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The Knowledge Network

Original Designer: Munix “Bone Master” Diarnus (Ren Neo), former Oure

Original Purpose: Virtual Gaming

Total Population Usage: 8.8 Trillion Unique Entities

Total Data: 3.7x 10E28 Brontobytes

Originally built by Munix for the sole purpose of allowing his friend, who experienced an accident which resulted in the loss of their arms, to play in a created world that they worked on together on an old physical network. Eventually this tiny mental network required more space to process the worlds that were being built, therefore Munix sold his invention to be used openly, allowing everyone in the network to contribute to its development. The Network then became  a storage hub of information, simulations, and conversations open to all who had the capacity to join the Network. A combined effort of scientists used this Network to create Artificial Intelligence. Eventually, as many would have suspected, the AI created their own Network and developed beyond the comprehension of the Ren Neo. The competition between the two networks nearly exterminated all knowledge of the Ren Neo, until the Singularity AI created their version of Artificial Intelligence which combined the two networks then vanished.

The Network has a central storage located in Vesatanis. Those who gain access to the Knowledge Network gain the blueprints to rebuild the structure, if it were ever to be destroyed, added to their memory. The Network is built from a base frequency emitted outwardly, then with that frequency other waves are added to it to direct the user to their destination.

Fast Fact: Many individuals created worlds in the Knowledge Network and based those worlds’ physics on the real reality. The Artificial Life forms in these worlds are unable to perceive the artificial nature of their reality. Some users of the Knowledge Network become unwilling to leave these virtual worlds. In the past this resulted in death, but with the use of Shards their bodies maintain minimal metabolism.

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