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Qa Dimara

Average Height: 1m

Average Mass: 4kg

Found in the most wet of regions. Qa Dimara releases a sweet aroma into the humid air. This plant has purple leaves and a red bulb at the base of its stem. This bulb is covered in a sweet sticky nectar which traps small creatures to be slowly pulled down and digested. This plant has short shallow roots. Its survival is specialized for life in the deep forest interior where it has access to very little light solar radiation.

The gel is made from protein and fructose sugar. The colour is due to blood cells that combine with these sugars. This was designed to allow the plant to lure and trap nutrient rich blood sucking animals into its bulb.

Fast Fact: The purple leaves are primarily made from the remains of the small digested creatures mixed with a glue like membrane which dries and becomes this bright purple. So it’s using the corpse of prior victims to lure new ones.

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