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Marian North

Capital City: Dia

Population: 21,900,303 (90% Ren Zuiperi, 10% Ren Shaole)

Average Temperature: 12C

Notable Landmarks: Lake Wyman, Stones of Tim, Dian River

Marian North is the most Northern Nation on Northern Earth. It is an Alpha Monarchy, with a council made up of 12 families which consult the ruling matriarch. It was established as a result of War with the now Marina South, which it won ownership of Lake Wyman as well as independence. The War was started due to the Prior Marian Government attempting to switch the Monarchy in favour of Alpha Democratic Selections, putting the disadvantaged Female Ren Zuiperi in Political Limbo. The Capital was then moved further North,to Dia, to prevent a Blitz attack from the Ren Shaole of Marian South.

History of Marian North:

Following the Marian Civil War, Marian North split from Marian South. Marian North is the portion of Former Marian that surrounds Lake Wyman. Along with this possession Marian North also received Old Historical Relics such as the Stones of Tim, and the Ruins of the Dian People along the Dian River in the North. 

The Royal Family of Former Marian stayed in power and built a propaganda agency to spread the glory of the Royal Family throughout the public schools of Marian North. Due to the Civil War many Ren Shaole citizens became displaced due to the aggressors from Marian South primarily being of the Ren Shaole species. The Government built Communities to house these displaced citizens. The environment in these communities were watched heavily by Government Officials, but this did not stop the Communities from being one of the most violent areas of Marian South, primarily the Capital District of Dea.

During the Age of Immortality the Queen of Marian North, Queen Ra’Kovan, had the propaganda agency spread that Immortality was a gift given to her citizens by her power and as long as the citizens obeyed her laws they would continue to live without the fear of death. 

When the Age of Immortality ended the citizens revolted and ravaged the streets. The Queen was deposed of and replaced by her daughter, Queen Ra’Yakan. Queen Ra’Yakan sent Government police throughout the Northern Cities around the capital to arrest protestors and suspected protestors (Mostly of Ren Shaole Decent). These Protestors were sent to the Camps in the furthest North portion of the country against the ocean. 

Envoys from Marian South attempted to make an agreement with Queen Ra’Yakan’s government but she declined their offer to take the refugees. Queen Ra’Yakan created the Refugee Solution which was to transport all the suspected Ren Shaole and Ren Zuiperi sympathisers to an artificial island in the Northern Ocean. This document was leaked to the public as an extermination attempt that was to be blamed on Marian South. Following the reveal the Propaganda Agency attempted to spin it as fake information but eventually Queen Ra’Yakan was replaced by her sister Ra’Darvari.

Queen Ra’Darvari signed an agreement with Marian South President, Dr. Yuani, for free travel between Marian North and South for Ren Shaole and individuals with Ren Shaole ties. These agreements allowed for the removal of the Ren Shaole ghettos. The Propaganda Agency was reformed to be the Fellowship Agency that was to promote unity between the groups within Marian North and have Marian North seem as the beacon of Northern Earth for Globalization despite Marian North being more shut off than most Nations in the region.


Marian North shares its borders with Vlagora and Kima to the East, and Marian South and the Suminiatini Federation to the South. The lands of Marian South are split between Temperate Forest (Around Lake Wyman), Coastal Lands (Along the Northern Ocean) and Dry Grasslands (In the South). The temperature of Marian North ranges from -10C in the Winter and 30C in the Summer. These temperature varieties allowed Marian North to grow a vast array of plants within their borders. The first civilization to develop within former Marian developed in Marian North along the Dian River which when the floods receded gave the lands a boost in fertile soil.


Marian North is an Alpha Monarchy. The Royal Family, primarily the Head Matriarch has final say in all laws that approaches her desk. The Royal Family is followed by Leaders populated by the best performing families in the State’s University called the Royal Guards.

The Royal Guards are to ensure that the laws of the Queen are being followed. This is done by creating local laws in their appointed districts. The Queen’s law superseded all Royal Guard laws. This came into debate when Queen Ra’Yakan was revealed to be shuttlelling Ren Shaole to the North. The Royal Guards of the Southern Districts tried to argue that the citizens of the Southern Districts were protected by the power given to them by Queen Ra’Kovan. However Queen Ra’Yakan made sure that her law was the highest authority that supersedes even prior Queen’s Law. These Royal Guards were replaced and sent North.

In the Modern Day current Matriarch, Queen Ra’Darvari is in charge of all aspects of Marian North Law. The Royal Guard are to enforce those laws and the Council Croup are to survey and propose laws.

Foreign Relations:

Marian North is in no Military Alliances. They are in a Visa Agreement of Free travel for Ren Shaole peoples with Marian South. Marian North is an economic powerhouse in the North-Western Regions of the Continent. Marian South has multiple agreements with the Suminiatini Federation, Joao, Xibao and the Jieruresi Republic for Cold weather fruits and wildlife.

Armed Forces:

The Marian North military is broken up into 3 Branches: the Aerial Assault Branch, Foreign Covert Branch and Land to Sea Assault Branch. The armed forces are made of about 1.2 Million Active Troops mainly posted along the Southern Border. The Armed Forces of Marian North were vital to the win for Marian North in the Marian Civil War and the Suminiatini World War prior.

The Weapons of Marian North are fully made within the borders which put them at a disadvantage against their Southern Neighbors in the Modern Day, however because of the Marian South buffer Marian North is able to have superior numbers against the Suminiatini Federation. Along the Eastern Border Vlagora and Kima are both non-aggressors thus Marian North doesn’t guard as heavily.


Marian North has an Extremely robust agricultural and wildlife economy. Marian North’s main export is wood from the Pamili Sima tree. Marian North ranks among the lowest in economic power houses in the region due to its closed off nature but because of that it also has the lowest debt in the area and thus doesn’t need to support other regions in their economic endeavors. 

Transport is primarily along the Marian North State Super Highways. These Highways transport across Lake Wyman. Only commercial vehicles are allowed to transport along this route. To get a commercial vehicle however isn’t difficult; it’ll just cost the applicant a high monetary value which is used to fund the repairs for the Highway.

The GDP of Marian North remains leveled ever since Queen Ra’Darvari took control after the economic collapse following the End of the Age of Immortality.

Science and Technology:

*Scientific Discoveries were done when Marian North and Marian South were both part of Former Marian. Thus Scientific Contributions can not be allocated to one country or another. Refer to Technology to see which Inventors came from the Former Marian.


Marian North has a population of 21,900,303 (90% Ren Zuiperi, 10% Ren Shaole). Among the Ren Zuiperi Species there are primarily 3 Ethnic Groups: the Dea Peoples (70%), the Wyan Peoples (21%) and the Sanglan Peoples (9%).

Among the Ren Shaole Species it is primarily one Ethinic group: the Ya Peoples (99%)

The total fertility rate across Marian North is 1.2 children per Woman. Marian North is undergoing population decline as the political environment is not conducive to repopulation as compared to the days of Former Marian when the TFR was 2.3 children per woman. The average age among Ren Zuiperi in Marian North is 88 N.Years (41 S.Years). And among the Ren Shaole it is 74 N.Years (35 S.Years).


Marian North has 4 Main Languages: Northern Common Language, Dea Dialect, Wyanese, and Yan. 92% of the population speaks Northern Common Language has their mother tongue, followed by Dea Dialect at 7% and Yan at 1%. Among those who understand the Northern Common Language is 98%, the Dea Dialect is at 66% and Yan is 12%.


The Religion of Marian North is 80% Matriarch Diatic. Prior to the End of the Age of Immortality the number of believers was nearly 99%. 7% of Marian North Citizens follow Tierianity, 5% follow Diapathy and 8% are undecided. The official religion of the country is Matriarch Diatic.


The average life expectancy of Marian North is 133 N.Years among the Ren Zuiperi and 121 N.Years among Ren Shaole. Death in Marian North is usually the result of Organ Failure. Though in the region Marian North has the highest rate of blunt force trauma death. Drowning follows the highest cause of death outside of internal body issues with 9% of all death from Drowning.

33% from Heart Failure, 30% Various Organ Failures (Other than Brain and Heart), 12% from Brain Failure, 9% from Drowning, 6% from Construction accidents, 4% from animal to human transmitted diseases, 2% Homicide/Suicide.


Education is required for all Ren Zuiperi from 5 N.Years to 24 N.Years and for Ren Shaole from 3 N.Years to 20 N.Years. Marian North scores lowest among countries with Ren Zuiperi Humans in Ease of Acquisition of Information Testing. And among the bottom 5 with populations that have Ren Shaole Populations.

Religious and Political Indoctrination is a course requirement among all education institutions. 

The State Universities are only open to Royal Family Members and Royal Guard Members. The Top Universities outside of the State Universities are only open for top performing Ren Zuiperi.


The Culture of Marian North is split among the Ethnic Groups of Marian North: The Dea, Wyan, Sanglan.

The Dea Peoples eat Oceanic Seafood wrapped tightly in flavoured cloth. The preparation of these dishes are to be served with a side of chopped fruits and a chilled drink. This Chilled Drink is typically very salty and has tightly coiled water vegetation along the bottom.

Dea people observe 2 Main Holidays: The Breeding Festival and the New Age Festival. The Breeding festival is celebrated by throwing food into the water to give thanks for the plentiful meals of the year. And the New Age Festival is a feast for the New Year. During the Breeding Festival people dress in light loose clothing and the New Age Festival is done in old clothes which are to be replaced at Sunset.

The Wyan people eat FreshWater Seafood prepared inside of hollowed out heated plant stems. The dishes are served with a strong Umami Flavour and Pickled leafy vegetables. The drink is typically warm and Tea-like with Fresh water plants as the flavouring.

Wyan People take part in the New Age Festival, but not the breeding festival. During the New Age Festival the Wyan people prepare huge tables of food and give gifts of New Clothes.

The Sanglan People’s Cuisine is served wrapped in a heated reed which would house seafood and other meat. This dish is served with a side of grains which had been crushed into nearly a paste. The reed is to be used as a utensil to move these grains into your mouth. Their dishes are also very savory. 

The Yan People were not allowed to practice their culture within Marian North. But the Yan People populate Marian South heavily.

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