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Pamili Sima

Average Height: 50m

Average Mass: 15000kg

This tree resembles an evergreen. It grows in areas where the temperature ranges from -10C to 20C. Pamili Sima grows a hard seeding case that drops when the temperature falls below -10C. The seeds then wait until the temperature reaches 5C to sprout, which it would then rapidly grow about 1m every 10 days. The leaves of Pamili Sima are like dull needles, with its top half being green and the bottom half being black. The branches of Pamili Sima are rather fragile.

Ze Pamili Sima

Average Height: 4cm

Average Mass: 10g

This hard shell casing houses a black seed in mostly empty space. The area around the black seed is foam like and provides insulation for the seed. When shaken there is an audible rattling. When the inside of the casing becomes too warm it cracks open releasing the seed.

Fast Fact: Pamili Sima due to its extremely fast growth cycle was used as building material by the Ren Zuiperi. However, this practice ended quite recently.

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