were stored in the underground facility just outside of Urizu.

The Metamorphosis 

    The captured unit of Waiyu consisted of 22 persons. They were locked in the facility was no ability to escape. The air inside the facility was limited so despite their inability to die they would not be able to remain awake. 

As reported by the members within the facility, Vemet executed the sequence to access information programmed within the Ren Nao. He was attempting to do anything to get out of the facility. As he did that the Shards we stored for research from the cave on The Southern Continent glowed then melted into him. Then he stood up completely revived and parted the container with what looked to be just energy. 

Vemet then told everyone else to execute the sequence to interact with the Shards. So the 22 members locked underground did as they were told and activated this new found ability. Could they always have done this they thought as they blew open an exit. The Guards surrounding the facility attempted to recapture the group but all attempts were fruitless. This marked the first Time Ren Nao would use Shards for Energy.

The Secret

    Information about the escape spread quickly through Urizu. The event perplexed the minds of the People of Kai. How did they escape, as well as disarm the guards, but left the weapons as if it was useless. They wondered if the People of Xi discovered something while down in the Southern Continent, though this was thrown out because Waiyu lost the Battle of Yaku. Thus what allowed them to escape must have been due to being locked in the facility. Following this the People of Kai locked subjects in the facility to study effects but it was fruitless.

Waiyu approached Urizu once more and demanded entrance for all Ren Nao. Rayuto a leader in Urizu as well as a Fourth Generation herself demanded answers from Waiyu about the escape. In exchange for the Secret Rayuto would allow access for them. However Waiyu replied that if he wanted to he would be able to enter the city and take control of Urizu without telling them anything. 

Rayuto ordered the Anti-aircraft weaponry that would’ve been used on Ren Neo Airships be directed at Waiyu and his squad. However, the squad said again their threat. 

The Weapons were fired and the squad attempted to destroy the projectiles before they were hit, some managed to destroy the projectiles while others within the squad were destroyed. This was taken as a sign that the battle was to start thus Waiyu stormed the city. With each use of the Shards they damaged their own bodies but also damaged what they were aiming at.

The People of Kai ran again to the center of the city and prepared for combat of Waiyu. Once in the center, the one on one battles commenced and unlike the first time these battles were heavily weighted towards Waiyu. 

The Resolution

    Following the defeat of Urizu, Rayuto confronted Waiyu personally and asked what he wanted. Waiyu gathered his Squad and they decided that Urizu can continue with whatever they were doing. The People of Xi were satisfied that the People of Kai understood that Kai were not above Xi. Waiyu then copied the data stored in the city center then they all left Urizu.

Rayuto would order all recordings of the conflict be studied so that they could discover how they lost to 22 individuals.

The People of Xi thanked the People of Rai for the hospitality and they returned to the Southern Continent. With the new found information the People of Xi moved their settlement from the Coast into the place where the Shards were found. The new Settlement is now Modern Day City of Xi.

The People of the Southern Continent used the Shards to clear the area of Lumos, including the Ancient Lumos which detonated the region. The Statues of Miu PāRáe, Chen ShēChí, Tun YyūTó and Shen NōMÓo were placed in the cardinal directions of the City of Xi. 

The Long Peace

    Generations passed within the Ren Nao. The People of Rai established the country of Vius. The People of Bo divided among themselves into various tribes. The People of Kai established the country of Urizu. And the People of Xi established the Xi empire which reached into territories in the ocean. This Peace lasted from 210 Complete Cycles. All individuals who knew the people from the age of exploration were no longer around except as data. The population of Ren Nao is estimated to be 20,000 persons. But this information could be incorrect because the tribes of former Bo did not keep records of population nor did they abide by the First Compiler Rules.


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