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Marian South

Capital City: Asso’an

Population: 3,412,891 (75% Ren Shaole, 22% Ren Zuiperi, 3% Ren Xi)

Average Temperature: 21C

Notable Landmarks: Asso’an Metropolitan District, Bottomless Well

Marian South is mostly a desert country, landlocked between Marian North and Corinan(Suminiatini Federation). Marian South is an Alpha Democratic Nation, which elects its leaders from the highest performing citizens. Asso’an was built very rapidly due to a Civil War which caused the North to become Marian North. The peoples of Marian South celebrate a vast array of holidays, the largest of which is “Conjiu” which is “The Reset”. On this day all citizens go out into their communities and wash dust, rust, and organism from structures; then repaint if needed.

Fast Fact: Marian South only has one water source which is an Oasis in which Asso’an is built on. The rest of the country receives water through extremely deep wells from which water is drawn from the artificial aquifers built underground. Lake Wyman was previously its main source of water however Marian North took possession of it following their victory.

History of Marian South:

Following the Marian Civil War, Marian South was relegated to the desert grassland of the Former Marian by the Marian North Government as part of the cease-fire agreement. Marian South would be given the land in exchange for defensive focus on the Suminiatini Federation border. Due to overwhelming victory by the Royal Family Military the Democratic Liberation was forced into this contract.

The Defeat left the Democratic Liberation to travel deep within the interior of the Southern regions where they lost 13% of their population due to dehydration. And another 32% fled into the Siminiatini Federation. It wasn’t until surveyors came across an Oasis that the Government of Marian North could form.

Quickly after Marian North established the Capital City of Asso’an and began a rapid development program. The country underwent a massive upheaval in civil engineering. The first President was elected, Dr. Yuma, who established the Development Agency, Education Council, International Relations Agency and Dietary Administration.

In the beginning of President Dr. Yuma’s regime many citizens fell dead from heat exhaustion and poor agricultural yields. The farmers of Marian South were used to growing lush vegetation along Lake Wyman and were unable to grow their vegetation in this new desert climate. 

The Yan People who lived in the region before the Marian Civil War were unable to assist the massive increase in population brought upon by the forced relocation. Luck would smile on Marian South as the Age of Immortality began when things began to become bleak. The Age of Immortality allowed the Marian South government to forego many health and safety regulations until they established the foundation of the country.

President Dr. Yuma signed an agreement with the Suminiatini Federation for a technological exchange. Where there would be no copyright restrictions between the two nations especially among their mutual Ren Shaole Populations. This exchange allowed the Suminiatini Federation to send workers to Marian South to build the deep Water Aquifers so that the population of Marian South could spread across the region.

When President Dr. Yuma Presidential Contract had run out the Citizens Elected Dr. Yuani to take control. Dr. Yuani changed the focus of Marian South from Civil Engineering to Higher Level Education. Universities began to pop up throughout the country and the enrollment numbers skyrocketed.

Marian South also signed a Technological Agreement with Kima and the Jieruresi Republic. Through these two nations Marian South was able to receive access to the Knowledge Network hosted by Vlagora. The agreement gave the Jieruresi a Secret Military Alliance with Marian South in case the Suminiatini Federation attempted to attack. 

The Age of Immortality Ended and Marian South’s Universities were hit extremely hard. The Students and Teachers within those facilities had been exposed to a variety of dangerous substances which during the Age of Immortality had no affect. Marian South did not know initially what was the cause and the President Dr. Yuani ordered a shut down of the government and to have everyone stay in their homes. 

The Shutdown lasted for just 2 days before President Yuani announced to the Marian South citizens that the age of Immortality was over and to return to caution. President Dr. Yuani then signed the Safety and Regulations act which was to form a Sub Agency under the Development agency named Health and Safety Branch. This Branch went throughout the Marian South Metropolitan Areas and checked whether the buildings had proper safety precautions. This cost the country a high monetary value but Dr. Yuani made this a primary promise.

The Suminiatini Federation after the End of the Age of Immortality informed Marian South that they have information that Marian North were transporting the Yan Ethnic Group up North to be terminated. President Dr. Yuani sent envoys to Queen Ra’Yakan of Marian North to get the Yan Ethnic Minorities permission to travel into Marian South. Queen Ra’Yakan declined the offer and signed a pact of aggression against Marian South due to their attempts to intervene in Marian North political Affairs.

President Dr. Yuani used the International Relations Agency to attempt their first attack on Marian North. The International Relations Agency gained access to the Secret Documents of the Royal Family’s Database and released that information to the Marian North Public. This information sparked outrage among the Marian North Population. The Marian North Government quickly suspected that it was Marian South who was responsible. Queen Ra’Yakan attempted to have the Southern Royal Guard attack Marian South but this order was refused eventually causing Queen Ra’Yakan to be replaced by Queen Ra’Darvari.

President Dr. Yuani quickly signed an agreement with Queen Ra’Darvari to allow free transportation to and from Marian North for the Ren Shaole population. The agreement stipulated that the Ren Shaole who enter Marian South from Marian North must be given a job upon their entrance and that they could not return to Marian North unless they had monetary value. This agreement was agreed on for it ensured that the Yan people would be granted security. 

The Suminiatini Federation signed an agreement with Marian South for the Yan people to also be allowed to migrate within their borders. This agreement between the 3 Nations is known as the Yan Fellowship agreement. The Ren Zuiperi primarily those in the Suminiatini Federation did not appreciate such agreements based on Ethnic Category. The Tension between the two nations slowly is growing to the modern day.


Marian South is landlocked between Marian North and the Suminiatini Federation. Its climate is a Desert Grassland. Marian North rarely receives any rainfall causing the soil to be extremely arid. Marian South has disappearing Oases along its border but the only permanent one is located at Asso’an.


Marian South is an Alpha Democracy. Candidates are selected automatically from a pool of the Highest Achieving members of Society. From that selection the candidates compete against one another for votes.

The Checking Agency ensures that the laws created by the president are sensible and just. The Civil Agency proposes and votes on laws that are to be sent to the president. The President may decline to pass a law but if the Civil Agency has a majority in favour in each of the parties present then the law passes. 

President Dr. Yuani is looking to be replaced by either Dr. Lourde or Dr. Yu. Dr. Lourde is running on the platform for Marian South self dependency and Dr. Yu is for Marian South globalization. Favour is still with Dr. Yu at the moment.

Foreign Relations:

Marian South is in a Military Alliance with the Jieruresi Republic. Marian South is in a Technological Alliance with Kima, the Suminiatini Federation and the Jieruresi Republic. Marian South is in a Visa Agreement with Marian North and the Suminiatini Federation called the Yan Fellowship Agreement.

Armed Forces:

Marian South has two main Armed Forces: Covert Operations within the International Relationship Agency and the Self-Defense Force. Participation in the armed forces is mandatory once a citizen graduates from Secondary School. The Armed Forces number 470,201 Active Members.

Marian South has its borders patrolled often. Both Marian North and the Suminiatini Federation have been aggressors in the past. The Alliances between the 3 Nations are always in a state of limbo.

Marian South currently has Active Members within the Jieruresi Republic training with their Military as part of their Military Alliance. The Jieruresi Republic has 3 Bases within the Marian South Border.


Despite its small size Marian South has a high GDP. The nations serve as a crossroads of good between Nations which are typically aggressive towards one another. Marian South serves as the middle man in many of these transactions and makes Monetary growth from this without the need to create products themselves.

Marian South economy is constantly growing and is a wise investment among the wealthy in the neighboring nations. Marian South is ensured partial safety due to the investments. However, confidence in its existence in the next 100 N.Years is not high. Many investors predict that Marian South will be forcibly annexed by the Suminiatini Federation, the Jieruresi Republic, Marian North or even the Pinitur Federation.

Marian South has an extremely High Standard of living. Within the Northern Nations Marian South is Third behind Kima and Vlagora.

Science and Technology:

*Scientific Discoveries were done when Marian North and Marian South were both part of Former Marian. Thus Scientific Contributions can not be allocated to one country or another. Refer to Technology to see which Inventors came from the Former Marian.


Marian South has a population of 3,412,891 (75% Ren Shaole, 22% Ren Zuiperi, 3% Ren Xi). With two primary ethnic groups: The Majority Yan People (Ren Shaole) and the Sanglan People (Ren Zuiperi). 

The Sanglan People occupy the Western Portion of Marian South. The Majority of Yan People were pushed Southward as the Wyan People moved into the Eastern Portion of Lake Wyman.

Marian South’s Fertility rate is 2.1 children per Woman. There is a slow growth in population as well as a steady increase in the standard of living for the new generation. The average age in Marian South is 73 N.Years (34 S.Years) among Ren Shaole and 80 N.Years (38 S.Years).


Marian North has 3 Main Languages: Northern Common Language, Yan, and Sanglese. 98% of the population speaks Northern Common Language as their mother tongue, followed by Yan at 1.8% and Sanglese at 1%. Among those who understand the Northern Common Language is 99%, Yan is at 87% and Sanglese is 29%.


62% of Marian South Citizens follow Tierianity. The Religion of Matriarch Diatic was lost among the majority after the Marian Civil War. Those who kept their religious belief choose to remain and sacrifice themselves to remain in Marian North. 

The remaining Citizens lost their belief all together and followed a secular style or they picked up the religion of the Sanglan People who already occupied the area.


The average life expectancy of Marian South is 134 N.Years among the Ren Zuiperi and 123 N.Years among Ren Shaole. Death in Marian South is usually the result of Organ Failure. Early in the development of Marian South the greatest death was due to starvation and dehydration. However now, after Organ Failure, the primary cause of death is Accidental Occupational Hazards.

61% from Heart Failure, 12% Various Organ Failures (Other than Brain and Heart), 9% from Brain Failure, 10% from Construction accidents, ~8% from animal to human transmitted diseases, 1% Homicide/Suicide.


Primary and Secondary Education are mandatory for all citizens in Marian South. All students begin school at 3 N.Years and continue for 20 N.Years. 

Marian South scores High among its neighbors falling behind Kima and Vlagora in Ease of Acquisition of Information Testing. Those students who graduate in the highest 5% of their classes are offered positions in government which may count towards their Mandatory Military Service.

Marian South has the highest density per population of Universities. These Public Universities are paid entirely by the Marian South Government and Students who are in Majors that are needed in Society get paid to be part of those classes.

Educational courses such as International Politics and Ethnic Diaspora History are required at all grade levels. Business Transaction and Civil Engineering are taught nearly as likely only in Physical Sciences are these courses not included.


Marian South celebrates a day called Conjiu which comes from the Wyan Culture’s version of New Age and the Yan Culture of “The Great Polish”. 

In the Yan tradition families would take out a giant boulder from within their house and polish it until it shines as brightly as the Star. This was done to show the Ancestors that they are welcome to return to the homes of their descendants.  

Conjiu is a day when all citizens take a day off of work and school to clean, fix and polish all structures, roads, and homes of the country. Following the day of cleaning people return to their homes and eat a feast late into the night and into the early morning, and rest the following day.

Conjiu is recognized by the Marian South government. All other Cultural celebrations are done by each individual ethnic group and family on their own time.

The Yan People in Marian South serve their meals with a huge presentation of fruit and nuts. The center of the meal table has a nut paste that is spread on the fruits to be eaten. The Yan diet consists of very little meat. 

In the Southern Portion of the Yan People Fruits are typically replaced with root vegetables. The meals of the Yan People are sweet to sour.

The Sanglan People in the area eat seafood that they typically import from the Suminiatini Federation.  In place of seafood they will eat fowl. The diet of the Sanglan people in this region air on the side of savory.

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