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Sarina Garada

Average Height: 35m

Average Mass: 60000kg

Found throughout regions with humid climates. This tree has a dense array of giant colourful leaves. These leaves are to attract smaller animals to go underneath the leaves and devour the fruit. The tiny seeds found within the fruit then absorb the nutrients from the animal’s gut. Upon completion of absorption the seed releases a laxative allowing the seed to begin germination. Sarina Garada was used for early pigments, until structural pigments came into fashion.

Ze Sarina Garada

Average Height: 22cm

Average Mass: 2kg

Extremely sweet fruit with dozens of seeds located inside. The skin of this fruit has a texture like a sponge and absorbs the moisture in the air like one. This fruit was used as medicine to cure a wide range of intestinal disease and parasites.

Fast Fact: The age of the tree can be determined by the colour range of its leaves. The leaves begin yellow then as the tree ages those leaves become darker and absorb different light.

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