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Jieruresi Republic

Capital City: Reinon City

Population: 470,851,210 (62% Ren Shaole, 31% Ren Zuiperi, 7% Ren Xi)

Average Temperature: 24C

Notable Landmarks: Capital World Center, 4 Pillars of Freedom and Justice

The Jieruresi Republic was founded after the collapse of The United Eastern Empire. Former Unisus States became independent Nations for a short period of time. The Suminiatini Empire then forcibly began to annex these states through their superior Military Might. Due to the recent collapse of UEE, there were no unified military strong enough to prevent this that actually cared. The Reinon State put aside their differences with its neighbors and began to form larger fighting groups to attack with guerilla warfare. After a short lived war the Suminiatini Empire ended their expansion East, and the remaining States of the Former Unisus formed The Jieruresi Republic. The Society is controlled by Elected Leaders of each State. The Jieruresi Republic tried to influence the region with its new found strength however after the arrival of Ren Neo in Vlagora these ambitions ended.

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