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Capital City: Onyuumon

Population: 3,811,099 (52% Ren Zuiperi, 47% Ren Shaole, >1% Other)

Average Temperature: 20C

Notable Landmarks: Lake Kinyan

Part of Former Oure, after its collapse Kima and Vlagora were founded. Kima still has close relations with Vlagora with a main difference being in the power structure of the government. Kima being controlled by a Council of the Top 10 Most Educated Citizens which typically leads to the government being controlled by wealth. Kima is a Hydroelectric based Society with 88% of its energy being generated by Lake Kinyan. Kima has had the benefit of technological exchange with Vlagora. In exchange for technology Kima gives Arts. Kima has a very unstable relationship with both the Jieruresi Republic and Suminiatini Federation over ownership of Lake Kinyan.


Following the fall of The United Northern Empire, and then with former Oure the Kinyan and Wyan People reformed the former Wyan Dynsaty and created the Kima State. The Old Royal Family was given their Power back and Kima was now formally a Nation in the region.

Shortly after the formation of Kima the Suminiatini Empire had already begun their expedition Northward taking on both the Nation States that would eventually form the Jieruresi Republic and Kima. 

Kima lost much of the territory to the South which connected Kima to modern day Marian South making the Suminiatini Empire its Southern Neighbor. Kima received information that the Suminiatini had their mind set to continue Northward until they reached Lake Kinyan.

Queen Ko’ Opanian of the Kima Royal Family began a mission to build a Wall between the Lake and the Grasslands to prevent the Suminiatini Expansion. The mineral resources that were rich in Kima were used to build this great structure. However the relentless attack from the Suminiatini Empire continuously destroyed the progress being made. And Kima completely lost the Southern Portion of the Nation surrounding the Southern Half of Lake Kinyan.

The Ruins of Queen Ko’ Opanian Wall still reside along the Southern Portion of Kima.

Queen Ko’ Opanian joined in the War and Queen Ko’ Varak replaced her as the Leader of Kima. Queen Ko’ Varak attempted to make an agreement with the Leader of the Suminiatini Empire. However there was nothing that she could do to stop their advancement. The Lake provided a boost in Argriculture Development in the Dry Suminiatini Region thus giving up the vital resource would only happen through War.

Queen Ko’ Varak, King Ko’ Torok, Queen Ko’ Kiminaki all perished during the Suminiatini Empire Expansion from 900 Years Ago. During the reign of  Queen Ko’ Lancul, Vlagora signed an agreement with the Reinon State and Reinon added Military pressure to the South-Eastern Portion of the Suminiatini Empire granting Queen Ko’ Lancul respreve from the constant warfare.

In appreciation Queen Ko’ Lancul met with Emperor Kai’Tayak of Vlagora and gave their nation control over the Kodenpo River. In this good faith agreement Vlagora and Kima no longer were uneasy neighbors.

Queen Ko’ Lancul organized the Kima Military to push against the Suminiatini Forces that remained around Lake Kinyan. The Suminiatini Empire lost various battles in the area and eventually gave up control of the area and ceded the lands back to Kima.

The Southern Families wanted to continue to push Southward into the Old Kima lands that the Suminiatini Empire still held but that land was arid and Queen Ko’ Lancul did not wish to risk weakening her forces for near useless lands even if it was ancestral.

Queen Ko’ Lancul leadership was inherited by her daughter Queen Ko’ Pacio. With the Suminiatini Empire no longer expanding the decade was filled with the growing wealth from trade between Kima and Vlagora. And Queen Ko’ Pacio moved the Capital from its war position to Onyuumon which was located in the North and overlooked Lake Kinyan. 

The Trade system was interrupted and the agreement between Kima and Vlagora was cut. The Kima Military reported that the Wealthy Family of Vlagora had been rounded up and Vlagora had a new government. Queen Ko’ Pacio was said to be so upset with this news that she immediately rounded up a military larger than that which Former Queen Ko’ Opanian had against the Suminiatini Empire and marched them directly North into Vlagora and destroyed the New Capital of the New Vlagora Government. 

Queen Ko’ Opanian released the Wealthy Family from their prison and ordered Martial Law within Vlagora effective making Vlagora a territory of Kima. Under this Martial Law Vlagora rebuilt their Old Capital and Kima emptied money from Vlagora into the Kima. And with this Queen Ko’ Pacio built the World Gardens around the Kodenpo River.

Queen Ko’ Pacio built Kima into a PowerHouse in the region and the Reinon State was unable to convince Kima to join the alliance. The Reinon State was also unable to get Vlagora to join for Vlagora was under the control of Kima.

Decades passed as Kima remained the decided power in the region. Marian in the East was closed off completely and were dealing with internal conflicts within their borders. The Reinon States were in constant battles with the Suminiatini Empire and Vlagora was nothing more than a revenue source. As the pseudo Oure Nation was in full operation.

The Reinon States had merged into a single entity called The Jieruresi Republic 600 N.Years ago and began to attack the Eastern Portion of Vlagora. This region was hard to maintain for Kima so Queen Ko’ Lownania allowed the Jieruresi Republic to take the huge portion away from the poor farmers in the East.

Queen Ko’Lownania was in a position where her leadership was ceremonial. The true power of Kima was with the Royal Family, the cousins of the Queen which built up wealth from the Vlagoran Occupation.

The Jieruresi Republic pushed Westward towards Lake Kinyan and the Royal Family sold that portion of the Nation to the Jieruresi Republic and Kima lost control over a third of the Lake. The citizens who lived in that region flooded towards the South of Kima resulting in the Housing Crisis in the region.

The Kima government did not have the money to solve this situation and Queen Ko’ Lownania demanded information on where the government’s money went. She then passed the Security and Investment Act which gave the Government that ability to look into the monetary accounts of the Government Officials.

The Royal Family deposed the powerless Queen and installed Queen Ko’ Fah as the new Ruler who was part of the Royal Family and thus had a direct line to leadership. Queen Ko’ Lownania was exiled to the Northern Region of Vlagora. 

During the reign of Queen Ko’ Fah the Puppet State of Vlagora again was no longer sending investments to Kima. Thus Queen Ko’ Fah sent the Kima Military into Vlagora to handle the situation. However, with no data returned the entire expedition was lost. 

Data from the news of Vlagora informed the Kima Government that Vlagora was conquered by a new set of explorers who looked nothing like those in the region, and those who had weapons that seemed like true Magic.

Queen Ko’ Fah sent a proposal to the Explorers but it was ignored. Thus Queen Ko’ Fah captured the Wealthy Family of Vlagora and handed them to the Explorers. And the explorers again ignored the gesture. 

The new government officials of Vlagora met with Queen Ko’ Fah and threatened to take control of Kima with their new found military might. And they presented the Royal Family with the information that they defeated the Jieruresi Republic with Zero Casualties.

Being threatened, Queen Ko’ Fah ordered the capture of these messengers and had them executed. Information received by the Kima Military informed the Royal Family that only the New Arrivals in the North had the Military power and that the rest of the country was incredibly weak.

This sent a strong message to Vlagora that Kima did not want to work with the new Government. Vlagora then closed afterward ending their relationship.

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