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Average Mass: 5g

Average Energy Potential Readily Available: 

  • Generic Shard: 18PJ (Petajoules)
  • Amber Shard: 70PJ (Petajoules)
  • Bucky Shards: 1 EJ (Exajoules)
  • Ice Lattice Shard: 1.1 EJ (Exajoules)

Shards are the basis of all advanced civilizations on Northern Earth outside of Ren Nao. The Shards are a result of the Planet being hit directly with a Gamma Ray Burst of a far off Pulsar. The atomic structure of the affected molecules on the surface crystalized in an exceptionally unlikely configuration which allowed photons to be trapped within its structure. The world eventually cooled and the surface cracked, and the Shards were buried under biomass and water. The creatures called Lumos would mimic the structure that gave rise to these shards in their abiogenesis.

Fast Fact: To access the energy stored in a Shard you must break the molecular structure of the crystal. The output of energy from this is in the order of Petajoules of energy. Ren Nao’s bodies are naturally able to break these bonds and handle the energy output. All others must build machines to remain safe when using.

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