Beruta, the Curious

Marching Orders

Beruta, a citizen of the Suminatini Federation on the Main Continent, is undergoing Physical Training in the early morning of the day.

“Step by Step is how we show! That the Suminatini Military is good to go!” The Leading Staff Sergeant calls out to the formation that is running. Beruta is in the front with the other Officers.

The platoon runs up the hills near the base. Continuing this morning workout for at least 15 Kilometers.

“What’s gotten into Staff Sergeant?” Beruta asked Lt. Yugan.

Lt. Yugan is having a difficult time keeping up the pace. As Officers in the Quick Reaction Assault Force they must provide examples for the enlisted Warriors.

“I need to focus… can’t pass out… I want to throw up.” Lt. Yugan said holding strong.

Beruta turned to Lt. Anyan who seemed to have gotten a runner’s high. He looked in high spirits and was motivated for the run.

“What do you think Anyan?” Beruta asked again.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know what you were asking.” Anyan smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed for having missed what Beruta said.

“Why’s the Staff Sergeant so motivated today?” Beruta said, keeping up the pace.

In the background the singing of the Staff Sergeant can still be heard.

“He’s up for promotion soon, he’s trying to show the Colonel how prepared the platoon is. Why else do you think we are running with them?” Anyan said to Beruta.

Beruta looked back at the Platoon, they seemed like they were about to keel over.

“Ah, so that’s why we got dragged into this with them.” Beruta said, talking to the other Officers.

The Platoon continued their early morning PT until the Great Star appeared overhead.

The Officers watched from the side as the Staff Sergeant dismissed his Platoon for morning chow.

The Staff Sergeant then saluted the Officers and went into their  working area.

Lt. Yugan, Lt. Anyan and Lt. Beruta walked to the Officer’s Chow Hall to eat.

Beruta got herself a Steamed Leaf Covering Filled with crushed heated Fruit. She sat down waiting for the other two officers to join her.

Lt. Yugan sat down and immediately started eating.

“Calm down Yugan, it wasn’t that difficult.” Beruta laughed.

“What are you talking about, I nearly died out there! Only reason I even got to be an Officer was because of the age of Immortality. Now I’m just struggling to survive.” Yugan said, throwing food into her mouth.

“Couldn’t be me. Struggling is not something that I want to go through.” Beruta responded by eating her dish calmly.

Anyan came a bit later. Then he sat down with the two.

What took you so long?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“I didn’t expect the line to be so long at the Fishery.” Anyan responded by giving another embarrassed expression.

“I heard that the Ren Zuiperi, more precisely the Qi People have been hiking up the prices. So getting them out in town is just not reasonable.” Beruta said to Anyan as if it were a secret.

“Really? I didn’t know that. Where’d you hear that from?” Anyan responded to Beruta.

“Let me show you the article.” Beruta then opened up her Knowledge Network and displayed to Anyan the article.

Anyan read through it.

Yugan had finally regained her composure and  sat back on her seat.

“That hit the point.” Yugan said aloud, relieved.

“Eh, I’m not sure how much I would trust that article, it’s also saying that the Qi People are collaborating with Lan and Hiro people from Joao, and the chances of that are 0 to none.” Anyan said, biting into his dish.

“I mean, who knows for sure, since the age of Immortality ended they may decide that it’s time to split, they did spend a lot of that time stocking up on equipment.” Beruta responded to Anyan.

“I’m with Anyan on this one, the Qi People wouldn’t try to separate from the Suminatin Federation, where would they go? To Marian North or to Xibao, that’s really the only place with a Ren Zuiperi majority.” Yugan responded to Beruta.

“I’m just saying, that could be an explanation as to why fish prices are so high. I myself have very little desire for it, so it doesn’t matter to me which way until they want to fight, in which case I am perfectly ready for it.” Beruta said.

The three continued to eat their meal. 

The Mess Hall had a tall ceiling and was a light brown colour, like red sand. The walls had screens along them that displayed the news. The entire place smelled like salt water with a sweet citrus scent mixed into it.

There were about 2 Dozen Officers in the room, separated into 3 areas. One for the Lowest Ranked Officers which included Beruta, Yugan and Anyan, another for non Generals, and the top for the Generals which mostly stayed empty.

Anyan got up from his seat.

“Okay, I am going to head over to the Office, I got some paperwork I need to catch up on. Some of the Enlisted got into trouble yesterday. I’m going to try and bail them out.” Anyan said to the two.

“If they got into trouble then they should serve the punishment, you are going way too easy on these Enlisted folks.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“If they can’t depend on their officers to help them out then what is the point of having us around, they have Staff Non Commissioned Officers who could fill our role.” Anyan said leaving the table.

“Way too nice.” Yugan said, shaking her head. “So what are you up to Beruta?” Yugan asked.

“I don’t know, maybe I will hit up the gym a little, then go to the shooting range.” Beruta responded to Yugan.

“Yuck, more exercise, count me out.” Yugan said to Beruta. “I am going to give my muscles a little rest, catch up on some Military Tactical Literature. Maybe even read the ‘Battle of Sum’.” Yugan said with a smirk on her face.

“You are not going to read the entire battle of Sum today.” Beruta laughed.

The two officers got up from their seats and departed.

Beruta walked across the base to the gym. Inside she saw Staff Sergeant Shata. She was working up quite the sweat in the resistance machine which pressed on your body and you had to use your core to resist being squeezed.

Beruta jumped on the Weighted Vertical Machine which pushed down on the user as they jumped up.

“You’re really working up quite the sweat.” Beruta opened up a conversation with Shata.

“I’m trying to make sure I can handle the pressure in the acceleration chamber Lieutenant.” Shata responded.

“That’s not really going to help you out there. The acceleration chamber knocks people out by preventing their blood from circulating to their brains, not by knocking you out with force.” Beruta said, beginning her workout.

“Master Sergeant Yakon said that if I spent some time in this machine, I could increase my time.” Shata said continuing to hold against the pressure from the machine.

“As someone who spends a lot of time in the acceleration chamber I can see that it won’t help much, if at all. The only way to increase your resistance to passing out is to go in there more.” Beruta said to Shata.

Shata then pressed stop on the machine because she wasn’t able to handle it any longer. “Spend more time in there? That already sounds like I am about to become sick.” Shata said jokingly to Beruta.

“You just have to do what you have to do.” Beruta said, continuing her workout.

“I’m just going to grab a quick drink then I’ll be back.” Shata said to Beruta, going out of the room.

Beruta continued jumping in the machine. Her muscles were warming up and she started feeling the pump of her muscle filling with blood.

Beruta was focusing on trying to reach the next step in strength.

“Don’t give up, just a bit more.” Beruta thought to herself as it felt like she was getting heavier and heavier.

The Alarm of the room then blurred. The lights indicated a summons of personnel from the QRF Platoon.

Beruta quickly wiped away sweat and ran to the barracks to grab her uniform top.

She quickly ran to the Muster Location.

The other officers of the QRF were already present.

Beruta went to her position in formation. Anyan and Yugan were already present and  were serious in their positioning.

The Colonel then stepped in front of the Platoon of Officers.

“Approximately an hour ago we received a report of a Giant Creature in Sang Ru City. Gather your weapons from the armory and report to designated air units for transports, there you will receive more intel on the mission.” The Colonel said before leaving out.

The Officers then quickly dismissed and ran to get their weapons.

“A Giant Creature? What do you think he means, is it a new weapon designed by Capicalo?” Beruta asked Anyan.

“No information here. I am just as confused as you.” Anyan said quickly, receiving his weapon. He ran to the air unit.

Beruta was up next in line and the Machine took a bit more time searching for Beruta’s Weapon.

“Hurry up! This is not just another day at the range!” Beruta said impatiently as the other Officers quickly grabbed their weapon and headed out.

The Machine finally gave Beruta her weapon and she quickly ran inside of the transport vessel.

Beruta found one of the few seats available. The one she normally gets in field operations.

Quickly before she sat down another Lieutenant, Lt. Harns grabbed the seat.

“Haha, Rookie, you were too slow!” Harns said to Beruta, mocking her.

“You get up right now! I sit in that seat on every mission, and you know that.” Beruta yelled out to him.

“How about we arm wrestle for it, if you win you get the seat.” Harns said to Beruta seeing that she was visibly tired from a workout.

Beruta aimed her weapon at Harns’ Legs. “How about I just shoot off both your legs then you can make the floor your seat!” Beruta responded.

“Come on guys, it’s just a seat. Here Beruta you can have my seat.” Anyan said standing up from his spot which was pretty close to where Beruta typically sits.

“No way this is about Principle.” Beruta said, staring at Harns’ eyes.

“I guess there’s some things I just wouldn’t understand it seems.” Anyan laughed as Beruta continued to try and forcibly get her seat.

“All of you seat your butt down!” The Major came on board. Beruta quickly took the seat that was being offered next to Anyan.

“Intelligence on the Creature in question are as follows. It is 50 Meters tall, has approximately 21 Appendages and sucks in victims using a vacuum. It is also reported that toxic chemicals are located in the sites it’s been but those have yet to be confirmed. So stop your bickering and focus up!” The Major yelled out as he sat down.

Anyan smiled at Beruta as the vehicle took off.

The devices connected to the wrist of the Officers lit up showing them the locations of each other and the location of their objective.

“We will be landing 3 Kilometers from the last reported location of the Creature. From there we will separate into 3 Teams. Each will drive the sand Vics to the designated locations. Because this is an occupied city the use of long range explosives are prohibited. Avoid damaging unnecessary property. We don’t want another Roan Incident.” The Major said to the Officers inside.

The Officers inside smirked remembering what happened.

“You don’t need to worry about that Major, if this thing is 50 Meters tall, I could hit it with my eyes closed.” A Lieutenant in the vessel responded.

“Guess if you did miss you would owe all of us drinks when we get back.” Anyan said laughing with the rest of the Officers inside.

Though one was not laughing. “Don’t start getting your hopes up, it’s the 20 or more appendages I’m worried about. No telling what it can do.” Captain Uta said with a serious tone.

“We just need to attack quickly and attack harshly, we just won’t give it a chance to hit us with anything.” Beruta said in high spirits to those inside.

“Ha, you are right! Hard, fast and in a hurry!” A Lieutenant responded to Beruta and those inside began to liven up again.

The vessel then landed causing everything to shake.

“It’s time. ‘Squad A’ will be Lt. Rigi, Lt. Beruta, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta. You are our guardian angels. Fire at any objects that may be in the blind spots of Squad B. Captain Sho will be the Squad Leader.” The Major said as the Officers understood their orders.

“‘Squad B’ is Lt. Anyan, Lt. Yaran, Lt. Hei, and Lt. Harns. You are the heavy assault force. Use the electric inhibitors on your person to hopefully take it down quickly, if not bring down the might of the Suminiatini Military on it. Captain Chu is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave an assignment to Team B.

“And ‘Squad C’ is Lt. Yao, Lt. Sumi, Lt. Mataran, and Lt. Yugan. You are to provide recovery in the case of life threatening wounds, stay away from the center of battle until you are needed. You are the blood of the mission. Captain Uta is your Squad Leader.” The Major gave the last of the Squads their assignment.

The Officers left the vessel and headed onto the sand vics.

“Aw, looks like I’m part of Squad B.” Anyan said to Beruta as they headed to the vics.

“Don’t worry about it. I got your back out there. I’ll be your personal Guardian Angel.” Beruta said to Anyan.

“Ha, then I really have nothing to worry about then if that’s the case.” Anyan smiled and they hit each other’s fists.

“Good luck out there.” Beruta said to Anyan as she got on her vic.

“Next time, I got your back.” Anyan said as he headed out.

“Seems like I won’t be of much help if no one gets injured.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“That’s the plan right, we want you all to be useless.” Beruta laughed while responding to Yugan.

“Guess I should count myself lucky, I will have enough energy to finish reading today. I just got to the best part too.” Yugan said to Beruta.

“No such thing as a good part in a book.” Beruta smiled. Team C then began to depart towards the rear.

“I’ll catch up with you after this is done!” Yugan said as she split off from the rest of Squad A.

The Weapons vehicle had pulled up and brought the long ranged weapons to Squad A.

“Grab your weapons and head to the roof of that building.” Captain Sho commanded the Squad.

They grabbed the weapons from the vehicle and made their way up the building. Beruta looked at her Location device to keep tabs on the positions of her friends.

Squad A made it to the top of the Building and set up their weapons. They then moved their scopes to the positions of Squad B.

“This is CB, we have eyes on the target. Preparing to engage.” Captain Chu said over communications.

Beruta looked down her scope and saw a Monstrous Creature with no head, but many appendages. It was dark and nearly see through as if it was made from oil. “I have never seen anything like that before. What is that thing.” Beruta said to herself.

“Don’t get too consumed by its appearance, keep watch over your people. Make sure those arms don’t get near them” Captain Sho said to Squad A.

Team B were a few meters from the target.

“We haven’t been noticed yet. Everyone, prepare your electric inhibitors.” Captain Chu commanded Squad B.

Anyan pressed down on the machine and it took off into the air targeting the Creature.

The machines swarmed the Creature and dove themselves into its skin. The machines then released an arch of electricity through its body.

“Begin firing!” Captain Chu commanded as Squad B began unloading on the Creature.

The projectiles entered its body ripping directly inside.

The electric arcs were not bringing down the creature.

“Damn, I was hoping that would bring it down, I was already expecting this was not going to be easy.” Captain Chu thought to himself. “Lt. Hei, Lt. Harns, prepare a round of explosives.” Captain Chu commanded.

Lt. Hei and Lt. Harns released explosive projectiles which exploded directly on the creature. The explosion caused the skin to seperate. A cloud of shrapnel came from the explosion causing more damage.

Anyan continued to fire, unloading rounds after rounds into the creature without missing a shot.

Beruta was watching through her scope. “They got it!” Beruta yelled out. The rest of Team A were cheering watching the one sided battle against the creature.

The creature collapsed on the ground and a giant cloud of dust came up from the ground.

Captain Chu then told Squad B to cease firing.

The dust then started to settle. There was no movement from the creature.

“This is CC, any Injuries?” Captain Uta asked over communication.

“This is CB, No injuries, we are all green.” Captain Chu responded.

“This is CA, all green.” Captain Sho responded.

Yugan was waiting. She had already begun to think about the book she was reading. She looked at her location device. “Yep, seems like they are all healthy.” She thought to herself.

“Everyone weapons up!” Captain Chu said to Squad B.

Anyan lifted his weapon.

The creature’s body began to puff up with gas.

“Open fire!” Captain Chu said as Squad B began firing on the creature trying to prevent it from expanding.

“What is it doing?” Anyan thought to himself as he continued to fire.

“Why is it puffing up? Does that mean it’s dead?” Beruta thought watching from her scope.

The Creature continued to grow in mass. It’s body had ballooned nearly to twice the size it was before. The Projectiles from the weapons were no longer penetrating the skin.

Once it reaches its peak, the creature then flattens its body covering the area of a 1 Kilometer radius in toxic gas.

The dark smoke quickly dispersed through the area. Everything it touched began to corrode away.

Anyan looked at his gloves and clothing and saw that they were melting away. Eventually the gas got down to his skin and began to burn through.

“My chest, my skin. They feel like they are on fire.” Anyan said as everyone in Squad B began to collapse. “This hurts.” Anyan said before he became a pool of liquid which slowly vaporized away.

The Gas had enveloped Squad C.

Squad C were completely caught off guard and the Gas quickly went into their lungs.

Yugan began to cough and her inside had come out liquified.

Yugan fell to her knees. “Please no, not yet.” Yugan cried as her bones no longer had the strength to keep herself up. “Help… someone…” Yugan said as her voice was filled with liquid.

The dark cloud continued to fan out.

“What is happening down there Sir?” Beruta asked Captain Sho.

“This is CA, report.” Captain Sho said over communications. 

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CB do you hear me?” Captain Sho said again over the communication.

There was no answer.

“This is CA, CC do you hear me?” Captain Sho tried calling Captain Uta.

There was no answer.

Captain Sho then looked at his location device and saw that there were no pings from the other Squads.

“Squad A, back up and return to the Air Vessel.” Captain Sho commanded understanding what probably happened.

“What do you think happened, Sir?” Lt. Yuji asked.

“The Creature, or weapon or whatever it was, likely was armed with a deadman’s switch. Upon its destruction likely released a gas which took out both Squad B and Squad C.”  Captain Sho said to the Squad.

Squad A stood silent.

“Let’s take this time and allow them to transition to the next existence in silence.” Captain Sho said as everyone stood. 

Beruta had tears coming from her eyes. She understood that this happens, but her heart was in pain. She was looking forward to spending more time in the chow hall with her friends. Do laugh with them another time.

“If I knew this was the last time I would see them then we should have been together after breakfast.” Beruta thought to herself.

The silence was interrupted by the sound of a building collapsing in the background. The Gas was disappearing, returning to where it came from. The Creature started reforming itself using the material that was dissolved in the gas.

In no time at all it began to move again as if nothing had happened.

Beruta’s Chest boiled and she quickly placed her weapon back on the ground and took aim at the creature.

“Stop Lt. Beruta!” Captain Sho yelled at her.

“What do you expect me to do!” Beruta yelled back with anger and tears in her eyes. “Squad B and C are both gone because of that monster, their deaths are meaningless if that thing continues to live!” Beruta screamed out.

“The best option for now is to retreat and regroup. We don’t have the main power nor weapons to bring it down.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Beruta’s finger nearly pulled the trigger but she stopped herself.

“Fine, but the next time we go out to face that thing again I want to be on the assault unit.” Beruta said to Captain Sho.

“We all lost friends here, Lieutenant. I understand what you are feeling. But if we die here then the next group will have no information to use to bring it down for good.” Captain Sho said to Beruta.

Squad A began to pack up their equipment to head back down the building.

The Creature then lifted up his appendage and sent out a shot of air that went through the head of Captain Sho.

Then another went through  Lt. Rigi, Lt. Yuji and Lt. Yeta.

Beruta immediately went down to the ground barely having any time to move out of the way of the shot.

She looked through her scope. She did not see the Creature.

“Dammit!” Beruta yelled out. Beruta looked around herself, seeing that the rest of her Squad were lying lifeless on the roof.

“How did it know we were here!” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta grabbed her weapon and carried it on her back. She ran down the stairs in search of the creature.

She ran for a little more than a Kilometer to catch up with the Creature. She was able to see it continue to shoot out small bits of gas from its body.

Beruta got on the ground and aimed her weapon at the Creature.

She pulled the trigger and began firing. “Die! Die! Die! You abomination!” Beruta yelled out with each shot.

No damage was happening to the Creature. But it did turn around to look at Beruta who continued to fire.

It moved its appendages in the air like it was taunting her.

“Oh, I thought I got rid of you. If you valued your own life, you should have stayed hidden.” The creature said to Beruta using the voice of Anyan.

Beruta became angrier and she boiled over.

“Don’t you dare use his voice! Anyan would never! He was the nicest! Best! Person! You’d ever meet!” Beruta fired continuously. Yelling louder and louder with each direct shot.

None of the projectiles were causing any damage to it.

“Keep firing, it’s no use. You are no hero.” The Creature said continuing to use Anyan’s voice. “Entertain me!”

Beruta continued firing but eventually she had no more rounds to shoot. She continued to pull the trigger but nothing came out. Tears began running down her face.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t protect you.” Beruta said feeling defeated. She continued to pull the trigger.

“Is that all? Not even worth my time really.” The Creature said to Beruta still using the voice of Anyan. 

The Creature readied it’s appendages and moved towards Beruta to absorb her.

Beruta dropped her weapon and got to her knees. Her eyes were blank and traumatized.

“I have nothing left, not even another tear.” Beruta thought to herself.

Beruta then felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“How about you entertain me!” A young Ren Shaole girl stepped in front of Beruta.

“No, don’t!” Beruta yelled out to the girl. The Creature sent it’s appendage to go directly through the both of them.

The Girl used her palm and smacked the appendage out of the way. The force of the hit caused the appendage to immediately become smoke.

The Creature then sent another appendage out and the Girl continued to destroy them.

“Did you really think that first one was a fluke?” The Girl said to the Creature, standing strong in front of it. She had a confident smile on her face.

“Insolence!” The Creature called out with the voice of Anyan. It sent out the rest of its appendages.

The girl moved out of the way and hit each appendage as if she was bored. She flipped gracefully.

“You’re nothing more but another title under my belt.” The Girl responded back to the creature.

Beruta was still on her knees in utter awe of the girl. “She is amazing.” Beruta thought to herself.

The creature then released the same gas that melted the Squads from earlier at the girl.

The girl pointed two of her fingers at the Creature.

“Pow, Pow.” The girl said as two giant holes appeared in the body of the creature. “Wow, you seem way weaker than Fridgidus.” She said unimpressed. “You both looked quite similar, must have been your brother.” The girl said jokingly.

The creature then decided to aim its attacks at Beruta who was still on her knees. The Creature shot condensed air at Beruta.

The girl shot the attack from the air by pointing her finger at it.

“Sneaky, sneaky. But no dice!” The Girl said to the creature. “Any final words… ah… who are you?” The girl asked the Creature.

“I am Nightmare, the watcher of the Skies, the-” The Creature was saying before the Girl stomped her foot and encased the Creature in what looked to be a Giant Boulder.

“I just wanted to know a name.” The Girl said before she pressed her hands together causing the boulder to squeeze smaller and smaller.

Eventually the mass became the size of a marble.

The Girl then shot fire at the marble sized ball and vaporized it.

The calmness returned and the sky was clear.

The girl looked around as if she was searching for something.

Beruta got onto her feet and walked to the girl slowly. “Ah… who are you?” Beruta walked up to the girl cautiously.

The girl turned around to look at Beruta. She then pointed at herself. “Oh you are talking to me? I’m nobody, I just came to handle a job.” She said to Beruta with a giant smile.

Beruta realized the sweet innocence of this girl and began to cry.

Beruta cried holding the girl.

“No, no, don’t cry. It really was nothing.” The girl said, unsure of what to do.

“Why didn’t you come a little sooner! I wasn’t good enough!” Beruta said while she was weeping her eyes out. “We were supposed to be good enough!” Beruta continued to release her pent up sadness.

The girl continued to try and comfort Beruta. Beruta continued to cry until she passed out from exhaustion. The girl now had Beruta in her arms.

“Well now what?” The girl said aloud looking for a place to sit.

Beruta eventually woke up to see that she was in a restaurant, and that girl that saved her was drinking a juice offered at the place.

“Oh you’re finally awake, good. Now I can leave and not worry about your health.” The girl then got up from her seat and began to leave.

Beruta grabbed her hand. “Wait!”

The girl looked at Beruta, and looked down at her hand.

Beruta then let go. “I’m sorry. Ah… could you possibly train me to get as powerful as you maybe?” Beruta asked the girl.

The girl looked at Beruta and Beruta looked at the girl.

“No.” The girl then walked out of the restaurant.

Beruta then quickly followed her. “Wait, but why?!” Beruta asked quickly.

“Because there’s one thing, and another. And yea you know.” The girl said before lifting herself into the sky. She then looked down at Beruta. “Oh, if they ask who defeated that thing, say it was you. Say something like, ‘you discovered that it’s weak point was its 5th segment or something’.” The Girl said to Beruta while she was in midair.

“Can I at least know your name?” Beruta asked.

“Why? It’s not like you are going to see me again.” The girl said to Beruta.

“You’re so strong and amazing, I just want to be like you. Not powerless.” Beruta said to the girl.

The girl then thought to herself. Then slowly descended back to the ground.

Beruta was surprised. “Oh, what changed your mind?” Beruta asked.

“Well you didn’t want to be Powerless, so I guess i can show you just a small thing or two.” the girl said to Beruta. “The names Iota.”

Beruta then placed her fist on her chest. “My name is Beruta.”

Angel Misery: Episode Seven

We are going to the Olympics!

Maria, her Parents, Allison and Aiden, who was of course not visible, all sat on the living room couch to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

“Why are we watching this dear?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I got a message yesterday from one of my coworkers who said the Opening Ceremony was a sight to see. So I wanted to get us all to experience it.” Maria’s dad responded.

Maria looked on the TV watching the cameras fly over the Bird’s Nest stadium.

“There sure are a lot of people there.” Maria said. The TV showed a dark arena. Then the music began to play.

“Didn’t know music was a big part of the Olympics.” Allison said, watching the conductor wearing his white attire.

“This is the Opening Ceremony, they are going to put on a display for everyone present.” Maria’s dad responded.

The music then stopped playing. 

“Was that it?” Maria asked.

It stayed quiet for about a minute. Then fireworks began to shoot off from the side of the arena. Then these cubes began to light up.

“I guess that’s cool.” Maria thought to herself. Then it was revealed that the cubes were actually drums and each pixel was a person.

Then the countdown began going from 60.

“This is quite the opener.” Aiden thought to himself seeing what mass human cooperation looked like when it was for a peaceful performance.

When it hit zero the entire stadium lit up with fireworks shooting from the top. Maria gained a giant smile on her face from seeing the amount of explosions present.

After the fireworks and the drummers were done there were people flying through the air. With the Olympic symbol underneath them.

“So now they have a giant screen on the ground?” Maria thought as she continued watching. Then the screen started to come up from the ground where it was shown that it was never a TV at all but instead tiny bits of light connected by string.

The Olympic symbol looked like it was floating mid air in the middle of the stadium.

A little girl started singing who looked like Allison if she was several years younger. A bunch of children who were wearing different kinds of clothing walked through the arena with the Giant Flag.

“Hey Allison, look. It’s you.” Maria said to Allison as the little girl was singing.

Allison looked at Maria who had her mouth covered trying to hide her teasing smile.

“She doesn’t look like me.” Allison said, taking out her pigtails.

“Don’t make fun of your sister, Maria.” Maria’s mom said putting the pigtails back into Allison’s hair.

“I didn’t make fun of her, I just said she looked like the little girl who was singing.” Maria said, turning back to watch the TV.

A scroll was being created on a screen at the stadium. There was someone who was crushing ink so that they could draw an image. 

Maria pointed at the scroll then looked at where Aiden would be if he was visible.

Allison noticed Maria looking up at nothing.

Aiden tapped Maria’s shoulder to tell her that he noticed.

People then started dancing on the scroll and writing on it. This took everyone in the room by surprise.

After the painting was done the page was lifted into the air just like the Olympic symbol was earlier. Then a great number of people began marching into the area. They each wore clothing similar to the game that Maria plays in her free time.

The group of people were around where the scroll was when it began to separate. In the center were Chinese Characters. Then the characters began to move like it was water.

“Now that’s cool.” Maria said, watching closely. 

The people around were chanting and the blocks continued to move like water forming different characters. It all looked so mesmerizing to Maria.

The blocks then turned pink with flowers. Then the characters flipped up and it was revealed it was all being controlled by people inside of each individual block.

“Incredible!” Maria’s father said watching the people waving. Him being a technical person believed that it was all being controlled by a robot. “There is no way anything can top that performance.” Maria’s dad said, sitting back down.

A throne appeared on TV. There were people playing with puppets.

The drawing eventually came back showing a beautiful woman wearing green. She was dancing on top of it. It looked like it was being carried by many people.

“That is a nice shade of green.” Maria said, looking at what they were wearing.

“Your favourite color is green right? Do you want an outfit like that, Sweetie?” Maria’s mom asked her.

“No, no.” Maria said quickly. “I just think the colour looks nice. I don’t want an outfit like that!” Maria said, waving her hands trying to make a point that she really didn’t want the outfit.

A bunch of people wearing blue came out holding pieces of an image that formed a ship.

“This is a lot.” Maria’s dad said watching on. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It seemed like there were a million people involved in the performance.

Following them individuals wearing Beijing Opera makeup came into focus and gentle music began playing after the roaring war sounds had ended. They began singing in a high pitch.

“Is that what they are supposed to sound like?” Maria asked.

“My Grandmother was a fan of this kind of performance. That’s how it’s supposed to look. I’m sure of it.” Maria’s dad said.

Many people appeared again. All of them dressed in various dynastic period women’s attire. Giant Red pillars came from the floor and each had a guy on top of them holding an instrument. Then the fireworks exploded again.

Maria watched the TV then it became dark.

“I guess it’s finished now. That was pretty awesome!” Maria said.

“That was. I didn’t expect there to be so much.” Maria’s dad responded.

Then another performance started.

“It’s not over yet.” Maria’s mom said as she was focused on the screen. A Father daughter pair were on the piano wearing blue. “Aww, Hun. Look, that’s so cute.” Maria’s mom said to Maria’s dad. As the pair reminded her of when Maria and her dad were younger.

He had a melancholic look on his face. “If only they were so young still.” Maria’s dad looked at both of his daughters watching the TV. 

“There you are Maria.” Allison said to Maria pointing at the little girl on the piano.

People wearing lights surrounded the pair playing piano and moved synchronized with each other. Eventually they all moved from atop the scroll and circled the pair on the piano. They created a dove with their bodies and it waved off and on.

The scroll was showing images of what looked to be the modern day. The images were of children and elders all with smiles on their faces.

The scroll eventually disappeared and the people wearing the light dispersed from one another. Away from the pair on the piano. It then went dark again but with no fireworks this time. Except there was a martial artist who appeared in the center looking as though they were performing magic.

“Well that’s weird.” Allison said as the screen showed a bunch of elementary school children sitting in the middle of the arena seemingly answering questions for their teacher. The students continued to sit there despite being surrounded by what looked like 10 Thousand martial artists.

The image and the scroll returned and the children were now painting it.

“The kids are boring, but the fighters are super cool!” Maria said watching the martial artist kick and twist.

The kids and the martial artist cheered as they left the area. The picture that was created during the performance was lifted into the air and went out with them. Then astronauts descended onto the center of the arena. 

“What is even happening?” Aiden thought to himself as the astronauts went back into the air and the stage opened up revealing a blue ball with people on it. The people on the ball were running and flipping along it’s exterior.

Then the final event started with two singers. One was a male and the other female. Both had extremely gentle voices. The arena’s screens matched the feeling of the music.

During the song the arena lit up revealing many people holding umbrellas with the faces of children from all around the world. The fireworks then shot all around the city.

People wearing different attires then began to dance, seemingly as a cultural celebration of the nation. The dancing wasn’t organized, it just looked as though they were having fun.

The athletes then began marching and waving their hands.

“Well what did you girls think?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It looked like it took a lot of effort, is that how it always is?” Allison asked her dad.

“Ah, no, this is the first time I’ve seen such a massive performance, especially for the olympics. Now the Superbowl does get pretty close.” Maria’s dad laughed.

“I thought it was awesome! I want to go there! There were so many fireworks and people, and music!” Maria said excitedly to her dad.

“You want to be in the Olympics or you want to be one of those performers?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I just want to be there!” Maria responded.

“To China? That’s way too far away, by the time we get there the Olympics will be long over.” Maria’s dad responded.

“Aw boo, so the Olympics is the only time that happens? It’s not like that all the time there?” Maria asked.

“That’s correct, imagine performing like that everyday. Takes a lot of money and the GDP-” He then stopped himself. “It’s just a celebration, so this will probably be the only time we get to see something like that.” Maria’s dad finished.

The Athletes were waving their hands as they walked. They were all from different countries.

“Glad I got to see that, I will start getting lunch ready.” Maria’s mom said as she got up from the couch.

Maria’s dad continued to sit and watch the athletes. Allison continued to watch the TV too. Though because the performance was done she was rather bored.

Maria ran up to her room.

Aiden was upstairs waiting for her.

Maria had an enormous smile on her face. She then began to talk but Aiden interrupted her.

“I already know what you are about to ask, and the answer is not yet. It is 2am over there.” Aiden told Maria.

“2am? It’s morning there? Then is the Olympics over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“No, I’m pretty sure it will last at least a week.” Aiden said to Maria.

“A week? So we can go there and watch some more, right?” Maria asked Aiden.

“We can but it’s pretty far away. To get you there safely, would take about 3 Hours.” Aiden said to Maria.

“3 Hours, so that means it’ll take 6 Hours just to get there and back, which means that I won’t get to go there at all since mom always wants me back for lunch and dinner.” Maria said to Aiden while she was thinking. Her face was becoming upset.

“How about you say that you are staying over Angel’s house?” Aiden suggested.

Maria was surprised. “Are you willing to become ‘Angel’ just so I get to travel to watch the Olympics?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, that’s feasibly the only way you can go there without getting in trouble.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You just keep going up in the best friend meter, Aiden!” Maria said with excitement.

“So after lunch we can go outside, then you can return and say that you were invited to a sleepover by Angel.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You are about to earn yourself a promotion Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden with her thumb up. “So what happens if my dad decides he wants to drop me off, do you have a house located around here?” Maria asked.

“I am not sure. I will have to ask another of the heavenly beings about it. It’s very likely that they do have a location.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“So that means you are going to the Heavenly Realm!?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am going to do when you are eating lunch.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Aww, so I still can’t go with you?” Maria asked.

“No, not this time.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Remember, you said that you will take me there one day!” Maria said to Aiden with her arms crossed.

“I haven’t forgotten.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“As long as you haven’t forgotten.” Maria said as she went downstairs. “I am going to try and hurry up and eat lunch, so that we can get this plan started.” Maria said to Aiden.

Allison and her dad were still watching the athletes march with their flags. The announcer was saying the name of each country and the competitors were waving and taking pictures with their cameras.

Maria sat in the kitchen. “So what are we eating mom?” Maria said, trying to see what her mom was preparing.

“I got a bit inspired from today’s opening ceremony, so I thought I should make some stir fry.” Maria’s mom said.

“Stir fry? That sounds like it’s going to take forever.” Maria said with her head on the table.

“It doesn’t take long at all. You can watch me make it.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria got up from the table and got next to her mom.

“So we have carrots, broccoli, green peppers, yellow peppers, chilli peppers, and potatoes as our plant ingredients. I am using soy sauce, vinegar, duck oil and oyster sauce as the liquids, and chicken as the protein.” Maria’s mom said, showing Maria the ingredients.

“Okay, and how do you make the chicken crispy?” Maria asked, looking around for the flour.

Aiden opened a route to the Heavenly Realm.

He went to see Coeus.

“Ah Aiden, it’s been a while.” Coeus said to Aiden who was approaching him.

“How long has it been for you?” Aiden asked Coeus.

“Since the last time you came, I suppose I’ve been reset a few thousand times. So a few thousand years I suppose.” Coeus said to Aiden.

“A lot sure does happen here.” Aiden said, making small talk with Coeus.

“So what can I do for you?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“Do we have a residence in the area where the school I am currently enrolled in is located.” Aiden asked Coeus.

“A residence, let me check this really quickly. I do need some details. Is it just a location you wish to house other Heavenly Beings or are we talking about a location for mortals.” Coeus asked.

“A location that mortals could see.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, let me check really quickly.” Coeus placed his hand into a scroll. “So the Church in that area has a Property that is meant for the Spirits of the Most High. That is currently our property, though it does seem that there are a few squatters within it.” Coeus told Aiden. “Though there are a few further from the area that are much better kept.” Coeus told Aiden.

“The condition of the Property is of no issue for me. As long as I am not invading the homes of someone else, then it is good. I will deal with the squatters.” Aiden responded.

Coeus handed Aiden the Deed. “This is the paper you will need to abide by their laws. Should I inform Hera and Horus of this new location?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“There’s no need, though they will reside there at some point. I just don’t need them there now since it is only a front.” Aiden told Coeus.

“Understood.” Coeus responded.

Aiden then left out of the heavenly realm with the deed.

“The location of this place isn’t so far off.” Aiden said as he walked in that direction. 

Aiden stood in front of the property. The location looked as though it had been abandoned. It was extremely large and must have been home to a wealthy politician in the past.

Aiden walked into the place. His glow as he walked in immediately made the animals inside leave.

He heard what sounded like a larger animal quickly back up.

“It’s a ghost!” A person who had been living in the location screamed out.

Aiden walked over to the man.

“Don’t be afraid of me. What are you doing here?” Aiden asked the man.

“I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.” The man said to Aiden pleading for his life.

Aiden noticed that the man was excessively skinny and had bruises on his arms.

“Leave this place and go to the Pier, there you will see a man wearing A white hat with a red stripe along the top. They will be wearing brown pants and large black fishing boots. Ask to assist him on his fishing expedition. From there you will be a crew mate. I’ve made it so that you will not experience withdrawal.” Aiden said to the man.

The man immediately got up and ran in the direction of the pier.

“Well that’s done with, let me fix this place up a bit.” Aiden thought to himself. And started reconstructing the building.

Maria was cooking the stir fry with her mom. Her mom was moving the vegetables in the large pan with the potatoes.

“Okay Maria, now pour the chicken in.” Maria’s mom said to her.

Maria grabbed the plate of chicken and placed the pieces inside. The chicken pieces sizzled from the contact with the oil.

Maria’s mom quickly mixed the chicken in with the vegetables at extremely high heat. She made sure that the chicken was cooked through and immediately added the green peppers and yellow peppers to it.

They heated up just a little and Maria’s mom turned off the heat.

“Maria, place some bowls of rice on the table.” Maria’s mom asked as she went down to fill some bowls with rice.

Lunch was then prepared.

Maria sat at the table and began to eat it while it was warm. Allison then sat down and Maria’s mom joined them.

Maria’s dad was still watching the Olympic Teams walk unto the stadium.

Maria ate her lunch, she was waiting for Aiden to return.

“I’m surprised you were able to watch that entire Opening Ceremony without talking to your invisible friend.” Allison said to Maria.

“Whatever that’s supposed to mean.” Maria responded.

“Though I did notice that you looked behind yourself a few times, what was that about?” Allison asked Maria.

“I heard a noise back there and went to see, that’s it.” Maria responded by eating a bit more rice.

“So you don’t have telepathy communication you do with it?” Allison asked.

“No, I don’t and that is 100% the truth.” Maria responded.

“Okay, then maybe it was just noises then.” Allison said with suspicion.

Aiden then returned and tapped Maria on her back.

Maria then shoved the rest of the rice in her bowl into her mouth.

“Okay mom, I am going outside!” Maria said as she headed to the door.

“You don’t want to watch the rest of this with me?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I’ll catch it some other time. I’m heading to the Park.” Maria said as she went out the door.

“Be back before Dinner.” Maria’s mom said to her. Maria was already out of the door.

“So how did it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It went fine, I was able to get a place and we are pretty much set.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Oh! Can I see how it looks!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Sure, there’s no harm in that, you were going to see it anyways.” Aiden said to Maria as they both went in the direction of the house. It was up a hill past a community that had a gate around it.

“I feel like I’ve been in this area before.” Maria said as her and Aiden continued their walk.

They were in an area that had a large front yard, there was no driveway. Though it did have a stone path which Aiden repaired. The Building was white with a red roof and an open courtyard in the middle of it.

“This place is massive!” Maria said, looking at the tall building.

“I found several old beds inside, it looked like it was abandoned after an incident happened. The Church must have taken it as a historical monument, but eventually forgot about it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So this place could be haunted!” Maria said with a smile on her face.

“Would that even matter?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I guess it wouldn’t, ghosts would never come out to speak to me if you are around.” Maria said to Aiden. “So can we go inside?” Maria asked.

“Yes, the entire thing has been remade including the insides. You can go through it if you’d like.  Maybe there’s something in there that I overlooked.” Aiden said to Maria as she ran across the giant front yard.

Maria stepped in. The ceiling of the foyer was extremely high making Maria feel tiny inside. There was zero furniture but the place was extremely clean. The wooden floors were dust free. Maria felt like she could hear her own heartbeat inside.

“It’s a bit empty…” Maria said standing in the hall. Her echo then returned to her. “Creepy.” She whispered.

“The place had practically collapsed when I first got here, but now I say that it’s a livable location for people.” Aiden said, walking up next to Maria.

“You are going to need furniture here.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why would I need that. No one will be staying here.” Aiden responded.

“Because this will be our HeadQuarters, you can’t make me feel creeped out in my own home base.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Our Headquarters? But your room did just fine for that.” Aiden responded.

“Allison keeps getting more and more suspicious, plus I need more alone time. That’s not going to happen if at any point my dad decides to burst in.” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’s not much of an alone time if I am there either.” Aiden added.

“You are super different.” Maria said, pointing up at Aiden. “So what will you do if my dad decides he wants to look inside before he lets me sleep over?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Would he?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just saying it’s a possibility, since this place is massive from the outside. Anyone would want to look inside.” Maria said to Aiden as she spread out her arms to accentuate the space.

“So furniture and people?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, and we can also change the colour of the walls to be green with lizards on them.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t think that’ll do, an adult would not paint the living room walls green with lizards. They may find that to be too embarrassing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh yeah, this place is supposed to be your parents house, not just our Headquarters. Okay, then let’s find a room to build the HQ in.” Maria said, running through the empty house.

Maria went to survey the house. She found a ball room which was again void of any furniture.

Maria looked around, nodding her head.

“Okay, I think this room will do just fine for our HQ.” Maria looks turning back towards Aiden.

“What should go into an HQ?” Aiden asked Maria. “Should it be the same items that are located in a military base?” Aiden tried to clarify to Maria.

“That would be awesome to have. You mean like one of those big computers that you always see at those space launch things right?” Maria asked Aiden.”

“I was thinking of a giant table in the middle with a TV in the front, but those rooms would be appropriate for an HQ as well.” Aiden responded to Maria.

She then looked around and nodded her head once more.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of having one of those rooms with a giant computer, and a ton of seats each with a computer in front of them. With a glass barrier at the top so I can stand and look at everyone below me at work.” Maria described to Aiden.

“Sounds more like an evil base than a headquarters.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Guess it would be boring if there were no one working on the computers if we have that many.” Maria said quietly to herself.

“So you don’t want that many computers here?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, I didn’t say that. Instead I want golems to be working on the computers all day everyday!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Doing what?” Aiden responded.

“Doing whatever people do on those computers, I don’t know. They could play minesweeper, or something.” Maria responded with no clear direction. “So do you think you can make that?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course I can, like I always say, there’s nothing I can’t create.” Aiden said as he waved his hand and the room became populated with a staircase which opened up to several seats like a movie theatre each with a computer in front of them. 

Aiden then created slender stone golems wearing lab coats to walk to each computer.

“Okay, now it’s looking a bit better, but it’s missing something.” Maria said watching the golems go to their places.

Maria then looked to the front of the room.

“Oh, I know! I need a giant screen in the front of the room that has an image of the Earth just rotating slowly.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Why?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because it’s cool.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“I mean, why an image of the Earth, wouldn’t you prefer to have it on a channel you enjoy?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No way, then it wouldn’t be a real HQ.” Maria responded to Aiden.

Aiden then created the giant screen and it had a video feed of the Earth rotating.

“There, now this place is perfect. Let’s go through the rest of the house!” Maria said, running up the newly created stairs and into the next room.

Maria spent most of the afternoon doing this and they returned home.

Maria entered the front door and went to her dad, who at this point was in his study typing a product analysis document.

“Hey dad!” Maria said to her father.

“What’s it Sport?” Maria’s dad responded.

“Angel invited me to have a sleepover at her place for a few days, can I go?” Maria aske with her sweet voice.

“Your friend Angel, the one from your birthday party?” Maria’s dad asked, half focused.

“Yes, that’s her.” Maria responded.

“Sure you can go, just ask your mom too.” Maria’s dad said as he turned his focus back to the computer. “If she says no, then that’s a no from me too, got it.” Maria’s dad said to Maria.

“Thank you dad!” Maria said leaving the room.

Maria went to her mom who was finishing up dinner.

“Mom, can I sleep over Angel’s house for a few days?” Maria asked her mom.

“A few days? I’m not so sure about that. I’ll need to talk to her mom about that.” Maria’s mom said, looking at Maria.

“Her mom said it was okay.” Maria responded.

“I’m sure she did, but I still will need to talk to her mom about it. After dinner I will give her a call.” Maria’s mom said.

Maria then left the kitchen and up to her room.

“Looks like you are going to have to get your mom to talk to my mom before your plan works out.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well that wouldn’t be hard. Once you have permission we will head over the pacific to the games.” Aiden said to Maria.

After dinner Aiden got Hera on the phone with Maria’s mother.

“Hello, you are speaking to Hera, the Queen of the region of Helen in the Heavenly realm.” Hera answered.

This caught Maria’s mom off guard, but she continued.

“Yes, this is Maria’s mother, Angel’s friend’s mom.” Maria’s mom said to Hera.

“Oh yes, the precious birthday girl.” Hera responded.

“My daughter said that you allowed her to stay over your place for a few days for a sleepover, is that right?” Maria’s mom asked.

“Yes, that is perfectly fine.” Hera responded.

“If you could, can you give me the address of where you stay? Maria’s mom asked.

Hera looked at Aiden. “Where is this place?” Hera asked.

“It’s in Forest Hills. 787 Jolten Court” Aiden said to Hera quietly.

“787 Jolten Court in Forest Hills.” Hera responded to Maria’s mom.

Maria’s mom wrote the address on a sticky note. “Forest Hills, that’s a pretty fancy area.” Maria’s mom was surprised at the location. “Okay, let me tell you about some of Maria’s eating habits.” Maria’s mom then started to explain to Hera what Maria’s tastes were like.

“I understand. I am delighted to have her stay over for these next few days. You can call back soon if you have any more worries.” Hera said to Maria’s mom.

“Thank you, it was a pleasure speaking with you.” Maria’s mom replied.

“Same here, take care. Bye bye.” Hera said to Maria’s mom before ending the call.

“So Aiden, what are you two planning to do over the next few days? Is it a Romantic Outing with the girl?” Hera asked Aiden.

“No, we are going to watch the Olympics.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“The Olympics? As in the Olympic Games?” Hera said to Aiden, stunned.

“You know about them?” Aiden asked Hera.

“Know about them? I’m practically the originator with my cheating husband.” Hera said to Aiden. “I can’t believe they have lasted so long. What Year is it here?” Hera asked.

“It’s 316,165,926.” Aiden responded to Hera.

“So they have been going strong for nearly 4000 Years.” Hera was impressed with the mortals’ ability to continue tradition.

“I am pretty sure this is the new version since they called these the 29th Olympic Games.” Aiden said.

“Only 29? Well that’s disappointing. Well then I won’t ask to join you two’s outing.” Hera said to Aiden.

Aiden opened a route for Hera to return.

“If you need anything else I am always free to interact with you.” Hera said, walking into the Heavenly Realm.

The Night had come and Maria was sleeping in her bed excited to travel across the world to experience the festivities.

Then it was the morning. Maria quickly ate breakfast.

“Okay mom, I’m ready to be dropped off!” Maria said to her mom, just barely finish eating.

“Okay, we will go after I clean up.” Maria’s mom responded.

“You seem really excited to hang out at Alexis Texas’ house. What do you plan on doing?” Allison asked Maria.

“Again, her name is Angel, not Alexis Texas. And secondly we are just going to play games and watch movies, nothing too crazy.” Maria responded to Allison.

“I don’t believe that. You are probably trying to get into an episode.” Allison accused Maria.

Aiden had prepared the house to look like it was being lived in.

After some time Maria and her mom were at the front gate of the house. Aiden had reconstructed the stone driveway to be a concrete driveway to allow her mom’s car to drive up to the home.

Aiden came out as Angel and walked up to the car. Maria hopped out of the vehicle.

“If you need anything, call me.” Maria’s mom said to her.

“Okay mom.” Maria said, walking to the front door.

Aiden bowed to Maria’s mom and they both entered the house.

Maria’s mom then drove away.

Maria looked out the window to make sure they were in the clear.

“Okay, looks like it’s time to go!” Maria said with excitement overflowing.

The golems seem disappointed that they didn’t get to perform for Maria’s mom, since she never entered.

Aiden and Maria then went to the front of the yard and Maria went into her clear ball.

“Okay, this is going to take about 3 Hours. If you feel tired I can always land you somewhere. It’s going to get a bit cold outside, so I am going to keep you warm.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Why is it going to get cold?” Maria asked.

“Because we will have to travel North first and then back south, trust me, it’s the fastest way.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, whatever you say then.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria and Aiden then began their journey over the pacific. Along the way Maria asked for a few items to entertain herself with. Got to see how vast the pacific was. Witnessed giant fishing ships in the North. And Shadows of Monsters in the deep as viewed from above.

The two landed just outside the Stadium.

“Whoa! There are so many people here!” Maria said seeing the entire outside of the stadium fully populated by visitors.

Maria then went to enter the stadium then Aiden felt a distortion happen. He saw that Maria was being targeted by an event that would cause her heart to stop.

Aiden jumped in the direction and cancelled it.

Time was seemingly frozen and Aiden looked around for the cause of it.

Another one was aimed at Maria and Aiden went to cancel it again.

Aiden felt a tingling feeling in his hand. It was a sensation all too unknown to him.

A being then showed themselves to Aiden.

“This is interesting, why are you stopping me?” The being asked.

“Why are you trying to attack her?” Aiden asked.

“I am just trying to preserve this memory as it is supposed to correctly happen, she will disturb it if she goes on as her current path dictates.” The being said to Aiden.

“Who are you to decide that? The Almighty gave no order for her removal.” Aiden said to the being with a bit of anger.

“The Almighty? So what are you then?” The being asked.

“I am Aiden, an Aspect of the Almighty. I am a Heavenly Being, and current Best Friend of that girl you tried to attack.” Aiden said to the being.

“Oh really? I am an Aspect of the Winds, Vanoe. So I guess this would make us like Brothers.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“The Aspect of the Winds? There are no such entities.” Aiden said to Vanoe.

“The Aspect of the Winds won’t be present on this world for more than a decade. You could say that I am from a time unknown to you. But as an Aspect of the Almighty, I won’t bother you any further. Call it Brotherly love.” Vanoe said to Aiden.

“What do you mean by Brother?” Aiden asked Vanoe.

“The Winds and the Almighty are Biological Brothers. They are two of 3 siblings along with the Guides. But seeing that you don’t know that means the event hasn’t happened yet. With our interaction here, the two are probably speaking with one another. So as I said, I will not bother with you any further Aiden.” Vanoe said before vanishing.

Time then resumed and Maria was still on her way into the stadium.

Aiden looked at his own hand remembering the sensation of pain. He now had questions that he wanted answered. But for now he had to ensure that Maria gets to enjoy her time safely.

“Hey Aiden look! They are selling food on the corner like a hotdog stand!” Maria said, pointing at the vendor.

“Did you want something?” Aiden asked.

“I want to try everything here.” Maria said to Aiden with a giant smile on her face.

Maria and Aiden in the following days watched the competitors win gold, silver and bronze metals. They cheered and broke records. The atmosphere was energizing.

“Aiden, can you get me down there to compete?” Maria asked Aiden.

Aiden then thought to himself. “If she continues her current path she will alter this memory, which Vanoe was against, if I allow her to compete then she will be in danger.” Aiden thought to himself. “Let’s just enjoy the Olympics for what they are.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah poop, I guess that’s okay too.” Maria said as the two went to the back and got more food.

Maria enjoyed her time spending the entire day being able to talk with Aiden under the russ of being at a sleepover.

The Olympic Games were life changing for both Maria and, surprisingly, for Aiden.

Angel Misery: Chapter Six

It’s too hot, Aiden!

Maria was lying in the artificial pond in the park. The sun beamed straight down at her. Aiden was standing above her, shading her body.

“Why is it so hot today!?” Maria complained as the heat waves could be visibly seen on the horizon.

“I can only guess it’s because of the sun.” Aiden responded to Maria jokingly.

“Wow funny Aiden, but I am too hot to laugh.” Maria stared up at the sky. “I should have stayed inside and just watched that dumb show with Allison.” Maria said feeling defeated by the heat.

“Do you want some ice cream?” Aiden asked Maria.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I am too exhausted to move, and if you move I’ll be in the sun!” Maria called out. “Aiden, get rid of the sun!” Maria commanded.

“I’m not going to get rid of the sun.” Aiden responded to Maria’s suggestion.

“If you did want to, would you be able to?” Maria asked Aiden.

“As easy as you getting rid of the sun in one of your dreams.” Aiden told Maria.

“Blah, I’m too tired to think.” Maria continued to complain as she laid in the water. “Can you change the water around me to ice then?” Maria asked.

“The sudden shock from the cold might send you into shock.” Aiden warned Maria.

“As if that is any danger, I am practically immortal with you around. Hit me with the chills.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden transformed the water around Maria to ice.

Maria was startled by how cold ice was and immediately got up from the pond. 

“Whoa! That is way too cold!” Maria said, shaking off the cold feeling.

“Tried to warn you, would you prefer me to create an Air Conditioning Unit to keep you cool outside?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Sure!” Maria excitedly exclaimed.

Aiden created an Air Conditioning Unit and placed it on the grass in front of Maria.

“Oh yeah, this is nice.” Maria said, sitting in front of the cool air.

Eventually the AC began to overheat and then shut down.

“Hey! Why’d it stop?” Maria asked.

Aiden placed his hand on the AC. “Looks like it got too hot.” Aiden said to Maria.

“An AC getting too hot, that’s like its only job!” Maria said, kicking the AC.

“I’ll just create another one for you, don’t get too upset or else you will just heat up even faster.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’m already as hot as someone could be, blah!” Maria continued to complain.

“How about this, we travel up North, or to an Island in the Pacific, like Hawaii.” Aiden suggested to Maria.

“I don’t feel like being too cold either.” Maria says as she lays back on the ground. “Can I just die?” Maria called out feeling it was unbearable.

There was an ice cream truck song in the distance.

“It looks like the ice cream is coming to us.” Aiden made the observation and told Maria.

“Too tired, I’m not moving.” Maria said, still laying in the grass.

“You can’t continue like this Maria, come on let me take you there.” Aiden said, as he picked up Maria like a baby and carried her to the ice cream truck. “Any flavours that stand out to you?” Aiden asked Maria who was still dying in his arms.

Maria looked over at the menu. “Give me one of everything.” Maria said to the ice cream man.

“Are you sure about that? Do you think you can carry it all?” The Ice cream man asked.

“Yeah, just put it on top of my corpse.” Maria responded to him.

“Okay, well that’s $135.89.” The ice cream man said to Maria.

“Aiden…” Maria said as if it was her last dying breath.

“If you insist on this performance.” Aiden said unamused. Aiden handed the ice cream man $136. And the Ice Cream man opened his freezer and placed the items on Maria.

“That feels refreshing…” Maria said with the popsicles and cones on top of her.

“Enjoy, kids.” The ice cream man said as he began to drive off slowly.

Maria was still in Aiden’s arms with dozens of treats on her. She then opened one that was a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate with peanuts on top.

“This hits the spot.” Maria said to Aiden. “You can pick one if you want Aiden.” Maria suggested to him.

“I think I am okay.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, you can’t expect me to eat them on my own.” Maria responded to Aiden feeling a bit better.

“You are the one who chose them, when have I ever enjoyed eating anything?” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Okay then, take me home and we can put the rest in the freezer.” Maria told Aiden.

“Do you intend on walking?” Aiden asked.

“Nope.” Maria responded quickly.

“Thought so.” Aiden said as he walked with Maria in his arms as she enjoyed her frozen treats.

Along the way there was a group of Maria’s classmates taking a break after playing some football in the park.

“Hey, isn’t that Angeal?” Timothy said watching Aiden carry Maria back home.

“Yeah, what is he doing with Maria?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s obvious that since they both placed in the Top 5 in our class that they feel like they should only hang out with other smart people.” Arnold told the boys.

“Oh yeah! And Maria did call us stupid or something.” Harold added.

“Come on, let’s get our water guns and show them who the dumb ones are!” Arnold said. As the boys ran to where they had their water guns placed.

They took turns at the water fountain filling the toys up.

“Make sure you get it at full capacity!” Jonathan said, holding two completely filled water guns.

The boys then began to run trying to catch up to Maria and Aiden.

“I think I am full now.” Maria said in Aiden’s arms.

“You only ate one. What was the point of getting so many if you were just going to do that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“You know the saying, ‘don’t go to the store thirsty.’ Looks like I fell right into it.” Maria said to Aiden.

They both then heard the footsteps of the boys behind them.

The boys then started shooting at Maria and Aiden. Aiden moved out of the way of the shots effortlessly. But his speed was making Maria a bit dizzy because of the heat.

“Aiden, put me down.” Maria said to Aiden as he placed her on the grass.

The boys then started pumping their water guns so that they could let off another rally of shots.

“So they want to play, okay. Aiden created me a water gun that can shoot water like a Fire Hydrant.” Maria commanded Aiden.

“Isn’t that going a bit overboard?” Aiden asked her.

“Corporal! I am the General, and this is war. We can not let this sneak attack go unpunished.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure.” Aiden responded and created a high pressure water weapon. “Here you are.” Aiden handed it to Maria.

“Where’d she get that from?” Timothy wondered as he took aim at Maria.

“Oh yeah, I can win with this.” Maria aimed at the boys and let out an enormous stream of water knocking them to the ground.

The boys attempted to fight against the water pressure.

“Split up!” Arnold called out as the boys separated trying to flank Maria and Aiden.

“Aiden, can you make me another one?” Maria asked.

“Don’t get too carried away, you might pull your shoulder.” Aiden said, handing Maria another weapon.

“Say hello to my little friends!” Maria laughed out as she started shooting water in both directions. She let out a maniacal laugh sending the boys back with water.

Aiden watched as Maria was doing this and noticed that the Treats from the Ice cream truck were melting.

“Hey Maria.” Aiden said, trying to get her attention. Maria continued to laugh out loud. “Maria, the ice cream is melting.” Aiden said again.

Timothy and Johnathan were pressed up against the building with water. Arnold and Harold were shot back to the ground each time they tried to stand up.

“Bet you all feel stupid now trying to sneak up on me!” Maria laughed out.

“Okay, okay, we give up!” Arnold tried to say, attempting to get up from the ground.

“What? I can’t hear you over the sound of all the water I am hitting you with!” Maria said to Arnold.

Aiden then emptied the water tanks that were attached to Maria’s weapons. The water stream then died down as the boys turned tail and ran.

“She is insane!” Harold ran away with the rest of the boys following behind.

“Aww, Aiden… why’d you do that?” Maria asked with a sad tone.

“I think they pretty much got the point, plus if you continued you could have drowned them.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah poop. Well at least it was a bit of a distraction from the heat.” Maria said. “But now I’m thirsty from all that laughing.”

“You don’t want any of the stuff you bought from the ice cream truck?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, that stuff isn’t refreshing like a cold soda!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Such a waste.” Aiden said looking at the melting ice cream and popsicles.

“Let’s run back home and grab some sodas!” Maria said, running ahead of Aiden.

Aiden followed behind her still holding the ice cream treats in his hands.

Maria burst through the door and went directly to the refrigerator. “Ah, perfect!” Maria said, grabbing an orange soda from the fridge.

“I hear that there’s a heat wave outside. Are you going to be sitting in the house now?” Allison asked, still having her attention on the TV.

“And watch Alexis Texas all day? No thank you.” Maria said with disgust. Maria took a giant drink from the can. “Ah! Now that’s refreshing!” Maria said feeling relieved.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Maria thought as she ran upstairs.

Aiden was standing in her room holding the Ice Cream truck items.

“Are you going to be putting these into the freezer now?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Nope, but I just thought of something we can do to keep me cool.” Maria said with a smile looking at Aiden.

“Hmm, that look means it’s going to be mostly me doing the work.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, so you know how those boys tried to challenge us to a water gun fight? How about you make me like a shooting place filled with water enemies so that I can actually do some real fighting stuff!” Maria said pretending like she was holding a weapon.

“With a water gun right?” Aiden asked to clarify Maria’s desires.

“Sure, I guess. If you are trying to be no fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Yes, it’ll be with water guns.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, okay. With water guns. So can you build that for me?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course I could. I will build it on the Lake bed. It needs more stuff anyway.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Awesome! Then I will meet you outside!” Maria said about to run out her door.

“Wait.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria stopped and looked back at Aiden.

“You should give Allison one of these.” Aiden said, holding out one of the ice cream packages.

“Ah… why?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know, it’s something nice, you both are sisters, and you seem to always be at each other’s throats.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria took the ice cream package and went downstairs.

Aiden then went outside.

Maria went to Allison who’s attention was fully on the TV. Maria handed Allison the ice cream.

Allison looked confused. “Ah, what is this for?” Allison asked.

“It’s just some ice cream I got from the ice cream truck. I wanted to give it to you.” Maria said hesitantly.

“What’s wrong with it?” Allison looked at the package trying to see if Maria did something to the ice cream.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, I just had an extra.” Maria said to Allison.

“Hmm, this is suspicious. What do you want?” Allison asked.

“I don’t want anything, anyways, I am going back outside!” Maria said, running out the front door.

Allison looked at the ice cream, still suspicious.

“Hmm, interesting.” Allison thought to herself as she opened the package and saw that everything about the cone was normal except that it was slightly melted.

Allison took a bite from the ice cream.

“It tastes normal too. Very interesting.” Allison thought to herself.

Aiden was outside still holding all the ice cream treats.

Maria came out moving quickly. The heat of the outside hit her all at once.

“Dang, I forgot how hot it was out here!” Maria said  feeling the heat of the sun hit her skin. “Quickly Aiden! To the ‘Testing Grounds’!” Maria said to Aiden pointing in front of herself.

Aiden created the clear ball and Maria jumped into it.

Aiden then carried Maria to the dried lakebed.

Maria hopped out of his arms. “Hey where’s the battle arena!” Maria said, looking around.

“We literally just landed here.” Aiden said to Maria while he was still holding the ice cream.

Maria looked around the area trying to decide what kind of arena she would like.

“You know that level with all the shipping containers, and the abandoned ship. From ‘Current Wargames 2’?” Maria asked Aiden.

“The one where you run around and shoot people or are you talking about the one where you run around and shoot people but with lasers?” Aiden asked Maria.

“The one with the guns that goes tat tat tat.” Maria said, gesturing with her hands. Maria then thought to herself. “Hey, it’s not as hot here as back home. Where is this place located?” Maria asked.

“Not so far into the pacific.” Aiden responded to Maria. “I made it just to dump all the giant creations you ask for.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So this is like new land, so that makes me like the Queen of this land right?” Maria asked.

“If ruling a land with zero population makes you a Queen, then sure.” Aiden responded.

“Well as Queen General, I order thee Aiden to build a battle arena!” Maria said to Aiden pointing to a more empty part of the lake bed.

“I was going to do that regardless.” Aiden said as he stepped forward, ice cream in hand, and created a battle arena. 

The battle arena had refill stations that carried water cartridges so that Maria could run by them, grab a magazine and reload her water gun rapidly.

Aiden created Water Golems in the shape of humans who ran around the area. They each had water guns.

Aiden then handed Maria a water gun.

“There you go.” Aiden said, as Maria grabbed the weapon.

Maria then shot at Aiden and Aiden moved out of the way.

“Dang, almost had you.” Maria said, taking aim at him.

“Your targets are out there, not me.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, you are in it too!” Maria said to Aiden, still trying to aim at him. One of the Water Golems shot at Maria and hit her back.

“Hey! I had my back turned!” Maria called out. The water golem then hid behind a pillar and continued moving.

“Looks like it already began.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aiden, you are on my team. Let’s hunt these guys down!” Maria said.

“This would be entirely too easy.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Then give yourself some sort of handicap.” Maria said, trying to think of a suitable one. “Play with your eyes closed.” Maria said smiling.

“That’s not a handicap for me.” Aiden responded unbothered.

“Then play with only one bullet.” Maria suggested.

“I could make it so that my bullet would continue without stopping and hit every single person.” Aiden said to Maria demonstrating that sort of control.

“Then play as if you were me, but as yourself. Like become ‘Angel’.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then became Angel and created a backpack to place the ice cream in. “If I am going to play as if I were you then I better get ready to get hit a lot.” Aiden joked with Maria.

Aiden created himself a weapon. He and Maria then went into the arena and hid behind a crate.

“Okay we got targets in front. Provide me covering fire as I attack their flanks.” Maria said to Aiden as if she was a General.

“Do you even know what you are saying?” Aiden asked Maria. Maria then got out of cover and began firing.

Aiden then got out of cover and started shooting water shots out at the water golems. They ducked behind cover as Maria continued to get to their location.

Another water golem came from hiding and targeted Aiden. Aiden immediately turned his water gun and landed a direct head shot on the golem.

“Nice shot!” Maria said from her position. “But it looks like you were using hacks!” Maria called out.

“Can’t help it.” Aiden responded as he reloaded and continued to provide cover for Maria.

Maria snuck up next to a water golem whose attention was on Aiden. Maria carefully aimed and shot the water golem in the chest.

It stood up trying to get a good shot on Maria but before it could Aiden saw its head poke up and took it out.

“Hey, you stole my point!” Maria said standing up.

“I’m just covering your weak spots.” Aiden said as he went to catch up with Maria.

Maria looked around to see if she noticed any water golems looking down at their location. 

“I don’t see any of them.” Maria said, trying to peer over the barricade.

“Look over there, do you left.” Aiden said pointing at a couple of water golems who were walking around searching for Maria.

“Aiden, create me a grenade.” Maria said.

“I’m creating you a water balloon. Not a grenade.” Aiden responded by giving Maria a hard water balloon.

Maria held the water balloon in her hand and looked through a crack in the barricade. She then stood up and threw the balloon. The water golems saw Maria stand up and aimed at her. But when they got their water guns up the water balloon burst and hit them.

“Double Destruction!” Maria said, hiding back behind the barricade. “We are even, I got 2 and you got 2.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I thought we were going against them, not each other.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The golems were firing at the barricade causing water to spray on Maria. The mist felt good on her skin.

“Ah, that feels refreshing. But still, they aren’t going to get me!” Maria said, aiming her water gun at the water golem and began firing.

She was hit a few times but ultimately brought it down.

“Looks like it landed some solid hits on you.” Aiden said, looking at Maria’s wet shirt.

“Yeah, but it didn’t hit my head, so I have plenty of HP.” Maria said, regaining her breath.

Aiden got up from the Barricade and brought down two more water Golems with two shots.

“Not fair, now it’s 3 to 4.” Maria said, still gaining her breath.

The two continued their battle against the water golems until everything was covered in water. The ground was nearly mud and Maria’s clothes were completely soaked.

Aiden however was pretty much bone dry.

“So what’s my KD Ratio, Aiden? Like 45?” Maria asked Aiden.

“If I were to say it would be like 4. And that’s me being charitable.” Aiden said thinking about the battle.

“4? No way, I got like 50 of them.” Maria said, trying to explain to Aiden.

“Even if you did get 50 successful takedowns, you would have been defeated 10 times from your lone soldier moments. And 50 divided by 10 is 5. That’s how KD works.” Aiden explained to Maria.

“I’ll settle for 6. But not 4.” Maria said to Aiden holding up 6 fingers.

“Whatever you say.” Aiden responded, turning back to his full form. “Do you want some ice cream now?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Sure, I can’t believe you are still carrying them.” Maria said to Aiden trying to select one from the group.

“After they begin to melt, I re-froze them, so their shapes may be a bit strange.” Aiden said as Maria pulled out a character popsicle.

It’s gum eye had slumped down to where its mouth was and its designs had mixed together.

“I can’t even tell who this was supposed to be.” Maria said, biting the popsicle. “Oh, that is cold!” Maria said with it in her mouth. “One of them should just be frozen fruit, you could hit it with me.” Maria said, sitting down on the barricade.

Aiden went through the treats and found a popsicle that was just crushed strawberries that were frozen.

“Sure, I’ll eat it with you.” Aiden said as he grabbed it and sat down next to Maria on the barricade.

“I bet I am like the only person on Earth who gets to experience this. I am super lucky now!” Maria said looking up at the sky then looked around at the lake bed.

“Not many people get hit in the head with a heavenly scroll.” Aiden responded by looking out at the vast expanse.

Maria then felt a feeling in her chest that she never had before.

She then placed her hand where her heart was.

Aiden looked down at her. “Are you feeling okay, Maria?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, I am perfect!” Maria said, placing her hand back on the barricade and taking big bites from her popsicle.

Aiden continued to take a few more bits from his popsicle.

Maria hopped up from the Barricade. “Okay, it’s time for round 2!” Maria said, picking back up her water gun.

“Oh, another round?” Aiden was surprised. “I thought you would have been more tired.” Aiden smirked.

“There’s no time to rest Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up from his seat and became Angel again. “Aye General.” Aiden said creating himself a new water gun.

Maria and Aiden began another round.

Aiden fired his water gun covering for Maria. Maria looked at Aiden as he was shooting. She was feeling different when she looked at him.

She shook her head to get rid of the thought and focused on being in the moment.

It was starting to become late in the afternoon. The amount of popsicles had significantly decreased.

Maria looked out at the battlefield. “Okay! I think I am satisfied for today!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden was in his full form again. “You sure you aren’t going to ask for another round. I am sure the golems would love that.” Aiden chuckled.

“No, I know when to call it quits.” Maria said with her hands on her hips, triumphant.

Aiden created the clear ball for Maria.

“Then I’ll take us home.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria jumped into the ball and Aiden lifted it up as the two went high into the sky.

Aiden and Maria landed close to the park. The heat was still present.

Maria opened the clear ball and was hit again by the heat.

“Ah! It’s still hot?! Even after all that time!” Maria said, feeling the heat blast against her skin.

“Did you forget that it was still hot?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Why aren’t you reacting?” Maria asked Aiden, trying to cover her eyes from the sun.

“Because I don’t feel it.” Aiden responded as if it were common sense.

“Lucky!” Maria said jogging off to go under a tree. “So it’s like 5PM now, how about we go back at 6?” Maria asked Aiden.

“You plan on staying out another hour in the heat?” Aiden asked Maria, still seeing her fan herself with her hands.

“It’s so hot!” Maria said, waving her hands to cool herself off.

The boys from earlier in the day were all lying in the pond. 

Aiden looked over at them, but Maria was too hot to notice.

“So who would win, Fightku or Superbud?” Harold asked the group.

“Fightku easy.” Arnold responded.

“No way, Superbud would one shot Fightku. Superbud can travel faster than light, Fightku would never hit him.” Jonathan said.

“Fightku has been moving faster than light since his fight with his brother, and by the time he trained Clue he was like a bazillion times stronger.” Arnold said, defending his position.

“Superbud defeated an Enemy who created the Universe, Fightku never fought anyone like that.” Jonathan responded.

“Fightku literally defeated Clue who was going to destroy 3 Universe, what are you saying?” Arnold responded.

“Miphoto would solo both of them, no problem.” Harold added.

The other guys laughed at the statement.

Maria heard the boys laughing and locked over at them.

“Oh they are still outside?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Yeah, they seem to be debating over something.” Aiden said to Maria.

“What are they talking about?” Maria asked, still in the shade.

“Something about who would win between Fightku and Superbud.” Aiden told Maria.

“That’s easy, Fightku would win that. Superbud can’t even teleport.” Maria responded.

“So that means you agree with Arnold in their debate.” Aiden informed Maria.

Maria stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Gross, now I feel like I should say Superbud, but the rest of the boys aren’t any better.” Maria said.

“Like at debating?” Aiden asked.

Maria laughed. “Ha, no. But nevermind. Let’s head back. This heat must be messing with my head.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria got up from the shade and started walking home.

Aiden followed behind her.

The boys continued to argue with each other.

Maria got back home and Allison was still watching TV.

“You should go out sometimes Allison, staying inside all the time is going to make you fat.” Maria joked.

“Out of all days, I am not going outside during a heatwave.” Allison responded to Maria without missing a beat.

Maria then went upstairs.

“Wait Maria.” Allison said.

Maria stopped halfway up. “What do you want?” Maria asked.

“What do you do outside all that time?” Allison asked.

“Ah, you know. Go to the park, go to the playground, go to the mall. The normal stuff.” Maria responded a bit nervously.

“Can I tag along?” Allison asked, giving Maria a glare.

“You wouldn’t want to tag along, it’s super boring.” Maria responded laughing.

“I don’t mind.” Allison responded.

“But really, it’s super boring. Sometimes i think to myself ‘Wow, I should have stayed inside, I bet it is way more fun.’” Maria said laughing.

“I want to experience this boredom.” Allison responded.

“Oh. ah sure. How about we go out now?” Maria said to Allison.

“No, not when there’s a heatwave. I want to go out when you meet up with your friend.” Allison said to Maria.

“Meet up with my friend, no, I don’t have any friends I meet up with.” Maria said, waving her hands.

“Then I guess we will be alone the entire day then.” Allison responded.

“Oh! You must be talking about when I meet up with Angel! Yea, she’s the one I am out with. You don’t want to hang out with us.” Maria responded to Allison.

Allison then stopped for a second then thought about it.

“Angel? You mean Alexis Texas?” Allison said with a serious demeanor.

“Angel isn’t Alexis Texas!” Maria responded loudly.

“Was Alexis Texas the one that suggested you give me an Ice Cream cone?” Allison asked.

“What? I can’t do anything nice for my little sister?” Maria asked.

“It’s uncharacteristic of you, so I will say, no you physically can not.” Allison responded.

“Wow, okay. Yes, Angel did suggest I give you the ice cream cones. Happy?” Maria said.

“Yes, that means the universe is in order. Nevermind then, I don’t want to hang out with you.” Allison said, turning back towards the TV.

“So annoying.” Maria thought to herself as she headed up the rest of the stairs.

Maria went into her room and grabbed some cleaner clothes.

“Showering already?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, I smell like outside. And these clothes got all wet with mud on them.” Maria said to Aiden.

“When has that bothered you?” Aiden asked with a smile.

Maria then paused.

“It must be the heat ha! It’s messing with my brain so much!” Maria laughed as she quickly grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.

Aiden stood in the room waiting.

“I must be going crazy.” Maria thought to herself as she turned on the shower.

Maria smacked her face as the water fell on her face.

“Back to normal!” Maria said to herself as she was in the shower. She had her hands out in front of her as if she was holding a ball. Or sending out an energy attack.

Some time passed and Maria returned to her room.

“Okay Aiden! Let’s plan what we are going to do tomorrow!” Maria said with a smile on her face.

Aiden nodded his head and the two continued with what they normally do by the end of the night. Maria may have shaken off this feeling for now, but who knows when it’ll come back.

Angel Misery: Chapter Five

It’s your Birthday Maria!

Maria gets up early in the morning. She looks around and doesn’t see Aiden in the room.

“Hey, where’d you go?” Maria says looking around her room.

She looks out her window and sees Aiden standing next to the tree they usually fly from. 

She hops up. “No way!” Maria screams as she rushes outside. The commotion wakes up Allison.

Maria runs to Aiden and sees him standing next to a Go Kart.

“No way! No way! No Way!” Maria excitedly says.

“I figured since it’s your birthday that I would create something you’d like.” Aiden says to Maria.

“How’d you know it was my birthday?” Maria says feeling the Kart.

“It’s almost like you’ve forgotten that every other sentence for the past week you said wasn’t about your birthday.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“I am beyond surprised, this is the first time you’ve done something for me without me asking!” Maria said, looking up at Aiden.

“I also have something else planned for you too.” Aiden said to Maria, hinting at something fun later on.

“Well you can’t hint at something like that without telling me!” Maria said to Aiden.

“It’s worth the wait, don’t worry.” Aiden responded.

Maria’s new Go Kart was Green with black trims. It had a black seat and very powerful looking wheels. On the seat was written “Maria ‘The General’ Li”.

“This is perfect! How about we take it for a quick drive?!” Maria asked Aiden.

“You don’t know how to drive do you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ve played a ton of Go Kart games, besides why would you give it to me if you didn’t want me to drive it?” Maria asked Aiden with her usual devilish smile.

Allison came outside and Aiden went invisible. Allison saw Maria standing next to a Go Kart holding a Green Helmet.

Allison walked closer and saw Maria’s name on the seat.

“So where’d you get this from?” Allison asked Maria.

“A friend?” Allison looked at Maria with disbelief. “Now why would a friend give you an entire Go Kart?”

“In case you’ve forgotten, today is my Birthday.” Maria said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh yeah, I guess that is correct.” Allison says to Maria as she walks around the vehicle looking closely at it. “So which friend was it?” Allison questions Maria.

“If you must know, I got it from my Best Friend Angeal from school.” Maria said to Allison.

“Angeal? So you have a boyfriend now?” Allison questioned with minor disbelief.

“Angeal? My boyfriend? No way. He’s my best friend.” Maria said, a bit embarrassed.

“Right. So where is he now?” Allison asked, looking around for any sign of a friend.

“He came by early in the morning, dropped off and left.” Maria said with confidence.

“All that in a matter of minutes? Likely story.” Allison said, walking back to the house still looking around.

“Dang, guess I won’t be able to ride around just yet. Allison is going to keep staring at me for a while.” Maria said to the Invisible Aiden.

“Just take it to the backyard for now. You’ll get your chance later.” Aiden said as he helped Maria move the Go Kart making it look as though Maria was pushing it alone.

Maria returned into the House.

“Hey Sport, Happy Birthday!” Maria’s dad said to her as she walked back in. He was in the kitchen getting himself some coffee. “Anywhere you want to go today?” Maria’s dad asked with a big smile on his face.

“Not really, I am okay!” Maria said going back up to her room.

The dad looked disappointed. “Aww she’s usually more excited when I offer to take her out. My little girl must be growing up.” The dad said with a soft tone.

“That’s not it dad, she is busy trying to go to her ‘boyfriend’.” Allison said to her father.

“A ‘boyfriend’, whoa it’s way too early for that. She just started doing better in school, we can’t have some guy messing up her future.” Her dad said as he then went to go to Maria’s room.

“So how about we go out in an hour?” Maria was saying to Aiden.

Her dad then knocked on her door.

“Sport? I’m coming in.” Her dad said as he started opening the door.

Aiden vanished again.

“Yes dad?” Maria said to her father as she was placing stuff into her backpack.

“Oh, what are you packing stuff up for?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I’m going to go for a ride.” Maria responded.

“With… with a friend?” Maria’s dad cautiously asked.

“Yes, with my best friend!” Maria responded with excitement.

“I heard from Allison that you had a ‘boyfriend’.” Maria’s dad asked Maria.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” Maria responded quickly to her father.

“So who is this friend you are going out for a ride with?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Oh… I can’t tell him it’s a boy or else he’s going to freak out… I will say it’s my friend named…” Maria was trying to come up with a story for her father. “I’m going out riding with my friend “Angel’.” Maria said to her Father.

“Angel? As in a girl named Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes, as in a girl named Angel.” Maria said with a forced smile.

“Okay, well. About the boyfriend thing. I know you are a teenager now, but please wait until you are older, at least until you’re 16.” Maria’s dad said.

“Sure thing daddy o.” Maria responded.

“Offer is still open if you want to go and grab some breakfast with your favourite papa.” Maria’s dad said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Jeez, I just want to ride my Go Kart.” Maria thought to herself. “Okay dad! Let’s get some waffles!” Maria said with a smile.

“Birthday Waffles it is!” Maria’s dad said leaving the door open and going downstairs.

“Looks like I have to go out with my dad.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You named me ‘Angel’?” Aiden said with disbelief.

“I was under pressure.” Maria responded to Aiden.

“You could have chosen nearly anything else, like Heather, Kathy, Taylor, but you went for Angel, that’s practically admitting to Allison that Angel is a fake person.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s fine.” Maria smiled. “You wouldn’t happen to be able to transform your body right?” Maria asked with a sneaky look.

“Sure I can… “ Aiden said with hesitation.

“Then this will work out perfectly. Especially for the inevitable Birthday Party I am going to have later. You are going to come as Angel and then all the suspicions that my dad and Allison have will disappear.” Maria said before laughing about her genius plan.

“And as always the heavy lifting of the plan is my job.” Aiden said under his breath.

Maria went downstairs to the car where her dad was waiting to take her for breakfast.

Aiden then went to follow the vehicle before seeing Allison walk to the backyard to investigate Maria’s Go Kart.

Allison gripped the bars of the vehicle.

“This isn’t cheap at all.” Allison said tapping on the metal.

Allison looked at the lettering on the seat. “It’s been stitched on too.” Allison was trying to get a bit of the fabric off but nothing peeled.

“Yep, definitely more than a friend. I’ve seen enough shows to know that a guy would not buy such an expensive gift for no reason.” Allison said quietly, continuing to look at the Go Kart.

Allison looked underneath the vehicle looking for the gas tank.

“What does it run on?” Allison was confused as she continued looking.

“I guess I’ll leave her be.” Aiden then left off.

Aiden went through the house and saw Maria’s mother starting to put up Birthday Decorations.

It was images of video game characters and balloons with her favourite TV show up. It looked like quite the amount of work to do while everyone else was gone.

Aiden saw a bunch of the balloons in the back that needed to be blown up. He inflated them and went off.

Maria’s mom just finished putting up the streamers and was dreading needing to blow up over a few dozen balloons.

She went to the backroom and saw that a good portion of them were filled with air.

Maria’s mom picked them up. “Thank you for helping Allison.” Maria’s mom said. Allison was in her room by this time and was listening to Music on the radio barely hearing her mom.

Aiden met up with Maria and her dad at the Pancake Diner.

“So, how does it feel being a teenager now?” Maria’s dad said with a smile on his face.

Maria thought about it a little with her mouth filled with waffles and syrup on her cheek.

“Not any different I guess.” Maria says with her mouth still full.

“I remember when I turned 13, it was exciting. My father used to tell me that’s when I would start becoming a man.” Maria’s dad laughed to himself.

“Sure dad.” Maria said still with her mouth full.

Aiden sat next to Maria completely invisible still.

“Yeah, becoming a teenager wasn’t all fun and games, that’s when I had to start doing serious jobs like cleaning the gutters and clearing the back shed, washing the driveway.” Maria’s dad continued to talk about what it was like when he became a teenager.

“But that was like a hundred years ago, right. You wouldn’t have me doing that right?” Maria asked her dad.

“Not unless you want to, since I know that you enjoy doing typical ‘boy’ activities. Which is why.” Maria’s dad was saying before he brought out a baseball bat.

“Tada!” Maria’s dad says as he handed her the present. It was still wrapped but it was obvious what it was.

Maria looked at it.

“A baseball bat?” Maria smiled hesitantly.

“Yes, I figured we could hit a few good ones while we were out. Have a father daughter chit chat.” Maria’s dad said, swinging an invisible bat.

“Gee, thanks dad. I love it.” Maria said with a lack of enthusiasm.

“So after you are done eating, let’s head to the park to kill some time before running back home.” Maria’s dad suggested. 

“Can’t wait.” Maria said sarcastically. “All I want to do is drive my Go Kart.” Maria thought to herself.

“A baseball bat? Why would he give her that? Maria doesn’t like ‘ball’ sports.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria ate her fill and slumped in her seat.

“Wow, that was good. Almost reminds me of the waffles in Brussels.” Maria said aloud.

“Waffles from Brussels? When did you have those?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Oh, ahh…” Maria then went into quick thinking. “My friend Angel brought some to me during school. Yeah, that’s what happened.” Maria responded.

“Hey, I have an idea, how about we invite your friend Angel over to your birthd-” Maria’s dad stopped himself from telling Maria about the Surprise Party. “Bring your friend over to have fun with on your birthday.”

“Oh, no. She is way too busy. She wouldn’t come to my birthday haha.” Maria responded.

“Nonsense, let me talk to her mom and then we can go and pick her up. What’s her parent’s number?” Maria’s dad asked, pulling out his flip phone.

“Oh, her parent’s number?” Maria hesitated.

Maria’s dad was ready to press the numbers.

“On second thought, how about we start hitting the baseball dad.” Maria said, getting out of her seat.

“Ah, sure.” Maria’s dad responded by putting away his cell phone.

They both got into the car and her dad started driving to the park.

“I didn’t expect that you’d be so eager to play baseball, I was thinking to myself, ‘what would be the perfect gift for my oldest daughter.’. I knew you didn’t like dolls or makeup, so I couldn’t look in the girl’s aisle.” Maria’s dad kept on talking as Aiden sat next to Maria.

Aiden tapped on Maria’s shoulder to let her know that he was in the car with her.

Maria nudged Aiden. “What took you so long, you could have helped me.” Maria slightly whispered to Aiden.

“Help with what, it was valuable time with your dad.” Aiden responded.

“I want to hurry up and drive the kart.” Maria said a little louder.

“What was that Sport?” Maria’s dad asked her.

“Oh, I said this gift is a work of art.” Maria responded.

“That is correct, I remember when I got my first baseball bat…” Maria’s dad continued to talk and Maria ignored him.

“You should just enjoy the day, afterall your family wants to spend time with you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You think you are being funny Aiden, well guess what.” Maria said with a devilish smile.

“Hey dad.” Maria said with a voice like she just figured out something.

“What is it?” Maria’s dad responded.

“I think I remember Angel’s Parent’s number.” Maria said.

“Oh really, well let me call them right up.” Maria’s dad pulled out his cell phone.

“The number is 555-666-7777.” Maria told her dad.

“You couldn’t remember that?” Maria’s dad asked.

“It just slipped my mind.” Maria responded. “Aiden you had better answer.” Maria whispered to him.

Aiden then rushed over to the heavenly realm and brought Hera out to Earth.

“Wow Aiden, what’s the urgency?” Hera said as she was now in the middle of a residential area.

They both then heard a ringing. Then answered it.

“This is the mortal girl’s father. Say that I am busy or something.” Aiden requested of Hera.

“Hello, Hera Queen of the Hellen Region of the Gods speaking.” Hera answered.

“Hello, this is Maria’s dad, one of Angel’s friends.” Maria’s dad said.

“Well hello there, what do I owe for the purpose of this conversation?” Hera responded.

“We wanted to see if Angel would like to play some baseball with us at the park today.” Maria’s dad asked.

Aiden was shaking his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Angeal- I mean Angel is working on her summer assignment.” Hera said.

Aiden nodded his head with satisfaction.

“That’s too bad, because today is Maria’s Birthday and it would mean the world if her friend could be there.” Maria’s dad responded.

“It’s your daughter’s birthday, well isn’t that something to be celebrated. Of course Angel could be there with her.” Hera said, delighted.

Aiden was shocked.

“We will be at the park in Redwood, do you want me to pick her up, or are you dropping her off.” Maria’s dad asked.

“She will meet you all there.” Hera said.

“Sounds good, thankyou!” Maria’s dad responded.

“Take care now, bye bye.” Hera concluded her call with Maria’s dad.

“What was that, Hera?” Aiden said to her with bewilderment.

“At first I was on board with this plan of yours, but then he said it was her birthday. You know mortals only get like a hundred of those before they die.” Hera responded.

“Sure, I guess.” Aiden responded. “Well I’ll take you back to the Heavenly Realm then.” Aiden said as he opened up a route back.

“If you don’t mind, could you drop me off at the Zoo of Olympus. I wish to gaze upon the Peacock.” Hera said as Aiden changed the destination.

“There you are.” Aiden said, letting Hera walk back into the Heavenly Realm. 

Aiden changed himself to look like a little girl from one of the tween TV shows that Allison would watch.

“That should do it for appearance.” Aiden said as he flew over to the park.

Maria and her dad arrived at the park and her dad pulled out a bag of baseballs and 2 baseball gloves.

Maria dragged her baseball bat along the ground.

“Is it too heavy for you Maria?” Maria’s dad asked following behind her.

“No it’s good, I’m just roughing it up so I can hit the ball better.” Maria responded.

They both got to the baseball field.

Maria’s dad pitched to her. “Here it comes, Sport!” He called out, tossing it underhand.

Maria hit the ball resulting in a grounder.

“Nice hit.” Maria’s  dad said. He then tossed another.

“Okay, here I come.” Aiden said as he approached from behind the trees.

Maria hit another ball and sent it high into the skies.

The ball landed next to Aiden.

Maria looked over, squinting her eyes. “Is that Alexis Texas?”. Maria thought to herself.

Maria’s dad turned around seeing that Maria was looking at someone.

“Are you Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes, I am.” Aiden responded.

Maria rolled her eyes, unbelieving that Aiden made himself look like a well known celebrity.

“Well then come on over and grab a glove. We were just warming up!” Maria’s dad called out.

Aiden ran over to Maria.

“Why did you pick such a famous person to look like!” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“I just chose to look like a common looking girl. I see this girl’s face everywhere so most girls must look like her.” Aiden said to Maria.

“The reason you see her everywhere is because she is super famous.” Maria smacked her own face. “Well at least change your hair colour, make it grey like your normal look.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden made his hair grey.

“Did you want a turn at bat, Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“No, I’ll start by catching first.” Aiden said going to the out field.

“Here comes another one, Sport.” Maria’s dad tossed a ball to Maria.

Maria hit the ball and sent it flying. Aiden then ran towards the ball and caught it.

“Wow you are athletic, didn’t expect you had that speed Angel.” Maria’s dad said to Aiden.

“Yea Angel, didn’t expect that you would run like you were in the Olympics!” Maria called out.

“I’ll slow it down a bit!” Aiden called out with a hint of laughter.

Maria continued to hit balls and Aiden would miss some on purpose. They hit balls back and forth for about an hour.

“Okay, I think it’s time for us to head back.” Maria’s dad said with a bit of sweat on him trying to keep up with the two athletic girls.

Maria’s dad grabbed the baseball bat, the ball bag and the gloves and headed to the car.

“So Aiden, are you going to stay like this from now on.” Maria poked Aiden’s cheek.

“Of course not, this limits my abilities and visibility much too severely.” Aiden responded.

“But look, I can poke your cheek whenever I want.” Maria continued to poke with her teasing smile.

Maria’s dad looked back proud that Maria has such a close friend.

“It must be some kind of miracle that Maria actually made a friend with a girl her age, and not even a boyish looking girl either.” Maria’s dad was thinking. “Wait… could they be attracted to each other… no it’s way too early for that.” Maria’s dad’s face kept on changing from happy to concerned repeatedly along the walk back.

“So it’s almost time for me to ride the Kart around!” Maria said to Aiden.

“No, your mom was setting up decorations back at the house. So I guess the celebrations are going to continue.” Aiden responded.

“Sheesh, a surprise party. What am I, nine?” Maria said with disappointment.

“A surprise party?” Aiden asked.

“It’s a kind of party where people set up the party without you knowing, then when you step through the door they yell ‘surprise!’. It’s a whole thing.” Maria responded.

“Then I guess I ruined it by telling you.” Aiden said.

“I will act like I am surprised because that’s what adults like. I pretty much would have guessed anyway.” Maria said as they both sat in the car and Maria’s dad placed the equipment in the trunk.

Maria’s dad then began to drive. Maria and Aiden continued to talk to each other in the back seat.

“So girls, how’d you two become friends?” Maria’s dad asked.

“I was in the playground and one of her books hit me, from there we just started talking.” Maria said to her dad.

“Wow, that was rather honest of you.” Aiden thought to himself.

“A book? You must really like reading if you had a book at the playground.” Maria’s dad joked with Aiden.

 “Yes, it’s one of my favourite things to do.” Aiden responded.

“Angel is also really good at singing.” Maria said to her dad.

“Oh is that right? I would be happy to hear you sing later.” Maria’s dad responded.

“What on Earth was that?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’m just kidding with you.” Maria laughed at Aiden.

“So what school do you go to Angel? Do you go to the same Middle School as Maria?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yes she does, she is the top student!” Maria said.

“The top student, I thought that was some kid named Angeal, maybe I got it wrong.” Maria’s dad responded.

“Oh no, you are right, it was Angeal. He’s smart too. Angel was in the top 10, but not the top 5.” Maria corrected her statement.

“Aw that’s too bad, Maria was in the top 5, you two should study together come the next school year.” Maria’s dad said.

“Yes, she can definitely learn a thing or two from my good study habits.” Maria  said jokingly.

They all eventually got to the house.

“Here we are. Make yourself at home Angel.” Maria’s dad said as they both left the car.

Maria went to open the door.

“Surprise!” Maria’s Mom, her dad and Allison yelled.

Balloons lined the floor and decorations were put all around the house.

“Wow, I’m so surprised!” Maria acted as if she was surprised.

Maria’s mom brought out the cake. Her dad lit up the candles reading “13”.

“Okay let’s sing.” Maria’s dad said as they started singing.

Allison seemed extremely unamused but she did it anyway.

Maria nudged Aiden to also sing.

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Maria! Happy Birthday to you!” Everyone sang.

“Okay, make a wish sweetie.” Maria’s mom said.

“Hmm, I actually don’t know what to wish for. Ever since Aiden came into my life things have been getting better. Maybe I will just wish this would continue.” Maria thought to herself before blowing out the candles.

The family clapped their hands and turned on the lights.

“So what did you wish for?” Allison asked Maria.

“If I tell you it won’t come true.” Maria said.

“I bet you wished for another Go Kart like the one in the backyard.” Allison said.

“There’s a Go Kart in the back?” Maria’s dad asked.

“Yeah, Maria said she got it from her friend Angeal.” Allison told her dad.

“Oh Angel, you already bought a gift for Maria?” Maria’s dad said.

“She sure did.” Maria wrapped one arm around Aiden’s shoulder.

“No, I said Angeal, not Angel.” Allison said to her dad.

“I made the same mistake too, Sugar Bear. Angel and Angeal sound very similar.” Maria’s dad said to Allison.

“No, I am not mistaken.” Allison was trying to tell her dad.

“That’s right Maria’s dad. I did get Maria a Go Kart for her birthday. Had it delivered her and everything today.” Aiden responded.

“Aw, such a sweet girl.” Maria’s mom said.

Allison looked at Aiden.

“Wait, haven’t I seen you somewhere?” Allison asked Aiden.

“No you haven’t Allison, I know she looks like Alexis Texas, but they are different people. Look, Angel’s hair colour is silver and Alexis Texas hair is Brunette.” Maria said to Allison.

“When I first saw Angel I thought her hair was Brunette too, but it was just the sun.” Maria’s dad said.

“Come on, let’s eat some cake and icecream before it melts.” Maria’s mom said.

Allison, Maria and Aiden were all sitting around the table. Maria’s parents were talking to one another.

“So Angel, where’d you get the Go Kart from, it looked really expensive.” Allison asked Aiden.

“I made it myself, with some help.” Aiden responded to Allison.

“Made it yourself? Your family must be pretty wealthy to be able to freely work with materials like that.” Allison said.

“I can say that we don’t have to worry about money if that’s what you are asking.” Aiden responded.

“So are you sure you are not a Celebrity? Because that sounds like you are and you already look like Alexis Texas.” Allison asked.

“I don’t think so, a lot of people know me from where I’m from, but not around here.” Aiden responded to Allison.

Allison then went upstairs to grab a magazine.

“See Aiden, because you chose to look like the most recognizable person on Earth, Allison now thinks that you are her.” Maria said to Aiden.

“All you had to do was not create a person named Angel.” Aiden responded.

“There would have been zero issues if you didn’t look like that!” Maria pointed at Aiden.

Allison came down with the magazine.

“See, you two look like twins. Same nose, mouth, eyes, face structure.” Allison then patted Aiden’s chest. “Same chest size too.” 

“We got presents for you!” Maria’s dad said as both the parents brought out a total of 4 gifts.

Maria then opened the first one from her mom.

“A fighting game! This is awesome!” Maria said excitedly about the gift.

“Don’t play it too much during the school year, but for now you can enjoy it over the Summer.” Maria’s mom said.

Maria nodded her head.

“My turn.” Maria’s dad handed Maria another gift. She opened it up.

“Oh, it’s a remote control car.” Maria was surprised because it was a gift she actually liked from her dad.

Maria gave her dad a thumbs up.

Maria’s mom handed the gift to Allison to hand it to Maria.

Maria opened the gift from Allison. It was a makeup kit.

“Ah… why’d you give me this?” Maria asked Allison.

“It’s so you could look nice for your boyfriend that I know you have.” Allison said with a bored expression.

“Sure you do. Guess I will save it.” Maria joked with Allison.

“And the final gift is from your grandparent!” Maria’s dad said handing Maria the gift.

Maria opened it and it was a red dragon made of porcelain. 

“Oh this is cool.” Maria looked at the treasure.

“They want you to place it in your room to protect you from evil spirits during your teenage years.” Maria’s dad said.

Maria then waved it in Aiden’s direction.

“You’re in the clear now Angel.” Maria joked.

“Thankyou for the gifts, they are all so good.” Maria said, hugging her parents.

“Okay, well let’s eat up, then clean up.” Maria’s mom said to the girls.

“Do you want me to call your mom, Angel?” Maria’s dad asked.

“No, it’s fine. She gave me something to let her know when it’s time to go.” Aiden said to Maria’s dad.

“Perfect.” Maria’s dad gestured an ‘OK’ sign. “Now time to check out this Go Kart in the back.” Maria’s dad said heading to the back door.

Maria looked at all of her stuff. Sitting quietly.

“Are you happy?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy. These are all pretty good gifts.” Maria said. “Except for the makeup of course.” Maria laughed.

“So what was your wish?” Aiden asked.

“I can’t tell you, or else it won’t come true.” Maria said to Aiden.

“The purpose of that practice is to get your desire to be heard by the heavens right? So why not just say it directly to them.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria stood up with her finger on her lip to keep it silent. “Nah hah. You’re not going to have me tell you.” Maria said with a cute smile. “Though it is still such a shame that I didn’t get to drive my Go Kart yet.” Maria said.

Aiden then grabbed Maria’s hand. “Come on, since we can get away with it right now.” Aiden and Maria went out the door together.

“Make sure you come back before dinner!” Maria’s mom said as the two girls went out.

Maria’s dad came back inside the house. “That is one fancy machine she got back there. It might even have more power than my car.” Maria’s dad said.

Aiden grabbed the Go Kart and brought Maria, and the vehicle to a dried lake bed. Aiden created a course for Maria to ride within.

He placed the vehicle on the ground.

“Okay, now you can drive it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Really? I can drive anywhere here?” Maria asked.

“I made it for you, so of course you can. Though I would prefer you learn how to drive first, but of course that’s not the kind of person you are.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria jumped into the Go Kart.

“This is freaking amazing!” Maria yelled out. She turned on the vehicle and started pressing the pedals. First it jolted her forward but soon she was able to get a feel for it. “Now what will you do if I crash?” 

“Same thing I always do, make sure you don’t get hurt.” Aiden replied with a smile.

Maria then put the pedal to the metal and took off at full speed in the Go Kart. She yelled with excitement.

Aiden followed above her so that she could enjoy her birthday with no fear. “Hope you enjoy today. After all, it is your birthday Maria.” Aiden thought to himself.

Angel Misery: Chapter Four

4 Score and what?!

The last month of the school year has come around and the Sequoia State Junior High has started their spirit week.

“Today we get to wear PJs to school!” Maria said, waking up.

“PJs? I’ve never heard that expression before. What does it stand for?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Hmm, Pah… pah…” Maria was trying to figure it out. “Oh it stands for Pajamas!”

“Pajamas? Like sleepwear? Why would school allow that?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just something fun, it’s my first time ever doing it too! So let’s match today!” Maria suggested to Aiden. “But you don’t sleep, do you even have Pajamas?” Maria asked.

“What kind of question is that, I could just create them.” Aiden responded to Maria with a smirk. “The real question is out of the dozen of sleep attire you own, which one are you going to wear?” Aiden asked.

“It’s not dozens, I have like 5 max.” Maria quickly responded.

“I literally clean your room everyday. You have 16 Pairs of sleeping bottoms, 10 normal sized sleeping shirts and 6 oversized sleeping shirts. Putting it all together would give you 256 different outfits you could design.”

“So which one do you think I should wear?” Maria asked Aiden. “And remember, you have to match me, so unless you like pink you probably should get rid of half of the list!” Maria laughed.

“The Light Blue shirt, and Light blue pants with the white stripes will probably work best for the both of us.” Aiden suggested to Maria.

Maria looked at the choices and decided to go with it.

“Looks good to me!” Maria took the PJs and went into the bathroom to Brush her teeth to get ready for school.

Allison and Maria were downstairs eating some cereal.

“Maria, why haven’t you gotten ready for school yet?” Maria’s mom asked.

“Today’s the first day of Spirit Week which means we get to wear our PJs to school!” Maria said to her mom.

“Hmm, lucky.” Allison said, eating another spoonful of cereal.

“You’ll get to do it too next year when you are in the 7th grade.” Maria said to Allison.

“That’ll help me monitor you more too.” Allison said with a serious look.

“You’re still upset that you had to do my chores for the month. Come on, it’s no big deal.” Maria said with a quick laugh.

Aiden was in Maria’s room and changed his outfit to match Maria’s.

“I look…” Aiden looked at himself. “Strange.” Aiden thought to himself.

Both of them were at school.

“I can’t believe he is actually still friends with her, and on top of that they are now matching outfits, we aren’t even wearing uniforms!” Ashley said, looking at Aiden and Maria walking down the hall.

“Are you getting jealous?” Sarah asked Ashley.

“She has placed top in the finals, now scores above average in class room assignments, and has a tall friend whose a guy, this is nothing like how Junior High was supposed to be.” Vanessa said, also looking at the two.

“She has a speech at the end of the week, we could try to ruin that for her.” Sarah suggested.

“Yea we should, we should take her down from her pedestal. She’s not even trying to be our friend anymore. Not like we wanted her to be anyways.” Ashley said as the girls went the other direction.

Aiden and Maria were sitting at their lunch table when Silvia Reiners came and sat down at the table.

Maria looked at her confused.

“So I finally get to meet the top of the class, Angeal Heavens.” Silvia said, ignoring Maria’s presence.

“What are you doing sitting with us Silvia? Shouldn’t you be sitting with the other prep students?” Maria said with hostility towards Silvia.

“So Angeal. Rebecca, Joshua and I are organizing our speeches to compliment one another for our class speech at the end of this week. I was wondering if you’d like to organize with us?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“And why not me? I’m giving a speech too during the rally also!” Maria said to Silvia.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you are definitely not on our level, ah… what is your name again?” Silvia said to Maria.

“You know my name, Einstein. Especially since it was on top in the same place your name was!” Maria said to Silvia.

“You are so annoying.” Silvia said to Maria. Silvia then stood up from the table. “I will talk to you later Angeal when she isn’t around.” Silvia said before walking back to the prep students.

 “We sure told her.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I didn’t say anything.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“You aren’t going to plan your speech with them, are you?” Maria asked.

“Of course not, unless you are planning with them. I couldn’t care less about it.” Aiden said to Maria, refilling her soda.

“I think I know what I want to write my speech about!” Maria said as she then pulled out a piece of blank paper and started writing notes.

Aiden looked over to see what Maria was scribbling.

“Have the best speech that’ll make Silvia’s speech look like it was written by a kindergartener!” Maria wrote on the page and circled it several times.

“First step of a plan is to write it down!” Maria said to Aiden.

“And I suppose the second step is to wing it like you always do.” Aiden responded.

“No way Corporal, this is war, we need to plan the battle field. Scout for enemies and eliminate them until there is nothing left!” Maria responded to Aiden as if she was a General of a Military. “This is Operation Burst the Balloon!” Maria then laughed aloud, attracting the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

“I’m a corporal? Since when?” Aiden thought to himself.

“Aiden, this is your queue to say ‘Aye Aye General’.” Maria looked down trying to get Aiden to say it.

“I’m not going to say that.” Aiden responded.

“Come on Aiden, don’t embarrass me.” Maria said, still standing on the table.

“You already had that filled.” Aiden responded.

Maria continued to look at Aiden until he felt guilty.

“Aye aye General.” Aiden said with a lack of enthusiasm.

Maria hopped off the table and the two of them left the cafeteria.

Silvia watched the two leave. “Was that just a declaration of war?” Silvia thought to herself.

“She’s weird, how’d she place so high on the finals again?” Joshua asked.

“I checked and it doesn’t seem like she cheated. It all seemed legitimate, despite her ‘expressive’ character.” Rebecca said to the prep students.

“I can’t believe that she knocked me off the top 5. I am ashamed.” Issac said with his head on the table being reminded of his one too many 95%’s on the finals.

“You’ll get back up there next year Issac. It’s not like a person like her could continue these high marks without burning herself out.” Silvia said. “But we don’t want Angeal to be legitimizing her position.”

“So what’s the plan?” Joshua asked.

“Step one: We separate the two from each other. And offer Maria some ‘power’, someone of her status would definitely take it at all cost, even if that means deserting her relatively new friend.” Silvia informed the group.

“Step two: Show Angeal how easily she is bought, leaving him to seek out a new friend group.” Silvia continued.

“And Step three: Offer him a place where he actually belongs. Then get rid of the ‘power’ that we gave Maria.” Silvia finished.

“What does she even like? Have any ‘power’ you could offer her?” Rebecca asked.

“We can just invite her to a sleepover, saying that we got off on the wrong foot. Then offer her to lead a performance during the pep rally, but to not invite Angeal to it.” Silvia said to Rebecca.

“How do you know if she will agree to that?” Rebecca asked.

“She’s an attention seeker, there is no way she wouldn’t want to be at the front leading the entire class, even if it means she has to take the position of the #1 student, which is her dear friend Angeal.” Silvia replied with a pretend sad face.

“Okay, I’ll follow along.” Rebecca said as the two continued to plan.

It was the last bell and Maria really needed to use the bathroom after drinking so much during lunch.

“May I go too.” Silvia asked. And the final bell teacher allowed her to leave.

Silvia waited for Maria to finish.

Maria was surprised to see Silvia just standing there.

“Oh, it’s you.” Maria said as she started washing her hands.

“I’m sorry Maria that we got off on the wrong foot.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Okay…” Maria said apprehensive.

“And to make up for it, how about we have a sleepover tomorrow night?” Silvia asked.

“A sleepover? On a tuesday? Maria asked suspiciously.

“Yes, I feel bad about not inviting you to plan with us, so Rebecca and I wanted to plan the rally with you over at my place.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Oh, really? This isn’t some sort of trick, because I can tell if it is.” Maria said to Silvia.

“It’s not a trick, honest. But it’s an all girls sleepover so no telling Angeal about it or he might get jealous.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Haha, Aiden? Get jealous? That is hilarious!” Maria laughed. “Sure, I’ll attend your ‘sleepover’, and I won’t tell ‘Angeal’ about it.” Maria winked and dried her hands off.

Maria continued to laugh as she returned to class.

Maria sat down next to Aiden.

“Hey Aiden, I just thought of a perfect plan!” Maria said, trying to whisper to him. “I think you should join them in the planning of the speeches. And on the day of the speech we will just switch their notes out. So you have to make sure it is complex, and very hard to remember.”

“You really want to embarrass them that badly?” Aiden asked.

“She’s trying to separate us, and no one comes between me and my best friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, I’ll go along with it.” Aiden responded.

“On Wednesday they’ll probably come up to you saying that I betrayed your trust or something, and then that’s when you will act really hurt. So you will join their group and that’s when Operation Burst the Balloon will happen.” Maria said with a devilish smirk.

“You two talked about something in the bathroom?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yeah, she invited me to her boring sleepover. I guess I can take one for the Team just to make her think her plan is working.” Maria said, acting as if she was making a great sacrifice.

The next day of school came.

“Today is Sports day!” Maria yelled out as she got up.

“Dress me up as a Basketball Player and you can be a Basketball!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Wow, why can’t we both just be Basketball players?” Aiden asked.

“Because then you’ll just look like everyone else who wears a Basketball uniform. We have to look like we put some thought into it.” Maria said to Aiden as she nodded her head.

“Did you though?” Aiden asked.

“I put more thought into it than I did in the Finals.” Maria laughed.

“You technically failed those.” Aiden responded.

“Details, details. Come on, create me a Basketball outfit!” Maria commanded Aiden.

Aiden created a Purple and Gold basketball Jersey and Shorts.

“Sweet, okay. I’m going to get ready!” Maria said, running into the bathroom.

Aiden then cleaned up the room.

Maria ran downstairs to eat breakfast.

“Oh where’d you get those?” Maria’s mom asked.

“I got them from a friend… oh yea. Mom, the number two student at school, invited me to a sleepover. Can I go? Her name is Silvia.” Maria said to her mom.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had such good friends. Is that why your grades have been improving so much? Sure you can go. Just give me her mom’s number so I know where you’ll be.” Maria’s mom said.

“Sweet!” Maria continued to eat.

“Yeah, but I bet that’s not the real reason your grades have been improving is it?” Allison said to Maria.

Maria stuck out her tongue.

Maria and Aiden arrived at school, Aiden was dressed as a basketball following Maria around.

“Look at them again, walking together as if they own the school.” Ashley said watching Maria and Aiden walk.

The girls were dressed as cheerleaders for ‘Sports Day’.

“I bet she was the one that made him look stupid.” Vanessa added.

“Let’s set up the paint cans right before Lunch, so that it falls on her while she eats.” Ashley said as the girls left the area.

Maria and Aiden traveled down to a food truck that served giant Burritos.

They returned with plenty of time to eat them. Aiden sat and watched Maria eat.

“Aiden, you are really missing out. This burrito is so good!” Maria said to Aiden with her mouth full.

“I’ll pass. The closest I will get to eating your food is fruit, the taste of dead carcasses and fat make me want to throw up.” Aiden responded.

Silvia came back over to their lunch table. She was dressed as a HorseBack Rider.

“Hey Maria, are you looking forward to that thing later tonight?” Silvia said, giving Maria a wink purposely trying to get Aiden to notice.

“Yeah, I told my mom about it and everything. We are going to have so much fun without so and so.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“I’m glad we are on the same page, Maria.” Silvia gave a smile.

Ashley, Vanessa and Sarah looked over at the table where Maria and Aiden sat as they walked into the cafeteria. They had just finished scrubbing the paint off of their hands.

“Wait, why is Silvia sitting with them!” Ashley asked.

“Look at the paint! It’s about to fall!” Vanessa said, pointing at it tilting slowly.

The girls watched as the paint slowly started to tilt further.

“Do you have any sort of snack you prefer? My Cook will definitely prepare it for you.” Silvia said with a smile.

A drop of paint hit the table and Aiden looked up and noticed it.

It began to fall and Aiden shielded it from hitting Maria. The paint drenched Silvia in Paint.

She was shocked and humiliated.

Maria had her mouth wide open at what just happened. Silvia was furious.

“Who did this!” Silvia yelled out. She looked angrily around at everyone watching. Everyone was silent.

“I said who did this to me!” Silvia continued to yell trying to see who was suspicious. “One of you had better fess up or else I will search for you till I collapse!” Silvia yelled.

Ashley, Vanessa and Sarah slowly backed away out of the cafeteria.

Silvia stormed off to clean the paint off of her body.

“That happened. Did you set that up Aiden? That wasn’t part of the plan.” Maria asked him.

“It’s similar to the kind of plan that you would think of. So very likely it’s just someone in our class. Probably the group of girls that you asked me to drop Dog Drool on the first day we were together.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Right, it was probably them. They must be so jealous!” Maria said, hugging the Basketball shaped Aiden.

Rebecca ran to the bathroom to help clean Silvia up.

The rest of the 7th and 8th Graders in the cafeteria then turned their attention away from what had happened.

The Custodian came by.

“Sorry ‘bout this, kids, but could you two move to another table? I have to clean this mess up before it dries.” The Custodian said.

“Sure thing.” Maria got up from the table. Maria and Aiden went off to the gardens.

Rebecca was helping Silvia get the paint out of her hair.

“Who would do this to me!” Silvia said in the mirror furious at her outfit being ruined.

“Probably one of the lower scoring students, they must have been jealous of how brightly you shined.” Rebecca said to Silvia.

“Once I get my hands on them they are dead!” Silvia said, squeezing a towel that was soaked with paint. “Maria is now a secondary objective. I now have to humiliate those who did this to me.”

Rebecca continued to wipe down Silvia.

“Seems like they were trying to get paint of Angeal and Maria if you think about it. It was probably just a coincidence that you were at their table when it happened.” Rebecca suggested.

“That is right, someone was trying to target Angeal. If that were the case then it would have to be one of those boys in the 7th Grade Football team.” Silvia said.

“They probably were targeting Maria more?” Rebecca added.

“Target her? Why? The only one that she harmed was the people at our table for knocking Issac off the top 5.” Silvia said. “Though, she has been hogging Angeal from the rest of us, so maybe the list is larger than I thought.” Silvia said quietly.

“It’s almost time for my sleepover at Silvia’s house. I heard she lived in a mansion.” Maria said to Aiden as the two entered their 5th Bell.

“A mansion, that’s just a large house. You also live in a pretty big house too.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yes, but she lives in a real Mansion with at least like 3 Bathrooms, and a walk-in closet.” Maria said, trying to describe what she imagined.

“Are you going to be working on your speech while over at her house?” Aiden asked.

“Why are you saying it like you aren’t going to be there?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I just figured since you said you had to keep it secret from me that you didn’t want me there.” Aiden responded.

“You are to gather intelligence, Corporal, during the sleepover. Look through her backpack to see what she has been preparing. Get deep into their minds so that when you do join their little group you can seem like the perfect friend.” Maria said to Aiden as a General.

“So what is your mission during the sleepover.?” Aiden asked.

“I am just going to have fun, because that’s how I can keep it covert.” Maria said.

“So are we spies or soldiers?” Aiden asked.

Maria just laughed without answering.

The time of the sleepover came.

Maria was dropped off by her mom at Silvia’s Home’s Courtyard.

“Welcome Miss Maria. The other girls are watching a movie in the living room. Allow me to take you to them.” The Butler said as he ushered Maria into the house.

“Oh wow, fancy. Thank you!” Maria said to the Butler. Aiden followed behind them while invisible.

Silvia was laying on the couch still with an angry expression on her face. They were watching an animated movie about a fish looking for their son.

Rebecca noticed Maria.

“Oh hey Maria!” Rebecca said with a smile.

“Hey I’m here.” Maria said, waving her hands.

“Miss Silvia, your guest has arrived.” The Butler addressed Silvia.

“Thank you Charles, I know.” Silvia responded. “Can you bring us some more popcorn and soda? Also like a stack of paper.” Silvia asked.

“Right away.” The Butler said before departing.

“This is nice! Is this what you do everyday Silvia?” Maria asked.

“No, I am usually in the study doing some reading, but today is a special occasion.” Silvia said to Maria.

Maria then sat down on the couch. “So what do we want to do first? Are we going to play a game or are we going to go directly into planning for the rally?” Maria asked.

“First, we are going to figure out who dropped all that paint on me.” Silvia said to Maria.

“Oh, okay.” Maria said with confusion as to why it was Silvia’s problem.

“Do you know anyone who could be targeting you, Maria?” Rebecca asked.

“That could literally be anyone.” Maria responded.

Aiden was in the study looking for Silvia’s backpack.

“This is honestly way too much space for a family of Humans.” Aiden said, looking around.

The butler came into the study. Aiden watched him attentively.

The butler went into the desk and pulled out a pile of paper. And a pencil case full of Pens, erasers and mechanical pencils.

“Guess I’m in the right place then.” Aiden thought as he continued the search.

The Butler left the room.

Aiden went into the desk and found Silvia’s Homework organized into files. He looked through them.

“She scored Perfect on all of her finals except 1, which she got a 99%. No wonder she was #2.” Aiden thought looking through.

He pulled out the first draft of Silvia’s speech.

“This is pretty well written, she’s definitely put a lot of thought into her school duties.” Aiden continued to look through.

“So who do you think it was, Maria?” Rebecca asked attentively.

Maria wrote the names of everyone she thought would hold resentment against her.

“If I assume that you two weren’t in on it, then that should be everyone.” Maria said, handing the list to Silvia.

“I would not humiliate myself in some plan to attack you.” Silvia said, looking over the list. 

“I can quickly eliminate Rachel and Heather off the list because if they saw the paint falling they would have jumped and taken it for me.” Silvia said, looking through the list.

“A lot of the boys on the list probably would have done the same, especially if it meant them getting a leg over Angeal for being my hero.” Silvia continued.

“By the way Maria, how are you and Angeal such good friends? You two seem inseparable.” Rebecca asked.

“He’s my best friend, so it makes sense why we are always together. You and Silvia are always together too.” Maria responded.

“Yes, but how did it happen, you two seem so different. It’s a strange pairing to say the least. He’s attractive, tall and smart and you are… well you.” Rebecca said to Maria with zero tact.

“Ouch, okay.” Maria said in response.

Silvia had shortened the list to 20 Students.

“So out of these, who do you think is most likely the schemers?” Silvia asked Maria.

“Well Angeal said it’s probably these 3.” Maria said, pointing at Ashley’s, Vanessa’s and Sarah’s name.

“The Glamour trio? Really?” Rebecca asked.

“That does make sense, especially if Angeal thinks so.” Silvia said, looking at their names.

“Well that solves that. I guess it’s time for us to focus on the rally right?” Maria said.

“Sure, we can focus on the Rally.” Silvia smirked.

“So what did you have in mind?” Maria asked.

“Before we all give our separate speeches you could perform a talent of yours, like singing or dancing, to get the crowd prepared.” Silvia said to Maria.

“But then I will be the main topic of our presentation if I do that, that’s not really fair.” Maria responded.

“Don’t worry about it. Since you are #5 it’s most likely everyone will ignore your speech, so this gives you a chance to wow the other students.” Silvia said to Maria.

“I guess, but me working on a show, and trying to give a speech is a bit much.” Maria responded.

“You don’t need to worry about your speech, just focus on the show, we will cover your slack.” Silvia said with a small laugh.

“Ah, as if I would fall for your trap.” Maria thought to herself. “I am so used to people faking being friendly to me by now I am almost a master at it.” Maria continued to think.

Maria was laughing to herself forgetting to actually reply to Silvia.

“Yeah, since we got that out of the way, how about we listen to some music?” Rebecca suggested it to the girls.

“Oh sure! What kind!?” Maria asked.

Rebecca brought out her MP3 player and connected it to the room’s speakers.

She played an orchestra performance.

“What is this?” Maria said not excited about the musical choice at all.

“This is Pierre Monteux, such an amazing ear for Music.” Rebecca said as she let the sound flow being enveloped by the music.

Silvia also was enjoying the sounds.

“This is not what I was expecting when you said music. It sort of sounds like background video game music.” Maria said.

“You must have an uncultured ear if you can’t recognize the difference between a video game soundtrack and a legendary orchestra.” Rebecca said.

“I am inclined to agree.” Silvia added.

“How are we supposed to have pillow fights to this song?” Maria asked.

“A pillow fight? Like where you smack each other in the face?” Silvia asked.

“Yes, exactly like that.” Maria laughed as she picked up a pillow. She threw the pillow at Rebecca and Rebecca ducked in fear but was still hit.

She fell on the ground and picked up the pillow to throw it at Maria.

Maria moved out of the way and it hit Silvia’s chest.

“Oh! I’m sorry Silvia!” Rebecca tried to say. Silvia picked up the Pillow and threw it at Rebecca.

Maria then threw a Pillow at Silvia knocking her to the ground.

“Okay, you asked for it!” Silvia grabbed a pillow to hit Maria with.

Aiden had finished looking over the information he gathered about Silvia. The Sleepover continued until the girls wore themselves out and fell asleep in the Living room.

The next morning came and Silvia’s chauffeur brought them all to school.

“That was fun Silvia!” Maria said as she went off to meet with Aiden who was waiting for her at the front doors.

Silvia was upset.

“Mission failed.” Silvia said to Rebecca.

“I mean, it wasn’t a total failure. Maria probably will still mess up on her speech if she focuses on preparing that fake performance.” Rebecca said.

“That wasn’t the point, we were supposed to get Angeal to our side, we didn’t even get information to use against her.” Silvia said as the both of them walked out of the car. “Oh well, let’s focus on getting the Glamour Trio back for what they did to me yesterday.” Silvia said, disgruntled.

“So Aiden, did you get any important information?” Maria asked.

“Nothing that we didn’t pretty much know already. She doesn’t have much about her other than school.” Aiden said.

“Boo, that figures. But I guess that makes your job easy.” Maria said.

“Yes, so I will join their little group during lunch and prepare your plan.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sounds good Corporal!” Maria said to Aiden as they went to their first bell.

The Teachers began handing out Summer Reading Assignment and Summer Packages to complete over Break.

“Homework over the Summer, they are killing us!” Maria said, slumped in her chair.

“You weren’t going to do them anyway.” Aiden said, reading over the packages.

“I know, but it’s the idea of it.” Maria said, flipping the package over on her desk.

“Do you want me to write your speech for you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No, like I said. I am going to wing it.” Maria responded. “Compared to what the others will do, I don’t even have to have a good speech.”

The other students were walking around wearing their favourite colours for ‘Colour Day’ of Spirit Week.

“Sucks we are missing this!” Maria said right as the 3rd Bell ended and they were heading to lunch.

“Did you want to change clothes?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, I want to wear Green.” Maria said to Aiden as he created a simple shirt and pair of pants for her to switch into. “You also have to wear Green.” Maria pointed at Aiden.

“Sure, I’ll wear a Green Robe.” Aiden responded.

“No, a Green T-shirt and Pants. We have to match all the way!” Maria said to Aiden.

“But yesterday I was a basketball and you were a basketball player.” Aiden reminded Maria.

“Because that was funny. Today we have to match to seem like a unit Corporal.” Maria said. “Oh actually can you make us camouflage?” Maria asked.

“Camouflage is not a colour.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You know what I mean, like military colours that are dark green and stuff.” Maria added.

Aiden then changed the clothes to be Military Camouflage.

At LunchTime Aiden went to the Prep Students table.

“I heard that you all wanted me to plan a speech with you following the same themes.” Aiden said as he went to the table.

“Oh Angeal? We didn’t expect you to come so soon.” Silvia was surprised that Aiden came to them.

He looked over at Maria, and she gave him a thumbs up. Aiden then looked back at the Prep students.

“Found out that Maria was keeping me out of the loop of you guy’s sleepover, and there’s no telling how much more she is hiding. So I am preemptively looking for another social circle.” Aiden said to the group.

“That’s a smart move, she was just going to end up holding you back man.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“Yeah, if it weren’t for you she probably wouldn’t have even placed in the Top 50 haha.” Issac said laughing.

“So where are we planning to organize our speeches?” Aiden asked.

“We all can meet up in the school library.” Silvia suggested it to Rebecca and Joshua.

They nodded their heads.

“That’s fine for me.” Aiden responded. 

“So Angeal, where’d you used to go before you came here?” Joshua asked Aiden.

“I’ve actually always been at this school, it’s just I had to learn and receive all my assignments at home because of the risk of hospitalization.” Aiden told the group.

“Are you sick?” Silvia asked.

“No, I just grew tall early. Apparently it put me at risk, so I couldn’t risk going to school in-person.” Aiden told them.

“Yea, you are way taller than the rest of us. But when I hit puberty I bet I’ll be as tall as you.” Joshua said to Aiden.

“You wish, you’re going to stay your height your entire life!” Issac said joking with Joshua.

“This is boring.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria and Aiden continued to be with each other during classes. But when school ended he had to depart her and head up to the library.

“They are all meeting in the library for coordination, so I will see you back at home soon.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No problem. Good Luck in Battle Soldier!” Maria said to Aiden as she went to go to her mom’s car.

In the Library.

“I am thinking we could start it off like the Gettysburg address, you know I can say something like ‘4 Score and 7 years ago some of our grandparents were born’… and I can keep going from there.” Joshua suggested.

“If you can make it work then I say go for it. Since you are the first one out of us that will be speaking first.” Silvia said to Joshua. “What do you think, Angeal?” Silvia asked.

“I think he should begin it by quoting a lesser known passage, maybe one by Alexander the Great, seeing that we are the Top students in the school and the Gettysburg address is a rather common way to begin a speech, especially for middle school.” Aiden said to the group.

“Alexander the Great? What would that sound like?” Joshua asked.

“Well it could go like: ‘I observe, students, that when we the Top 5 students lead our class to greater heights, that you become burned out and can no longer follow.’ then you can continue from there.” Aiden suggested.

“No wonder you were able to get one up on me Angeal.” Silvia is impressed with Aiden’s ability to pull a quote that is rarely heard.

Aiden helped Rebecca, Joshua and Silvia prepare their speeches. Each of them were motivating and flowed one into the other. Starting with Joshua, followed by Rebecca then to Silvia’s ending with himself.

“These are solid speeches.” Joshua said, looking at the package of notes in his hand.

“Just make sure you keep those notes on hand during the day of the speech. It’s crucial that you iterate the themes correctly.” Aiden said to Joshua as he was leaving.

Aiden too was preparing to leave. Silvia then stopped him.

“Hey Angeal, do you have a minute?” Silvia asked Aiden.

“Not really, I ought to go back home.” Aiden said as he continued to move forward.

“It’s just for a second.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“Sure, make it quick.” Aiden said to Silvia.

“Can you tutor me, like you tutor Maria? I want to learn what you know.” Silvia requested from Aiden.

“I probably could not tutor you the way I tutor Maria, those are completely different methods.” Aiden said as he continued to walk out of the library.

“Playing hard to get, I see. Maria must still have you around her finger then.” Silvia smiled with fire in her eyes.

Silvia then left the library with Rebecca.

Thursday passed with no major faults happening.

They all met up at the library again with Aiden adding more for them to incorporate in their speeches.

“Okay, tomorrow is the big day. Keep making note cards so that you can reference them during the rally tomorrow.” Aiden said to the group.

“This is going to be legendary.” Joshua said as he left quickly to return home.

Aiden also left the library.

“Are you not going to stop him?” Rebecca asked.

“No, when trying to catch a fish, sometimes you have to loosen the line.” Silvia said watching Aiden leave.

Aiden returned to Maria’s house. She was again playing Video Games.

Aiden tapped on her shoulder.

Maria quickly got up and returned to her room. Allison saw how quickly Maria’s attention changed and how she immediately went into her room.

“Interesting.” Allison thought to herself.

“Just one more day of school left! It’s Rep the School Wear Day tomorrow!” Maria said excitedly.

“Yes, it’s also the day of the Rally, do you have even a tiny bit of it prepared?” Aiden asked.

“Yeah, look.” Maria said, handing Aiden a notebook.

“Good Morning Student, I am Maria Li, and I placed higher than all of you not down here with me! Now worship me!” The notebook read.

“Well, at least it won’t be hard for you to remember.” Aiden remarked, handing Maria back the notebook.

“Yeah, it’ll definitely put all of them in their place.” Maria said, laughing. “So how is my plan going?” Maria asked Aiden.

“They have their speeches and when they step up to the podium I will change out their note cards.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Excellent! This is what they get for looking down at me so much.” Maria said with a devilish smile. “Let’s go to ‘Inside Outside’ to celebrate!” Maria said, pointing out her door.

She then ran downstairs to go outside.

“I’m going outside to the park for a quick second Mom!” Maria yelled out as she exited the door.

Allison watched Maria from the window and Maria ran behind a tree and the leaves suddenly scattered.

The day of the Rally had come.

Aiden and Maria were wearing the most popping of the school wear. Maria had Aiden wear the school’s mascot on his head which was an Eagle.

The students were sitting on the bleachers as the School’s band were playing their anthem.

The Football Team, Soccer Team, Track Team, Swim Team and Baseball Team all were lined up on the field. In the front was the podium with the 7th grade Teachers, the 8th grade teachers, the principal and the school Mascot.

The Principal gave his speech first welcoming the students to the final day of school. Congratulating them on making it through another year of Junior High and congratulating the 8th Graders into High School.

“Now I will hand this ceremony to the Students. These are the 7th Graders who placed in the top 5 on the Finals.” The Principal said as he sat down. He looked at Aiden and gave him a thumbs up.

Maria stepped up to the Podium. She adjusted the mic and cleared her throat.

The prep students started to smile. “She’s about to start singing.” They thought.

Maria opened her mouth and just started laughing.

The people behind her were surprised and the students in the bleachers were confused.

“Look at you all gazing upon my excellence! I, Maria Li have bested you all in both Intellectual and Physical Prowess! Now worship me and be-” Maria was saying before the principal stood up and removed her from the podium.

“Okay Miss Li that’s enough.” The Principal said, sitting her back down.

Joshua then stepped up to the Podium. He looked at his notes, then placed them on the podium. He cleared his throat and started speaking.

Aiden then changed the notes as Joshua was looking up at the other students.

“And this is why we…” Joshua looked down at his notes. “Why do we? Eat salmon from our… wait this isn’t right.” Joshua was scrabbling through his notes trying to find where he was.

“Ah, sorry classmates.” Joshua said, getting more nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Rebecca tried to mouth to Joshua but he was too flustered.

“Ah… four scores and 7 years ago…” Joshua started saying.

“Oh this is embarrassing.”  Maria said, preventing herself from laughing aloud.

“And that’s why, we must be strong…” Joshua said before returning back to his seat with Rebecca shaking her head passing him.

“With strength comes duty! And the duty we have to you as the Leading students of our class is to provide an example and…” Rebecca looked down at her cards and they’ve also changed.

“Oh no, that’s not correct…” She thought to herself. She paused and looked up at everyone staring at her.

She didn’t say anything. The entire student body just stared at her. It was so quiet that you could hear someone breaking wind.

Rebecca then left the podium without saying another word. She lowered her head in shame.

Silvia then stepped up to the podium. “The future is not written, so we must forge forward with all of our might to carve a future worth living.” Silvia looked down at her notes.

She gave a small smirk. And continued with her speech unfazed.

“What? Why isn’t she messing up?” Maria thought to herself.

“She must have memorized the entire thing. She doesn’t need the notecards.” Aiden said to Maria.

“She memorized your entire speech in one night?!” Maria asked Aiden.

“Guess she did.” Aiden watched Silvia continue her speech till the end.

Aiden then stepped up to give the ending.

“So we come together to ask ourselves, are we going to, upon our lead move forward into the future, or are we upon our doubters going to remain where we are! We will never quit, we will never fail. Congratulations Students we made it.” Aiden ended the speech strong as he sat back down.

The students in the bleachers cheered and stomped on the bleacher’s aluminum floors. 

“Settle down.” The Principal said, stepping back up to the podium. “It started out rough but in the end Silvia and Angeal really stuck the landing.” The Principal then continued on to introduce the 8th Graders.

Joshua had his face covered with his hands and Rebecca was still stunned and embarrassed she didn’t move an inch in her chair.

The Band played one more time and the students were released to start Summer Vacation.

“You did good out there Angeal, I look forward to seeing you next year. And whenever your parents want to talk with me again I would be glad to invite them.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“I’ll let them know when the time comes.” Aiden responded.

“Amazing as always Silvia, I look forward to seeing you next year too.” The Principal said to Silvia.

“I plan on being back on this stage to give the 8th Grade congratulations speech too. Next time I’ll be the final presenter.” Silvia said to the Principal.

“Always striving for the top, that’s excellent.” the principal said before going to Rebecca.

“Everyone messes up sometimes, don’t let it bring you down Rebecca.” The Principal said to her. She was still sitting perfectly still.

“There’s always next time Joshua.” The Principal patted Joshua’s shoulder as he was still as red as a tomato.

“Despite the odds you still manage to get up here. I am impressed, Miss Li. Maybe Angeal was the right motivator you needed. Though your speech left a lot to be desired.” The Principal said.

“Haha, wait till next year’s, I am going to give an even more powerful speech!” Maria said to the Principal.

“Can’t wait.” the Principal said getting off of the platform.

“Well I’ll see you next year Angeal.” Silvia said to Aiden.

“You will, but it’s not like you two are going to be friends.” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s arm. “I know that you were trying to set me up to not have a speech prepared. Seems like your teammates messed up even worse.”

“You really plan on fighting this war against me Maria?” Silvia said to Maria.

“It already started, you don’t even know you lost the first battle.” Maria said, laughing at Maria.

“Hmph.” Silvia gave a small laugh then left.

“Summer just now started, let’s go someplace fun!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, where do you have in mind?” Aiden asked.

“The largest amusement park in the country!” Maria said.

7th Grade ended without a hitch. The Student’s signed each other’s yearbooks and shirts and Maria and Aiden began their Summer extravaganza. 

Angel Misery: Chapter Three

“Final Exams already?!”

Maria was stressing out in her room pacing back and forth. She was mumbling to herself.

“Ah, it’s Friday Maria, don’t you usually want to travel to a different state or something?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Oh yea, because the Finals are so easy aren’t they?” Maria said sarcastically to Aiden.

“Yes, they kinda are.” Aiden responded. “You usually wouldn’t stress about school work though, what makes this so different?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Because if I fail on the Finals then I have to repeat 7th Grade again, despite having a C on my report card.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s a lot riding on a singular test.” Aiden said to the pacing Maria.

“I mean for you Mr. Top of the Class, I’m sure you aren’t worried about it at all. Even if you fail the finals you get to move forward.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I see, but why? Do you always stress during finals?” Aiden asked.

“No.” Maria responded quickly.

“Then why are you stressing about it now?” Aiden asked again.

“Because if I have to repeat 7th Grade that means you will be in the 8th Grade without me, and that’s not good at all!” Maria said directly, looking at Aiden.

“Hmm I see. And you just said even if I fail I would still have high enough grades to move to the next grade. Well that is the situation.” Aiden said, reminding Maria.

“I know it is, which is why this weekend we are going to find out what is on the finals.” Maria said seemingly just now coming up with the plan.

“Wouldn’t it be easier just for you to study, or better yet I could just hand you my test. We do that all the time.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Won’t work this time. There are at least 4 Different finals versions, and each class is split between male and female. So even if we did take it at the same time we could end up with different versions.” Maria said, complaining.

“Sure, I see. So do you just want me to go into the school and grab the finals from the teachers’ desks?” Aiden asked.

“That’s too boring, that’ll be plan E, just in case all the other ones fail.” Maria said with a smile.

“Hmm doesn’t seem like it’s all that serious anymore.” Aiden was not surprised at the quick change of Maria’s emotion.

“I had a short brain fart for a second, but with you I could do anything, so I’m over it now. Getting to the finals will be easy, now we just have to make it fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So you are making it difficult for no reason then?” Aiden said to Maria.

“If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing with fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“That’s not how the saying goes.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then pulled out paper from her backpack. And placed it on the desk.

“Come on Aiden, you have to follow along.” Maria said to Aiden. She then started to draw the school.

“First we are going to hide behind the big bushes in front of the school then when the security walk past we are going to try and enter through the window of the Teacher’s Lounge.” Maria mapped out.

“Why don’t I just fly us through the front faster than they could see?” Aiden suggested.

“Because that’s boring. Very not like a spy.” Maria said to Aiden.

“So we are spies now?” Aiden said.

“We were always spies.” Maria responded then continued to write out the plan. “After we get through the window we will go to each of the classroom’s and into the desks of the teachers pulling out their finals sheet.” Maria said as she continued to map out the plan.

“This would never work. Just think about it, why would the teacher’s leave their doors unlocked so that any student could just walk in.” Aiden asked.

“Hmm…” Maria thought to herself. She had the pen against her chin. “Okay, scrap that. We will go through the windows of each classroom.”

“That’s even worse.” Aiden said.

“Can’t you just unlock the doors when we get to it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Of course, but wouldn’t that take the fun out of it?” Aiden asked.

“Well it wouldn’t be fun if I couldn’t open it. How about you create me a lock pick then I can do it myself.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, that’ll be easy.” Aiden responded.

“After we get into the teachers’ rooms you will make a copy of the test then we can leave out as if no one was ever around.” Maria said with a smirk on her face.

“This is the most straightforward plan I have ever heard, even more so than those cartoons that you watch.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s so straightforward it just might work.” Maria said, putting the page into her pocket. She then hopped out of her chair and out of her room. “We have to do it now or else it’ll be lunchtime and mom will notice I am still gone.” Maria said as she went down the stairs.

Allison was waiting at the door.

“So who do you keep talking to?” Allison asked Maria.

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“I hear you talking to someone in your room every so often, especially when my ear is pressed up against your door.” Allison responded.

“Oh, remember you said I had an imaginary friend, haha, you were right!” Maria said, as she tried to move past Allison.

“Nope, I don’t believe it, I heard a second voice too.” Allison said to Maria.

“Guess I am getting good at changing my voice haha. Well I am off, be back later.” Maria said finally getting past Allison.

“I know there’s someone in your room with you, and I will tell mom and dad.” Allison called out to Maria.

Maria ran down the street. “Sure, tell them, it’s not like they will see anything.”

Aiden then appeared next to Maria. “What was that about?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Allison stuck her ear against my door and heard us talking. But no need to worry, she has no idea that you are staying in my room.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You don’t want her to find out then?” Aiden asked.

“No way, she wants everything that I get, I can’t let her get my best friend too.” Maria said to Aiden. Maria then spread out her arms. “Okay Aiden carry me to the school!” Maria said, pointing in that direction.

Aiden then grabbed Maria and carried her into the sky.

They both soon arrive at the school.

“You see, the security guard at the front of the school.” Maria pointed out.

“He doesn’t seem like he cares.” Aiden observed.

“That’s what they want you to think when in reality he probably has cameras all around just looking for people trying to enter.” Maria said, trying to spot the cameras.

Aiden looked around. “I don’t think that’s true.” He said.

“Just be patient, junior spy. We will infiltrate the fortress.” Maria said to Aiden. She then picked up a rock and threw it to the left side of the Security Guard.

He looked over in that direction and went to check.

“Perfect! It’s time to go in.” Maria said as she ran towards the school.

The security heard Maria’s loud footsteps and went to turn in her direction. Aiden jumped in front of the path between her and security and made them both invisible.

The security then continued to try and look for what made the noise caused by the rock.

“That was a close one, good thing we used the invisibility cloak given to us by HQ.” Maria said as she continued to walk to the school’s door.

Maria then tried to open the door but it was locked.

“Dang, they think about everything, don’t they?” Maria said, trying to come up with the next plan.

“Do you want me to give you a key?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No. I want you to make me a lockpick.” Maria said.

Aiden then handed Maria a lock picking kit. “Do you know how to use these?” Aiden asked her.

“I can figure it out.” Maria said, trying to figure out what goes where. She then took out one of the metal sticks and shoved it into the lock. “Usually the people just jiggle it a little bit and the doors open up.”

Aiden watched around for anyone coming around.

Maria was starting to get frustrated. Aiden then touched the door and unlocked it.

“There, we are in, partner.” Maria said, sneaking in.

She snuck around each corner like a spy as Aiden just walked straight up.

“Here we are, at Miss Swartz’s room. Let’s get in.” Maria then tried to turn the door but it was locked. “What is with all these doors being locked?” Maria said.

“I guess it’s to make it not easy to do what you are currently doing.” Aiden said to Maria. Maria gestured for another tool.

“What do you want?” Aiden asked.

“Give me a Lasar so I can burn through this lock.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Isn’t the point of a spy not to leave evidence?” Aiden said to her.

“It’s number one, to look cool, then number two not to leave evidence.” Maria said to Aiden. “Plus you can always fix the lock after.” Maria smiled.

Aiden handed Maria a laser and she began to melt the lock.

She burned through it then tried to open the door.

“Hey, why isn’t it opening?” Maria asked.

“It’s because all you did was weld the bolts of the lock together.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well that’s stupid.” Maria said as she allowed Aiden to just open the door and the two walked in.

“Okay, time to retrieve the intel.” Maria said as she opened Miss Swartz’s desk.

Aiden just watched the area for anyone coming. Maria continued to dig through the desk.

“Where are they, I don’t see the finals?” Maria said. She then had a realization. “You don’t think Miss Swartz took them home so she could make copies!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“You think she would make copies at home rather than in the teacher’s lounge?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Knowing her, she probably did both. Sneaky target.” Maria said, trying to sound like a spy. “Help me look around the room Aiden.” Maria said.

Aiden then went to look around the filing cabinet. He found a file named ‘Finals’.

“Pretty sure I found them.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then moved away from Miss Swartz’s desk and to the filing cabinet.

“The package has been secured.” Maria said, grabbing the Finals. “Quickly make copies of these and we will head over to Miss Ruth’s room.”

Aiden created copies and handed it to Maria. She folded them up and put them in her pocket. She then looked both ways out of the door and left. Aiden repaired the room and followed after her.

They made their way down the hall to Miss Ruth’s room. Maria went to turn the knob and it was open.

“I should’ve figured. After you gave Miss Ruth that book she’s been on a path to enlightenment and doesn’t really seem to care about security.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Knowing the secrets to the universe is only a third of the battle.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria entered the room and immediately found the finals on Miss Ruth’s desk.

“Okay, well that’s 2 down, 4 more to go.” Maria said as she continued to go through each of her classes.

Pretty soon they acquired all the class documents needed to successfully cheat on the finals.

“Haha, mission success!” Maria said, holding up all of the copies of every possible exam.

Aiden looked at the sheets.

“They don’t seem to have the answers on them, so are you planning to fill it out?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria then looked through the pages. “Aww man! These are useless! All I am doing is taking the finals early.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria then looked at Aiden with a devilish smile.

“I know that look.” Aiden said as he looked down at Maria.

“Looks like you are going to have a bit of work to do, Aiden.” Maria said, handing Aiden the documents.

“You don’t plan on even attempting are you?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ll attempt when we are both in the 8th grade, for now we need to secure my position. It’s what’s important, Aiden!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, I’ll finish these. It’s not like they’ll be hard or anything.” Aiden said to Maria.

“See, and this is why you are the best best friend anyone could ever wish for.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You only say that when you feel guilty.” Aiden said with a small smile.

“Only a very little bit.” Maria said to Aiden as she spread out her arms. “Okay agent, mission successful, let’s return to HQ.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden lifted her up and brought her back to the house. Maria ran back through the front door.

“I’m back, I’m going to clean myself up!” Maria said, running past her mom and into her room.

Maria then shut her door.

Aiden was standing at the desk. Aiden handed Maria the finished finals.

“These are all correct?” Maria asked Aiden.

“They are guaranteed to be perfect scores.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Awesome. Then I have nothing to worry about.” Maria said, pressing the papers against her chest.

“Are you going to memorize the tests?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Of course not, I am going to fold them really tiny and bring them into the room with me.” Maria responded.

Maria then opened up her door to wash her hands and saw Allison standing in front of her door.

“I know there’s someone in the room.” Allison said, trying to look past Maria.

“Go ahead, look. I have to wash my hands for lunch.” Maria said, moving past Allison.

Allison entered the room and Aiden was standing in it completely invisible.

Allison looked around the room as if she was a robot. She looked around suspiciously.

“You know I can see you right?” Allison said, trying to act as if she spotted Aiden.

“Whoever she is seeing it isn’t me.” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria then got done washing her hands.

“So did you find who you were looking for?” Maria asked Allison.

“Yes I did. I saw him with my own eyes. He is really tall and has long hair.” Allison said to Maria.

“Sure you did.” Maria smirked.

Maria shut her door then Aiden reappeared. “No way she actually saw me, how did she know what I looked like?” Aiden asked.

“She gave the most generic description of a person, like 90% of the males on TV in those cartoons are tall with long hair. She went for a safe description.” Maria said with confidence. “Now if she actually did see you she would have described those weird clothes you wear.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“Weird clothes?” Aiden responded confused.

“I’m going to go and eat.” Maria laughed and went downstairs.

Aiden cleaned up the mess that Maria left in the room.

Over the weekend Maria spent her time drawing pictures with Aiden and going out to visit strange places.

Monday rolled around for the first day of Exams.

“Do you have your answers secured?” Aiden asked Maria as they walked into the First Bell Finals.

“Yep, I have them in my shoe.” Maria said, pointing to her foot.

“Okay, well the male schedule is taking the exams in reverse. So I am taking the 7 Period Exam now.” Aiden said as he then left Maria to undertake the exam herself.

Maria sat down in the room where everyone was nervously awaiting for the exam to be passed out. It was early in the morning and exhaustion was spread wide across the room.

The First Bell teacher handed out the exam.

“You all have an hour to finish the exam. You are not to stand up until the bell rings. Following which you are to go directly to your second bell.” The First room teacher said. “Does everyone have a number two pencil and a scantron?” 

No one said that they didn’t.

“You may begin your exam.” The First Bell Teacher said and they had 2 other teachers with them watching the exam.

“Okay, I got this. Let me just get the answers out of my shoe.” Maria was thinking but she noticed that one of the teachers was looking directly at her. 

“Crap, I can’t take it out now. I will just wait until he stops looking at me…” Maria thought as she pretended to mark her scantron.

A few minutes passed and the teacher stopped looking in her direction.

“Sweet, okay, now I can take out the answers-” Maria was thinking before the other Teacher looked in her direction. “Come on! Stop looking in my direction. How about if I pretend to tie my shoes.”

Maria went down to tie her shoes.

“What are you doing Miss Li?” The First Bell Teacher asked.

“I’m just tying my shoes.” Maria answered nervously.

“Your shoes are already tied.” The first bell Teacher said.

“Well aren’t they, well it just felt like they were loose haha.” Maria said, returning her head over her desk.

The Teachers then went back to make sure no one was cheating.

“You have 30 minutes left.” The teacher said, growns then went across the room.

Maria had yet to mark a single answer on her scantron. 

“I’m starting to stress out. This is not okay.” Maria thought to herself.

In Aiden’s classroom he had completed his test and was now sitting at his desk bored.

“What should we do for Summer? I should probably take Maria to Hawaii or something. I hear Humans like that location.” Aiden thought to himself.

The rest of the boys in the class were feverishly marking their scantrons. The room was starting to smell a little musty from some of the boys who just started stinking and had yet to discover deodorant. 

Aiden read back over the test to pass the time.

Back in the Girl’s Exam Room.

Maria was still having trouble getting the answers out of her shoe.

“You have 5 Minutes left on the exam.” The Teacher said.

“A screw it, I’ll just guess.” Maria thought as she then started marking answers on the test at a feverish pace.

She needed to answer 12 Questions a minute now to even finish the exam. She was working on her scantron til the very last moment of the bell.

It rang and Maria handed in her test. She walked away disappointed.

“Hopefully I got lucky and got a 61% on the exam.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria entered the second bell.

She sat down and adjusted her shoes so she could pull out the cheat sheet for this class.

The second bell teacher walked in with the exams with 2 other Teachers.

“Great…” Maria thought to herself.

This continued to happen to her all throughout the entire day of Finals. At the end of the Final Period Aiden found her.

“Hey Maria, so how’d you do?” Aiden asked her.

She looked at him with the look of defeat.

“Aiden!! I failed every single one of them!” She cried out to Aiden. “You are going to be in the 8th Grade, then I am going to be in the 7th again, and I’ll be alone in my classes and it’ll suck and-”

Aiden then interrupted her.

“Whoa, how do you know you failed? They haven’t even scanned the tests yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I couldn’t get the answers out of my shoe so I just guessed on all of them.” Maria said.

“Well that’s not good.” Aiden responded.

“Obviously.” Maria quickly replied. “Aiden, can you help me?” Marina said with tears in her eyes.

Aiden then looked to the side. “Sure, I’ll figure it out.” Aiden said reluctantly.

“You will?!” Maria responded to Aiden with a giant smile.

“Yes I will, but you must give me your word that next year you will study harder.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure, I’ll study harder. I’ll be the top student and everything!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Now it’s starting to sound unbelievable.” Aiden said to Maria.

“No, I swear. I will study next year. Afterall we have to go to the same highschool too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay. I’ll go look for your scantrons and change your answers to the correct ones.” Aiden said as he went back into the school building.

“Sure! I’ll see you at home!” Maria called out and the rest of the students looked over at her yelling.

Aiden entered the school and looked for the teachers that he recognized.

“Ah, there’s Miss Swartz. She must be going to scan the scantrons right now.” Aiden thought as he went invisible and came next to Miss Swartz.

Aiden went through the pile she had in her hand.

“Hmm where is hers?” Aiden thought seeing that the pile that Miss Swartz had in her hand was the test of the boys.

Aiden went into the scanning room and found that the girl’s test had already been graded. He looked through the pile and saw that Maria got a 23% on her Finals.

“Wow, you scored below what the random draw would have given you.” Aiden said as he picked up Maria’s test.

He watched Miss Swartz scan the boys’ tests in and watched her read through the scores and type them into her grade book.

So that’s how grades are recorded.

The remaining few dozen tests were being scanned and Miss Swartz stood up to stretch her legs.

Aiden got on the computer and typed 93% on Maria’s test score.

“That should fix that. And as for her actual exam.” Aiden picked up Maria’s exam and changed the answers to match a 93%. “That’s one down, 5 more to go.”

Aiden caught up to the first bell teacher. They were carrying a giant pile of tests. The pile had both the boys and the girls in them.

“Ah, Miss Swartz getting an early start grading the finals?” The first bell teacher said as they sat down in front of the other scanning machine.

“Yes I am, I don’t want to think about these tonight.” Miss Swartz responded.

“Isn’t that the truth. I have enough things to think about. This recession is killing me.” The first bell teacher said.

Aiden took this opportunity to grab Maria’s scantron and change the answers.

“The students today were so nervous, it almost made me burst out laughing.” The first bell teacher said.

“Yea, I am glad I’m not in school anymore. But if I did have to go back I would make sure I studied harder.” Miss Swartz said jokingly.

Aiden placed Maria’s new answers back into the pile.

The First Bell teacher accidentally shifted and dropped a pile of the scantrons on the floor.

“Oops, looks like I dropped a few.” The First Bell teacher said.

They looked and saw Maria’s scantron.

“Oh this girl was exceptionally nervous in my class.” The First room teacher said showing Miss Swartz Maria’s scantron.

“In mine too, I already graded her exam, she didn’t do so well.” Miss Swartz said as she looked at the score on the computer. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“What is it?” The first room teacher asked.

“I could have sworn she had a failing grade. Almost the lowest in the class, but now she has a 93%” Miss Swartz said looking at Maria’s score.

“Really? Were your eyes playing tricks on you?” The first bell teacher asked.

“Can’t be.” Miss Swartz grabbed Maria’s scantron and rescanned it to see if the computer may have malfunctioned and accidently switched the student’s scores.

The test came back as 93%.

“Hmm guess I was wrong. Seems like Maria actually did score a 93 on my Final.” Miss Swartz said to the First Bell Teacher.

“Let me check how well she did on mine.” The First bell teacher scanned Maria’s test. It came back as 98%.

“Wow, she did extremely well on my test too.” The first bell teacher said.

“I guess it’s that new kid who is wearing off on her.” Miss Swartz said to the First Bell teacher.

“Oh Mr. Angeal, yeah that kid is smart. Definitely could see him going to the top Universities after he graduates from High School.” The first bell teacher said.

Aiden then left to get the rest of Maria’s scantrons.

Aiden found Miss Ruth meditating in her classroom. He went to check on Maria’s test.

Miss Ruth was humming trying to put herself in a trance.

Aiden found Maria’s test and went to change the answers.

“Mr. Heavens…” Miss Ruth said while in her trance.

Aiden quickly looked up wondering if she could actually see him.

“Mr. Heavens, thankyou for showing me the way. I was lost and now I’ve been found. Cosmos takes me as your loyal servant.” Miss Ruth was saying to herself.

“Oh she is just talking to herself.” Aiden thought and finished changing Maria’s answers. “So far Maria would have gotten  23%, 21%, and 18%. That’s not good at all.” Aiden thought as he then left the room.

Aiden found that all of her later exams have yet to even be organized, so they were extremely simple to change.

“So from her 21%, 19%, 23%, 18%, 27% and 22% she now has 98%, 95%, 93%, 95%, 97% and 94%. That should secure her a spot in the 8th Grade.

Aiden then left the school and went back to Maria’s home.

Aiden came back to Maria’s room. She was in the living room playing on a gaming console that she was given for getting such good grades for the past month.

Aiden went around and cleaned up Maria’s room.

“She leaves such a mess for me to clean up.” Aiden thought to himself. “Well at least they aren’t big messes.”

Aiden went downstairs while invisible and watched Maria play a beat ’em up game that was based on 3rd Century China.

Allison came downstairs too and watched Maria play.

“So how’d you do in your Finals?” Allison asked Maria.

“I did fine.” Maria said, trying to focus on the game.

“Are you sure? Because I didn’t see you study once.” Allison said to Maria.

“That’s because I already knew everything in the Finals.” Maria responded.

“Did you cheat?” Allison accused Maria.

“Haha, for the few times I actually didn’t cheat while taking them.” Maria laughed.

“Hmm, it seems like you are telling the truth. Which means I bet you failed.” Allison said to Maria.

“What are you willing to bet?” Maria paused and looked at Allison.

“I bet chores for the month.” Allison said to Maria.

“Okay I will agree to that. It’s whether I failed or not, right?” Maria said with a smirk.

“How about if you got a C or below on any of your finals then you do my chores for a month.” Allison said to Maria.

“A C? Why’d you set it so high?!” Maria asked.

“You’re nervous, so I guess you actually didn’t know what was on the Finals, you should have studied harder instead of goofing around with that friend of yours that you talk to in your room.” Allison said to Maria.

“I agree to your bet, just to show you that I don’t spend my time goofing around with someone you believe exists but actually doesn’t.” Maria responded.

The two sister’s shook hands agreeing to the deal.

“When you wash clothes for the month I like mine to be double washed and folded after drying.” Allison said to Maria.

“And I like my clothes ironed before you fold them.” Maria said in response. Allison left up to her room.

Maria then unpaused the game.

Aiden nudges Maria.

“Oh, you’re back.” Maria whispers to the still invisible Aiden.

She then went up to her room and shut the door.

“So how’d it go?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I changed all of your scores, you have over 90% on all of them now.” Aiden told Maria.

“That’s awesome!” Maria said with excitement.

“You know before all of your scores were below 30% and some even below 20%.” Aiden told Maria.

“Wow, I guess I didn’t have lady luck on my side.” Maria said with an embarrassed look.

“Who’s lady luck?” Aiden asked.

“You know, the being who is in charge of luck.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Hmm, I don’t know a Heavenly Being that fits that description. Though there are some that think they do. If they are actually influencing the lives of Humans without permission then they ought to be reprimanded.” Aiden said.

“So there is no Lady Luck?” Maria asked.

“Not to my knowledge. But there are thousands of Heavenly Beings, so maybe I just miss a few.” Aiden responded.

“What is the Heavenly Realm like? Where is it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It is located directly next to you, it’s just on a different Angle of the Cosmic Circle.” Aiden said.

“So am I touching it right now?” Maria asked as she extended her hands.

“No you aren’t touching it, you can’t interact with it because it’s not made of things you can interact with.” Aiden said.

“Okay, so the way you get there is you change yourself to interact with it right?” Maria asked.

“That is right. See you can learn stuff, why don’t you try to learn school work like that?” Aiden asked.

“Because school work is boring, what you are talking about is fun.” Maria said. “So tell me what it’s like!” Maria excitedly asked.

“The place is bright with an ever expanding sky. It is split into many different districts which are owned by designated gods. Those districts are designed and watched over by the members within them. Time doesn’t pass the same way it does here on Earth, time in the heavenly realm is like a river that can be guided in all kinds of directions. Depending on how you travel you’ll see old gods as they were when they just arrived, or new gods appear from the future.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So are you one of those new gods?” Maria asked.

“No, I am not a god. I am an aspect of the Almighty, meaning that all the gods are technically of lower order than me. Hmm basically speaking, think of the other gods like planets, and I am like a Super Cluster.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yeah, you lost me there.” Maria said not fully understanding how much bigger one was compared to the other. “What do you do for fun there?” 

“Hmm, me personally I talk to my friends up there. Sometimes I create worlds with the other aspects of the Almighty. But mostly I just delivered messages, that was fun too.” Aiden answered Maria.

“You had friends?! What were they like?” Maria was surprised at this revelation.

“Yes I had friends. And they were fun to talk to and get advice from. Explore and do a bunch of stuff with, similar to what we do together except they act much older and wiser.” Aiden joked with Maria.

“Ha, just you wait till I’m older and wiser, then all your other friends couldn’t stand against your best friend.” Maria said to Aiden. “Remember, eventually you have to take me to the Heavenly Realm.”

Maria then walked out of her room. “I’m going to get some ice cream!” Maria called out to let her mom know.

Aiden followed behind her as she went off.

The day came and went and it was the morning of the results.

In the First Bell Aiden and Maria along with the rest of their classmates received their test results back.

“Haha Aiden, look! I got a 98!” Maria said, showing Aiden.

“Why would I be surprised about that?” Aiden said, looking at Maria.

Maria grabbed Aiden’s test. “You got a perfect score, that’s not fair. How come you didn’t give me a perfect score?” Maria asked.

“Because if you got a perfect then that would raise suspicion on you which might have caused you to have to take the Exam again.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria pointed at Aiden. “I have taught you well young grasshopper, you have now mastered the art of cheating.” Maria poked fun at Aiden.

In the second bell Maria received her grades. 

“Look Aiden, I got a 95!” Maria showed him.

“Again, I know you did.” Aiden said, looking at Maria.

“The class average was 71%, not too bad, but not too good either.” The second bell teacher said going over the test.

In Miss Swartz class.

Maria received her test.

“93%? You really schemed me out of a near perfect score didn’t you Aiden.” Maria looked at Aiden suspiciously as he had a Perfect Score.

“Miss Swartz already remembered your grade ended with a 3, so I couldn’t just give you 97%. Plus you had the lowest grade in the class so she easily remembered you.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Ah, I guess. 93% isn’t so bad.” Maria chuckled.

“Good work Miss Li, you have really improved in these last few weeks. Proud of your progress.” Miss  Swartz said, passing Maria.

“Thank you Miss Swartz.” Maria responded.

In the next bell in Miss Ruth’s class.

“I no longer believe in failing students.” Miss Ruth said, handing out the grades. “No one has below a D in the class.” Miss Ruth said, finishing handing out the grades.

“I got 95%, she said no one got below a D, so that means i did pretty well even without your help.” Maria said to Aiden.

“No, without my help you got 18% correct. But I think Miss Ruth would have rounded it up to 60%.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It would have been really embarrassing if I got the only failing grade.” Maria laughed.

The overall grading average on the finals was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway.

Maria went to look at it right before Lunch. Maria looked for her number to see where she was placed.

“I don’t see my name anywhere.” Maria said, looking for where her number usually is.

Aiden looked at where the names of the top 5 Students were located.

“Maria, look up there.” Aiden pointed at the standings.

“#1 Angeal Heavens, #2 Silvia Reiners, #3 Rebecca Wu, #4 Joshua Smith, #5 Maria Li” The board listed the 5 by name.

“What! I made it to the top 5 in the Class!” Maria said out loud.

“Looks like you did. Does that mean anything?” Aiden asked Maria.

“That means I have to stand in front of the Class during the End of the Year Pep Rally.” Maria said feeling nervous.

“Is that a bad thing?” Aiden asked.

“Well all year I’ve been spending so much time alone, now everyone will be looking at me and staring at me, probably hoping that I mess up. What if I mess up something?” Maria said.

Aiden placed his hand on Maria’s shoulder.

“You see where my name is located. I am in the top 5 too, that means I will be there with you.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria looked up at Aiden. “Yeah, you will.” Maria then let out a deep breath. “Okay I feel better let’s get lunch.”

Aiden and Maria left to pick up Lunch in a nearby city. Maria now had one thing on her mind. What would her speech be about?

Angel Misery- Chapter Two

Sign up for School Aiden!

Maria’s alarm clock rang but she was ignoring it.

“What is the reason for this if she’s just going to ignore it?” Aiden thought to himself watching Maria remain asleep.

“Aiden, can you turn that off for me? I’m so sleepy.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What’s the point of having it, why’d you set it?” Aiden asked as he turned it off.

“I set it up so that I could get ready for school…” Maria said drifting back to sleep.

“School? Isn’t that kind of important?” Aiden said to Maria.

“Maria get your butt up, Spring Break is over!” Maria’s mom yelled up stairs.

Maria then sat up from her bed. “Oh yeah, that’s why.” Maria said extremely drowsy.

Maria gave a loud yawn.

“Aiden, can you make me not sleepy or something…” Maria asked Aiden.

They have been together for a few days now and now had a decent level of comfortability with one another.

Aiden sent energy through her body waking her up.

“Ah! Now that’s better, time for me to brush my teeth!” Maria said, rushing into the bathroom right before Allison could get in.

While Maria brushed her teeth Aiden would go through and straighten up her room.

“Organization is definitely not her strong suit.” Aiden thought to himself.

He then saw her backpack in the back of the room, it being completely empty.

“Don’t you usually need to bring stuff to school?” Aiden thought to himself, bringing out the backpack.

Aiden continued to clean up the room.

Maria then barged into the room.

“All done Aiden!” Maria said as she came in and shut the door.

I have to hurry and get my uniform on. Maria said as she dug through her closet making a mess of the room again.

“Can you try to be a little cleaner, I just got done organizing your stuff from when you woke up.” Aiden said, picking up the clothes.

“You wouldn’t have to do it so often if you weren’t always trying to clean.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You know what they say, cleanliness is next to divinliness.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’m already next to a divine being literally, so I don’t see any point to it.” Maria said as she found her uniform. “There you are!” Maria called out as she then began to change from her uniform. Aiden turned around.

“What is school usually like?” Aiden asked Maria as she was getting dressed.

“It’s mostly boring, with adults just talking all day until we can go back home.” Maria said.

“Is that really it? There’s no learning involved?” Aiden asked.

“I mean sure, there’s supposed to be learning, but I never actually understand half the time. Check in the back of my sock dresser, you will see all my report cards.” Maria said, putting on her skirt.

Aiden pulled the report cards out the back.

“What do all these D’s mean?” Aiden asked.

“That means I am passing.” Maria said jokingly.

“Guess that is a good thing.” Aiden said, putting the report cards back in their place.

“So are you going to be going to school too Aiden?” Maria asked.

“I will be sitting in class invisible with you, if that’s what you mean.” Aiden responded.

“No, that is not what I mean, I don’t want to sit alone during lunch time looking like I am talking to myself. You need to find a way to go to school with me.” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand to have him turn around.

“Okay then I will figure out how I can get enrolled into school. But I am going to have to leave your side for a bit.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure, as long as you are there with me in school then having you gone for a few hours is no big deal.” Maria said to Aiden as she walked downstairs.

“Wow, in a few short days her willingness to allow me to leave has drastically improved.” Aiden thought to himself.

As Maria and Allison were being driven to school Aiden opened a route to the Heavenly Realm.

In the Heavenly Realm

Aiden walked to the Mission’s Square. And found the Info Master Coeus.

“Hello Coeus.” Aiden said to the Attendant.

“Well if it isn’t Aiden. You don’t come here often, is there something you are looking for?” Coeus asked Aiden.

“I’m currently on Earth right now for the long haul and need to know how I could attend school there.” Aiden said to Coeus.

“Okay, that’s not too hard. Let me see what I got for you.” Coeus went into the scrolls and placed his hands into the pages.

Aiden watched as Coeus did his work.

“So it’s at Sequoia State Junior High right?” Coeus asked.

“I’m not sure.” Aiden responded.

“That was a rhetorical question, of course I know. I am the Keeper of Godly Knowledge afterall.” Coeus said as he handed Aiden the page.

“We have a student by the name of Angeal Heavens enrolled in the school already, you can take on that mantle.” Coeus said to Aiden.

“Is that all? I don’t have to do anything else, just show up as Angeal?” Aiden asked.

“Well you will also need to have your parents say that you will be attending in person classes again since Angeal was excused for having a medical condition.” Coeus stood Aiden.

“Parents, okay. I’ll get one of the other Heavenly Beings to be parents for me, that shouldn’t be too hard. And what is this medical condition?” Aiden asked.

“That you grew really tall really quickly.” Coeus said.

“Well I guess that will help me explain why I am taller than everyone else.” Aiden said. “Thanks for the knowledge Coeus.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you Aiden?” Coeus asked, handing Aiden the documents he needed.

“No, I am good, I just have to look for some parents.” Aiden said as he then walked off.

Aiden walked through the Heavenly Realm and found Hera.

“Hello Hera, I am glad I stumbled across you.” Aiden said, approaching her.

“Oh Aiden, what brings you to my side of the Heavenly Realm, did you finally start feeling attraction to one of these beautiful goddesses around?” Hera asked Aiden.

“No, it’s not that. However, I do have a request.” Aiden said to Hera.

“A request? Well now isn’t this rare. What would someone of your status need from me? All I am is a matchmaker and punisher of infidelity.” Hera said to Aiden showing her powerful Golden Chains.

“I would like it if you could pose as my mother, I am trying to attend a school on Earth. Or you could send down one of your Fairies to pose as my mother, I would just prefer not to act as my own mother.” Aiden requested.

“This is entertaining. How could I pass up an opportunity to go to Earth?” Hera then laughed. “After all, the last time I was there I was trying to kill an individual I shall not name.” 

“Hopefully you don’t try to do that this time.”Aiden said to Hera.

“Don’t worry about it Aiden, I won’t jeopardize your mission.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Okay, then I’ll call you up when I find someone to be my Father.” Aiden said to Hera as he went off to look for a Father.

Aiden found Horus looking bored watching the cloud move across the sky.

“Are you busy Horus?” Aiden asked Horus.

“No, I am just dying of boredom.” Horus said to Aiden.

“You can’t die, so that’s not true.” Aiden said to Horus.

“It’s just an expression. So what brings you around these parts Aiden. Aren’t you higher beings busy ruling the Universe or something?” Horus said to Aiden.

“Not quite. I was just wondering if you could pose as my Father for today?” Aiden asked Horus.

“Your Father? If I am doing that I could be your grandfather too.” Horus said jokingly to Aiden.

“Sure, I guess. But it’s just for me to go to school. Like I said to Hera I don’t really want to pose as my own parents.” Aiden said to Horus.

“I was able to, someone of your power should be able to do it easily.” Horus said to Aiden showing his muscles.

“Like I said, I don’t really want to.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, I’ll do that for you. I am bored anyways.” Horus said as Aiden went to grab Hera.

Horus’ eyes then opened wide. “Wait, did he say Hera!”

At the School

Horus, Hera and Aiden all are sitting in the Principal’s office.

“So Angeal is returning to classes today?” The Principal asked.

“Yes he is, we are no longer worried about his health.” Horus said then Hera kicked his leg as the Principal gave him a confused look.

“What I mean by that is that, we aren’t worried about him becoming hospitalized any longer due to his growth. He has stopped growing for the meantime.” Horus corrected himself.

“I see, well Angeal does seem to be a rather tall child.” The Principal said, looking at Aiden.

“Isn’t he, he is such a strong and handsome boy, unlike the bastard child Herakles.” Hera said with some discontent in her voice.

Aiden looked over at Hera with confusion.

“Right. Well if you two don’t mind, may I ask Angeal some questions about his confidence in his education while he was away?” The Principal asked.

“Ask away, and make sure you ask him tough questions, my boy can handle it!” Horus said to the Principal.

“So Angeal do you feel comfortable around other students, you know they may mess with you for your height, and since it’s near the end of the school year you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Like a sore thumb, what kind of school are you running here?” Hera asked the Principal.

“It’s just an expression hun, what the Principal is saying is that Angeal here is going to be the center of attention, as he should be.” Horus said.

“Yes, I am okay with that.” Aiden responded.

“Is there something I can do to ease your transition to in person learning, afterall your marks on the standardized tests are perfect, so I would hate it if this transition caused those to fall.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Well I have a friend that goes to this school, her name is Maria Li, if you don’t mind could I be placed in the same classes as her?” Aiden said to the Principal.

The Principal then looked in his system.

“Are you sure her name is Maria Li? This student doesn’t seem to match your intellectual accomplishments, she’s not in the honours classes.” The Principal said.

“That’s okay.” Aiden said to the Principal.

“Our son has an amazing friendship with that girl, if anything he would be able to bring up her grades.” Hera said to the Principal.

“Yea, no need to worry. My son would never allow his test scores to fall. He is amazing in everything he does!” Horus said to the Principal.

“I am glad to see one of our students having such supportive parents.” The Principal said to both Hera and Horus.

“Okay, you are now enrolled in in person classes. They are currently on 3rd Bell. Get a hall slip from the front desk and you can either head there now or at the start of 4th Bell.” The Principal said to Aiden.

“Thank You sir.” Aiden said to the Principal as he got up. Hera and Horus also got up.

“It was nice meeting you two! I look forward to the next meeting!” The Principal said as the three left the room. “Wow, they were like gods, I don’t know how I held up so well.” The principal thought as he relaxed his body.

Aiden picked up the slip.

“Thank you two for posing as my parents, looks like I’m successfully enrolled in in-person classes.” Aiden said to the two.

“I would have preferred if you got me a different husband, but I guess Horus wasn’t the worst choice you could have made. Two for the Price of one.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Thanks I guess?” Horus said to Hera as they both walked into the pathway to the Heavenly Realm.

“If you need anything else Aiden I am alway free, this was a relief from my boredom.” Horus said to Aiden.

“If it comes to that then sure.” Aiden said to the two before they vanished.

Aiden then walked through the halls looking for the class Maria was located in.

Aiden became invisible looking for the rooms.

“These classes look boring just like Maria said.” Aiden thought to himself.

He eventually found the one that Maria was located in. She was off drawing in her notebook not paying attention to the teacher at all.

“Well at least she is present I guess.” Aiden thought as he then went to the front door of the room and knocked on it.

“Oh that must be the new student.” The Teacher said.

Ms.Swartz opened the door and saw Aiden standing there in the school uniform.

“Wow, you are tall.” Ms.Swartz said, looking up at Aiden.

“I get that a lot.” Aiden responded.

“Class, say hello to Mr. Angeal Heavens. He will be part of our class for the rest of the year starting today.” Ms.Swartz said.

“Nice to meet you all.” Aiden said to the class. Maria was not paying attention; she was in her own world.

“Now if you may choose a seat Angeal.” Ms.Swartz said to Aiden.

Aiden then walked over to the desks.

“Wow, he looks pretty cool.” A student said as Aiden walked by him.

“Wonder what he does for fun.” Another said, whispering.

Aiden sat down next to Maria.

“Why’d he sit next to her?” Another classmate said. “I feel bad for him.”

“Okay, let’s get back to our lesson.” Ms.Swartz said as she continued with her lesson for the last few minutes of class.

Aiden looked over at Maria. “Is she really not going to notice I am here?” Aiden thought to himself.

Maria continued to draw in her notebook. She was drawing a dragon that was shooting fire balls at a group of Heros.

Aiden then turned his focus to the lesson at hand.

Some time passed and it was near the end of the period.

“Okay, I want you to do the Assignment Section of Lesson 15 in your Books for homework. I will be collecting your pages at the beginning of class tomorrow. Show your work.” Ms.Swartz said as the bell rang.

Maria grabbed her empty back then went to the door.

Aiden then walked behind her and tapped on her shoulder.

Maria looked back at if someone just insulted her.

She then looked up and saw it was Aiden.

“Oh Aiden! You’re actually a student! When did you get here!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“I got into class like 15 minutes ago.” Aiden responded.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Maria said.

“You seemed so engrossed with what you were doing, so I figured I would leave you alone.” Aiden responded.

“Engrossed? What does that mean?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It means taking all of your attention I guess in this context.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Oh, so you were watching me draw, did you like it!?” Maria asked.

“It wasn’t bad.” Aiden said.

“The new guy is talking to that weird girl, we should warn him.” One of the boys whispered to each other as they were walking through the halls.

“Nah, I think it would be funny if he starts hating her.” His friend said.

“They are so annoying, I bet they are just jealous of my team beating theirs in the gym.” Maria said.

“What happens in the gym?” Aiden asked.

“It’s the class where we get to play games.” Maria responded.

“That doesn’t sound like learning.” Aiden said as he and Maria walked to their next class.

“I guess it’s to teach us good health stuff. But we are kids, so we don’t have to worry about getting fat. And especially for you, you’re a heavenly being, can you guys even get fat?” Maria asked Aiden.

“There are some fat Heavenly Beings, but it’s not due to gluttony, they just like to look that way.” Aiden said to Maria.

The students filled the halls of the school trying to make their way to the next class. Aiden stood over them.

Maria was being squeezed between all the backpacks.

“Aiden, can you do something about this?” Maria asked, trying to make room for herself.

“Is it always like this?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, everyone just crowds at the end of class.” Maria said, pushing past other students. “Lift me up onto your neck!” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden lifted Maria up and placed her on his shoulders.

“This is way better!” Maria said.

“Don’t do that.” A Security said to Aiden. Aiden turned around to look at him.

“Don’t do what! Is there a rule against carrying other students?” Maria said to the Security.

“It’s dangerous, you could fall and bust your head open.” The Security said.

“No need to worry about that, Aiden would never let me fall.” Maria said with a smile.

“Put her down or else I am going to give you both detention.” The Security said.

“Detention? Your school locks people up?” Aiden asked Maria.

“No detention is just a place after school where you sit around and fall asleep.” Maria responded.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Aiden responded.

“My mom would be furious if I ended up in detention, so you can put me down.” Maria said to Aiden as he brought her back to the ground.

“Now you hurry and get to class, and don’t do that again.” The Security said to Aiden.

“I understand.” Aiden responded as he and Maria continued to push their way through the crowd.

Eventually Maria and Aiden made it to their next class.

“Come on Aiden, sit next to me.” Maria said, bringing Aiden to the back of the class.

They both then sat down and Maria brought back out her notebook and handed Aiden a page.

“There now I can see how well you can draw.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Is this an art class?” Aiden asked.

“No, it’s English.” Maria responded.

“Do you just draw in every class?” Aiden asked.

“I pay attention sometimes, I just want to see what you draw like.” Maria said.

“Okay, what do you want me to draw?” Aiden asked Maria as he created a pen to draw with.

“Woah.” Maria was amazed by Aiden creating a pen.

“Wow, are you amazed? You’ve seen me create even larger stuff.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Yea, but all of that stuff was natural, a pen is made by a company. I didn’t know that you could do that.” Maria said.

“I can create anything.” Aiden said to Maria. “Now what is it you’d like me to draw?” Aiden asked.

“Can you draw a dragon?” Maria asked.

“What kind of Dragon?” Aiden asked.

“Have you ever seen a real Dragon?” Maria asked.

“There are no real Dragons like the picture that you drew, but there are real creatures that have the word ‘Dragon’ in their name.” Aiden responded to Maria.

The late bell then rang and class started.

“Good Morning, I hope you all read ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ over Spring Break.” The Teacher asked.

“Crap, I completely forgot about that!” Maria said to Aiden.

The English teacher looked over at Maria and saw Aiden.

“Oh, you are already here Mr. Heavens.” The English Teacher said.

“I am Ms.Ruth, your English Teacher for the rest of the Semester. Would you mind introducing yourself to the class?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

Aiden then stood up.

“Good Morning class, my name is Angeal Heavens.” Aiden said and then just stood there.

“Do you have any favourite books, or hobbies?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“My favourite books? Hmm I suppose that would have to be the Scrolls of the Heavenly Bodies written by Apollo. He has quite the way with words.” Aiden said in response.

“I’ve never heard of that book. It would be a joy if you could bring that in.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden.

“I’ll ask him if he could hand me a copy.” Aiden responded.

“Oh you know the Author personally?” Ms.Ruth asked.

“Yes, he works alongside my ‘Mother’.” Aiden said.

“Aiden you don’t have to keep going.” Maria said to Aiden trying to pull him down to his seat.

“That is interesting. Yes please do that I would be interested to read it.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden. “You can take a seat now.” 

Aiden then sat back down.

“What was all of that about, you could have said a simple book like…” Maria was trying to think of a name for a book. “Well, anything else.” 

“Was there a problem. She asked me a question and I answered it.” Aiden responded.

“Yes, now you could have given the entire class a new reading assignment!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Ms.Ruth wouldn’t do that. I’ll just bring her a copy and that;’’ be the end of that.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Sure.” Maria said, sitting against the back of her chair.

Ms.Ruth then went around handing out a pop quiz on the reading.

She placed the paper on Maria’s desk.

“Whaa?! A pop quiz?” Maria said.

“Did you do the reading, Mr.Heavens?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“It’s okay, I’ll do fine.” Aiden responded.

Ms.Ruth then placed the test on Aiden’s desk.

Maria laid her head on top of the desk with dread.

“Okay, you all have 15 minutes to finish the desk. Bring it up to my desk when you are done.” Ms.Ruth said as she then sat down and started to read another book.

The entire class flipped over the quiz and began answering the questions.

“Question 1, ‘Who is chosen to play the lion in the craftsmen’s play?’” Maria read. “I have no idea…” Maria slammed her head on the quiz then looked over at Aiden seeing him answering the questions.

“‘What part of her appearance does Hermia believe Helena has exploited to win Lysander’s love?’ well that obviously her height.” Aiden thought to himself as he answered the questions.

“Hey Aiden, are you just guessing?” Maria whispered to Aiden.

“No, I read the book.” Aiden responded.

“When did you do that, you were with me all Spring Break.” Maria whispered.

“I read it when Ms.Ruth said she hoped we did the reading over Spring Break.” Aiden responded. And then he finished the quiz.

“Hey let me see your answers.” Maria said, trying to look over.

“That doesn’t seem to be allowed. This is to test your knowledge.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, you’re my best friend, you can’t just let me fail.” Maria said, trying to look at Aiden’s quiz.

Aiden duplicated a copy of his quiz and made it appear on Maria’s desk. Then he got up and handed in his quiz.

“Thanks buddy.” Maria said, whispering loudly to Aiden as he walked up.

Maria then copied the answers.

“Wow Mr.Heavens, you are the first one to hand up the test. Do you enjoy the book?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“I found the abilities that the Fairies used to create the romantic drama in the book to be the most entertaining part of the novel. I would have preferred a more in depth analysis of the Amazon Culture but with the vast array of characters and motivations I understood that going too deeply into their histories would have taken away from the stories main themes and the comedic tones associated with them.” Aiden responded.

“Most students would simply chalk up this book as another of Shakespeare’s plays and find it a bother to read. I am glad that you actually took the time to analyse how you felt about the book.” Ms.Ruth said to Aiden.

“Reading is the physical manifestation of the thoughts of the Author, allowing us the readers to peer into the thoughts of someone that has long passed, it’s almost like a time machine.” Aiden said to the Teacher.

 “I am even more interested in this book that you were talking about at the start of class Mr.Heavens. It must be quite the read if you called it your favourite.” Ms.Ruth responded.

“I’ll bring it in tomorrow.” Aiden responded.

“What is it that your mother does? That causes her to interact with authors?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“She ensures the health of children and punishes those that cause issues in relationships.” Aiden said to Ms.Ruth.

“So she is a social worker?” Ms.Ruth asked Aiden.

“No, she is a goddess.” Aiden responded.

“Aww, so cute that you think of your mom as a goddess.” Ms.Ruth responded. “Okay take your seat Mr.Heavens.”

Aiden then walked back to his seat.

“Thanks for distracting her Aiden.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I wasn’t distracting her, she was just talking.” Aiden responded.

Maria continued to copy the answers. When the teacher looked up to check the students each time her gaze almost saw Maria cheating her attention was pulled over to Aiden who was sitting at his desk drawing the picture Maria asked for.

The other students started bringing up their quizzes.

Aiden looked over at Maria.

He noticed that she had finished copying but wasn’t bringing up the quiz.

After the amount of students who were bringing up the quizzes had decreased Maria then got up to turn hers in. She then came back and sat down.

“Why’d you wait so long to turn your quiz in?” Aiden asked her.

“Because it would be weird if I turned it in early. It would be obvious that I cheated.” Maria said.

“You must be experienced in this cheating technique then.” Aiden responded.

“Don’t put it like that, you make me sound like a bad student.” Maria said laughing.

Eventually the normal class had started and Maria and Aiden continued to draw throughout the class.

Maria then grabbed Aiden’s paper.

“Incredible! How are you so good at drawing! It looks like a real dragon!” Maria said, looking at Aiden’s art.

“How can it look like a real dragon if real dragons don’t exist?” Aiden said to Maria.

“You know what I mean, it looks like a real image. Like someone took a black and white picture.” Maria responded.

Maria handed Aiden another piece of blank paper.

“Here, now draw me!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Sure, I can do that.” Aiden said as he began to draw Maria.

“Open up your vocabulary books to  today’s word list.” Ms.Ruth said as the class continued on until it was lunch time.

Aiden and Maria left the classroom heading towards the cafeteria.

“Where are we going now?” Aiden asked Maria.

“It’s time to eat lunch!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Are you planning to grab lunch at school?” Aiden noticed that Maria wasn’t carrying a bag of food with her.

“Nope.” Maria said as she jumped in front of Aiden. “How about you take me somewhere to grab lunch, then we can eat it at school.” Maria said.

“Take you somewhere? Any place you have in mind? Somewhere is a rather vague term.” Aiden said to Maria.

“How about you take me to ‘Regards’ to get a Philly Cheese Steak!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay, where’s that?” Aiden asked her.

“It’s in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania obviously.” Maria said to Aiden.

“How is that obvious?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Come on, I know you can do it, we will be there and back before anyone notices.” Maria said to Aiden.

“You do know that Philadelphia is all the way on the other side of the country. Flying at a safe travel speed for you will still take us about an hour to get there. The next bell is in 40 Minutes.” Aiden said.

“An hour, we can’t fly any faster?” Maria said, saddened.

“I can fly faster, but for you, your skin would come right off at that speed.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay.” Maria said with a sad tone.

Aiden looked down at her being sad. “Fine.” Aiden created a glass ball for Maria. “Hope in there and I’ll drag you along. I will accelerate slowly but eventually we will be traveling many times the speed of sound. We should be able to get there and back in 30 minutes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Incredible! I knew you would come up with something!” Maria said, running towards the ball.

“Did you though?” Aiden said as he then lifted it into the air and they took off towards the restaurant.

In the cafeteria the table that Maria usually sits alone at remained empty. The other students looked at it.

“Did that girl finally decide to stop coming to lunch? We must have made her feel pretty bad about ditching her at the playground.” Ashley said, looking at the table.

“Are you feeling bad about it?” Vanessa asked Ashley.

“No, I’m just guessing. I would never feel bad for that tomboy.” Ashley said as she ate her salad.

Maria and Aiden both came into the cafeteria and sat at the table. Maria was talking to him with a huge smile on her face.

“Speak of the devil right?” Sarah said.

“Who’s that guy she’s with, he can’t be a student right?” Ashley said.

“I heard some other students talk about a new student who came today, that must be the guy.” Sarah said to the two.

“Why is he friends with her? He must not know what kind of girl she is.” Ashley said.

“I’m sure he would stop being friends with her once she starts digging around in dirt, or work herself sweaty, there’s no need for us to ruin her temporary friendship.” Vanessa said.

“Yeah you’re right, she can ruin it herself.” Ashley said as they all continued to eat.

Maria was eating dropping pieces of food on the wrapping the cheesesteak came in.

“This is so good Aiden, you should try it.” Maria said, trying to get Aiden to take a bite.

“I would prefer not to.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria looked at the cheesesteak. “Is it because I bit it?” Maria asked with her mouth full.

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t eat food.” Aiden responded.

“Oh yea, I guess every time it was meal time you just sat upstairs in my room.” Maria said. “So how do you even stay alive?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Since I am a Heavenly Being I can’t die, so having to maintain living is not something I need to do.” Aiden responded.

“But you could eat if you wanted to.” Maria asked.

“Sure, I could eat if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, it’s delicious!” Maria said, trying to bring the cheesesteak to his mouth.

“See look, she’s already about to ruin it.” Vanessa said, as they looked at Maria.

Aiden then took a bite from it.

“They seem pretty close though…” Ashley thought to herself.

“So what did you think!?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It makes me want to vomit.” Aiden responded as he vaporized it from his body.

“Your tastebuds must be busted.” Maria said to Aiden as she continued eating. “Crap we forgot to get drinks!” Maria said, noticing she had nothing to wash down the steak with.

“What do you want?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Just some Orange Soda.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden then got up to grab a soda from the vending machines. Then he sat right back down next to Maria.

Maria looked at Aiden with confusion.

“Why didn’t you just create it?” Maria asked.

“Because everyone in this cafeteria is looking at us.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then looked around and saw the many eyes of the room. She then gave them a big smile. The other students then turned back around to mind their own business.

“I super don’t care about what they think anymore.” Maria said as she then gulped down a large portion of the soda.

“I’m glad to see that.” Aiden said to Maria.

The rest of the school day continued on. Aiden introduced himself to the other classmates as they went through History Class after lunch, followed by Psychology and Algebra.

The Last bell rang.

“Finally Monday is over, we can finally go back home!” Maria said.

“That was it?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Was that it?! That was almost torture, luckily you were there to keep me distracted because if you were I could have died!” Maria said, walking into the pickup area.

“So we are just heading back home? The other students seem like they are going to more classes.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s because they are like in clubs, sports and junk.” Maria responded.

“Why aren’t you in any?” Aiden asked.

“My grades are too low. And besides, I don’t want to be in a club anyways.” Maria responded. “I’ll meet you back at my house then? Unless you want to hover over the car.”

“I’ll go to the Heavenly Realm to get that book for Ms.Ruth.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You’re actually getting the book, I thought you made it up just to get the question over with.” Maria said.

“No, it’s a real book, and since I said I’ll give it to her then I better get to that.” Aiden said as he was about to walk through the gateway.

“Can I go to the Heavenly Realm?” Maria asked.

“Someday maybe? But not now.” Aiden said.

“Then someday I will go!” Maria said with a smile. She then ran off to go to her mom’s car.

“Why did I say that?” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden walked around in the Heavenly Realm and looked for Apollo in the District of Hellen.

“How’d school go Aiden?” Hera asked him.

“It went fine, it was quite easy to say the least.” Aiden responded to Hera. “Is Apollo close by? I want to ask if I could allow a Human to read his book.” Aiden said to Hera.

“Already sharing the knowledge of the gods to the Humans, this is definitely a new regime in the heavenly realm. He should be in the garden shooting apples or something.” Hera said to Aiden.

“Thank you.” Aiden said to Hera. He then went in that direction.

“He found Apollo sitting under a tree reciting poetry.

“Apollo.” Aiden said standing in front of him.

“Aiden, the son of the Almighty, what do I owe the honour?” Apollo said to Aiden.

“May I allow a book of yours to be read by a mortal woman?” Aiden asked Apollo.

“A mortal woman? Are you trying to woo her with the arts of the gods Aiden? I didn’t know that you were that kind of fellow.” Apollo responded to Aiden.

“It’s your Scrolls on the Heavenly Bodies. I said it was one of my favourite books and offered to let her read it. It’s for a teacher of mine.” Aiden said to Apollo.

“One of your favourites? You compliment me with that statement. Of course you can allow this mortal to read my writings. But beware, she may not be the same after reading such a heavenly script.” Apollo said, handing Aiden a signed copy. “This one is for your personal collection Aiden. You can lend it to her.”

“Thank you Apollo. I will now be out of your way.” Aiden said as he opened a gateway back to Earth.

“Such Power those beings have. To be able to freely travel to and fro between Realms.” Apollo said as he continued to recite.

Aiden emerged at the home of Maria.

“Now go and start on your homework ladies before you even think about going outside!” Maria’s mom said to both Allison and Maria.

Aiden was standing in Maria’s room back in his usual attire.

Maria bursted into her room. “Ha, I knew you would already be here!” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“It was not a hard thing to surmise.” Aiden responded.

“Stop using words I don’t know.” Maria said, kicking off her clothes.

“So are we going to get started with our homework like your mom asked?” Aiden asked Maria.

“I’ll just say I did it at school, then we can go have some fun outside.” Maria said, putting on her outdoor outfit.

“I think you should at least try to do a bit of it before going outside, the principal said that you were nearly failing.” Aiden said to Maria.

“But I’m not failing, so it’s all good.” Maria responded.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria was nearly out of her room’s door. She then stopped.

“Ah, sheesh. Okay I’ll do a little of my homework.” Maria said as she opened up her backpack and pulled out the Physics Homework.

She laid on the carpet and Aiden sat next to her pulling out his homework too.

Maria got to the first question and had no clue of the answer.

“Okay, I tried. Let’s go outside.” Maria said as she got up and went out the door.

“Well at least she attempted.” Aiden thought as he followed Maria outside.

Angel Misery: Chapter One

One Wish to change everything.

Maria (12, Lonely, Friendly) sits on a bench at a Playground. She was waiting to see if the group of girls who were usually there at around this time would show up again. Maria looked around to see if they had shown up every so often.

“They are usually here by now, where are they this time?” Maria thought to herself.

The other girls approached and they spotted Maria sitting at the Playground.

“Ah, it’s that girl from school.” Ashley said as all of them hid behind the bush as to not be seen.

“Oh the tomboy?” Vanessa asked.

“Yes, the tomboy. She’s like super annoying.” Ashley said to the other two.

“You talked to her before?” Sarah asked.

“No, but look at her, doesn’t she look annoying?” Ashley said.

“Let’s just play somewhere else, like at the arcade.” Vanessa said.

“That’ll probably be the next place she would try to go, how about to the mall.” Ashley said.

“Did you get permission from your mom? We should probably tell her.” Sarah asked.

“Yea, let’s do that.” Ashley said as the girls ran off.

Maria then heard the girls running away.

“Aw, I guess they didn’t want to hang out with me…” Maria thought to herself feeling a bit sad. “Oh well, no reason to waste being at the playground.” Maria said as she hopped up and began to use the monkey bars.

(In the Heavenly Realm)

Aiden (Unknown Age, Heavenly Being, Obedient, Reactive) walks above a bright white room in the Heavenly realm. 

“Off to another mission, Aiden?” Micheal says to him.

“I am, I have been summoned by the almighty for an important task.” Aiden responded.

“All tasks from the almighty are important, we just don’t know in what ways.” Micheal said as he continued on.

Aiden stepped to the foot of the throne.

The figure sitting on the throne was a giant of a being whose face looked like that of the cosmos.

“Welcome Aiden, I see that you are well.” The Almighty said to Aiden.

“I am thanks to your eternal grace and incomprehensible power.” Aiden responded.

The Almighty then created a scroll for Aiden.

“Deliver this to the Priest of York, the one who has sealed the Demon Zebal.” The Almighty said, sending it to Aiden.

“I humbly accept this mission.” Aiden said as he received the scroll. 

“This will be the start of a new adventure for you Aiden. Handle it well.” The Almighty said, creating a realm for Aiden to walk through.

Aiden departed and was transported to Earth.

“Okay, the Priest of York is located there.” Aiden then took off in that direction full speed.

The scroll that was attached to Aiden’s belt began to slip slowly until it fell off and began to fall towards the ground.

Maria was playing on the playground when suddenly the scroll which had fallen from Aiden’s belt hit her head and knocked her off the playground and onto the ground.

“Geez, what was that?” Maria said, rubbing her head.

Maria then climbed back up and saw it was a scroll which seemed to have been woven from gold.

Maria looked up at the sky. “Where did this come from? Did it fall out of a plane?” Maria thought.

She then attempted to try and open it, but the seal used on it was made from a medal that had hardened along the crease. 

“Come on, open up!” Maria tried to open it harder.

Aiden continued to fly through the air. 

“Wait, I don’t see the location of the Priest of York anymore.” Aiden thought to himself.

He then reached for the scroll, but he felt nothing there. Aiden then quickly stopped.

“Wait! What happened!? Where’s the scroll!?” Aiden scrambled to look for it.

“Where did I drop it!? This is bad!” Aiden thought to himself. “Now I am going to be late with the delivery, then the Almighty is going to punish me and…” Aiden was thinking when he suddenly spotted the shine from the scroll reflecting the sun.

“There it is!” Aiden then quickly flew to the location.

Maria continued to pull on the seal. “Come on you dumb scroll, open up!” Maria thought as she continued to pull.

Aiden then appeared in front of Maria.

“Could you please not do that.” Aiden asked Maria.

Maria noticed Aiden standing tall above her. She stood silently looking at him. Her mouth had opened up slightly with amazement.

“Wow.” Maria thought.

“Ah, excuse me, did you hear what I asked?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Wait, what?” Maria responded.

“Could you please hand me that item in your hand?” Aiden asked.

“No way, I found it fair and square, plus it hit me pretty hard on my head. It still hurts.” Maria responded.

“Please can I have it, I will grant you anything you wish if you give it back to me. Also I apologize for letting it hit your head.” Aiden said as he gestured his hand over Maria’s head and healed her.

“I can wish for anything?” Maria asked.

“Yes, any one wish.” Aiden said. “Good things she’s only Human, what’s the worst she could wish for.” Aiden thought to himself.

“Hmm, if I could have anything what would it be?” Maria said quietly to herself.

“Can you please hand me the scroll first then I will return to you to grant your wish.” Aiden asked.

“How do I know you just won’t leave and not grant me a wish?” Maria asked.

“You have my word as a heavenly being.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I guess.” Maria said as she handed the scroll back to Aiden. “You better not be lying to me, or else I will tell the gods.” Maria said.

“Sure, you can do that.” Aiden said as he took off into the sky and went directly to hand the scroll to the Priest of York.

Maria sat on the playground trying to think of her wish.

“Any wish. I guess I could wish for a cell phone? Or I could wish for a Game Console.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then hopped over to the swings.

“Maybe I should wish to have bugs in those girls’ food for ditching me today.” Maria continued. “Nah, that would be a wasted wish, I could do that to myself.”

Maria then looked around at the playground and felt utterly alone.

“That Heavenly Being Guy sure did create some entertainment, now without him here it feels even more lonely.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then had an excited smile on her face.

“I think I know what I want to wish for.” Maria said.

With the Priest of York

“Thank you Aiden, it is always a pleasure to be of service to the Almighty.” The Priest said.

“It was no problem. Your long life has made you wise among all humans.” Aiden responded. “Now I shall return to the Heavenly Realm.” Aiden said before flying off.

Aiden then began to fly to the Heavens.

“Wait, almost forgot, I need to grant that little girl a wish.” Aiden stopped and then headed back towards Maria.

Maria was still on the swings when Aiden returned.

“You actually did come back! That was fast!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Of course I would, I said that you could have a wish, and now I am here to grant it.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, I got the perfect wish, are you ready?” Maria said to Aiden.

“I have never not been ready.” Aiden said preparing to create anything Maria wished.

“I wish for you to be my Best Friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden was confused. “Wait, what?” He asked.

“I said I wished for you to be my Best Friend? Is that not possible?” Maria asked.

“I mean, wouldn’t you prefer me to make you into a billionaire, or create a mountain of chocolate or whatever Humans like?” Aiden said to Maria.

“I’ve never had a real best friend… plus you said that you would grant me anything. If you don’t then you are lying to me.” Maria said, nearly disappointed.

“Yes, I can grant that to you, but I am just asking if you could reconsider.” Aiden said.

“Nope, that’s my wish. I wish for you to be my best friend. That’s it.” Maria said with her arms crossed.

“Sure, I am now your best friend. But I need to return to the Heavenly Realm to report on my mission, so I can’t hang out with you quite yet.” Aiden said to Maria.

“That’s okay, I already know that you will return. Best Friends can depend on each other after all.” Maria smiled.

Aiden hesitantly smiled back. He then flew off to the Heavenly Realm.

He returned to the room of the Heavenly Throne. “I have returned.” Aiden said to the Almighty.

“Amazing work Aiden, I am very pleased.” the Almighty said.

“I am honoured that you are pleased with my success.” Aiden responded.

“Seems that you have also made a new best friend while down on Earth. I am quite pleased with that too.” the Almighty laughed.

“But I am of service to you my Lord, surely I can not slack on my duties up here to fulfill the friendship down there.” Aiden said to the Almighty.

“No need to worry Aiden.” the Almighty said.

Aiden let out a sigh of relief.

“I will not assign any more tasks to you. Enjoy your friendship with the Human.” the Almighty said.

“Wait what?” Aiden was shocked. “No please, I want to be of service-” Aiden was saying before he was transported back to Earth.

“Great…” Aiden thought to himself. He then went to fly back down to Maria.

Aiden saw her playing in some dirt. He stepped up behind her.

“I’m back, little girl.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria turned around. “Hey Best Friend!” Maria said, hugging Aiden’s legs.

She then stopped.

“It’s going to be awkward calling you Best Friend. What is your name?” Maria asked.

“It’s Aiden.” Aiden responded.

“Well Aiden, I am Maria!” Maria said with a big smile. “So where do you live?” Maria asked.

“I live in Heav-” He then stopped. “I live with you now I guess.” Aiden said.

“Oh you live with me, do I need to make room for you on the floor in my room?” Maria asked.

“There’s no need, I don’t sleep.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Come on, don’t look so down. We are best friends after all.” Maria said still with her smile.

“So how old are you?” Maria gestured for Aiden to push her on the swings.

“Interesting question, I’m not actually sure. I was created 23 Complete Cycles ago, but I’ve been to the past, and to the future, and the time that I experience is different from yours… so I’m not all that sure.” Aiden said to Maria.

“So 23 Complete Cycles, what is that in years?” Maria asked.

“It doesn’t convert like that.”Aiden responded quickly to Maria.

“But if it did, how many years would that be?” Maria asked again.

“Persistent aren’t you?” Aiden said to Maria. “Well if we must convert it, if I never traveled through time and space, and if the way I experienced time was the exact same as yours I would say that I am…” Aiden was calculating.

Maria waited for his answer.

“That would make me a little under 12 Years old.” Aiden said.

“12 Years old! Really! But you look way older than that, you look like my teacher’s age!” Maria said.

“No, I look appropriate for my age.” Aiden responded.

“You are the same age as me and we don’t look close to the same age!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Well then you just look extremely young, like a baby.” Aiden responded back to Maria.

Maria then laughed. Aiden looked at her confused.

“Why are you laughing?” Aiden asked.

“This is the first time where an insult actually felt fun. I’ve never had someone I could jest with.” Maria said with a smile.

“I suppose.” Aiden responded to Maria.

“Come on, let’s go to the park!” Maria said as she hopped off the swing and Aiden was still behind it. “Hurry up!” Maria called out.

Aiden then transported next to Maria.

“Cool, can you do that to me?” Maria asked.

“I would prefer not to.” Aiden said to Maria.

“It’s all good, besides, I’m sure you don’t even know where the park is. So I’ll lead the way.” Maria said as she carried Aiden’s hand.

They both were now at an intersection. They were waiting at a crosswalk. A small child walked up to them.

“Wow, you are really really tall!” The little kid said, staring up at Aiden.

“Hey! Don’t you get any bright ideas, he is my best friend not yours!” Maria said to the little kid.

“He wasn’t trying to be my friend, he was only making an observation.” Aiden said to Maria.

The walk light showed and they began crossing.

The driver in the truck had become distracted and continued to plow through the crosswalk. The Vehicle was about to hit Aiden and Maria.

Aiden quickly traveled and moved Maria out of the way of the truck. The Truck continued to barrel on through.

Aiden held Maria in his arms watching the vehicle continue.

“He needs to pay attention to the road, if I wasn’t here that could have ended badly for you.” Aiden said.

Maria had an enormous smile on her face. “That was so cool!” Maria said in Aiden’s arms. She then tried to get back on the ground. “Let’s do that again!” Maria said.

Aiden kept a hold of her. “Let’s not do it again, too many instances like that could start taking a toll on your body.” Aiden said. “Plus you shouldn’t be in the street if you don’t have to.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad, just one more time. I want to feel like a daredevil!” Maria said to Aiden.

“I thought you were going to show me to the park.” Aiden said.

“Oh yea, that is what we were doing.” Maria said, hopping out of Aiden’s arms. “Okay, to the park we go!” Maria said, leading the way.

Maria and Aiden walked to the park and saw a bunch of dogs walking around. Maria then ran off to pet on.

“Could I please pet your dog!” Maria asked a lady who was walking her Golden Retriever.

“Sure, go for it, he doesn’t bite.” The Lady said.

Maria then pet the dog as Aiden approached behind her. The dog then began to wag his tail even faster.

“Oh, it looks like Sully really likes you.” The lady said to Aiden.

“Is that right?” Aiden said, looking down at the dog.

“You can pet him if you’d like too.” The lady said to Aiden.

“I’m fine thankyou.” Aiden responded.

Sally then went over to try and jump on Aiden.

“Woah, he’s excited.” The Lady said, trying to control her dog.

The other dogs in the area also tried to go over to where Aiden was.

“Wow, you’re like a dog magnet.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I think this is because of you, why wouldn’t a best friend want their other best friend to get more joy from petting dogs.” Aiden said.

“So is this like automatic because you want me to enjoy myself more?” Maria asked Aiden.

“It’s not on purpose.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Aw! You really are the best best friend there is.” Maria said to Aiden as some of the dogs got off of their leash and came storming at Maria and Aiden.

The crowd of dog owners were trying to control their pets.

Maria was swarmed underneath being licked by dogs and feeling their furriness.

Eventually Maria had her fill and the dog owners were able to control their pets.

“That was so fun! Except now I’m covered in dog drool.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t see how any part of that was fun.” Aiden responded.

“You just need to embrace that it was happening then you would start enjoying yourself. Come on, I wanted to show you the main reason I wanted to come to the park.” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand.

Maria brought Aiden to a giant fountain that was surrounded by a 50 square meter artificial pond.

Maria then stepped into the pond.

“What are you doing?” Aiden asked her.

“Don’t worry, I see other kids do this all the time with their friends.” Maria said, fully stepping in. “Come on Aiden, join me here.” Maria said.

“I’d prefer it if I didn’t.” Aiden responded.

“Come on Aiden, don’t have me be all by myself in here. It feels sad when you are playing by yourself…” Maria said to Aiden.

Aiden rolled his head. “Sure, if it’ll make you feel less lonely.” Aiden then floated up and placed himself into the pond.

“Are you happy now?” Aiden asked.

Maria then splashed water on Aiden. Aiden just let the water phase through him.

“Hey, that’s not fair.” Maria said, pointing at Aiden.

“You are actually intending on hitting me with water?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, it’s supposed to be fun.” Maria said to Aiden.

“How is that fun?” Aiden asked.

“It just is, everyone else laughs when they do it with their friends, so I wanted to do it too.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Are you trying to make up for lost time Maria?” Aiden asked her.

“No, I’m just playing.” Maria said.

Maria then stopped trying to splash Aiden and stepped out of the pond.

She then started walking off on her own.

Aiden watched as she left. “What does she want?” Aiden thought eventually stepping out to follow Maria.

Maria continued to walk with her head down as Aiden continued to follow her.

“Where are we going now?” Aiden asked, but Maria didn’t answer.

“I guess walking like this is better than just having to talk the whole time.” Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden continued to follow Maria.

“Why are you still following me?” Maria said to Aiden.

“Because I’m your best friend right?” Aiden responded.

“Are you though? You don’t seem to be enjoying your time with me at all.” Marian said to Aiden. “You can just go wherever you are from, it’s obvious you don’t want to be with me.” Maria said, continuing on her own.

Aiden stood there watching her go.

He turned around and opened a route to the heavenly realm. And stepped inside.

Maria looked back and watched Aiden step in. “You are such a liar.” She thought to herself as she went back to the playground.

Aiden was walking around up in the Heavenly Realm.

“Hey Aiden, why the sad face!” Raphael asked Aiden.

Aiden walked side by side with Raphael. “I don’t know, I was with this human girl who wanted me to be her best friend, but all the stuff she was doing was just dull. Anyway she told me to just return and here I am. I thought being free would make me feel better but now I just feel guilty.” Aiden said to Raphael.

“A human’s best friend? That is a strange deal, how’d you end up in that situation?” Raphael laughed.

“I’m not going to tell you, it’s way too embarrassing.” Aiden responded.

“Come on, you can’t say something like that and not tell.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“Okay, I sort of dropped a scroll and she retrieved it, and to get it back I said I would grant her anything.” Aiden said to Raphael. 

“And she pulled a fast one on you and asked for you to be her best friend right?” Raphael laughed.

“Yeah that’s right.” Aiden responded.

“She must have like zero friends then, who’d want to be best friends with a complete stranger, let alone someone of a different species.” Raphael jokes.

“So you think she made that wish only because she was lonely?” Aiden asked Raphael.

“That or she wanted to torture you, but since she allowed you to return home, i think it’s the former.” Raphael said to Aiden. “But anyways she let you go, so there’s no reason to even think about it anymore.”

“I suppose so.” Aiden responded.

“But that doesn’t seem to have satisfied you right?” Raphael asked.

“No it doesn’t, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Aiden responded.

“Okay, let’s go over what happened then, I’ll work through it with you my old friend.” Raphael said to Aiden. “What’s the first thing you all did?”

“First I pushed her on the swing and we got to know a little about each other.” Aiden said.

“Okay, and the second.” Raphael said.

“Then we went to the park, along the way she almost died but I saved her.” Aiden responded.

“Neat, okay, anything else?” Raphael asked.

“Then we went to the park where a bunch of dogs tackled us, probably because of my Heavenly nature.” Aiden said. “Then we went to a pnd and she started throwing water at me and said that it was supposed to be fun.” Aiden finished.

“Guessing that none of those were your ideas right?” Raphael said.

“Not a single one.” Aiden responded.

“See there is your problem, you didn’t interact with her like a friend, nor did you suggest anything like a friend would. Looks like you were being a terrible friend in general, let alone a best one.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“I never wanted to be her best friend.” Aiden responded.

“You were the one who granted the wish. I’m just saying, if you tell someone that you’d give them anything you should follow through. It’s just the right thing to do.” Raphael said to Aiden. “But who am I, I’m just a Warrior, you are the one who actually gets to interact with Humans.” Raphael said to Aiden.

“So you think that I should go back down there?” Aiden asked Raphael.

“I’m not saying you should do anything. You do whatever you have to do. I just know seeing you with a sad face is a downer.” Raphael gestured for Aiden to put a smile on his face.

Raphael then left, leaving Aiden alone.

Maria returned to the playground and saw that Ashley, Sarah and Venessa were there.

“Oh they are back!” Maria thought to herself as she started jogging towards the girls.

“Hey guys! I was waiting for you all to come earlier!” Maria said with a smile.

“Gross you smell like dog spit.” Ashley said to Maria.

“Right, when I went to the park a bunch of dogs jumped on me and-…” Maria then paused a bit. “Jumped on me and licked all over me.” Maria said with a fake laugh.

“Sounds like fun.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“It was fun! We should all go there and pet the dogs!” Maria suggested.

“Oh yea? We should, how about we race there.” Vanessa said.

“Really?” Maria asked.

“Yes really.” Vanessa responded. “I will even call it.”

“Okay.” Maria said as she went to the sidewalk. The other girl sooned followed after.

“Ready.” Vanessa said as all the girls lined up.

“On your marks, get set!” Vanessa said and Maria was ready to sprint full speed.

“Go!” Vanessa yelled out and Maria then ran forward.

“Haha, looks like I am going to beat you all there!” Maria said as she continued to run.

She eventually started to get tired and looked behind her.

She saw that the other girls had run the other way leaving Maria to race by herself leaving her alone.

Maria stopped running and her face was extremely sad. “Oh well… maybe they were busy.” Maria thought to herself.

Maria then walked up to a hill and began to cry to herself. She covered her face so that no one could see her.

Maria then heard the grass move next to her as it sounded like someone was taking a seat next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” Aiden asked Maria.

“Yes, it’s reserved for a real friend.” Maria said with tears in her eyes.

Aiden then sat down on the spot.

Aiden then looked out from on top of the hill.

Maria looked at Aiden then looked out from the top of the hill too.

They both sat there silently. Aiden then exhaled.

“I’m sorry for being such a bad friend to you earlier. I know that I was supposed to be your best friend just because of a wish…” Aiden then paused. “But how about I actually be your real friend.” Aiden said to Maria.

“You really mean it?” Maria asked Aiden.

“Well as long as you treat me like a friend I don’t see why not.” Aiden said to Maria.

“I wished for you to be my best friend so you aren’t going to get out of that, but being my real friend is also good too.” Maria said looking back at Aiden.

“So do you forgive me for not treating you as a friend?” Aiden said.

“Eh, I’m not sure. How you made me feel earlier really did make me feel terrible, then those other girls acted like they wanted to be my friend too, so it’s going to take a lot for me to forgive you.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I understand.” Aiden responded.

Maria then looked at Aiden. “But there is something you could do that’ll make me forgive you even faster.” Maria said to Aiden.

“What is it?” Aiden asked.

Maria pointed at the air.

Aiden and Maria were high above the city in the air with Maria flying on his back.

“Wow! We are so high up! Is this what it’s like to be a bird!” Maria yelled out.

“Be careful up there.” Aiden said to Maria.

Maria then stood up on Aiden’s back. “I wonder how it feels to skydive.” Maria said as she jumped off Aiden’s back.

Aiden then quickly flew down to catch her.

“What are you doing, you could have died!” Aiden said to Maria as he brought her back into the air.

“You wouldn’t let your best friend die now would you?” Maria said to Aiden.

“So guess that means you’ve forgiven me?” Aiden asked.

“Yes, I’ve forgiven you. This is the most fun I’ve ever had.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Great. Well that feels good.” Aiden said as he continued to carry Maria through the air.

Some time passed.

“Guess it’s time for us to go home!” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay, where’s that?” Aiden asked her.

Maria looked down at the city.

“I can’t really tell from up here, let’s go lower.” Maria asked and Aiden brought her down to about 100 Meters.

“Oh there’s the park! We can land there and I will know the way back.” Maria said, pointing Aiden in the right direction.

Aiden and Maria landed next to the park and began walking back from there.

Maria walked in front of Aiden as he watched her back.

As they approached home Maria saw Ashley, Vanessa and Sarah.

“Oh look Aiden, there are the girls who pretended to be my friend.” Maria said to Aiden.

“Okay.” Aiden responded looking at the girls, while Maria was hiding a little.

“Can you create a ball of stinky dog drool above their head and have it drop on them?” Maria asked.

“That’s rather mean isn’t it?” Aiden asked.

“An enemy of mine is an enemy of your best friend.” Maria said.

“Sure, I can do that.” Aiden responded as he created a ball of dog drool over the girls’ heads and dropped it on them.

Maria then gave a devilish smile. “Haha, revenge is sweet!” Maria said.

“Ew gross what is this?!” Ashley said feeling the dog drool on her face.

“It stinks, this isn’t water!” Sarah said.

“It’s spit!” Ashley said feeling how sticky it was.

“Ah! I got some in my mouth!” Vanessa said as they started crying.

“Come on Aiden, let’s get back to my house!” Maria said, grabbing Aiden’s hand.

Aiden looked back at the girls. “What did I get myself into?” Aiden thought to himself. He then looked at Maria. “Well as long as she is happy, I guess it’s okay.” Aiden continued to think. “Plus they all feel gross together, not alone.”

They approached the front door.

“I don’t think I should walk through the front door while visible.” Aiden said as he turned invisible.

“Wait, I can’t see you. Aiden?” Maria asked.

“I’m still next to you. Just take us to your room and I’ll reappear.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Okay, as long as you don;t use your powers to leave me.” Maria said to Aiden.

Maria held firm to Aiden’s hand and knocked on the door.

Maria’s sister answered the door.

“You’re finally back, you must have had fun because you are back much later than usual.” Maria’s sister said letting Maria walk through.

“Gross, you stink.” Maria’s sister said to her.

“Allison, don’t be mean.” Maria’s mom said to Maria’s sister.

“Hurry and take a bath sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Maria’s mom said to Maria.

“Okay Mom, I’ll be quick!” Maria responded.

Allison looked at Maria’s hand and saw that she was holding something.

“Are you pretending to hold your invisible friend’s hand?” Allison asked Maria.

“I don’t have an invisible friend.” Maria said.

“Then what are you doing with your hand?” Allison asked.

“Oh this haha, it’s nothing.” Maria said as she began to climb the stairs more quickly to head into the shower.

Maria then quickly closed the door to her room.

“Okay that was close wasn’t it Adien?” Maria asked him.

Aiden then reappeared.

“Not really, even if she tried to grab my hand she would have just passed through.” Aiden responded.

“You sit in here, I am going to take a quick shower, then we can go downstairs to eat.” Maria said to Aiden.

“I don’t eat, so there’s no reason for me to go.” Aiden said to Maria.

“Well then just stand behind me then as I eat.” Maria said to Aiden as she went out and shut her door.

“Well I guess this is life now. This must be the new adventure the almighty was talking about.” Aiden thought to himself.

“Ah, the water is cold! Allison, did you use all the hot water!” Maria yelled downstairs.

“Sure did, you should have come back earlier!” Allison yelled back upstairs.

“Aiden, can you please make the water hot!” Maria asked.

Aiden then made the water in the boiler hot.

“What is Aiden? Your invisible friend?” Allison called up.

“It’s nothing!” Maria yelled back down.

Aiden nodded his head, having resolved the guilty feeling in his chest.