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Tag: Ren Xi

  • The Great Cataran Zuiming War – People of Xi – Year 612

    Excerpt from the “Library of Earthly Knowledge” Writings of Mandan: Wild be the Humans of the Western Lands, they attack us with old weapons that should be considered obsolete. They have existed for thousands and thousands of years and yet barely created weapons beyond a metal bow and arrow. I have invented technology beyond their […]


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  • General World History [1000 N.Year Increments]

    General World History: Year 0:  Within the Cataran Zuiming Species (Which resemble Homo Sapiens of Southern Earth)  there was a mutation within the population along the Sea of Xi South of the Eastern Ocean Coastline. This Mutation allowed a new structure to develop within the brain to interpret information directly from the Photon receptors of […]

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